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FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast

  1. FSBreak 122: Beyond GameSpy and DCS Interview2013/02/25
    This episode we speak with two members behind the FSX Beyond GameSpy website as we speak about the future of FSX multiplayer, and also talk with Matt Wagner, producer for DCS about DCS and DCS World.

  2. FSBreak 121: FlightSimCon 2013 and X Plane 10 News2013/01/16
    We talk with Chuck of FlightSimCon 2013, and Ben Supnik updates us on some X Plane 10 64 Bit News!

  3. FSBreak 120: 2012 Holiday Special2012/12/25
    Santa goes over some of the FSBreak teams most favorite moments of 2012.

  4. FSBreak 119: Keith Smith of PilotEdge.net and More!2012/11/23
    Keith Smith of PilotEdge.net, FTX EU England Released, and more.

  5. FSBreak 118: REX Essential Plus and REX Latitude2012/11/07
    REX Essential Plus and REX Latitude

  6. FSBreak 117: Starting out in Flight Sim2012/10/07
    The FSBreak crew covers some topics helpful to new flight sim folks, including the sims on the market, and how to get started with a sim and addons for free. They also cover some of the news that happened after their 2 month vacation!

  7. FSBreak 116: X-Plane 777 and the demise of Flight2012/08/15
    Ramzzess and Philipp talk about the upcoming 777-200LR for X-Plane, and KCFS Releases Republic Seabee V2 with P3D support, and an upcoming X-Plane version. Kevin also joins us to speak about the demise of MS Flight.

  8. FSBreak 115: Flight Sim for Real World use2012/07/26
    This Show's Topic: Flight Sim's place in Real World Aviation.

  9. FSBreak 114: DCS A-10C Warthog and News...2012/07/06
    Charlie Reed Reviews the DCS A-10C Warthog, PMDG June Development Update, New Orbx Releases, A2A Releases and Updates, and More details about SimAir Announced

  10. FSBreak 113: REX Essential Interview2012/06/07
    Tim Fuchs and Reed Stough join us and talk REX Essential.

  11. FSBreak 112: Computer Pilot Magazine, and getting started in FSX2012/05/10
    Francois A. Dumas of Computer Pilot Magazine, Carenado C90B KING AIR for FSX, Carenado Seneca II for X-Plane, More REX Essentials Previews, Orbx UK Offices, X-Plane seeker, Captain Sim 737-200 Version 1.0 Service Pack Released, Updated Websites: Avsim and JustFlight, and a Voicemail for top Scenery/Aircraft/Joystick for FSX

  12. FSBreak 111: Kevin Miller - Republic Seabee Interview2012/04/26
    Kevin Miller - Republic Seabee Interview, and Boston Virtual ATCs 2012 Cleared for the Cause Event.

  13. FSBreak 110: Infinite flight for iOS, Prepar3d Academic License, and Sales!2012/04/12
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  14. FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news...2012/03/28
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  15. FSBreak 108: Outerra Demo Released and FLIGHT Released2012/03/15
    Outerra Tech Demo Released, X-Plane 10 City Improvements, MD600-N Modeler Passes Away, AVSIM 15th Year Anniversary - What does AVsim mean to you, UC Cities X - Los Angeles Preview, Microsoft Flight Released, and Microsoft Flight Journey to Alaska

  16. FSBreak 107: We talk FlightGear and AccuFeel Released2012/03/02
    Special Interview with Stuart Buchanan and Curtis Olson from FlightGear, A2A Accu-Feel Released, and Miami City 2012 for FSX/FS2004 Preview

  17. FSBreak 106: PMDG Announces Douglas DC-6B, Microsoft Flight Release Date, and Much More2012/02/16
    Boston Virtual ATC, PMDG Announces a special Douglas DC-6B Cloudmaster, PMDG Dev Update, GSX Ground Services for FSX, MS Flight News, FlightGear v2.6 Release Candidate, and Aerofly FS?

  18. FSBreak 105: Microsoft Flight Revealed2012/01/26
    ZLA Poker Run Event, Microsoft Flight Previewed, Orbx Intros PeopleFlow2 and talks about changes in 2012, McPhat Studios PMDG NGX Freeware, Aerosoft US Cities: Detroit Close to Release, Carenado Previews CT182T SKYLANE G1000 FOR FSX, OZx Donations, IRIS Simulations F-15E Platinum Series, and A2A Wings of Power P-40 + Accusim Released.

