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Unity Church of Clearwater Podcast

  1. Happy New You2018/01/07
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  2. Auld Lang Syne2017/12/31
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  3. The Night You Were Born2017/12/24
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  4. Stable Christmas2017/12/17
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  5. Search the Sky2017/12/10
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  6. The BVM (The Beautiful, Vibrant Moment)2017/12/03

    Leddy Hammock

    Nothing is impossible. It is never too late.

    Nothing is too much for God, no challenge too great.

    Hold onto your faith. The Truth will be revealed.

    Nothing is incurable. All things can be healed.
  7. Peace after the Feast2017/11/26
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  8. Set the Table2017/11/20
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  9. Brave Enough2017/11/12
    Chelley Seibert

    I am brave enough to claim for my just reward.

    I am brave enough to face a tall challenge.

    I am brave enough to let go of the past and follow my calling.

    I am brave enough to follow my inner guidance and do one thing that scares me, every day.

  10. Fall Back, Easy Now2017/11/05
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  11. The True Handmaid’s Tale2017/10/29
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  12. Being Kind2017/10/22
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  13. Your Crown2017/10/15
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  14. Know U Anywhere2017/10/08
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  15. Here for a Reason2017/10/01
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  16. Security2017/09/24
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  17. Open Windows2017/09/17
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  18. The Giving Flow2017/09/10
    Leddy Hammock

    I have a “giving heart” – I give fearlessly and lovingly and I receive abundantly.

    I am a giver and my Father-Mother God is generous with me.

    My life is God’s gift to me. What I do with it is my gift to God.

    God is my overflowing Source of all good and I am stepping into the flow.

  19. Reverse Adversity2017/09/03
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  20. When U Work It2017/08/27
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  21. On the Money2017/08/22
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  22. Prosperity Seed2017/08/13
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  23. What U See2017/08/06
    Leddy Hammock

    I am a “glass at least half full” kind of person.

    I am not deceived by negative appearances.

    I look for the Truth and I see clearly.

    I behold the Good in my world, for I look with positivity!

  24. Gr-8 Attitude2017/07/31

    Leddy Hammock

    I practice an attitude of gratitude.

    My prayers are answered as I share generously from my grateful heart.

    The grateful heart draws to itself great things.

    Perfect answers take form as I Iisten with a grateful heart.
  25. New World Now2017/07/23
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  26. Make Your Fortune2017/07/16
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  27. Thought Stuff2017/07/09
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  28. Drama Free2017/07/05

    Sue Riley

    Calmly, in this present moment, I am centered and poised in the Christ Mind.

    Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.

    I am peaceful, happy, and drama free.

    I choose what I love and I love what I choose.
  29. Winds of Change2017/06/25
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  30. Guardian of My Heart2017/06/18
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  31. Take a Step2017/06/11
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  32. Love Is My Energy2017/06/04
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  33. Take this Call2017/05/28
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  34. Did U See this Coming?2017/05/21
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  35. Radical Moms2017/05/14
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  36. Yes, You May!2017/05/07
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  37. Faith Lift2017/04/30
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  38. Love the Earth2017/04/23

    Leddy Hammock

    Native American Chant:

    “The Earth is Our Mother, we must take care of Her.

    The sacred ground we walk upon with every step we take.”
  39. Good Morning!2017/04/16
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  40. Why Go There?2017/04/09
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  41. Unity of the Spirit2017/04/02
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  42. Higher Things2017/03/26
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  43. Your Own Spirit2017/03/19
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  44. Time for the Reveal2017/03/12
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  45. Spirit-U-ality2017/03/05
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  46. Let It Be Easy2017/02/26

    Karen Drucker

    (inspired by lyrics by Karen Drucker): “Let it be easy. Now that I see the light, I won’t work on, day and night. I vow to take good care of me. Let it be easy. I don’t need to run a race. I’m choosing ease and grace, enjoying the ride. Let it be easy. I heard a voice calling to me, ‘Let it be easy.’ I make the choice to trust my voice. Let it be easy.”
  47. This Place2017/02/19
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  48. Evolution2017/02/12
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  49. Sunday Kind of Love2017/02/05
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  50. Caring for Caregivers2017/01/29
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  51. In the Name of Love2017/01/22
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  52. Resolution2017/01/15
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  53. Begin Again2017/01/08
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  54. Happy New You2017/01/01

    Sue Riley

    Let all the heartaches be forgot and never brought to mind.

