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Insights with Dick Goldberg

  1. How United Way Impacts Communities2017/12/20
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  2. Newspapers: Past, Present & Future2017/12/06

    How newspapers survive in the age of the internet, 24 hour cable news and declining readership. Dick’s guest is Paul Fanlund, editor and executive publisher of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin.

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  3. PreMarital Counseling by Professionals2017/11/22
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  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)2017/11/08
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  5. May December Marriage2017/10/25
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  6. Community Mental Health Centers2017/10/11
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  7. Happy Retirement2017/09/27
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  8. Elements of a Successful Marriage2017/09/13
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  9. Enhancing Relationships2017/08/30

    Dick’s guest offers numerous ideas on how to improve relationships and how to transform yourself in the process. Susan Young is a motivational speaker, lecturer and author of “Release the Power of Re3: 77 Ways to Create Positive Change & Transformation.”

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  10. PTSD: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder2017/08/16
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  11. Binge Drinking2017/08/02

    Is binge drinking just a college phenomenon? How prevalent is it? Is it just innocent fun? When does it cross the line from fun to danger? Dick’s guest, Gabrielle Koren, LCSW, SAC shares surprising information on what binge drinking really is and how pervasive it is in our culture.

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  12. Lessons from Couples Counseling2017/07/19
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  13. Ethical Dilemmas in Therapy2017/07/06
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  14. Stalking2017/06/21

    Stalking is a serious problem that can lead to violence and even murder. Why do stalkers stalk? What do the victims need to know about stalking that could save their lives? Dick’s guest is Wisconsin Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General Robert Kaiser.

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  15. Subtle Emotional Abuse2017/06/07
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  16. Consumer Fraud2017/05/24

    What are the most common frauds and scams? How do you protect yourself? What do you do if you are a victim of consumer fraud? Dick’s guests are Frank Frassetto, Administrator and Michelle Reinen, Director of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

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  17. Overcoming Adversity2017/05/10
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  18. Dementia2017/04/26

    Can you do anything to prevent dementia? Are there effective treatments once you are afflicted? Dick’s guest is Dr. Ken Robbins, head of Psychiatric Gerontology at Stoughton Hospital as well as Adjunct Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  19. When Women Abuse Men2017/04/12
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  20. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)2017/03/22
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  21. Crimeless Parole Revocation2017/03/08
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  22. When Young Adults Lose a Parent2017/02/22
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  23. Books as Therapy2017/02/08

    For many, bibliotherapy (using books as therapy) can sometimes help as much as a friend or even therapist. Dick’s guest, Caroline Donahue, also known as The Book Dr., discusses techniques that help you find the most effective books to help with your issues.

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  24. Living as an Undocumented Immigrant2017/01/19
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  25. Funeral Homes: What You Need to Know2017/01/04
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  26. What Makes for a Great Teacher?2016/12/22
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  27. New Year Resolutions2016/12/07
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  28. Innocent and Behind Bars2016/11/23
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  29. Effective Hiring for Diversity2016/11/09
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  30. Effects of Winning the Lottery2016/10/26
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  31. Understanding U.S. Poverty Programs2016/10/12
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  32. Resilience2016/09/28
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  33. Being Fat in America2016/09/14
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  34. Homelessness Solutions2016/08/31
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  35. Effective Leadership Traits2016/08/17
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  36. Retirement Center Depression and Loneliness2016/08/03
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  37. Lawyers and Depression2016/07/20
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  38. The Art of First Impressions2016/07/06

    Why are first impressions so important in business as well as your personal life? Can these skills be learned? Dick’s guest is Susan Young, author of The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact.

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  39. The Five Love Languages2016/06/22

    For all of us, we feel loved by one of five love languages. Knowing which one you and your partner respond to is critical to a successful relationship. Dick’s guest is Susan Young, author, lecturer and motivational speaker.

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  40. How to be Likeable2016/06/08
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  41. What to Expect Once You’re Sober2016/05/25
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  42. Life Behind Bars2016/05/11

    Dick’s guests Talib Akbar and James Morgan share their experiences from their combined 44 years of incarceration.

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  43. Inside Car Dealerships2016/04/27

    What you need to know when you shop for a new or used car. Dick’s guest, Jorge Hidalgo, owner of Wilde Honda in Madison, Wisconsin, explains what it’s like to be a dealership owner.

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  44. Beating Loneliness2016/04/13

    Is loneliness growing in the U.S.? Is social media partly to blame? How can loneliness be overcome? Dick’s guest is Kira Asatryan, author of Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships & Deep Relationships.

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  45. Hooking Up on Campus2016/03/30

    Is this the new normal? What’s it all about? Is it healthy? Dick’s guest is Dr. Kathleen Bogle, author of “Hooking Up on Campus: Sex, Dating & Relationships on Campus.”

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  46. Willpower2016/03/16

    Why it’s critical to success and happiness and how to harness it. Dick’s guest is Dr. Tina Hallis who applied her Ph.D. in biotechnology to become a corporate trainer, speaker and student of positive psychology.

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  47. Finding Your Best Mate2016/03/03

    It’s much more than checking items off a list. Dr. Jim McGloin joins Dick to discuss the tricks, traps and whatever to avoid in finding your life partner.

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  48. Leaving Toxic Relationships2016/02/17
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  49. Polyamorous Relationships2016/02/03

    How common are they? How is it possible they work out? Dick’s guest is Lesa Fischer, a psychotherapist who emphasizes couples counseling and currently has 15 clients in polyamorous relationships.

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  50. Wills: What Everyone Must Know2016/01/21

    Wills and POA’s are needed by everyone, not just the wealthy. Dick’s guest is attorney Thomas Hoffner who specializes in estate planning.

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