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Documentary on One - RTÉ Documentaries

  1. DocArchive (1992): Visiting The Last Century2019/08/13
    'There isn't much to do here but sleep the time away', the words of one doctor in a Dublin Mental Hospital, as Producer Bill Meek gets a tour of the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum in 1992. In this documentary we hear of the isolation, treatments and recovery patients experience over their time there. (1992)
  2. Back To The Rock2019/08/09
    In August 1979, a massive Atlantic storm turned the Fastnet Yacht Race into the greatest yacht-racing disaster ever witnessed. In spite of the biggest peacetime rescue effort at sea, 21 people died, boats were dismasted, abandoned or sunk as the race became a fight to stay alive. On one of those boats was teenager John O'Donnell. (2019)
  3. DocArchive (1976): Over To You Michael O'Hehir2019/08/06
    Michael O'Hehir, renowned for his sports commentaries on GAA matches and horse racing, became the voice of Irish sport for six decades. At the age of just 18, he applied to be a commentator with Radio Éireann. Shortly after, he made his first of many broadcasts from Croke Park in Dublin. (1976)
  4. I Hope You Will Be Home Soon2019/08/02
    When Nan Delaney, from Co. Laois, died, her six children came across a small wooden box that she had kept private all her life. When they opened it, they discovered evidence of a time, in their family, when things were extremely stressful and frightening. In this documentary, the children recall that period with tears and laughter. (2019)
  5. Thomas and Tess2019/07/26
    Tess Murray never forgot her first love. She was a young teacher, engaged to Thomas McEver, a chemist who had moved to Dunmore Co. Galway as the Irish War of Independence was drawing to a close in the spring of 1921. But fate took a tragic turn one night when Thomas was abducted, brutally murdered and accused of being a spy. (2019)
  6. The Baron of Broadway2019/07/19
    This is the near-unbelievable story of a man who, in the 1950s, tried to purchase the six counties of Northern Ireland and gift them to the Republic of Ireland. In 1914, West Limerick man John J Hanley left for New York to gentrify his persona into the 'Baron of Broadway'. He became hugely rich and focused on Irish reunification (2019)
  7. Cigarettes and Samba2019/07/12
    The Irish soccer team’s 1982 tour of South America during the Falklands War was a farcical episode in Irish sport. 4 games, 3 defeats, 2 cancellations. But how did half the squad end up being detained by armed police? And how did a carpet salesman from Limerick end up sitting in the cigarette smoke and samba of Brazil’s 1982 World Cup Squad? (2019)
  8. The Whistleblower2019/07/05
    In 1976 the Cork to Dublin mail train was robbed of £200,000. Cormac Breatnach’s brother Osgur was arrested for it, confessed and was jailed for 12 years. But there was a catch. He didn’t do it. The devastation of the injustice was enormous as Osgur’s family tried to come to terms with what had happened. Cormac turned to music. (2019)
  9. The Man From Tallahassee2019/06/28
    Ed Randolph came to Ireland to play Basketball in the 1980s. While most of his fellow American players went back home, Ed met Ann, settled down and had a family in Bray. He made a sporting life coaching and playing the game he loves well into middle age. (2019)
  10. DocArchive (1981): Social Partners in Europe2019/06/25
    Our Documentary archive from 1981 looks at the EEC's Economic and Social Committee, the organisation known before the European Union was formed. We hear from diplomats and politicians in Europe about the structure and issues of such an organisation, as Ireland was a relatively new member and many felt it could do more for Ireland at home. (1981)
  11. Inside Stories2019/06/21
    Author Carlo Gébler, son of award-winning Irish writer Edna O’Brien, spent three decades teaching creative writing within the Northern Ireland prison system. Carlo was told that his job was not to teach, but to be a human being. Returning to Magilligan Prison, Carlo asks if he made any real difference to the prisoners he taught (2019)
  12. DocArchive (2004): D-Day 60 Years On - The Forgotten Heroes2019/06/18
    To mark the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Derek Davis visits the Normandy Beaches where the largest amphibious invasion in military history was held on June 6th 1944. Paratroopers & glider troops were already on the ground behind enemy lines, Davis hears from Irish-men who fought and killed with Allies in Normandy. (2004)
  13. The Case of Majella Moynihan 2019/06/15
    In 1985, an unnamed female Garda was threatened with dismissal from An Garda Síochána. Following an internal Garda investigation, she was charged with having pre-marital sex with another Recruit Garda, and for having given birth to a baby outside of marraige. Majella Moynihan has remained silent for the past 34 years - until now. (2019)
