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Boys of Tech

  1. Boys of Tech 383: They hold their cards close to their chest2016/08/14
    Second sighting of possible Apple vehicle, Google looking to take on Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud, self-driving Tesla crashes in Beijing, New Zealand researchers develop rice cooker that runs on manure.
  2. Boys of Tech 382: People wandering around almost like zombies2016/07/14
    Faroe Islands have sheep view instead of Street View, Pokémon Go is the game that has captured the world, the PokeGone extension for Chrome, Fiat Chrysler offers money for finding bugs.
  3. Boys of Tech 381: Trolling the FBI2016/06/14
    Norway may ban fossil-fuel cars by 2025, Larry Page rumoured to be secretly funding a flying car start-up company, Anonymous hacker breaks into ISIS supporter's Twitter account, Kevin Mitnick is coming to New Zealand, Apple announces iOS 10.
  4. Boys of Tech 380: Audio emojis2016/05/31
    The ethical dilemmas of self-driving cars, Apple had considered buying Netflix, the Holy Bible has been translated into Emoji.
  5. Boys of Tech 379: A really horrible experience2016/05/22
    Firefox more popular than Internet Explorer and Edge combined, a hypersonic jet that could fly from London to Sydney in 2 hours, the future of the Blu-ray format, Uber's self-driving taxi, trademark applications suggest Samsung will release iris scanning technology, rumours that Apple will enable Macs to be unlocked via Touch ID on an iPhone.
  6. Boys of Tech 378: Autumnal2016/05/15
    Street View catches Google's car speeding, people upset by Google's search results in black, PCs and tablets on the decline.
  7. Boys of Tech 377: iPhone 5C devices2016/05/01
    Windows 95 can run on the Apple Watch, choosing the right words to boost your eBay sales, how to correctly pluralise Apple product names, the top phone manufacturers, how the San Bernardino iPhone was cracked is still under wraps, ANZ in Australia now supports Apple Pay.
  8. Boys of Tech 376: A 3-D printed concrete castle2016/04/23
    A translator from sign language into spoken word, the sound of your skull as biometric data, rumours that Apple is testing self-driving technology, a 3-D printed concrete castle.
  9. Boys of Tech 375: The start of the slippery slope2016/04/11
    The FBI obtains data on the San Bernadino cellphone, the US government needs data from another iPhone, new technology to help determine cellphone use in vehicle accidents, claims that ANZ bank is secretly testing Apple Pay, exploiting the iPhone 1970 bug over a wireless network.
  10. Boys of Tech 374: Singular for bacteria2016/03/22
    How Samsung and Apple phones handle being submerged in water and dropped onto hard surfaces, Dick Smith will live on as an online brand, a bacterium that can break down PET plastic.
  11. Boys of Tech 373: I’d love to be a beta tester2016/03/07
    Inventor of email dies aged 74, drones that autonomously follow you, the National Day of Unplugging.
  12. Boys of Tech 372: Squeaky clean2016/03/01
    Google's self-driving car no longer has a clean driving record, Apple achieves a small victory in its case against the FBI.
  13. Boys of Tech 371: Handing over the keys to the ranch2016/02/23
    FBI asks Apple to create software to help brute force a suspect's iPhone, Qantas to introduce free wireless Internet access on all domestic flights, ambulance called after request via Reddit.
  14. Boys of Tech 370: No one’s that desperate2016/02/16
    Nissan's self-parking office chairs, guilty plea from man who shot down drone, Google's latest Android ad mocks Apple, the iOS 1970 bug.
  15. Boys of Tech 369: They’ve got bad data, we don’t have any data2016/02/09
    Twitter suspends 125,000 accounts linked with terrorism, Facebook analysis reveals 3.6 degrees of separation, Toyota to drop the Scion brand.
  16. Boys of Tech 368: A senior network engineer who can also scuba dive2016/02/02
    Microsoft to trial an underwater data centre, Apple is no longer the world's most valuable company.
  17. Boys of Tech 367: Round the bays2016/01/26
    Haptic feedback technology in vehicles, Microsoft's concept app makes it difficult to snooze.
