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  1. Linux Action News 442018/03/11

    OpenWatch is trying to free your wrist and empower modular smart watches, Fedora's solution to the IoT mess, and more AMP shenanigans from Google to take over the web.

    Debian and Kali land on Windows 10's Linux Subsystem, and Noah joins Chris from SCaLE16x
  2. Linux Action News 432018/03/04
    Developers are the new gold rush for OEMs and selling Linux is their way to get you to buy. Purism takes big steps to make their laptops more secure, the Linux kernel is ready for lockdown mode, and the new uses for Sailfish just might surprise you.
  3. Linux Action News 422018/02/25
    Open Source salvation from Android and iOS gets closer this week, an update on Ubuntu's metrics collection & huge news for Signal and RISC-V Linux fans.
  4. Linux Action News 412018/02/18

    A famous Solaris tool comes to Linux, Firefox is baking in ads & Google wants to take over the web with AMP.

    Plus Ubuntu's plans to collect user metrics, the Linux on Galaxy survey & Plasma desktop on a Nintendo Switch.
  5. Linux Action News 402018/02/11

    It's week of major project releases, elementary OS gears up for some contested changes & Mozilla has a solution for the world's IoT mess.

    Plus fail0verflow gets Linux on the Nintendo Switch & our favorite new features of VLC 3.0.
  6. Linux Action News 392018/02/04

    Red Hat shakes up the container world with its CoreOS purchase. Skype ships as a snap and Chris has a report from Canonical's recent development sprint.

    Plus more hardware for Plasma Mobile, Matrix gets a big boost & the FSF receives a large Bitcoin donation.
  7. Linux Action News 382018/01/28

    Ubuntu is switching back to Xorg, Linus calls out Intel & are the BSDs dying?

    Plus how you can start testing Plasma Mobile, Purism aims for convergence & Mycroft is back!
  8. Linux Action News 372018/01/21
    A major open source milestone, some OnePlus users compromised, Google switches to Debian & we have Spectre and Meltdown updates. Plus what happened to NHoS & more!
  9. Linux Action News 362018/01/14

    Barcelona is switching to FOSS the right way, Nextcloud launches peer-to-peer encrypted video calls, big changes are coming to Google's AMP & why the BSD camp is laughing at Linux this week.

    Plus Fedora's new "primary architecture", Ubuntu 17.10 is back & more!
  10. Linux Action News 352018/01/07

    We start with good news, fun speculation & an open source success story. Then we get into Meltdown and Spectre.

    Plus we follow up on the lawsuit that could split the community & then we eat some Bitcoin humble pie.
  11. Linux Action News 342017/12/31

    Our top 4 predictions for Linux in 2018 & then we shift gears and give you the top 6 things we hope just might happen.

    Plus we put hard numbers on the highs & lows of Bitcoin during 2018.
  12. Linux Action News 332017/12/24
    Chris and Joe look back at the big news stories of 2017, some notable trends, the changes that impacted Desktop Linux users & the topics that dominated the community discussion.
  13. Linux Action News 322017/12/18

    Mozilla violates users' trust, Amazon has a new Linux, OpenSSH is coming to Windows & Intel blocks disabling of the Management Engine.

    Plus an update on the Conservancy's fight with the Software Freedom Law Center & more.
  14. Linux Action News 312017/12/11

    The Ghost of Yahoo and Mozilla go to battle, the right way to abandon a project, the coming UK Bitcoin crackdown, and Android GO is released to OEMs.

    Plus the Intel ME situation that's much worse than previously known.
  15. Linux Action News 302017/12/03

    Bitcoin breaks $10k & we ponder its true value, big companies join the compliance-first approach to GPLv2, we spot some red flags in the latest Raspbian x86 release & Mozilla has a new open source project.

    Plus Jolla gets in on the blockchain hype & we clarify the Linux LTS situation.
  16. Linux Action News 292017/11/26

    Android tracking more invasive than previously known, Ubuntu wants your ideas for Mir & Linus gets heated about Kernel security while we focus on the technical issue at the heart of the matter.