  14. Sin-é: Jeff Buckley's Irish Odyssey2019/06/07
    In the mid 1990s, Singer and Songwriter Jeff Buckley was set to become as big as Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen. But he died tragically aged just 30. With over 4 million record sales to his name, Jeff remains a huge musical figure across the world. In 2016, Journalist Steve Cummins explored Jeff Buckley’s connections to Ireland. (2016)
  15. The Loophole2019/05/31
    A story of betrayal, scheming, paranoia, money and one of the world's most prestigious law schools, The Loophole looks at the lengths people will go to in order to realise their dreams and the callousness of those who try to shatter them. (2015)
  16. Peadar Mercier2019/05/24
    Peadar Mercier, the first ever professional bodhrán and bones player, captured the pulse of Irish traditional music. 25 years after his death, his son Mel traces his father's unique life story - from his protestant heritage, to world tours with The Chieftains & a 10 year adventure with composer John Cage into the world of experimental music. (2016)
  17. The Irishwoman Who Shot Mussolini2019/05/17
    Four people tried to assassinate Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Only one person came close - her name was Violet Gibson and she was Irish. Violet spent the rest of her life in mental institutions, forgotten by society and by history. (2014)
  18. Return to Shark Island2019/05/10
    When a group of people arrived on Achill Island in May, 1951 nobody foresaw that only two of them would leave alive. The film they had arrived to make – “Shark Island” - would end in tragedy. Actor Claire Mullen was in that film and returns to Achill to finally try to achieve closure on what was one of the worst film accidents in history. (2017)
  19. Chasin' Roe2019/05/03
    In the 1980's, Kildare man Michael Row was amongst the quickest drivers in the world. Destined to become a global household name, the biggest teams in Formula 1 scrambled for his signature. However, a critical decision sent Michael down a different road. But now he's back, helping his newphew James Roe Jr follow in his footsteps. (2018)
  20. Stuart Rosenblatt - The Keeper of the Faith2019/04/26
    This radio documentary maps and explores Jewish Ireland, and our guide is Dubliner Stuart Rosenblatt. Stuart is the author of the 16-volume Rosenblatt Series, the most comprehensive collection of genealogical material ever compiled on an entire Jewish community in any country. (2010)
  21. Agatha Christie's Final Mystery2019/04/19
    A radio documentary about how Dubliner John Curran's fascination with best selling novelist Agatha Christie has changed his life and brought a new Hercule Poirot story to the world for the first time in 30 years. (2010)
  22. JG Farrell: 149 Days In The Life Of2019/04/12
    JG Farrell, the 2 time Booker winning author moved to West Cork, Ireland in March of 1979. Shortly after, he drowned while fishing. Using interviews of neighbours, family and friends - this documentary tells the story of those 149 days in the life of JF Farrell. (2010)
  23. Dark Snow & Emma 2019/04/05
    Over the past decade Ireland has endured some extreme weather cycles from heavy snow to summer heat waves. There is an argument that these events are influenced by what's happening with the Greenland Ice Sheet. Each year the ice sheet is covered in new snow but recently more ice is melting than snow falling. Liam O'Brien visits to learn more.(2018)
  24. The Cut2019/03/29
    Young girls throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East are subject to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) each year. A procedure where the genitals of young girls are deliberately cut for religious and social reasons. Journalist MIchael O'Kane meets women trying to end this practice which is seen as normal tradition within some cultures. (2018)
  25. Chasin' Roe2019/03/22
    In the 1980's, Kildare man Michael Roe was amongst the quickest drivers in the world. Destined to become a global household name, the biggest teams in Formula 1 scrambled for his signature. However, a critical decision sent Michael down a different road. But now he's back, helping his nephew James Roe Jr follw in his footsteps. (2018)
  26. The Sinking of The Saint Patrick2019/03/15
    We go in search of the truth behind one of Ireland's worst maritime disasters, the sinking of the St Patrick Vessel. A cross channel passenger ferry on the Rosslare-Fishguard route which was targeted by the German Air Force during World War Two, resulting in the death of 30 people. (2012)
  27. An Extraordinary Affair 2019/03/08
    As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we recall the story of two Irish women who were born into upper-class Anglo Ireland in the 17th century. Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby's relationship scandalised Ireland long before Ireland passed the same-sex marriage referendum, but were these two women the first openly Irish lesbian couple? (2011).
