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Beyond the Box

  1. Welcome to The Mundane Revolution!2015/09/09
    For the last several months Ray has been working on a new project, The Mundane Revolution. The Mundane Revolution is a documentary-style podcast with original music where Ray will be focusing on reimagining a better world. This project is an outgrowth of Beyond the Box. So, no need to fear – Beyond the Box isn’t […]
  2. The Persistent Peace of John Dear2015/03/09
    Join Ray for a conversation with John Dear – peace activist, author, theologian, Catholic priest, and all-around amazing man! John has worked in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and community centers; traveled in warzones around the world, including Iraq, Palestine, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, India, and Colombia; lived in El Salvador, Guatemala and Northern Ireland; been arrested over […]
  3. The Gathering 2014 – A Roundtable Conversation with Jim Palmer2015/01/31
    Here it is – the second episode from the BtB Gathering 2014 in Nashville, TN! This episode was recorded at the first ever BtB Gathering, where we were joined by wonderful people from all over the US and Canada. It was three days filled with great conversations and virtual friendships finding connection in the physical […]
  4. The Gathering 2014 – Disarming Scripture: A Discussion with Derek Flood2014/12/04
    Here it is – the first episode from the BtB Gathering 2014 in Nashville, TN! This episode was recorded at the first ever BtB Gathering, where we were joined by wonderful people from all over the US and Canada. It was three days filled with great conversations and virtual friendships finding connection in the physical […]
  5. Kicking Control to the Curb2014/08/26
    Why is it so common for some to desire to exert control over others? In this conversation, Steve and Ray talk about control and the many manifestations it makes within the context of Christianity and religion. Prompted by a video (visit the website to view) of a church service that has been making the rounds […]
  6. Jim Douglass – A Life of Peace and Resistance2014/07/01
    In this episode Ray is joined by Jim Douglass for a riveting recollection of a life lived for peace and justice in the way of Jesus. James W. Douglass is a longtime peace activist, theologian, and writer. He and his wife Shelley are co-founders of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in WA state, […]
  7. The Unspeakable with James W. Douglass2014/05/29
    What do the assassinations of Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy have to teach us today? Is there a thread that runs through the lives and deaths of these well-known victims of assassination? These are the questions that Jim Douglass has been asking through his eye-opening series of […]
  8. Beyond the Box 2.02014/05/02
    In the (now almost) 6 years of the Beyond the Box Podcast, and in the years of personal conversation between Ray and Steve prior to the launch of BtB, one thing has stayed very consistent: A pursuit of meaningful and healthy expressions of faith in authentic relationships outside the institution or religion. In the evolution […]
  9. Walking in Unity2014/04/12
    UNITY. This seems to be a real buzz word in the Body of Christ, but seldom do we achieve it. What is unity? Does unity mean that we must all agree and affirm the same doctrines? Or, does unity mean that we must all lay aside our distinctive beliefs in an effort to not offend […]
  10. Notes From (Over) the Edge with Jim Palmer2014/03/21
    In this episode Ray is joined by Jim Palmer for an exhilarating discussion about spirituality, suffering, and being human. Jim has a knack for making otherwise ethereal, spiritual concepts feel both meaningful and practical. He believes that the spiritual life is something to be embraced by everyone instead of a gift reserved for gurus and […]
  11. The Chicken Manure Incident with Kevin Miller2014/02/19
    The Chicken Manure Incident – It was supposed to be a quick and dirty solution. Early in the morning on June 4, 2013, workers from the City of Abbotsford, BC pulled up to a homeless camp on the side of the road and dumped a truckload of chicken manure on the site. Intended as a […]
  12. Justice, Francis, and the Cost of Community with Jamie Arpin-Ricci2013/12/19
    In this episode Ray is joined by author and fellow “Beyond the Boxer”, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, for a discussion about intentional community, issues of justice, Francis of Assisi, and his book The Cost of Community. Join us as we chat about living in community, radical hospitality, co-housing, “shoulds”, and a lot more! Check out Jamie’s book […]
  13. Thinking Out Loud About Panentheism2013/12/02
    Prompted by a suggestion from listener Joshua, Steve and Ray fire up a discussion about Panentheism and whether or not it could be a helpful idea in our journey with God. Panentheism is to not to be confused with Pantheism (the belief that creation itself is God), but rather is the idea that the entirety […]
  14. Groupcast – What Is Community?2013/11/11
