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  1. Celebrating 10 Years of CES Coverage 2014/11/09
    Celebrate with us during our 10th year of covering CES. The Tech Podcast Network has provided independent non-biased coverage of 2,500+ plus companies the past decade, with coverage reaching between 30 million to 45 million consumers annually. From humble beginnings covering the show walking the floor to our incredible broadcast studio location outside of North [...]
  2. Tom Banks – Liberty Speedway and RC Cars – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    In this interview, Nick talks to Tom Banks, the Technical Evangelist for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile. Tom might have the coolest job, as he tries to find new and innovative ways to show off IBM technologies to the masses and has done so with a car that can be driven via your smartphone. The [...]
  3. Watson – PitStop Meetup – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    In this second part of a two-part PitStop Meetup, we move to Watson, IBM’s deep learning and cognitive reasoning technology. The experts discuss several different fields where Watson could improve life. This is the tech that not only has solved problems in the healthcare and finance industries, but has given us amazing food concoctions out [...]
  4. Internet of Things – PitStop Meetup – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    In this first part of a two-part PitStop Meetup, the Internet of things was the point of conversation. From the estimated 20 billion possible connected devices to how to actually use the data these devices are giving you, it was definitely an interesting discussion. Where are we now? What is the future of our data [...]
  5. Attendee Reactions – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    In this short video from IBM Innovate 2014, we wanted to ask a few attendees what they thought about the convention and what they learned or hoped to take away from it. For Nick, while there was no 3D printer to take away, there is butternut squash BBQ sauce on the horizon! Video by Nicholas [...]
  6. FRC Team 1649 EMS – PitStop Meetup – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    Long standing fans of our F5 Live and its events will know that seeing a FIRST team at IBM Innovate 2014 was quite refreshing for Nick! FRC Team 1649 EMS was the center of attention for a PitStop Meetup hosted by Veronica Belmont. The team discussed its recent successes in the past two seasons of [...]
  7. Sky Matthews – Connected Car, Jaguar F-Type – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    A seat in a custom Jaguar F-Type led us to speaking with Sky Matthews about the connected car and the Internet of things. Expanding beyond just a buzzword from a few years ago, Matthews digs deep into what the future could hold for all connected devices around the planet. He also talks about the Jaguar [...]
  8. Clinton Bonner – topcoder – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    [topcoder] has been around longer than most “Top” shows you might have seen on TV and in fact, has over 600,000 people signed up to the site from all over the world. Their mission? To compete in challenges in different aspects of software design. The site also has a community aspect where members improve their [...]
  9. Meg Swanson – BlueMix Overview – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    Meg Swanson, Marketing Director with IBM’s BlueMix cloud-based development platform, talks with us before the show floor opens for the day about BlueMix as a whole. She gives a brief overview and then gives a call to action for developers who might be interested to try out the software. In this segment, Swanson says that [...]
  10. Gene Kim – The Phoenix Project – IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, FL 2014/06/08
    Gene Kim, former CTO of Tripwire, and author and researcher of “The Phoenix Project” was gracious enough to talk with us at IBM Innovate 2014, where he was a special guest and keynote speaker. Kim dives into a few different points of his reasons for being at Innovate, along with a couple of funny anecdotes [...]
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