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OurSQL: MySQL Database Community Podcast

  1. OurSQL Episode 208: Looking Back
    In this episode we discuss our timeless podcasts. For those who are new and listening for the first time - welcome! This podcast is a great jumping off point to learn about specific topics we've covered. If you have been with us for some or all of the time, thank you for being with us, and we hope this trip down memory lane brings you nostalgia - it did for us.
  2. OurSQL Episode 207: Looking Forward
    In this penultimate episode, we talk about what's coming in MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.1. Ear Candy is about a new MySQL 5.7 utility to generate the SSL RSA keys to encrypt MySQL communications, and At the Movies is about MySQL's new features.
  3. OurSQL Episode 206: Pieces of Fabric
    In this episode we discuss sharding and high availability with MySQL Fabric, including installation and configuration. Ear Candy is rolling out GTIDs with no restarting, and At the Movies is putting MySQL Fabric to use, including a live demo.
  4. OurSQL Episode 205: How to Learn About MySQL
    In this episode, we discuss resources available for learning more about MySQL and its forks.
  5. OurSQL Episode 204: Just For Laughs
    When we went monthly at the end of 2014, did you worry that we would forget our blooper show? This month's podcast is a blooper reel just for you - about 35 minutes of put-a-smile-on-your-face fun with insight as to how things work - or don't work - behind-the-scenes.
    I hope your 2015 is going well!
  6. OurSQL Episode 203: Scaling by Proxy Part 2
    In this episode we finish our series on MaxScale. Ear candy is about using MySQL and Galera for geographic replication, and at the Movies uses MySQL to build big data applications.
  7. OurSQL Episode 202: Scaling by Proxy
    This episode we start a 2-part series on MaxScale, a scaling proxy for MySQL. Ear Candy is OS Query and At the Movies is about MaxScale.
  8. OurSQL Episode 201: What are you doing?
    This week we discuss user statistics in the MariaDB and Percona forks of MySQL.
  9. OurSQL Episode 200: Information Security and Privacy
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  10. OurSQL Episode 199: Make It Fast
    This week, we discuss common MySQL performance tips.
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This podcast by the MySQL community talks about technical issues, features and bugs relating to MySQL, its forks, and tools.

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