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ESPN: Fantasy Focus Baseball

  1. 2021 Recap And The 2022 First Round2021/10/04
    Eric and Tristan talk final Player Rater standings (4:40), the top of the 2022 board (7:00), 2021 combo meals leaders (11:15) and what to do with 2021 breakout performers (18:30)!
  2. Extraordinary, Historic And ... Unsustainable?2021/09/30
    Eric and Tristan mine value from motivated teams (1:25), speculate on Shohei Ohtani moving forward (5:45), discuss the impact of speed (12:40) and answer your hash browns (25:00).
  3. Finishing Strong!2021/09/27
    Eric and Tristan talk weekend Yankee headlines (2:00), detail teams poised for a strong final week (6:00), debate how much impact to give your gut (9:30) and evaluate the closer position moving forward (17:05).
  4. 2021 Legacy: Home Run Derby2021/09/23
    Eric and Tristan discuss end of season strategy (0:45), home run totals of note (5:30), season ending storylines (8:25) and what the weekend looks like with shuffling rotations (20:42).
  5. Late Season Decisions2021/09/20
    Eric and Tristan talk the rotation shuffling down the stretch (3:30), marvel at a unique Eddie Rosario cycle (6:30), evaluate some late season closer chaos (12:10) and take a look at the next three days of games (17:00).
  6. Robbie Ray: Fantasy MVP?2021/09/16
    Eric and Tristan breakdown what to make of the Yankees in 2022 (3:05) and the breaking out of Robbie Ray (6:20) while guessing who could be next year's version of the Jays' star. They discuss what to do with Mike Trout next season (12:25), fantasy MVP front runners (18:00) and preview the weekend slate (27:05).
  7. Top SP Tier: Who Makes The Cut?2021/09/13
    Eric and Tristan take a look at the top tier of pitching for 2022 (4:05), the ever-changing value of Francisco Lindor (8:30), copious combo mealers (19:40) and a preview of the coming days (31:00).
  8. Super Schwindel And 2022 Rankings Talk2021/09/09
    Eric and Tristan talk about the popular adds including a Frank Schwindel heater (1:00), speculate on ranking tweaks if the DH goes league wide (5:00), appreciate the impact of Adam Wainwright (7:40) and dropping injured stars (13:00). They dive into the biggest bust of 2020 (17:45) and preview the weekend action (24:50).
  9. "A Headache For Fantasy Managers"2021/09/02
    Eric and Tristan discuss the situation that is rostering Adalberto Mondesi (1:00) and sitting starters (2:55) before Karabell (8:00) shares a story and Cockcroft poses an interesting question (15:00). They have you covered for the entire week coming ahead as we approach Labor Day (29:05).
  10. Rankings: The Need For Speed2021/08/30
    Eric and Tristan discuss Starling Marte's surge (1:25), the hitting race for the top of the Player Rater (7:15), a closer in waiting that needs to be added (13:25) and go through the first half of the week (18:15).
  11. Aces: Rest Of Season Thoughts And 2022 Tiers2021/08/26
    Eric and Tristan wonder how long they have to wait to draft a Little Leaguer (1:00), discuss aces on the fantasy chopping block (9:00), take an early look at 2022's pitching landscape (11:30) and evaluate some older players that aren't going away (19:30).
  12. Is Mike Trout A First Rounder?2021/08/23
    Eric and Tristan discuss the Karabell called shot (0:10), recap the Williamsport spotlight series (6:00) and wonder aloud where Mike Trout ranks next season (16:30). They've got you covered on saves the rest of the way (19:00) and streamers for the week (25:05).
  13. Deal Or No Deal?2021/08/19
    Eric and Tristan talk the greatness of Shohei Ohtani (0:15), the tough spot Christian Yelich is putting you in (6:25), the sustainability of a dozen players (10:40) and take your questions (32:00).
  14. Fernando Tatis: What Does The Future Hold?2021/08/16
    Eric and Tristan discuss the future value of Fernando Tatis (2:35), the return of Chris Sale (8:35), an out-of-nowhere no-no (9:40) and a closer on the rise (15:55). With the fantasy trade deadline approaching, the week preview (23:15) is as critical this week as any!