    Plus a new magazine from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, several vulnerabilities in Intel's Management Engine & more!
  17. Linux Action News 282017/11/19
    Fedora goes modular, Firefox makes a quantum leap & a Linux classic makes a come back. Plus a big moment for the Kernel, Red Hat goes ARM & OpenPlus has a backdoor with a twist.
  18. Linux Action News 272017/11/12

    New details show Linux on Galaxy phones further along than expected, Bitcoin's bad week explained & CrossOver enables Windows apps, on ChromeOS.

    Plus Canonical puts out a call for help, Munich votes to return to Windows & Steam on Linux turns 5.
  19. Linux Action News 262017/11/05

    It's a week of red flags and success. The Plasma Mobile project sets humble goals, Firefox learns new tricks, a TOR flaw for Linux users & Canonical joins the Gnome Advisory Board.

    Plus a new report claims every Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as your house in a week & two legal matters that may have long-term impacts on the Linux community.
  20. Linux Action News 252017/10/29
    Big changes coming to Linux Mint, hope for ZFS upstream in Linux, and Mozilla helps out TOR. Plus how Russia may help legitimize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Solus makes a call for help.
  21. Linux Action News 242017/10/22

    The Linux desktop on Samsung phones, Intel ME disabled on Purism laptops, big Kernel news & Ubuntu 17.10 is out.

    Plus our brief thoughts on the new Ubuntu release, its various flavors, an important milestone & the larger Open Source story.
  22. Linux Action News 232017/10/15

    Fixing Steam on Linux for good, new toys for Fedora and Plasma users, OnePlus gets busted & the Librem 5 gets funded.

    Plus some key project updates & more!
  23. Linux Action News 222017/10/08

    Google's new hardware fails to impress, Sailfish X becomes a reality & the most disappointing thing about Munich's slide back to proprietary software.

    Plus why Bitcoin Gold is the people's coin, Oracle advises the White House against FOSS & ChromeOS gets a grownup Linux feature.
  24. Linux Action News 212017/10/01

    Atari has a Linux powered console, some brief Ubuntu updates & the biggest Kernel news in years.

    Then we consider the recent smattering of opinion pieces on Microsoft's commitment to Open Source.
  25. Linux Action News 202017/09/24
    GNOME endorses the Librem 5, Replicant and UBports support more devices, Pipewire is major news for video on Linux, EFF walks away from W3C over DRM, Facebook reacts to community pressure & Red Hat expands their Patent promise.
  26. Linux Action News 192017/09/17

    Gnome users have something to celebrate, Purism and KDE are working together & Manjaro has some hardware.

    Plus why we're not too worried about BlueBourne, the fight for public money to fund public code & a new power tool for Firefox users.
  27. Linux Action News 182017/09/10

    Why AsteroidOS on your wrist is worth watching, what Project Treble means for future custom ROMs, Debian's Docker dominance & why China might shut down Bitcoin exchanges.

    Plus how NGINX plans to make big money, Mozilla wants to reinvent online comments & more.
  28. Linux Action News 172017/09/03
    An Ubuntu developer event is happening soon, 17.10 Beta 1 has dropped for most of the flavors, Reddit closes its source while Phoenix OS opens theirs, Google getting serious about kernel updates in Android, Essential need to up their game, Blockchain is serious business and Linux desktop marketshare hits a new high.
  29. Linux Action News 162017/08/27

    New Linux hardware, Purism's Librem 5 & Jolla's €50 Sailfish ROM.

    Plus Chris' quick take on Android Oreo, Google goes for Microsoft's heart, while Microsoft gets cozier with Red Hat & SUSE pretends not to be upset about it.
  30. Linux Action News 152017/08/20

    A big batch of Debian updates, Gnome turns 20, Joe's report from OggCamp, the Solus trifecta, encrypted ZFS comes to Linux finally & Bitcoin is forking, again.

    Plus some thoughts on tiny Linux computers, the Linage survey & more.
  31. Linux Action News 142017/08/13

    Flatpak and snap get the Solus boost, Ubuntu's community is getting a remake & development on Ubuntu 17.10 has taken an interesting turn.