    It’s our first ever Groupcast! Groupcast is a new Beyond the Box feature that’s all about listening to and interacting with you, in order to explore life in Christ within the context of community. Speaking of community, in this first installment of Groupcast, that’s exactly what we talk about. Community – What does it mean? […]
  15. Who Is My Enemy? with Lee C. Camp2013/10/20
    In this episode, Ray is excited to be joined by Dr. Lee C. Camp for a discussion about his book Who Is My Enemy?, and the power of nonviolence to act as an apologetic for Jesus as the Messiah. Join us as we talk about double vision, the politics of Jesus, and the idolatrous nature […]
  16. Selling Water by the River with Shane Hipps2013/08/26
    In this episode Shane Hipps joins Ray for a conversation about his book Selling Water by the River: A Book About the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion That Gets in the Way. Why is it that Christians feel we have the corner on God? Why do we protect the Kingdom like a guard instead […]
  17. Five Years and Counting!2013/07/28
    July 6, 2013 marked five years since Ray and Steve uploaded their first episode of Beyond the Box! And shortly before the anniversary of their first episode, Ray and Steve spent about 2-1/2 hours recapping some of the journey to this point. Filled with classic Beyond the Box style and humor, including the revival of […]
  18. Evangelicalism Outside the Box — A Roundtable Discussion2013/06/13
    In early May, Steve traveled to Pennsylvania and decided to moderate a roundtable discussion with several friends of the podcast, including some former guests of the podcast and some new ones as well. The discussion, while a typical Beyond the Box exercise in rabbit trails, launches from the starting point of discussing the potential impact […]
  19. Emergence Christianity with Phyllis Tickle2013/06/04
    Here is a great discussion with the insightful, charming, and witty Phyllis Tickle! Join Ray and Phyllis as they discuss Phyllis’ most recent book, Emergence Christianity. Strap yourself in as Phyllis takes us on a whirlwind tour of 2000 years of Church history, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated events have worked together to generate the spiritual […]
  20. Virtually Christian with Anthony Bartlett2013/04/28
    Join Ray as he talks with Anthony Bartlett about his book Virtually Christian. The good news is even better than we thought! Tony helps us understand that Jesus is about the business of actually changing what it means to be human in the here and now. More than preparing us for a transfer to a […]
  21. Unclean with Richard Beck2013/03/26
    Have you noticed that much of Christianity is recognized by the safe-guarding of borders and boudaries? In this discussion Ray is joined by Dr. Richard Beck as they explore together how we might move beyond a faith defined by purity and embrace a life of mercy as modeled by Jesus. Join us as we venture […]
  22. Freedom, Rights, and the Kingdom of God2013/03/03
    In this episode Steve and Ray hit the road to join the people of “A Place To Talk” for a discussion about freedom, rights, and the Kingdom of God. Should followers of Jesus be concerned to protect their rights? Are our rights God-given, government-given, or some combination of both? Do we need freedom to proclaim […]
  23. “the satan” with Michael Hardin and Brad Jersak2013/02/07
    In this episode Ray is joined by Michael Hardin and Brad Jersak for a discussion on “the satan”. Who is the satan? What is the satan? Does a personal devil exist, or is satan an anthropological entity? These questions and more are addressed in this in-depth conversation on the nature of evil, and it just […]
  24. The Devil Wears Nada with Tripp York2013/01/26
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Tripp York for a discussion about Tripp’s book The Devil Wears Nada. In the book, Tripp embarks on a journey for God via searching for the devil. Sound crazy? Well get ready to laugh as you rethink who God is and who the devil isn’t. Check […]
  25. A Faith Not Worth Fighting For with Tripp York2013/01/11
    In this conversation Ray is joined by Dr. Tripp York for a discussion about Christian nonviolence and the book A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Nonviolence. Tripp helps us sort through some of the most difficult questions posed to Christian pacifists as found in the book. A Faith Not […]
  26. Christian Identity In A Multi-Faith World with Brian McLaren2012/11/28
    In this episode Ray is excited to be joined by Brian McLaren for a discussion about Brian’s newest book Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Brian’s book offers thought-provoking insights into living as a follower of Jesus in a pluralistic world, and in this discussion Brian answers questions like, “Is […]
  27. Political Positioning and the Gospel2012/11/06
    Prompted by the recent endorsement of Mitt Romney by both Billy and Franklin Graham, in this episode Steve and Ray talk about the problem of using the Gospel to promote a political platform or candidate. As always the conversation takes “the scenic route” while stopping to explore a few rabbit trails along the way!
