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Escape the 9-to-5 and Make a Fortune Investing in Real Estate

  1. How to Box a Seller’s Objection2018/04/09
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  2. 7 Steps to 7 Figures | Transforming Your Wholesaling Side Hustle Into a $100K/mo Empire2018/03/14
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  3. A Day in the Life of a Leads Manager | Behind the Scenes with Flip2Freedom2018/02/07
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  4. How to Flip Houses with No Money, No Cash with a Low Credit Score2018/02/01
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  5. F2F 151: A Morning Ritual That Will Generate MASSIVE Success in 20182018/01/24
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  6. F2F 150: A Firefighter Built a Million Dollar Wholesale Business in His Spare Time2018/01/17
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  8. F2F 149: How a Disgruntled Fix & Flipper Turned Wholesaler Did 16 Deals His First Month & Over 100 Deals His First Year2017/12/22
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  9. F2F 148: How Tyler Quit His JOB and Built a Million Dollar a Year House Flipping Business2017/12/07
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  10. 6 Transformational Highlights From Extreme Freedom 20172017/11/03
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  11. We’re Going LIVE! THURSDAY 5:30PM!2017/10/30
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  12. The Triangle Effect: The Missed Presentation at Extreme Freedom 20172017/10/25
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  13. Corey Peterson | Speaker Spotlight | Extreme Freedom 20172017/10/16
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  14. Phase 3 & 4 | Extreme Freedom2017/10/05
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  15. Justin Colby: Speaker Spotlight | Extreme Freedom2017/09/21
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  16. F2F 147: From Living Month-to-Month to Millionaire | The Sean Terry Story2017/09/08
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  17. Jesse Itzler: Speaker Spotlight | Extreme Freedom2017/09/06
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  18. If You Missed It, DON’T WORRY!!!2017/09/01
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  19. Flip2Freedom LIVE WEBINAR!!!2017/08/21
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  20. How to Sell a Deal Fast and Make $33K in 24 Hours2017/08/11
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  21. The Truth About “Systems” for Your House Flipping Business2017/08/10
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  22. F2F 146: PART 2- How Brett Buras went from $0 to $300K in 6 Months!2017/08/07
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  23. F2F 145: How Brett Buras went from $0 to $300K in 6 Months!2017/07/20
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  24. F2F 144: The Top 10 Deal Crushing Questions ANSWERED for Real Estate Wholesalers2017/07/07
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  25. F2F 143: How to Sell & Close Your Wholesale Deal in 10 Days or Less While Avoiding 4 Huge mistakes: Lightning Fast $5K Formula2017/05/18
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  26. F2F 142: How to Talk to Motivated Sellers & Get the Contract Signed: Lightning Fast $5K Formula2017/05/10
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  27. F2F 141: How to Know EXACTLY What to Offer Motivated Sellers: Lightning Fast $5K Formula2017/04/27
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  28. F2F 140: How to Get the Phone to Ring Off the Hook: Lightning Fast $5K Formula2017/04/20
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  29. F2F 139: How to Reverse Engineer Your 1st $5K Check: Lightning Fast $5K Formula2017/04/13
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  30. F2F 138: How to Overcome Seller Objections: 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence (Steps 8 & 9)2017/04/06
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  31. F2F 137: How to Overcome Seller Objections: 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence (Steps 5, 6 & 7)2017/03/29
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  32. F2F 136: 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence (Steps 3 & 4)2017/03/22
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  33. F2F 135: 9-Step Seller Conversion Sequence (Steps 1 & 2)2017/03/08
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  34. F2F 134: How to Scale with Direct Mail for Real Estate Wholesalers2017/03/01
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  35. F2F 133: How to CRUSH your 2017 with the “Goal Attraction Workbook”2017/02/22
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  36. F2F 132: How TJ Made $450,000 in 2015 Flipping Houses » TJ Sayers2016/05/05
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  37. F2F 131: MLS Hack: 23-Year-Old Kid Flipped $15 Million and Made $355K Last Year off the MLS » Raul Bolufe2016/04/09
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  38. F2F 130: Got Confidence? If Not Listen to This… (Coaching Call Insider)2016/03/18
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  39. F2F 129: Have Title Issues? Discover the #1 Solution for NASTY Title Problems » Jason Vanderpool2016/03/08