  19. FSBreak 104: Tim and Reed of Real Environment Extreme2012/01/01
    We talk with Tim and Reed of Real Environment Extreme, MS Flight Sound Details, Also: microsoft Flight to be demoed at CES 2012, Many Many new orbx previews/releases, and ActiveSky 2012 Released

  20. FSBreak 103: Ben Supnik talks X-Plane 10 and more!2011/12/15
    Ben Supnik of X-Plane, Microsoft taking beta applications for Flight, Alabeo launches first aircraft, Angle of Attack Offers Trial of MD-11 Training, IVAO Crowded Skies Event, and we share some Holiday Deals!!

  21. FSBreak 102: Austin Meyer talks X-Plane 102011/12/03
    Austin Meyer of Laminar Research, makers of X-Plane, joins us as we go through some of the new features of X-Plane 10.

  22. FSBreak 101: MS Flight and X-Plane 10!2011/11/22
    MS Flight and X-Plane 10.

  23. FSBreak 1002011/11/04
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  24. FSBreak 99: Scott and Mitchell of A2A2011/10/19
    Kick back and listen as Eric and Nick speak with Scott Gentile and Mitchell Glicksman of A2A Simulations where we talk about aviation, AccuSim, and devlopment stories behind several A2A creations such as the Piper Cub or the Spitfire!

  25. FSBreak 98: Microsoft Flight, Macs, and Maths... And legos too2011/09/21
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  26. FSBreak 97: X-Plane 10 News, Take on Helicopters, and more!2011/08/31
    X-Plane 10 Being Released Christmas 2011, Take on Helis Pre-Order, New Orbx Freebies Released, Amazing C337 Lighting Preview from Carenado, PMDG 737NGX Paintkit Released, Aerosoft RadioStackX, Top Gun vs FSX Video

  27. FSBreak 96: PMDG 737NGX Released, Orbx NatureFlow, and More!2011/08/09
    Summer Burger Wrap Up, PMDG 737 NGX Released, Angle of Attack PMDG 737 NGX Training, Orbx Presents NatureFlow, McPhat Studios working on X-Plane ATR-72-500, MD-600n Development Previews for X-Plane, FlyTampa FlyAthens LGAV Released

  28. FSBreak 95: PMDG 737NGX Preview and VATSIM Event Prep2011/07/27
    Kevin Meyers on Bravos by the Beach Event, Nick's Views on the PMDG 737NGX Beta, Orbx US CRM - Central Rocky Mountains Released, OZx Aus v4.0 - OZx NA v2.0 - OZx Library v2.0 Released, AVSIM Fancon 2011 Cancelled, What is SimAir? Guess and Win

  29. FSBreak 94: Infinite Flight for Windows Phone 72011/07/07
    Interview with Infinite Flight Developers, Next VATSIM Hamburger Fly In Event, Flight Webisode 4 Explore, Take on Helicopters Community Preview, Orbx Diamond Point and Olympic Field Video, Orbx Cancels KSEA and PPDX (Seattle and Portland Intl), Carenado CT210M CENTURION II HD SERIES FSX Released

  30. FSBreak 93: Peter James - Lead Dev for Flight Unlimited III2011/06/22
    Interview with Peter James, New PMDG 737NGX Details, Nemeth Designs Releases AW109 for FSX, mcphat studios blurry pictures, Takeon Helis FAQ and new screenshots, FSDreamTeam Zurich vs Aerosoft Zurich 2012

  31. FSBreak 92: MS Flight, X-Plane 10, and PMDG2011/06/11
    May 2011 Microsoft Flight Screenshots, X-Plane 10 Lighting Update, Speaking of Lighting, PMDG 737 NGX Lighting Demo, FTX Central Rocky Mountains Pre-Order, Carenado Cessna T210M CENTURION previews, New Product: LINDA

  32. FSBreak 91: X-Plane 10 and MD-112011/05/26
    MD-11 Simulator, J Rollon CRJ-200 for X-Plane Released, X-Plane 10 Timelapse AI Traffic, Aerosoft iPad Radiostack app announced, First Orbx FTX NA Central Rockies Previews and New Zeland South Island Previews, Take On Helicopters Modeling Update

