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This Week in Startups - Video

  1. A DAO bids $40M on the Constitution, Startup Checklist: Operational best practices, Gen Z VCs | E13302021/11/19
    First, Jason covers ConstitutionDAO attempt to buy one of the remaining 13 copies of the constitution at Sotheby's (01:56). Then, he does 10 points from the Startup Checklist on operational excellence (34:54). To close out the show, Producer Rachel speaks with Meagan Loyst, a VC at Lerer Hippeau who leads a group called Gen Z VCs (01:04:00).
  2. Tarantino sued over NFTs + Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan: YouTube, Entrepreneurship, Investing | E13292021/11/19
    First Jason explains why Miramax is suing Quentin Tarantino over his Pulp Fiction NFT collection (2:31). Then Twitch Co-Founder & GP at Goat Capital Justin Kan joins (19:19) to discuss lessons from entrepreneurship, what he looks for when investing, his YouTube channel, podcast and more!
  3. Why Sam Lessin is using the VC model to invest in individuals + Jason funds a startup on air | E12382021/11/18
    First, Sam Lessin of Slow Ventures joins to discuss how he is applying the venture model to invest in individuals, he just placed a $1.7M bet on a YouTube creator (4:10). Then, Jason brings on Chris Niblett, who is going through Founder University (41:40). They discuss Chris's company Bizzly, which is a "Patreon for small businesses," what can be improved, and Jason invests live on the show!
  4. Ohio sues FB + Bradley Tusk “The Fixer,” Uber, startups navigating politics, mobile voting | E13272021/11/17
    First, Jason covers the Ohio Attorney General suing Meta (2:05). Then, Tusk Venture's Bradley Tusk joins to discuss the strategy he developed to help Uber overcome cities trying to ban it (17:43), what actually motivates politicians (23:02), mobile voting (31:07) the advice he would give Mark Zuckerberg (48:28) and more!
  5. How to hire anywhere in the world (legally) | Finance Basics with Kruze Consulting’s Scott Orn | E13262021/11/15
    Remote work unlocked massive hiring opportunities for startups, but also creates new compliance challenges. In this episode, Kruze Consulting COO Scott Orn joins to explain how startups should navigate remote work. They discuss PEOs, sales tax, and tax credits.
  6. The greatest CNBC hit of all time, YouTube hides dislikes + Ready Games CEO David Bennahum | E13252021/11/13
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  7. Breaking down Rivian’s IPO & $100B valuation + DAO deep dive with OpenLaw’s Aaron Wright | E13242021/11/11
    First, Jason analyzes Rivian's IPO and gives his thoughts on the current valuation (2:05). Then, Aaron Wright from OpenLaw joins (22:13) to discuss Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). At OpenLaw Aaron has helped launch 9 DAOs by providing legal structure, tooling and infrastructure. They talk digital contracts, why Aaron thinks DAOs are better for investment decisions and more!
  8. Coinbase Q3 earnings breakdown + Startup Checklist: Crafting a brand & knowing your market | E13232021/11/11
    First, Jason breaks down Coinbase's Q3 earnings and takes a look at the broader trends in crypto trading (01:13). Then, Jason runs through 10 points of his "Startup Checklist" focused on crafting a brand & knowing your market (11:25). At the end, Jason answers a question from the live audience (43:16).
  9. $RBLX earnings, Jetson ONE personal aircraft + Oculus game dev Ryan Engle, creator of Pro Putt | E13222021/11/09
    First Jason covers Roblox earnings, the platform's total usage is up 28% year over year (2:19)! In a new segment, "We Live in the Future," Jason shares Jetson One, a personal E-VTOL (11:16). Then, Ryan Engle of Golf+ joins to talk about the VR golf game his team developed for Oculus (23:08), Meta's lead in VR hardware (51:29) and more.
  10. How to simplify diligence & avoid fraud | Finance Basics with Kruze Consulting’s Scott Orn | E13212021/11/08
    In this hot funding environment, both investors and founders benefit from startups having all the finance basics covered. In this episode, Kruze Consulting COO Scott Orn joins to explain how to prepare for diligence and avoid fraud. They discuss common blockers in diligence (10:19), the benefits of tight financials (23:31) and more!
  11. Tech Earnings: $UBER, $ABNB, $PTON + OK Boomer: Gen Z joins the workforce | E13202021/11/05
    First, Jason breaks down three recent earnings reports, Uber (1:57), Airbnb (21:10) and Peloton (26:00). Then, he introduces a new segment "Ok Boomer" where our producer Rachel reports on Gen Z tech & business culture. Today, she talks to Ziad Ahmed of JUV consulting about managing and working with Gen Z employees as they enter the workforce. (39:55)
  12. Building a Great Team: Startup Checklist E5 | E13192021/11/04
    We continue with episode five of the Startup Checklist, where Jason gives 10 points to build a great team. He covers hiring, compensating the early team (11:31), outsourcing, structuring the company, setting the cadence (39:48), finding advisors and more!
  13. Zillow falls after iBuying collapse, Biden Admin’s stablecoin report + LeadIQ’s Mei Siauw | E13182021/11/03
    Jason reacts to Zillow's huge drop after the implosion of their iBuying business (4:33), and breaks down the Biden Administration's stablecoin report (23:35). Then, LeadIQ CEO Mei Siauw joins the show to talk growing a SaaS business with a distributed team, going from $500 to $10M+ in revenue, and more! (43:27)
  14. Bytedance bans 996 + Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani: The 100x fund | E13172021/11/02
    First Jason briefly covers TikTok owner Bytedance's restriction on overtime working hours (2:14). Then Multicoin Capital partner Kyle Samani joins (11:07) to discuss how they evaluate products, why they prefer to invest in tokens over equity, the Solana blockchain (19:17), Helium (57:05), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and much more.
  15. Facebook’s new name + DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg: the privacy search engine | E13152021/10/29
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  16. Media employees battling “back to work” orders + Startup Checklist E4: Building a Great Product | E13142021/10/28
    First, Jason reacts Conde Nast's union refusing to return to the office on November 1 and takes stock of the big tech WFH policy landscape (1:34). We continue the show with episode four of the Startup Checklist, where Jason covers "Building a Great Product" in points 31-40 (13:54).
  17. Sequoia’s new structure, $HOOD and $TWTR earnings + Bolt’s Ryan Breslow: 4-day work week | E13132021/10/27
    First, Jason covers Sequoia's VC-redefining transition to an evergreen fund (1:54). He continues Q3 earnings coverage with Robinhood (13:38) and Twitter (21:10). Then, Ryan Breslow from Bolt joins to discuss transitioning to a 4-day work week, open-sourcing their company handbook and running a startup effectively (28:07).
  18. Facebook’s Q3 earnings breakdown: revenue, user growth, rumored rebrand + Italic’s Jeremy Cai | E13122021/10/26
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  19. Growth & Retention: Why Subscription is the Holy Grail | Customer Basics with Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova | E13112021/10/25
    This Startup Basics is all about growth & retention. Tiffani Bova from Salesforce joins to talk about how startups should measure customer health, the pitfalls of high churn, the best kind of growth, how to earn trust by saying "no" & more.
  20. Trump SPAC, WeWork SPAC, GitLab IPO w/ Eric Newcomer + Quick Commerce w/Matt Newberg | E13102021/10/22
    Tech journalist Eric Newcomer joins to talk the Trump SPAC (8:26), WeWork SPAC (15:58), and the behind the scenes funding story of GitLab's IPO (25:41). Then, HNGRY's Matt Newberg joins to talk innovations in the quick commerce space, the growing impact of ghost kitchens, and more! (1:01:10)
  21. Inflation warnings and hedge strategy, Bitcoin ETF, Hindenburg’s Tether bounty + Startup Checklist E3 | E13092021/10/21
    First, Jason reacts to CNBC's Paul Tudor Jones interview, where PTJ warned about inflation and called Bitcoin (and crypto) a better hedge than gold (2:10). Then, Jason covers the new Bitcoin ETF and Hindenburg putting a bounty out for information on Tether (21:34). We wrap with episode three of the Startup Checklist, where Jason covers "Finding and Delighting Customers" in points 21-30 (34:41).
