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The Jazz Session

  1. House Concert: Ross Hammond2017/10/05
    Last night my fiancee-in-crime and I hosted our first house concert. A couple dozen people piled into our living room to listen to Sacramento’s Ross Hammond play an hour of blues, spirituals and improvised music on the resonator guitar. It was a magical night. I want to share some of it with you, so here […]
  2. The Jazz Session #462: Darcy James Argue2017/03/19
    Darcy James Argue came to Penn State to perform Brooklyn Babylon, so I invited him on my morning show along with two of his collaborators. Here’s the interview in its entirety. Does this mean The Jazz Session is coming back? Perhaps.
  3. The Jazz Session #461: Chris Lightcap2016/03/25
    Bassist Chris Lightcap released the album Epicenter in 2015 with his band Bigmouth. In this interview, Lightcap talks about the past, present and future of Bigmouth; his many other projects; why New York City has been such a big influence on his writing; and why it sometimes takes him years to really listen thoroughly to […]
  4. The Jazz Session #460: Brenda Earle Stokes2016/03/10
    Pianist and vocalist Brenda Earle Stokes’ most recent album is 2014’s Right About Now. In this interview, she talks about her days playing pop songs on cruise ships; how her producer helped shaped the sound and the band on her most recent album; and how marriage and motherhood have changed her career as a musician. […]
  5. The Jazz Session #459: Josh Rutner2016/02/24
    Saxophonist Josh Rutner’s debut album is Rockabye Battleship (2016). In this interview, Josh takes us on a track-by-track tour of the album. He talks about George Carlin, Ligeti, Randy Newman, and other influences; and also gives us a peek behind the curtain at the making of the record. Learn more at joshrutner.com. Support the show […]
  6. The Jazz Session #458: Allison Au2016/02/11
    Allison Au’s Juno-nominated second album is Forest Grove (2016). In this interview, the Toronto-based saxophonist talks about the memories that inspired the album; her long-standing quartet and why working with the same band matters; the Toronto jazz scene; and her upcoming tour of the Western U.S. and Canada. Learn more at http://alli8music.wix.com/allison. Join The Jazz […]
  7. The Jazz Session #457: Romain Collin2016/01/28
    Pianist Romain Collin’s new album is Press Enter (ACT Music, 2015). In this interview, Collin talks about the continued growth of his trio with Luques Curtis and Kendrick Scott; his work as a film scorer on documentaries and more; the inclusion of voices from The Innocence Project on the track “Event Horizon;” and his upcoming […]
  8. The Jazz Session #456: Steve Lampert2016/01/14
    Trumpeter and composer Steve Lampert’s new album is Zahskl’s Jukebox, Vol. 1. In this interview, Lampert talks about the space-age concept behind the album; the complex process of producing both the music and the actual recording; why he doesn’t play live anymore; and how a guy who grew up on hardbop ended up writing music […]
  9. The Jazz Session #455: Ross Hammond2015/05/26
    Guitarist Ross Hammond’s new album is Flight. The solo acoustic record marks a departure from his previous electric work. In this interview, recorded at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe in State College, PA, Hammond talks about why he’s playing acoustic these days, and 12-string in particular; his church background and how it led to some of the […]
  10. The Jazz Session #454: Mimi Jones2015/05/11
    Bassist and vocalist Mimi Jones has a new album called Balance on her own Hot Tone Music label. In this interview, Jones talks about building community and why she started her own label; the life challenges that led to this album; the power of names; and her extensive upcoming touring schedule. Learn more at mimijonesmusic.com. […]
  11. The Jazz Session #453: Red Wierenga2015/05/04
    Pianist Red Wierenga is a member of the Respect Sextet and the Respect Trio. He also plays accordion in the Claudia Quintet. In this interview, he talks about three new recordings: Respect ‘n’ You: Live At Greenwich House Music School by the Respect Sextet; Respect The Trio, We Says by the Respect Trio; and Figure, […]
  12. The Jazz Session #452: Ras Moshe2015/04/22
    Ras Moshe is a saxophonist who also creates spaces for other musicians to flourish. In this interview, he talks about the intersection of political activism and music; his father and grandfather, both of whom were saxophonists; his early exposure to the loft scene in New York City; and the work he’s doing both as a […]
  13. The Jazz Session #451: Natalie Cressman, Emily Asher & Angela Davis2015/04/13
    On this episode, three musicians who’ve recently been on the show, and even more recently recorded new albums: Natalie Cressman talks about Turn The Sea; Emily Asher introduces Meet Me In The Morning; and Angela Davis tells the story behind Lady Luck.