  28. Healing the Gospel with Derek Flood2012/10/22
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Derek Flood for a discussion about Derek’s new book Healing the Gospel. Derek believes that restorative justice is the heart of the Gospel, and in this episode Derek shares his heart for healing the broken picture that many of us have of God and the Gospel […]
  29. A Place To Talk About Nonviolence2012/10/05
    In this episode Ray hits the road to join the people of A Place To Talk, a fellowship of believers in Hickory, NC. The first hour of this episode is a live podcast discussion about nonviolence between Ray and Josh McDowell of A Place To Talk, which serves to set the groundwork for the last […]
  30. The Nature of Scripture and the Question of Evolution with Peter Enns2012/09/17
    In this episode Ray is joined by Dr. Peter Enns for a discussion about the ideas in his books Inspiration and Incarnation and The Evolution of Adam. What is the nature of Scripture? How are we to understand the balance between divine inspiration and human authorship in Scripture? Was Adam an historical person? Join us […]
  31. Reborn On the Fourth of July with Logan Mehl-Laituri (Loose At the Wild Goose Part 4)2012/09/01
    In this fourth Loose At the Wild Goose podcast Ray speaks with Logan Mehl-Laituri about his journey from soldier to disciple of Jesus. Logan recounts his crisis of faith after realizing that his walk with Christ was a matter of convenience rather than discipleship. Logan’s new book Reborn On The Fourth Of July is now […]
  32. Christian Anarchy, Community, and Embracing the “Other” with Dave Andrews (Loose At the Wild Goose Part 3)2012/08/15
    In this episode Ray is joined by Dave Andrews for Part 3 of the Loose At the Wild Goose series recorded at the Wild Goose Festival. Dave is a practitioner of Christian Anarchy and someone known for his radical spirituality and incarnational ministry. Listen in as Dave shares with Ray his heart for Christian Anarchy, […]
  33. Paul’s Bible and More with Derek Flood (Loose At the Wild Goose Part 2)2012/07/31
    In this episode Ray is joined by Derek Flood for Part 2 of the Loose At the Wild Goose series recorded at the Wild Goose Festival. Join in the conversation as Derek and Ray discuss how Paul reinterpreted the Old Testament in the light of Jesus, and how we are to follow the trajectory rather […]
  34. Ananias and Sapphira – Assumptions and Intuitions (Loose At the Wild Goose Part 1)2012/07/24
    In this first Loose At the Wild Goose podcast from the Wild Goose Festival, Ray is joined by Steve Berry, Kevin Miller, Brad Jersak, and Lorri & Michael Hardin for a lively discussion about the story of Ananias and Sapphira found in Acts 5. Did God kill Ananias and Sapphira? What assumptions have we read […]
  35. Robin Parry and Christian Universalism Today2012/07/08
    Fresh from the release of the second edition of his book, The Evangelical Universalist, Robin Parry pays a visit to Beyond the Box to talk to Steve about the current state of acceptance of Christian Universalism in evangelical circles and the effect this has had on other areas of theology within the body of Christ. […]
  36. Holiness, Mercy, and More!2012/06/27
    Prompted by a recent discussion on the Facebook page, Steve and Ray dialog about ideas surrounding how we understand holiness and mercy. Are holiness and mercy opposed or could they be synonymous? Are holiness and mercy competing characteristics within God or manifestations of the same desire? What does the “more” in the title refer to? Take a […]
  37. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear with Richard Beck (Slavery of Death Part 3)2012/06/13
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Dr. Richard Beck for a discussion of his “Slavery of Death” blog series which you can find at Richard’s blog, Experimental Theology. This is the third of a three part series summarizing the material covered in the “Slavery of Death” series. In this third part, Richard […]
  38. The Denial of Death with Richard Beck (The Slavery of Death Part 2)2012/06/04
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Dr. Richard Beck for a discussion of his “Slavery of Death” blog series which you can find at Richard’s blog, Experimental Theology. This is the second of a three part series surrounding the material covered in the “Slavery of Death” series. In this second part, Richard […]
  39. The Sting of Death is Sin with Dr. Richard Beck (The Slavery of Death Part 1)2012/05/28
    In this episode Ray is joined by Dr. Richard Beck for a discussion of his Slavery of Death blog series which you can find at Richard’s blog, Experimental Theology. This is the first of a three part series surrounding the material covered in the Slavery of Death series. In this first part, Richard and Ray […]
  40. Christ at the Checkpoint with Brad Jersak2012/05/07
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Brad Jersak for a discussion about Brad’s recent trip to Israel for the Christ At The Checkpoint conference. The aim of Christ at the Checkpoint is to “provide an opportunity for evangelical Christians who take the Bible seriously to prayerfully seek a proper awareness of issues […]
  41. A Theology Rooted in Love2012/04/17
    In this episode Steve and Ray discuss living with a theology rooted and grounded in love instead of one driven by fear or even hatred of the other. What are the practical implications? What does it look like? We aren’t exactly sure ourselves, but join us for a good discussion starter!