    Let all the sorrows fade away. We’ll keep the good in mind.

    “And here’s a hand, my trusted friend, and lend a hand o’ thine.

    We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet for the days of auld lang syne.
  55. Joy to the World!2016/12/25
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  56. Shepherds Show Up2016/12/18
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  57. MAGI2016/12/13

    Leddy Hammock

    Deep in my heart, I long to find the Christ.

    When the willful self cannot find the Christ, inner guidance reveals His presence.

    To the Christ Child indwelling every heart belong the gifts of Truth, Love, and Life.

    As I behold the inner Christ, I am not ruled by selfishness. I walk with the wise.
  58. Yes, Way!2016/12/04
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  59. What Now?2016/11/27
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  60. When It’s Hard to Be Grateful2016/11/20
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  61. Faith to Go on2016/11/13
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  62. Telling Time2016/11/06
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  63. Scary Truths2016/10/30
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  64. Delete2016/10/25
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  65. Thinking2016/10/16
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  66. God Is2016/10/09
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  67. A Chance for Change2016/10/02
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  68. Expecting2016/09/25
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  69. Your Heart’s Desire2016/09/18
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  70. Opening to Abundance2016/09/11

    Melinda Wood Allen

    Melinda’s lesson will be a “Sermon in Song”

    There is no lack in Spirit. I praise and bless and use the good that I have.

    I open up a space by making room for an increase of blessings in my life.

    My blessings keep arriving as I keep opening up a space for them.

    When I act on my faith, I get what I need and so much more!

  71. Spectacular You2016/09/04

    Jennifer Ferren

    Jennifer’s lesson will be a “Sermon in Song”

    Through the power of Spirit in me now . . . .
    I am open and receptive.
    I accept God’s great plans for me.
    I am grateful and strong.
    I am teachable and ready to serve.
  72. More Love More Light2016/08/28

    Leddy Hammock

    This is my prayer:

    an understanding heart,

    a heart so full of love that I see good everywhere I look,

    loving God with all my heart and loving others as myself,

    a clear mind, an open heart, living in peace with all.
  73. The Power of the Silence2016/08/21

    Leddy Hammock

    Inspired by lyrics by Richard Mekdeci and Mario Friedel:

    When I still myself . . .
    . . . my path is true, for God’s guiding light shines inside of me.
    . . . I find my balance as I hear God’s voice calling from deep inside.
    . . . the strength I seek is just a breath away.
    . . . in the Silence, I find my way, as I am calm and still.
  74. From Please 2 Thank You2016/08/14
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  75. For Give and Take2016/07/31
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  76. Free Delivery2016/07/24
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  77. Bread of Life2016/07/17
  78. Kingdom Come2016/07/10
  79. Singing You Home2016/07/03
  80. Holy Now2016/06/26
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  81. Yes Father2016/06/19
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  82. This Prayer's 4 U2016/06/12
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  83. The Invention of Prayer2016/06/05
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  84. We Remember2016/05/29
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  85. Step by Step2016/05/22
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  86. Blessed Be2016/05/15

    Sue Riley

    Inspired by lyrics from Sue Riley’s “I Made Room for Grace.”

    When I stumble, I won’t be defeated, since I make room for grace.

    I stop resisting. I make room for grace.

    I just step aside, open up a space, and make room for grace.

    Now the blessings arrive every day, since I made room for grace.
  87. Changing Other People2016/05/01
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  88. Start Here2016/04/24
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  89. Attention Earth 22016/04/17
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  90. Attention Earth2016/04/17
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  91. What's in YOUR Mind?2016/04/10
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  92. Sacred Bridge2016/04/03
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  93. Joy Rising2016/03/27
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  94. Head Heart Hands2016/03/20
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  95. Time to Heal2016/03/13
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  96. Living Water2016/03/06
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  97. This Is the Place to Be2016/02/28
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  98. Rising in Love2016/02/21

    Dieter Randolph

    I am a child of God, becoming more loving as I grow up.