  14. The Jazz Session #450: Cat Toren2015/04/06
    Cat Toren is a Canadian pianist living in New York. She’s about to release an album called Inside The Sun featuring music she’s written since moving to New York five years ago. This episode contains a sneak peek at some music from that album. In this interview, Toren talks about making the switch from classical […]
  15. The Jazz Session #449: Jasmine Lovell-Smith2015/03/23
    Soprano saxophonist Jasmine Lovell-Smith’s debut album is Fortune Songs. In this interview, Lovell-Smith talks about the long road from her native New Zealand to Brooklyn to Connecticut to her current home in Mexico; why she stopped playing music, and how she found the inspiration to start again; her early love of Stan Getz and Sonny […]
  16. The Jazz Session #448: Mike Bono2015/03/17
    Guitarist Mike Bono’s first album is From Where You Are. In this interview, Bono talks about discovering jazz on the radio as a teenager and how it changed his life; the sweet pizza-parlor gig that helped him learn standards; his time at the Berklee school of music; and his recent appearance at the Sundance Film […]
  17. The Jazz Session #447: Reggie Quinerly2015/03/10
    Drummer Reggie Quinerly’s new album is Invictus (Redefinition Music, 2015). In this interview, he talks about how a poem from the 19th century informs his career and writing; why he wanted to make an album that doesn’t sound like a “drummer’s record;” his relationship with one of his mentors, Lester Grant; and the need for […]
  18. The Jazz Session #446: Akua Dixon2015/03/02
    Cellist Akua Dixon has just released a self-titled solo album that features arrangements she’s written for a variety of ensembles and occasions, but never had the chance to record. In this interview, Dixon talks about her career as a performer and arranger, going all the way back to the band at the Apollo; the traditional […]
  19. The Jazz Session #445: 8th Anniversary Retrospective!2015/02/24
    The Jazz Session turns eight today! To celebrate, I’ve put together a look back at eight years of the show, featuring interviews and music by many past guests, including: John Abercrombie, Carl Allen, Jen Baker & Kyoko Kitamura, Gene Bertoncini, Terence Blanchard, Don Byron, Ron Carter, Jimmy Heath, Janel & Anthony, Darius Jones & Matthew […]
  20. The Jazz Session #444: Peter Apfelbaum2015/02/17
    Peter Apfelbaum’s latest release is an EP by his new band Sparkler called I Colored It In For You. In this interview, Apfelbaum talks about bringing the groove back to jazz; his upbringing in Berkeley; playing with Don Cherry; and his approach to composition and to leading bands. This interview features music by Sparkler, plus […]
  21. The Jazz Session #443: Rudresh Mahanthappa2015/02/10
    Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa’s new album is Bird Calls (ACT, 2015). The album was inspired by the music of Charlie Parker, although Mahanthappa composed original music rather than play Parker’s tunes. In this interview, he talks about the reasoning behind that choice; how hearing Charlie Parker affected him as a teenager; and why the best tribute […]
  22. The Jazz Session makes #2.2015/01/21
    For the first time ever, a jazz publication acknowledged the existence of The Jazz Session, just 442 episodes, 8 years, and nearly 3 million downloads after it began. It’s a start. Next year, the Oscars! (Thanks to Martin Porter for the photos and for letting me know this even happened.)
  23. The Jazz Session: Radio Edition2014/09/16
    Tune in Fridays from 9-11 a.m. ET for The Jazz Session: Radio Edition. Listen in State College, PA, on The Lion 90.7 FM , or online at http://thelion.fm. The show is live and I’m not archiving it, but you can find playlists here.