  15. Coming For That Number 1 Spot?2021/08/12
    Tristan and Dave discuss the Field of Dreams teams (2:30), Corbin Burnes' gem (8:55) and how the race for the Cy Young Awards will impact the end of the fantasy season (17:30). Other discussion points include: Cody Bellinger's effort to bail you out (22:20), Joey Votto's resurgence (28:00) and struggling closers (35:20).
  16. League Winners Returning To Action2021/08/09
    Tristan and Todd look ahead to Chris Sale's season debut (2:25) in addition to the returns of Luis Robert (9:25) and Jack Flaherty (12:10) before discussing the Ramon Laureano suspension (15:35). They also run through the breakout season of Zack Wheeler and Todd's passion for Rafael Ortega (21:00) ahead of chasing saves (35:30).
  17. Angels Off The Field2021/08/05
    Eric and Dave wonder aloud on the value of the Angles (1:40), discuss the stars of an Olympic run (5:20) and talk the "new normal" for promising prospects (11:45). After that, they talk the impact of speed (17:30) and take a peak at the weekend slate (23:30).
  18. Rest Of Season: Bearish On Bellinger, Danger In deGrom2021/08/02
    Eric and Dave go over all of the deadline deals (3:15), the Cody Bellinger conundrum (8:00) and take a look at the recent injuries to stars (10:00) before talking the Joey Votto power surge (12:30) and the new look bullpens (19:00).
  19. Trade Deadline: Ranking Tweaks, Depth Charts And Dynasty2021/07/29
    Eric and Tristan rank the big names in new places (1:00), discuss Joey Votto's power surge (12:20) and provide bullpen hierarchy updates (17:20). They then preview the action this weekend as you look to move up the standings (21:00)!
  20. Early Trades: Winners And Losers2021/07/26
    Eric and Tristan breakdown the early deadline deals (1:05), injuries that may linger (11:10) and take a look at the crumbling closers (21:00). They then help you navigate the week ahead (27:10) as you look to move up those standings!
  21. Underrated Players To Acquire2021/07/22
    Eric and Tristan discuss FAAB budgeting ahead of the deadline (2:00), some big-time injuries/the free agents to consider (4:45), the Yermin Mercedes situation (8:40) and the impact of the crackdown on grip substances (10:50). They discuss the consistently underrated Chris Taylor (15:00) and which fringe closers deserve your attention (19:30).
  22. Streaking: Time To Take Notice?2021/07/19
    Eric and Tristan discuss a pair of big injuries in New York (0:45), stability versus potential on the waiver wire (4:00), Jake Cronenworth's value (9:25) and if whispers around Giancarlo Stanton's position matter (15:50). They discuss reliever values as the trade deadline approach (17:15) and preview the week ahead (23:25).
  23. Star Players: Second Half And Beyond2021/07/15
    Eric and Tristan discuss the impact of the All Star festivities (1:00), evaluate the top of the MLB Draft (11:20) and offer insight on the Ronald Acuna torn ACL (15:20). In the second half of the podcast, they prepare you for the weekend (32:15) and answer your questions (36:30).
  24. Valuable Pitchers And Second Half Regression2021/07/08
    Eric and Tristan talk Clayton Kershaw's trip to the IL (0:55), the pending return of Eloy Jimenez (4:25) and name their most valuable pitcher of the first half (6:20). Tristan debunks the "Home Run Derby Curse" (10:00) before they talk second half regression potential (21:05) and the final games on the first half (27:00).
  25. First Half League Winners2021/07/06
    Eric and Tristan talk first half hitter of the year candidates (1:15) and the top value on the board thus far (5:55) before talking injuries (7:50) and the Trevor Bauer situation (10:55). They discuss the staying power of recent combo mealers (14:20), try to help you collect saves (18:10) and preview the next two days (24:40).
  26. Batting Averages, Cycle Meals & Silly Songs2021/07/01
    Tristan Cockcroft and AJ Mass break down everything you need to know heading into the 4th of July weekend, including another YES-NO segment on pitchers, if AJ is worried about lower batting averages across the league and your twitter hasbrowns!
