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The Jazz Session

  1. The Jazz Session #475: Chris Greene2019/03/01
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  2. The Jazz Session #474: Brandee Younger2019/02/15
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  3. The Jazz Session #473: Ben Wendel2019/02/01
    Saxophonist and bassoonist Ben Wendel’s latest album is The Seasons. The album began as a series of YouTube duets, which have now been recast for a full band. In this interview, Wendel talks about the origins of the video project; reaching people with music in the era of social media; his band Kneebody and their …
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  4. TJS Patreon Bonus: January 20192019/01/31
    Welcome to the completely re-imagined bonus show for members of The Jazz Session! I’m really happy with how this turned out, and this is the general smorgasbord format I’ll be using going forward. This episode is going out on the main feed, too, as a means of encouraging YOU to support The Jazz Session. In …
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  5. The Jazz Session #472: Tim Lefebvre2019/01/15
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  6. The Jazz Session #471: Bobby Broom2019/01/01
    Guitarist Bobby Broom’s latest album is Soul Fingers (MRi, 2018). In this interview, Broom talks about his most recent tour with Steely Dan; the genesis of his new band; how he ended up working with producer Steve Jordan; and why he continues to find musical inspiration from the pop and rock songs of his youth. …
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  7. The Jazz Session #470: Jean Rohe2018/12/15
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  8. The Jazz Session #469: Wayne Horvitz2018/12/01
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  9. The Jazz Session #468: Walter Smith III2018/11/15
    Saxophonist Walter Smith III’s new album is called Twio. It features a program of standards played by Smith with bassist Harish Raghavan and drummer Eric Harland. Smith is on a half-dozen albums coming out in the latter half of 2018, several of which are discussed in the interview. He also talks about his time at …
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  10. The Jazz Session #467: Helen Sung2018/11/01
    Pianist Helen Sung‘s new album is Sung With Words, a collaboration with poet Dana Gioia that features both spoken word and also Gioia’s words set to music. In this interview, Sung talks about how they met and decided to work together; why she is constantly trying to learn new skills; her faith and how it …
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  11. The Jazz Session #466: Stefon Harris2018/10/15
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  12. The Jazz Session #465: Adi Meyerson2018/10/01
    Bassist Adi Meyerson grew up in Israel, discovered jazz in her late teens, got into a conservatory for upright bass a few months after picking up the instrument, and then made her way to the New School in New York. Six years after moving to the US, she’s released her debut album, Where We Stand, …
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  13. TJS Patreon Bonus #001: Sonny Rollins’ Freedom Suite (Richard Kamins)2018/09/29
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  14. The Jazz Session #464: Sara Gazarek2018/09/15
    Vocalist Sara Gazarek has been reinventing herself recently, and she’s about to release an album that shows new sides as a performer, writer, arranger, and bandleader. In this interview, Gazarek talks about the road to her current music; how Kurt Elling helped her decide to form a new band; how she finds the courage to …
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  15. The Jazz Session #463: Dmitri Matheny2018/09/01
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  16. Season 11 Teaser & Patreon Announcement2018/08/28
    The Jazz Session returns on September 1, 2018! You can support the show right now at patreon.com/thejazzsession. Just $5 a month gets you bonus content! Thanks!
  17. House Concert: Ross Hammond2017/10/05
    Last night my fiancee-in-crime and I hosted our first house concert. A couple dozen people piled into our living room to listen to Sacramento’s Ross Hammond play an hour of blues, spirituals and improvised music on the resonator guitar. It was a magical night. I want to share some of it with you, so here …
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  18. The Jazz Session #462: Darcy James Argue2017/03/19
    Darcy James Argue came to Penn State to perform Brooklyn Babylon, so I invited him on my morning show along with two of his collaborators. Here’s the interview in its entirety. Does this mean The Jazz Session is coming back? Perhaps.