  24. The Jazz Session #442: Bob Sneider2014/08/29
    Originally from Boston, guitarist Bob Sneider has called Rochester, NY, home for years. He’s built an impressive career, beginning in Chuck Mangione’s band and then through his work at the Eastman School of Music and as the leader of his own ensembles. In this interview, Sneider talks about why he didn’t go to a conservatory […]
  25. The Jazz Session #441: Kevin Hays2014/07/28
    Pianist Kevin Hays has been part of the jazz scene for decades now, playing as a leader and also as a sideman with folks like Sonny Rollins, Benny Golson, Chris Potter and many others. In this interview, Kevin talks about his career; his time off the scene in Santa Fe and how it changed his […]
  26. The Jazz Session #440: Max Johnson2014/06/09
    Bassist Max Johnson is a busy man. In demand on New York City’s bluegrass scene, he’s also part of several bands focusing on improvised music. In this interview, Johnson discusses three recent albums: Big Eyed Rabbit (Not Two, 2014), The Prisoner (NoBusiness, 2014), and The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2014). He also talks […]
  27. The Jazz Session #439: Giacomo Merega2014/06/02
    Electric bassist Giacomo Merega‘s two newest projects are both trio recordings: The Surface Of An Object (Rudi Records, 2014) and Crows And Motives (Underwolf, 2014). In this interview, Merega talks about expressing the concept of “surface” in music; why he chose the electric bass and how he is crafting his own sound; free improvisation versus […]
  28. The Jazz Session #438: Adison Evans2014/05/27
    Baritone saxophonist Adison Evans‘ life took an unexpected turn when she was called to audition for Beyonce’s band. She got the gig, and left almost immediately for the Super Bowl and a world tour. Home between tours, Evans is still committed to the jazz she studied at Juilliard. In this interview, she talks about both […]
  29. The Jazz Session #437: Sara Serpa and Andre Matos2014/05/20
    Primavera (2014, Inner Circle Music) is the new album by vocalist Sara Serpa and guitarist Andre Matos. In this interview, Serpa and Matos talk about using the studio as an instrument; the long process that led to this album; how the impending birth of their first child impacted the recording; and the use of others’ […]
  30. Sexism in jazz2014/05/07
    Use the player above to listen to an audio version of this post.
  31. The Jazz Session #436: Hilary Gardner2014/05/05
    Vocalist Hilary Gardner‘s latest recording is The Great City. In this interview, we talk about New York City and how it inspired the album; her long, strange trip from Wasilla, Alaska to Brooklyn; and how she finds and interprets songs. Learn more at hilarygardner.com and follow her on Twitter at @hilarygardner. JOIN The Jazz Session […]
  32. The Jazz Session #435: Reuben Radding2014/04/29
    Reuben Radding is a bassist and photographer. In this interview, he talks about his long road to photography; why he gravitates toward risk in his art; the battles over music terminology; and his own personal path away from music and back again. Learn more at www.reubenradding.com and follow him on Twitter at @ReubenRadding. JOIN The […]
  33. The Jazz Session #434: Emily Asher2014/04/21
    Trombonist and vocalist Emily Asher’s latest recording with her band Garden Party is Carnival Of Joy!, released in 2013. In this interview, Asher talks about her journey from playing trad jazz in the Pacific Northwest to her current life as part of the same scene in New York; her new project with bass sax, accordion […]
  34. The Jazz Session #433: Eric DiVito2014/04/14
    Guitarist Eric DiVito‘s new album is The Second Time Around (PJC, 2013), featuring Corcoran Holt on bass and Alyssa Falk Verheyn on drums, with guest appearances by Mavis Swan Poole and Steve Wilson. In this interview, DiVito talks about his approach to standards; the recording session and what made it work so well; finding originality […]
  35. The Jazz Session #432: Ed Rosenberg III2014/04/07
    Saxophonist Ed Rosenberg’s latest record is The Warming with his band Glue Gun Optimism. In this interview, Rosenberg talks about the very technical idea that led to his very accessible new project; his work in theatre, film and dance; Jerseyband, with whom he’s performed for more than a decade; and writing music for kids. Learn […]
  36. The Jazz Session #431: Danny Fox2014/03/17
    Pianist Danny Fox‘s new album is Wide Eyed (Hot Cup Records, 2014). In this interview, Fox talks about growing up in Manhattan surrounded by jazz greats; why he chose Harvard rather than a conservatory; and writing for this trio, who’ve been playing and touring together for five years. Learn more at dannyfoxmusic.com. BUY this album […]
  37. The Jazz Session #430: Alison Wedding2014/03/03
    Vocalist Alison Wedding‘s most recent album is This Dance (Ground Up Records, 2012). In this interview, Wedding talks about writing songs and how much a writer reveals; her years singing in Australia; improvisation versus interpretation; and her recent experience singing with Bobby McFerrin. Learn more at alisonwedding.com and follow her on Twitter at @alisonwedding. BUY […]
