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  1. Radio Free Culture #71: The Freeharmonic Orchestra with Unthunk and Offal Tunes from Sep 29, 20162016/09/29

    [Cheyenne talks to two of the twelve artists in the Freeharmonic Orchestra.]
  2. Radio Free Culture #70: Marc Weidenbaum's Disquiet World from Aug 25, 20162016/08/25
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  3. Radio Free Culture #69: Upload the Punks! Maximum Rocknroll's Archive with Shivaun Watchorn from Jul 28, 20162016/07/28

    [Cheyenne talks to Shivaun Watchorn, the Archive Coordinator for Maximum Rocknroll's official zine and record archive.]
  4. Radio Free Culture #68: For The Love Of Sound, Erik Schoster from Jun 16, 20162016/06/16

    [Cheyenne talks to Erik Schoster, musician, web developer, and new addition to the FMA team!]
  5. Radio Free Culture #67: Archiving the Spoken Word with Jemma Brown and Michael Guerra from May 5, 20162016/05/05

    [Cheyenne talks to Michael Guerra and Jemma Brown about a new transcription tool produced by The Moth, Pop Up Archive and NYPL Labs called "Together We Listen."]
  6. Radio Free Culture #66: Shirt Week Super-Special from Dec 24, 20152015/12/24

    FMA Overlords - "Brought To You By You" - FMA Fundraiser 2015

    Fairy Moshpit Applesauce - "French-Kiss Mommy's Aunt" - FMA Fundraiser 2015

    Gentil - "Good Files" - FMA Fundraiser 2015
  7. Radio Free Culture #65: The State of the Commons with Jane Park from Dec 10, 20152015/12/10

    [Cheyenne and Jane Park talk about the State of the Commons report for 2015.]
  8. Radio Free Culture #64: Support the FMA with Ross and Cheyenne from Nov 26, 20152015/11/26

    [Ross and Cheyenne banter about the FMA's virtues and reasons you should donate to their fundraiser. And Second Life dance parties.]
  9. Radio Free Culture #63: Songs From An Unmade World with Visager from Nov 12, 20152015/11/12

    [Cheyenne talked to Visager, producer & composer of "Songs From An Unmade World," who put it on FMA to see what would happen.]
  10. Radio Free Culture #62: Radio Survivors, Part 2 with Paul Riismandel & Eric Klein from Oct 29, 20152015/10/29
  11. Radio Free Culture #61: Radio Survivors, Part 1 with Paul Riismandel & Eric Klein from Oct 15, 20152015/10/15

    [Part 1 of 2 - Cheyenne talks to Paul Riismandel and Eric Klein about podcasting, web streaming and terrestrial radio, and how they're currently coexisting in the media landscape.]
  12. Radio Free Culture #60: The Creative Commons Global Summit with Jane Park from Oct 1, 20152015/10/01

    [Cheyenne talks to Jane Park of Creative Commons about this month's Global Summit.]
  13. Radio Free Culture #59: The Data-Driven DJ with Brian Foo from Sep 17, 20152015/09/17

    [Cheyenne talks to Brian Foo about his current project, the "Data-Driven DJ."]
  14. Radio Free Culture #58: The White Market Podcast with Rute Correia from Sep 3, 20152015/09/03

    [Cheyenne talks to Rute Correia, who makes the White Market Podcast and curates on the FMA.]
  15. Radio Free Culture #57: Do Not Track with Jason Staczek from Aug 20, 20152015/08/20

    [Cheyenne talks to Jason Staczek about the interactive documentary "Do Not Track," about personal privacy and the web economy.]
  16. Radio Free Culture #56: Acts of Silence with David Nemeth from Aug 6, 20152015/08/06

    [Cheyenne talks to David Nemeth from the Acts of Silence blog.]
  17. Radio Free Culture #55: Sampling the Philharmonia Orchestra with Marina Vidor from Jul 23, 20152015/07/23

    [Cheyenne talks to Marina Vidor from the Philharmonia Orchestra about some CC-BY-SA samples that have been offered to the public for more than a decade on their website.]
  18. Radio Free Culture #54: Premixing the Vitamin Pets from Jul 9, 20152015/07/09

    [Cheyenne talks to Vito Petruzzelli of Vitamin Pets about their recent 'premix' contest.]
  19. Radio Free Culture #53: The Song-O-Phone Project with Dina Maccabee from Jun 25, 20152015/06/25

    [Cheyenne talks to Dina Maccabee about playing a game of 'telephone' with a song.]
  20. Radio Free Culture #52: The World's First Netlabel Day from Jun 11, 20152015/06/11

    [Cheyenne talks to Manuel Silva, the organizer of the world's first Netlabel Day.]
  21. Radio Free Culture #51: A Decade of Open Music with Meik Michalke [explicit] from May 28, 20152015/05/28

    [Cheyenne talks to Meik about the Open Music Contest's tenth anniversary.]
  22. Radio Free Culture #50: Trapped in the Black Box of Sound with Emily Saltz from Pop Up Archive from May 13, 20152015/05/14