  27. EK & DD Throwback Podcast! 2021/06/28
    Eric is joined by Daniel Dopp (Kyle and Tristan are on vacation) and together they (Eric), dive into this week's set of games, play a YES - NO game with starting pitchers, talk combo meals, closer carousel and of course, some music.
  28. Popular Adds: Buy Or Sell?2021/06/24
    Eric and Tristan discuss the Hall of Fame credentials of Wander Franco (0:15), what to do on the waiver wire (5:00), the Blue Jays lineup (10:20) and annoying sounds at the house that only occur during the podcast (15:40). They also get you set for the weekend with some pitchers to stream (26:30).
  29. "Expect Greatness"2021/06/21
    Eric and Tristan celebrate Wander Franco Day (1:10), remain in awe of slugger Shohei (12:50) and discuss a pair of hitters currently hotter than the sun (16:20)! They, of course, help you solve 9th innings (27:30) and preview the week ahead (33:50).
  30. You Lost Your Ace, Now What?2021/06/17
    Eric and Tristan talk about trying to build a competitive roster amid injuries (0:50), revisit Jared Walsh vs Matt Olson (15:55), help you find saves (24:00) and preview the weekend (28:00).
  31. Can You Betts on Mookie?2021/06/14
    Eric and Tristan talk early season standings (1:20), what to make of the returning Twins (3:00), Trevor Bauer's recent bump in the road (7:35) and if the Mookie struggles are worrisome (11:30). After that, a disagreement on a recently trending pitcher (15:45), feelings on Alex Wood (18:00) and preview the first half of the week (22:50).
  32. Moving Pieces2021/06/10
    Eric and Tristan tackle the impact of Spider Tack (0:50), wonder if prospects are worth it in redraft formats (4:30), warn about summer inning limits (12:40) and discuss the impact of weather (14:30). They run down the closer news (19:30) and preview the weekend (23:45) before answering your hashbrowns (33:00).
  33. Too Legit To Quit?2021/06/07
    Eric and Tristan talk through the Jesse Winker (0:15) and Patrick Wisdom (5:00) production, Byron Buxton 2.0 (9:15) and preview the week ahead (23:30) before having the Luis Severino discussion (36:40) and answering your hash browns (34:25)!
  34. Reaction Time: Tough Roster Decisions2021/06/03
    Eric and Tristan discuss players on the fringe of free agency in ESPN leagues (0:25), a Mets duo to buy low on (10:00), pitchers nearing the ranking discussion (14:00) and closers on shaky ground (19:20). And, of course, they prepare you for an eventful weekend courtesy of Tristan's forecaster (25:05).
  35. Trade Chatter: Cash In Your Chips?2021/06/01
    Eric and Tristan highlight the points league leader one-third of the way through the season (0:40), evaluate the rest of season value of Trevor Story (6:25), wonder who the top pick if drafting right now would be (8:30) and mine for saves (17:30). They get you ready for the next few days and offer some DFS insight too (23:40)!
  36. Triple Crown?2021/05/27
    Eric and Tristan try their best to help you cure the injury bug (0:30), debate Cody Bellinger vs Christian Yelich (6:20), offer up their thoughts on the holiday weekend slate (14:15) and answer your best questions (27:44).
  37. Here Come Hiura: Difference Maker?2021/05/24
    Eric and Tristan discuss the interesting Rays trade (0:30), buying opportunities resulting from injuries (6:00), the Luis Castillo problem (8:00) and advice to "win your league right now"! The Brewers made an impactful move mid-show (16:00) and they break down the week ahead (27:30).
  38. Los Angeles: The City of ... Injuries2021/05/20
    Eric and Tristan talk with Stephania Bell about the injuries in Los Angeles (1:00) including a potential "turning point" moment for Mike Trout (17:30), no hitter palooza (22:00), a look at an elite closer gaining a role (24:00) and some streamers to consider for the weekend (28:10).
  39. Hold'em Or Fold'em?2021/05/17
    Eric and Tristan react to the Corey Seager injury (1:00), wonder what to do with the pitchers blowing up your ERA (11:00), a "points league building block" that doesn't get enough respect (12:05) and a look back at the surprise pitching performances (16:30). They try help you sort through closer chaos (21:00) and have you covered with the week preview (24:30).
