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  1. Boxcutters recommends: This is Modern Living2015/08/31
    From Boxcutters founding co-host, Josh Kinal, comes a new podcast: This is Modern Living. This is the pre-release episode where Josh explains what it’s all about and tantalises you with what’s to come. This new show will be about the place where humanity and technology meet. The first full length show is currently in production […]
  2. Ep 364: Les Revenants (The Returned)2014/03/31
    Things get a little bit Frenchy/Sexy this episode as Lauren Rosewarne joins us for a review of the spooky Canal+ show, Les Revenants (The Returned). Then we go back in time, through the Boxcutters vault, for a review that has turned into a Things You May Have Missed as we revisit January 2008 for a […]
  3. Ep 363: The Wrong Mans2014/03/06
    This week we take a look at the thriller/comedy from the BBC, The Wrong Mans, created by and starring James Corden and Mathew Baynton. Brett brings us an I Don’t Buy It or two – something a little on the freaky side… If you want to see them, check the show notes below. Along with […]
  4. Ep 362: Lucas Testro & True Detective2014/02/18
    It may not be strictly all about TV but it’s a big one and it’s full of entertainment. And it’s all dediKated. We have a rollicking time talking to writer/director, Lucas Testro about his work on quality Australian TV and also touch on his podcast, NonCanonical. It’s a fantastic show and you should all listen […]
  5. Ep 361: Hello Ladies2014/01/03
    Don’t call it a christmas show or even an end-of-year wrap up – we will be touching on that in our next episode – but another hard and fast Boxcutters episode. We have a bit of a tussle over the polarising Stephen Merchant US comedy on HBO, Hello Ladies. Tuddy give us some Angry Old […]
  6. Ep 360: Hostages2013/12/02
    It’s a hard and fast episode of Boxcutters this week. Steele Saunders is back as we take a look at the Toni Collette/Dylan McDermott series, Hostages. We’ve got a rant from our Angry Old Man for the good of the country. Marian‘s All My Crushes is a rather Doctor influenced affair. And there’s fascinating tidbits […]
  7. Ep 359: Masters of Sex & Lauren Rosewarne2013/11/25
    We have a very smart-sexy Boxcutters for you this week after our short hiatus (sorry about the delay). Masters of Sex comes into the lab and goes under the microscope, fully wired up with a loom of response sensors. We’ve been going over the data and have some results to report. Dr Lauren Rosewarne is […]
  8. Ep 358: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Steele Saunders2013/10/30
    Hey you guys. Steele Saunders joins the team on Boxcutters as we take a look at Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s a self referential rant from our Angry Old Man. A bit of local colour fills Marian‘s All My Crushes. And we talk a little bit about some Green Guide Letters. Notes Check out more […]
  9. Ep 357: The Blacklist2013/10/24
    In this Dave Lawson filled episode of Boxcutters we take a look at the new James Spader starring, thriller series, The Blacklist. The Angry Old Man has a rant about suspension of disbelief, amongst other things. Marian‘s All My Crushes are exposed and Dave has some conspiracy theories regarding a certain .org Notes What to […]
  10. Ep 356: Brooklyn Nine-Nine2013/10/16
    This episode of Boxcutters feels like we went to the hairdresser and they were a little over-exuberant… it feels a little short is what I’m saying. We’ve got some surprising views on our reviewed show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. Our Angry Old Man has some barely contained rage, Marian defends and […]
  11. Ep 355: Sleepy Hollow, Mourning the passing of TV shows2013/10/09
    In a show that turned out to be surprisingly full, we review the new Fox show, Sleepy Hollow. We take a look at the stages of mourning with particular focus on the loss of TV shows that have a place in our hearts. For a special one from Dave, check after the jump. We tell […]
  12. Ep 354: Vikings2013/10/02
    Bored of the staid, monotheistic existence of the everyday, this week we take a look at the new History Channel drama, Vikings with its enlightened love and gods aplenty. Marian’s Crush straddles the Scandanavian and rural Victorian worlds. We take a look at a series of ads with Brett’s I Don’t Buy It. The Letters […]
  13. Ep 353: Big School2013/09/25
    It’s a all about the controversy in this episode of Boxcutters. We’ve got a review of the new BBC1 sitcom, Big School, starring your favourite UK comic actors. Being Emmys week, we talk about some of the controversy coming out of the ceremony. Our resident Angry Old Man is back to vent about TV cooks. […]
  14. Ep 352: Ray Donovan2013/09/18
    Dave’s back!! Yes, Dave Lawson returns to us on this episode where we review the Showtime series, Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber. Our Angry Old Man makes his debut. Marian kicks off her All My Crushes segment and also takes a look at the latest Bad Reality TV treat, The Bachelor. It’s a cracker of […]
  15. Ep 351: Boxcutters 2.0 The Time of Our Lives2013/09/12
    We’re back with new faces, new voices, new innovations and more great TV chat. We welcome Marian Blythe, Rachel Howe and Chris Rankine to the fold and immediately get down to the nitty gritty with a review of ABC1’s family drama, The Time Of Our Lives. Marian gives us a bit of a rundown on […]
  16. Ep 350: Orange is the New Black & Josh’s last show2013/08/14
    As Trudy said, change is normal, natural, inevitable, exciting … and sad. After we review the latest show from Netflix, Orange is the New Black, cover some critical Kids Jeopardy! news and discover, for the last time, what type of hat Ben’s wearing, we have a bumper crop of letters from you, the listener, before […]
  17. Ep 349: Rectify2013/08/07
    As we count down to Boxcutters 2.0 with more tearful goodbyes, the good times keep trundling along. We review Rectify, starring Australia’s own Aden Young, showing on the Sundance Channel. With the official commencement of the federal election campaign, Josh isn’t buying either of the offerings from the major parties, TV commercial wise. And Dave […]
  18. Ep 348: Maron and Sport2014/12/16
    It’s Glenn’s last episode and so we talk a lot about how TV has ruined sport. Or is it the other way around? We review the US cable show based on a comedian and his podcast and desperate cries for love. It’s Maron! You might already listen to his show. You should listen to ours […]
  19. Ep 347: The Starlost2013/07/24
    In the lead-up to the next iteration of Boxcutters, we say good-bye to John Richards in this special episode that no mother should miss. John wants to make sure that we never forget him, so he brings us the greatest Just Don’t Bother ever. It’s a show called The Starlost. Then, just in case you […]
  20. Ep 346: Arrested Development & American Exceptionalism2013/07/17
    We review season 4 of Arrested Development and then talk about American exceptionalism and how it relates to US television post September 11 because we know how to have fun.