  28. The Pope's Prisoners 2019/03/01
    Just before the Papal Visit to Ireland in 2018, we look back at the first-ever visit of a Pope to Ireland in 1979. We've come across two intriguing stories which have largely been forgotten. One about a Papal amnesty, where the government released 76 prisoners and the other about the hopes of people in Dublin's Sean McDermott Street. (2018)
  29. The Last King of Ireland2019/02/22
    Patsy Dan Rodgers is the last King of Ireland. He's ruled his fiefdom of Tory Island for more than 20 years and can trace an unbroken lineage back to the 5th century. Over time, Led by their Kinds and in at least one case a Queen. The Islanders have seen off Vikings, marauding Pirates and invaders from the mainland (2018)
  30. Riverchapel Ladies On Tour 2019/02/15
    The Riverchapel Ladies Group go on a Golden Years holiday to Westport, County Mayo. They dance, pray, sing, give out about each other and the hotel, post stuff or Facebook, hold starfish, keep each other company and chase the latest toy craze. Nathan is a young man with dreadlocks who joins them on the bus for this week long holiday (2018)
  31. Johnny Cash's Lost Tour of Ireland2019/02/08
    A Documentary On One listener shares a recording he had for safe keeping. It brings listeners closer than ever to Johnny Cash on his first tour of Ireland, twelve gigs in ten days. Few people remember the very first Irish performances by the country music legend who would come to love Ireland and be loved by the Irish. (2018)
  32. Sisters2019/02/01
    Beginning in 1888, hundreds of Irish teenagers were sent to a convent in Texas that was dedicated to educating emancipated salves after the American Civil War. A lifetime later, the grand niece of two of these nuns uncovers their stories, which chronicle a century of change in the Catholic Church, race relations and women's rights (2018)
  33. Prince At The Castle2019/01/25
    On a summer morning in 2011, a group of production staff arrived at Malahide Castle, County Dublin to work on a concert for American musician Prince. That morning, Prince had fired his own crew and an Irish team had been hurriedly drafted in. What would the next 15 hours bring? Would the "difficult genius" have any more surprises? (2018)
  34. Does My Bum Sound Big In This?2019/01/18
    Joyce, is by her own admission, only living a ‘half-life’. A funny, vibrant, creative person with lots of friends, she rarely leaves the house. She’s morbidly obese. Recorded over the last two years, we follow Joyce as she tackles the complex reasons behind her weight, tries to shed her shell and ‘find her way back to normal’. (2018)
  35. New York - 1, David - 02019/01/11
    David Atkinson, a cocky, 22-year old from Wexford goes to New York to find work after college. Which sounds great except that David’s going on a visa which gives him just 90 days to find work. The clock starts when the wheels of his suitcase hit American soil. Will he find a job before his money, his visa or his luck runs out? (2018)
  36. The Reindeer Santa Left Behind2018/12/21
    Last Christmas Eve Santa Claus was delivering presents around the world. Blitzen got badly injured after a rough landing in Scotland. Luckily the other reindeer made sure Santa made it to Ireland. Unsure if Blitzen could return to The North Pole. Santa asked the Mulready family in Wexford if they could nurse Blitzen back to full health (2018)
  37. The Cut2018/12/07
    Young girls throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East are subject to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) each year. A procedure where the genitals of young girls are deliberately cut for religious and social reasons. Journalist Michael O’Kane meets women trying to end this practice which is seen as normal tradition within some cultures (2018)
  38. The Garda Who Limped2018/11/29
    In 2014, John Wilson was the first Garda whistleblower to go public. Uncovering a culture of ‘ticket-fixing’ in An Garda Síochána, he also had information on other serious wrongdoings within the force. Wilson, along with the other Garda whistleblower, Maurice McCabe, have both suffered greatly for refusing to turn a blind eye. (2018)
  39. Notes From A Belfast Rape Trial2018/11/23
    In 2018, 4 men, including Irish rugby stars Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, were acquitted on all charges relating to the alleged rape of a 19yr-old woman. The trial provoked widespread media coverage, social media comment and street protests - followed by 2 reports into how Ireland's judicial systems handle serious sexual assault (2018)
  40. DocArchive (1993): The Ferry People2018/11/20
    The Ferry to France has always had a cherished place among families throughout Ireland who packed up the car for the dream of a sunshine holiday. Staff and ship crew of The Saint Killian II speak of their crossings trying to keep this ship afloat on a sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg (1993)
  41. The Battle Of Baltinglass2018/11/16
    In November 1950, a letter was received by the sub postmistress in the tiny town of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. She was to be sacked and replaced by a government appointee - but she wouldn't go down without a fight. She and her supporters took on the Irish government and in the end, only one of them was left standing - but which one? (2018)
  42. DocArchive (1993): Back To The Future2018/11/13
    Marius Schoon, a long-time activist in the African National Congress who spent many years in Ireland as a political exile following the death of his wife and daughter. Nelson Mandela described him as "an enduring example of the fight for non-racialism and democracy. Mr. Schoon died in February 1999. Produced and presented by Rodney Rice (1993)
  43. DocArchive (1982): Families for Children Fostering 2018/11/06
    Ireland has a long tradition of fostering in Ireland. Families have always taken care of the young and vulnerable but many opt to foster children for long periods of time. An insight into fostering, social work and children in foster care in 1982
  44. Ireland's First Superstar2018/11/02
    Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore emigrated from Ballygar Co Galway to America in the 1840's. He went on to become a leading bandmaster and composer, writing the song ‘When Johnny comes marching home’. He played to millions during his lifetime. But this hugely successful entertainer and Ireland’s first real superstar remains largely unknown. (2018)
  45. DocArchive (1996): Goodnight Ballivor, I'll Sleep in Trim2018/10/30
    Goodnight Ballivor, I'll Sleep in Trim is an expression known to many across Ireland but for Radio Producer John Quinn, it is his memoir of a childhood in the Meath village of Ballivor. This documentary was first broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 on 7th of May 1996.