  22. Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson: the next $60B, Engage, Segment acquisition & more + Who actually uses Oculus? | E13082021/10/20
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  23. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire on USDC, Tether & more + Jason reacts to Apple’s new M1 chips & MacBooks | E13072021/10/19
    First, Jason reacts to the most recent Apple event announcing new M1 chips & Macbooks (1:26). Then, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire (23:85) joins to discuss how USDC, what makes Circle different from Tether, regulation, and more.
  24. How to manage customer relationships | Customer Basics with Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova | E13062021/10/18
    This Startup Basics is all about managing customer relationships. Tiffani Bova from Salesforce joins to talk about the ways startups can improve customer interactions, transforming one-time transactions to reoccurring relationships. Jason and Tiffani give practical tips better serve customers and keep them coming back.
  25. Coinbase chases NFT billions + Peter Thiel “The Contrarian” with author Max Chafkin | E13052021/10/15
    First, Jason covers Coinbase's announcement of their new NFT platform (2:06). Then, Bloomberg's Max Chafkin joins to discuss his book, "The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power" (19:57). It's a wide-ranging discussion about Peter's life, business, and politics as well as a debate over the way Max framed him in the book.
  26. Is Netflix over cancel culture? + Startup Checklist: Choosing a Business Model | E13042021/10/14
    First, Jason covers the blowback Netflix is facing from Dave Chappelle's new special "The Closer" and the masterful response from Co-CEO Ted Sarandos (2:09). Then, continuing our startup checklist series, Jason explains 10 items founders need to go through before choosing a business model (25:08).
  27. US inherits China’s Bitcoin Mining Dynasty + Jacob Helberg on the “New Cold War” with China | E13032021/10/13
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  28. Solana Founder Anatoly Yakovenko on scaling the blockchain to warp speed | E13022021/10/12
    Anatoly from Solana joins Jason to discuss how they've managed to build the fastest blockchain (0:54). Solana's "proof of history" innovation allows for over 50,000 transactions a second, we get into Solana's value prop (25:51), use cases (40:14), developer ecosystem and more!
  29. How to understand customer engagement | Customer Basics with Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova | E13012021/10/11
    Startup Basics is BACK! This series focuses on one of the most important aspects of any successful startup: the customer. On episode two, Salesforce's Tiffani Bova joins to break down all things customer engagement: defining it, authenticity, blending automation with a human touch, social media strategies and more!
  30. Tether’s hidden billions with Bloomberg’s Zeke Faux + Startup Checklist E1 | E13002021/10/08
    First, Jason chats with Bloomberg reporter Zeke Faux about his latest investigative piece "Tether's $69 Billion Mystery"(1:04). Then, Jason launches our news series "Startup Checklist" (31:49) which explores the things you should do to be prepared to launch a company.
  31. FB Whistleblower’s Senate testimony + Scorpion Capital shorts Ginkgo Bioworks, claims fraud | E12982021/10/06
    In this all news show, Jason covers Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen’s Senate testimony and Mark Zuckerberg's response (2:22). We also get into the fraud claims made by Scorpion Capital against Ginkgo Bioworks $DNA (1:01:35), we had Ginkgo CEO Jason Kelly on E1239 https://bit.ly/twiste1239.
  32. How to create great customer experience | Customer Basics with Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova | E12972021/10/05
    Startup Basics is BACK! This series will focus on one of the most important aspects of any successful startup: the customer. On episode one, Salesforce's Tiffani Bova joins to break down all things customer experience: defining it, what an amazing experience looks like, how startups can beat the incumbents, and more!
  33. Facebook’s whistleblower reveal & major outage + reacting to OZY media CEO on Today Show | E12962021/10/04
    In this news episode, Jason covers the Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's "60 minutes" interview and breaks down some clips. Then he shares the highlights and rationalizations from the OZY Media CEO's Today Show appearance.
  34. Coinbase CEO reflects on “mission” manifesto + Kettle’s Nat Manning on fire insurance | E12952021/10/01
    First Jason covers Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's reflections on last year's blog "Coinbase is a mission focused company.” Then, Nat Manning joins from Kettle, to chat about better assessing fire risk with data, how California can prevent home damage from increasing wildfires, outperforming actuaries & more.
  35. Amazon’s AI driver supervisors, OZY media fallout, rising FEMA flood insurance, OpenScouting | E12942021/09/30
    Jason does a full news show breaking down: how Amazon monitors drivers with AI cameras (01:54), Tesla's new driver score (22:05), OZY Media's continued fallout (32:45), and new proposed changes for homeowners in coastal zones (42:08). Plus, Jason explains his new program OpenScouting.com
  36. Google’s game-changing ad policy + Michael Dell on “Play Nice But Win,” stories from building a computing giant | E12932021/09/29
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  37. OZY Media’s deception, VC retirement, Clubhouse’s monetization problem with The Verge’s Ashley Carman & more | E12922021/09/28
    First, Jason covers OZY media's attempted deception of Goldman Sachs & investors (1:50), then covers Clubhouse's monetization problem with special guest Ashley Carman from the Verge (24:26). To wrap up, he discusses VC retirements (46:30) and Disney's Star Wars Visions (56:29).
  38. Facebook puts Instagram Kids on pause, Bevy’s high-profile firing + Squarespace’s Anthony Casalena | E12912021/09/27
    Jason covers Instagram's Adam Mosseri announcing the pause of Instagram Kids (2:09), the recent firing of Bevy employee following a hostile interaction in Brooklyn (21:51). Then, Squarespace Founder and CEO Anthony Casalena joins (35:43) to discuss what marketing channels have been best for growing the company, new products offerings and shares stories from scaling and more!
  39. News! China bans crypto transactions (again), Zillow & iBuyers impacting Real Estate + Ask Jason | E12902021/09/24
    Jason covers China's latest crypto mandate (0:59), a TikToker's conspiracy about iBuyers and the Redfin CEO's response (17:17), then takes a bunch of Ask Jason Questions (31:42) & more!
  40. Apple Maps 3-D update, SEC Chair tips off coming crypto regulation + Pacaso’s Austin Allison | E12882021/09/22
    First, Jason covers the new Apple Maps and what he speculates it means for their next major product (2:11), then discusses SEC Chair Gary Gensler calling crypto the "wild west"(10:38). Then, Jason interviews Pacaso Founder & CEO Austin Allison about fractional home ownership, battling NIMBY's and more (24:46)!
  41. Apple launches iCloud Private Relay + Framework’s Nirav Patel on customizable laptops | E12872021/09/21
    In a short news segment, Jason describes Apple's new iCloud+ privacy suite (2:18). Then, Framework founder Nirav Patel joins to talk about making laptop customization great again (13:04)! They discuss the difficulty of raising VC for a consumer hardware startup, creating products for the "modding" audience, the environmental benefit of fixing products and more(24:16)!
  42. Head of Instagram comments on teen impact, Jay-Z’s NFT lawsuit + Sourcegraph’s Quinn Slack | E12852021/09/18
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  43. Rapid Fire News: App Annie fraud, Instagram’s negative impact, Discord valued at $15B & more | E12842021/09/17
    Full news show! First up, Jason covers the App Annie fraud (1:59), then he shares thoughts on Facebook's leaked documents showing they knew Instagram was detrimental to teen girls' mental health despite claiming the contrary (13:55). He also touches on Discord's $15B valuation (25:56), Mailchimp selling for $12B (33:40), and answers some livestream questions (40:35)!
  44. OpenSea admits employee was front-running featured NFTs + Goldbelly CEO Joe Ariel on food e-commerce | E12832021/09/15
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  45. “Amazon Unbound” author Brad Stone on the mind of Bezos, the future of Amazon & more | E12822021/09/14
    Brad Stone, the author of "Amazon Unbound", joined to talk about Elon Musk (09:44), Amazon's workplace environment (23:25), the importance of Prime (27:17), which tech companies are most dangerous for society (51:13), & more!
  46. Growth stocks, Inflation impacts, SPACs & more with Beth Kindig & Knox Ridley from I/O Fund | E12812021/09/10
    Beth Kindig and Knox Ridley from the I/O Fund came on to discuss with Jason their top growth stocks, market indicators, how to manage risk in an all tech portfolio, potential big tech spin outs, Roku's incredible expansion and more!