  38. The Jazz Session #429: Brian Landrus2014/02/17
    Saxophonist Brian Landrus is a bandleader and the creative force behind the upcoming 92Y Soul Jazz Festival. His most recent album with his band Kaleidoscope is Mirage (BlueLand Records, 2013). In this interview, Landrus talks about the festival, which features Esperanza Spalding, DJ Logic and Joey Defrancesco, along with Kaleidoscope. He also discusses his career, […]
  39. The Jazz Session #428: Shirantha Beddage2013/12/16
    Baritone saxophonist Shirantha Beddage’s latest album is Identity (Addo Records, 2012). In this interview, Beddage talks about searching for his identity as a musician and as an educator; his years in New York and Georgia and how they shaped his current sound; the institutionalization of jazz in the university system; and the Toronto jazz scene. […]
  40. 2013 Grammy Nominees on The Jazz Session2013/12/07
    Here are all the 2013 Grammy nominees who’ve appeared on The Jazz Session. Click on a name or year to hear the episode. Best Improvised Jazz Solo Terence Blanchard Paquito D’Rivera Fred Hersch Donny McCaslin (2007) (2008) (2012) Best Jazz Vocal Album Tierney Sutton Best Jazz Instrumental Album Gary Burton Kenny Garrett Christian McBride Best […]
  41. The Jazz Session #427: Jeff Lederer2013/12/02
    Saxophonist Jeff Lederer’s latest recording is Swing ‘N Dix (Little i music, 2013), an album that looks back at his early days playing music inspired by trad jazz. The album features Kirk Knuffke on cornet, Bob Stewart on tuba and Matt Wilson on drums. In this interview, Lederer talks about that early band and how […]
  42. The Jazz Session #426: Michael Weiss and Sean H. Doyle2013/11/15
    Michael Weiss is a pianist and composer. His most recent album is Soul Journey. In this interview, Weiss talks about his often challenging music and how he revisits compositions for each performance; his years with jazz masters such as Jon Hendricks, Junior Cook and Johnny Griffin; and how listening to Wayne Shorter gave him the […]
  43. My thoughts: Miles Davis – Live At The Fillmore East2013/11/09
    I listened to — and tweeted about — this incredible electric Miles album. The results: [View the story “Live-tweeting the Miles Davis album Live At The Fillmore East” on Storify]
  44. The Jazz Session #425: Angela Davis2013/11/01
    Saxophonist Angela Davis’s debut album is The Art of The Melody (2013). In this interview, Davis talks about her Australian roots; why she’s most interested in the lineage of players such as Lee Konitz, with whom she’s studied; melodic improvisation; and how to approach songs from outside the jazz canon. Learn more at angeladavismusic.com and […]
  45. Your favorite Clifford Brown performances2013/10/26
    I asked folks on Twitter and Facebook for their favorite performances by trumpeter Clifford Brown. Here’s what they said: Alison Wedding, Justin Smith and Nicholas Urie said “Delilah.” Nicholas said, “They cultivated such an incredibly clear atmosphere in Delilah. The arrangement is also incredible — it is just great! This was one of the first […]
  46. Welcome to The Jazz Session!2013/10/25
    The Jazz Session is a member-supported online interview show focusing on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians. Please become a member today. Since its inception in 2007, there have been more than 2.5 million downloads of The Jazz Session’s 400+ episodes. The Jazz Session focuses on in-depth interviews with jazz musicians, along with occasional interviews with […]
  47. The Jazz Session #424: Ralph Alessi2013/10/15
    Trumpeter Ralph Alessi’s new album is Baida (ECM, 2013). In this interview, Alessi talks about the cohesiveness of this band after multiple albums together; playing the record for his mother in her final days; and his many years studying classical music before his experience at CalArts changed the course of his life. Learn more at […]
  48. Jazz Messengers on The Jazz Session2013/10/11
    Drummer Art Blakey would have been 94 today. Blakey is most famous for leading The Jazz Messengers, a band through whose ranks passed many of the great names in jazz. I’ve been fortunate to interview many former Messengers. Click on a name below to hear the interview. Oh, and the photo above is of my […]
  49. The Jazz Session #423: Lee Konitz and Camila Meza2013/10/01
    The season premiere of The Jazz Session begins with an extended conversation with saxophonist Lee Konitz. Konitz talks about why he followed a different path than most players of his generation; how he continues to find new things to play on standards; and what he looks for in the people he plays with. The music […]
  50. A 2004 interview with Les McCann about Swiss Movement2013/09/23
    Today is Les McCann’s birthday. Back in 2004, I interviewed Les about his classic soul-jazz album Swiss Movement, featuring Eddie Harris, Benny Bailey, Leroy Vinnegar and Donald Dean. Enjoy!
