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The Good Stuff

  1. The Good Stuff — Episode 18: Sailing Past Plastic2014/08/27
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  2. The Good Stuff — Episode 17: Start Sharing (Part 2 with Janelle Orsi)2014/07/18
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  3. The Good Stuff — Episode 16: All About Sharing (Part 1 with Adam Werbach)2014/05/19
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  4. The Good Stuff — Episode 15: Kids, Parents and Climate2014/05/14
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  5. The Good Stuff — Episode 14: College Heroes2014/05/14

    Meet Alex Freid and Amira Odeh. These two young people saw something amiss in how their communities related to Stuff and decided to do something about it. From eliminating waste during dorm move-out season to putting a stop to bottled water sales, here are two great examples of what it looks like to take action for "better" instead of "more."
  6. The Good Stuff - Episode 13: What Made the Mad Hatter Mad?2014/05/14

    When a thermometer factory in New York closed because of increasing U.S. regulation of mercury, the operation was moved lock, stock and barrel to India, where enforcement of environmental laws is lax. Now a subsidiary of Unilever – the company behind everyday brands like Vaseline, Dove Soap and Lipton Tea – which operated the factory in India, is trying to walk away from a deadly legacy.
  7. The Good Stuff — Episode 12: Green Chemistry2014/05/14

    If it's on the store shelf, it's been tested and found safe, right? Guess again. Bev Thorpe of Clean Production Action talks about the hidden chemical dangers in everyday products and how ‘green chemistry’—designing materials and products without harmful chemicals—promises to transform the relationship between us and our Stuff.
  8. The Good Stuff — Episode 11: Girl Scout Cookies, Orangutans and Palm Oil2014/05/14

    In 2007, two kids in Michigan set out to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award by raising awareness about the endangered orangutan. They learned that the orangutans’ habitat is being destroyed to plant oil palm plantations. After making the shocking discovery that palm oil was an ingredient in Girl Scout cookies, they launched a campaign to make Girl Scout cookies rainforest-safe.
  9. The Good Stuff — Episode 10: The People Have the Power2014/05/14

    Protecting our health from toxic pollution is too important a job to be left to scientists, government regulators or even professional environmental activists. Annie looks at two communities, half a world apart, where citizens showed that people on the front lines of pollution have the power to fight back against being poisoned.
  10. The Good Stuff — Episode 9: Kids Who Care Challenge Crayola2014/05/14

    If you laid all the Crayola plastic markers made each year end to end, they’d circle the earth three times – and they’re not recyclable. Some California kids are campaigning to change that – and in the process, learning how to flex their citizen muscles.
  11. The Good Stuff — Episode 8: Annie on Climate Change and 5 Years of SOS2014/05/14

    This podcast, recorded in January of 2013, turns the tables – or rather the microphone – on Annie as she’s interviewed by Jearlyn Steele of WCCO-AM in Minneapolis. Given the recent shift in public discourse, Annie and Jearlyn talk about what must be done to combat climate change. Annie also reflects on the first five years of The Story of Stuff Project.
  12. The Good Stuff — Episode 7: Workers as Owners2014/05/14

    From corner bakeries to one of Spain’s largest companies, worker-owned co-ops around the world are providing an alternative model to business as usual. Annie talked with worker-owners of the Evergreen Cooperatives, which are transforming an economically distressed neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio – and changing lives at the same time.
  13. The Good Stuff — Episode 6: Don't Just "Be the Change" – Make Change2014/05/14

    In Part 2 of our special podcast accompanying The Story of Change, Annie talks with leading changemakers about how they do it. Hint: Start close to home, sharpen your citizen skills, and then take on the world.
  14. The Good Stuff — Episode 5: How You Show up in the World2014/05/13

    Being a citizen isn’t about where you were born or whether you have the right papers – it’s acting on our responsibility to stand up for the planet and other people. In Part 1 of a special podcast, Annie talks to leading changemakers about citizenship – “the freedom to participate in power.” Next month, Part 2: how citizens can make change.
  15. The Good Stuff — Episode 4: Fix It, Don't Nix It!2014/05/13

    That’s the manifesto of the growing movement to make our Stuff repairable rather than disposable. And some people are going beyond repairing their Stuff to making their own. In this episode, Annie talks to a couple of high-tech entrepreneurs about the importance of the fourth R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and Repair.
  16. The Good Stuff — Episode 3: Getting Started2014/05/10
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  17. The Good Stuff — Episode 2: Kid vs. KFC2014/05/09
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  18. The Good Stuff — Episode 1: Take THAT, Plastic Bags!2014/05/09
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The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff is the (mostly) monthly podcast of The Story of Stuff Project (www.storyofstuff.org). Annie Leonard's conversations on the Good Stuff highlight people who are rolling up their sleeves and making positive changes in their communities - right now. Whether they are entrepreneurs, community leaders, or neighborhood kids, these inspiring individuals prove that anyone can make a difference and by joining together we magnify our power to accomplish remarkable things.

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