  18. Boys of Tech 366: Journey through the Nevada Desert2016/01/19
    CES booth raided by US marshals and stock confiscated, programming a drone to land autonomously on a moving vehicle, Germany gets Google, Facebook and Twitter to agree on removing hate speech, hackers break fuel discount voucher algorithm.
  19. Boys of Tech 365: We did it2015/12/23
    Facebook ditches Flash for video, mobile browsing to surpass desktop browsing by the end of 2016, technology to prevent truck drivers from falling asleep at the wheel, The Beatles now available from streaming services, Google Play lets you choose one half-price album.
  20. Boys of Tech 364: Only four sleeps to go2015/12/20
    US law requires drone owners to register their drones, draft legislation in California would ban completely autonomous vehicles, TechRadar puts five smartphones to the test, pre-paid duty free orders delivered by robotic arm at Auckland Airport.
  21. Boys of Tech 363: I probably won't be able to ever afford an Audi2015/12/13
    Hoverboards catching fire and exploding, Audi's latest smart headlight technology, Hyperloop Technologies to build a high speed transport prototype, New Zealand broadband prices likely to face an increase.
  22. Boys of Tech 362: Philanthropic adventure2015/12/06
    BBC experiment with personalised movies, Zuckerberg to give away 99% of his Facebook shares, Christmas tree lights could be interfering with your wireless connection, crowdsourcing the hunt for African fossils.
  23. Boys of Tech 361: Waitangi2015/11/29
    Software pirate avoids legal proceedings by creating an anti-piracy video, the Raspberry Pi Zero sells out in less than 24 hours, New Zealand scientists develop stretchy rubber keyboard.
  24. Boys of Tech 360: It was brown initially2015/11/22
    Countries torn over whether to retain leap seconds, the last of the Zune ecosystem has closed, New Zealand firm leading the way with renewable plastics.
  25. Boys of Tech 359: It’s in Japanese2015/11/15
    Police pull over Google self-driving vehicle, new aircraft tracking system to be near real-time, Hyundai's augmented reality owner's manual.
  26. Boys of Tech 358: A very pretty toilet2015/11/08
    Amazon to open a physical store in Seattle, Twitter adopts Facebook terminology, NASA is recruiting astronauts.
  27. Boys of Tech 357: A petrol-powered iPhone2015/11/04
    Researchers develop a new lithium-air battery with energy density comparable to petrol, talking technology in vehicles can be a distraction, Motobot is the Yamaha robot that can autonomously ride an unmodified motorcycle.
  28. Boys of Tech 356: Don't believe everything you see on YouTube2015/11/01
    Google releases YouTube Red, China is to build the world's largest particle accelerator, a comet emitting alcohol equivalent to 500 bottles of wine per second.
  29. Boys of Tech 355: Tim Cook on stage dropping the latest iPhone2015/10/26
    Teenager allegedly hacks into personal email account belonging to CIA director, Nike's self-lacing shoes to go on sale next year, mystery behind Facebook app draining iPhone batteries, Apple's patent to reduce screen breakages, Steve Ballmer only rates Apple and Microsoft when it comes to hardware.
  30. Boys of Tech 354: A wind-off2015/10/18
    Remotely disabling a drone, smart device lets you know when you need to go to the loo, a life-sized caravan made out of Lego, Steve Ballmer buys a 4 per cent stake in Twitter, New York city to trial GPS-based taxi meters.
  31. Boys of Tech 353: Prevented the accident from being prevented2015/10/11
    Man briefly owns the google.com domain name, accidents involving driverless vehicles.
  32. Boys of Tech 352: Take you for a ride2015/10/04
    Robot taxies coming to Japan in 2016, Microsoft releases Skype translator for Windows desktop users, Microsoft responds to Windows 10 spying claims, Twitter considers extending 140 character limit.
  33. Boys of Tech 351: Is a need that no-one knows about actually a need? 2015/09/27
    Richard Dawkins questions Ahmed Mohammed's integrity, Apple Watch saves man's life, Apple has been Rick-rolling us on their website.
  34. Boys of Tech 350: Not-so-interesting things2015/09/20
    Facebook and NASA reach out to teenager whose homemade clock sparked a police callout, secure chip can self-destruct remotely on demand, Facebook to introduce a Dislike button, Apple releases an Android app, Brody Nelson talks to us about Parkable.
