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SimplyStu Triathlon Podcast

  1. SimplyStu: Ignite SwimRun2019/01/29

    Stu interviews Jay Paluso from Ignite SwimRun.
  2. SimplyStu Interview Series: Haley & Michaels2019/01/09

    Incredible interview with the hottest county duo in Nashville!
  3. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College January Edition2019/01/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.

  4. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College December Edition2018/12/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.

  5. SimplyStu College Podcast: College November Edition2018/11/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.
  6. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College October Edition2018/10/16

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.
  7. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College September Edition2018/09/13

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.
  8. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College August Edition2018/08/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.
  9. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College July Edition2018/07/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college.
  10. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College June Edition2018/06/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, Vice Chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college. This is the June edition of 12 shows to guide you and your student the entire academic year.

  11. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College May Edition2018/05/01

    Want to put your children on a path to success in college? Listen to Leslie Banahan, vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) give practical advice on getting your children started on the right path in college. This is the first of 12 shows to guide you and your student the entire academic year.
  12. SimplyStu Podcast Series: College Edition - Path to Success2017/06/13
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  13. Simplystu #96: Five World Champions2016/02/02

    SimplyStu interviews five world champions. Stu brings back classic moments from Chris McCormack, Mirinda Carfrae, Pete Jacobs, Peter Reid and Mark Allen.
  14. Simplystu #95: Helle Frederiksen London 2012 Olympian, Professional Triathlete2013/03/25

    Stu interviews London 2012 Olympian and professional triathlete Helle Frederiksen.
  15. Simplystu #94: Pete Jacobs2013/03/07

    Listen as Stu interviews the 2012 Ironman World Champion
  16. Simplystu #93: Andrew Starykowicz2013/01/13

    All new season! Join me to start off season 9 with a brand new show from Andrew Starykowicz. This show has it all - jail, Rev3 wins, Ironman wins, and even a wedding. You can keep up with all things SimplyStu on www.facebook.com/simplystu or on twitter at simplystu.
  17. Making the Evotri Team: 20122011/11/22
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  18. Simplystu #92: Cait Snow2011/10/24

    Had a great time sitting down with Cait Snow. Listen as we talk about how she got into the sport, and how she become one of the very best runners in the sport of triathlon. Hope you enjoy.
  19. Evotri Age Group Triathlon Team Partners with Quintana Roo2011/08/24
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  20. Simplystu #91: Chris McCormack - 2010 Ironman World Champion2010/12/14

    Stu interviews the 2010 Ironman World Champion!
  21. Simplystu #91: Mirinda Carfrae - 2010 Ironman World Champion2010/12/08

    Stu interviews the 2010 Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae!
  22. Simplystu #90: Chris McDonald2010/10/05

    Ironman champion Chris McDonald answers your question about power!
  23. Simplystu #89: Evotri Athlete Chris Sweet2010/09/21

    Watch as wickedly cool Evotri athlete Chris Sweet answers your questions. Those questions that were answered are in the running for a complete PowerTap!
  24. Simplystu #88: Hillary Biscay and Maik Twelsiek2010/09/09
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  25. Simplystu #87: Linsey Corbin2010/09/06

    Stu interviews Ironman Coeur d'Alene champion, Linsey Corbin . 100% Mondata made, this girl can rock. Listen as Linsey talks about what makes her tick, and what it is like to be a pro triathlete. This is one amazing athlete. Look for great things in her career.
  26. Simplystu #86: Jordan Rapp2010/08/03

    SimplyStu interviews multiple Ironman Champion Jordan Rapp. Listen to the conversation about Jordan's comeback to racing, his knowledge of power, equipment, and training.

  27. All new shows and content coming soon.2010/07/12

    So much going on. New shows (Jordan Rapp), new team news from www.EvoTri.com, and more race announcing from Rev3 (www.Rev3Tri.com). All this and much much more coming soon. And yes, the SimplyStu World Wide Triathlon will be back in 2011!!!!!!!