    Plus more good news for Firefox users & why Google's "streaming OS updates" could be great for the Android ROM community.
  32. Linux Action News 132017/08/06

    Surprising details in how Ubuntu's Gnome desktop is getting implemented, Krita hits some troubles but the community comes to the rescue, Bitcoin splits, Firefox sends & Red Hat gives up on Btrfs.

    Plus Amazon accuses BLU of spying on Android users & more!
  33. Linux Action News 122017/07/30

    A good week for desktop Linux with news from Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE.

    Plus our take on the pending death of Flash, some great work by the Debian project & Mozilla's updates us on Project Common Voice.
  34. Linux Action News 112017/07/23

    Android for the desktop might be dead, Google Glass is back, the latest Firefox usage data is devastating & the next Ubuntu is ready for a shakedown.

    Plus a quick look at Phoenix OS & the Ubuntu 18.04 survey!
  35. Linux Action News 102017/07/16
    With Chris away, Ryan joins Joe. A new release for Fedora, Yunit is now available for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu is now an app in the Windows Store, Ryan gives us more details about System76's new OS, Ikey starts his new job at Solus & Beaker is a new browser that promises a truly decentralized web.
  36. Linux Action News 92017/07/09
    New data gives us insight into recent bold moves by Linux hardware vendors Tuxedo & System76, Endless OS takes big steps to get closer to upstream, Mycroft's first major public appearances goes hilariously bad & Mozilla's plans to tame IoT.
  37. Linux Action News 82017/07/02

    SUSE hits the Windows Store and we finally get some important classifications, System76 announces Pop!_OS and we do a deep analysis & why Mir is back with a plan to support Wayland.

    Plus Debian warns of Hyper Threading issues; and of course a bit more.
  38. Linux Action News 72017/06/25

    More hardware acceleration comes to desktop Linux, Mozilla launches ambitious new projects, Unity 7 fans can rejoice & Jolla has an important update.

    Plus we discuss the 2017 Linux Laptop Survey, the really fancy new trick Opus has pulled off in the latest release & more!
  39. Linux Action News 62017/06/18

    More competition in desktop Linux, Debian 9, Tails 3, Firefox 54, FreeNAS 11 & OpenMediaVault 3 all get released.

    We discuss the important bits of it all, follow up on questions last week & take an open source unicorn for a spin.
  40. Linux Action News 52017/06/11

    A look at the future of the Ubuntu desktop and one of its flavors, plus Docker aims to improve Linux security upstream with LinuxKit.

    And a LXQt confession.
  41. No Privacy Compromise Home Automation | Linux Action Special 22017/06/09
    Home Assistant, an open-source home automation platform that runs on Linux. Today I chat with Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of the project to learn what this project can do, where it's going & how it stacks up to competition like the Amazon Echo.
  42. Linux Action News 42017/06/04

    Two Linux desktop classics make big strides, Coreboot joins the Conservancy, and Toyota cars will soon run Linux. Plus newly announced Ambient OS will be open source, just like Android, and its creator Andy Rubin says they plan to take on the Amazon Echo & Google Pixel.

    This is is an episode about playing to your strengths & taking over markets.
  43. Linux Action News 32017/05/28
    NextCloud goes global, Devuan hits one, Solus keeps expanding, Firefox is trying, but Chrome has won, more progress on Coreboot & more!
  44. Linux Action News 22017/05/21

    Ubuntu's Gnome plans start to form & they want your input. The Linux subsystem is coming to Windows Server & Mycroft is finally ready to ship.

    Plus the Tizen surprise, elementary OS' pay-what-you-want AppCenter & what's new Android O.
  45. Loki's New AppCenter | Linux Action Special2017/05/18
    Daniel Foré, elementary OS founder, joins Chris to chat about their new update to Loki, their pay what you want AppCenter, what the end of Unity means for them, and the future of the project.
  46. Linux Action News 12017/05/14

    Canonical IPO is a go, Microsoft brings more Linux to Windows, OpenWRT and LEDE agree on Linux-for-routers peace plan, and Google launches project Treble.

