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Essential English - Beginners

  1. Essential English 00: Teacher Advice2012/06/04
    Teaching Tips
  2. Essential English 01: I am 2012/06/04
    Present tense of "To be" and numbers 1 to 5
  3. Essential English 02: I have 2012/06/04
    Present tense of "To have" and numbers 6 to 10
  4. Essential English 03: Hello 2012/07/08
    Greetings and letters of the alphabet
  5. Essential English 04: Can Part 1 2012/07/16
    Use of "can" in affirmative and interrogative sentences
  6. Essential English 05: Can Part 2 2012/07/23
    Use of "can" in affirmative and interrogative sentences (Cont.)
  7. Essential English 06: Please and Thank You 2012/08/04
    Use of "Please" and "Thank you" in short sentences
  8. Essential English 07: To Want Part 1 2012/08/19
    Present tense of "to want" in affirmative and negative forms
  9. Essential English 08: To Want Part 2 2012/09/10
    Present tense of "to want" in negative and interrogative forms
  10. Essential English 09: To Like Part 1 2012/09/17
    Present tense of "to like" in the affirmative and negative forms
  11. Essential English 10: To Like Part 2 2012/09/28
    Present tense of "to like" in the negative and interrogative forms
  12. Essential English 10Bis: Information and Advice for Teachers2012/11/26
    Podcast for teachers using Essential English as a complement for classes
  13. Essential English 11: Simple Questions Part 1 2012/11/26
    Question form in present with "do" and "does"
Essential English - Beginners
A series for total or "almost" beginners with active "oral" training with simple, clearly spoken exercises (American accent) to take learners from A1 to A2; a complement to classroom, private or online instruction. For free scripts and lesson plans for each recording (advice for teachers) visit our website http://www.qualitytime-esl.com. For intermediate to advanced oral training go to "Your English", "QualityTime-ESL podcasts" and "5 Minute TOPs". (ESL, EFL, ELT, audio lesson podcasts, vocabulary, oral drills, correct usage practice)

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