  42. Hellbound? with Kevin Miller2012/04/02
    In this episode Ray is joined by Kevin Miller, writer and director of the upcoming movie “Hellbound?”. Kevin talks about the process of dreaming up and making Hellbound? and the impact the process has had on his life. Kevin and Ray discuss how our ideas of hell and death inform the rest of our faith […]
  43. Naked Spirituality with Brian McLaren2012/03/24
    In this episode Ray is joined once again by Brian McLaren for a discussion about Brian’s newest book Naked Spirituality: A Life With God In 12 Simple Words. Brian shares about the four seasons of the spiritual life and helps us understand that, just as in a song, it’s not about getting to the end, […]
  44. Brian McLaren: A New Kind of Christianity2012/02/28
    In this episode Ray is joined by Brian McLaren for a discussion about Brian’s book A New Kind of Christianity. In the book Brian presents ten questions which he believes are transforming the Christian faith. Brian and Ray focus on the first two questions dealing with the story and purpose of the Bible. Make sure […]
  45. Compassionate Eschatology with Michael Hardin2012/02/02
    Michael Hardin is back! In this episode Michael Hardin talks with Ray about understanding eschatology and the book of Revelation in the light of the God who is love. Is Jesus coming back to kick butt and take names? Michael doesn’t think so, and he shares from the book Compassionate Eschatology why he thinks we […]
  46. Free To Be Loved2012/01/22
    In this episode Steve and Ray talk about living free from the fear of rejection based upon performance. Should we focus on how to avoid sin? Are we just sinners saved by grace? Should sin even be an issue for a believer in Jesus? Steve and Ray discuss trusting in God’s love and the ironic […]
  47. A Theology of Consent with Brad Jersak2012/01/12
    In this episode Ray talks with Brad Jersak about an idea that Brad is calling “A Theology of Consent”. Consent holds a lot of promise in helping us understand such questions as why do we pray? why is there evil in the world? how do we partner with God in manifesting His kingdom? This conversation […]
  48. Discipleship Beyond the Classroom2011/12/24
    In the institutional church, “discipleship” is a process only performed by professionals in the confines of the church program. Listener Judy Gale (who impresses us with her knowledge of the Chinese language during the intro) asked a question on the Facebook page about discipleship outside the institutional church. For those of us not in the […]
  49. Living By Law Or By Love?2011/12/10
    In this episode, Steve and Ray discuss the difference between a motivation of law and a motivation of love. Should our relationships be contractually based, or based on unconditional love? You probably know the answer, but have a listen anyway!
  50. Jesus and Mimetic Theory with Michael Hardin Part 22011/11/25
    In this last segment of a two-part episode, Ray talks with Michael Hardin (executive director of PreachingPeace.org and author of The Jesus-Driven Life) about Mimetic Theory and reading the Bible through the lens of Jesus. In this episode Michael continues to explain the Mimetic Theory and tries to help us understand it’s potential significance for […]
  51. Jesus and Mimetic Theory with Michael Hardin Part 12011/11/22
    In this first of a two-part episode, Ray talks with Michael Hardin (executive director of PreachingPeace.org and author of The Jesus-Driven Life) about Mimetic Theory and reading the Bible through the lens of Jesus. Rene Girard, developer of the Mimetic Theory, has said that Michael is “a gifted and effective advocate who is able to make […]
  52. Her Gates Will Never Be Shut with Brad Jersak Part 22011/10/25
    This is part 2 of a two-part conversation with Brad Jersak about his book Her Gates Will Never Be Shut. We encourage you to listen to part 1 before listening to this second half of the conversation. After talking about the etymology of hell and the two traditions surrounding the word “gehenna”, Brad and Ray continue […]
  53. Her Gates Will Never Be Shut with Brad Jersak Part 12011/10/19
    In this first part of a two part episode, Ray talks with Brad Jersak about his book Her Gates Will Never Be Shut. Brad and Ray talk about the history of the Hebrew and Greek words behind the word “hell”, the development of Gehenna, and more. Brad delves into the history of our ideas about […]
  54. Processing and Rethinking2011/09/26
    What started out as a response to the Brad Jersak interviews turned into a lengthy discussion that ended up becoming an episode of its own. If the opening sounds a little like it’s picking up in the middle of a conversation, that’s why! Steve’s “Maaaaan, that’s good stuff” is in response to the Brad Jersak […]
  55. Stricken by God? with Brad Jersak, Part 22011/09/03
    In this conclusion of Ray’s 2-part interview with Brad Jersak (part 1 is here), Ray and Brad continue their discussion about the atonement, our role in the death of Jesus, the role of the Father in the death of Jesus, and the implications of atonement theory on our view of the Father as well as […]
  56. Stricken by God? with Brad Jersak, Part 12011/08/29
    Continuing in our series of guests on the podcast, Ray welcomes Brad Jersak to Beyond the Box. This 2-part discussion revolves around the topic of a book edited by Brad entitled “Stricken by God?” which discusses atonement theories alternative to Penal Substitution. Bringing insight to some passages that are often skimmed over, Brad shares thoughts […]