  47. Coinbase battles SEC over Lend + How DeFi interest rates work with Genesis’ Matt Ballensweig | E12792021/09/09
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  48. BAYC at Sotheby’s, Loot, Tether Canada ban + 8VC’s Joe Lonsdale: Palantir, China, Cicero | E12782021/09/07
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  49. Next Unicorns: Miso Robotics’ Mike Bell, $3 an hour fry cooks + MorningBrew’s Dan Toomey on TikTok | E12762021/09/02
    Jason chats with Miso Robotics CEO Mike Bell (1:07), about automating food preparation, filling the labor gap, the consequences of robots, growing with crowdfunding and more. Then, TWIST Producer Rachel Braun interviews Dan Toomey about the strategies he uses to run the Morning Brew TikTok account.
  50. Bored Ape Madness with The Infatuation’s Andrew Steinthal + Breaking into VC with Nicole DeTommaso | E12752021/09/01
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  51. Elizabeth Holmes Theranos fraud trial kickoff + Blokable’s Aaron Holm: how to scale housing | E12742021/08/31
    First, Jason covers the kickoff of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' fraud trial (1:48). Then, Blokable Co-CEO & Co-Founder Aaron Holm joins (16:37) to discuss solving the housing crisis, the Phoenix Rising project (27:05), why vertical integration is the key to making modular affordable, green materials (40:53), why LA's homeless housing project went way over budget (46:46) & more.
  52. CCP closes foreign IPO loophole + Audius’ Roneil Rumburg: decentralized project crash course | E12732021/08/27
    First Jason covers the CCP banning US IPOs for big tech companies, closing the VIE loophole (1:50), then Audius Co-Founder Roneil Rumburg joins (18:44) to talk about his "decentralized SoundCloud," how decentralized crypto projects actually work for investors and executives, and more!
  53. HeadSpin accused of $80M fraud, housing startup irks NIMBYs + Not Boring’s Packy McCormick | E12722021/08/26
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  54. Rapid Fire News: OnlyFans reverses course, Circle to clean up USDC reserves, Warby Parker S-1 | E12712021/08/25
    In today's news show, Jason covers OnlyFans being back to business as usual (1:31), the stablecoin Circle cleaning up commercial paper from their USDC reserves (16:49), and does a break down of Warby Parker's S-1 as the company prepare to go public via direct listing (30:30).
  55. Rapid Fire News: Facebook “cleans up their house,” Tyga takes on OnlyFans, Jack Ma vs. CCP | E12702021/08/24
    In this news episode Jason covers Facebook finally revealing their Q1 transparency report after they originally shelved the report for PR purposes (2:08), Tyga deleting his OnlyFans account and announcing he will launch a competing platform (23:59), the WSJ's coverage of where Jack Ma is now (36:19) & more!
  56. Robinhood earnings breakdown, Amazon launching department stores + Mark Suster deep dives VC | E12682021/08/19
    Jason breaks down the 2 metrics he uses to to assess Robinhood's Q2 earnings (1:43) and Amazon entering Department Store retail (16:39). Then, Mark Suster from Upfront Ventures joins (24:07) to discuss venture metrics, community as a moat, why high valuations don't necessarily mean a bubble & more.
  57. Noodlegate, the end of cancel culture? + Next Unicorns: OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman | E12672021/08/18
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  58. Casey Newton’s Superhuman misfire, Apple’s backdoor, 5G crypto network, WhatsApp’s Taliban problem | E12662021/08/17
    Podcasting from Italy after a 2-week break of news, Jason covers Casey Newton's failed dunk on Superhuman's $75M raise (2:58), the privacy implications of Apple's approach to preventing child porn distribution (23:14), the Helium Networks internet project (35:02), crypto regulation (43:03), and how WhatsApp is handling Afghanistan (49:45).
  59. Next Unicorns: Splice CEO Steve Martocci, building the Github for music | E12652021/08/13
    Steve Martocci, the CEO of Splice (also co-founder of Blade & previously sold GroupMe to Skype) joins for our Next Unicorns series to discuss how music rights work (10:07), growing a high-quality marketplace (21:59), AI music creation (36:10), & more
  60. How to secure follow-on investment for your startup (FounderU) + Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius | E12642021/08/12
    Jason discusses how founders can secure follow on funding (1:57), then is joined by investor Zach Coelius to answer listener questions on technical co-founders (38:21), successful founder traits (40:41), founder red flags (46:07), why startups fail diligence (56:17) and more.
  61. How to come up with a startup idea (FounderU) + Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius | E12632021/08/11
    Jason does a Founder University segment on how to generate startup ideas (1:55), then Zach Coelius joins to take some "Ask an Angel" questions: what data points are most valuable when iterating on product (29:03), what skills are most important to be a success in VC (36:410), what skills are most important to be a success in VC (42:51).
  62. Nick Kokonas of Tock & Alinea, flipping the low-margin restaurant model | E12622021/08/10
    Nick Kokonas joins to discuss his his company Tock (10:50), his world-class restaurant group Alinea (0:54), how restaurants can improve their operating leverage (18:05), digital experiences augmenting hospitality (39:41), why tipping needs to be replaced (44:50), the labor supply (56:16), inflation (1:00:27), employee health and more!
  63. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on the current state and future of the US housing market | E12612021/08/06
    Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman joins to discuss the current U.S. housing situation (05:05), homebuilding rates, San Francisco (23:43), remote work (28:22), generational work-life balance differences (35:24), Redfin's approach to real estate (46:52), regulation, DOJ & MLS (58:33), & more.
  64. Bootstrapping vs. taking Venture Capital (FounderU) + Ask An Angel with Zach Coelius | E12602021/08/05
    In a Founder University segment, Jason compares running a bootstrapped vs. venture-backed company (1:17), discusses 'pegasus' companies (11:09), advises what types of businesses should take VC (23:59), and explains what motivates VCs (33:27). Then Zach Coelius joins to take some listener questions (38:48).
  65. How to a Grow Consumer SaaS App to 225K Paying Customers – Next Unicorns: Fitbod CEO Allen Chen | E12592021/08/04
    Fitbod CEO Allen Chen joins to discuss how they got funded & why they haven't deployed their capital (01:06), the importance of being user-centric when building a consumer app (17:44), how Allen plans grow to 1 million customers (29:14), & more!
  66. Creating a new venture fund: formation, follow-on strategies & more with Acquired | E12582021/08/03
    Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal from Acquired join to discuss David's new venture fund Kindergarten Ventures (00:56), how to structure a VC fund (12:16), Jason's super pro-rata strategy (30:17), podcasting (35:50), and they tease the next episode on "The Mount Rushmore of Venture Capital" (56:11) & more!
  67. News! Robinhood/Duolingo IPOs, Big Tech earnings, China & more with TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm | E12572021/07/30
    Alex Wilhelm from TechCrunch joins Jason to chop up this week's news. They cover Robinhood & Duolingo's IPOs (3:40), consumer subscription businesses (25:09), Google's growth (28:25), the startup funding landscape (38:51), Amazon (42:46), China's actions against tech (47:35), Apple (1:04:19) & more!
  68. Nikola’s Trevor Milton indicted for fraud, Robinhood IPO + GRIN CEO Brandon Brown | E12562021/07/29
    Jason covers the Grand Jury indictment of Nikola founder Trevor Milton for making false claims to investors (1:50) and gives short recap of Robinhood's IPO (18:55). Then, Brandon Brown joins to discuss his company GRIN (25:40), the influencer economy, shifting advertising trends, social media platforms and more.
  69. Youtube vs. Netflix, Google’s $230B run rate + Next Unicorns: OpenSea’s Devin Finzer on NFTs | E12552021/07/28
    Jason breaks down Google's earnings and compares Netflix & Youtube (3:22). Then, in our Next Unicorns series, Devin Finzer (27:01), the Co-Founder and CEO of OpenSea (an NFT marketplace) joins to discuss the innovations that helped NFTs take off (37:58), the future of collectibles & more.