    Welcome to Linux Action News's debut episode. It’s our goal to build the show you go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.

    We kick things off with a busy news week.
  47. For the LAS Time | LAS 4682017/05/08
    The big trends, favorite moments, audience questions & more, all live from the floor of LinuxFest Northwest 2017. It’s the final episode of the Linux Action Show!
  48. Second to LAS | LAS 4672017/04/30

    With just one episode left we discuss the Mac threat, how script kiddies can use Linux to hack your password & why you might want to wait for Linux 4.12.

    Plus news, picks of the week & more!
  49. Adopt-a-Dongle | LAS 4662017/04/23

    It's a tale of woes & wins in a Linux laptop showdown, from $200 to $10,000 we report back on the limits of mobile productivity.

    The human side of Unity’s death, the Linux kernel feature Chris has been waiting years for, picks, feedback & more!
  50. Dell’s Secret Sauce | LAS 4652017/04/17

    We didn’t go all the way to Texas for just one episode, it's a very special edition this week. We wanted to share some of the great stories, Linux memories & impressive hardware.

    Plus the unexpected change behind the scenes that Linux is pushing at Dell!
  51. Our Trip to Dell | LAS 4642017/04/09

    Is Dell's new hardware a sign of serious commitment to Linux or a large company’s hedge against market changes? We go inside Dell, get exclusive access to the teams & people behind many of Dell’s products that run Linux & find out.

    Plus we discuss Ubuntu dropping Unity for Gnome, Lightworks’ latest release & more!
  52. Dubstep Allan | LAS 4632017/04/02

    We start this week covering the latest news about Red Hat’s record profits, some new changes coming video editing & audio sampling under linux & Apple releasing their new APFS file system

    Then Noah reveals the real reason behind LAS ending, we cover your feedback & much more!
  53. The Final Countdown | LAS 4622017/03/26
    We start with the week’s news, then announce what’s next for the Linux Action Show, our Texas sized adventure coming up & new shows coming soon!
  54. #SaveLAS | LAS 4612017/03/18
    Behind the curtain of SCaLE 15x, news of the week, picks & we announce the future of the Linux Action Show.
  55. NextCloud's Can of Worms | LAS 4602017/03/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  56. Live from SCaLE 15x | LAS 4592017/03/05
    From the floor of 2017’s Southern California Linux Expo aka SCALE 15x, we give you interviews & our impressions of the event. Plus news of the week, picks & more!
  57. Noah's Radio Hack | LAS 4582017/02/26

    Noah’s built an audio stream recording monster & he’ll share it’s inner workings.

    Plus Firefox’s big upgrade, the puzzling Android problem & some very spooky Fedora news!
  58. XPS 13 Review | LAS 4572017/02/18

    Our take on Dell’s latest Linux powered Sputnik laptop. Find out why this laptop might be your future work horse & why it’s called a developer edition.

    Plus rumors that suggest Valve is abandoning Steam Machines, Munich’s Linux blunder & much more!
  59. Inside the Plasma Dev Den | LAS 4562017/02/12

    Jonathan Riddell & the Plasma Desktop team join us for a chat. From Neon user stats to Plasma on IoT, we get the scoop on the latest KDE & Plasma desktop developments live from their development Sprint.

    Plus Elementary OS founder Daniel Fore joins to discuss their Pay for what you want App store fundraiser & more!
  60. Low Cost Linux Challenge | LAS 4552017/02/05

    How inexpensive can a Linux system get & still be considered useable? We experiment with a low-end laptop & desktop, report back on the compromises you might be surprised you don’t have to make.

    Plus news, picks, your emails & more!
  61. Noah's IPSEC Adventure | LAS 4542017/01/29

    How Noah uses IPsec to set up secure network traffic. The law that might open up hardware to hobbyist & we narrow down the options for bulletproof Linux.