  51. The Jazz Session #422: Vijay Iyer, Mary Halvorson, Stephan Crump, Nicky Schrire & the Atlas preview2013/09/10
    I’m celebrating my 40th birthday with four new mini-interviews. Vijay Iyer talks about Holding It Down, his new album with Mike Ladd; Mary Halvorson introduces her septet recording Illusionary Sea; Stephan Crump‘s Rosetta Trio is back with Thwirl; and Nicky Schrire discusses her duo album Space and Time. Plus, Brad Linde returns with a preview […]
  52. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival – Monday2013/09/02
    With Lee Konitz, Dave Liebman, Billy Hart and more. Click the image or the title below to see the album. Dave Liebman performs with the reunited Quest.
  53. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival – Saturday2013/09/01
    Tons of excellent music today, including giants like Charles Lloyd and McCoy Tyner. But the best thing I heard was the Michigan State University Jazz Orchestra I Bebop Spartans. Charles Lloyd at the Detroit Jazz Festival
  54. PHOTOS: 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival Opening Night2013/08/31
    Detroit is such a strong, proud city. And they know how to party. Tonight’s music was by Danilo Perez and the David Murray Big Band. Click the photo or title below to see the album. David Murray leads his big band at the 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival
  55. Tips for musicians about websites and more2013/08/19
    I highly recommend that you not have music that plays automatically on your site. Here’s why: You should never make someone’s computer do something they didn’t ask for. I’m often listening to music as I browse and this turns it into cacophony. For people who work in office settings, suddenly having music blaring from their […]
  56. The Jazz Session Is Back!2013/08/01
    We did it! Thank you all so much! In particular, I’d like to thank Josh Rutner and Patrick McCurry for their help with the planning and execution of this Kickstarter campaign. It would not have happened without them. The Jazz Session’s new season starts October 1, 2013.
  57. The Jazz Session #421: Cuneiform Records (and a Kickstarter message)2013/07/28
    Steve Feigenbaum is the founder of Cuneiform Records. In this interview, he talks about the origin of the label; what it’s like to run a record label in the age of digital downloads; and the varied roster he’s put together over the years. Learn more at cuneiformrecords.com and follow the label on Twitter at @cuneiformrecord. […]
  58. Jazz folks write about The Jazz Session2013/07/22
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  59. The Jazz Session #420: Jeff Albert2013/07/22
    Trombonist Jeff Albert’s new album is The Tree On The Mound (RogueArt, 2013). In this interview, recorded in 2011 in New York City, Albert talks about teaching improvisation to kids; the intersection of computer technology and improvisation; and why you’ll always hear a groove at some point during a Jeff Albert show. Learn more at […]
  60. The Jazz Session #419: Maria Christina2013/07/10
    Vocalist and composer Maria Christina’s debut album is The Timeless In You (Cracked AnEgg Records, 2013). In this interview, Maria Christina talks about taking risks; the Berlin jazz scene; allowing space in her writing for improvisation; and her time studying with Theo Bleckmann in New York. Learn more at maria-christina.com. You can support The Jazz […]
  61. The Jazz Session #418: Geoffrey Keezer2013/07/01
    Pianist Geoffrey Keezer’s new solo piano album is Heart of the Piano (Motema Music, 2013). In this interview, Keezer talks about his time with Art Blakey; why he didn’t join Miles Davis’s band; the diversity of the projects he works on; and the art of playing solo. Learn more at geoffreykeezer.com and follow him on […]
  62. The Jazz Session #417: Geoffrey Keezer & Donny McCaslin2012/10/29
    This is the final episode of The Jazz Session. It’s a conversation with pianist Geoffrey Keezer and saxophonist Donny McCaslin, recorded at the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival. In this interview, Keezer and McCaslin talk about duo playing; their new recordings; Wayne Shorter and Art Blakey; adjusting for different kinds of live performances; and, improbably, Rush. […]
  63. The Jazz Session #416: Natalie Cressman2012/10/25
    Trombonist and vocalist Natalie Cressman’s debut album with her band Secret Garden is called Unfolding (2012). In this interview (the final interview conducted for The Jazz Session) Cressman talks about her parents and their influence on her music; why she moved from San Francisco to New York; how she decided she was ready to make […]