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  40. F2F 128: $35k a Year to $35K a MONTH: Flipping Houses for a Living » Spencer Shadrach2016/02/27
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  41. F2F 127: The ONLY 3 “Niche” List’s You Need to Mail for INSANE Profits » John Harcar2016/02/20
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  42. F2F 126: INSTANT Cash Buyers List Made $162,000 in 2015 » Anthony Price2016/02/04
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  43. F2F 125: ZERO to $140K a Month in 18 Months » Bryan Harris2016/01/27
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  44. F2F 124: Single Mom of Two Makes $7,697.97 in Less Than 30 Days Wholesaling Houses2016/01/23
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  45. F2F 123: 2016 Goal Attraction Blueprint for Breakthrough Results2016/01/18
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  46. How Realtors Can Become Real Estate Wholesalers or How Wholesalers Work with Agents2015/12/18
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  47. Which type of person are you? (on a mission or a spineless wimp)2015/12/11
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  48. F2F 122: How An 18-Year-Old Kid with $180 Made More Than $33K in 60 Days in the Most Competitive Market in the Country » Jaelin White2015/09/11
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  49. [PART IV] $5K in 30 Days or Less: How to Get the Contract Signed with a Motivated Seller2015/06/23
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  50. [PART III] $5K in 30 Days or Less: How to Get the Contract Signed with a Motivated Seller2015/06/23
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  51. [PART II] $5K in 30 Days or Less: How to Get the Contract Signed with a Motivated Seller2015/06/18
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  52. How to Make $5K in 30 Days or Less Flipping Houses Using No Cash or Credit PLUS $1K Cash Give Away!!2015/06/17
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  53. FREE Comp Calculator and How to Use it to Make Accurate Offers to Motivated Sellers2015/05/27
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  54. PART II: Discover the EXACT Amount to Offer Using Zillow, How to LOGICALLY Present the Offer & How to Get the Contract Signed So You Can Make $5,700 Or More in 30 Days or Less…2015/05/20
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  55. Part I: Discover The “HOW TO” Mechanics of a NO Money, NO Credit, NO Funding Wholesale Transaction that will Net YOU $5,700 or More In 30 Days or Less…2015/05/20
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  56. How to Build a $100K a MONTH Wholesaling Empire: $100K Wholesaler Master Class2015/04/02
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  57. F2F 121: How to Get Your Phone to MELT with Motivated Seller Calls » Justin Colby2015/02/24
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  58. F2F 120: How to Research Your Market for the Most Active Cash Buyer Zip Codes: [30 Day Cash Machine]2015/02/02
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  59. Your 2015 Master Plan: A Stunningly Effective Goal Setting Formula that is GUARANTEED to Produce EXPLOSIVE Results!2015/01/16
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  60. F2F 119: How to Make a Fortune Working with Realtors2015/01/06
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  61. F2F 118: Beating the Competition with Tax Delinquent Land and Property Deals2014/12/12
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  62. F2F 117: How Joe McCall Virtually Wholesaled 6 Deals From His RV2014/11/11
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  63. F2F 116: 5 Ways to Beat the Competition in a Highly Competitive Market2014/10/31
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  64. F2F 115: (KPI’s)The 19 Numbers You MUST Track Every Week For Explosive Growth PLUS How to Close UN-CLOSEABLE Deals2014/09/05
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  65. F2F 114: How a 23 Yr Old Night Security Guard Made $118,000 On Two Deals Targeting This AMAZING Niche…2014/09/04
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  66. F2F 113: Salt Miner Working 3rd Shift Makes $30k and Quits JOB Wholesaling Houses!!!2014/06/24
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  67. F2F 112: How this Janitor Made $22,300 in THREE WEEKS Flipping Houses2014/06/20
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  68. F2F 111: The Objection Annihilation Method for Closing More Deals2014/05/09
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  69. Killer Promo of What’s to Come!2014/03/12

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  70. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: (Time Sensitive Video)2014/03/01

    You’ve gotta watch this time sensitive video on a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that time sensitive. You will NOT want to miss out on this… Click Here to Register Cheers, Sean Subscribe To The Flip2Freedom Podcast:

    The post HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: (Time Sensitive Video) appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Flip2Freedom.com .