    As I grow up spiritually, I express greater love – less self-centered and more Spirit-centered.

    I learn to love more perfectly as I resolve to evolve.

    Thank God for evolution! I am not “falling in love,” I am rising in love.
  99. How Adored You Are2016/02/14
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  100. One Heart One Light2016/02/07
    Leddy Hammock

    God is my Source. God lovingly provides and there is plenty for all.

    God is my Guide. In God’s light, I see my way clearly.

    God is my Life. I am becoming stronger in God’s presence.

    God is my Light. I walk in beauty, in the healing Light of Love.

  101. So Far So Good 2016/01/31

    Dieter Randolph

    . . .I am a part of this thing called Life . . .

    . . . God has been good to me!

    . . . Life is good!

    . . . What, me worry? God loves me and takes care of me!

    . . . God wants me to live abundantly, and so far, so good!!
  102. Your Own Sweet Time2016/01/24

    Leddy Hammock

    I believe that the good life is now arriving for me, right on time.

    I believe that good fortune is on my side and these are the good times.

    I believe that every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

    My mind is renewed and my life is transformed right now, in my own sweet time.

    You better believe it!

  103. Auld Lang Syne2016/01/20
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  104. Happy New You2016/01/20

    Leddy Hammock

    I wouldn’t do again what my old self would allow, but I didn’t know then what I know now.

    As I change my thinking, I change my life.

    The Christ in me knows better, so the Christ in me shows better.

    Happy New Year, Happy New You – Strong and Serene in 2016!
  105. Only Love Can Do That2016/01/17
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  106. Listening?2016/01/10
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  107. Bethlehem Close?2015/12/20
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  108. A Stable Christmas2015/12/13
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  109. Birthday Party2015/12/06
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  110. The Making of a Soul2015/11/29

    Leddy Hammock

    (inspired by lyrics by Anji Kat):

    “I remember who I am supposed to be.

    I am the Light, I am the Love.

    I am the faith that never gives up.

    I am more than I seem. I am called to be everything I can be.

    I am the Light, I am the Love, I am the faith that never gives up.

    That’s who I am!”