  40. Rest Of Season Difference Makers2021/05/13
    Eric and Tristan evaluate Seattle's youth movement (1:05), discuss the mechanics of a fantasy trade (6:35), breakdown the impact injuries have on pitcher ranks (8:15) and ponder what early season breakouts mean long-term (12:20). They've got you covered on closers (22:20) before previewing the next few days (28:00).
  41. Streaks: Sustainable Or Stay Away?2021/05/10
    Eric and Tristan breakdown a pair of banged up top-10 players (0:45), wonder if recent hot streaks are worth your while (4:15) and look at the weekend combo meals (14:45) before diving into the bullpens (21:40) and the upcoming schedule (26:25).
  42. Pitcher Ranks: Downgrade deGrom and Move Means?2021/05/06
    Eric and Tristan adjust their John Means ranks with caution (0:45), discuss the impact of repeat injuries on stars (4:45), wonder what the future brings for the Dodgers (9:55) and outline the staying power of hot hitters (11:40). They then recap the pitching from the past few days (17:20), forecast saves (20:45) and take a look at the weekend schedule (25:25).
  43. Keep, Cut Or Hold?2021/05/03
    Eric and Tristan talk April's finest (1:00), a sneaky power/speed option (4:56), what to do with some scuffling players rostered everywhere (6:55) and the sustainability of Tyler O'Neil's production (14:20). Of course, they've got you covered on the pitchers to watch over the next few days (29:05) with an interesting Bumgarner vs Kluber debate (33:40).
  44. April Numbers Bring May ...2021/04/29
    Eric and Tristan decide on the top April storylines (1:15), evaluate popular recent transactions (8:15), wonder about panic button pitchers (10:15) and let you know if you need to worry about a handful of injuries (12:30). After that, they mine for saves (17:10) and walk you through the weekend schedule (24:00).
  45. Which Came First: Bumgarner Or The Braves?2021/04/26
    Info (Show/Hide)
  46. The Young And The Productive2021/04/22
    Eric and Tristan are running out of superlatives around Corbin Burnes (0:35), talk a very overrated player (3:35), a predictable injury (7:00) that paves the way for fantasy upside and some hitters trending strongly in both directions (13:00). As always, they wonder if any bullpens safe (16:35) and preview the weekend (22:50).
  47. Assessing Panic Levels2021/04/19
    Eric and Tristan talk dealing with health uncertainties both short and long (1:40), which former MVP is a major rest of season concern (8:22) and their trust on some impressive fast starts (12:45). You can't leave any podcast without your bullpen updates (18:05) and pitcher previews (24:25)!
  48. "He Looks Like A Fantasy Monster!"2021/04/15
    Eric and Tristan talk Carlos Rodon value (0:05), long-term worries on Christian Yelich (5:20) and hitters that are gaining steam (7:05). Who is the young ace you should trust most (10:25)? Is it safe to bank on Craig Kimbrel (16:00)? Is Bo Bichette the next Trea Turner (20:00)?
  49. Moving On From Joe Musgrove? That's A No-No2021/04/12
    Eric and Tristan wonder if you really should be moving Joe Musgrove after the no-no (2:00), evaluate some Player Rater surprises (7:45) and sort out bullpen hierarchy for a handful of competitive teams (14:30). A preview of the upcoming three days (25:40) and the answers to your hashbrowns (37:00) round out an eventful podcast!
  50. Injuries: Playing The Long Game2021/04/08
    Stephania Bell joins the show to discuss the star injuries of Week 1 (0:25) while Eric and Tristan discuss the resulting value (16:20). They also talk the healthy players that are hitting (23:30), who is closing games (37:40) and value changers through one week (48:25).
  51. Already Time To Move On?2021/04/05
    Eric and Tristan offer insight on what to make of Shohei Ohtani's eventful Sunday Night (0:52), the advanced metrics behind Yermin Mercedes (6:25) and try to determine what Week 1 stars are the real deal (10:15) before taking a look at bullpens (18:40) and the upcoming schedule (36:15).
