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  1. Interview with Bo Huff2006/11/17

    Interview with Bo Huff.Legendary Car Bulider and Worlds biggest Rockabilly Fan. www.myspace.com/bohuff
  2. Davie Allan LIVE with Chrome Oxide.2006/08/23

    Davie Allan and the Arrows
  3. The Madeira Band LIVE with Chrome Oxide2006/08/15
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  4. Slacktone LIVE at Baha Cantina with Chrome Oxide2006/07/18
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  5. Spy-Fi:Chrome Oxide Music Archives2006/07/15

    SPY-FI : From the Chrome Oxide Music Archives

    Chrome Oxide Music Archives
  6. The Black Widows :Chrome Oxide Show2006/07/12

    The Black Widows LIVE

  7. Chrome Oxide LIVE ! Neptunas Aug.6 20002006/07/05

    Chrome Oxide Music Vaults: Neptunas LIVE August 6 2000
    Surfers Stomp.Sacred Grounds San Pedro California
  8. Hot Rodder Review :Mike Krieger and his A-1002006/06/29

    Hot Rodder Review: Mike Krieger Hot Rodder from Canada and his A-100 Fargo Truck.Thanks Mike.

    Also Thanks to www.vintagefuel.com
  9. Kulture Shoq Radio :Rat Fink Party July 8 20062006/06/26

    Moldy Marvins Rat Fink Party coming July 8 2006
    Car Show,Art Show.Music,Vendors and Lots of FUN. For more info go to www.ratfinkparty.com
    Bands playing on this episode
    Luck of the Draw,Danny Dean and the Homewreckers,Hot Rod Rebels,and the Rhythm Stompers
  10. Chrome Oxide:Hot Rod Surf and Drag Part 22006/06/26

    Chrome Oxide Show part 2 Surf and Drag
  11. Chrome Oxide:Hot Rod Surf and Drag Part 12006/06/25

    Chrome Oxide:Hot Rod Surf Part 1: Music from Dick Dale,Buddy Dughi,The Trashmen,Torquays,Neptunas,Surf Sluts and more.
  12. Dynotones Recorded LIVE with Chrome Oxide2006/06/21
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  13. Killer Wave:Chrome Oxide Live with The Eliminators2006/06/13

    Killer Wave Radio:Chrome Oxide Live with the Eliminators recorded at the Huntington Beach Pier June 10 2006
  14. Chrome Oxide Live with Glasgow Tiki Shakers2006/06/11

    Chrome Oxide Live with The Glasgow Tiki Shakers
    Glasgow Tiki Shakers Website

  15. Killer Wave Radio:Chrome Oxide Live with The Marauders2006/06/11

    Chrome Oxide Recorded Live at the Huntington Pier. June 4 2006
    The Marauders
  16. Chrome Oxide LIVE at South Bay Surf Stomp2006/06/05

    South Bay Surfer Stomp.
    Bands on the playlsit.
    Lava Rats
    The Surf Kings
  17. Chrome Oxide Live @ South Bay Surfers Stomp2006/06/03

    Chrome Oxide records LIVE at the South Bay Surfers Stomp.
    Band included in this episode.
    Pacific Headhunters
    Longboard Ranch

    Chrome Oxide
  18. Duo-Tones LIVE ! @ Baha Cantina May 17 20062006/05/27

    Duo-Tones.Recorded LIVE at Baha Cantina May 17th by Chrome Oxide
    SURF Guitar Legends.
    Paul Johnson and Gill Orr

    Recorded live at the Baha Cantina

    Chrome Oxide www.chromeoxide.com
  19. Torquays LIVE ! at the Surf Museum with Chrome Oxide2006/05/27
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  20. Chrome Oxide Surfers Stomp part 22006/05/23

    More of Chrome Oxide Surf Instro Show.This is part 2 to the Surfers Stomp episode.

    For more info go to www.chromeoxide.com and you can catch our live feeds at www.octaneradio.com
  21. Kulture Shoq Radio2006/05/21

    Kulture Shoq Radio
    Your host Moldy Marvin
    Bands featured here: Hot Rod Rebels,The Southerners,Luck of the Draw,Pisst and Barouqe,Rythym Stompers and Danny Dean and the Homewreckers,
  22. Surfers Stomp on Chrome Oxide2006/05/20

    The Surfers Stomp has hit Octane Radio,What a huge collection of Surf tunes from Chrome Oxide that share the name STOMP.Stomp is a 60s Surf Dance and has been used in many songs and venues.
    Over 20 Bands make up this collection.

    For more info on Chrome Oxide go to www.chromeoxide.com
  23. International Surf Museum,Chrome Oxide Live Part 22006/05/14

    Part 2 of the Chome Oxide Show, May 7th International Surf Museum concert Recorded ON-SITE by Chrome Oxide.Features the bands The Breakaways,The Surfaris w/ Paul Johnson and The Flowmasters. For more info go to
    www.chromeoxide.com and www.octaneradio.com
  24. International Surf Museum LIVE Part 12006/05/13

    Concert at the International Surf Museum, Huntington Beach California.
    This segment includes music from :The Deep Seas and Fabulous Planktones,Recorded May 7 2006 by Chrome Oxide.
  25. The MIGS Live on Octane Radio's Chrome Oxide Hour2006/05/10
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  26. Insect Surfers on Chrome Oxide Live !2006/05/07
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  27. Chrome Oxide Live ! with Secret Samurai2006/04/30

    Chrome Oxide Live with the Secret Samurai. The best in Surf Instro Music.
  28. The Boardwalkers LIVE with Chrome Oxide on Octane Radio2006/04/08

    Chrome Oxide Live with the Boardwalkers.Only on Octane Radio Network.
  29. Chrome Oxide Live with the Relics Surf Instro at its best.2006/04/08

    Chrome Oxide records The band the Relics LIVE
    Octane Radio:Fuel your Rockabilly,Surf ,Tiki and Hot Rod passion,
  30. Chrome Oxide Live with the Relics Surf Instro at its best.2006/04/08

Octane Radio Network
The best new and old Rockabilly,Surf and Hot Rod Music and Kar Kulture events and news.Catch all of our shows everyday on our Internet Radio Station.www.octaneradio.com

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