  71. F2F 110: Option Agreement vs. Purchase Contract: Which One to Use and Why2014/01/31
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  72. F2F 109: Dean Graziosi’s SHOCKING Real Estate Market Prediction for 2014 and Beyond2014/01/21
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  73. Zach Bullion From Depressed to Massive Success (INSANE VIDEO PROOF)2014/01/10
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  74. Never, Ever, Ever, Give Up (Swimming from Cuba to Key West Florida)2013/12/24
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  75. The real TRUTH about Money and Real Estate Investing2013/12/22
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  76. F2F 108: Follow Up Fortunes for Real Estate Wholesalers: How to Triple Your Income with Effective Follow Up2013/12/12
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  77. Rhinoceros Success: Are you a Rhino or a Cow?2013/12/07
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  78. How to Structure a Wholesale Deal & How to Determine Seller Motivation: Coaching Call Insider2013/12/05
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  79. How to Build a MASSIVE Buyers List Using 3 UNIQUE Strategies to Sell Your Wholesale Properties Super FAST!2013/11/13
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  80. (video) How to Start Over After Losing Everything: Flip2Freedom Q & A Corner2013/11/09
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  81. F2F 107: EXPOSED: The $368K a Month Wholesaling Houses Business Model Step by Step2013/10/31
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  82. F2F 105: Bug Man to Making $134,000 in Eight Short Months Wholesaling Houses2013/09/20
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  83. F2F 104: [4] Insane Secrets to Flipping 30 Junkers a Month and Making a Absolute Killing2013/09/06
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  84. F2F 103: How to Overcome 3 of the Biggest Obstacles Holding You Back from Achieving Amazing Success2013/08/30
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  85. NOT WORKING FOR YOU? 3 Brilliant Ways for Instant Explosive Growth (coaching call insider)2013/06/08
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  86. F2F 102: 5 Ways to Capitalize on the Changing Real Estate Market to Insure Consistent Profits Month After Month2013/05/31
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  87. (video) Branded vs. Unbranded Marketing: How to 10x Your Income in 2013!2013/05/23
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  88. F2F 101: Coaching Call Insider: How to 10X Your Income Using These “ADVANCED” Tactics2013/04/26
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  89. F2F 100: [$0 to $100K a Month] Part IV – How to Scale Your Business from a Hobby to a Six Figure Empire2013/04/18
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  90. The Lighting Fast $5K Formula: How to Generate $5K in the Next 30 Days or Less…2013/04/12
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  91. F2F 099: [$0 to $100K a Month] Part III – Sell Your Property in Lighting Speed Using These 3 Strategies (Plus Learn What to Say)2013/03/08
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  92. Todd Toback the Host of the NO Limits Podcast Made $14,000 Off One “Killer Tip” Sean Shared…2013/02/16
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  93. F2F 098: Eric (ET) Thomas Exclusive Interview: How Motivation & Persistent Can Transform You From Average to Exceptional…2013/02/11
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  94. [video] 21 Year Old Steve Make $30,000 On His First Ever Wholesale Real Estate Deal2013/01/30
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  95. BREAKING NEWS: Eric Thomas Joins Sean Terry at Extreme Freedom Atlanta GA February 21st -24th 20132013/01/22
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  96. The Proven Formula to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever Even if You’re Broke and a Perpetual Failure2013/01/04
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  97. F2F 097: [$0 to $100K a Month] Part II – How to Talk to Sellers, Negotiate and Get The Contract Signed in 3 Easy Steps2012/12/24
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  98. F2F 096: $0 to $100K a Month in 18 Months Even if You’re Broke and Have a 480 Credit Score!2012/12/07
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  99. [video] The #1 SECRET to SUCCESS & WEALTH CREATION (Motivation & Inspiration)2012/11/20

    The #1 SECRET to SUCCESS & WEALTH CREATION (Motivation & Inspiration) This was from Extreme Freedom Dallas in September Cheers, Sean Subscribe To The Flip2Freedom Podcast:

    The post [video] The #1 SECRET to SUCCESS & WEALTH CREATION (Motivation & Inspiration) appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Flip2Freedom.com .