  64. The Jazz Session #415: Hailey Niswanger2012/10/22
    Saxophonist Hailey Niswanger’s sophomore album is The Keeper (Calmit Productions, 2012). In this interview, Niswanger talks about her recent entry into Esperanza Spalding’s band; why she chose going on the road over starting her Master’s degree; the jazz scene in her native Portland; and the personal tragedy that inspired the title track on her new […]
  65. The Jazz Session #414: Peter Hum2012/10/18
    Ottawa pianist and journalist Peter Hum’s debut album is A Boy’s Journey (2010). In this interview, Hum talks about the Ottawa jazz scene; the intersection of his work as a journalist and as a jazz musician; how he decided to finally record an album; and the stellar band on his record. Learn more about Peter’s […]
  66. The Jazz Session #413: Melissa Aldana2012/10/16
    Chilean saxophonist Melissa Aldana’s latest album is Second Cycle (2012). In this interview, Aldana talks about being a third-generation saxophone player, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather; how she arrived at the Berklee College of Music not speaking any English or knowing how to read music; why she’s always known what she […]
  67. The Jazz Session #412: Aaron Parks2012/10/12
    Pianist Aaron Parks is in the midst of an exciting period of composing and recording. In this interview, conducted this summer in New York City, Parks talks about going into the studio with a revolving cast of the city’s finest musicians; his approach to composition — and how he breathes new life in past work; […]
  68. The Jazz Session #411: Jessica Lurie2012/10/08
    Saxophonist and clarinetist Jessica Lurie’s newest recording is Megaphone Heart, released earlier this year. In this interview, Lurie talks about her early years in Seattle; the idea of a musical community; using her voice as an additional instrument; her remarkably diverse projects; and the stories behind the songs on her new album. Learn more at […]
  69. The Jazz Session #410: Brian Charette2012/10/04
    Brian Charette’s new album is Music For Organ Sextette (Steeplechase, 2012). In this interview, Charette talks about studying kung fu and how it affects his music; getting called for his first organ gig — on the same day his first organ arrived; establishing a career in more than one country; and finding non-standard ways to […]
  70. The Jazz Session #409: Sarah MK2012/10/01
    Montreal native Sarah MK is a singer and songwriter who draws on R&B, hip hop and jazz. In this interview, Sarah talks about the Montreal scene and the Kalmunity collective; her jazz studies and what she feels they add to her music; and the challenges and opportunities of a musical life in Montreal. Learn more […]
  71. The Jazz Session #408: David Ryshpan2012/09/27
    In this interview, Montreal pianist David Ryshpan talks about the scene in his adopted hometown; finding musical inspiration in Latin American poetry; how he came to love Brazilian piano trio music and formed his own Trio Bruxo; and the work of the Kalmunity collective. Learn more at settledinshipping.blogspot.com and follow him on Twitter at @ryshpanmusic.
  72. The Jazz Session #407: Anat Cohen2012/09/24
    Saxophonist and clarinetist Anat Cohen’s new CD is Claroscuro (Anzic Records, 2012). In this interview, Cohen talks about letting songs be songs; acknowledging the crowd; working with Wycliffe Gordon; busking in New York City; how she chooses between clarinet and saxophone on a particular tune; and her love of the “relaxing chaos” of Brazil. Learn […]
  73. The Jazz Session #406: Nadje Noordhuis2012/09/20
    Trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis’s eponymous debut will be available on Oct. 9, 2012. In this interview, Noordhuis talks about the stories behind her compositions; how a “fight” with a piano kept her away from that instrument for a decade and how she found her way back; working with Darcy James Argue and others; and the moment […]
  74. The Jazz Session: A Special Announcement2012/09/19
    You can listen to the announcement (in slightly expanded form) using the player above, or read the text below: I’ve decided to end The Jazz Session. After five years, more than 400 episodes, and more than two million downloads, I just can’t make the show work financially. To keep it alive (and by extension, to […]
    Tonight, The Jazz Session passed two million downloads. Wonderful. Thank you all!