    Plus the picks, news & more!
  62. Ghost of Predictions Past | LAS 4532017/01/22
    We own up to our top 14 predictions for 2016, discuss a major software update, start to discuss building a bulletproof Linux install & more!
  63. Taking Linux To Heart | LAS 4522017/01/15

    We get a first hand take on how Linux & Open Source could be revolutionizing the backend of healthcare.

    Plus a look at the ZeroPhone, Dell’s new Linux hardware, we ask you some questions & answer a few of yours.
  64. Mac's Exodus of 2017 | LAS 4512017/01/08

    What’s happening in 2017, before it happens. It’s our annual predictions episode, Chris & Noah surprise each other with their futurecasting.

    Plus why Ubuntu Phone is going on a hiatus of sorts, Neon puts KDE in a Container & much more!
  65. Winter Solus Review | LAS 4502017/01/01

    Solus might just be the distribution to watch in 2017. Every intention & tweak coming together to create something unique in Linux land. Noah & Chris take two very different views of this important up & coming distro.

    Plus the big news of the week, picks, emails & more!
  66. Forward Momentum | LAS 4492016/12/25

    This week, while the guys are away on holiday, we take a look back and see just how much Linux has progressed into new areas over the course of 2016 & also some of the spots where it may have stumbled a bit.

    Get settled in with your eggnog & hot cocoa because it's gonna be a BIG SHOW!
  67. High on NextCloud | LAS 4482016/12/19
    We chat with Joss from NextCloud about two factor, crazy performance improvements, the OwnCloud hangover, setting up your ultimate Dropbox and Google Docs replacements & more!
  68. Linux Light Show | LAS 4472016/12/11

    It’s a holiday miracle, a fully computer controlled automated light display without the cloud. It’s also a great excuse to troll Chris about Linux video editing.

    Plus news, picks & more!
  69. Distro Engagement | LAS 4462016/12/04

    How do you pick the best Linux distribution for you? This week we reflect on one of the most critical questions before you switch to Linux.

    Plus Canonical says their taking a stand against unofficial Ubuntu images, a Mycroft update & your Linux questions!
  70. Hats Off to Wayland | LAS 4452016/11/27

    Fedora 25 ships with Wayland by default, the latest Gnome & the promise of upgradeability.

    We test upgrade a Fedora 24 workstation with Gnome customizations, third party repos & some history. We capture and share the failures and successes.

    Plus the bigger problems the Tor phone raises, the docking station that could make convergence real & more!
  71. This Old Linux RV | LAS 4442016/11/20

    Linux server installs sometimes don’t go as planned. We take you through the hardware modifications we made to install Chris’ new NAS in Lady Jupiter (his RV).

    Plus are we faking it about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation?
  72. Qnap's Thick NAS | LAS 4432016/11/13

    Chris gets a big surprise when he learns the features of the QNAP NAS review unit.

    Plus is Linux really seeing a wave of MacBook switchers? The future of Vulkan and VR under Linux, solving IoT’s security woes & more!
  73. Noah Switches to Arch | LAS 4422016/11/06

    Ubuntu fails Noah during a critical moment & it’s the final straw. Noah takes us along as he switches his systems over to Arch.

    Plus why you might want to think twice about LessPass & is the $4 Linux computer legit?
  74. Slaying the Arch Zombie | LAS 4412016/10/30

    What happens if you fail to update your home Arch server for two years? Chris finds out the hard way & is forced to replace it with OpenMediaVault. We take you on the scene, and share the hard lessons learned!

    Plus some big Firefox news, an update on Pirate Kodi boxes & the Lenovo egg.
  75. Livepatch Your CoW | LAS 4402016/10/23

    Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland’s Beard tell us about their new Livepatch service, we discuss Dirty COW the “Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever, explain what a CRM is & what great open source solutions are available.

    Plus some much discussed feedback, our picks & more!
  76. All Aboard Ubuntu 16.10 | LAS 4392016/10/16

    Has Ubuntu fallen behind, or setting a new bar of refinement? We load up our hardware with Ubuntu 16.10, walk away with some big surprises & two totally different experiences.