  70. Emergency Pod! Tether executives facing DOJ bank fraud probe (via Bloomberg) | E12532021/07/27
    Tether executives are reportedly facing a DOJ criminal probe for bank fraud! Jason breaks down Bloomberg's report (1:31), Tether's response (10:34) and assesses potential implications for the wider crypto ecosystem, including if this had anything to do with Sunday night's Bitcoin surge. (16:29)
  71. Dfinity’s ICP crypto complaint, Snap/Twitter earnings, China’s e-learning crackdown & more | E12522021/07/23
    In this rapid fire news episode, Jason covers a16z-backed Dfinity's crypto class action complaint (02:46), Snapchat and Twitter's massive earnings (19:33), the CCP considering turning it's ed-tech sector non-profit (34:15), Alphabet's new company (40:23), San Francisco's 17M sq. ft. of vacant office space (47:22), and then reflects on some old Disney+ predictions (58:28).
  72. China punishes Didi, Twitter’s new feature, UAE makes it rain + Do Kwon of Terraform Labs | E12512021/07/22
    Jason covers China's increasing penalties for Didi (2:52), Twitter's test of a downvote feature (12:13), and how the UAE was able to induce rain with electricity (17:32). Then Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform labs joins (22:38) to discuss his stable coin project TerraUSD (31:18), the underlying cryptocurrency LUNA, and shed light on Tether as crypto insider (59:56).
  73. Bezos goes to space, Robinhood IPO, USDC attestation + Flock Safety’s Garrett Langley | E12492021/07/21
    In news Jason covers Bezos reaching space (2:32), Robinhood's S-1/A (13:28), Circle's new USDC attestation (22:25), crypto crackdown in Asia (36:06), Zoom buying Five9 for almost $15B (46:00)
    Keith Rabois' OpenStore (47:11). Then for our Next Unicorns series, Jason interviews Flock Safety CEO Garrett Langely, about reducing crime in American cities and neighborhoods (50:18).
  74. Rapid Fire News: AI voices after death, DOJ investigates Lordstown Motors, COVID adaptation | E12482021/07/16
    Jason covers Anthony Bourdain's amazing AI deepfake voice in "roadrunner" & potential startup ideas for the technology (01:49), the investigation into EV startup Lordstown Motors (12:27), and the way businesses are reacting to how COVID is being managed in FL & CA (42:11).
  75. Rapid Fire News: FB’s right-wing algo, Tether update, giving Cuba internet, Powell on stable coins & more | E12472021/07/16
    News episode, Jason covers CrowdTangle's data headache (01:56), how the White House wants to crack down on social media misinformation (13:34), Florida Gov. DeSantis proposal for providing internet to Cuba (17:17), a $1B fund for creators (21:32), our Tether investigation (25:07) & more!
  76. The Next Unicorns: Adena Hefets CEO of Divvy Homes, forging a new path to home ownership | E12462021/07/15
    To kick off this season of "The Next Unicorns," Adena Hefets, CEO of Divvy Homes, joins to discuss how they are helping Americans blaze a path to owning a home (2:51), if we are in a real estate bubble (25:37), the American home shortage (34:53) and more!
  77. China cracks down on US IPOs, winning founder qualities, Ask Jason: accelerators, investing | E12442021/07/13
    Jason covers the CCP crackdown on Chinese tech companies listing in the US, shares how he spots winning founders (14:02), then answers Ask Jason questions: finding a technical co-founder (36:47), signals for startup success (39:29), advice for new angel investors (45:18), and more.
  78. Biden targets big corporations + Tether Investigation with Bitfinex’ed | E12432021/07/09
    Jason covers Biden's executive order seeking to increase competition and weaken the power of Big Tech (2:21). Then, we continue our Tether Investigation with @Bitfinex'ed (18:16), covering how Tether works (36:09), and why he believes there is massive risk to the crypto markets (48:55) & more!
  79. Nextdoor SPAC breakdown, Pelosi trading options + Morning Brew’s Alex Lieberman | E12422021/07/08
    First, Jason breaks down the highlights from Nextdoor's SPAC announcement (1:48) and covers the profits made by politicians trading tech company options (16:26). Then, Alex Lieberman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Morning Brew, joins to talk about growing a newsletter business (45:34), expanding as a media company (49:51), angel investing (57:19) & more!
  80. Barclays blocks Binance, China pauses Didi downloads + Steezy CEO Evan Zhou | E12412021/07/06
    Jason covers the red flags emerging around Binance (2:34), the Chinese government's swift action against Didi relating to data privacy (16:40). Then Steezy Founder & CEO Evan Zhou joins to discuss how simple an MVP can be (27:44), growing & monetizing a consumer SaaS company (32:56) & more.
  81. Emergency Pod! Robinhood files to go public: S-1 breakdown | E12402021/07/02
    Robinhood is going public! Jason breaks down their recently filed S-1 and covers the most important metrics (1:56), comparisons against other major brokerages (8:45) and more!
  82. How to nail Monthly Investor Updates (FounderU) + Ginkgo Bioworks CEO Jason Kelly | E12392021/07/01
    First Jason explains how to deliver great investor updates & the benefits of doing them well (1:36). Then, Ginkgo Bioworks CEO Jason Kelly joins to discuss the expanding capabilities of synthetic biology (24:48), how Ginkgo is currently helping customers make products more effectively (35:58), the ethics & risks of editing DNA (51:53) & more!
  83. Sam Altman’s “Worldcoin,” Facebook hits $1T + Alchemy’s Nikil Viswanathan on “AWS for Blockchain” | E12382021/06/29
    In the opening News segment Jason covers Sam Altman launching a new cryptocurrency "Worldcoin" (2:18), and
    Facebook becoming the fastest company to ever reach a $1T market cap (11:16). Then, Alchemy CEO Nikil Viswanathan joins for an interview on his "AWS for the blockchain" (20:44), the limitations of the blockchain (29:24) & more! Podcast Notes: https://bit.ly/1238notes
  84. News! Peter Thiel’s $5B Roth IRA, Black creators strike on TikTok, BuzzFeed SPAC, Microsoft goes anti-Apple PLUS Ask Jason | E12372021/06/25
    News episode Jason talks about Peter Thiel’s multi-billion dollar Roth IRA (1:27), Black creators striking on TikTok (13:32), BuzzFeed's SPAC (24:15), Microsoft's dig at Apple (31:28), and two Ask Jason questions (41:59)!
  85. The power of the SOD/EOD plus Bill Maris on early Google stories, origins of GV, bioterrorism & more | E12362021/06/24
    First, Jason does a "Founder University" segment on the benefits of remote managing using a SOD-EOD format (1:31). Then Bill Maris joins to discuss what working at Google was like when Bill started GV (25:28), why Google didn't win on social (38:49), bioterrorism risks (1:07:39) & more.
  86. China moves crypto mining to US + Overtime’s Dan Porter on GenZ basketball league & network | E12352021/06/22
    Jason covers the recent Chinese Bitcoin mining migration (1:56). Then, Dan Porter the CEO of Overtime joins to discuss how Overtime is building a next-generation sports network across Youtube, Twitch, & social media (15:12) and launching Overtime Elite a new basketball league where 16-18-year-olds can earn $100-$500K to prepare for the pros.
  87. What startups need to succeed | Scaling Your Startup S2 E10 with Intercom’s Des Traynor | E12342021/06/18
    Intercom CEO Des Traynor discusses why startups need to grow fast (7:44), how to execute at speed (10:48), build an effective culture (33:35) & more!
  88. GameStop poaches Amazon execs, Streaming stalls + Genies CEO Akash Nigam on Avatars & NFTs | E12332021/06/16
    Jason kicks off the episode with the news: an update on the Tether (02:02), how Gamestop poached Amazon talent (06:17), and the first-ever decline in the average number of streaming accounts per household (19:04). Then, Akash Nigam joins to discuss his company Genies, why everyone will have an avatar, the metaverse, NTFs & more (25:10).