  19. The Jazz Session #461: Chris Lightcap2016/03/25
    Bassist Chris Lightcap released the album Epicenter in 2015 with his band Bigmouth. In this interview, Lightcap talks about the past, present and future of Bigmouth; his many other projects; why New York City has been such a big influence on his writing; and why it sometimes takes him years to really listen thoroughly to …
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  20. The Jazz Session #460: Brenda Earle Stokes2016/03/10
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  21. The Jazz Session #459: Josh Rutner2016/02/24
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  22. The Jazz Session #458: Allison Au2016/02/11
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  23. The Jazz Session #457: Romain Collin2016/01/28
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  24. The Jazz Session #456: Steve Lampert2016/01/14
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  25. The Jazz Session #455: Ross Hammond2015/05/26
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  26. The Jazz Session #454: Mimi Jones2015/05/11
    Bassist and vocalist Mimi Jones has a new album called Balance on her own Hot Tone Music label. In this interview, Jones talks about building community and why she started her own label; the life challenges that led to this album; the power of names; and her extensive upcoming touring schedule. Learn more at mimijonesmusic.com. …
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  27. The Jazz Session #453: Red Wierenga2015/05/04
    Pianist Red Wierenga is a member of the Respect Sextet and the Respect Trio. He also plays accordion in the Claudia Quintet. In this interview, he talks about three new recordings: Respect ‘n’ You: Live At Greenwich House Music School by the Respect Sextet; Respect The Trio, We Says by the Respect Trio; and Figure, …
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  28. The Jazz Session #452: Ras Moshe2015/04/22
    Ras Moshe is a saxophonist who also creates spaces for other musicians to flourish. In this interview, he talks about the intersection of political activism and music; his father and grandfather, both of whom were saxophonists; his early exposure to the loft scene in New York City; and the work he’s doing both as a …
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  29. The Jazz Session #451: Natalie Cressman, Emily Asher & Angela Davis2015/04/13
    On this episode, three musicians who’ve recently been on the show, and even more recently recorded new albums: Natalie Cressman talks about Turn The Sea; Emily Asher introduces Meet Me In The Morning; and Angela Davis tells the story behind Lady Luck.
  30. The Jazz Session #450: Cat Toren2015/04/06
    Cat Toren is a Canadian pianist living in New York. She’s about to release an album called Inside The Sun featuring music she’s written since moving to New York five years ago. This episode contains a sneak peek at some music from that album. In this interview, Toren talks about making the switch from classical …
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  31. The Jazz Session #449: Jasmine Lovell-Smith2015/03/23
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  32. The Jazz Session #448: Mike Bono2015/03/17
    Guitarist Mike Bono’s first album is From Where You Are. In this interview, Bono talks about discovering jazz on the radio as a teenager and how it changed his life; the sweet pizza-parlor gig that helped him learn standards; his time at the Berklee school of music; and his recent appearance at the Sundance Film …
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  33. The Jazz Session #447: Reggie Quinerly2015/03/10
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  34. The Jazz Session #446: Akua Dixon2015/03/02
    Cellist Akua Dixon has just released a self-titled solo album that features arrangements she’s written for a variety of ensembles and occasions, but never had the chance to record. In this interview, Dixon talks about her career as a performer and arranger, going all the way back to the band at the Apollo; the traditional …
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  35. The Jazz Session #445: 8th Anniversary Retrospective!2015/02/24
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  36. The Jazz Session #444: Peter Apfelbaum2015/02/17
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  37. The Jazz Session #443: Rudresh Mahanthappa2015/02/10
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  38. The Jazz Session makes #2.2015/01/21
    For the first time ever, a jazz publication acknowledged the existence of The Jazz Session, just 442 episodes, 8 years, and nearly 3 million downloads after it began. It’s a start. Next year, the Oscars! (Thanks to Martin Porter for the photos and for letting me know this even happened.)
  39. The Jazz Session: Radio Edition2014/09/16
    Tune in Fridays from 9-11 a.m. ET for The Jazz Session: Radio Edition. Listen in State College, PA, on The Lion 90.7 FM , or online at http://thelion.fm. The show is live and I’m not archiving it, but you can find playlists here.
  40. The Jazz Session #442: Bob Sneider2014/08/29
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  41. The Jazz Session #441: Kevin Hays2014/07/28
    Pianist Kevin Hays has been part of the jazz scene for decades now, playing as a leader and also as a sideman with folks like Sonny Rollins, Benny Golson, Chris Potter and many others. In this interview, Kevin talks about his career; his time off the scene in Santa Fe and how it changed his …
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  42. The Jazz Session #440: Max Johnson2014/06/09
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  43. The Jazz Session #439: Giacomo Merega2014/06/02
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  44. The Jazz Session #438: Adison Evans2014/05/27
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  45. The Jazz Session #437: Sara Serpa and Andre Matos2014/05/20
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  46. Sexism in jazz2014/05/07
    Use the player above to listen to an audio version of this post.