  21. Ep 345: The Goodies2013/07/03
    The Goodies was a BBC television show in the 70s. It lasted for 10 years. We ask all the tough questions about its television validity.
  22. Sammy J and Wednesday Night Fever2013/06/26
    People were sick and we still wanted to give you a special something. So Josh interviewed Sammy J about his television career so far and how he feels about hosting a new comedy show on the ABC.
  23. Ep 344: Hannibal, Live on Bowen2013/06/19
    Due to popular demand, we review Hannibal. Is it as tasty as everyone says? Is it best viewed while sipping on some fine chianti? Only by listening will you have the answer.

    We also have an interview with Rob Lloyd, the host of Channel 31's Live on Bowen about hosting live TV and what he wanted to be when he grew up.
  24. Ep 343: Banshee2013/06/12
    Every now and then a show comes along that really makes you think about the world. Banshee may or may not be that show. We discuss it this week. Also, why is Josh excited about reading? It must be a book about television. Find out more in this episode, filled with more sex and violence […]
  25. Ep 342: Adam Richard and Celebrities2013/06/05
    Have you ever wondered why celebrities actually go onto celebrity reality tv shows? We have. So we ask Adam Richard what the story is. You’re going to be shocked or not. Also, Brett disturbs us with some people driving tiny little cars and trying to sell us insurance or supermarkets or something. Notes Shane wanted […]
  26. Ep 341: Whitlam, Leongatha2013/05/15
    Another documentary about Whitlam? You might be shocked to discover they’re not as common as Mad As Hell would have us believe. Penny Robins tells us about creating the new doco for the ABC. Shane Dunlop is the writer/director of new community television comedy series Leongatha. He tells us about making TV location-based narrative comedy […]
  27. Ep 340: In The Flesh, Sweet & Sour2013/05/08
    Are you sick of films and tv shows about zombies? Then listen to this discussion of In The Flesh, a three part drama from BBC Three. Also, John reaches into the past for a Things You May Have Missed about rock’n’roll and the 80s. Notes Watch this space.
  28. Ep 339: Sabour Bradley’s Head First2013/05/01
    Sabour Bradley is the writer, director and host of the new ABC2 factual series, Head First, but can it be called documentary? He takes us through the mind of a daredevil in search of the truth. Also, splendid chap and Graeme Garden impersonator, Ben McKenzie comes on board with a slew of facts to be […]
  29. Ep 338: Mr Selfridge, Chris Rankine2013/04/24
    Mr Selfridge is a period drama starring Jeremy Piven and a bunch of English people. We reach deep into our reviewing hole to investigate a show that has no urgent shouting nor any blood splatter.
  30. Ep 337: Utopia and Sketch Comedy2013/04/17
    There’s a UK show from Channel 4 that aired earlier this year called Utopia. We review it at the risk of being discovered and chased through England. Also, is sketch comedy still as relevant as it used to be? We make a clumsy attempt to answer that question. Notes Did we miss something? News We […]
  31. Ep 336: Top of the Lake, Logies2013/04/10
    A co-production between three countries about a small town in New Zealand that first airs on US television? It’s not some make-believe parallel universe. It’s Top of the Lake, the new TV show by Jane Campion and friends. Also, are the Logies now just the blood stains on the handkerchief that betray Australian television’s consumption? […]
  32. Episode 335: Songs with TV, The Americans2013/04/03
    Everybody’s favourite human, Ben McKenzie talks to us about songs, singles and albums tied to television shows. Then we review the FX show, The Americans. Also, Dave Lawson continues to be hilarious. Notes New Notes 8 April 2013 Ben McKenzie has shared these links for your own investigation into songs and TV shows. TuneFind Heard […]
  33. Ep 334: The Following, Big Reunion2013/03/27
    Look, I won’t lie to you. This episode might be a bit messy. We make some great points about the Kevin Bacon series created by Kevin Williamson, The Following, but they might not all be in the right order. And we say good-bye to Brenna. Sad face. Notes Glenn spoke about this article from Mess […]
  34. Ep 333: Kirsten Drysdale, Steele Saunders, Derek2013/03/20
    Guests and controversial discussion: that’s what you get from this episode. Kirsten Drysdale is part of the new ABC TV show The Checkout, Steele Saunders is the host of the I Love Green Guide Letters podcast and we review the Ricky Gervais series, Derek. Notes Plugs See Steele Saunders and guests live during the Comedy […]
  35. Ep 332: Con Frantzeskos, House of Cards2013/03/13
    You’ve heard a lot about House of Cards but you haven’t heard it from us. So put your little earbuddies in and check it out. Also, Con Frantzeskos of the Penso Agency tells us all about how TV advertising works, how networks can best use the concept of the second screen and what everyone is […]