  89. Tether: Crypto’s Black Swan? Plus Alternative Asset Roundtable featuring the founders of Masterworks, Fundrise & Rally Rd | E12322021/06/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  90. Zymergen CEO Josh Hoffman on Biofacturing PLUS Founder U Startup Math | E12312021/06/11
    Jason opens with a Founder University segment on "Startup Math" (1:48), then interviews Zymergen CEO Josh Hoffman on Biofacturing (16:45), how DNA sequencing & machine learning are enabling materials science advancements (26:35), what human capital is needed for the industry (42:53) & more. Pod Notes: http://bit.ly/1231notes
  91. News! The cult of Bitcoin maximalists, Bezos is going to space, & Facebook’s smartwatch | E12302021/06/11
    First up, Jason covers "Bitcoin Toxicity." Are Bitcoin maximalists exhibiting cult-like behavior? (1:19) Then, he assesses the risks of Bezos going to space: is the potential upside worth the risk of ruin? (36:16) Finally, he wraps with news of Facebook's rumored smartwatch. Have Apple's recent privacy measures forced Facebook's hand into the wearables space? (40:59)
  92. Customer Success | Scaling Your Startup S2E9 with Statusphere’s Kristen Wiley & Techmate’s Nicole Beals | E12292021/06/09
    Info (Show/Hide)
  93. Aurora CEO Chris Urmson on building the roadmap to fully autonomous vehicles | E12282021/06/08
    Chris Urmson the CEO of Aurora, a leading self-driving company, joins Jason to recount the history of autonomous vehicles (1:06), the roadmap for removing human drivers (16:47), what technology problems are left to solve (38:25) and more!
  94. Apple’s WFH blowback, navigating current startup valuations PLUS Sugar’s Fatima Dicko | 12272021/06/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  95. Katerra’s collapse, Bill Ackman’s SPAC merger plus Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi | E12262021/06/04
    Jason covers the bankruptcy of the Softbank-backed construction startup Katerra, Bill Ackman's Universal Music SPAC, then interviews Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi about portable benefits for independent contractors, the expanding UberEats business, local commerce and more!
  96. Launching Twitter Blue with Twitter’s Head of Product Kayvon Beykpour | E12252021/06/03
    Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter's Head of Product shares the strategy behind Twitter's recent feature releases, what structural changes enabled Twitter to increase product velocity, how they segment composers & consumers, the Twitter blue launch & more!
  97. Low-Burn | Scaling Your Startup S2 E8 with Neyborly’s Ben Seidl & Xendoo’s Lil Roberts | E12242021/06/03
    Info (Show/Hide)
  98. Citizen App’s bounty blunder, “digital bodyguard” service + Coinbase launches “Fact Check” | E12232021/05/28
    Jason breaks down the Citizen App's recent mistake of putting a $30,000 bounty on an incorrect arson suspect (01:39), assesses the merits of an "Uber for private security" (17:15), and covers Coinbase's launch of their self-titled "Fact Check" media arm (37:32).
  99. Acquired.FM’s Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal on Berkshire vs. Bitcoin, Amazon acquires James Bond IP, and more! | E12222021/05/26
    Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal of Acquired join Jason to talk about Bitcoin's recent price action (5:55), the cognitive dissonance of liking both Bitcoin and Berkshire (14:27), Amazon's acquisition of MGM (39:34), and more!
  100. Culture | Scaling Your Startup S2 E7: 15five’s David Hassell & Balloon’s Amanda Greenberg | E12212021/05/25
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  101. US initiates crypto regulation, Robinhood IPO access, Slack as a Trojan Horse PLUS Magic Spoon CEO Gabi Lewis | E12202021/05/21
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  102. Emergency Pod! Huge Bitcoin correction, Robinhood IPO rumors, Squarespace direct listing | E12192021/05/20
    Emergency pod! Bitcoin sees a major correction due to China's crack down (1:46). What are the chances it could it go to zero, and could China banning crypto be a blessing in disguise? Robinhood is rumored to be going public next month (14:14), what will their market cap be at IPO? Plus Squarespace goes public via direct listing (26:10)!
  103. Marketing SEO & Conversion Funnels | Scaling Your Startup S2 E6: Gravitr’s Doriane Mouret & Outlaw’s Danielle Vincent | E12182021/05/19
    This episode is full of tactical advice for improving your marketing operations. Gravitr's Doriane Mouret explains how to improve your conversion funnels (3:28), Outlaw's Danielle Vincent shares how to improve your SEO (33:45), then Jason joins for a Q&A covering the right cadence, location, and quality of content to publish (47:21).
  104. Amazon in talks to acquire MGM, AT&T offloading Warner Media, Dapper Labs lawsuit plus NYT’s Taylor Lorenz on creator economy, Clubhouse & Jake Paul’s venture fund | E12172021/05/18
    Jason covers Amazon's talks to acquire MGM, AT&T's spin-off of WarnerMedia to Discovery, and Dapper Labs lawsuit about the nature of NFTs (1:00). Then, NYT journalist Taylor Lorenz joins to discuss the implications of social media & its more reckless influencers (15:21), why she prefers to write for the New York Times instead of a lucrative Substack offer (48:50), and more!
  105. Emergency Pod! Twitter is reportedly building a paid subscription called “Twitter Blue” | E12162021/05/18
    Jason shares insights on the Twitter Blue leak (1:40) then breaks down recent product innovations, Twitter's 2021 acquisition spree, and what it all means (15:05). Check out the pod notes: https://bitly.com/e1216notes
  106. Ask an Angel PLUS Antonio Garcia Martinez vs. Apple with Zach Coelius | E12152021/05/15
    Zach Coelius joins Jason to answer live listener questions (1:09), and then the pair discuss Apple's recent debacle in firing Antonio Garcia Martinez after being pressured by employees (42:43). Check out the pod notes here: https://bitly.com/e1215notes
  107. Product | Scaling Your Startup S2 E5 with Superhuman’s Rahul Vohra & Fitbod’s Jesse Venticique | E12142021/05/15
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  108. Oura CEO Harpreet Rai on improving sleep, NBA partnerships, hardware & more PLUS the Instagram Kids debacle | E12132021/05/13
    Jason gives his take on Facebook's Instagram Kids initiative (0:53), then, Ōura's CEO Harpreet Rai discusses how sleep & recovery scores are calculated (25:09), how Oura works with the NBA & enterprise to keep organizations healthy (50:49), and more! Pod Notes: http://bit.ly/e1213tnotes
  109. Precursor Ventures’ Charles Hudson & Jason give candid feedback on startup pitches at Founder University | E12122021/05/11
    Jason & Charles Hudson from Precursor Ventures take 8 pitches from founders and give feedback on how the pitches were structured (13:10) and their business models (38:48). Pod Notes: http://bit.ly/twist1212
  110. Facebook’s Oversight Board rules on Trump ban plus how to reverse engineer TAM & more | E12112021/05/07
    Jason covers the Facebook Oversight Board's decision on Trump (15:49), gives a potential solution for bad actors on social media that are of public consequence (39:25), provides a concrete way to reverse engineer TAM (55:00), and more!