  57. Exegeting Hell with Preston Sprinkle2011/08/12
    While we have spent quite a few episodes on the topic of hell, and even more specifically on Francis Chan’s book “Erasing Hell”, we thought it would be very helpful to our listeners to hear more about the exegesis behind that book. Preston Sprinkle, the co-author of “Erasing Hell” was kind enough to come on […]
  58. Thinking About the Trinity2011/08/05
    The doctrine of the Trinity (the Godhead is three-in-one, comprised of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) has been considered to be “orthodox” doctrine since about the 3rd century. Partially developed at the Council of Nicaea, it was later codified in a creed of uncertain origin, the Athanasian Creed. Despite the fact that […]
  59. Francis Chan, Erasing Hell or Not? Part 22011/07/16
    If you haven’t already listened to part 1 of this discussion, please do so now. Ray and Steve continue this discussion in response to Francis Chan’s book “Erasing Hell”. Picking up where the last episode ended, the discussion ranges from different ways of looking at the term “gehenna” to concern over the way that Chan […]
  60. Francis Chan, Erasing Hell or Not? Part 12011/07/12
    No, this isn’t an interview with Francis Chan, although that would probably be a lot of fun! Rather, it is a lengthy critique of Chan’s new book, Erasing Hell: What God said about eternity, and the things we made up. Before this book was released, a promotional video was posted, to which we responded in […]
  61. Restoring Justice, Rethinking Atonement, and Razing Hell with Sharon Baker, Part 22011/07/05
    In this episode, after a brief introduction by Ray and Steve, Ray concludes his interview with Sharon Baker. Beginning where they left off last time talking about the atonement, Ray and Sharon blaze through territory including a fuller picture of what “salvation” is, alternative views of hell, universalism, etc. Both Ray and Steve wish to […]
  62. Restoring Justice, Rethinking Atonement, and Razing Hell with Sharon Baker, Part 12011/07/01
    In this first-ever interview on Beyond the Box, Ray interviews Sharon Baker, author of the book “Razing Hell: Rethinking Everything You’ve Been Taught About God’s Wrath and Judgment“. Dr. Baker’s views are very much in line with recent episodes that we have done on Beyond the Box, and yet she helps to drive the conversation […]
  63. Distracted By Jesus? Part 22011/06/24
    In this continuation (and conclusion) of the discussion began in the last episode, Ray and Steve continue to discuss the recent event at Elevation Church in Matthews, NC where a mom and her son with special needs were escorted from the service because of a vocal outburst by the boy. The situation at Elevation is […]
  64. Distracted By Jesus? Part 12011/06/20
    Jesus said, “Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me.” And elsewhere he said, “Let the little children come unto me and do not prohibit them from doing so.” So when Ray and Steve heard about this newscast about events on Easter Sunday where an usher at Elevation Church […]
  65. “I Wouldn’t Believe in a God Who Would…” — A Response to Francis Chan, Part 22011/06/10
    Continuing on in this conclusion to this 2-part episode, Ray and Steve respond to the promotional video for Francis Chan’s forthcoming book “Erasing Hell”. Much more than just a response to Chan, however, this episode touches on lots of thoughts related to revelation and how much we can know and understand about the Father. There […]
  66. “I Wouldn’t Believe in a God Who Would…” — A Response to Francis Chan, Part 12011/06/09
    Author Francis Chan is releasing a new book soon called “Erasing Hell” and has released a promotional video. Unlike the Rob Bell video which raised a lot of questions, Chan makes some definitive statements (not necessarily about hell) in his video. And it is those statements to which Ray and Steve respond in this two-part […]
  67. Living As the Real You2011/05/21
    [A quick note of apology for the sound quality on Steve’s end. Lots of distortion this time around. Sorry, folks! 🙁 ] Whether it’s because you feel like your “testimony” isn’t good enough, or because you’re in a position of power that makes you feel like you have to be more than you really are, […]
  68. Jesus, Osama bin Laden, and Enemy Love, Part 22011/05/11
    In this conclusion of the discussion started last time in Part 1, Ray and Steve continue discussion the ramifications of the teachings of Jesus on our view of violence, national or otherwise. As part of the discussion, Ray and Steve discuss some examples of where non-violence actually won out over violence. Do we dare to […]
  69. Jesus, Osama bin Laden, and Enemy Love, Part 12011/05/04
    Sunday evening, May 1, President Barack Obama announced to the world that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed. And what resulted in terms of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media conversations was nothing short of amazing. Responses varied from sheer joy at the thought of bin Laden now being in hell for all […]
  70. Thoughts on Ultimate Reconciliation, Part 32011/04/11
    If you haven’t already listened to part 1 and part 2, you should go listen to those first for this episode to make the most sense. Ray and Steve conclude this three-part discussion on Ultimate Reconciliation. It may seem to some like we have hammered this entire topic well into the ground, and perhaps we […]