  52. Let The Games Begin!2021/04/01
    Eric and Tristan wonder if Adalberto Mondesi losses any value as a result of opening the season on the IL (1:00), the impact of Andrew Vaughn not being in the Day 1 lineup (6:25) and the closers that are getting added by the masses (13:10). No podcast is complete without a preview (17:25) and hashbrowns.
  53. 2021 Rankings: Should You aVoit Luke?2021/03/29
    Eric brings up a Week 1 sleeper (2:15) before he and Tristan discuss some potential value gainers resulting from recent injuries (3:15)/spring production (12:30) and the rash of bullpen committees heading into Opening Day (25:00).
  54. Ranking Adjustments: Bumps And Bruises2021/03/25
    Eric and Tristan breakdown the rash of Spring injuries one week before Opening Day (0:45), talk the Lance McCullers contract (16:10) and give you a few names who have an arrow pointing straight up (18:55).
  55. Rankings: An Underrated Pitcher And Hitter2021/03/22
    Don't pay for ... backstops (2:15)! Eric and Tristan discuss a player they both drafted in TOUT over the weekend (10:15), the Dodgers infield (15:05) and what to do with Carlos Carrasco (17:15) before the chaos of closers (19:25) and a hashbrown that leads to a conversation of the most underrated hitter in early drafts!
  56. 2021 Rankings: No Thanks!2021/03/18
    Eric and Tristan talk a spring standout hitter (2:00) and debate Victor Robles' value this season (4:45). They take a look at you can learn from Spring games, discuss the most overrated players on the board for 2021 (13:00) and help you project save numbers (20:00).
  57. Shuffling Rankings And Strategies2021/03/15
    Eric and Tristan talk Stephen Strasburg's price point (0;55) and some value bats to consider (4:10) before detailing the new Custom Dollar Generator (8:10). They also discuss the middle tier of pitchers battling injuries (9:20), if Ohtani is worth it (21:15) and tackle your best questions (25:30)!
  58. The Process Behind ESPN Projections For 20212021/03/11
    The Prince of Projections Todd Zola lays out his process (1:42) and the difference in projections/ranks (8:42) before Eric and Tristan talk about the recent news (28:20) and address your questions!
  59. Stars And Scrubs? Building A Roster In 20212021/03/08
    Eric and Tristan discuss some early spring performances (7:32) before breaking down their strategies in the LABR "only" salary cap drafts from the weekend (9:49): bargains, regrets and player evaluation.
  60. Which Rookies Are Ready To Produce?2021/03/01
    Eric grills MLB Insider Kiley McDaniel on Wander Franco (0:39) and rookie ranks in redraft (2:10) before AJ Mass stops by to get you ready for your Points League draft (19:00).
  61. Catcher Value, Pitcher News and Shohei Ohtani's Ranking2021/02/22
    Eric and Tristan talk about JT Realmuto's value (0:55), the bump for Mariners prospects (11:20), reaction to recent pitcher news (17:56), the Shohei Ohtani conundrum (21:25), closers (28:12) and much more!
  62. Experts Mixed League Recap2021/02/17
    Eric and Tristan discuss the recent minor signings, sift through bullpens (10:45), break down the LABR Mixed League Draft (19:50) and answer your hashbrowns (31:16)!
  63. Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit; 2021 Season Preview2021/02/15
    Stars, sleepers, busts and so much more! Eric and Tristan breakdown the early rounds (0:30), first base (1:55), second base (7:19), shortstop (12:52), third base (17:54), outfield (22:55), designated hitters (29:50), catchers (31:27), starting pitchers (34:56) and closers (43:24) in detail to get you caught up before answering common questions (48:16) leading into the 2021 season.
  64. Is Trevor Bauer A Tier 1 Pitcher?2021/02/09
    Eric and Tristan talk Trevor Bauer’s spot among the fantasy elite, resigned big bats and a middle infielder that will see his value spike in his new home!
  65. Going Going Gone From Coors2021/02/01
    Eric and Tristan discuss what the move from Colorado to St. Louis means for Nolan Arenado, how positional/statistical scarcity impacted Tristan's recent draft and the other impact signings over the past week.
  66. Finding An Edge In Fantasy Baseball 20212021/01/25
    Eric and Tristan break down two stats that often get overlooked and what it means for their rankings, discuss George Springer's long-term value and answer your questions!