  100. F2F 095: 4 Physiological Triggers to Get Motivated Sellers to Practically Give you Their Houses2012/10/13
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  101. Listen to the #1 Real Estate Book in Amazon and iBooks: The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint2012/10/06
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  102. F2F 094: Bankruptcy to $150,000 in 10 Months Wholesaling HUD Homes and a Secrets No One Knows About…2012/09/28
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  103. How to Quit Your Job by Wholesaling Houses and Amass One Years Worth of Income also Discover Why NOW is the Time to Get Started2012/09/17
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  104. F2F 093: [TGE 04]: Eric Takes Massive Action and Reveals Some SHOCKING NEWS!2012/08/30
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  105. F2F 092: How Philly Mike Made $42,000 in One Week (and all the juicy details)2012/08/21
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  106. BREAKING GOOD NEWS (please watch :))2012/08/17
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  107. [VIDEO] $250,000 First Year Virtual Wholesaling & 3 More Brilliant Video Entries2012/08/15
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  108. Who’s Going to Get the $1,000? Ends Thursday, Submit ASAP!2012/08/13
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  109. [video] $130K 1st yr part time, amazing story…2012/08/10
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  110. Two More Entries for the $1,000 Give Away, Who’s Going to get it???2012/08/09
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  111. Win $1,000 Cash in the Flip2Freedom Success Story Contest!2012/08/07
  112. F2F 091: Coaching Call Insider: How to Maximize Each Lead by Structuring Deals for Increased Profits and Saleability2012/06/29
  113. F2F 090: EXPOSED: Inside a $1.4 Million a Month Wholesaling Business (the raw truth from the nations #1 wholesaler)2012/06/20
  114. F2F 089: 3 Small Tweaks to Transform Your $50K a Year Wholesaling Business into a $500K Cash Machine2012/06/08
  115. F2F 088: [TGE 03]: Eric Hits a Wall and Runs Out of Cash…Now What? (you’ll be surprised what his does)2012/05/25
  116. Barron’s Club Outing at the eXtremeFREEDOM Live Event in Scottsdale2012/05/22
  117. F2F 087: Do These 3 Sins and You’ll Sink to the Bottom of Failures Miserable Pit…2012/05/16
  118. Ninja Negotiating Techniques to Get the Lowest Possible Price when Dealing with Motivated Sellers2012/05/09
  119. F2F 086: [TGE 02]: How Small Successes Lead to Massive Results2012/04/25
  120. F2F 085: The Great Escape: First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele [01]2012/04/16
  121. F2F 084: How to Make Money in Real Estate With No Money: The Anatomy of a Double Escrow2012/04/07
  122. Flip2Freedom Success Story: Deshone makes $17,500 on his FIRST deal!2012/04/06
  123. F2F 083: How to Write a Wholesale Real Estate Purchase Contract Step by Step2012/03/31
  124. Tom Nets $9,695.67 on His Very First Deal!2012/03/30
  125. Justin Made $17,543 on His First 2 Deals in 2 Days!2012/03/30
  126. F2F 082: How to Wholesale a Multiple Unit Commercial Properties for MEGA Profits2012/03/17
  127. F2F 081: Income at Will & the Wealth Effect: Below Market Properties, Appreciation and Leverage The Ultimate Trifecta for Serious Wealth Creation2012/03/02
  128. The $23,645 Deal and How Matt Nearly Doubled His Income2012/03/01
  129. Daniel & Josh Closed their First Wholesale Deal and Made Over $7,000!2012/02/29
  130. Flip2Freedom Member Gets Their First Check: A Wholesaling Houses Success Story2012/02/29