  111. HOMECOMING2015/11/22
  112. Sounds Like a Plan2015/11/15
  113. Safe Zone2015/11/09
  114. Moving Time2015/11/01
  115. Demon-Strating 2015/10/25
  116. Planting Seeds2015/10/18
  117. Got Power?2015/10/11
  118. Bitter or Better?2015/10/04
  119. Holding On2015/09/27
  120. Perfect Peace2015/09/20
  121. Breathe the AIRR2015/09/13
  122. Looking Good2015/09/06
  123. Remind Me2015/08/30
  124. Magic Friendship Kit2015/08/24
  125. Something Wonderful2015/08/16
  126. God's House2015/08/09
  127. Mission Possible2015/08/02
  128. Where is God?2015/07/26
  129. R U Willing?2015/07/19
  130. What If?2015/07/12
  131. Family Problems?2015/07/05
  132. God Bless Everybody2015/06/29
  133. Ask Your Father2015/06/21
  134. Step Back, Slow Down2015/06/14
  135. Belonging2015/06/07
  136. Fearless Journey2015/05/31
  137. Remember and Reroute2015/05/24
  138. Taking Back Your Day2015/05/17
  139. E-Momulating2015/05/10
  140. Time to Heal2015/05/03
  141. Earth Dreams2015/04/19
  142. Sacred Life2015/04/12
  143. Good Morning2015/04/05
  144. HANDS2015/03/29
  145. Why Miracles?2015/03/22
  146. Saving Time2015/03/08
  147. How Loved You Are2015/03/01
  148. Horse Spirit2015/02/23
  149. Carry On2015/02/15
  150. Rising in Love2015/02/08
  151. Fully Inflated Life2015/02/01
  152. Planting Seeds2015/01/28
  153. Love Is the Water2015/01/25
  154. Your Time2015/01/21
  155. Happy New You2015/01/04
  156. Auld Lang Syne2014/12/28
  157. All Thru The House2014/12/21
  158. Night Watch2014/12/14
  159. Search the Sky2014/12/07
  160. Radical Grace2014/11/30
  161. Radical Gratitude2014/11/25
  162. Radical Praise2014/11/16
  163. Radical Forgiveness2014/11/09
  164. Radical Forgiveness2014/11/09
  165. Radical Thinking2014/11/02
  166. Don't Be Afraid2014/10/26
  167. Big Amen in the Bible2014/10/19
  168. Big Deals in the Bible2014/10/14
  169. Big Medicine in the Bible2014/10/05
  170. Big Talk in the Bible2014/09/30
  171. Big Peace in the Bible2014/09/21
  172. Big Release in the Bible2014/09/14
  173. Big Dreams in the Bible2014/09/07
  174. Big Work in the Bible2014/08/31
  175. Big Ideas in the Bible2014/08/24
  176. Big Finish in the Bible2014/08/17
  177. Big Love in the Bible2014/08/10
  178. Big Faith in the Bible2014/08/03
  179. Big Promises in the Bible2014/07/27
  180. Big Drama 2014/07/20
  181. Big Change in the Bible2014/07/06
  182. What's Yours To Do2014/06/29
  183. Shallow Water2014/06/22
  184. What Your Father Wants for You2014/06/15
  185. More Than Enough2014/06/08
  186. Discovering Your Own Power & Authority2014/06/01
  187. Stand2014/05/25
  188. Sacred Space2014/05/18
  189. With Child2014/05/11
  190. Pure Possibility2014/05/04
  191. Pure Possibility2014/05/04
  192. Hands Up2014/04/13
  193. No Love Lost2014/04/08
  194. UR Stuff2014/03/30
  195. jump In2014/03/23
  196. Greening2014/03/16
  197. March Forth2014/03/09
  198. Keep the Table Set2014/03/02
  199. Your Place2014/02/23
  200. Your Place2014/02/23
  201. Your Place2014/02/23
  202. Power Move2014/02/16
  203. Resolve to Evolve2014/02/09
  204. Your Prosperity: Shadow or Spring?2014/02/02
  205. The Solution2014/01/26
  206. The World According to Jude2014/01/19
  207. Tell a Stronger Story2014/01/12
  208. Be Serene in20142014/01/05
  209. Sacred Santa2013/12/22
  210. Christmas Lights2013/12/15
  211. Mary Said2013/12/08
  212. Wisdom from the East2013/12/01
  213. Food for the Journey2013/11/24
  214. Can't Hurry the Harvest2013/11/17
  215. Storm Proof2013/11/10
  216. They Promised!2013/11/03
  217. Creating a Monster2013/10/27
  218. You're On!2013/10/20
  219. What's the Problem?2013/10/13
  220. Expecting?2013/10/06
  221. Shine!2013/09/29
  222. No Private Good2013/09/22
  223. Who I Am2013/09/15
  224. Living Sanctuary UCC Youth of Unity2013/09/08