  47. The Jazz Session #436: Hilary Gardner2014/05/05
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  48. The Jazz Session #435: Reuben Radding2014/04/29
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  49. The Jazz Session #434: Emily Asher2014/04/21
    Trombonist and vocalist Emily Asher’s latest recording with her band Garden Party is Carnival Of Joy!, released in 2013. In this interview, Asher talks about her journey from playing trad jazz in the Pacific Northwest to her current life as part of the same scene in New York; her new project with bass sax, accordion …
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  50. The Jazz Session #433: Eric DiVito2014/04/14
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  51. The Jazz Session #432: Ed Rosenberg III2014/04/07
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  52. The Jazz Session #431: Danny Fox2014/03/17
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  53. The Jazz Session #430: Alison Wedding2014/03/03
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  54. The Jazz Session #429: Brian Landrus2014/02/17
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  55. The Jazz Session #428: Shirantha Beddage2013/12/16
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  56. 2013 Grammy Nominees on The Jazz Session2013/12/07
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  57. The Jazz Session #427: Jeff Lederer2013/12/02
    Saxophonist Jeff Lederer’s latest recording is Swing ‘N Dix (Little i music, 2013), an album that looks back at his early days playing music inspired by trad jazz. The album features Kirk Knuffke on cornet, Bob Stewart on tuba and Matt Wilson on drums. In this interview, Lederer talks about that early band and how …
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  58. The Jazz Session #426: Michael Weiss and Sean H. Doyle2013/11/15
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  59. My thoughts: Miles Davis – Live At The Fillmore East2013/11/09
    I listened to — and tweeted about — this incredible electric Miles album. The results: [View the story “Live-tweeting the Miles Davis album Live At The Fillmore East” on Storify]
  60. The Jazz Session #425: Angela Davis2013/11/01
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  61. Your favorite Clifford Brown performances2013/10/26
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  62. Welcome to The Jazz Session!2013/10/25
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  63. The Jazz Session #424: Ralph Alessi2013/10/15
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  64. Jazz Messengers on The Jazz Session2013/10/11
    Drummer Art Blakey would have been 94 today. Blakey is most famous for leading The Jazz Messengers, a band through whose ranks passed many of the great names in jazz. I’ve been fortunate to interview many former Messengers. Click on a name below to hear the interview. Oh, and the photo above is of my …
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  65. The Jazz Session #423: Lee Konitz and Camila Meza2013/10/01
    The season premiere of The Jazz Session begins with an extended conversation with saxophonist Lee Konitz. Konitz talks about why he followed a different path than most players of his generation; how he continues to find new things to play on standards; and what he looks for in the people he plays with. The music …
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  66. A 2004 interview with Les McCann about Swiss Movement2013/09/23
    Today is Les McCann’s birthday. Back in 2004, I interviewed Les about his classic soul-jazz album Swiss Movement, featuring Eddie Harris, Benny Bailey, Leroy Vinnegar and Donald Dean. Enjoy!
  67. The Jazz Session #422: Vijay Iyer, Mary Halvorson, Stephan Crump, Nicky Schrire & the Atlas preview2013/09/10
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  68. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival – Monday2013/09/02
    With Lee Konitz, Dave Liebman, Billy Hart and more. Click the image or the title below to see the album. Dave Liebman performs with the reunited Quest.
  69. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival – Saturday2013/09/01
    Tons of excellent music today, including giants like Charles Lloyd and McCoy Tyner. But the best thing I heard was the Michigan State University Jazz Orchestra I Bebop Spartans. Charles Lloyd at the Detroit Jazz Festival
  70. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival Opening Night2013/08/31
    Detroit is such a strong, proud city. And they know how to party. Tonight’s music was by Danilo Perez and the David Murray Big Band. Click the photo or title below to see the album. David Murray leads his big band at the 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival
  71. Tips for musicians about websites and more2013/08/19
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  72. The Jazz Session Is Back!2013/08/01
    We did it! Thank you all so much! In particular, I’d like to thank Josh Rutner and Patrick McCurry for their help with the planning and execution of this Kickstarter campaign. It would not have happened without them. The Jazz Session’s new season starts October 1, 2013.