  28. New Evotri Team Member for 20102010/03/16
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  29. SimplyStu #85: Tara Costa (Biggest Loser Season #7)2010/02/09

    Stu interviews the incredible Tara Costa from the Biggest Loser Season 7. Tara talks about the show, life, nutrition, and now triathlon and Rev3. There is also a section where Tara and I talk about the child obesity problem in America. This is a must listen! Tara simply ROCKS!!!!
  30. SimplyStu #84: Craig Alexander (Crowie)2010/01/21
    Listen as Stu interviews the 2009 Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander (Crowie). Listen as Craig talks about the swim, bike, run, and nutrition during the Ironman World Championships.
  31. SimplyStu #83: Zipp, CycleOPS, and John Callos.2009/10/04
    Stu interviews Josh from Zipp, Jesse from CycleOPS, and John Callos. Listen about new product introductions from EuroBike and Interbike.
  32. SimplyStu #82: Hillary Biscay2009/09/19
    Stu interviews the awesome 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Champion Hillary Biscay.
  33. New audio and video interview with 08' Ironman Wisconsin Champs2009/09/11
    New interviews from both the male and female Ironman Wisconsin 2008 Champions coming soon - Hillary Biscay and Chris McDonald! Good luck Sunday.

  34. Love at first sight!2009/09/01
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  35. SimplyStu #81: Linsey Corbin & Chris McDonald talk about New Orleans Ironman 70.3 and PowerTap Power.2009/08/31
    This is an older video that I never published. It is a great video interview with Chris McDonald (Ironman Wisconsin 2008 Champion) and the incredible Linsey Corbin. They talk about New Orleans and a lot of talk about using power and PowerTaps. Wait to you hear what Chris's average power is during a race! Nice!!!!!!!!!
  36. SimplyStu #80: Kristin Armstrong and Torbjorn Sindballe2009/08/26
    T oday’s new Podcast brings the cycling and triathlon world
    together. From the Olympic gold
    medalist Kristin Armstrong to a
    past world champion in Torbjorn Sindballe , both show what the world of sport is
    all about. I hope you enjoy this
    as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

  37. SimplyStu #79: Mirinda Carfrae2009/06/28
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  38. Rev3Tri LIVE!!!!2009/06/06
    Check out the pictures from the Rev3Tri on the picture tab...

  39. For the love of Triathlon2009/05/27
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  40. Race Report for New Orleans 70.3 Ironman2009/05/10
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  41. New Orleans 70.3 Ironman.2009/04/04
    What a start to the week. Desiree Ficker, Heather Gollnick, Linsey Corbin, and Chris McDonald sat down to chat! I have never been so honored. They were so amazing. What an amazing group. You can view the interview soon.
  42. Simplystu #78: Desiree Ficker2009/03/29
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  43. SimplyStu Worldwide Traithlon Results2009/02/17
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  44. Simplystu #77: Minute Triathlon Mysteries2009/01/13
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  45. Simplystu #76: Chris McCormack2008/12/22
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  46. SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon 4 - Registration Open2008/12/04
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  47. Happy Thanksgiving!2008/11/27
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  48. Could it get any better?2008/11/19

  49. Evotri is BACK for 20092008/11/18
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  50. Simplystu #75: Chrissie Wellington2008/11/16
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  51. Simplystu #74: Craig Alexander2008/11/03
    Listen as I interview the Triathlon 2008 Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. Also, the Fourth Annual Simplystu World Wide Triathlon date for 2009 will now be February 20-22. Details and registration will be out by November 15th. Also, stay tuned for huge news on the 2009 Evotri Team! All this and much more in the SimplyStu #74 Podcast!!!!
  52. Chris Rocks!2008/11/02
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  53. Just had to post this picture.2008/10/18
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  54. Twin Cities Race Report2008/10/07
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  55. Simplystu #73: Hillary Biscay2008/09/16
    Listen to the interview with the incredible Hillary Biscay . She is so much fun to interview, and just as fun to watch on race day. Hope you enjoy this interview of the 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Champion!!!! You can also check out the pictures I took of Ironman Wisconsin race day here .
  56. The love of Ironman2008/09/09
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  57. Ironman Wisconsin2008/09/06
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  58. Simplystu #72: Bree Wee & World Bicycle Relief2008/09/01
    Stu interviews the awesome Bree Wee & FK from World Bicycle Relief .
  59. Simplystu #71: Louisville Iron Distance Route Preview2008/08/16
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  60. The empty halls of Ironman (Steelhead)2008/08/04
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  61. Extreme Commute Hits 1000 miles.2008/08/04
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  62. Ironman Video Previews2008/08/03
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  63. Simplystu #70: Conrad Stoltz2008/06/18
    Stu interviews XTERRA World Champion Conrad Stoltz. This guy ROCKS! Down to earth guy with some amazing advice.Conrad Stoltz
  64. Simplystu #69: Kristin Hilger2008/06/04
    Listen as Stu interviews first year pro Kristin Hilger.
  65. Simplystu #68: Tim DeBoom, Andy Potts, Melanie McQuaid2008/04/06
    SimplyStu interviews three world champions: Tim DeBoom (Ironman), Andy Potts (70.3), and Melanie McQuaid (XTERRA). Also, make sure you check out Evotri teammate Bolder's site at www.Write2Fight.com . And finally, congrats to my two new teammates:

    Charlie and Sara ! WOW is all I can say!

    PS - the picture is of my FIRST ride of the season today. Life is good.

  66. Think Purple. Think Team in Training. Think Saris / CycleOPS!2008/04/04
    Ten years ago, I did not know how to spell Leukemia.

    Today, I think this is a work of Art.

    Details to follow.
  67. Fouth Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon date announced2008/04/01
    The date has been set for 2009. Mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2009!
  68. Race Day Results!2008/03/28
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  69. Team Evotri 2008 visit to Vision Quest.2008/03/19

  70. Evotri Pictorial Slideshow to Vision Quest - Updated!2008/03/09

  71. Team EvoTri visits Vision Quest2008/03/08
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  72. Love this guy!2008/02/18
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  73. Frostbike 20082008/02/17
    Michelle and I took a day trip to Frostbike in Bloomington Minnesota. It was a great day with a lot of great information from our sponsors as well as other great bike manufactures. I will make an entire show of it, but for now, a picture of Melanie McQuaid.
  74. Simplystu #67: Chrissie Wellington and the SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon2008/02/09
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  75. SimplyStu Worldwide Traithlon III2008/02/08
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  76. ZippCast2008/02/07

    I have partnered with Zipp to help with the new ZippCast Series. I hope you enjoy the show about the new Sub9 Disc. On the first new show I talk with Josh about the Sub9 as well as Ironman 70.3 World Champion Andy Potts. You can listen to new shows every two weeks on www.Zipp.com .
  77. Oh My....2008/01/31
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  78. Thank You, ten years in the making.2008/01/25
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  79. SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon III2008/01/24
    The 3rd annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon announcement is coming soon! Stay tuned to all the details! Are you ready? Is your team ready? Are you ready? This year is going to be big! Time to lace 'em up.
  80. Snow, snow and more snow2008/01/21
    I want to ride my bike. I want to be in the saddle. I want warmth. I want an 80 degree day to enjoy a 100 mile ride.

    What did I get? 7 inches of snow.

  81. SimplyStu #66: New EvoTri Team and Belinda Granger2008/01/16
    Check out the new Podcast with all the details about Team EvoTri. You can also listen to an awesome interview with Belinda Granger.

    Check out the Team EvoTri site for a change to win a complete package.