    Plus KDE celebrates 20 years in a way only open source can, real VR gets demoed on Linux, the big BSD news & more!
  77. Plasma 5.8 Shines Bright | LAS 4382016/10/09

    Plasma 5.8 marks a major milestone in the project's history & one that deserves a complete review.

    Plus we discuss the continued Fedora 24 issues, another take on Kodi box privacy, our picks & much more!
  78. Software Defined Networking | LAS 4372016/10/02

    What is Software Defined Networking (SDL) & why is it a major focus for The Linux Foundation? We visit the OpenDayLight Summit & discover how the open source philosophy applied to networking is transforming an industry.

    Plus the big Kodi crackdown in the UK, Purism want’s to build a Librem Phone, our picks, feedback & more!
  79. OpenMediaVault vs FreeNAS | LAS 4362016/09/25

    Two long-time FreeNAS users test the Debian-based OpenMediaVault, we share our favorite features FreeNAS doesn’t have, where FreeNAS still pulls ahead, standout features of version 3 over version 2 & why we think the project has a very bright future.

    Plus Lenovo & Intel feed Linux users another shit sandwich, take a look at Greyhole & chat up the new desktop releases.
  80. Noah Builds A Linux Ark | LAS 4352016/09/18

    A new Linux build is nigh & Noah takes us through his new PC built for a specific task.

    Plus we try out Android N x86, get impressed by new Linux software releases, ponder what would happen if unbreakable encryption were made illegal & more!
  81. Looking At Loki | LAS 4342016/09/11

    We review the new Loki release from elementary OS. One of the most unique distributions, that’s often misunderstood. But how does it hold up for advanced Linux users? Tune in to find out!

    We argue about the true value of Let's Encrypt, celebrate the 10 millionth Raspberry Pi & more!
  82. Linux Gets Schooled | LAS 4332016/09/04

    We hit the road and convert a middle school to Linux, join us as we dig into their initial deployments & successes.

    Plus why we think the punishment for the kernel.org “hacker” is extreme, the Linux “trojan” that’s really a Drupal flaw, the big news from our BSD friends & more!
  83. IoT and Chill | LAS 4322016/08/28
    Ryan Sipes stops by to share his big news & debate the value and control Linux users can get from the much hyped Internet of Things. Plus we drool over the specs of a new Linux rig, break down the war against Linus, get impressed by Nextcloud 10 & more!
  84. Throwback Thursday… On Sunday! | LAS 4312016/08/21

    We follow up on many of the projects, distros & gadgets we’ve reviewed recently & tell you where things stand now that we’ve been using them for a while. We report back to you with a series of mini-review follow ups!

    Plus the big “Linux Malware” threat that’s basically hype, hosting your own YouTube, Google Building a new OS & more!
  85. Bringing Linux to the Surface | LAS 4302016/08/14

    We try out Linux on the Microsoft Surface Pro & the results were much better than we expected. We share this odd journey towards the perfect laptop…. Or Tablet…

    Plus the major security flaw in the Linux Kernel, the btrfs project recommends you use ZFS, Red Hat is hiring to make Linux run better on laptops & more!
  86. Fear and Linux in Las Vegas | LAS 4292016/08/07

    Noah’s back from Defcon! He shares his experience at this infamous conference, his Linux in the wild sightings & his surprising takeaway.

    Plus Btrfs’ RAID 5/6 code has been found “unsafe”, the FossHub compromise, an Internet of Things failure that struck close to home & more!
  87. Android TV Showdown! | LAS 4282016/07/31

    We compare two very compelling boxes side by side & discover the advantages of Android as our HTPC. As two long time Linux users we were surprised & a little horrified. We share our strange journey to this place & why we are staying.

    Plus we discuss the impact that free Windows 10 had on Linux, Microsoft’s lost opportunity & geek out over Noah’s cool new hardware.
  88. Unspecified Video Error | LAS 4272016/07/24

    This week we share a big project that blew up in our face, the technical speed bumps we faced & the ultimate goal to accomplish something a Mac could never do.