  111. Fundraising | Scaling Your Startup S2 E4 with Density’s Andrew Farah and SoleSavy’s Dejan Pralica | E12102021/05/06
  112. Crafter’s Morgan Spenla on delighting makers with memberships, materials, and a marketplace | E12092021/05/05
  113. Breaking down Basecamp’s tumultuous week, politics at work & more | E12082021/05/05
  114. How Tiger Global is outpacing VC with better, faster, cheaper, capital ft. Founders Fund’s Everett Randle | E12072021/04/30
  115. Sales | Scaling Your Startup S2 E3 with GRIN’s Brandon Brown and LeadIQ’s Mei Siauw | E12062021/04/29
  116. Arlan Hamilton on raising $5M in crowdfunding, empowering & educating underestimated founders | E12052021/04/27
  117. Emergency Pod! Tim Cook vs. Mark Zuckerberg: Apple and Facebook go to war over privacy updates | E12042021/04/27
  118. Altimeter’s Brad Gerstner on taking Grab public in largest SPAC ever, fixing broken IPOs | E12032021/04/23
  119. Social Marketing | Scaling Your Startup S2 E2 with Mehak Vohra and Kate Bradley-Chernis | E12022021/04/21
  120. Emergency Pod! Jason reacts to the Apple event: M1 iMac & iPad Pro, AirTags, Podcasts & more | E12012021/04/21
  121. MetaKovan on financing digital art & buying Beeple’s $69M NFT, plus Clubhouse facing new competition in social audio | E12002021/04/20
  122. Jason’s EOW (End of Week) | 4/16/202021/04/17
  123. Republic CEO Ken Nguyen on making early-stage investing for everyone | E11992021/04/16
  124. Throwback! Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong from November 20172021/04/15
  125. Growth | Scaling Your Startup S2 E1 with Growth University’s Craig Zingerline and Fitbod’s Allen Chen | E11982021/04/14
  126. Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou on powering NFTs, NBA Top Shot, & CryptoKitties | E11972021/04/13
  127. Building a production location marketplace with Hank Leber, Co-Founder of Giggster | E11962021/04/09
  128. Snack App’s Kim Kaplan PLUS 3 key metrics that matter for consumer, enterprise SaaS & marketplace startups | E11952021/04/06
  129. This Week in Startups Australia hosted by Mark Pesce | Season 9 Episode 1 with Jason Calacanis2021/04/06
  130. Early angel investing blind spots, thoughts on the creator economy PLUS Canny.io’s Sarah Hum | E11942021/04/02
  131. Common First-Time Founder Mistakes Part 2! with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2021/04/02
  132. Emergency Pod! SPAC Overload: Understanding 2021’s unprecedented SPAC market | E11932021/04/01
  133. Emergency Pod! uBiome: Anatomy of an Alleged Fraud with Wall Street Journal reporter Amy Dockser Marcus | E11922021/03/31
  134. Startup Bracketology: selecting the world’s best private company with Acquired FM PLUS future of VC | E11912021/03/26
  135. Common First-Time Founder Mistakes with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2021/03/26
  136. Emergency Pod! Microsoft in talks to buy Discord for $10B+; breaking down their thesis, Discord’s business & more | E11902021/03/26
  137. Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius: Starting your angel career, building marketplaces & more | E11892021/03/25
  138. Joanne Wilson on spotting a bubble, NYC’s post-pandemic reset, portfolio management in an unsustainable market & more | Angel S5 E102021/03/24
  139. Sahil Lavingia on Gumroad’s groundbreaking equity crowdfunding raise, lessons from a decade-long startup journey, insights on rolling funds & more | E11882021/03/24
  140. Cade Metz on his controversial Slate Star Codex article, new book “Genius Makers,” dangers of algorithmic moderation, a16z vs. legacy media & more | E11872021/03/19
  141. Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius: changing VC landscape, pitch deck punch-ups, Tesla’s future & more | E11862021/03/19
  142. Stock option grants deep dive with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2021/03/18
  143. Paul Judge on helping lead SoftBank’s $100M Opportunity Fund, future of fundraising, importance of “building your Olympic Team” & more | Angel S5 E92021/03/18
  144. Kevin Rose on his product philosophy, Reddit & Digg’s inverse journeys, Twitter’s recent innovations & more | E11852021/03/16
  145. Tobi Lütke on Shopify’s impact on the creator economy, COVID forcing focus, early Internet breakthroughs, evolving as a remote manager & much more | E11842021/03/14
  146. How to run an efficient board meeting with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2021/03/12
  147. Garry Tan on lessons from past startup failures, power of community funnels, Alexis Ohanian’s departure & more | Angel S5 E82021/03/11
  148. Harlem Capital’s Henri Pierre-Jacques on funding underrepresented founders, insights from raising first fund & getting Apple as an LP, Black culture’s impact on social apps | E11832021/03/10
  149. Keith Rabois on Miami vs. Bay Area, cognitive variety, America’s self-examination & more PLUS Keith’s Best Twitter Dunks | E11822021/03/05
  150. Matt Mullenweg on pioneering remote work, investing in open-source, crypto & more | Angel S5 E72021/03/04
  151. Hims & Hers CEO Andrew Dudum on the future of healthcare post-COVID, starting a company to SPAC’ing in 36 months | E11812021/03/03
  152. Founders from LAUNCH Accelerator’s 20th Cohort join Jason to talk fundraising, growth, pitching & more | E11802021/02/27
  153. Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius: early-stage valuations, product roadmaps, startup killers, Twitter gets its groove back & more | E11792021/02/27
  154. Reid Hoffman on the Joby Aviation SPAC, lessons from early Airbnb & Facebook bets, passing on Stripe & SpaceX, investment thesis & more | Angel S5 E62021/02/25
  155. Emergency Pod! Deconstructing the grift: Clubhouse coaching scams with Coffeezilla | E11782021/02/25
  156. “Crisis” Director Nick Jarecki on the opioid problem in America, post-COVID film distribution & more | E11772021/02/23
  157. Ask Jason! All-In origins, avoiding common investor mistakes, defining “lifestyle” business vs. venture scale & more! | E11762021/02/20
  158. News! Bitcoin hits $50K, monetizing Clubhouse, drafting the Mount Rushmore of Tech CEOs & more with Acquired FM | E11752021/02/19
  159. Mark Cuban on the resurgence of retail investors, NBA’s potential entry into wagering & digital assets, DeFi & much more | Angel S5 E52021/02/18
  160. Andrew Wilkinson on bringing the Buffett approach to startups, WeCommerce, Slack & more | E11742021/02/17
  161. Box CEO Aaron Levie on the developing cloud storage market, Twitter jokes, Clubhouse vices & more | E11732021/02/12
  162. Budgets, models & what investors are looking for with Scott Orn | Kruze Consulting Startup Finance Basics2021/02/12
  163. Howard Lindzon on public vs. private investing psychology, “great unbundling” of index funds, Robinhood & more | Angel S5 E42021/02/11
  164. Ask an Angel with Zach Coelius: is moving to SF still worth it, bubble/recession potential, post-COVID funding & more | E11722021/02/10
  165. Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ Bob Mumgaard on trying to solve climate change via nuclear fusion technology | E11712021/02/06
  166. Five things you need to nail to scale with Scott Orn | Kruze Consulting Startup Finance Basics2021/02/05
  167. Emergency Pod! Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO: Reasons, reactions & more | E11702021/02/04
  168. Elad Gil on his product-market driven thesis, importance of market pull, entering the “go public sooner” decade | Angel S5 E32021/02/04
  169. Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen on “going big” with $1B funding round, insights from scaling globally, lessons from the pandemic | E11692021/02/03
  170. No Rules Rules Co-Author Erin Meyer: Netflix’s “keeper test”, comparative turnover, navigating global business cultures – Part 2 | E11682021/01/30
  171. Startup taxes deep dive with Scott Orn | Kruze Consulting Startup Finance Basics2021/01/29
  172. Emergency Pod! WallStreetBets vs. Suits, breaking down the GameStop fiasco & more | E11672021/01/28
  173. Intercom’s Des Traynor on the importance of pricing, product-market fit metrics & more | Angel S5 E22021/01/28
  174. No Rules Rules Co-Author Erin Meyer on how Netflix cultivates outlier performance & re-aligns values towards innovation – Part 1 | E11662021/01/27
  175. Outer CEO Jiake Liu on standing out in DTC, go-to-market innovations, pitching at Remote Demo Day & more | E11652021/01/23
  176. Emergency Pod! Facebook hands off Trump’s indefinite ban to the Oversight Board | E11642021/01/22
  177. How to ace diligence & avoid common mistakes with Scott Orn | Kruze Consulting Startup Finance Basics2021/01/22
  178. David Tisch shares insights from 350+ early-stage investments in companies like Plaid & Roman, importance of reputation, dealing with sharp-elbowed investors & more | Angel S5 E12021/01/21
  179. Frame.io CEO Emery Wells on helping the film industry go remote, how distributed work is changing movie studios & more | E11632021/01/19