  131. New Real Estate Investor Dustin makes $16,162.00 in one week using Flip2Freedom!2012/02/29
  132. 2 New Investors Make Over $3,200 on Their First Deal!2012/02/29
  133. Bryan Makes $7,558.50 on his Very First Flip Using Flip2Freedom!2012/02/29
  134. 2 College Kids w/ No Experience Make $3,500 in 30 days Using No Cash!2012/02/29
  135. Marcellus Makes $5,000 in 30 Day Using this “Hush Hush” Tactic!2012/02/29
  136. Intermediate Investor Makes Over $7,000 Using Flip2Freedom Strategies!2012/02/29
  137. 25 Yr Old Cory Makes $7,319.81 on His First Ever Real Estate Deal2012/02/28
  138. Flip2Freedom member makes $8,292.55 within 7 Days of joining!2012/02/25
  139. Brian Makes $10,000 on His Very First Flip!2012/02/24
  140. The $23,645 Deal and How Matt Nearly Doubled His Income: Flip2Freedom Academy Review Success Story2012/02/18
  141. Dorsey Makes $4,675.25 on His 1st Deal!2012/02/16
  142. F2F 080: Newbie to $71,285 in Less than a Year and ALL the Juicy Details of How He Did It :)2012/02/16
  143. F2F 079: The $79,645 Mailing List that Consistently Produces Windfall Profits2012/01/27
  144. F2F 078: Five Obstacles That Will Destroy Your 2012 an How to Blow Through Them2012/01/22
  145. F2F 077: A (3) Step Formula to a Successful, Balanced and Insanely Profitable 20122012/01/13
  146. F2F 076: How to Build $10K/mo in Passive Income: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase IV]2011/12/30
  147. F2F 075: FULL Time or Failure – The Deciding Factor: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase III]2011/12/16
  148. F2F 074: A Unique Six Figure a Year Strategy You’d Be Crazy to Ignore2011/12/06
  149. F2F 073: How to Quit Your JOB: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase II]2011/11/24
  150. F2F 072: The $100K Flip: How to Wholesale Commercial Properties with Bob Diamond2011/11/14
  151. F2F 071: A Disturbing Story of a Hero Not Forgotten: Veterans Day Tribute2011/11/10
  152. F2F 070: I Dissect a $32K Deal from Start to Finish: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase I]2011/11/08
  153. F2F 069: Want One on One Coaching? Exclusive Interview with Cory Boatright and his 3M Success Formula2011/10/28
  154. F2F 068: Four Phases to Freedom Series: [Phase I] Fast Track to Your First Check2011/10/15
  155. F2F 067: God, Real Estate and the Law of Attraction: a Recipe for Ultimate Success & Freedom2011/10/10
  156. F2F 066: How to Flip HUD Homes: A Ninja Wholesaling Super Strategy for Expert or Beginner2011/09/27
  157. New Underground Source of Below Market Deals You Can Flip For Huge Profits Using No Cash, No Credit & No Marketing2011/09/19
  158. F2F 065: How to Get Unlimited FREE Leads & Deals Using this Advanced Strategy2011/09/16
  159. F2F 064: Rock Star Interview: $100K a Month Virtual Wholesaling w/ Cris Chico2011/09/07
  160. F2F 063: The Champion Within: A Success Story that will Give You Goosebumps2011/08/27
  161. F2F 062: Yellow Letter vs. Postcards: Which is More Profitable?2011/08/19
  162. F2F 061: Rock Star Interview: How Alex Joungblood Has Made Over $200,000 In The Last 7 Months2011/08/13
  163. F2F 060: Got Ethics in Your Wholesaling Business?2011/08/06
  164. F2F 059: The Secret to a Successful Assignment Plus “How Attract Money”2011/07/21
  165. Over $3,200 on Their First Deal | Flip2Freedom Academy Success Story2011/07/15
  166. F2F 058: CASE STUDY: How Dorsey Used This Secret to Break Through a 6 Month No Deal Drought2011/07/09
  167. F2F 057: How to Get Anything You Want in Life…2011/07/01
  168. F2F 056: My #1 Secret Weapon for Consistent Windfall Profits2011/06/28
  169. F2F 055: Your Biggest Problem SOLVED! How to Get Free Employees…2011/06/18