  36. Ep 331: Girls, Reducta2013/03/06
    Sure, we’re looking at Girls for the second week in a row. Maybe because we think the show is worth it or maybe it’s because we’re all out of ideas. You decide. We’re too busy concentrating on what makes good TV. Meanwhile there’s also terrible ads to talk about and letters to read out. That’s […]
  37. Ep 330: MKR vs. MasterChef2013/02/27
    In our remarkable return from the fight at Reichenbach Falls, we begin, once again, to investigate the world of television and what it’s good for. We cover the way Girls has been covered in the media. Nelly Thomas tells us all about My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef: The Professionals. Also, in our news we spend […]
  38. Ep 329: Women and 2nd Screens2012/12/19
    Look. We’re not going to lie to you. This is the last episode of Boxcutters for the year. For the rest of the year you will have to busy yourself by playing this episode over and over again. We have a little look at the concept of the second screen and try to evaluate its […]
  39. Ep 328: Death and Horror2012/12/12
    You want the laughs and good joy times? Well, we have an episode all about death and horror to knock that smile and cheer right off your face. Take that, Happy Pants. John takes you through death affected tv shows while Josh tries to look at the difficulties of horror on the small screen or […]
  40. Ep 327: Looking back at Europe2012/12/05
    We take a look back at the last couple of years and give little updates on how shows have behaved since we first cast our eyes upon them. Glenn posits that Europe is beating HBO’s pants, Brett fails to understand how calendars work and Brenna brings back some Australian classics. Listen to it or be […]
  41. Ep 326: The Mindy Project2012/11/28
    Mindy Kaling left The Office at the end of last season and created her own show. It forces us to think about the nature of the modern sitcom as a whole and leads to a really interesting discussion. John brings us a bit of missable delight with another Just Don’t Bother. There’s also some letters […]
  42. Ep 325: Marngrook Footy Show2012/11/21
    In news that is sure to raise many more questions about ratings and the ABC’s responsibility to the community, The Marngrook Footy Show was axed this week. We interview executive producer Grant Hansen about the future of what is arguably the best sports show on television. Also, Brett has some more juicy bits from The […]
  43. Ep 324: Cuckoo2012/11/14
    Sometimes a show comes along that seems simple on the surface but really requires a lot more investigation. Cuckoo is a show exactly like that. Luckily, we’re reviewing it this week. We take a look at the highlights of the US election coverage, cover the BBC controversies and receive some emails from General Petraeus or […]
  44. Ep 323: Arrow, Kate Pappas & Ben Eriksen2012/11/07
    It’s always exciting to have new TV makers in the studio and Kate Pappas and Ben Eriksen are the perfect people to be excited about. They’ve made a doco called Future Radicals that appears on ABC 2 as part of the Opening Shot series. Then there’s a review of Arrow and we try to help […]
  45. Ep 322: Go On, Lewis Hamilton2012/10/31
    Go On is a new sitcom with some surprises in store for our panel of television experts who watch tv shows especially to tell you good folk what to expect from them. The last thing they want is for you to be disappointed. Josh goes head-to-head with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Brett sticks […]
  46. Ep 321: Last Resort2012/10/24
    Why is Glenn so Angry? Why does Josh keep laughing? Does Brett still have a stash of VHS tapes to watch? What’s Brenna’s big secret? Why did John cut out one of the best jokes of the show? These questions might be answered on this episode. PLUS: We look at Last Resort, a show that […]
  47. Ep 320: Revolution, Bechdel Test2012/10/17
    There is so much to talk about that we struggle to fit it all into one episode. We review the new show from NBC in the US (and it appears on Fox 8 in Australia), Revolution. The second "o" is supposed to be an on/off symbol but that’s too hard to do. Also, we look […]
  48. Ep 319: Channel 4 Comedy Fortnight2012/09/19
    In the lead-up to the Paralympics, the UK’s Channel 4 presented a fortnight of comedy including some one-offs, some brand new work from geniuses you might be familiar with and some fantastic older comedy from their collection. We take a look at everything we can possibly think of to do with this. Also, are you […]
  49. Ep 318: Breaking Bad & Mad Men2012/09/10
    Courteney takes a post modern look at Breaking Bad, Mad Men with a little bit of Dexter thrown in. It becomes a fascinating discussion of the journey of men in current American TV. Fascinating! Notes If you’re here early, sorry. We’ll regather our notes in a day or so.