  67. Rankings: Which Winter Signings Matter Most?2021/01/19
    Eric and Tristan discuss the impact of the recent signings (Musgrove, Kluber, LeMahieu and more) on the 2021 ranks, take swings at trivia, answer your questions and rank the top Simpsons season!
  68. Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Francisco Lindor Trade2021/01/07
    Eric is shifting Francisco Lindor in his rankings: which direction and how much of a move? He and Tristan discuss Lindor's new value, Carlos Carassco's tempting ceiling and what's left in Cleveland.
  69. Padres Power Up2021/01/05
    Eric and Tristan discuss the value of Yu Darvish/Blake Snell in San Diego and Josh Bell in Washington in addition to highlighting prospects on the move and their future upside.
  70. Rankings Reaction To Free Agency2020/12/21
    Eric and Tristan discuss what the first wave of free agency signings mean for 2021. A top-10 closer? New place, same value for a starter? A sleeper hitter on the move?
  71. Did 2020 Matter?2020/12/02
    Eric and Tristan evaluate the recent news around the league, talk the value of 2020 production and answer your questions!
  72. Looking Ahead To 2021!2020/11/02
    Eric and Tristan discuss what Randy Arozarena's postseason push means for 2021 as they break down their early rankings for next season!
  73. 2020 Reaction And 2021 First Look2020/09/29
    Eric and Tristan review the 2020 season and discuss how the results from 2020 will impact their 2021 rankings.
  74. Soaring Soto2020/09/24
    Eric and Tristan unearth the plus matchups for the final weekend, discuss combo mealers and preview pitchers for next season!
  75. Why Tristan, Why?2020/09/22
    Eric and Tristan discuss bold moves that could decide your league, preview outfielders for 2021 and take swings at 20/20 trivia!
  76. Is Javier Baez Overrated?2020/09/17
    Eric and Tristan discuss the struggles of some fantasy stars, tackle the middle field ranks for 2021 and preview the weekend slate.
  77. Coming For That #1 Spot2020/09/15
    Eric and Tristan get into it about Mike Trout's spot in the 2021 ranks, help you firm up your playoff roster and take a look back at their process in drafting closers.
  78. Gimme Some Gallen!2020/09/10
    Eric and Tristan talk struggling stars, ranking risers and what to watch for this weekend!
  79. Juice The Orange!2020/09/03
    Eric and Tristan discuss the impact of Monday's trade deadline, a future ninth inning ace, the 2021 top tier of starting pitchers and preview the weekend!
  80. Winning With Whit?2020/08/31
    Eric and Tristan evaluate the recent trades, the best bets to get September saves and the upcoming schedule.
  81. Who Gets The First Half Hardware?2020/08/27
    Eric and Tristan discuss first half awards, some early thoughts on 2021 and preview the weekend slate.
  82. Roster Management2020/08/24
    Eric and Tristan discuss red-hot bats, the next wave of pitching prospects and how to sift through the recent rash of injuries.
  83. Say It Ain't So Bo!2020/08/20
    Eric and Tristan discuss Bo Bichette's 2021 ceiling, struggling young pitchers, help you find saves and talk the top overall pick next season!
  84. The Replacements2020/08/17
    Eric and Tristan walk through the recent rash of injuries, discuss some long-term values and attempt to re-rank the closers.
  85. Actionable Ranking Changes2020/08/13
    Eric and Tristan discuss risers in their rest of season ranks, players you can feel fine in dropping and preview the weekend..
  86. Keep'em Or Cut'em?2020/08/10
    Eric and Tristan help you make the tough lineup decisions, debate the long-term value of Yankee hitters and try to nail down closer ranks.
  87. A Star Is Born2020/08/06
    Eric and Tristan breakdown the future of the Angels, search for saves and discuss offenses to stream against.
  88. Roster Shuffling2020/08/03
    Eric and Tristan embrace Tyler Chatwood, wonder aloud how to navigate the upcoming schedule and discuss roster adjustments.
  89. Free Agent Finds And Slow Starters2020/07/30
    Eric and Tristan discuss the must adds from the first week, try to make sense of bullpen chaos and take a look at weekend streaming options.