  82. Team EvoTri 2008 is here.2008/01/07
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  83. SimplyStu #65: Hillary Biscay2007/12/11
    SimplyStu interviews the awesome Hillary Biscay. This girls rocks. How about this...towards the end of the interview she talks about doing Kona, a 50 miler and a marathon. Anyone care to top that?
  84. SimplyStu #64: Chris McCormack 'Macca'2007/11/15
    SimplyStu interviews the 2007 Ironman World Champion, Chris 'Macca' McCormack.
  85. Coming soon, 3 wickedly cool new interviews.2007/11/08
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  86. SimplyStu #63: Ironman Wisconsin Recap2007/11/06
    Welcome to Season 3 of SimplyStu. This show is a 2007 season recap as well as an Ironman Wisconsin recap. After this show wait until you see who is coming next! Stay tuned! You won't want to miss this.
  87. Coming Soon: Season 3.2007/10/05
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  88. The perfect day!2007/09/12
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  89. A 3:43 PR! Details soon...2007/09/10
    It was a good day!!! I will post the details soon.
  90. Want to track Stu on race day?2007/09/04
    (Track race day with Stu here! ) We have a team going to the race that will be taking pictures, reporting and just having fun. Check it out now, during the week for updates and on race day!
  91. What does the M-Dot Stand for?2007/09/04
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  92. Time to move on...2007/08/28
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  93. Ironman Wisconsin Meet Up2007/08/27
    To make it easier, we have all decided to have 3 meet up times. They will all take place at the same place. So PLEASE come and check it out so we can meet and chat!


    Friday 11am

    Friday 4pm

    Saturday 11am


    Corner of Wilson St and MLK Blvd. See map!
  94. The Penultimate Ironman Wisconsin Thank You2007/08/15
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  95. Only 30 more days!2007/08/07
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  96. Ironman Wisconsin Videos now in "Windows" format.2007/08/02

    The Ironman Wisconsin videos are now available in "Windows" format. Many people have asked if I would convert them to a more friendly format so here you go. Just click on the video you want to see:



  97. Fine Tune2007/07/29
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  98. Stu needs hydration. This might be the plan for IM.2007/07/23
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  99. Too many shoes?2007/07/19
    My wife says I have too many pairs of shoes? Huh? What?
  100. SimplyStu #62: WIBA, Coach Mike, Peter Reid, Showdown The Movie and CycleOPS Tour de France2007/07/17
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  101. It's all about friends. No question.2007/07/02
    We are close. Only 70ish days to Ironman. This is when the fun really begins. This is when the friendships are cemented. So many things yet to experience. You know why this is so great? When the dust settles, I know I will have a few special people waiting for me at the finish line. That is worth gold!
  102. I'm learning2007/06/27
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  103. High Cliff 1/2 Ironman2007/06/23
    Tracy, Michelle and I made it to the race. We are all checked in and ready to roll. We plan to meet some friends and listen to Dick Hoyt speak tonight. Race day temps will be in the mid 80's. Results on Monday!
  104. Safety Tabs Off2007/06/23
    I have never been good taking the safety tabs off (thanks to my buddy Bold for this ). My bike is ready, my coach believes in me. It's time for me to believe in me as well.

    Bike Ready - Check!

    Coach believes - Check!

    Teammates believe - Check!

    Stu believes - Time to find out! Check!

