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The Agnostic Brothers Podcast

  1. Episode 252011/09/10
    Illinois Civil Unions
  2. Episode 242011/09/10
    Nick and Jake discuss Nick's deconversion.
  3. Episode 232011/03/23
    Nick and Jake discuss a stupid letter to their local newspaper and ramble a bit.

    Church Signs

    God's plan surprises us.

    All suffering can be traced back to someone disobeying God.
  4. Episode 222011/03/14

    Nick discusses the 2nd law of thermodynamics and how it cannot be used to argue against evolution.
  5. Episode 212011/01/03

    Sharia Law

    Is it possible that Sharia Law is about to overtake the United States? Only if you ignore silly things like the constitution.
  6. Episode 202010/11/30
    Nick and Jake discuss the "War on Christmas" and what Nick needs to believe in God.
  7. Episode 192010/08/17
    No Jake this week, Nick will discuss a little bit about proposition 8 and a lot about the proposed Islamic center in NYC.
  8. Episode 182010/08/09
    Join Nick and Jake for one of their less structured podcasts (yeah, that does sound scary) as they discuss the reversal of Proposition 8 in California and some of the arguments against gay marriage
  9. Episode 172010/07/19
    Jimmy joins us today
The Agnostic Brothers Podcast
Do you feel it's impossible to really know if a god exists? Do you believe the opposite? Join Nick and Jake as they discuss religion, free thought and skepticism.

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