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  1. 059 - Why Women DON'T like Social VR w/ Jessica Outlaw2018/02/14
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  2. 058 - Vive Pro & Meta 2 Impressions + News2018/02/06

    Az talks about his impressions of the Vive Pro, looking at high resolution photogrammetry with supersampling. Petr shares his thoughts on the Meta 2 devkit as an enterprise developer, and the need to have to sell his colleagues on the idea of AR.
  3. 057 - How to be a VR/AR developer w/ FusedVR2018/01/31
    Az is joined by Vasanth Mohan and Hassan Karaouni, founders of the popular educational Youtube channel, FusedVR. We discuss the Logitech VR keyboard, OpenXR initiatives, problems with WebVR, as well as learning how to be a VR developer!

    Recorded: Nov, 2017
  4. 056 - Breaking ALL the VR rules w/ Survios (Sprint Vector)2018/01/23
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  5. Short update about 2018 plans!2018/01/03
    DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/keQgUq

    Short update from Petr and Az talking about 2018 plans
  6. 055 - Simulating Touch in VR w/ Contact CI2017/12/16
    Az is joined this week with cofounders Craig Douglass and Tom Buchanan to talk about the challenges behind simulating the high amount of degrees of freedom of hands, simulating the sense of touch, and creating finger push-back haptics.

    Contact CI: https://contactci.co/
    Craig Douglass: https://twitter.com/C_F_Douglass
    Tom Buchanan: https://twitter.com/tfbuchanan4?lang=en
  7. 054 - SculptrVR's New 'Smooth' Update Explained w/ Nathan Rowe!2017/10/31
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  8. 053 - Scanning & Preserving World Heritage Sites w/ Cyark2017/10/18
    Petr and Az are joined by Elizabeth Lee, VP at Cyark which is a non-profit organization tasked with digitally preserving at risk World Heritage Sites.

    We talk about how they use Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Drones, and spatial audio recordings to capture an environment at a specific moment in time.

    Visit Cyark's website: http://www.cyark.org/
  9. 052 - Mood Altering VR apps with TRIPP Inc2017/10/10
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  10. 051 - Does the Pimax 8K VR actually work?2017/10/03
    Solo Show w/ Az and Petr talking about:
    - Dissecting the mythical 8K Pimax Headset
    - Novel mobile AR apps (Magic Sudoku, etc)
    - Petr's VR research paper submission at VRST 2017
    - Az's new ventures (azadux Creative Production)
    - Listener meetup at Oculus Connect 4??