  180. “Early-stage startups we love right now” with Indie Hackers’ Courtland Allen & Pioneer’s Daniel Gross | E11622021/01/15
  181. DocSend CEO Russ Heddleston on pitch deck insights, leaning into criticism & more | E11612021/01/13
  182. Coda CEO Shishir Mehrotra on the productivity renaissance, enabling the maker generation, insights from early years of YouTube & more | E11602021/01/12
  183. Joel Greenblatt on understanding market factors, improving public education, reducing income inequality & more | E11592021/01/08
  184. Andy Rachleff on management theory, Reed Hastings’ genius, lessons from passing on Netflix & more | E11582021/01/05
  185. E1157: TWiSTYs 2020 – Jason gives awards for the best, funniest, wettest beak & more!2020/12/25
  186. E1156: Emergency Pod! Ripple sued by SEC over XRP cryptocurrency, breaking down the SEC Complaint2020/12/23
  187. E1155: Daryl Morey on his eventful 2020, adapting to paradigm shifts, taking the Sixers job, building a winning organization & more2020/12/22
  188. E1154: Breaking the low-code stigma amongst developers & adjusting your market with Retool’s David Hsu | Rising Stars of SaaS 102020/12/16
  189. E1153: Dave Portnoy on the business of Barstool, talent acquisition, Call Her Daddy controversy & more2020/12/15
  190. E1152: Keith Rabois on leaving Silicon Valley for Miami, Roaring Twenties 2.0, IPO spree & more2020/12/15
  191. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of December 7th, 20202020/12/12
  192. E1151: Tech stock deep dive with Alex Wilhelm & Beth Kindig: Airbnb & DoorDash IPOs, Zoom’s pricing power, post-pandemic outlook, top picks & more2020/12/11
  193. Employment Agreement deep dive: IP assignment, offer letters, side hustles & more with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2020/12/10
  194. E1150: Creating a better presentation software, competing with PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides & achieving great design with Pitch CEO Christian Reber | Rising Stars of SaaS 92020/12/09
  195. E1149: Brad Feld on building startup communities, reconciling anxiety as an early-stage investor & remembering Tony Hsieh2020/12/08
  196. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 30th, 20202020/12/05
  197. E1148: Apps Without Code Founder & CEO Tara Reed teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to bootstrap startups to profitability2020/12/04
  198. Understanding Financing Structures: SAFEs, Convertibles Notes, Priced Rounds & more with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2020/12/03
  199. E1147: “Godfather of SaaS” Jason Lemkin on 2020’s cloud software boom, public CEO mindsets, how Zoom conquered the competition & more | Rising Stars of SaaS 82020/12/02
  200. E1146: LAUNCH Accelerator Cohort 19 founders reflect on their journeys thru the program: Blush (custom illustration tool), Palabra (no-code email automation) & Rolebot (AI hiring platform)2020/12/02
  201. E1145: Emergency Pod! Salesforce is reportedly acquiring Slack: winners, losers, ramifications & more!2020/12/01
  202. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 23rd, 20202020/11/26
  203. E1144: How Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are solving education financing & aligning incentives in a broken system with Meratas CEO Darius Goldman | Rising Stars of SaaS 72020/11/25
  204. Negotiating a Term Sheet: Deal killers, what terms are worth fighting for & more with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2020/11/24
  205. E1143: Indie Hackers Founder Courtland Allen is creating a community for the next generation of builders to chase the “new American Dream”2020/11/23
  206. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 16th, 20202020/11/21
  207. E1142: Emergency Pod! Jason breaks down & ranks his top 4 IPO candidates: Airbnb, Affirm, Robinhood & Roblox!2020/11/21
  208. E1141: CircleUp’s Ryan Caldbeck on the mental & physical toll of being a founder, why he stepped down as CEO & shared his struggle publicly2020/11/20
  209. Avoiding Co-Founder legal disputes & C-Corp vs. LLC with Becki DeGraw | Wilson Sonsini Startup Legal Basics2020/11/20
  210. E1140: Dishcraft Robotics CEO Linda Pouliot on scaling Robots-as-a-Service | Rising Stars of SaaS 62020/11/19
  211. E1139: Loop CEO Brian Gannon shares secrets to scaling a hardware startup & launching the Loop 2 + bonus Ask Jason!2020/11/18
  212. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 9th, 20202020/11/14
  213. E1138: Ask Jason! Benefits to growing a company internationally, Apple’s new chip impact, investing in solo founders & more!2020/11/13
  214. E1137: Making coding accessible for all with Repl.it CEO Amjad Masad | Rising Stars of SaaS 52020/11/11
  215. E1136: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce on evolving accreditation laws, SPACs, importance of capital markets in wealth creation, spotting fraud & more2020/11/10
  216. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 2nd, 20202020/11/07
  217. E1135: Density CEO Andrew Farah on launching the Open Area sensor, $51M Series C, impact of increasing spatial efficiency, risk-taking & more2020/11/06
  218. E1134: Deep dive on the food delivery wars with ChowNow CEO Chris Webb | Rising Stars of SaaS 42020/11/05
  219. E1133: Podcast & blogging pioneer Dave Winer on inventing new forms of media, tribalism on social media, tales from Silicon Valley’s Golden Age & more2020/11/03
  220. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of October 26th, 20202020/10/31
  221. E1132: News! Jack Dorsey vs. Ted Cruz, Google’s antitrust lawsuit, Expensify email, Amazon deep dive & much more with Acquired’s Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal2020/10/30
  222. E1131 Bringing barbershops into the digital age with Squire CEO Songe LaRon | Rising Stars of SaaS 32020/10/29
  223. E1130: “Billion Dollar Loser” Author Reeves Wiedeman on WeWork’s epic rise & crazy collapse, Adam Neumann’s unique behavior, hypocrisy, red flags & more2020/10/27
  224. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of October 19th, 20202020/10/24
  225. E1129: Ring Founder Jamie Siminoff on launching the Always Home Cam – an autonomous indoor drone, taking his company from bad reviews to a billion-dollar acquisition by Amazon & more2020/10/23
  226. E1128: Emergency Pod! A Quibi postmortem – Diving into the numbers, what went wrong, lessons learned & more!2020/10/23
  227. E1127: Data privacy deep dive with Transcend CEO Ben Brook; tracking pixels, GDPR, privacy as a selling point & more | Rising Stars of SaaS 22020/10/22
  228. E1126: Capital Allocators Host Ted Seides goes deep on endowments, LP turnover, public/private market insights, ESG investing & more2020/10/20
  229. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of October 12th, 20202020/10/17
  230. E1125: LAUNCH Accelerator Cohort 18 founders reflect on their journeys thru the program: Fluent Forever (language learning app), SupportPay (child support management solution) & v.one (no-code app building platform)2020/10/16
  231. E1124: Reducing response times for first responders & revolutionizing outdated systems with RapidDeploy CEO Steven Raucher | Rising Stars of SaaS 12020/10/14
  232. E1123: Emergency Pod! Jason reacts to the iPhone 12 fail & Apple jumping the shark; theories on the lack of innovation: is something big in the works or has Apple lost its magic?2020/10/14
  233. E1122: Running Tide CEO Marty Odlin is helping solve the Climate crisis by using kelp to sequester carbon in the ocean, shares insights on generational shifts in climate response & more2020/10/13
  234. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of October 5th, 20202020/10/10
  235. E1121: Mark Suster on investing in human-computer interfaces & sustainability, what he looks for in founders, SPACs impact on early-stage investing & more2020/10/09
  236. E1120: Shift Co-CEO George Arison on going public via SPAC, lessons from building Uber’s predecessor & innovating in the massive used car market2020/10/07
  237. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of September 28th, 20202020/10/03
  238. E1119: Wonderschool CEO Chris Bennett is creating a marketplace for early childhood education & microschools, giving teachers greater access to entrepreneurship & iterating in education2020/10/02
  239. E1118: Emergency Pod! Two former Apple executives are building the iPhone killer – breaking down the leaks, patents & scoops regarding Humane’s product2020/10/01
  240. E1117 The Next Unicorns E20: Citizen CEO Andrew Frame on creating a safer world through access to public data, reforming policing via transparency & more2020/09/30
  241. E1116: Cabana CEO Scott Kubly is building a fleet of hotels-on-wheels, shares insights on scaling an asset-heavy business, providing unique & flexible experiences to customers & more2020/09/29
  242. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of September 21st, 20202020/09/26
  243. E1115: Emergency Pod! Collapsing state of media corporations, thoughts on Casey Newton, Andrew Sullivan & Bari Weiss departures, top talent leaving for Substack & more2020/09/26