  71. Thoughts on Ultimate Reconciliation, Part 22011/04/08
    (If you haven’t already listened to part 1, please start there!) Continuing on with the discussion begun in part 1, Ray and Steve continue to discuss Ultimate Reconciliation. Theories about what happens after this life (especially with regard to the notion of post-mortem salvation opportunities) often go hand-in-hand with one’s view of the atonement, and […]
  72. Thoughts on Ultimate Reconciliation, Part 12011/04/05
    In a continuation of the general topic dealt with in the recent 2-part series related to Rob Bell’s new book and the controversy surrounding it, Ray and Steve continue to discuss the idea of Ultimate Reconciliation. This is not the first time Ray and Steve have dealt with this topic. Back in February, 2009, they […]
  73. Hope, Hell, and Rob Bell, Part 22011/03/11
    In this continuation of the discussion after a brief child-induced interruption, Ray and Steve jump right back into the discussion. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, you need to go listen to it first. It sets the framework for the heresy thoughts you’ll hear in this part! We certainly enjoyed batting around different […]
  74. Hope, Hell, and Rob Bell, Part 12011/03/09
    Lately, a controversy has been erupting in certain parts of the blogosphere, Facebook statuses (stati?), podcasts, etc. regarding the contents of a book that has yet to be released. Despite the lack of actual content to judge, judgment of the anticipated content has been given out quite liberally by many. While this two-part episode isn’t […]
  75. iConfession, Faith, and Technology2011/02/17
    It almost seemed like a joke when the news first came out that a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church gave his endorsement of an iPhone/iPad app that helps parishioners prepare for confession by stepping them through the 10 commandments and asking them questions to prompt their memory about sins they have committed. But it […]
  76. Depravity, Humanism, and the Glory of God2011/02/08
    Listener Shane asked a handful of questions regarding the glory of God, total depravity of man, and humanism. Ray and Steve saw all three questions as related to a central topic, and so in this episode, they discuss all kinds of thoughts related to these questions. Is man totally depraved? Did the Fall of man […]
  77. Modeling, Learning, and Your Children2011/01/29
    Big C, one of our long-time listeners and friends of the podcast, submitted an idea for a show with a couple of questions relating to how we teach our children. Because Ray and Steve both live life with their families outside of institutional religion, is it possible that their children are getting a very limited, […]
  78. Origins and Essentials, Part 22011/01/05
    Note: As we mentioned in the last post, this was originally one long episode that we edited into two episodes, so just as the last one ended without any type of “sign off”, this one starts without any type of “introduction”, picking up in the middle of the discussion. With that in mind, if you […]
  79. Origins and Essentials, Part 12010/12/30
    Note: This is a part 1 of a lengthy episode that we split up into two episodes for listening convenience. Therefore, the ending of this recording may feel a bit abrupt to you, but will be continued in part 2 which will post in a few days. There are many Christians who believe that the […]
  80. Openness, Scripture and More2010/12/16
    True to form, Ray and Steve have trouble staying on any one topic, but instead wax very passionately about several different topics, at least related in their own minds! 😉 Bouncing off comments made with regard to open theology a few episodes ago, this episode offers several thoughts that may cause mixed responses in the […]
  81. An Open Approach to Prayer, Sovereignty, & the Problem of Evil2010/11/18
    Prompted by listener feedback and interaction, Steve and Ray respond to and continue the ongoing conversation about Open Theism and it’s ramifications for prayer, the sovereignty of God, and the problem of evil. In this part 1 of ?? episodes, Steve and Ray travel a few rabbit trails, interact with listener comments, and once again focus on Jesus as […]
  82. Embracing an Open Future2010/11/03
    For many conservative Christians, the notion of a God who might actually leave some details of the future up to us is a frightening prospect. Wouldn’t this logically mean that God is not in control? Couldn’t a God who doesn’t know the future possibly be defeated? In this episode, Ray and Steve pick up on […]
  83. Fast Food and Inspiration (aka We’re Back!)2010/10/25
    After more than eight months without an episode, Beyond the Box is finally back! In this very unique episode (what a way to return, huh?) Ray and Steve actually sat down together in person with a small portable recorder in a fast-food restaurant and talked about a wide variety of topics, including the inspiration of […]
  84. Christian Anarchy2010/02/13
    What comes to mind when you hear the word “anarchy”? Does it sound like something that is compatible with Christianity? Well, there are some that say that “anarchy” can be defined in a way that actually makes the most sense of any understanding of the teachings of Jesus. After a humble explanation of why it’s […]
  85. Judgment: The Forbidden Fruit2010/01/20