  33. FSBreak 90: Avsim FANCON 2011 and More!2011/05/14
    PMDG 737NGX Shots Revealed, Orbx Cushman Meadows (KCMW) and Bear Gulch (W38) Released, Drifter Ultralight for FSX Released, Professional Flight Planner X Screenshots, More QW 787 Shots Released, Avsim FANCON 2011 Registration, Hardware tips for X-Plane 10, and X-Plane CRJ-200 Manuals Released

  34. FSBreak 89 - CRJ 200 is on!2011/04/30
    OZx reintegrating with Orbx, Aerosoft H36 Dimona Motorglider Preview, Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 Katana for FSX Released, Wilco Publishing Harrier Jump Jet, Iris Simulations F-22 Raptor Released, Captain Sim 777-200 Captain External Released, X Plane News, CRJ 200 in release stage, Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane Released, Carenado PA28 Archer II for X-Plane On the Way

  35. FSBreak 88 - ButtKicker Sim Review, and a new Heli Sim?2011/04/22
    Eric's ButtKicker Review, Orbx News, Misty Moorings for FSX/Orbx Pacific Fjords, OZx Needs Help, Professional Flight Planner X, AirHauler for X-Plane Released, Carenado Announces KingAir C90, FlyTampa FlyMidway 2 Released, Take On Helicopters Announced, QualityWings Avro RJ Screens, Nthusum V 3.0 Released

  36. FSBreak 87: Ice Cream and Flight Sim2011/03/25
    New Microsoft Flight March Screenshots, Orbx Cushman Meadows Preview/Preorder, FSDreamTeam GSX Preview: Catering, Captain Sim 737: More Previews, Carenado Baron 58 Released, FAA Approves Garmin ESP, McPhat Level D 767 World Airliners, Enigma Simulations BAE ATP Virtual Cockpit, AirHauler for X-Plane Pre Order

  37. FSBreak 86: Fly for Free2011/03/09
    FAA Approves Ipad, Microsoft Flight Webisode 3, Avsim Website Updated, US Cities X Cleveland Preview, Some New X-Plane 10 Screenshots (Good and Bad), PMDG 737NGX + Orbx PeopleFlow, FSDreamTeam GSX Preview, Orbx AU Freeware - Murray Island Previewed, and more....

  38. FSBreak 85: Chester Kennedy of Lockheed Martin talks Prepar3D2011/02/17
    Chester Kennedy of Lockheed Martin talks Prepar3D, Orbx Releases Portland Scenery as Freeware, Weapon for FSX from Captain Sim, and more!

  39. FSBreak 84: MS Flight & X-Plane 10 Shots, A2A Spitfire, and More!2011/02/02
    More Microsoft Flight Screenshots, More X-Plane 10 Screenshots Published, PMDG 737NG Exterior Shots, X-Plane CRJ-200 Project Cancelled, A2A Wings of Power 3: Spitfire with Accusim released, VRS TacPack, FlightBeam Studios KSFO Preview Screenshots, and RealAir Announces Turbine B60 Duke

  40. FSBreak 83 - Looking Back and Ahead for 20112011/01/19
    New Flight screenshots released, GE Flight Sim, and More!

  41. FSBreak 82: Holiday Picks2010/12/14
    Our Holiday Picks for the FS Lover!

  42. FSBreak 81: History Trivia2010/12/01
    FSBreak 81, Flight Sim Trivia!

  43. FSBreak 80: FlyTampa KBUF and More!2010/11/22
    Second Microsoft Flight Video, KBUF Review, and More!

  44. FSBreak 79: Listener Feedback2010/10/22
    Hosted by Eric McClintock , and Nick Collett !

    Listen Here:

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    Show Notes Here


  45. FSBreak 78: X-Plane 10, Microsoft Flight, and More!2010/10/05
    First X-Plane 10 Details, Screenshots Revealed, New Microsoft Flight Video, New PMDG Screenshots, and more!

  46. FSBreak 77: Nemeth Designs, and More!2010/09/15
    Nemeth Designs, FlyTampa Buffalo KBUF, REX Overdrive, and More!

  47. FSBreak 76: Microsoft Flight Announced2010/09/01
    Microsoft Flight, Carenado and X-Plane, and More!

  48. FSBreak 75: California Screamin' Pre-Show2010/08/17
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  49. FSBreak 74: REX Overdrive and ZLA California Screamin Event2010/08/10
    California Screamin' 13, OZx Freeware Scenery Feature from Darren Currie, REX Overdrive, Vireos Simulations, Airport Enhancer HDX, and FS Log Explorer

  50. FSBreak 73: Real World Flying Experiences2010/07/28
    Real World Flying Experiences!

  51. FSBreak 72: 100 Dollar Training Burger, And Solar Airplanes?2010/07/14
    100 Dollar Training burger, A Solar Powered Aircraft? And lots more!