  244. E1114: #AskJason! Silicon Valley exodus, product vs. branding, expanding into adjacent markets, avoiding burnout & more2020/09/25
  245. E1113 The Next Unicorns E19: Loom CEO Joe Thomas is building video for work, shares insights on creating new behaviors, support as a competitive advantage & more2020/09/23
  246. E1112: Emergency Pod! Nikola fraud allegations, Trevor Milton resigns, Jason reflects on Trevor’s answers2020/09/22
  247. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of September 14th, 20202020/09/18
  248. E1111: Brewster Kahle on archiving the entire Internet, creating the Wayback Machine, protocols over platforms, microschools & more2020/09/18
  249. E1110 The Next Unicorns E18: Ghost Locomotion CEO John Hayes builds self-driving kits for consumer vehicles, shares insights on cameras vs. Lidar, targeting highways, 5G’s impact on self-driving & more2020/09/17
  250. Apply to pitch thousands of angel investors at Remote Demo Day – Coming September 30th2020/09/16
  251. E1109: Ritual CEO Katerina Schneider on creating pure & effective vitamins, standing out in a crowded DTC market, utilizing subscriptions & more2020/09/16
  252. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of September 7th, 20202020/09/12
  253. E1108: SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie on leading a public company through COVID, championing diversity from the top down, role of a modern CEO & more2020/09/12
  254. E1107 The Next Unicorns E17: Caffeine CEO Ben Keighran on reimagining live TV for younger generations, what makes Apple’s design team so special, remembering Steve Jobs & more2020/09/09
  255. E1106: Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop shares insights from taking two companies public, traditional IPO vs. SPAC, future of Computer-aided design & more2020/09/08
  256. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of August 31st, 20202020/09/05
  257. E1105: Unpacking the US/China Relationship with Foreign Policy & Technology Expert Jacob Helberg2020/09/04
  258. E1104 The Next Unicorns E16: Degreed’s David Blake on reimagining lifelong education, ending credentialism, benefits of early apprenticeship & more2020/09/03
  259. E1103: Domm Holland on launching Fast to the public, creating a one-click checkout for the entire Internet, taking on Apple Pay & more2020/09/02
  260. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of August 24th, 20202020/09/01
  261. E1102 The Next Unicorns E15: Zero Mass Water CEO Cody Friesen is perfecting drinking water with hydropanels, aiming to create essential resource UBI for the world2020/08/29
  262. E1101: News! Apple vs. Epic Games, TikTok CEO resigns, SPACs, Unicorn IPOs & more with Acquired’s Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal2020/08/28
  263. E1100: Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That on facial recognition advancements, balancing privacy & security, engaging with controversy & more2020/08/25
  264. Best of This Week in Startups: Week of August 17th, 20202020/08/22
  265. E1099: Basecamp Co-Founder Jason Fried on building Hey, making email exciting again, Hey vs. Apple & more2020/08/21
  266. E1098 The Next Unicorns E14: Cockroach Labs CEO Spencer Kimball on the coming paradigm shifts in tech, competing against AWS & more2020/08/19
  267. E1097: Understanding the travel collapse & how media can thrive going forward with Skift CEO & Founder Rafat Ali2020/08/18
  268. Best of This Week in Startups: August 10th-August 14th, 20202020/08/15
  269. E1096: Podcasting State of the Union featuring Overcast’s Marco Arment & Oxford Road’s Dan Granger2020/08/14
  270. E1095 The Next Unicorns E13: Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley is creating the real estate cloud, opening residential investing to millennials & more2020/08/12
  271. E1094: Thrasio Co-CEO Josh Silberstein acquires & operates 60+ Amazon brands, shares insights on mastering the marketplace, competing with AmazonBasics & more2020/08/11
  272. E1093: Keith Rabois on China’s grand plan, TikTok, Taiwan, Big Tech & more2020/08/07
  273. E1092 The Next Unicorns E12: Homebound CEO & Co-Founder Nikki Pechet is solving the home building process by increasing customer experience, helping victims of natural disasters rebuild efficiently2020/08/05
  274. E1091: LAUNCH Accelerator Cohort 17 founders reflect on their journeys throughout the program: Nude Barre (DTC hosiery made for women of all shades), Techmate (On-demand tech support for remote & satellite employees) & Solo (Trucking-as-a-Service)2020/08/04
  275. E1090: Nikola Founder Trevor Milton on competing with Tesla, hydrogen over battery, going public as a pre-revenue company & more2020/07/31
  276. Emergency Pod! Jason Calacanis reacts to Big Tech hearings: Grades for Bezos, Cook, Pichai & Zuckerberg2020/07/30
  277. E1089 The Next Unicorns E11: insitro CEO Daphne Koller is revolutionizing drug discovery via machine learning & data, shares insights on remote education from time at Coursera & more2020/07/29
  278. E1088: Building Zero Fasting with Kevin Rose, properly pricing consumer apps, benefits of fasting & more with Big Sky Health CEO Mike Maser2020/07/28
  279. E1087: Democratizing art as an asset class, indicators of a rapidly appreciating piece of art & more with Masterworks CEO & Founder Scott Lynn2020/07/24
  280. E1086: Supporting founder mental health at Freestyle Capital with Josh Felser, Caren Maio & Mani Kulasooriya2020/07/21
  281. E1085: Chris Atoki shares his inspiring story: from homeless to homeowner in 4 years through grit, technology & hustle2020/07/17
  282. E1084: David Sacks on “The Cadence”: an operating philosophy he developed at PayPal which helped him lead Yammer to a billion-dollar exit without a COO2020/07/14
  283. Founders: Pitch Thousands of Angel Investors over Zoom at Remote Demo Day!2020/07/10
  284. E1083 News: Trump considers TikTok ban, Twitter leaks subscription platform, Clubhouse drama, Harvard price gouging & more with Morgan DeBaun & Alex Wilhelm2020/07/09
  285. E1082: OfferUp CEO & Co-Founder Nick Huzar on creating liquidity in a marketplace, acquiring their largest competitor in Letgo, location-based pay & more!2020/07/07
  286. E1081: SevenRooms CEO & Co-Founder Joel Montaniel on raising $50M Series B during COVID, taking on large incumbents, helping restaurants leverage data to maximize customer experience2020/06/30
  287. Learn how to be an Angel Investor from Jason Calacanis at Angel.University Online!2020/06/30
  288. E1080: Arlan Hamilton on launching Backstage Crowd, disrupting VC with syndicates, how the tech industry can be better for underrepresented founders & more2020/06/26
  289. E1079: The Power of Accelerators E10 Daniel Gross, Founder of Pioneer on gamifying the startup process, importance of mentorship in tech & more!2020/06/24
  290. E1078 Pomp Podcast Crossover: Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano on most exciting crypto projects, Hey vs. Apple, Robinhood/Barstool traders, Zuck vs. Bezos, Jason’s Bitcoin position & more!2020/06/23
  291. E1077: “Alchemy” Author Rory Sutherland on the Darwinian approach to business, analyzing outliers, why eccentric CEOs have a psychological advantage with customers & more!2020/06/19
  292. E1076: The Power of Accelerators E9 Sunny Madra, Head of Ford X on innovating mobility for a post-COVID world, going from idea to product at a large corporation & more2020/06/18
  293. E1075: Cendana Capital’s Michael Kim on investing in Seed funds as a serial LP, Robinhood as an acquisition target, greatest Seed funds of all time & more2020/06/16
  294. E1074 News: How VC can do better for underrepresented founders, Zoom shuts down Chinese pro-democracy accounts, Wall Street Bets, Reddit appoints YC CEO Michael Seibel to BoD & more with Lolita Taub & Tom Uebel2020/06/12
  295. E1073: The Power of Accelerators E8 Mike Jones, CEO of Science shares insights on what makes a great Direct-to-Consumer Founder, investing early in Dollar Shave Club, economics of a venture-studio & more!2020/06/10
  296. E1072 Ask Jason: Growing as a leader, managing more experienced employees as a young CEO, Consumer SaaS pricing tips, bull markets post-COVID & more2020/06/09
  297. Announcement: Learn how to become a professional angel investor at Angel.University Online2020/06/09
  298. E1071 Ask Jason: Black Lives Matter, Post-COVID tech hubs, Founder/VC disputes, bringing manufacturing back to the US, pre-selling SaaS products & more2020/06/05
  299. E1070: The Power of Accelerators E7 Ravi Belani, Managing Director of Alchemist Accelerator on why the best entrepreneurs love the process, risk-taking, sourcing & investing in Justin.tv at DFJ & more2020/06/03
  300. E1069: Alexis Ohanian on Reddit’s crypto origins, turning VC into a team sport at Initialized, improving as an investor, fatherhood & more2020/06/03
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