  46. Richard Hayes, Nazi Codebreaker 2018/10/26
    In October 2018, a new book entitled Code Breaker by Marc McMenamin was published. That book was borne out of this documentary - which tells the incredible true story of a librarian, a Nazi spy and Ireland's secret role in turning the tide of World War II. And at the heart of this story lies an unassuming man from Limerick, named Richard Hayes 2017
  47. DocArchive (1977): Painters and Sculptors 2018/10/23
    An exploration of the art scene in Ireland, particularly in Dublin. Contributors speak of the elitist image of the commercial gallery, the lifestyle and pressures of an artist and the public's engagement with art.
  48. DocArchive (1983): A Town No God Could Please 2018/10/16
    This is a history of Belfast, from its beginnings as a river-crossing, through its centuries of radical politics and commercial enterprise to the nightmare of the Troubles. Based on the book "“Belfast – An Illustrated History” by Jonathan Bardon (1983).
  49. The Summer of Astral Weeks 2018/10/12
    Van Morrison is one of the great musicians of his generation. His 1968 album Astral Weeks is said to be one of the finest albums of all time. We visit Boston, LA and New York to hear the story of that summer and reunite, for the first time in 50 years, the musicians who played on Astral Weeks – bar one. Narrated by Richard Dormer (2018)
  50. DocArchive (1993): Halfway House 2018/10/09
    A snapshot of relationships in Ireland at a time when they were considered to be scandalous ... Bill Long talks to people, involved with much older or much younger partners. All these relationships started out with hope and enthusiasm, some lasted and some didn’t...
  51. The Hospital Always Wins 2018/10/05
    In 2005, American producer Laura Starecheski began recording at the Living Museum, an art studio for patients at Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital in New York City. Whilst there, Laura stumbled on to a mystery that would take ten years to unravel. It involved one patient, Issa Ibrahim. First broadcast by State of the Re:Union on NPR. (2018)
  52. DocArchive (1985): Mulligan 2018/10/02
    Mulligan was an Irish record company in the 70s and 80s with a catalogue ranging from traditional to contemporary. However, it was far from a typical 9 to 5 office. This collective had an idealistic approach and was perhaps ahead of it's time
  53. Finding Private Branch 2018/09/28
    This is a tale that spans 60 years. It begins in Dublin, travels to America, then onto Germany, before finally returning to Dublin. It’s about friendship and guilt - of bonds made and of bonds broken - and of a mans search to find closure. Throughout all of this, it’s the story of two men inextricably linked by an incident in 1959 (2018)
  54. DocArchive (1958): Hilton and Micheál2018/09/25
    Two of the most recognizable figures in the arts in twentieth-century Ireland - Hilton Edwards and Micheál MacLiammóir, cofounded The Gate theatre. Partners in life and in business, they had an ambitious and revolutionary approach to the theatre.
  55. The Yellow Line 2018/09/22
    Monday morning in an Irish town. Commuters are waiting for their train. For them, it’s a normal day, heading to school, work and elsewhere. But there’s a movement in the crowd. Some shouting – those waiting know that they’re about to witness a tragic event. This is the often overlooked story of those who witness a death by suicide (2018)
  56. DocArchive (1980): Image Makers 2018/09/18
    The art and science of Public Relations is explored. In Ireland, in 1980, there were 150 full time PR practitioners and it was a rapidly expanding industry at the time. The myth of a gin swilling, cigar smoking PR man who parries tricky questions at press conferences, is debunked. It is more than throwing lavish parties and working a room...
  57. A Tale of Two Sheelas 2018/09/14
    For years gangs have been looting the ancient treasures of Ireland. In 1990 Jim O’Connor is accused of being involved in stealing a Sheela Na Gig, a stone carving of a naked woman. Later another Irishman tries to sell ancient Irish stones to a college in the US, leading to an FBI sting operation. But are the two stories connected? (2018)
  58. DocArchive (1990): The Wonderful Country Far Away 2018/09/13
    John Boyle O'Reilly (b.1844) was an Irish poet, journalist, author and activist. As a youth he was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, or Fenians, for which he was transported to Western Australia. After escaping to the United States, he became a prominent newspaper editor standing up for the Irish community and culture (1990)
  59. The Announcement 2018/09/06
    In 2015, 22yr old student Laura Molloy sought medical help after discovering changes in her body she didn’t recognise - and that Google simply couldn’t answer. Laura’s doctor examined her mysterious ailments. What happened next turned conventional medical wisdom on its head - and changed her life, and those around her, forever. (2018)
  60. DocArchive (1990): Making of a President 2018/08/31
    Mary Therese Winifred Robinson served as the seventh president of Ireland. She is widely regarded as a transformative figure for Ireland and the presidency. This is a profile on the former president and her election campaign.