  90. Buy Or Sell From The Weekend2020/07/27
    Eric and Tristan breakdown the first weekend of baseball, including velocity problems for Ohtani, replacing injured players (Tyler Chatwood!) and the future value of the Week 1 stars.
  91. Opening Day Bonus Pod2020/07/24
    Eric and Tristan discuss a rash of recent news as they take in the first three innings of the 2020 MLB season.
  92. Opening Day!2020/07/23
    Eric and Tristan take a look at the first fantasy scoring period, evaluate interesting roster decisions and announce extra Opening Day content!
  93. Late Rankings Adjustments2020/07/20
    Dave Schoenfield joins Eric and Tristan to discuss the weekend news, argue about Matt Kemp’s redraft value, discuss The Ohtani Plan and go over their sleepers/busts.
  94. Danger With deGrom?2020/07/16
    Eric and Tristan tackle the Puig signing, various injuries and preview the cloudy closer situations across the league.
  95. Future Hall of Famer?2020/07/13
    Dave Schoenfield joins Eric and Tristan to talk Vlad Guerrero Jr’s future, value tweaks over the past week and batting order rumors.
  96. Mock Draft: Get Creative!2020/07/09
    Eric and Tristan dive deep into the first ESPN Mock Draft for the shortened season: Trout falls, an early pitcher run and the price of speed.
  97. Time To Experiment2020/07/06
    Dave Schoenfield joins Eric and Tristan to discuss COVID contingency planning, the value of a few NL East players and answer your finest questions!
  98. Sugar2020/07/03
    Joon Lee joins Eric to talk optimism about the shortened season, Ivy League culture, the movie Sugar and your best 2020 questions.
  99. Strength Of Schedule2020/06/29
    Dave Schoenfield joins Eric to discuss which teams have players that are more valuable now than they were this preseason, focusing on starting pitchers and closers.
  100. Embrace Optimism2020/06/25
    Eric and Tristan offer insight to what a 60-game fantasy season means before welcoming Joon Lee in to discuss 8 Men Out.
  101. The Magic Number?2020/06/22
    Dave Schoenfield stops by to discuss his recent piece on the importance of age on production before father-son trivia and hash browns!
  102. Moneyball2020/06/18
    Joon Lee joins Eric and Tristan to talk the penny pinching on Moneyball, the KBO and take swings at shortstop trivia!
  103. Forecasting The Future2020/06/15
    Dave Schoenfield joins Eric and Tristan to talk McGwire/Sosa, the impact of prospects in 2020 and the future of the league as a whole.
  104. A League of Their Own2020/06/11
    Eric and Tristan welcome Joon Lee in to discuss A League of Their Own, take a look at the fantasy spin of the MLB Draft and answer your finest questions!
  105. The Great HR Chase of 19982020/06/08
    Eric and Tristan welcome Dave Schoenfield to the show to discuss the great HR chase of 1998, the upcoming MLB draft and trivia!
  106. Field of Dreams2020/06/04
    Joon Lee joins the guys to discuss Field of Dreams before trying trivia and strategizing for a shortened season.
  107. 2020 Leaderboards2020/06/01
    Brad Doolittle swings by to discuss labor negotiations before Eric and Tristan breakdown his 2020 half season projections along with 20-20 trivia.
  108. Bull Durham2020/05/28
    It is Bull Durham day on the 06010 MLB podcast, as Joon Lee joins the show to discuss the classic before trivia and MLB negotiation updates.
  109. You're Killin Me Smalls!2020/05/21
    Joon Lee helps Eric and Tristan break down the rewatchability of Sandlot and offers hot food takes before surprise trivia and strategy talk!
  110. Rankings: Middle Infield Magic2020/05/18
    Eric and Tristan add to the elite tier of middle infielders before talking the myth of position scarcity and tricky trivia!