    Tune in and don't forget to share, like and rate!
  11. 050 - VR/AR landscape with Unity & Nvidia2017/09/12
    This is a very special episode recored at the end of Digility 2017. This time, both Josh Naylor (Senior Evangelist bei Unity) and Dominic Eskofier (Head of Virtual Reality EMEAI bei NVIDIA) joined Petr for a deep insightful discussion on the AR/VR landscape. Tune in!
  12. 049 - VR Guns in H3VR2017/09/12
    This week we talked to Anton Hand about the science behind building realistic guns in Shooting Range Sim #H3VR! We had a wonderful discussion and a lot of secrets have been unveiled. Tune in!
  13. 048 - Reconstructing the world in 3D w/ Photogrammetry2017/08/28
    Once again we were live from VR! And this time the main topic was focused on capturing reality photogrammetry process and results azad had himself. As usual we discussed the most recent VR news and had a lot of fun joking around. Check the Live Video Stream at our Facebook or Twitter page or listen just to the audio via the podcast.
  14. 047 - Does Mobile AR Matter?2017/08/20
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  15. 046 - SIGGRAPH Recap, hosted LIVE in Bigscreen2017/08/15
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  16. 045 - The 5K Resolution Headset by VRgineers2017/08/04
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  17. 044 - Music in VR with Zach Jaffe from Subpac2017/06/22
    An episode on Audio, Vibrations and Subwoofer (and all the good vibes) with Zach Jaffe from Subpac. They are working on physical audio technologies that are incorporated into their product, the Subpac. Ever wondered what sound is? Or why it is important for VR? Tune in!
  18. 043 - How VR is helping patients learn about heart diseases2017/06/08
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  19. 042 - Using Hololens during real surgery2017/05/08
    This week's ResearchVR episode is a little more crowded than usual. During this year's Cebit, we've met, not just one, but THREE experts working on the use of AR to "make surgery great again".
  20. 041 - Understand autistic children through VR2017/04/18
    This week on ResearchVR we talk about an innovative use of VR as a therapeutical tool to work with autistic children. Check out our discussion with Kirill Pokutnyy and Sergei Tereshchenko from Sensorama Lab.
  21. 040 - When e-sports becomes v-sports with VR Nerds2017/04/10
    On this week's episode, Dr. Alexander Kutter and Phillip Steinfatt from VR Nerds sit down together Kris and Petr to discuss their new exciting arcade VR experience, Tower Tag.
  22. 039 - Lightfield Cameras and Displays with Ryan Damm, CEO of Visby2017/04/05
    On this week's episode, we offer you with a deep dive into the topic that most us only vaguely know - light fields. Check out the discussion between Az and Ryan Damm now!
  23. 038 - FOVE and Eyetracking in VR with Jim Preston2017/03/29
    This week on ResearchVR you have a chance to catch up with our LIVE episode, where Az analysed FOVE in detail with Jim Preston, Director of Strategy and Business Development.
  24. 037 - VR Car Configurator with David Tchoulakian, Virtual Spice, and Sebastian Matthes, Lufthansa2017/03/15
    This week on ResearchVR we discuss in depth one of the most awaited B2C application types - car configurator. Our guests, David Tchulakian and Sebastian Matthes, both did their diplomas in VR car configurator for one of the main automobile industry companies, and they agreed to share their experience and research with us.
  25. 036 - Emotions in VR, AR and more with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures2017/03/06
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into how can emotions be measured and incorporated in VR, AR and other digital technologies. We discuss it with our guest who is well versed in digital consumer technologies, Tom Emrich from Super Ventures.
  26. 035 - Education for Sustainable Development with Carina Mentrup2017/02/22
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into VR for sustainable development - meaning we are solving the global worming and consequences of modern worlds rapid development using virtual reality.
  27. 034 - VR locomotion with Daniel Sproll with Realities.io2017/02/15
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into VR locomotion from theoretical, practical and technical perspective. Our guest is an experienced VR UX Designer, Daniel Sproll from Realities.io.
  28. 033 - Rendering challenges of Virtual Reality with Dominic Eskofier from NVIDIA2017/02/07
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into the magic behind rendering for VR - where and how can we save performance in extremely demanding virtual reality. We are happy to welcome again on our podcast Dominic Eskofier, NVIDIA's Manager for Europe and beyond.
  29. 032 - Augmented Hearing with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures2017/01/30
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into hearables - advanced hearing devices that go way beyond hearing aid towards augmenting hearing. Our guest is a visionary in the field of Augmented Reality, Tom Emrich from Super Ventures.
  30. 031 - Maintenance using AR with Rolf Behrens, BITNAMIC2017/01/24
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into augmented reality (AR) as a smart service software for complex machine maintenance, with a specialist in the field - Rolf Behrens from BITNAMIC. The end of the show, around 5 min were lost due to macOS bugs and we are sorry for that!
  31. 030 - Let's make a 360 Video! Round-table with Sacha Tueni and Robert Scoble2017/01/18
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into 360 cameras, best practices and future of 360 video with Sacha Tueni, Mentor and Angel, and Robert Scoble, Entrepreneur in Residence, both at UploadCollective.
  32. 029 - Touching each other with Leap Motion (ft. Alex Colgan)2017/01/10
    This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into Leap Motion with Head Writer Alex Colgen to talk about touching each other in VR!
  33. 028 - Jump into a rabbit hole - 100h in VR of Chris Miranda2017/01/03
    This week on ResearchVR we've discussed an experiment we all would like to do ourselves - 100 hours in VR, or in other words, looking for effects of prolonged VR usage on human body and mind.
  34. 027 - The story is the cupcake, not just the icing2016/12/26
    In this episode we discuss one of the main topics in the modern VR - STORYTELLING, with one of the biggest German experts, Astrid Kahmke.
  35. 026 - Is wireless VR really The Solution?2016/12/19
    In this episode we have discussed a long list of topics, all connected to why wireless is important, how is to going to change more than just VR ecosystem, and, most importantly, why it is not a solution for everything.
  36. 025 - Optimize Experience Through Analytics2016/12/13
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  37. 024 - How VR can democratize Architecture2016/12/07
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  38. 023 - VR for Education - what was and what is2016/11/14
    We sat down with Trond Nilsen who surprised us with the his overwhelming experience in AR and VR scene. While aiming at discussion about Education in VR, we ended up going through non-mainstream events, discoveries and projects in done in the last 20 years.
  39. 022 - Are CAVEs the future or a dead end?2016/11/02
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  40. 021 - Making Factory Manufacturing efficient through Embodied Engineering2016/10/19
    Timo and Thomas, plus our dear co-host, Kris and Petr, spend last few weeks in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. They met with Azad in Palo Alto to talk about Embodied Engineering, the concept behind the factory optimisation tool, virtual spice is developing.In this episode we are also discussing the clash of German Stability vs San Francisco Speed.
  41. 020 - Maps and Embodied Cognition2016/10/04
    Today on the show we are having Alex Bowles, with whom we are discussing the opportunities that VR is bringing to education - how to show students the knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