    [Emily Saltz from the Pop-Up Archive talks to Cheyenne about automated transcription for search, thus making audio a more shareable and accessible format for the web.]
  23. Radio Free Culture #49: Meet Ross, the FMA's Software Developer from May 6, 20152015/05/07

    [Cheyenne talks to Ross about his relationship to the FMA and a few of his side interests, which include video art and making music.]
  24. Radio Free Culture #48: Intellectual Property in the Third Dimension with Michael Weinberg from Apr 30, 20152015/04/30

    [Cheyenne talks to Michael Weinberg about 3D printing as a disruptive technology, intellectual property law, Creative Commons and some of the controversy (and hilarity) related to 3D printing in the news.]
  25. Radio Free Culture #47: Music Economics 101 with Kristin Thomson from Apr 23, 20152015/04/23

    [Kristin Thomson, who was a primary researcher on the Artist Revenue Streams Project, talks to Cheyenne about how artists make money.]
  26. Radio Free Culture #46: Chad Crouch's Alter Ego, Podington Bear from Apr 16, 20152015/04/16

    [Cheyenne talks to composer Chad Crouch about his musical alter ego, Podington Bear, and why he released all of his music under CC BY-NC.]
  27. Radio Free Culture #45: Two Copies of Every Album: The Archive of Contemporary Music with Bob George from Apr 7, 20152015/04/09

    [Cheyenne talks to Bob George, Director of the Archive of Contemporary Music in NYC.]
  28. Radio Free Culture #44: Preserving Culture at the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives with Danielle Cordovez from Apr 2, 20152015/04/02

    [Danielle Cordovez, a reference librarian at the NYPL's Rogers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, tells Cheyenne about the collection and its uses - and some of the weird things lurking on the shelves.]
  29. Radio Free Culture #43: Black Lantern Music's First 100 Releases with Bram and Gareth from Mar 26, 20152015/03/26

    [Bram and Gareth from Black Lantern Music talk about their first 100 releases and what's in store for the netlabel.]
  30. Radio Free Culture #42: Simple Machines and Complex Infrastructure with Jenny Toomey from Mar 19, 20152015/03/19

    [Jenny Toomey, Director of the Internet Rights unit at the Ford Foundation, talks about the differences and similarities between running a DIY record label and helping innovators get the resources they need.]
  31. Radio Free Culture #41: Jonathan Ward, Audio Archaeologist from Mar 12, 20152015/03/12

    [Jonathan Ward, the man behind the 'Excavated Shellac' blog, talks about crate digging, collecting and sharing 78s from around the world.]
  32. Radio Free Culture #40: MicroSong Super Special BONUS Episode!! from Mar 10, 20152015/03/10
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  33. Radio Free Culture #39: Inside LizB's Playlist Labyrinth from Mar 5, 20152015/03/05

    [Cheyenne talks to Liz Berg about how and why she makes mixes of FMA superhits.]
  34. Radio Free Culture #38: Wishing You A Happy Fair Use Week with Ellen Duranceau from Feb 23, 20152015/02/26

    [Cheyenne talks to Ellen Duranceau, MIT Librarian, about the gray area of what is and isn't fair use under the US Copyright statute.]
  35. Radio Free Culture #37: Playing in the Public Domain with Nicky Case from Feb 19, 20152015/02/19

    [Nicky Case talks about slightly shapist polygons, public domain video games, interactive learning and more with Cheyenne.]
  36. Radio Free Culture #36: Adam Green's Guide to the Public Domain Treasure Trove from Feb 11, 20152015/02/12

    [Adam Green & Cheyenne discuss the Public Domain Review.]
  37. Radio Free Culture #35: Sharing is Better With Simon Panrucker from Feb 5, 20152015/02/05

    [Simon Panrucker tells all! (or some!) about working for Cartoon Network, sharing music via Creative Commons, and making banana smooshing sounds.]
  38. Radio Free Culture #34: Six Years Inside the Computer & Video Game Archive with David Carter from Jan 29, 20152015/01/29

    [Cheyenne talks to David Carter, a librarian at the Computer & Video Game Archive at the University of Michigan.]
  39. Radio Free Culture #33: Into the Deep Web with Alex Winter from Jan 22, 20152015/01/22

    [Cheyenne talks to Alex Winter, director of "Downloaded," about his upcoming film "Deep Web."]
  40. Radio Free Culture #32: "There Are No Rules Anymore," an interview with composer Chris Zabriskie from Jan 15, 20152015/01/15

    [Cheyenne and Chris Zabriskie talk about making money with CC music and YouTube's ContentID system.]
  41. Radio Free Culture #31: the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Enduring Legacy with Alicia Mielke from Jan 8, 20152015/01/08

    [Alicia Mielke from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston answers Cheyenne's questions about their podcast, concert series and more.]
  42. Radio Free Culture #30: A Music Career in the Commons with Jared C Balogh from Jan 1, 20152015/01/01