  61. Mick Meaney - Buried Alive2018/08/31
    To the watching world in 1968, Tipperary man, Mick Meaney was an ordinary Irish emigrant to the U.K., with the extraordinary dream of breaking the world record for time spent buried alive underground. His bizarre record attempt was pushed along by Kerry publican turned promoter Butty Sugrue. But for how long and at what cost? (2018)
  62. A Matter of International Secrecy 2018/08/24
    In the summer of 1979 Ireland was consumed with preparations for a very special visitor to the country - Pope John Paul II. This is the story of how one family hosted 300,000 people at their home during the Pope's visit to Drogheda.
  63. DocArchive (1982): Boy from Bruree2018/08/23
    This documentary on the young De Valera and his limerick background is based on Donnagha O’Dulaing’s series ’A Boy from Bruree’. Presenter Donncha O’Dulaing speaks about how the recording came to be. From his early childhood through to primary school and secondary school, Dev talks fondly of these times in Bruree County Limerick.
  64. DocArchive (1980): Dark Clouds over the Cruacha Gorma2018/08/21
    The Blue Stack Mountains also known as na Cruacha Gorma are the major mountain range in the south of county Donegal. There is a particular history to this area of traditional music, crafts and Irish language. Pat Ward and Joe Gibbons are just two of the locals who speak in this documentary about the changes they've seen in their community.
  65. In Shame, Love, In Shame 2018/08/16
    In 1946, in an unprecedented act of defiance against the local clergy, a group of Listowel men from Co. Kerry forced open the locked gates into their Parish Church. What led to this – and what has happened since? This story examines the devastating impact that the Church and State have had on three generations of one Irish family. (2018)
  66. DocArchive (1975): College of Art 2018/08/13
    NCAD was a scene of heated controversy and disturbance in the late sixties and seventies. This documentary meets the man who stepped in to the role of Director following that time. Welsh man Jonah Jones talks about his vision for art and design and how he will repair the years of neglect by the government, education system and public.
  67. Who fears to speak of '98? 2018/08/07
    For many, 1998 is still one of the best hurling championships of all time, not so much for what happened on the pitch, but for what happened off it. 20 years later, we relive one of the most dramatic years in the life of Irish Hurling, where the summers' games became our national soap opera...how Offaly lost the Leinster Final and more..
  68. DocArchive (2000): Sing Out Gloria 2018/08/07
    This documentary followed the progress of Ireland's only lesbian and gay choir 'Glória' from final rehearsals to their appearance on stage at GALA 2000, an international choral festival for lesbian and gay choirs. The first Irish choir to sing at such an event. It also examines the importance to its members of being part of an openly gay.
  69. DocArchive (2001): The Mahrs of Dublin 2018/07/30
    The second of two documentaries by Gerry Mullins about the 1932 to 1939 correspondences between Dr Adolf Mahr, the great Nazi archaeologist based for some years in Dublin, and his Jewish friend, philanthropist Albert Bender. This second part tells the story of what happened to Adolf and his children after their return to Nazi Germany.
  70. DocArchive (1998): In Good Cheer 2018/07/23
    'In Good Cheer' goes beyond the bottle to meet the numerous personalities and the heritage involved in producing Ireland's very own liquid gold. Presenter Julie Duane who once worked in the laboratory at Irish Distillers visited Bushmills Distilleries, the oldest licensed distillery in the world in Midleton Co.Cork and Co. Antrim.
  71. DocArchive (1999): Pope in Ireland 2018/07/17
    From papal stools to singing priests to a youth mass, all part of the papal visit to Ireland in 1979. This documentary celebrates the 20th anniversary of Pope John Paul’s visit to Ireland. Over 2.5 million people attended seven events over two and half days. The visit marked the centenary of the reputed apparitions at the Shrine of Knock.
  72. DocArchive (1976): Yer Only Man2018/07/10
    Who is the man Myles na gCopaleen? Brian O'Nolan was regarded as a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. His novelswere written under the pen name Flann O'Brien, whilst his satirical columns were written under Myles na gCopaleen. Various friends and colleagues remember different aspects of the man. Produced by John Skehan.