  76. The Jazz Session #405: John Geggie2012/09/17
    Ottawa bassist John Geggie’s two most recent recordings are Geggie Project and Across The Sky, both released in 2010. In this interview, recorded in Ottawa on the Jazz Or Bust Tour, Geggie talks about the impact of radio on his early jazz education; exploring the role of the bass; the functions and limitations of institutions […]
  77. The Jazz Session #404: Martin Krusche2012/09/13
    Saxophonist Martin Krusche’s most recent album with his band Magnetic Ear is Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability. In this interview, recorded in New Orleans during the Jazz Or Bust Tour, Krusche talks about how he decided on the way home from his first visit that he was going to move to New Orleans; the difference between […]
  78. The Jazz Session #403: Sonny Rollins2012/09/10
    Sonny Rollins’ most recent album is Road Shows Vol. 2 (Doxy Records, 2011). In this interview, recorded at the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival, Rollins talks about his love for Fats Waller; the world of politics and his place in it; and his feeling that a life in music was always his destiny. Learn more at […]
  79. The Jazz Session #402: The Gnu’s Room2012/09/06
    The Gnu’s Room is a bookstore, coffee shop and community center in Auburn, Alabama. In this interview, conducted on the Jazz Or Bust Tour, owner Tina Tatum talks about the incredible community support that kept the Gnu’s Room open; the expanding mission of the store; and why Tina chose to stay in Auburn and create […]
  80. The Jazz Session #401: Matthew Kaminski2012/09/03
    Matthew Kaminski is a jazz organist with an interesting day job — he plays the organ for the Atlanta Braves. Kaminski’s debut album is Taking My Time (Chicken Coup Records, 2010). In this interview, recorded in the press box at Turner Field, Kaminski talks about the fun and fascinating world of playing organ for the […]
  81. The Jazz Session #400: Donald Brown2012/08/30
    The Jazz Session celebrates 400 episodes with pianist, educator and former Jazz Messenger Donald Brown. This interview was recorded at Brown’s home in Knoxville, TN, during the first part of the “Jazz Or Bust” Tour. In this interview, Brown talks about his early days in Memphis; why writing music has always been important to him; […]
  82. The Jazz Session #399: Evan Cobb2012/08/27
    Woodwind player Evan Cobb’s 2011 CD Falling Up was recorded in the town he calls home, Nashville. In this interview, Cobb talks about his unlikely move to Nashville; the city’s jazz scene; the importance of playing multiple horns; how he knew he was ready to put out a record; and the effect of Nashville itself […]
  83. The Jazz Session #398: Rahsaan Barber2012/08/24
    Nashville saxophonist Rahsaan Barber’s most recent album is Everyday Magic (Jazz Music City, 2011). In this interview, Barber talks about deciding to establish his career in his hometown, even after living in New York; the jazz scene in Nashville and how he sees it evolving; and why there was never a chance that he and […]
  84. The Jazz Session #397: W.O. Smith Music School2012/08/20
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  85. The Jazz Session #396: Denis Solee2012/08/16
    Woodwind player Denis Solee has been a mainstay in the Nashville Studio scene since the early 1970s, recording with everyone from Ray Charles and Stan Getz to Loretta Lynn and Garth Brooks. In this interview, Solee talks about how Nashville has changed since his arrival; what a lifetime in the studios has meant for his […]
  86. The Jazz Session #395: Nashville Jazz Workshop2012/08/13
    The Nashville Jazz Workshop is “a non-profit organization supporting jazz musicians, jazz fans, and the jazz community.” In this interview, co-founder and Director of Operations Roger Spencer talks about turning a decades-old unused industrial space into an oasis for jazz education and performance; why he’s unhappy with a lot of college jazz programs and how […]
  87. The Jazz Session #394: Jeff Coffin2012/08/09
    Saxophonist Jeff Coffin’s forthcoming CD with his band the Mu’tet is Into The Air (Ear Up Records, available Sept. 4, 2012). Coffin has had an active career as a bandleader and educator, and also as a member of Bela Fleck & The Flecktones and now the Dave Matthews Band. In this interview, conducted at Coffin’s […]
  88. The Jazz Session #393: Robert Jospe2012/08/07
    Robert Jospe is a drummer and educator based in Charlottesville, VA. In this interview, recorded on the “Jazz Or Bust” Tour, Jospe talks about his involvement in the New York loft scene in the 1970s; his decision to relocate to Charlottesville and what it meant for his career; his approach to teaching rhythm and his […]
  89. The Jazz Session #392: John D’earth2012/08/02