    This is also our first episode, where all guests and co-host are sitting in the same physical space - no more virtual connection!
  42. 019 - Building the Metaverse2016/09/19
    Today on the show we are having with us Dedric Reid from HelloVR with whom we are discussing levels of Presence.

    HelloVR is a social VR experience, where the Metaverse is always persistent - the world lives on even if you are not there.
  43. 018 - Guns'n'haptic2016/08/15
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  44. 017 - The Shift from Informational to Experiential Age2016/08/03
    Today on the show we are having with us Julie Krohner, a Social Scientist and Ethnographic Researcher, with whom we are discussing **The shift from information to experience age with a specific focus on the influence of VR**.
  45. 016 - "Fear runs deep": exposure therapeutic experiences with Fearless2016/07/25
    Hello and welcome to episode number 16 of ResearchVR podcast! Where we dig deep into Virtual Reality with Cognitive Science and Economic Research.

    For those of you joining us for the first time, ResearchVR is a weekly podcast dedicated to breaking down years of Virtual Reality Research into a digestible form, and discussing the current economic trends of the industry around the world.
  46. 015 - Behavioural analysis in VR with Retinad2016/07/07
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  47. 014 - Leveraging VR for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention2016/06/16
    In today’s episode we’re leveraging VR for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention with our special guest Dr Adam Kiefer.
  48. 013 - How VR affects Memories and Dreams2016/05/19
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  49. 012 - User Testing w/ Geoffrey Skow - FishbowlVR2016/04/25
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  50. 011 - Time Perception and Dilation in VR2016/04/15
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  51. 010 - User Interface and Interaction2016/04/02
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  52. 009 - VR vs. d!economy : Cebit 2016 Episode2016/03/24
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  53. 008 - Presence in VR: Defining it, Achieving it, and Never Breaking it2016/03/04
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  54. 007 - The Glass ceiling in VR ecosystems: EU vs. US2016/02/29
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  55. 006 - Drones, Augmented Reality, HMD's and ZUI2016/02/18
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  56. 005 - Motion Sickness in VR: Adverse Health Problems in VR part I2016/02/14
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  57. 004 - Medical apps in VR with Dr. Thomas Schüler2016/01/30
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  58. 003 - eye tracking, storytelling, locomotion2016/01/25
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  59. 002 - Biohacking, Eye tracking, Educational applications, and VR Privacy filter2016/01/15
    This week, we talk about Hardware Speculation, Biohacking, Eye tracking tech, Educational applications, and VR Privacy filters.
  60. 001 - VR Hardware Comparison, VR Research overview, Time Perception, and Brain Hacking2016/01/07
    Join us, 3 Cognitive Scientists on our Pilot Episode of ShovelVR - Dig Deep into VR with our expert analysis of the Cognitive and VR Research and how to apply it to your project!
ResearchVR Podcast - The Science of Virtual Reality
We are three Cognitive Scientists discussing Virtual Reality and Cognitive Research, Industry News, and Design Implications! We actively research different aspects of the field, and are involved in various companies related to the topic of VR. With this podcast, we hope to use our commentary to bridge the gap between news and established science. We break down complex topics, discuss the current trends and their economical impacts, and broadcast our views on VR. Tune in and enjoy!

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