  35. Boys of Tech 349: eYes!2015/09/13
    Jeanette Manu and Don Ettles talk to us about their hilarious eYes video that went viral, the SCiO hand-held molecular sensor on Kickstarter, Microsoft presents at Apple's September event.
  36. Boys of Tech 348: Dropped the drop shadow2015/09/06
    Google has revamped its logo, Paypal launches Paypal Me, Uber hires Chrysler hackers.
  37. Boys of Tech 347: Twisters2015/08/31
    Brian Krebs may have a lead on the Ashley Madison hack, high frame rate may well become a standard for cinemas, privacy concerns over Windows 10 parental controls, concerns that actions in Windows 10 trigger network connections to Microsoft servers.
  38. Boys of Tech 346: The number of atoms in the universe2015/08/23
    Bounty placed on Ashley Madison hackers, IPv4 addresses increase in value.
  39. Boys of Tech 345: Haxxed2015/08/16
    Software that judges the quality of your digital photos, Corvette hacked via SMS messages, the Ohm car battery, Google now one of several Alphabet companies.
  40. Boys of Tech 344: The chew cast2015/08/09
    Android flaw exposes fingerprint data, Fiat Chrysler may have known about security risk for over a year, security flaw in Bind has potentially big consequences, privilege escalation flaw discovered in Mac OS X, generating power from shock absorbers, Nico Gerard releases a watch to go with the Apple Watch.
  41. Boys of Tech 343: Jazz fingers2015/08/05
    Microsoft patents new way of unlocking a phone, Microsoft will charge for ad-free version of Solitaire, Kim Dotcom warns against trusting Mega.
  42. Boys of Tech 342: A big signs up2015/08/02
    Stagefright vulnerability puts almost all Android devices at risk, Sydney to get world's first e-ink traffic signs, Windows 10 limits the number of applications reachable via the start menu.
  43. Boys of Tech 341: Spellbound2015/07/26
    Hackers demonstrate ability to hack a vehicle remotely via a mobile phone, the Commodore computer that has been controlling heating for a number of US schools since the 1980s.
  44. Boys of Tech 340: It’s all about the now2015/07/19
    Neil Young pulls music from stream services over quality concerns, archiving every tweet proves difficult for US Library of Congress, keeping your phone charged in an emergency using a candle and water, Mac OS X El Capitan public beta is out, Microsoft unveils Office 2016 for Mac.
  45. Boys of Tech 339: Standard poppable bubble wrap2015/07/05
    Sony denies rumours it will exit the smartphone business, 3D printed flute attains microtonal notes, Casio to introduce its first smartwatch, bubble wrap that cannot be popped, calls to ban the use of smartwatches while driving.
  46. Boys of Tech 338: 30 seconds2015/06/28
    Google introduces undo send feature, code found in Chromium can be used to eavesdrop, the Samsung Safety Truck.
  47. Boys of Tech 337: Autoplague2015/06/21
    Microsoft corrects the myth that people running pirated versions of Windows will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10, Apple's free 30-day music streaming trial upsets artists, autoplay to come to Twitter, global mode connections will no longer be offered following out-of-court settlement.
  48. Boys of Tech 336: Awkward2015/06/14
    The Oculus Rift comes bundled with Xbox controller, computer algorithm to detect influences in paintings, WWDC announcement that Apple Pay to launch in the UK, Apple announces maps for transit, smartphone survives after 1 week in lake.
  49. Boys of Tech 335: Their burning torches and their pitchforks2015/06/07
    The 8-character bug that can brick Skype, Apple makes a stand against data collection, drones used to catch exam cheats, technology and art combine to produce a mirror that shows your reflection in black and white pompoms.
  50. Boys of Tech 334: If the GCSB in New Zealand gave us an operating system2015/06/01
    Woman throws out an Apple 1 computer worth $200,000, Russian government plans to develop its own mobile operating system, mining Twitter data for early warning, Apple rumoured to be announcing a music streaming service, the mystery behind Apple's unmarked vehicles.
Boys of Tech
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