  52. FSBreak 71: 100 Dollar Hamburger: Dauphin Style2010/06/29
    $100 Hamburger: Dauphin Style, NEXT Online VATSIM Burger Flight!, OnLive, Will it Change PC Gaming as we know it?, FSX Sells Out, and the Piaggio P180 Avanti II.

  53. FSBreak 70: JustPlanes Review and Interview!2010/06/08
    JustPlanes DVD Review, and Interview with JustPlanes CEO!

  54. FSBreak 69: A2A B-17 Review2010/06/02
    A2A B-17 With Accusim Review

  55. FSBreak 68: REX Launches for X-Plane, and Orbx Sale!2010/05/19
    REX Launches for X-Plane, Aerosoft CRJ Under Development, 2S1 Vashon Municipal from Orbx, 30%-50% Off All Orbx Products, Eaglesoft DA42 Twin Star, Eastern Airlines VA Interview

  56. FSBreak 67: New Carenado Aircraft on the Horizon2010/05/05
    New Carenado Aircraft on the Horizon

  57. FSBreak 66: The Live Event2010/04/27
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  58. FSBreak 652010/04/20
    Hosted by Eric McClintock , Chris Palmer , and Brendan Farmer .

    Listen Here:

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    Download 720P HD | Download Low Quality

    Full show notes and all details for the next flight will be posted Wednesday, bear with us as we transfer servers!

  59. FSBreak 64: Possible FS11, X-Plane for the iPad, and more2010/04/14
    Hosted by Eric McClintock , Chris Palmer , and Brian Beach .

  60. FSBreak 63: Happy Easter!2010/04/06
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  61. FSBreak 62: Concorde-X Released, Captain Sim in Space, and a $19,000 Cockpit?2010/03/30
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  62. FSBreak 61: Orbx Developer Interview2010/03/24
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  63. FSBreak 60: Free FTX Demo, EZ Dok Released, and More!2010/03/16

    Hosted by Eric McClintock , Chris Palmer , and Brendan Farmer .

    Listen Here:

    Download Audio Here


    Download 720P HD | Download Low Quality


  64. FSBreak 59: Our freeware PC program show!2010/03/10
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  65. FSBreak 58: Orbx Pacific Northwest Released, New FSX Concorde, and More!2010/03/03
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  66. FSBreak 57: Orbx PNW NA Blue Release Date Announced, IRIS's Diamond Star XLS, and the Twotter Review2010/02/23
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  67. FSBreak 56: All listener Feedback Episode!2010/02/17
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  68. FSBreak 55: XP Jets Interview, The Amazon Flight, and ANOTHER new simulator on the way??2010/02/10
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  69. FSBreak 54: PMDG 747-8i Released and ends FS2004 development, Aviator 90 Released, and Porting Aircraft to FS9?2010/02/02
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  70. FSBreak 53: FOUR PMDG Teases, Google Earth as an engine for MSFS, and who wants to built an airplane?2010/01/27
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  71. FSBreak 52: We Welcome Chris Palmer, OZx Tuscany, Captain Sim B-52, and Much More!2010/01/20
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  72. FSBreak 51: X-Plane to the Palm Pre, 100 Dollar Kilauea Volcano Burger, and More!2010/01/13
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  73. FSBreak 50: Top FlightSim Pilot Shop Products, and our Predictions!2010/01/06
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  74. FSBreak 49: Live stream testing, and news!2009/12/29
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  75. FSBreak 48: X-Plane CRJ-200 Interview, and Our Year End Picks!2009/12/22
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  76. FSBreak 47: News, News, News, and our Captain Sim 767 Review2009/12/16
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  77. FSBreak 46: REX for FS2004, AirSimmer and Quality Wings, X-Plane Releases, and More!2009/12/08
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  78. FSBreak 45: Scott and Cody from A2A Simulations, And More!2009/12/01
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  79. FSBreak 44: MyCockpit.org, and NC Nights Burger Flight2009/11/25
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  80. FSBreak 43: John Venema and Holger Sandmann talk about FTX NA Blue, Repaint Contest Winners, and More!2009/11/17
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  81. FSBreak 42: Looking back on a year of Flight Sim2009/11/10
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  82. FSBreak 41: FTX PNW Blue Announcement, A2A Simulation's Piper Cub Review, $100 Hamburger Down Under, Mission Design Winners, and more!2009/11/04
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  83. FSBreak 40: Windows 7, FSX PCs, and your E-Mails!2009/10/27
    Hosted by Eric McClintock , Danton Berube , Brendan Farmer , and Mark Stewart .