  73. The Jazz Session #421: Cuneiform Records (and a Kickstarter message)2013/07/28
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  74. Jazz folks write about The Jazz Session2013/07/22
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  75. The Jazz Session #420: Jeff Albert2013/07/22
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  76. The Jazz Session #419: Maria Christina2013/07/10
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  77. The Jazz Session #418: Geoffrey Keezer2013/07/01
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  78. The Jazz Session #417: Geoffrey Keezer & Donny McCaslin2012/10/29
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  79. The Jazz Session #416: Natalie Cressman2012/10/25
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  80. The Jazz Session #415: Hailey Niswanger2012/10/22
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  81. The Jazz Session #414: Peter Hum2012/10/18
    Ottawa pianist and journalist Peter Hum’s debut album is A Boy’s Journey (2010). In this interview, Hum talks about the Ottawa jazz scene; the intersection of his work as a journalist and as a jazz musician; how he decided to finally record an album; and the stellar band on his record. Learn more about Peter’s …
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  82. The Jazz Session #413: Melissa Aldana2012/10/16
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  83. The Jazz Session #412: Aaron Parks2012/10/12
    Pianist Aaron Parks is in the midst of an exciting period of composing and recording. In this interview, conducted this summer in New York City, Parks talks about going into the studio with a revolving cast of the city’s finest musicians; his approach to composition — and how he breathes new life in past work; …
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  84. The Jazz Session #411: Jessica Lurie2012/10/08
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  85. The Jazz Session #410: Brian Charette2012/10/04
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  86. The Jazz Session #409: Sarah MK2012/10/01
    Montreal native Sarah MK is a singer and songwriter who draws on R&B, hip hop and jazz. In this interview, Sarah talks about the Montreal scene and the Kalmunity collective; her jazz studies and what she feels they add to her music; and the challenges and opportunities of a musical life in Montreal. Learn more …
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  87. The Jazz Session #408: David Ryshpan2012/09/27
    In this interview, Montreal pianist David Ryshpan talks about the scene in his adopted hometown; finding musical inspiration in Latin American poetry; how he came to love Brazilian piano trio music and formed his own Trio Bruxo; and the work of the Kalmunity collective. Learn more at settledinshipping.blogspot.com and follow him on Twitter at @ryshpanmusic.
  88. The Jazz Session #407: Anat Cohen2012/09/24
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  89. The Jazz Session #406: Nadje Noordhuis2012/09/20
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  90. The Jazz Session: A Special Announcement2012/09/19
    You can listen to the announcement (in slightly expanded form) using the player above, or read the text below: I’ve decided to end The Jazz Session. After five years, more than 400 episodes, and more than two million downloads, I just can’t make the show work financially. To keep it alive (and by extension, to …
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    Tonight, The Jazz Session passed two million downloads. Wonderful. Thank you all!
  92. The Jazz Session #405: John Geggie2012/09/17
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  93. The Jazz Session #404: Martin Krusche2012/09/13
    Saxophonist Martin Krusche’s most recent album with his band Magnetic Ear is Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability. In this interview, recorded in New Orleans during the Jazz Or Bust Tour, Krusche talks about how he decided on the way home from his first visit that he was going to move to New Orleans; the difference between …
    Continue reading "The Jazz Session #404: Martin Krusche"
  94. The Jazz Session #403: Sonny Rollins2012/09/10
    Sonny Rollins’ most recent album is Road Shows Vol. 2 (Doxy Records, 2011). In this interview, recorded at the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival, Rollins talks about his love for Fats Waller; the world of politics and his place in it; and his feeling that a life in music was always his destiny. Learn more at …
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  95. The Jazz Session #402: The Gnu’s Room2012/09/06
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  96. The Jazz Session #401: Matthew Kaminski2012/09/03
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  97. The Jazz Session #400: Donald Brown2012/08/30
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  98. The Jazz Session #399: Evan Cobb2012/08/27
    Woodwind player Evan Cobb’s 2011 CD Falling Up was recorded in the town he calls home, Nashville. In this interview, Cobb talks about his unlikely move to Nashville; the city’s jazz scene; the importance of playing multiple horns; how he knew he was ready to put out a record; and the effect of Nashville itself …
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  99. The Jazz Session #398: Rahsaan Barber2012/08/24
    Nashville saxophonist Rahsaan Barber’s most recent album is Everyday Magic (Jazz Music City, 2011). In this interview, Barber talks about deciding to establish his career in his hometown, even after living in New York; the jazz scene in Nashville and how he sees it evolving; and why there was never a chance that he and …
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  100. The Jazz Session #397: W.O. Smith Music School2012/08/20
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