  50. Ep 317: Bobby Flynn’s Reality2012/08/31
    Bobby Flynn was a contestant on Australian Idol in 2006. Last week we lost a game show about rewarding group talent (Everybody Dance Now). We talk to Bobby about the value of such talent shows and what happens to the people we loved for those moments. Notes One Thing You know, we recorded this so […]
  51. Ep 316: Paul Verhoeven, Kids’ Gameshows2012/08/22
    The very excited Paul Verhoeven has just spent a month hosting a children’s TV game show that he happily tells us all about. It’s fascinating. Really. Brett has an I Don’t Buy It that brings to light many economic decisions. Also there are jokes. Notes One Thing Howzat!: Kerry Packer’s War 8:30pm Sunday, Nine In […]
  52. Ep 315: Secret Doctor Who Animation Project2012/08/15
    We have a guest donor in the house, Danny Oz, who brings us a story of a BBC-led Doctor Who animation project. In an I Don’t Buy It as large as a tauntaun, John brings us advertisements from the Star Wars Holiday Special. If we didn’t cover science fiction so often we could say it’s […]
  53. Ep 314: The 30th Olympiad2012/08/08
    Have you noticed that the Olympics is on television? It’s probably the most important time in television. Every four years we get to play with new technologies and see what’s in store for viewers. We talk about all of that and some of the advertising around this year’s Olympics coverage. Notes One Thing No Reservations […]
  54. Ep 313: The Newsroom2012/08/01
    This week we take a special look at the new Aaron Sorkin show, The Newsroom. Passions fly and loyalty is laid on the line. We lined up some experts from both sides of the Sorkin fence to investigate exactly what it is that makes this show so loved and hated. Notes You can check out […]
  55. Ep 312: John Clarke2012/07/25
    John Clarke is, without hyperbole, one of the most important figures in Australian TV comedy. His latest project was a documentary series about Australia’s great sporting history called Sporting Nation, which appeared on ABC1 as a lead-up to the Olympics to which the ABC doesn’t have rights. He tells us all about The Games, Farnarkelling, […]
  56. Ep 311: Continuum and Singing2012/06/27
    Continuum is a future-cop procedural from Canada. We pull it to pieces to work out if it’s genius or horrendous. Then we take a trip into the mind of a Bollywood Star contestant in Quotes. Also, there’s a bunch of news and stuff. Notes One Thing Sporting Nation – 7:30pm Sunday, ABC1 References The ACMA […]
  57. Ep 310: Myf Warhurst’s Nice2012/06/19
    Myf Warhurst is famous from the television. That’s why we’re speaking to her. She has a new show called Nice and it’s kind of like her first solo album. We speak to her about the emotional journey. And we look at the ridiculousness of FTA commercial news in Raywatch. There are some great letters to […]
  58. Ep 309: All SciFi TV is Rubbish2012/06/12
    This is a very special episode of Boxcutters, recorded in front of a live audience at the 51st Annual National SF Convention. John Richards and Josh Kinal had a debate (aka a word fight) with the topic “That All Science Fiction Television is Rubbish.” Josh took the affirmative and John the negative. Gasp and be […]
  59. Ep 308: Animaniacs and The Voice2012/06/05
    We won’t lie to you. This is one of the best episodes we’ve done*. In Things We May Have Missed we look at the cartoon series Animaniacs and there’s a special Crap TV that no self-respecting Boxcutters listener should miss. Toby Halligan is in with Places We Have Strayed and John Richards brings his usual […]
  60. Ep 307: Lilyhammer, Eurovision2015/07/27
    Warning: This one is a bit sweary. Lilyhammer is a fish-out-of-water story starring Steven Van Zandt as a gangster turned rat. We review the hell out of it. Then we dissect the coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and go home. Josh’s voice sounds like a dying fish and that’s a noise that should be […]
  61. Ep 306: Girls and Maid Marian2012/05/22
    We’ve been waiting for a show that created some controversy and passion in the studio. From the media that’s been going around HBO’s Girls, we thought we found just the thing. Have we? Also, everybody’s favourite Ben McKenzie comes in to talk about a very merry Things You May Have Missed (pssst! It’s Maid Marian […]
  62. Ep 305: Public Television Conferences and Homosexuality2012/05/15
    John Richards has been to Sydney to present Outland at Input, an international public television conference. Also, the New York Times says that homosexuality is a lot more acceptable on television than it was 10 years ago. We try to see if that’s true the world over. Notes One Thing Outland – 10pm Sunday night, […]
  63. Ep 304: Why Big Brother Returns2012/05/08
    Creepy stories, trashy TV and the need for a new season of Big Brother are all covered in this special episode of Boxcutters that no parent should miss. Notes One Thing Laid – 9pm Wednesday night, ABC1 Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook – 9:30pm Thursday, ABC1 Insight: ‘Generation XXX’ – 8:30pm Tuesday, SBSONE
  64. Ep 303: Unsupervised, Optus, The Voice2012/05/01
    Remember that whole Optus vs Telstra, AFL and NFL case that was either going to mean the end of sport forever or the death of the internet? Well, Optus lost last week and we speak to to Lucy Battersby from The Age to find out what the judgement means. Glenn Peters has been watching The […]
  65. Ep 302: Spike TV and Nielson Ratings explained2012/04/24
    Christine Lawrence has made a career out of analysing what people love and hate about television shows, how they work and how they can be better. She used to work for the Nielson company in their TV ratings department. When Josh spoke to her in December she was a Senior Analyst in Programming Research at […]
  66. Ep 301: House of Lies, Yodelling2012/04/17
    House of Lies airs on Showtime in the US and stars Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and Dave Lawson’s brother, Josh. We review and try to work out why some people might not like it. There’s an ad that involves some kind of yodelling. Brett takes a look at that in I Don’t Buy It and […]
  67. Ep 300: Kyle Killen, Live in Texas2012/04/02
    We went all the way to Texas and recorded a show live at SXSW Interactive. Kyle Killen is the creator of the new NBC drama Awake. He took time out of his weekend to sit with us and talk about what it takes to make a series in the US and why it seems so […]
  68. Ep 299: Marieke Hardy, Comedy Festival2012/03/19
    Marieke Hardy teaches us all about finishing a series with a cliffhanger and how it has nothing to do with tricking the network into a second series. Courteney Hocking looks at the difference between the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in real life and how it’s portrayed on television. In news we discuss Mark Scott’s direction […]
  69. Ep 298: Menage a Teev2012/03/14
    Till Death Do Us Part, All in the Family and Kingswood Country were all the same show in three different nations. We take a look at the similarities between them and try to work out what they say about the different countries at the times they were made. There’s an I Don’t Buy It and […]