    Bring on High Cliff 1/2 Ironman!
  105. I'm in love2007/06/21
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  106. I met pure magic2007/06/11
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  107. SimplyStu #61: Zipp Tour, Jessi Stensland Project, and Colorado Multisport2007/06/04
    Stu and the gang from raceAthlete meet at the Zipp factory. Stu also introduces a new project with Jessi Stensland (race route previews). You will also hear a cool interview with Tim at Colorado Multisport.
  108. Mid-term Report Card2007/06/03
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  109. SimplyStu #60: Alcatraz Swim Preview - VIDEO2007/06/01
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  110. SimplyStu #59: Vineman Swim Preview - VIDEO2007/05/22
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  111. Course Preview2007/05/17
  112. My new best friend!2007/05/17
  113. SimplyStu #58: The WildFlower Battle2007/05/08
  114. Wildflower Race Report 20072007/05/08
  115. Stu, Chris, and Michelle on ZippCast2007/04/17
  116. SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II Results and Zipp Tour2007/04/16
  117. Snow in Wisconsin2007/04/11
  118. SimplyStu #57: Training the mind to do the right thing in Triathlons2007/03/30
  119. SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon II - Results - Posted Friday2007/03/27
  120. Simplystu #56: Team RaceAthlete Update2007/03/25
  121. SimplyStu WorldWide Traithlon II Race Day!2007/03/23
  122. Simplystu #55: Lisa Bentley2007/03/08
  123. Tour de Moo III2007/03/05
  124. NEWS FLASH2007/02/28
  125. SimplyStu WorldWide Traithlon and 365 Newbies Registration2007/02/21
  126. The Test2007/02/18
  127. SimplyStu #54: XTERRA World Champion Melanie McQuaid and Inside Triathlon Magazine2007/02/15
  128. Stu v the 2007 XTERRA World Champion2007/02/03
  129. Floyd v Stu!2007/01/31
  130. SimplyStu #53: What it Takes2007/01/25
  131. Tour de Moo Week 12007/01/12
  132. SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II2007/01/11
  133. SimplyStu #52: Jessi Stensland, Neal Henderson the newest Race Athlete Chris2006/12/27
  134. Why wait? The tree waits!2006/12/23
  135. Team RaceAthlete Jersey!2006/12/09
  136. It's Time2006/12/08
  137. Check out these pictures!2006/12/07
  138. SimplyStu #51: Desiree Ficker & Meet the newest RaceAthlete Tyler2006/11/29
  139. SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II2006/11/27
  140. SimplyStu #50: Meet the newest RaceAthlete Michelle2006/11/19
  141. Thank you Desiree!2006/11/05
  142. Stu is a Triathlon geek.2006/10/31
  143. SimplyStu #49: Dr Allen Lim, Jamie Cleveland, Heather Haviland and Kona Recap2006/10/30
  144. The best SimplyStu Picture ever?2006/10/17
  145. SimplyStu #48: Just a lot of stuff!2006/10/16
  146. A Team RaceAthlete get together. Come join us!2006/10/11
  147. SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon II2006/10/07
  148. "Yes - I did over 850 Miles"2006/10/05
  149. No Shortcut Today2006/09/29
  150. Join Team RaceAthlete!2006/09/26
  151. Dream Clinic!2006/09/23
  152. IronWidow2006/09/23
  153. Do you let others walk in your shoes?2006/09/23
  154. SimplyStu #47: Interview Series Andrea Fisher and Jamie Cleveland2006/09/17
  155. Stu is back (Soon)2006/09/13
  156. IronWil Live!2006/09/09
  157. The Barrel Theory2006/09/08
  158. The Last Day of Innocence2006/09/04
  159. It is time!2006/08/31
  160. Ironman Wisconsin Clinic2006/08/30
  161. This is why!2006/08/25
  162. Ironman Wisconsin "Training With Power" Clinic2006/08/21
  163. SimplyStu #46: Ironman Wisconsin Run Preview - VIDEO2006/08/20
  164. The Silent Coach2006/08/13
  165. SimplyStu #45: Interview Series Melanie McQuaid2006/08/13
  166. SimplyStu Pro Interviews2006/08/05
  167. SimplyStu #44: Ironman Wisconsin Bike Preview - VIDEO2006/08/03
  168. Ironman Wisconsin 2007 - Stu is in!2006/08/03
  169. SimplyStu #43t: Tour de France Live. Floyd's Coach Talks (Dr. Allen Lim)2006/07/31
  170. The Innocence of Sport2006/07/27
  171. SimplyStu #42t: Tour de France Live. The Party!2006/07/27
  172. New Tour Show Wednesday Night with winners (42t)2006/07/25
  173. SimplyStu #41t: Tour de France Live. The Champion in Yellow2006/07/22