  225. DIY (Do It Yourself)2013/09/01
  226. Good Growing Wild2013/08/25
  227. Priceless2013/08/18
  228. Make Room for Your Good2013/08/11
  229. Do You Deliver?2013/08/04
  230. Breathe2013/07/28
  231. Hero's Journey2013/07/21
  232. Law of Attraction2013/07/14
  233. What Kind of World2013/07/07
  234. Restless for Freedom2013/06/30
  235. Sure Fire Faith2013/06/23
  236. Good Provider2013/06/16
  237. No More Blues2013/06/09
  238. R U Worthy?2013/06/02
  239. Thinkology2013/05/26
  240. Make Room for Grace2013/05/19
  241. Mama Drama2013/05/12
  242. Hero of UR Story2013/05/05
  243. Connections2013/04/28
  244. Earth Care2013/04/21
  245. Here and Now and Wow!2013/04/14
  246. Running on Empty?2013/04/07
  247. Rise Up!2013/03/31
  248. Show of Hands2013/03/24
  249. Your Green Thumb2013/03/17
  250. Jesus and Women2013/03/10
  251. Still Healing2013/03/03
  252. We Are Unity2013/02/24
  253. How's that Working 4 U2013/02/17
  254. Lovelution2013/02/10
  255. The Game of Life2013/02/03
  256. Home by Dark2013/01/27
  257. So Far, So Good2013/01/20
  258. In the Shelter of Each Other2013/01/13
  259. Be Serene in 20132013/01/06
  260. Illuminate2012/12/30
  261. Manger Heart2012/12/23
  262. This Season of Love2012/12/16
  263. How Many Days?2012/12/09
  264. Heart Sutra2012/12/02
  265. For Giving2012/11/25
  266. Living Thanksgiving2012/11/18
  267. What was I Thinking2012/11/11
  268. Whats Coming to You2012/11/04
  269. Dressing Up for Church2012/10/28
  270. Get Real2012/10/24
  271. Right Here All Along2012/10/14
  272. The Grace of Animals2012/10/07
  273. Expect the Best2012/09/30
  274. Joy in the Journey2012/09/23
  275. You Look Divine2012/09/16
  276. Welcome Newcomers2012/09/09
  277. Your Working Power2012/09/02
  278. Unity and Yoga2012/08/26
  279. Love Wins2012/08/19
  280. Think Small2012/08/12
  281. This Prayers 4 U2012/08/05
  282. Our Wayshower2012/07/29
  283. Go Inside to Find Your God2012/07/25
  284. Blessed by the Rain2012/07/15
  285. Lost and Found2012/07/08
  286. Getting Free2012/07/01
  287. Inside Job2012/06/24
  288. Don't Worry Dad2012/06/17
  289. Who Does the Dishes2012/06/10
  290. Pass it On2012/06/03
  291. Amen to That2012/05/20
  292. Who's Your Mama?2012/05/13
  293. Energy in Motion2012/05/06
  294. Time to Heal2012/04/29
  295. Talk to the Mountain2012/04/22
  296. Tax Time?2012/04/15
  297. Gathering of Spirits2012/04/08
  298. Was He a Fool2012/04/01
  299. Amazing Things2012/03/25
  300. Jesus and Woman2012/03/18
  301. Who is the Healer2012/03/11
  302. March Forth2012/03/04
  303. If You Were Brave2012/02/26
  304. This Place2012/02/19
  305. Evolution2012/02/12
  306. Rough Terrain2012/02/05
  307. Safe Journey2012/01/29
  308. Everything New2012/01/22
  309. A Bigger God2012/01/15
  310. Treasure Mapping2012/01/08
  311. Happy New Year2012/01/01
  312. Yes, Virginia2011/12/25
  313. Only A Child2011/12/18
  314. High Watch2011/12/11
  315. The Night Watch2011/12/04
  316. GPS Angels2011/11/27
  317. Horn of Plenty2011/11/20
  318. The Call of Something More2011/11/13
  319. U Get What U Give2011/11/06
  320. Beastly to Beautiful2011/10/30
  321. The BE-Attitudes2011/10/23
  322. U Know That U Know2011/10/16
  323. Fear and Love2011/10/09
  324. Travel Light2011/10/02
  325. Steps to Peace2011/09/25
  326. The Voice Inside2011/09/18
  327. Start Here2011/09/04
  328. Your Gold Mind2011/08/28
  329. Now and Then, Then and Now2011/08/21
  330. Whispering Hope2011/08/14
  331. Need to Know Basis2011/08/07
  332. Attitude of Graditude2011/07/31
  333. Work of Heart2011/07/24
  334. The Gift of Trouble2011/07/17
  335. In the Flow2011/07/10
  336. After the Fireworks2011/07/10
  337. This Prayer's 4 U2011/06/26
  338. Whos Your Daddy?2011/06/19
  339. Got Dreams?2011/06/12