  73. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes2018/07/06
    In October, 2013, a four year old blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl named Maria was discovered peeping out from underneath a blanket on a Roma camp in Greece. Her discovery would prompt a wave of near hysteria around the globe. Within days, two Irish children with similar features would be taken from their Roma parents here in Ireland (2018)
  74. DocArchive (1994): Piano Passions2018/06/29
    What does it take to become a great piano player? Pianists Billy Brown and Peter O’Brien share memories of when they started to learn to when they played piano in crowded bars with some of the greats. Ruth McGinley talks about the dedication needed to practice. However some musicians would tell you to forget the theory and just play!
  75. White Noise 2018/06/29
    What happens when sounds only exist inside your head? How do you cope with an internal soundtrack from which you can’t escape? We explore the mysterious world of tinnitus (a hearing problem), meet with sufferers and investigate how they live their lives accompanied by their own secret symphony. How do you learn to live with it? (2018)
  76. DocArchive (1993): No Less Than Men 2018/06/26
    Almost 30,000 people were killed and 130,000 injured in German bomb attacks on London during the World War II. Four Irish women relive their experiences of living in London at that time. Having lived in the midst of a war, Mary Fahy, Maureen Foley, Mary Burke and Sheila Kavanagh, all had strong views on Ireland’s neutrality. (1993)
  77. Sisters 2018/06/22
    Beginning in 1888, hundreds of Irish teenagers were sent to a convent in Texas that was dedicated to educating emancipated slaves after the American Civil War. A lifetime later, the grand niece of two of these nuns uncovers their stories, which chronicle a century of change in the Catholic Church, race relations, and women’s rights (2018)
  78. Doc Archive (1993): Till The Morning Comes 2018/06/18
    Till The Morning Comes: Night Life in Dublin is a documentary portrait of Dublin while the city sleeps. Producer Yetti Redmond finds out about the night owls, shift workers and even heros that keep Ireland's capital ticking.
  79. Prince At The Castle 2018/06/15
    On a Summer morning in 2011, a group arrived at Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin to work on a concert by Prince. They were nervous. That morning, the morning of the concert, Prince had fired his own crew and an Irish team had been hurriedly drafted in. What would the next 15 hours bring? Would the “difficult genius” have any more surprises? (2018)
  80. DocArchive(1981): Forum, National School System 1831 2018/06/12
    Established by the British Government in 1831, Irish National Schools were originally multi-denominational. The schools were controlled by a State body and the National Board of Education (mixed religions). Featuring voices, text books, legislation and religion, we explore the founding of the national school system in Ireland (1981)
  81. DocArchive (1997): Time Piece 2018/06/05
    Mary Mulvihill explores the concept of time. Along the way, Mary visits Dunsink Observatory, Timpiece Antique Clocks and the Institute of Horology where she meets those who are passionate about time - it's origins, history and meaning.
  82. Richard Hayes, Nazi Codebreaker2018/06/01
    If you were battling Nazi Germany which individual would you chose to take on the role? A soldier? Perhaps a great statesman? How many of you would choose a librarian? Well, this is exactly what happened in wartime Dublin. Marc McMenamin tells the story of Richard Hayes, Nazi Codebreaker. (2017)
  83. DocArchive(1986): Afternoon Tea at the Athenaeum2018/05/29
    Andy O'Mahony joins Dr. A. L. Rowse for afternoon tea at the Athenaeum in London on November 14th 1985. The many topics up for discussion include the left-wing politics of the Oxford scene in the 1920s and 30s, Rowse's admiration for Margaret Thatcher and his modernisation of Shakespeare's plays. (1986)
  84. A Talent For Life - The Fergus O'Farrell Story2018/05/25
    Fergus O'Farrell was the Irish singer-songwriter behind the cult band Interferecnce, who died in Februrary 2016. His song 'Gold' featured in the soundtrack and Broadway adaptation of the movie Once. He has battled against incredible adversity, but he kept on making music. (2012)
  85. DocArchive(1977); Squirrel Catcher2018/05/22
    Alyn Walsh has his dream job. He is a squirrel catcher. Dick Warner explores the unusual world of squirrel trapping with Alyn and finds out what drives him to do this job in such an isolated forest environment. Trapping squirrels is no easy task and though Alyn loves birds, wildlife and squirrels - he says squirrels don't make good pets! (1977)
  86. With These Hands 2018/05/18
    This multi award winning documentary is about Tralee man, Eric Roche - a world class virtuosic guitarist - and his younger brother Bryan. Considered by many as Ireland's greatest ever guitarists, this is a story of love, music, life and brotherhood. (2009)
  87. DocArchive (1988): Sheriff Street Flat Complex2018/05/15
    In the shadow of the multi-million Custom House Dock's scheme, the people of Sheriff Street wonder if this development will provide much-needed employment to the area, which has fallen into serious decline through the closure of local factories, but many locals are sceptical about the promises for a brighter future. (1988)
  88. The Long Goodbye2018/05/11
    The award-winning tender and loving story of a husband, Matt, and his wife, Mai, whose lives have changed entirely since Mai was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This is a story of a solemn promise made in marriage 'In sickness and health, till death do we part'. (2007)
  89. DocArchive (1994): War and Want 2018/05/08