    Plus the big snap sprint that might just push the format over the edge, a quick look at Korora 24 & more!
  89. Mint 18: Convenience Over Security | LAS 4262016/07/17

    We review Linux Mint 18 & our experience turns out to be a roller coaster ride from impressed glee to cautious concern. We’ve never felt more conflicted over a version of Linux Mint.

    Plus we discuss the Ubuntu Forum hack, a Fedora bug that’s bricking some laptops & why we just can’t quit FreeNAS.
  90. Remotely Helpful | LAS 4252016/07/10
    This week we take a look at what Noah's using at Altispeed to provide remote assistance to his clients. We ponder over what Microsoft might have planned for Skype on Linux, cover why Android's full disk encryption might not be as secure as you think, Mycroft's collaboration with Canonical, the picks, your feedback & more!
  91. All By My SELF | LAS 4242016/07/03
    We go back in time and take a look at what you missed at SELF 2016. Plus we're 1% closer to the Linux Desktop, why Evernote sucks & more!
  92. Fedora 24: Tokyo Drift | LAS 4232016/06/26

    Fedora 24 is both a delight & simply frustrating at the same time. We share our experiences with one of the most highly anticipated Fedora releases.

    Plus Canonical makes good on the code, a big hole in Linux & more!
  93. A Bearded Thinkpad | LAS 4222016/06/19

    We review the ThinkPad x260 with Linux & compare it to the XPS 13.

    Then we discuss Snaps, AppImage, Flatpak & the Universal Package war that’s brewing, what the major downsides are & why we think this concept of universal Linux apps is not going away.

    Plus our picks of the week, a laptop giveaway & more!
  94. The 10th Anniversary | LAS 4212016/06/13
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  95. Jumping to the Nextcloud | LAS 4202016/06/05

    Frank & Jos of Nextcloud join us to discuss their fork of ownCloud, some of the history behind the fork, the reaction by ownCloud, & what they plan to do differently this time around.

    Plus we debate if Valve’s Steam Machines are a bust, a bit more on Oracle vs Google & much more!
  96. 13 Inches of Freedom | LAS 4192016/05/29
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  97. Virtualization Revelation | LAS 4182016/05/22
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  98. Penguin Powered Production | LAS 4172016/05/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  99. Getting Inside the Oryx Pro | LAS 4162016/05/08
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  100. Linux Switch Competition | LAS 4152016/05/01
    Noah & Emma set out to switch as many users to Linux as possible. Our team documents their competition to switch the most people to Linux within two hours in the Pacific Northwest!
  101. LinuxFest Northwest 2016 | LAS 4142016/04/24
    Our biggest live event yet, from the floor of LinuxFest Northwest 2016. We chat about the future of Linux desktop software, old friends from the past stop by & the switch competition is on!
  102. Ubuntu 16.04: From Warty to Wimpy | LAS 4132016/04/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  103. Noah Delivers Linux | LAS 4122016/04/10
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  104. Windows Gets Bash-ed | LAS 4112016/04/03

    Microsoft & Ubuntu working together to bring you Bash & the Ubuntu userland on Windows 10. Is this the ultimate Win for Linux? Or is this Embrace, Extend, Extinguish at its finest? We share our thoughts on this historic announcement.

    Plus Red Hat wants to save you some money, TP-Link bans OSS firmwares, Edubuntu calls it quits, our new favorite note taking app for Linux & more!
  105. Floating on ownCloud 9 | LAS 4102016/03/27

    We risk it all and toss our data into the new ownCloud 9 to give you our review. Find out about using ownCloud as an Evernote killer, Federated servers & the long-term commitment you're making as an ownCloud user.

    Plus Red Hat’s big news, the new Gnome & things go to the next level in our upcoming switch competition.
  106. What Is KDE Neon? | LAS 4092016/03/20
    Jonathan Riddell joins us to discuss the KDE Neon project, the latest & greatest of KDE community software packaged on a rock-solid base. We kick the tires and give you our first impressions. Is this finally the Plasma Desktop just the way we’ve always wanted it?
  107. Making Music with Linux | LAS 4082016/03/13
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  108. 3rd Slice of Pi with Extra Mycroft | LAS 4072016/03/06

    In special Rasberry Pi 3 edition of the show we look at the new hardware, review & chat with Mycroft CTO Ryan Sipes on how important the Raspberry Pi is for development of their open artificial intelligence platform & get the latest news.