  170. F2F 054: 4 Million Dollar Missing Puzzle Pieces to Your Six Figure a Year Business2011/06/14
  171. F2F 053: $0 to $10K in 30 Days or Less: The Ultimate Beachcast2011/06/02
  172. F2F 052: A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Wholesaler2011/05/25
  173. F2F 051: Why Knowing the Answer to these 4 Critical Questions Can Skyrocket Your Business2011/05/19
  174. F2F 050: $1.3 Million in 12 Months Flipping Houses Using Mobile??2011/05/13
  175. F2F 049: Coaching Call Insider: How Mike Made $11K with NO Marketing Budget2011/05/09
  176. F2F 048: CASE STUDY: How Brian Made $10,000 Retailing a House with NO Equity2011/04/30
  177. $16,162 in 12 Days with NO Money Spent on Marketing | Flip2Freedom Academy Success Stroy2011/04/29
  178. F2F 047: CASE STUDY: Cory Make’s $7,318.81 On His FIRST Ever Real Estate Deal2011/04/25
  179. F2F 046: How to Maximize Each Lead Using These 3 Ninja Strategies2011/04/16
  180. F2F 045: Seller Financing Formula: 4 Ways to Wholesale a Seller Financed Property2011/04/06
  181. F2F 044: How to Build a Million Dollar Net Worth and $10,000 a Month Cash Flow2011/03/25
  182. F2F 043: Three Essentials to a $100K a Year Business and Beyond…2011/03/18
  183. Flip2Freedom Academy: $8,292.55 in 7 Days Flat Using NO Cash or Credit…2011/03/17
  184. F2F 042: Ninja Negotiating Tactics of a Successful Real Estate Wholesaler2011/03/12
  185. F2F 041: (5) Free Ways to Increase Your Buyer & Seller Leads By 142%…2011/03/02
  186. F2F 040: Fix & Flip Secrets: How to Make $25K to $50K Per Deal2011/02/17
  187. F2F 039: Three Killer Case Studies Plus How To Eliminate Excuses…2011/02/11
  188. F2F 038: How to Turn Dead Seller Leads into Deals in 4 Simple Steps2011/02/05
  189. F2F 037: 7 Deadly Sins That Will KILL Your Business…2011/01/28
  190. F2F 036: Yellow Letter Secrets: How to Maximize Each Mailing For the Highest Profitability2011/01/20
  191. Flip2Freedom Academy: “Ninja” Tactic Makes Marcellus $5K in 30 Days…2011/01/19
  192. Flip2Freedom Academy: 2 College Kids w/ No Experience Make $3,500 in 30 days Using No Cash!2011/01/15
  193. F2F 035: This “Hush-Hush” Tactic Made Marcellus $5K in 30 Days!2011/01/13
  194. Flip2Freedom Academy: Tycoon Member Makes $4,675…Compelling Story!2011/01/11
  195. F2F 034: Strategic Goal Setting: The 4 Step Six Figure Formula2011/01/07
  196. F2F 033: How to Make a Fortune, Work Anywhere in the World Only 10 Hours Per Week2010/12/31
  197. Flip2Freedom Academy Tycoon Member Makes over $7,000 on His 1st Deal!2010/12/28
  198. F2F 032: 10 Answers to Your Most Important Nagging Questions About Flipping Houses2010/12/17
  199. F2F 031: HELP! I Can’t Sell My Wholesale Property…Maybe Your Confidence Sucks :)2010/12/09
  200. Flipping Houses For a Living – The Big Test for New Real Estate Investors2010/12/06
  201. F2F 030: How to Make $7K in the Next 3 Week with this Untapped Niche2010/12/01
  202. F2F 029: Why I’m Furious and the 2 Biggest Mistakes New Investors Can Make…2010/11/25
  203. F2F 028: Secret “Loophole” No One Knows About: Joe McCall Interview2010/11/20
  204. VIDEO: The Big Test for New Real Estate Investors, Do You Have What it Takes?2010/11/20
  205. F2F 027: 5 Ways to Market for Motivated Sellers with Limited Money2010/11/10
  206. F2F 026: Show Me the MONEY Getting Your 1st Check – Fast Start to Your 1st BIG Check2010/11/02
  207. Lifestyle of a Real Estate Investor + Important Announcement2010/10/30
  208. F2F 025: How to CLOSE THE DEAL with a Motivated Seller – Fast Start to Your 1st BIG Check2010/10/20
  209. F2F 024: How to Find Deep Discount Properties (Focus Simplicity) – Fast Start to Your 1st BIG Check2010/10/12
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