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  1. DHUnplugged #388: Auld Lang Syne2017/12/27
    It was a year for the record books. Plenty of money to be made by just letting the markets do their thing. What is shaping up for 2018? Bonuses paid to employees after the tax bill passed may help to push up wage growth and force the Fed’s hand. News on tepid demand for the […]
  2. DHUnplugged #387: End of Year Stampede2017/12/20
    The end of year is around the corner and there is a buyer’s stampede to the finish. With the Tax Report Bill destined to pass and the Fed remaining dovish, markets have been riding higher. The Fed keeps on telling us that there is no inflation – but what are others seeing? We get to […]
  3. DHUnplugged #386: Everybody In The Pool !2017/12/13
    Money is flowing into most asset classes at a breakneck pace. Markets are hitting new highs as investors look for the next catalyst to improve corporate profits. The Fed is about to conclude its two day meeting with a rate decision – investors are cheering the move (whatever it is going to be). Bitcoin at […]
  4. DHUnplugged #385: AlgoMania2017/12/06
    The Senate passes their version of the tax bill -will a few unforeseen last minute entries. Markets are happy, then not-so after investors dig into the results. DJIA plunges 350 points on Friday after learning that Michael Flynn will be cooperating with the FBI – and subsequently recovers most of the losses. Going into year […]
  5. DHUnplugged #384: A Very Bitcoin Christmas2017/11/29
    All news leads to Bitcoin. As the cryptocurrency flies toward the $10k mark, many are asking how high can this go? North Korea is at it again, launching an ICBM into the Sea of Japan. Markets are unfaszd. Amazon has taken over the world and that has Jeff Bezos now worth over $100 billion. An […]
  6. DHUnplugged #383: What Are Bonds Telling Us?2017/11/15
    Junk bonds are starting to roll over, Treasury spreads are tightening and the yield curve is flattening. Is the bond market trying to tell us something? A preliminary razor/shave report and updates on markets, the tax plan, China’s economics and world events. Plus the latest on the GE Closest to the Pin and more…   […]
  7. DHUnplugged #382: The Purge2017/11/08
    The Middle East is seeing some interesting activity as Saudi Arabia is purging many royal and government officials. More domestic terror attacks than ever before and the frequency is alarming. Economic reports, tax reform and stocks to watch – all discussed in this episode.   See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C. Dvorak […]
  8. DHUnplugged #381: No Spooking This Market2017/11/01
    So much for the worry about October. Markets have no worries as economic and earnings report paint a rather pretty picture. Tech leads the way over the last week and the appointment of the next Fed Chair is upon us. Plenty of news to digest along with the latest updates – and a few stock […]
  9. DHUnplugged #380: EarningsPalooza2017/10/25
    It is the heart of earnings season and markets seem to like what they see. Plenty of good news from companies – some bad. More stimulus to come from Japan? A new Fed chief on the way? Plus – a look into John’s bag of goodies from Trader Joe’s!   See this week’s stock picks […]
  10. DHUnplugged #379: Slow Grind2017/10/18
    Markets continue to grind higher as if it is a one way trade. Earnings season is underway and this week starts the onslaught of reports over the next month. So far, so good. Apps may be the next political candidates to hit the trail and we are close to knowing who will b the next […]
  11. DHUnplugged #378: The Best Stock Market in The World2017/10/11
    Listener Kevin asks us about an emerging market that is off the charts. Employment reports show a massive drop in September. Tesla is looking to get into the gas powered car market an earnings season is right around the corner. Just a few of the topics we dive into this episode.   See this week’s […]
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