  84. FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More!2009/10/20
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Danton Berube, and Brendan Farmer.

  85. FSBreak 38: From the Avsim Social 2009, and your E-Mails2009/10/13
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  86. FSBreak 37: Palm Springs VOR Burger, Aerosoft Discus Glider X Review, Avsim Social, and More!2009/10/06
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  87. FSBreak 36: Thorsten Reichert of Aerosoft, SimFlight 2009 Award Results, and More!2009/09/29
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  88. FSBreak 35: Swarm 2009/VATSIM Burger Wrap Up2009/09/21
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  89. FSBreak 34: Preparing for the VATSIM Hamburger, Aerosoft's Super September, and More!2009/09/16
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Danton Berube, Nolan Welch, and Ian Elchitz.

  90. FSBreak 33: Our SimFlight 2009 Award Picks, Danton's $100 Italy Burger, And Swarm 20092009/09/09
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Danton Berube, Brendan Farmer, and Patrick Ashley.

  91. FSBreak 32: Black Dog Run Mission, More X-Plane Betas, and X-Plane tips!2009/09/01
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Danton Berube, and Casey.

  92. FSBreak 31: The FSBreak Flight Sim, One Six Right, and More!2009/08/26
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Danton Berube, and Brendan Farmer.Listen Here:Movie Talk: One Six RightThe Romance of Flying is an independent film about the general aviation industry as seen through a local airport. Within a short period of time, it has achieved a passionate following and presence among pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide who [...]

  93. FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic2009/08/19
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  94. FSBreak 29: IVAO, REX 2.0, and your feedback2009/08/12
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  95. FSBreak 28: Listener Feedback and New Hamburger!2009/08/05
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Brendan Farmer.Listen Here:X-Plane.com Website gets a facelift!Check it out, a lot of great and easy to find information! Rise of Flight available in box and downloadRise Of Flight is the latest in a long list of PC Flight Simulators featuring air combat over the Western Front during the [...]

  96. FSBreak 27: Everything you ever needed to know about VATSIM from Kyle Ramsey, and your feedback2009/07/28
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Brendan Farmer, Chris D, and Kyle Ramsey from VATSIM.Listen Here:Everything you need to know about VATSIMWell, maybe not everything… But it is enough information to get you started and then some! A huge thanks to Kyle Ramsey, from the Board of Governors (#9) for VATSIM, for joining us for [...]

  97. FSBreak 26: Talking with Bill Womack, Recommendations, and questions?2009/07/22
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Bill Womack.Listen Here:We talk scenery with Bill WomackA BIG thanks to Bill Womack (@bwomack) for spending some time with us to talk about his scenery projects. Check them out here:Dillingham airport in Hawaii (Aerosoft)Plum Island, Massachusetts (FSAddon)Airports in Tongass Fjords X (FSAddon)Also be sure to visit his site [...]

  98. FSBreak 25: Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft joins us, $100 Inside Passage Hamburger, and your questions2009/07/14
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Mathijs Kok.Listen Here:Mathijs tell us about Aerosoft, more details on their Sim, and Piracy in FS…A big thanks to Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft. Have a listen to the show and learn more about Aerosoft as a company, the new Aerosoft Simulator, and we talk a little more about [...]

  99. FSBreak 24: Matt Ford's 737-700 Sim, Carenado, Captain Sim, X-Plane, and an insight into Multi-Core from Ben2009/07/07
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Matt Ford.Listen Here:Matt Ford’s 737-700 SimWe’d like to thank Matt Ford for taking about 90 minutes out of his day and telling us all about his home built 737-700 simulator. For even more details, and more photos head over to his website. Thanks Matt!Carenado releases PA-34 200T SENECA [...]

  100. FSBreak 23: Monument Valley Burger, Bye Bye FANCON, and X-Plane2009/07/01
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Gavin, and Nolan.Listen Here:Avsim Cancels Fancon 2009AVSIM’s Board of Directors today voted to cancel the FANCON 2009 event. Due to poor in-advance registrations, the Board concluded that this year’s event would not be a viable one. The Board of Directors regrets that this action has to be taken and [...]