    Recent events in Haiti have resulted in a huge outpouring of support, donations, volunteers, etc. to help the needy country. However, as often happens with any major tragedy of the type suffered in Haiti, there are those who want to voice their negative opinions over the cause of such tragedy. In the first BtB episode […]
  86. A White Flag for Christmas Crusaders2009/12/20
    It’s that time of year when evangelicals start complaining about a “War on Christmas”–the alleged attempt by the evil liberals to steal the baby Jesus out of the manger and replace him with a Richard Dawkins book. Well, since it’s what evangelicals are doing, Ray and Steve have something to say about it! 😉 And […]
  87. The Cult of Professionalism2009/12/08
    Somehow, our western culture has become completely enamored with “experts”. Have a medical situation? Consult a doctor. Have a financial question? Consult an investment professional. Have a theological question? Consult a pastor. In the midst of this progression over the last couple of centuries, we have gotten to the point where we seldom even give […]
  88. WikiTheology2009/11/24
    Communication…dialogue…conversation — these are not necessarily words that are used in conjunction with understanding theology. Too often, theology is set into codes, creeds, confessions and formats that serve to squelch dialogue about the particular issues. While many would view this as a good thing, giving us a firm foundation for our faith, it can often […]
  89. Prayer As a Weapon2009/11/03
    A rather recent news article about an unnamed school in the eastern US prompted this episode. Ray and Steve discuss the use of prayer as a weapon in public (not Christian-specific) settings, and whether or not prayer should ever be used in that form of making one’s point. As often happens in the discussions on […]
  90. Atonement, Pt 4: Summary and Conclusion2009/10/26
    After three episodes outlining various views of atonement theory, Ray and Steve conclude the series by wrapping up their thoughts on the subject and summarizing the views discussed. We hope you enjoyed this series, and that it has sparked some thinking about the atonement and why it can be very important in our view of […]
  91. Atonement, Pt. 3: Additional Theories2009/10/16
    After devoting entire episodes to both of the two most widely-held theories, Ray and Steve present a potpourri of other theories in one episode. Four different views are presented in this discussion, including the third of the “top three” views of the atonement. Far from being a dry topic, Ray and Steve infuse their own […]
  92. Atonement, Part 2: Christus Victor2009/10/01
    Continuing on in the series on views of the atonement, Ray and Steve turn their focus to what has been referred to as the “classic view”, allegedly held as the predominant view of the atonement for the first 1,000 years of western Christianity, and still widely held in the Eastern churches. This view, commonly called […]
  93. Atonement, Part 1: Penal Substitution2009/09/18
    Beginning first with a response to a listener question regarding the deity of Jesus, Ray and Steve then move into the first segment in what will be a multi-part series. In this series, they take a look at different theories of the atonement. While that may sound less than exciting for many people, Ray and […]
  94. Just Not Fitting In2009/09/03
    One of the side-effects of stepping out of the customary way of practicing Christianity, and exploring life in Christ outside of the institution, is a feeling of uncertainty as to where one actually fits in. For many of us, we were so accustomed to wearing certain labels, being “members” of certain organizations, and being identified […]
  95. The Power of Your Words Potpourri, Part 22009/08/14
    In a continuation of last week’s episode, Ray and Steve continue to talk about a variety of issues related to what we speak and how it affects what we believe and experience. If you haven’t already listened to part 1, go listen to that first. By the way, Beyond the Box has a new twitter […]
  96. The Power of Your Words Potpourri, Part 12009/08/07
    Ray and Steve begin a 2-part episode on the power of what we say…or something like that. There tends to be some tangential discussions here, but all somehow related (albeit distantly) to the subject of the power of our words. So often, the notion that what we say can actually affect our lives gets relegated […]
  97. A Secure Investment2009/07/21
    Following some lengthy banter, a recap of the Bearcrawling episode that Steve co-hosted, and some lousy voice impressions (!!), Ray and Steve jump into a somewhat rambling discussion about security. Riffing off of a quote by Martin Luther, the discussion covers several elements of western culture and our tendency to try to be secure in […]
  98. Make Your Own Footprint2009/07/08
    Steve can’t remember what month it is, so the initial mentions about an upcoming guest-host slot on Bearcrawling say June 10, when it’s actually this coming Friday, July 10. Also, happy anniversary to Beyond the Box, now starting its second year of podcasting! In sort of a sequel to the last episode, Ray and Steve […]
  99. Serving As a Kingdom Call2009/06/26
    For a long time, western Christianity has sat back and let the government fulfill mandates given to the body of Christ, including the care of the poor and orphans. And for a lot of Christians on the conservative end of the theological spectrum, “social gospel” was relegated to liberal denominations and was viewed as less […]