  70. Ep 297: Texting and Twitter2012/03/06
    This week we look at a new development in television. It’s part of the whole grammar of drama thing and it’s a fascinating discussion that we don’t want to spoil for you (although the title of the episode will give it away, maybe). Then, following up from last week’s discussion of ABC’s special set-top box […]
  71. Ep 296: Luck and Luther2012/02/27
    Luck is a new show on HBO in the US. It’s created by David Milch so we know from the start that there’s a lot to love and a lot to hate. We try to look at it all. Courteney Hocking’s been looking at the UK series Luther and gives us a rundown on what […]
  72. Ep 295: Episodic Television & Nerds on TV2012/02/20
    Ben McKenzie is a bonafide nerd who takes the label to an almost professional level. He talks to us about how the nerd is culturally represented on television with a particular focus on The Big Bang Theory. TV ads are upsetting and confusing as we discover in I Don’t Buy It. Then we have a […]
  73. Ep 294: Frank Woodley, Spiral vs The Killing2012/02/14
    Frank Woodley comes in to talk to us about doing physical comedy on Australian television and how it really hasn’t been done before. He has a new show starting on ABC1 on Wednesday 22 Feb. Then, Glenn Peters has seen two foreign language series, Spiral and The Killing. He sets them head to head in […]
  74. Ep 293: Paul Ireland, Excess Baggage2012/02/07
    It’s guestarama this week with Nelly Thomas in to talk about Excess Baggage and how it compares to The Biggest Loser. Paul Ireland talks to us about being a young actor in The Bill and an older actor in Outland. There’s One Thing and Pork and News and what else do you need to know? […]
  75. Ep 292: Penny Chapman, Grimm vs Once Upon A Time2012/01/30
    We talk to Penny Chapman, the producer of the new ABC1 series, The Straits. There’s a review of Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and a Raywatch about Channel 9’s coverage of Australia Day protests. Notes One Thing The Straits: 8:30pm Thursday, ABC1 The Office – BBC version: DVD Raywatch You can play along at […]
  76. Ep 291: Toby Truslove from Outland2012/01/24
    Toby Truslove is an actor. You’ll know him from Laid and the soon to premier Outland. He talks to us about the plight of the Australian actor and what he looks for in a role. There’s a whole heap of news and some great Trotters thanks to Toby Halligan. Don’t forget there are still Crumpler […]
  77. Ep 290: American Horror Story2012/01/16
    American Horror Story was created by the people who brought us Glee but there’s no singing and dancing, just murder, insanity and old-fashioned haunting. Is it as good as everybody thinks? Is it as bad as everybody thinks? Also, Josh spent some time in New York and discovered just how intrusive television can be in […]
  78. Ep 289: Boss, Lee Zachariah2012/01/09
    We’re back from our Summer Holidays and ready to wow you with a review of the new Kelsey Grammer TV show, Boss. We don’t think we’re going too far by saying it’s the best review we’ve ever done!* Also, marvel at Lee Zachariah’s excellent knowledge of film makers who have crossed over into television. There’s […]
  79. Ep 288: The Light Side of 20112011/12/19
    A look at some of the best television the world had to offer in 2011
  80. Ep 287: Book Adaptations with Larry Writer2011/12/07
    Larry Writer wrote the book about the crime wars in Sydney in the 20s and 30s called Razor. It was picked up by the Underbelly team and turned into the latest instalment of the true crime dramatisation that has proven so successful for Channel Nine. We talk to him about the whole process. Also, Courteney […]
  81. Ep 286: The Muppet Show LIVE!2011/11/29
    Earlier in the year John and Josh presented a night at ACMI all about the Muppet Show and how it changed the world of television. It sold out very quickly and chances are you missed it. Never fear, though. Through the magic of modern technology we’re able to bring you an edited audio version of […]
  82. Ep 285: Parents & Abandonment2011/11/21
    It’s a superstar episode with Courteney Hocking, John Richards and Glenn Peters all making appearances. Courteney joins Brett and Josh to discuss what it’s like when we watch TV with our parents. Which shows survive the intergenerational divide? Then John and Glenn, proving they are different people, discuss the concept of abandoning TV shows. We’d […]
  83. Ep 284: Fresh Meat2011/11/01
    We review a new comedy / drama from Channel 4 in the UK. It’s called Fresh Meat and it caused some controversy in the Boxcutters studio. John Richards is cohost and he tells us tales of his journey to Seattle where Outland premiered. We finally get around to your letters and Toby Halligan brings us […]
  84. Ep 283: Homeland, Survivor2011/10/24
    When Nelly Thomas comes in to talk about Survivor, you know that it’s like a party for your ears, but is she losing faith in her one time bucket of television joy? And what’s with this new fascination with Celebrity Rehab? She explains all. Also, with Glenn Peters in the co-host seat, we discuss the […]
  85. Ep 282: Christos Tsiolkas2011/10/17
    Features an interview with Christos Tsiolkas, author of The Slap, and we review 2 Broke Girls and Whitney… And see Outland in Seattle!
  86. Ep 281: At Home With Julia2011/10/10
    Rick Kalowski is the executive producer and one of the three writer/creators of At Home With Julia. We spoke to him about the controversy the show caused but also look at the intentions and decisions behind making the show itself. Glenn Peters is in the co-host seat and we talk about the Boxcutters Rule of […]
  87. Ep 280: The Bazura Project2011/10/03
    We interview ABC2's the Bazura Project, talk about watching Doctor Who in the cinema and discuss the Arrested Development rumours.
  88. Ep 279: Chas Licciardello2011/09/26
    Josh spoke to Chas Licciardello about causing offence and becoming more mature. The interview is tasteful but may contain references to jokes about incest.
  89. Ep 278: Now We Are Six2011/09/06
    It's our sixth birthday show and we take a look at all the TV that shaped us when we were six as individuals. It's a world of reminiscence.
  90. Ep 277: twentysomething2011/08/29
    We speak to you Jess and Josh from twentysomething , a new show starting on ABC2. Also, there's some first impressions of FetchTV.
  91. Ep 276: cloudstreet2011/08/23
    Is cloudstreet the best television drama creation to come out of Australia? Are David & Margaret taking out a court order against John? All of these questions may be answered.
  92. Ep 275: Suits2011/08/15
    We review Suits and discuss our own personal television watching habits. Is the iPhone killing our concentration?
  93. Ep 274: Franklin & Bash, ABC Cuts2011/08/10
    Review of Franklin and Bash, discuss the ABC cuts and look at the weekly news of television.
  94. Ep 273: Falling Skies, Phoenix2011/08/01
    We review the new US series Falling Skies and look back at Phoenix in Things You May Have Missed . Also, we analyse Angry Boys . Courteney Hocking is our co-host.