  174. Deadline for PowerTap, ROL Wheels, and Skirt Sport Swag is SUNDAY!2006/07/22
  175. Never a doubt?2006/07/21
  176. SimplyStu #40t: Tour de France Live. The Mountain Claims a Champion.2006/07/20
  177. SimplyStu #39t: Tour de France Live. Behind the scenes look at the tour.2006/07/18
  178. SimplyStu #38t: Tour de France Live. Floyd needs YOUR help!2006/07/16
  179. SimplyStu #37t: Tour de France Live. Fun with the boys.2006/07/15
  180. SimplyStu #36t: Tour de France Live. It's Mountain Time.2006/07/13
  181. WIN: ROL Wheels / Skirt Sports / or a PowerTap NOW!2006/07/12
  182. SimplyStu #35: Interview Series Desiree Ficker, D3 Multisport, Newbie Cathryn.2006/07/10
  183. SimplyStu #34t: Tour de France Live. Time Trial. Win a PowerTap now. Listener questions.2006/07/09
  184. SimplyStu #33t: Tour de France Live. Stages 2-4. Win a PowerTap now. Listener questions.2006/07/06
  185. SimplyStu #32t: Tour de France Live. Robbie Ventura, Dr. Allen Lim and Jesse at the Prologue2006/07/02
  186. SimplyStu #31t: Tour de France Live. Ride with Phonak. Team Intro2006/06/30
  187. SimplyStu #30: Interview Series Tim and Nicole DeBoom live from Trek. Tour de France Announcement.2006/06/18
  188. SimplyStu #29: Ironman Wisconsin Swim Preview - VIDEO2006/06/10
  189. SimplyStu #28: Interview Series Chris Lieto, Heather Gollnick, CycleOps and Team World Vision2006/06/06
  190. SimplyStu #27: Interview Series Peter Reid2006/05/21
  191. SimplyStu #26: Interview Series Triathlete Legend Dave Scott and Joanna Zeiger2006/05/09
  192. SimplyStu #25: Trek Tour2006/04/25
  193. SimplyStu #24: ROL Wheels and Rocket Science Sports2006/04/11
  194. SimplyStu #23: Metobolic Testing and Team In Training2006/04/03
  195. RESULTS: 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon2006/03/25
  196. SimplyStu #22: Race Day 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon2006/03/24
  197. SimplyStu #21: Total Immersion Founder and SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon2006/03/21
  198. SimplyStu #20: Interview Series Part II Pro Triathlete Jessi Stensland2006/03/11
  199. 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon2006/03/04
  200. SimplyStu #19: Clifbar Product Line Review2006/03/02
  201. SimplyStu #18: Interview Series Pro Triathlete Jessi Stensland2006/02/23
  202. SimplyStu #17: Bike Fit & 1st Annual SimplyStu World Wide Traithlon2006/02/16
  203. SimplyStu #16: Interview Series 3 Time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton2006/02/08
  204. SimplyStu #15: Trek World Headquarters Tour2006/01/31
  205. SimplyStu #14: Interview Series Pro Triathletes Jamie Cleveland & Andrea Fisher2006/01/25
  206. New Swag to give away!2006/01/18
  207. Show #13 "Show Notes"2006/01/18
  208. SimplyStu #13: Interview Series Pro Triathlete Heather Haviland Part II2006/01/18
  209. SimplyStu #12: Interview Series Pro Triathlete Heather Haviland Part I2006/01/09
  210. SimplyStu #11: Interview Series Ironman Champ Heather Gollnick2006/01/05
  211. <A HREF=http://www.heathergollnick.com/> Here is what Heather Gollnick uses to become a champ!2006/01/04
  212. www.train2race.com2005/12/31
  213. SimplyStu #10: Internet Training Web Sites2005/12/31
  214. SimplyStu VoiceMail: 202-449-52072005/12/31
  215. New Swag - Women Only2005/12/31
  216. The Swag is going fast!2005/12/30
  217. Show #92005/12/25
  218. SimplyStu #09: Interview Series Author Dan Madson2005/12/25
  219. SimplyStu #08: Workout Series Speedplay2005/12/17
  220. SimplyStu #07: Word of the Year!2005/12/08
  221. Win Stuff. / Where are you? / Ask the Pro!2005/11/29
  222. SimplyStu #06: Podcast in the Pool2005/11/29
  223. SimplyStu #05: Run a 5K2005/11/25
  224. SimplyStu #04: Interview Series Frank Farrar2005/11/10
  225. Coming Soon2005/11/04
  226. SimplyStu #03: Swim Toys2005/10/29
  227. SimplyStu #02: Top 10 List2005/10/15
  228. SimplyStu #01: Kona2005/10/07
SimplyStu Podcast Series
Daily perspective podcast series. The series contains distinct shows on the several topics. Several shows are based on the Triathlon lifestyle. There is also a new series that is based for parents, students and just about anyone else that is going to college or has friends and/or family in college.

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