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Mac Users Guide Podcast

  1. MacUsersGuide.com | PowerMac G5 Hard Drive Upgrade2009/11/15
    This video podcast focuses on how to upgrade a PowerMac G5 hard drive featuring step-by-step instructions on how to open, remove, re-install the hard drive and how to put things back together again.

  2. MacUsersGuide.com | Replace a iMac G5 Power Supply2009/09/17
    This video podcast focuses on how to put together a working iMac G5 from two donor computers. I will show you how to take a part an iMac G5 and remove a working power supply and re-installing it into an iMac G5 with a good graphics card. Also featured in this video will be step-by-step instructions on how to open and close an iMac and install a hard drive and RAM.

  3. MacUsersGuide.com | Repairing Your Primary Startup Disk2009/08/17
    Today's tip focuses on Apple's Disk Utility. Sometimes Disk Utility is just not enough to do the job when it comes to repairing your primary drive. Using the Startup Installer Disk or running a repair in Single-User Mode might be your next step.

  4. MacUsersGuide.com | Using Speakable Items in OS X2009/08/03
    Today's tip focuses on Mac OS X Speakable Items. Speakable Items are a speech recognition feature in the Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems. It allows the user to control their Mac using natural speech, without having to train their Mac beforehand. The commands must be present in the Speakable items folder as a shortcut, AppleScript, keyboard command, or Automator workflows.

  5. MacUsersGuide.com | Mac Mini Hard Drive Upgrade2009/07/11
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  6. MacUsersGuide.com | Mac Mini RAM Upgrade2009/07/09
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  7. MacUsersGuide.com | Maximizing Stickies2009/06/27
    Today's tip focuses on Mac OS X Stickies is a sometimes-underappreciated program. Learn how-to make the most of Mac OS X Stickies beyond just saving reminders, to-dos and other bits of information that you might collect. This podcast discusses how to embed emails, images, PDFs and Quicktime movies into a stickies as well as how to search them.

  8. MacUsersGuide.com | Using OS X 10.5 Application Switcher2009/06/17
    Today's tip focuses on using Mac OS X 10.5's Application Swithcher. The Application Switcher allows you to toggle between all your open programs, hidden or not, in a very linear manner.

  9. MacUsersGuide.com | Using vCards with Address Book and iPhone2009/06/09
    Today's tip focuses on managing addresses using OS X. Using the Address Book isn't as seamless as we would sometimes like it to be especially between devices like the iPhone and our Address Book. In this podcast I will explain how to import contacts into your own Mac OS X Address Book and export virtual address card, or vCards, to share them with our contacts.

  10. MacUsersGuide.com | Replacing the iMac hard drive2009/06/06
    Today's video tip focuses on replacing an iMac G4's hard drive. The thing that you are mostly likely to get the most benefit from replacing is possibly the most inaccessible part of an iMac. I have to admit that getting at the hard drive was a bit intimidating with my first iMac, a lifesavers series. But I can show you how to get it done with just a few simple steps.

  11. MacUsersGuide.com | Talking Trash How empty is your trash?2009/05/31
    Today's tip focuses on securely emptying your trash and not risking loss of personal data.

  12. MacUsersGuide.com | Screen Capture Shortcuts2009/05/31
    Today's tip focuses on four different shortcuts that you can use to perform a screen capture using OS X.

  13. MacUsersGuide.com | Zooming Feature in Mac OS X2009/05/31
    Today's tip focuses on Zooming using Universal Access. Ever had a document or website up and needed to zoom in, even just for a second. With Universal Access enabled you can do just that.

Mac Users Guide Podcast
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