    [Jared C Balogh of Pink Hex, Trans-Atlantic Rage and more talks to Cheyenne about alternatives to copyright in music, creativity and success.]
  43. Radio Free Culture #29: Get Your Shovels Ready! A Tour of snowdrift.coop with Aaron Wolf from Dec 25, 20142014/12/25

    [Aaron Wolf talks about snowdrift.coop, a new crowdfunding platform.]
  44. Radio Free Culture #28: The Music Manumit Meta-Podcast Podcast, Part II from Dec 18, 20142014/12/18

    [Cheyenne talks to Doug & Tom of the Music Manumit podcast about podcasts. Meta!]
  45. Radio Free Culture #27: The Music Manumit Meta-Podcast Podcast, Part I from Dec 10, 20142014/12/11

    [Interview with Tom & Doug from the Music Manumit podcast.]
  46. Radio Free Culture #26: "The Future Where Biff Owns the Cops," or, Michael Weinberg's Dystopian Vision of a Non-Neutral Net from Dec 4, 20142014/12/04
  47. Radio Free Culture #25: WFMU's Secret Weapon with Ken Freedman from Nov 27, 20142014/11/27
  48. Radio Free Culture #24: Netlabel Standard-Bearers blocSonic from Nov 20, 20142014/11/20
  49. Radio Free Culture #23: Art's Right to Exist: Jacob Nathan from AS220 from Nov 13, 20142014/11/13
  50. Radio Free Culture #22: "Why Wouldn't You?" Kevin MacLeod's Music Sharing Philosophy from Nov 6, 20142014/11/06
  51. Radio Free Culture #21: Meet Cheyenne, the New FMA Director from Oct 30, 20142014/10/30
  52. Radio Free Culture #20: Orphaned Works from Oct 23, 20142014/10/23

    Liz Berg interviews John Bergmayer of Public Knowledge
  53. Radio Free Culture #19: Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform from Oct 17, 20142014/10/17

    Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"

    Jeff Kolar and Andrea Silenzi - "Interview"

    Sara Pinheiro - "Quem Conta Um Conto, II" - Radius #9 [Excerpt]

    Timo Kahlen - "Bits & Pieces" - Radius #9 [Excerpt]

    Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"
  54. Radio Free Culture #16: A Case for Sharing Your Music Online: How Kardashian Sisters Helped Musician Waylon Thornton Buy a Hearse from Sep 18, 20142014/10/09

    Andrea Silenzi - "Interviews Waylon Thornton"

    Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"
  55. Radio Free Culture #18: Player Piano: The First Digital Music Revolution (Part 2/2) from Oct 9, 20142014/10/09
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  56. Radio Free Culture #17: Player Piano: The First Digital Music Revolution (Part 1/2) from Sep 25, 20142014/09/27
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  57. Radio Free Culture #15: Creative Commons news and a run-in with the German courts from Sep 11, 20142014/09/11

    Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"

    Liz Berg interviews Elliot Harmon
  58. Radio Free Culture #14: Interview with Elliot Harmon of Creative Commons from Sep 5, 20142014/09/05

    Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"

    Liz Berg interviews Elliot Harmon
  59. Radio Free Culture #5: Head to an Anti-Police Brutality March with renegade journalist Tim Pool from Oct 29, 20122013/07/31
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  60. Radio Free Culture #13: The Copyright Alert System, Music Hack Day from May 27, 20132013/05/30
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  61. Radio Free Culture #11: Radio Passover: Baby Got Backlash + The New Birthday Song from Mar 25, 20132013/05/03
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  62. Radio Free Culture #12: App-Based Storytelling with Francesca Panetta from Apr 29, 20132013/05/03
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  63. Radio Free Culture #10: Understanding Artist Revenue Streams from Feb 25, 20132013/02/25

    YACHT - "Shangri La (Instrumental)"

    - "talking with Jean Cook, Rebecca Gates and Greg Fox" [money.futureofmusic.org]

    Anti-Social Music - "Music for ASM - dälek" - Sleeps Around: Collaborations with dälek & His Name Is Alive

    - "Jean Cook, Rebecca Gates and Greg Fox"
  64. Radio Free Culture #2: Interview with Jonathan Sterne on the meaning of the MP3 from Jul 30, 20122012/08/07

    Guest Jonathan Sterne and WFMU's Benjamen Walker
  65. Radio Free Culture #1: Interview with Brewster Kahle, Founder of Archive.org from Jun 25, 20122012/07/18

    - "Station Manager Ken Interviews Brewster Kahle, Founder of Archive.org"
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Hosted by various WFMU personalities, Radio Free Culture is a weekly program that explores digital culture, net neutrality, piracy, the broadcast spectrum, digital rights, and archives and libraries in the internet age. We'll be interviewing some of the nation's key figures at the intersection of music, multimedia, and digital technology. This program is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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