  340. Shall We Dance?2011/06/05
  341. Everyday Courage2011/05/29
  342. We are Still Here2011/05/22
  343. Spring Cleaning2011/05/15
  344. Mother Speak2011/05/08
  345. Take Two Tablets2011/05/01
  346. Crossed My Mind2011/04/24
  347. Your Best Life2011/04/17
  348. At One Ment2011/04/10
  349. Something Wonderful2011/04/03
  350. The Unknown God2011/04/03
  351. Float into the Mystery2011/03/20
  352. Calm in Rough Times2011/03/13
  353. Vision Walk2011/03/06
  354. You are Golden2011/02/27
  355. Love Leads You2011/02/27
  356. Got Heart2011/02/13
  357. Love Win Win2011/02/06
  358. Its A New Day2011/01/30
  359. R U Willing?2011/01/23
  360. Just Say Yes2011/01/16
  361. Pull the Ripcord2011/01/09
  362. Happy New Year2011/01/02
  363. Keeping Christmas2011/01/02
  364. U Nativity2010/12/19
  365. The Search2010/12/12
  366. Gifts of Magi2010/12/08
  367. Got Messiah2010/11/28
  368. Food for Thought2010/11/21
  369. Storm Prep2010/11/14
  370. Make Time2010/11/07
  371. Whats UR Story2010/10/31
  372. Unity & Islam: Can We Talk?2010/10/31
  373. All God's Creatures2010/10/10
  374. Got Strength2010/10/03
  375. Got Hope?2010/09/26
  376. Got Grace?2010/09/19
  377. Help Me Remember2010/09/12
  378. Working Faith2010/09/05
  379. Wake Up Call2010/08/29
  380. Dream On2010/08/22
  381. "Ride It Out"2010/08/15
  382. B U2010/08/08
  383. Shift the Drift2010/08/01
  384. Got Joy?2010/07/25
  385. Many Rivers, One God2010/07/18
  386. Getting to Heaven2010/07/18
  387. Got Freedom?2010/07/04
  388. This Place2010/06/27
  389. Father's Day2010/06/20
  390. Faith-Seeing2010/06/13
  391. Who's the Boss?2010/06/06
  392. The Hero Kind2010/05/30
  393. Life 2 Short?2010/05/23
  394. Fill a Cup2010/05/16
  395. Love U Mom!2010/05/09
  396. R U Brave?2010/05/02
  397. Circulation Day2010/04/18
  398. Rising Above2010/04/11
  399. The Grace Life2010/04/04
  400. Upon this Rock2010/03/28
  401. Drop the Stones2010/03/21
  402. On Sacred Time2010/03/14
  403. No Matter What2010/03/07
  404. All you Need is Love2010/02/28
  405. Love is Your Decision2010/02/21
  406. Unity is for Lovers2010/02/14
  407. Music and Healing2010/02/07
  408. Enough About Sin in 2010!2010/01/31
  409. No Complaints, Whatsoever2010/01/24
  410. Play by the Rules2010/01/17
  411. No Fear this Year2010/01/10
  412. Begin Again in 20102010/01/03
  413. Auld Lang Syne2009/12/27
  414. Another Way2009/12/20
  415. A Child's Christmas2009/12/13
  416. Celebrate Light2009/12/06
  417. Vow of Prosperity2009/11/29
  418. Bless What You Have2009/11/22
  419. Your Mental Harvest2009/11/15
  420. Believe your Dreams2009/11/08
  421. Design Your Life2009/11/06
  422. Cast Out Your Demons2009/11/06
  423. First In Mind2009/10/18
  424. You are worth more than many sparrows2009/10/11
  425. The Soul of Animals2009/10/04
  426. Womanifesting2009/09/27
  427. Many Paths, One Peace2009/09/20
  428. The Son you Love2009/09/13
  429. Living for a Divine Work2009/09/06
  430. Danger: Judging!2009/08/30
  431. Dont Look Down2009/08/23
  432. Cain and Able2009/08/16
  433. No Worries2009/08/09
  434. Stay Young2009/08/02
  435. For-Give2009/07/26
  436. Start Living2009/07/19
  437. Prosper Now!2009/07/12
  438. Be Free2009/07/05
  439. The Answer2009/07/01
  440. Who's The Father2009/06/24
  441. Question Your Answers2009/06/14
  442. Who do U think U R2009/06/07
  443. Thou Shalt Not Convert2009/05/31
  444. Forget Me Not2009/05/24
  445. Need to Know2009/05/17
  446. Standing with Mother2009/05/10
  447. All This and More2009/05/08
  448. Bless the Earth2009/05/08
  449. Miracle for Breakfast2009/05/08
  450. UCC Easter Service 20092009/04/19
Unity Church of Clearwater
Podcast from Unity Church of Clearwater. Leddy Hammock, Senior Minister


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