    Two nations tell apparently separate stories, yet these are both tales of war and of want, and both trace their roots to the destructive effects of apartheid. Local villages in South Africa and Mozambique try to rebuild after years of neglect through self-aid schemes set up by community leaders. (1994)
  90. More Irish than the Irish Themselves2018/05/04
    In the last 100 years, we Irish have struggled with our native language. Now in 2011, less than 5% of us speak it on a daily basis. This is a story of passion - from 'non-Irish' people who see the beauty in the language and have been inspired to learn it. (2011)
  91. DocArchive(1976): 80 Years of Cinema in Ireland: Sound Films2018/05/01
    Sonny Boy, one of the most successful theme songs ever written, introduced the "talkie" picture to Ireland. It was sung by Al Jolson in The Singing Fool, the film has screened at the opening of the Capitol Cinema in 1929. But, it wasn't until 1936 that Tom Cooper produced the first really genuine native production, The Dawn. (1976)
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    The story of a scandalous liaison between two Irish women, Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, which began 250 years ago this year. Were these lovers - two upper-class Anglo-Irish women from Kilkenny - the first ever women to 'come out' in Ireland? (2011)
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    Two unlikely men meet to swap jobs. One is a 70-year-old chimney sweep, who left school at 13, the other a professor of philosophy at UCD. The professor cleans a chimney while the sweep delivers a talk to the Philosophical Society at UCD (Broadcast 2009).
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    Tommy O’Reilly remembers his passing out ceremony, proudly marching by his family in his Irish Army uniform. For Tommy, the decision to volunteer for active service in Lebanon was an easy one; he believes that it is his duty as a soldier. But, with recent reports of hostages captured in the region, this is an anxious time for his family.(1991)
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    This award-winning doc tells the story of Jenny Tyrell who was adopted in 1972. But, Jenny was almost 9 before she found out she was adopted. In this story, Jenny and her birth mother reunite and speak candidly about the hurt, the pain and the love.
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    Sgt. Sharon Duggan applied to join the Irish Army while she was in secondary school. She was part of a group of women who marched into history as the first female recruits to the Irish Defence Forces. She embarked on a lifelong ambition to serve in Lebanon as part of the UN peacekeeping forces. How did Sharon adapt to life in this war-torn country?
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    Ireland is the perfect place to sail around, the course retains a magic all of its own for most sailors. However, when the ingredients include a modern ocean racing catamaran, extreme weather from gale to calm, and a diverse crew attempting to break the all-time around Ireland record - the outcome is captivating. Will they succeed? (1986)
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    Two Dublin children, with a knack for bunking off school and fare dodging, embark on an unbelievable adventure. On a warm summer's day in 1985, they hop on a Dart and skip out to Dun Laoghaire, nothing much to be doing there, so they sneak on the ferry for Holyhead and make it all the way to London Heathrow where they board a plane to NYC. (2011)
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    Descendants of the Choctaw people return to their homelands in Mississippi to honour their ancestors, who had their land thorn away from them and were driven ruthlessly into a wilderness. What long-term effects did these relocations have on the Choctaw's way of life and their traditions? How difficult was it to keep their culture alive? (1992)
  102. Heel, Toe Step, Together2018/03/23
    A beautiful story. Forget your celebrity 'Strictly Come Dancing' - this is the real deal. A chance meeting in East London leads to an unlikely friendship through dance as 86yr old Bob teaches 28yr-year-old Katie to waltz. Gold Award Winner @ UK Sony awards
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    Forcibly driven from their homelands in Mississippi, the Choctaw Indians trekked 500 miles on a journey that was to be known as the Trail of Tears. We retrace their footsteps and look at the hardships the people endured en route, as many suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation, and great numbers died before reaching their destination.
  104. Clouds in Harry's Coffee2018/03/16
    During World War II, 32 Irishmen spent 5 years in captivity at the Farge Concentration labour camp. They became known as "Hitler’s Irish slaves". In April 2014, we joined the last survivor of that group, as he travelled back to Germany for one final visit. (2014)
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    Bedridden following a serious accident on the Canadian railroads, playwright, George Shiels, was inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Paralysed and back in his native Ballymoney, he started writing short stories and plays. His work caught the attention of The Abbey where he later became their leading comic writer.(1981)
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    Do you ever think much about your knees? Well, Taragh Loughrey-Grant didn’t - until one of them was being cut open…. Then she discovered that knees are worshipped and even appear in movies and songs. (2014)
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    Vintage cars of all shapes and sizes travelling at a speed of 10mph splutter and chug their way along the streets of London. Cheering crowds wave their flags while sipping on hot cups of tea. This is the longest-running motor event in the world and the largest gathering of veteran cars. Can the old-timers make the journey from London to Brighton?
