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Rage's Show To Go...

  1. From North America to South America2012/11/16
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  2. Freestyle and House Mix2012/10/20
    Come take a trip down memory lane with me jamming to classic freestyle and house cuts.
  3. I miss when rappers rapped (video mix)2012/09/26

    Just digging thru the video crates and missing when rap had lyrical content instead of random mumbo jumbo.
  4. Throwback Mix!2007/03/05

    This is a mixtape I did years ago, back when mixtapes were still on cassete tapes (that's why it has two 30 minute mixes, side A & side B)! A lot of people have been asking me for copies of this lately so here it goes for everyone...
    Hope ya'll like it.
  5. 9FM Demo Mix2007/11/09
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Rage's Show To Go...
A mixshow featuring new & unreleased music from signed/unsigned artists from around the world. It features Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton & sometimes even dance music. Plus you never know when I will drop some classics and give you a trip down memory lane.
More mixes at www.mixcrate.com/djayrage

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