  95. Ep 272: Wilfred2011/07/25
    A review of the US version of Wilfred. Two questionable McDonald's ads. Foxtel v Austar discussion and news of Marvel live action TV series.
  96. Ep 271: Crownies, Four Corners2011/07/17
    Review of Australian TV series, Crownies. Executive producer of current affairs programme, Four Corners, is interviewed. Amazing Race Australia news.
  97. Ep 270: Happy Endings, Supertrain2011/06/27
    It’s quite fitting that we review the show Happy Endings this week because that’s the one we all watched during the week. John’s done a special Just Don’t Bother about the late 70s failure, Supertrain. There’s an Amazing Race Minute, an I Don’t Buy It, some Quotes and more mentions of Channel 11 than ever […]
  98. Ep 269: Making SciFi TV for Adults2011/06/20
    John and Josh wanted to investigate the reasons behind Australia makes so much acclaimed television science fiction and fantasy for children but never attempts to do anything for families or adults.
  99. Ep 268: Lawrence Leung, Winners & Losers2011/06/13
    This is a massive show with Lawrence Leung telling us all about his new show Unbelievable. For the last few months, Channel 7 has had a new show on air called Winners & Losers. We thought it was about time we reviewed it. So we do that. We also watched it. In news we talk […]
  100. Ep 267: Almighty Johnsons, Channel 9 Advertising2011/06/06
    Remember ages ago when John told us that in New Zealand they were making a show about Norse gods who all lived in modern day Auckland? Well he did and it’s called the Almighty Johnsons and we review it for your pleasure. John and Josh went to a Channel 9 event where they pretended they […]
  101. Ep 266: The Killing, Terriers2011/05/30
    We review the AMC remake of the Danish drama The Killing. In Good Die Young we look at Terriers. Our cohost this week is the ever-pleasant and totally ROCKING, Courteney Hocking. Listen to episode 266 Subscribe to the RSS Feed Subscribe using iTunes
  102. Ep 265: Game of Thrones, Freaks and Geeks2011/05/22
    We review the HBO series Game of Thrones. In Good Die Young we look at Freaks and Geeks. Our cohost this week is copywriter and man-about-town, Glenn Peters. Listen to episode 265 Subscribe to the RSS Feed Subscribe using iTunes
  103. Ep 264: AFL Rights, Lone Star2011/05/16
    Television is getting a lot more complicated as new technologies come forward. Last week we tried to cover the AFL rights issue but it’s really complicated. That why we brought in the big guns. Lucy Battersby from the Age and Sydney Morning Herald comes in to explain it to us properly. In the Good Die […]
  104. Ep 263: The Trip, American Gothic2011/05/09
    You want the truth? You can probably handle the truth. But can you handle our review of the BBC2 series, The Trip? Okay, you can probably handle that. In fact, we recommend that you handle that. We also recommend that you handle our new segment already changing its name. Now it’s called “The Good Die […]
  105. Ep 262: Survivor with Nelly Thomas2011/05/01
    Due to popular demand and direct from her tour of North East Melbourne, Nelly Thomas is back to tell us all about the latest season of Survivor and why it’s still one of the best shows on television. We talk about some of the new technology involved in broadcasting the Royal Wedding and discuss the […]
  106. Live: Pat Mastroianni, Degrassi & Press Gang2011/03/28
    Pat Mastroianni played the celebrated Joey Jeremiah on the classic late-80s / early-90s Canadian teen drama, Degrassi Junior High (and its subsequent series). He joined us live via Skype to discuss his involvement in the series.
  107. Ep 261: Marc Fennell, Disabled Characters2011/03/21
    With co-host Courteney Hocking we take you on a magical journey through site, sound and cat noises. Marc Fennell, star of Hungry Beast and the Circle talks to us about the not so surprise third season of Hungry Beast. Sophie Geffros gives us an insider’s view of what the whole controversy over non-disabled actors playing […]
  108. Ep 260: Perfect Couples, Bendigo St2011/03/14
    John Richards went to the former Channel 9 studios in Bendigo St Richmond to help pull it apart. He tells us why. Brett and Josh review the US series Perfect Couples. Brett tells us why. Josh has been watching The Celebrity Apprentice and you probably already know why. Enjoy responsibly: RSS feed iTunes or listen […]
  109. Ep 259: The Chicago Code2011/03/07
    You want in-depth and slightly waffly discussions about what makes good television? You have come to the right place. Dave Lawson joins us as regular co-host, a role he will share with John and Courteney from now on. We review the new show from Shaun Ryan, the creator of the Shield, The Chicago Code. If […]
  110. Ep 258: Bob’s Burgers, British Shows Down Under2011/02/28