  108. The Common Thread2018/03/02
    The Bra turns 100 this year. From the Backless to the Bullet, the Demi-cup to the Push-up, the brassiere has evolved from a simple breast support to a symbol of desire. We unclasp the story of the bra in Ireland, and caress our way through its history.
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    The indistinguishable voice of Leo Maguire, the host of RTÉ Radio's Walton's Programme which stayed on the airwaves for almost 30 years until its cancellation in 1981. Born in Dublin's inner city in 1903, Magure was a prolific composer writing over 100 songs including, "The Dublin Saunter" and his most famous hit, "The Whistling Gypsy". (1981)
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    A documentary by former world champion Bernard Dunne about Michael Gomez – the controversial bad boy of Irish boxing and a night in the national stadium when something strange and inexplicable happened - something never before seen in an Irish ring? (2014)
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  479. The Visit2012/09/06
  480. The Visit2012/09/06
  481. A Farther Education2012/08/31
  482. Stasi & Google Maps 2012/08/30
  483. Seen from a Distance2012/08/24
  484. Nightscapes - Air2012/08/23
  485. A Love That Slowly Grows - Tehran to Thomond2012/08/17
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  487. The Wednesday Club2012/08/10
  488. Clonehenge2012/08/09
  489. I Could Have Danced All Night2012/08/05
  490. Knowth Trowellers2012/08/02
  491. Fire and Water2012/07/27
  492. Abandoned2012/07/26
  493. The Animal Gangs2012/07/20
  494. Bring Your Grandparents To School Day2012/07/19
  495. Blind Ambition2012/07/13
  496. A Gathering2012/07/12
  497. May the Best Queen Win.2012/07/06
  498. Great Limerick Run2012/07/05
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  500. Undoing The Folded Lie2012/06/22
  501. Schools Out Forever2012/06/21
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  1313. If you're new here, listen to this - it'll give a flavour of what we're about2009/06/19
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  1749. The Curious Ear (2010): Flower War2010/06/03
  1750. The Curious Ear (2010): Through African Ears2010/05/28
  1751. The Curious Ear (2010): Shatila2010/05/28
  1752. The Curious Ear (2010): The Toastie Train2010/05/21
  1753. The Curious Ear (2010): Don't Bring Sweets2010/05/12
  1754. The Curious Ear (2010): People First, Music Second2010/04/30
  1755. The Curious Ear (2010): On Summer2010/04/29
  1756. The Curious Ear (2010): Stuck In A Big Lift2010/04/24
  1757. The Curious Ear (2010): Mullingar Military Museum2010/04/04
  1758. The Curious Ear (2010): Butter Bessie....2010/03/24
  1759. The Curious Ear (2010): Berlin Salad2010/03/23
  1760. The Curious Ear (2010): The Turn in the Road Tells a Tale2010/03/22
  1761. The Curious Ear(2010): Magnetic Mary & The Angels 2010/03/16
  1762. The Curious Ear (2010): Shopping in Mullingar2010/03/10
  1763. The Curious Ear (2010): Hot Irishman2010/02/26
  1764. The Curious Ear (2010): Grand Dock Stories2010/02/22
  1765. The Curious Ear (2010): The Smell of Life2010/02/10
  1766. The Curious Ear (2010): Neltah Tells A Love Story2010/02/09
  1767. The Curious Ear (2010): More Than Paintings2010/01/12
  1768. The Curious Ear (2010): Vladimir's audio email2010/01/08
  1769. The Curious Ear (2010): The Neighbours At 522010/01/01
  1770. The Curious Ear (2009): Dole Volunteers2010/01/01
  1771. The Curious Ear (2009): Grand Art2010/01/01
  1772. The Curious Ear (2009): Gold Party2010/01/01
  1773. The Curious Ear (2009): Audio Christmas Card2009/12/21
  1774. The Curious Ear (2009): Close Call2009/08/09
  1775. The Curious Ear (2009): Falling Slowly Is Banned2009/05/29
  1776. The Curious Ear (2009): Through Cairo Airport2009/05/15
Documentary on One - RTÉ Documentaries
Multi award winning documentaries from Ireland. With over 1,700 documentaries on offer, the Documentary On One has the largest archive of documentaries available globally. These productions are radio stories about real life and contain documentaries dating as far back as 1954, right up to the present day. A wealth of life, ideas and experiences are on offer - but most importantly - stories. Winner of over 150 national and international awards since 2008, why not immerse yourself in a world of sound, story and character.

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