  100. Should Christians Support the State of Israel?2009/06/22
    This week, Ray and Steve take up part 2 of the audio comment from John over at Jesus Geek. In this part of his audio comment, John asks a very pointed question about support (financial and otherwise) of the current state of Israel. This episode ties in with the most recent episode about eschatology. For […]
  101. Apocalypse How?2009/06/11
    John from The Jesus Geek sent an audio comment to BtB that bounces off a passing comment Ray and Steve made in the last episode. Part 1 of his comment asks where they stand on their view of the end times. While both Ray and Steve agree with John that this issue should not be […]
  102. The End Doesn’t Justify the Means2009/06/03
    Quite ironically, considering our recent podcasts about non-violence and the seeming (to us, at least) contradiction between the words and example of Jesus and the notion that violent means can be justified in some situations, a recent news story comes out regarding the murder of an abortion-performing doctor. News interviews have painted a picture of […]
  103. Taking Jesus Seriously, Part 22009/05/22
    In a follow-up to last week’s episode, Ray and Steve continue to discuss the importance of taking the words of Jesus seriously. It seems that the words of Jesus get so easily explained away or altered to be more palatable to our cultural conditions. But why don’t we just start with what he said and […]
  104. Taking Jesus Seriously2009/05/13
    We’ve talked many times on this podcast about things that Jesus has said. When we look at the teachings of Jesus, it seems that there are often inconsistencies with the way we actually live out what he taught. Statements like “Turn the other cheek” or “Don’t worry about what you will eat or drink” often […]
  105. The Cross and the Sword2009/05/01
    Beyond the Box returns this week with yet another focus on history. From Constantine’s vision of the symbol of the cross and an alleged promise of successful military advances under that sign to the Crusades, the Reformers, and modern political activists, “the church” has long utilized the sword, both figuratively and literally, to put opposition […]
  106. Know Your Heritage2009/04/25
    This is an episode that we have wanted to do for a long time! And the time has finally come. Many believers are aware of church councils and creeds that exist in our “church history”, and many of them unknowingly (or even knowingly) use the decisions of those councils in their understanding of doctrinal issues. […]
  107. The Inefficient Gospel2009/04/09
    In the words of Phil Vischer (creator of Big Idea Productions – home of VeggieTales), many Christians view “impact” for the kingdom in similar ways that corporations and businesses view success in their companies. Bigger is better, and anything that’s not reaching thousands or millions is “inefficient”. Continuing some of the thoughts in recent episodes […]
  108. Restoring the Fallen2009/04/02
    In the last episode (Christian Celebrity), Ray and Steve talked about the danger of putting leaders on a pedestal. The higher they are, the harder they fall, to paraphrase a saying. In a recent phone conversation between Jeff Roney and Steve, Jeff asked the question, “What do we do when leaders fall?” It’s a great […]
  109. Christian Celebrity2009/03/19
    Western culture loves to put people on pedestals and make celebrities out of them. And the western church has bought into this mindset hook, line, and sinker. Ray and Steve discuss this approach in light of the words of Jesus and other New Testament writers. Additionally, they discuss the dangers that are inherent in the […]
  110. Are We Slaves or Sons?2009/03/12
    In one of the more rambling episodes so far (and the longest one yet), Ray and Steve talk about a potpourri of thoughts before settling on the question raised in an email by Big C of bearcrawling.com regarding a church sign he saw. The title of the episode refers to that eventual discussion! 🙂 Thanks […]
  111. How Do We Know What Is Applicable?2009/03/06
  112. Does What You Believe Really Matter?2009/02/18
  113. What Do We Do with the Old Testament?2009/02/11
  114. Hell and Ultimate Reconciliation2009/02/04
  115. Is God All-Powerful?2009/01/21
  116. What About the 5-Fold Ministry?2009/01/17
  117. Is the Institution Bad?2009/01/07
  118. Leaving the Institution2008/12/18
  119. Supernatural Skepticism2008/12/11
  120. Learning to Discern2008/12/03
  121. Right or Righteous?2008/11/27
  122. Learning to Lose Control2008/11/19
  123. What About Homosexuality?2008/11/13
  124. Christian Superstition2008/10/29
  125. The Voice of the LORD2008/10/23
  126. Prayer2008/10/16
  127. Everyday Spirituality2008/10/09
  128. God’s Punishment or Satan’s Defeat? Part 22008/10/02
  129. God’s Punishment or Satan’s Defeat? Part 12008/09/25
  130. Is God a Democrat or Republican? – Part 22008/09/17
  131. Is God a Democrat or a Republican? – Part 12008/09/10
  132. Jesus the Man2008/08/21
  133. Purpose Driven2008/08/13
  134. The Fear of the Lord2008/08/06
  135. The Goodness of God2008/07/30
  136. The Priesthood of All Believers2008/07/23
  137. The B-I-B-L-E, Part 22008/07/16
  138. The B-I-B-L-E, Part 12008/07/11
  139. What Is the Box?2008/07/06
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