    Sometimes we just need to say what needs to be said. That’s exactly what we do this week. We pull no punches and we reveal all our opinions. Which opinions? Well, we tell you exactly what we think of Bob’s Burgers, the new animated series that airs on Eleven in Australia. Not enough? We also […]
  111. Ep 257: Conviction Kitchen’s Vital2011/02/20
  112. Ep 256: ACMA Chair Chris Chapman, Emma Magenta2011/02/14
  113. Ep 255: Harry’s Law, James Talia2011/02/06
  114. Ep 254: Episodes2011/02/01
  115. Merry Episodic Echo: Boxcutters picks of 20102010/12/20
  116. Ep 253: Oprah is in Australia2010/12/12
  117. Ep 252: The Walking Dead, Peter Hitchener2010/12/06
  118. Ep 251: Twin Peaks, Survivor2010/11/29
  119. Ep 250: Rake, Dr Janet Hall2010/11/22
  120. Ep 249: Mike & Molly, Geraldine Hickey2010/11/15
  121. Ep 248: Tony Martin, Tim Ferguson, Tom Elliott2010/11/08
  122. Ep 247: Weeds, Rally to Restore Sanity2010/11/01
  123. Ep 246: Paul Cornell & Robert Shearman at AussieCon42010/10/18
  124. Ep 245: Kim Evey and Greg Benson2010/10/11
  125. Ep 244: US Fall Season 2010, Pre-production2010/10/03
  126. Ep 243: Grand Final, Strictly Speaking2010/09/27
  127. Ep 242: But what is television?2010/09/20
  128. Ep 241: Huge, Hellcats, Basil Fawlty2010/09/13
  129. Ep 240: The Greatest TV Characters of All Time2010/09/06
  130. Ep 239: Rubicon, Margot Leadbetter2010/08/30
  131. Ep 238: Claire Hooper, The Election & The Mole2010/08/23
  132. Ep 237: Peter Rowsthorn, Let the Blood Run Free2010/08/15
  133. Ep 236: Louie, Geraldine Hickey2010/08/09
  134. Ep 235: Kevin Clash & Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Wil Anderson2010/08/02
  135. Ep 234: Leaders Debate (sic), Masterchef Finale2010/07/26
  136. Ep 233: Hawke, TAC Ads, Kit Kats2010/07/19
  137. Ep 232: 7pm Project, Al Swearengen2010/07/12
  138. Ep 231: Danny Blay, 30 Rock Characters2010/07/05
  139. Ep 230: Rajendra Roy, The Doctor2010/06/29
  140. Ep 229: Daria, Nelly’s Magic Box2010/06/21
  141. Ep 228: How to Make it In America2010/06/14
  142. Ep 227: Provisionally the Greatest TV Characters of All Time2010/06/07
  143. Ep 226: James Talia, Eurovision, Bechdel Test2010/05/31
  144. Ep 225: Treme, Survivor, Ray Watch2010/05/24
  145. Ep 224: Lowdown with Adam Zwar and Amanda Brotchie2010/05/16
  146. Ep 223: The Circle and other stories2010/05/10
  147. Ep 222: Justified, TV Cliches2010/05/03
  148. Ep 221: Masterchef, Dead Gorgeous2010/04/26
  149. Ep 220: Dave Lawson, Drew Rhodes, The Pacific2010/04/19
  150. Ep 219: Lin Buckfield – Executive Producer of Media Watch2010/04/12
  151. Ep 218: Dan Ilic, Dave Bloustien2010/04/05
  152. Ep 217: Quentin Crisp telemovie, BBC changes2010/03/29
  153. Ep 216: A Visit to Letterman, Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town2010/03/21
  154. Ep 215: Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer of Sesame Street2010/03/09
  155. Ep 214: Craig McLachlan Part II2010/02/27
  156. Ep 213: Winter Olympics coverage Peter Campbell [Foxtel] & Giaan Rooney [Channel 9]2010/02/22
  157. Ep 212: Archer, Ray Watch, TV Clichés2010/02/14
  158. Ep 211: Biggest Loser, TV Licenses and Freebies for Networks2010/02/08
  159. Ep 210: The League, The Nature of Television Storytelling2010/02/01
  160. Episode 209: Nazeem Hussain, Ben McNair2010/01/25
  161. Ep 208: Men of a Certain Age, NBC and Leno and Conan2010/01/18
  162. Special Epinephrine Delta Force: Wilbur Wilde, James Talia, Tom Elliott2009/12/21
  163. Ep 207: Modern Family, Twilight Zone2009/12/14
  164. Ep 206: Misfits, The Prisoner, Lunch Disclosure2009/12/07
  165. Ep 205: Adam Christou, Melrose Place2009/11/30
  166. Ep 204: Bored to Death, Foxtel’s EPG, Arguments2009/11/23
  167. Ep 203: Craig McLachlan (really!)2009/11/16
  168. Ep 202: Community, Micro Men, Kim Dalton should resign2009/11/08
  169. Spring Break with John Safran2009/11/02
  170. Ep 201: FlashForward, Dominos Pizza, The Future of Television2009/10/25
  171. Ep 200: Myf Warhurst, Highway Patrol, Surprise Guests2009/10/19
  172. Ep 199: The Cult, Ads for Shoes, Garry Shandling2009/10/11
  173. Ep 198: Beauty plus Geek, Marc Fennell2009/10/05
  174. Remember When… Tim Ferguson2009/09/29
  175. 197: Sam Pang, Just Don’t Bother, The Loop, The Brownlow, The Emmys2009/09/21
  176. Ep 196: Wilbur Wilde, Generation Kill, I Don’t Buy It, Letters2009/09/14
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  178. Ep 194: Nurse Jackie, Come Back Mrs Noah, Foot Scrapings2009/08/31
  179. Ep 193: Hung, Parker Lewis, Hamlet!2009/08/17
  180. Ep 192: Southland, Quotes, Crap TV, Letters2009/08/10
  181. Ep 191: James Talia, Torchwood, Hosts of things2009/08/02
  182. Ep 190: Parks and Recreation, Dance Your Ass Off, US 60 Minutes2009/07/27
  183. Ep 189: Psychoville, Leafbusters, MasterChef Postmortem2009/07/20
  184. Winter Nostalgia 2: Peter Smith (aka Mr Television)2009/07/13