  101. FSBreak 22: Austin Meyer from X-Plane, and Real Environment Xtreme2009/06/23
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Brendan, and Austin MeyerListen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.Interview with Austin Meyer of X-Plane“Very slow to build the team, very quick to build the simulator”…Check out all of our questions in the first segment of the podcast, we ask Austin [...]

  102. FSBreak 21: Caribbean $100 Hamburger, AES 2.0, Logitech Flight System G940, and Your Questions2009/06/17
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, and Mark StewartListen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.Do you have a question that you would like to ask X-Plane’s Austin Meyer? Send them ASAP to us, find all of the details and our voice mail number at our Contact Us page.AES 2.0 [...]

  103. FSBreak 20: Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang Dissected, and our Aviation Stories?2009/06/10
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Brendan, and Jordan.Listen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.Do you have a question that you would like to ask X-Plane’s Austin Meyer? Send them ASAP to us, find all of the details and our voice mail number at our Contact Us page.Flight [...]

  104. FSBreak 19: New Hamburger Flight, Aerosoft?s New Simulator, Avsim is back (Almost), Free Citation X, and More!2009/06/02
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Patrick Ashley, and Brendan.Listen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.Avsim Returns?From Avsim.com:It is not often that we bring particular attention to AVSIM Volunteers, but the events of the last 16 days demand that we do so. The AVSIM Editorial Staff would [...]

  105. FSBreak 18: AVSim.com Update, Addons for addons, Free AOPA, and more!2009/05/25
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  106. FSBreak 17: Avsim Hacked, MyTrafficX, and a new 100 Dollar Hamburger!2009/05/19
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Mark Avey.Listen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.Avsim.com HackedAvsim was hacked on May 12th 2009 in such a way that it would seem unlikely that it will return. Tom Allensworth made this announcement:“We regret to inform the flight simulation community [...]

  107. FSBreak 16: Aerosoft Catalina, Carenado C172N Ski Edition, MySpace for Flight Sim, and your E-Mails2009/05/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  108. FSBreak 15: One Hundred Dollar Hamburger, X-Plane: The First Week, ADE Updated, and SimFlight 3D?s C1722009/05/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  109. FSBreak 14: Free FSCheckRide, VASFMC V2.0 A9, Motion Flight Sims, Avsim redesign, and more2009/04/28
    Hosted by Eric McClintock, Brendan, Patrick, Prash, and Jack.Listen Here:Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.A Free Gift from FS2CrewFS2Crew is happy to announce that they’re giving out FSCheckride for FREE as a gift to the flight sim community as a token of their appreciation for 5 years [...]

  110. FSBreak 13: Orbiter Space Simulator, X-Plane Impressions, FSDreamTeam McCarran, and More!2009/04/22
    Info (Show/Hide)
  111. FSBreak 12: Our FSX PC, X-Plane, and your E-Mails2009/04/15
  112. FSBreak 11 Round Table: VAs, Vatsim, Addons, Real World Flying, Formation Teams, and More!2009/04/07
  113. FSBreak 10: Photo Real Scenery, Mach 1 Design Group, and our picks!2009/04/01
  114. FSBreak 9: FSX 8 Cores, FS Bloggers Network, PilotShop TV Returns, and More!2009/03/25
  115. FSBreak 8: Most Expensive Home Built Flight Simulator, Problems for Computer Pilot Magazine, and Sully?s Flight!2009/03/17
  116. FSBreak 7.5: Post Show Hardware Talk2009/03/16
  117. FSBreak 7: FSX Thunderbirds, X-Plane Beta, and AVSIM Fancon2009/03/11
  118. FSBreak 6: X-Plane Racing, VA Talk, BigFoot Adventures, and more!2009/03/04
  119. FSBreak 5: Free Megascenery Earth Download, Air Hauler Previewed, and More!2009/02/25
  120. FSBreak 4: Support Flightsim, PTaylor Comments, and more!2009/02/18
  121. FSBreak 3: X-Plane Beta 2, X-Plane Extreme for iPod Touch, and more!2009/02/10
  122. FSBreak 2: End of an Era Part II, FSInsider Comments, and More!2009/02/03
  123. FSBreak 12009/01/27
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