    Trumpeter John D’earth is a mainstay of the Charlottesville, VA, jazz scene. He’s been playing Thursday nights at Miller’s downtown for the past 30 years. He’s also a respected educator who teaches at the University of Virginia. In this interview, D’earth talks about how he and a group of musician friends chose to leave New […]
  90. The Jazz Session #391: Doug Richards2012/07/30
    Doug Richards is a professor of music at Virginia Commonwealth University. He also founded the school’s jazz program in 1980, one year after he started teaching there. Richards’ former students include Steve Wilson, James Genus, Nate Smith, Clarence Penn, Mark Shim, Alvester Garnett, Scott Clark and Darius Jones. In this interview, Richards talks about discovering […]
  91. The Jazz Session #390: Scott Clark2012/07/19
    Drummer Scott Clark’s latest recording is A+B (2012) with the Scott Clark 4tet. In this interview, Clark talks about the robust music scene in Richmond, VA; how the book Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is shaping his current composing; the makeup of the 4tet and its roots in the music of Ornette Coleman; and […]
  92. The Jazz Session #389: Jerome Sabbagh2012/07/16
    Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh’s latest recording is Plugged In (Bee Jazz, 2012). In this interview, Sabbagh talks about making an electric record; why he chose to work with keyboardist and composer Jozef Dumoulin, who wrote half the tracks on the album; his first time at the Village Vanguard playing with Paul Motian; and why he still […]
  93. The Jazz Session #388: Brad Linde2012/07/09
    Saxophonist Brad Linde is making a life for himself on the Washington, DC, jazz scene. In this interview, he talks about bringing jazz artists to DC to play at the Atlas performance space; the history of the Tristano school and why he gravitates toward it; the nature of the scene in DC; and his various […]
  94. The Jazz Session #387: Scott Burton (of Glows In The Dark)2012/07/05
    Beach Of The War Gods (Glowing Realm Digital, 2011) is the latest CD from guitarist Scott Burton and his band Glows In The Dark. In this interview, Burton talks about his love of film and how it led to the source music for the album; the fertile music scene in Richmond, Virginia; and the way […]
  95. The Jazz Session #386: Brandon Wright2012/07/03
    Saxophonist Brandon Wright’s new CD is Journeyman (Posi-Tone, 2012). In this interview, Wright talks about what he learned from playing with Chuck Mangione, Doc Severinsen and Fred Wesley; why he’s chosen to arrange tunes by Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and Oasis; and how improv comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York […]
  96. The Jazz Session #385: Pete Zimmer2012/06/28
    Drummer Pete Zimmer’s new album is Prime Of Life (Tippin’ Records, 2012). It features George Garzone on saxophone, Peter Bernstein on guitar and Peter Slavov on bass. In this interview, Zimmer talks about swing — what it means to him and how he approaches playing it; the primacy of sound in his selection of bandmates […]
  97. The Jazz Session #384: Brian Settles2012/06/26
    Washington, D.C. saxophonist Brian Settles’ most recent album is Secret Handshake (Engine Records, 2011). In this interview, recorded in Maryland, Settles talks about his decision to take a break from the jazz scene years ago to work on his craft; why he relocated from New York back to his native Washington; his working band; and […]
  98. The Jazz Session #383: Janel and Anthony2012/06/21
    Janel and Anthony’s new album is Where Is Home (Cuneiform, 2012). In this interview, cellist Janel Leppin and guitarist Anthony Pirog talk about how they found each other and realized they should start a band; the sonic landscapes they create live and in the studio; and how they move past just the sound of a […]
  99. The Jazz Session #382: Jeff Cosgrove2012/06/18
    Drummer Jeff Cosgrove’s debut album, featuring his band Motian Sickness, is For The Love Of Sarah (Grizzley Music, 2011). In this interview, recorded in Shepherdstown, WV, on the “Jazz Or Bust” Tour, Cosgrove talks about making a life in music when you’re not in a major metropolitan area; how he decided on the bluegrass sound […]
  100. The Jazz Session #381: Harris Eisenstadt2012/06/14
    Harris Eisenstadt’s two new records are Canada Day III (Songlines, 2012) and Canada Day Octet (482 Music, 2012). In this interview, Eisenstadt talks about expanding existing quintet music to octet form; the evolution of the Canada Day band and what its longevity allows him to do as a composer; and the life of a touring […]
The Jazz Session with Jason Crane
The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.

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