  111. Bad News Bears2020/05/14
  112. Universal DH2020/05/11
  113. The Natural2020/05/07
  114. Weird Things Happen2020/05/04
  115. Major League Breakdown2020/04/30
  116. Rethinking Ranks2020/04/27
  117. Value In Versatility2020/04/23
  118. Sleeper Pitchers: Pick or Pass2020/04/20
  119. GOAT Talk2020/04/16
  120. Marte Party!2020/04/09
  121. Simulation Analysis2020/04/06
  122. Learning From Simulations2020/04/02
  123. Maximizing Your Mocks2020/03/30
  124. Maybe The Next ... A-Rod?2020/03/26
  125. Read And React2020/03/23
  126. Value And Regression2020/03/12
  127. Draft Prep!2020/03/09
  128. Ranking Changes: Injury Edition2020/03/04
  129. Pitcher Prep - 20202020/02/25
  130. Dynasty Discussion And Outfield Ranks2020/02/19
  131. Infield Ranks: Stars, Sleepers And Busts2020/02/11
  132. Mookie Monster2020/02/05
  133. We're Back!2020/01/21
  134. Stealing the Signs: How Allegations Against the Astros Could Change Baseball2019/11/20
  135. Until Next Season2019/09/30
  136. The End is Nigh2019/09/26
  137. Nearing The End 2019/09/23
  138. Crunch Time2019/09/20
  139. Trout Is Out 2019/09/16
  140. Fractured Hope2019/09/12
  141. Dumping Dave2019/09/09
  142. Soler Power2019/09/05
  143. No-Hitter For Verlander 2019/09/03
  144. Saves in the Grave2019/08/29
  145. No Way, Jose2019/08/26
  146. Bryce Bryce Baby2019/08/22
  147. Two Aces In A Hole2019/08/19
  148. Draft Devers2019/08/15
  149. Third Time's A Charm2019/08/12
  150. Bo Knows2019/08/08
  151. More Injuries Than We Like2019/08/05
  152. Trades, Trades And More Trades!2019/08/01
  153. The Curious Case Of Jose Ramirez2019/07/29
  154. We Are All Beliebers!2019/07/25
  155. Jeff Passan: Trade Deadline and ... Karaoke?2019/07/22
  156. Touting Tatis2019/07/18
  157. Adding The Birthday Boy!2019/07/15
  158. Looking Ahead2019/07/11
  159. LeMazing!2019/07/01
  160. What The Snell?2019/06/27
  161. Piling Up Points2019/06/24
  162. Regression To The Mean2019/06/20
  163. Home Run Derby2019/06/17
  164. Fantasy Baseball: Patience On Paddack2019/06/13
  165. Cool On Keuchel?2019/06/10
  166. Realigning Ranks 2019/06/06
  167. All In on Odorizzi?2019/06/03
  168. Juice The Giolito Orange? 2019/05/30
  169. Beyond Worried2019/05/23
  170. The Year of Yelich2019/05/20
  171. Prospect Palooza2019/05/16
  172. Sustain or Disdain?2019/05/13
  173. Moving On From Votto?2019/05/09
  174. Ohtani's Return2019/05/06
  175. Fantasy Baseball: Summoning Senzel2019/05/02
  176. Boring But Successful?2019/04/29
  177. Like Father Like Son2019/04/25
  178. Who's Healthy?2019/04/22
  179. Sky's The Limit2019/04/18
  180. Por-SELL-o? 2019/04/15
  181. Sweating Severino?2019/04/11
  182. Adjusting Expectations?2019/04/08
  183. Hot Starts and Closer Darts2019/04/04
  184. Let The Games Begin!2019/04/01
  185. Prospect Payoff and "Opening" Day2019/03/28
  186. Stay Disciplined2019/03/25
  187. Let The Games Begin...Sort Of2019/03/21
  188. Final Evaluations2019/03/18
  189. Spring Is In The Air!2019/03/14
  190. Overrrated?2019/03/11
  191. Bearish on Bryce?2019/03/06
  192. Spring Adjustments & A Big Announcement!2019/02/27
  193. Draft Strategy2019/02/19
  194. Baseball Is Back!2019/02/05
  195. Offseason Check-in2019/01/22
  196. 2018 In The Books2018/10/01
  197. A Blank Check2018/09/27
  198. Tristan's Top-1002018/09/24
  199. Down The Stretch 2018/09/20
  200. Batman Does No Pirates 2018/09/17
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