  185. Winter Nostalgia 1: Brian Nankervis, The Prisoner2009/07/06
  186. Ep 188: Human Giant, Pink and Penguins2009/06/29
  187. Ep 187: Genevieve Lemon, East Bound and Down2009/06/22
  188. Ep 186: Peter Moon and Brendan Luno from “Whatever Happened to That Guy”2009/06/15
  189. Ep 185: Peter Lane, Sue Taylor, TV That Kills2009/06/08
  190. Ep 184: Better Off Ted, Monkey, Squiz2009/06/01
  191. Ep 183: Marc Fennell, Movies about TV, Wallander2009/05/25
  192. Ep 182: James Talia, Ashes to Ashes, Eurovision2009/05/18
  193. Ep 181: Leo Laporte, Party Down, Ten Years Younger in Ten Days2009/05/11
  194. Ep 180: Important Things with Demitri Martin, Cadbury Ads, No Logies2009/05/04
  195. Ep 179: Freeview, Revisiting Old Television, Shame on Henrie Stride and Channel 102009/04/27
  196. Ep 178: Marc Fennel and Dan Ilic, Slings & Arrows, Crap TV2009/04/20
  197. Ep 177: Alexandra Tynan, Gloria Jeans and Ingham Chicken Ads, Ladette Quotes2009/04/12
  198. Ep 176: Bazura Project, Being Human, Foxtel Ads2009/04/06
  199. Ep 175: Doug MacLeod, Janet A. McLeod, Dead Set2009/03/29
  200. Ep 174: Rod Quantock, Josie Parrelli, Breaking Bad, Reality Dancing2009/03/23
  201. Ep 173: Wilbur Wilde, Anne-Marie Peard, Flight Of The Conchords, musical TV shows2009/03/16
  202. Ep 172: James Talia, bushfires, Dollhouse2009/03/09
  203. Ep 171: United States of Tara, Terrorist Ringtones, Sunday Night2009/03/02
  204. Ep 170: Wil Anderson, Privileged, Letters2009/02/23
  205. Ep 169: Editor Rob Buttery, Eleventh Hour, Count Duckula2009/02/15
  206. Ep 168: Bam Boom! Entertainment, Lie to Me, Underbelly 22009/02/10
  207. Ep 167: Narrelle M. Harris, Demons, Bigpond Ads2009/02/02
  208. Ep 166: Gavin & Stacey, Soap, Dumb Advertising.2009/01/26
  209. Ep 165: Dr David Ranson, Leverage, Production Update2009/01/19
  210. Ep 164: Andy Anderson, Letters, more Andy Anderson2009/01/12
  211. Ep 163: Swingtown, Number 96, the Bechdel Test2009/01/05
  212. Special Epidition Charlie (Many Guests)2008/12/28
  213. Ep 162: John Adams and The Dismissal2008/12/23
  214. Ep 161: David Ashton & Damaris Baker, Survivors, News Themes2008/12/15
  215. Ep 160: Jane Badler (Diana from V), Sons of Anarchy2008/12/08
  216. Ep 159: James Talia, Fatty and George, Zoot Reviews2008/12/01
  217. Ep 158: Eureka, Top Gear Australia and a Postcard2008/11/24
  218. Ep 157: My Own Worst Enemy, The Worst TV We’ve Ever Seen2008/11/17
  219. Ep 156: Yael Bergman, Shark Jumping, Lazy Country Music Stars2008/11/10
  220. Ep 155: James Talia, Louis Theroux, TV Board Games2008/11/02
  221. Ep 154: Adam Zwar, The Ex-List, Tomorrow People2008/10/27
  222. Ep 153: The Life and Times of Tim, Worst Week, Review with Myles Barlow2008/10/20
  223. Ep 152: Scott Brennan, Life on Mars (US), Kath & Kim (US)2008/10/13
  224. Ep 151: The Middleman, Top Gear (Aus), The Mentalist2008/10/06
  225. Ep 150: Futurama, Fringe (again), Is Television Any Better?2008/09/23
  226. Ep 149: Fringe, Theme Tunes, Quiz & John Richards2008/09/16
  227. Ep 148: Lawrence Mooney, James Talia, Very Small Business2008/09/08
  228. Ep 147: Directing Live Television with Ray Punjer and Wilbur Wilde2008/09/01
  229. Ep 146: Daria, Australian Idol, with Jess McGuire2008/08/25
  230. Ep 145: Quantum Leap with John Richards2008/08/18
  231. Ep 144: Olympics, Hole in the Wall, Neighbours, Chicken Ads, with Gerard McCulloch2008/08/11
  232. Ep 143: Sunday, Nightline and the Networks’ Future. With Tom Elliot and James Talia.2008/08/04
  233. Ep 142: Celeb Dog School, Star Dancers, with Adam Richard2008/07/28
  234. Ep 141: Making a Pilot, Battle Star Gallactica, Dr Who, with John Richards2008/07/21
  235. Ep 140: Save our SBS, with Josie Parelli2008/07/14
  236. Ep 139: Press Gang, Media Watch, James Talia & Nerida Haycock2008/07/07
  237. Ep 138: All Saints, Degrassi Junior High, Toby Sullivan2008/06/23
  238. Ep 137: Big Brother 8, Nelly Thomas and Ross (via phone)2008/06/16
  239. Ep 136: Ray Watch, Lawrence Mooney2008/06/09
  240. Ep 135: Wilbur Wilde & James Talia2014/12/14
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  243. Ep 132: Justin Hamilton, Lost, AFL on 102008/05/12
  244. Ep 131: David Knox, James Talia, Logies, and Canal Road2008/05/05
  245. Ep 130: Nelly Thomas, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother2008/04/28
  246. Ep 129: Courteney Hocking, Saxondale2008/04/21
  247. Ep 128: Wilbur Wilde, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, jPod2008/04/14
  248. Ep 127: James Talia, Anna Brain, BBC, Logie nominations2008/04/07
  249. Ep 126: Gladiators and East of Everything2008/03/31
  250. Ep 125: Tim Ferguson, DAAS Kapital, Big Gig, Emerald Falls2008/03/24
  251. Ep 124: Anna Brain, Project Runway2008/03/17
  252. Ep 123: The Thick of It, Lots of Swearing2008/03/10
  253. Ep 122: James Talia, Ashes to Ashes, Tony Mokbel2008/03/03
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