    Plus replacing Spotify on Linux, the new Microsoft lock-in, our hosts face a moral quandary & more!
  109. Entroware Apollo: Linux Macbook Killer | LAS 4062016/02/29

    Has Entroware built the ultimate 13 inch Linux laptop? We put their Apollo through our battery of tests & review this good looking Skylake powered Linux portable.

    Plus Microsoft buys the folks behind Mono, Canonical might have a ZFS fight on their hands & more!
  110. The High Price of Purism | LAS 4052016/02/21
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  111. How Not to Install Discourse | LAS 4042016/02/14
  112. Rocket Chat & Mattermost Cut the Slack | LAS 4032016/02/07
  113. The Stories of SCALE14x | LAS 4022016/02/01
  114. Pre SCaLE LAS | LAS 4012016/01/24
  115. LAS 400 Phones Home | LAS 4002016/01/15
  116. 2016 Linux Wish List | LAS 3992016/01/10
  117. Consulting the Oracle for 2016 | LAS 3982016/01/03
  118. Big Moments From 2015 | LAS 3972015/12/27
  119. Let's Encrypt: A New Hope | LAS 3962015/12/20
  120. Shooting the Breeze with KDE | LAS 3952015/12/13
  121. Linux in Mint Condition | LAS 3942015/12/06
  122. Thankfully It's Open Source | LAS 3932015/11/29
  123. The Evolution of Solus | LAS 3922015/11/22
  124. Live From System76 | LAS 3912015/11/15
  125. Fedora from the Cockpit | LAS 3902015/11/08
  126. The Linux WiFI Tower | LAS 3892015/11/01
  127. Wolfing Down Ubuntu 15.10 | LAS 3882015/10/25
  128. Passing On LastPass | LAS 3872015/10/18
  129. Rolling with Netrunner | LAS 3862015/10/11
  130. OpenSUSE’s Big Leap | LAS 3852015/10/04
  131. Rooting Noah's House | LAS 3842015/09/27
  132. Open Source Plex Alternative | LAS 3832015/09/20
  133. Gmail in the Black Tank | LAS 3822015/09/13
  134. How We Got Started With Linux | LAS 3812015/09/06
  135. Remote Controlled Terminal | LAS 3802015/08/30
  136. Experience LinuxCon 2015 | LAS 3792015/08/23
  137. Serval: A Desktop Dominator | LAS 3782015/08/16
  138. Level Up Your LAN | LAS 3772015/08/09
  139. Windows 10 vs Linux | LAS 3762015/08/02
  140. OSCON 2015 | LAS 3752015/07/26
  141. Get Going with X2Go | LAS 3742015/07/19
  142. SSH Authentication with YubiKey | LAS 3732015/07/12
  143. Linux Photography in Focus | LAS 3722015/07/05
  144. SIPing on some Linux | LAS 3712015/06/28
  145. A Chat with Red Hat | LAS 3702015/06/21
  146. Live from SouthEast LinuxFest | LAS 3692015/06/14
  147. Party with Linux | LAS 3682015/06/07
  148. Fedora 22 Review | LAS 3672015/05/31
  149. Bodhi: Enlightened Linux | LAS 3662015/05/24
  150. The Emulation Game | LAS 3652015/05/17
  151. Krita Developer Interview | LAS 3642015/05/10
  152. Linux's Victory Blow | LAS 3632015/05/03
  153. Rockin 2015 LinuxFest NW | LAS 3622015/04/26
  154. From Apples to Penguins | LAS 3612015/04/19
  155. Chronicles of a Linux Switcher | LAS 3602015/04/12
  156. Get A Job, You Linux Bum! | LAS 3592015/04/05
  157. Remote Desktop Roundup | LAS 3582015/03/29
  158. Kodiculious Review | LAS 3572015/03/22
  159. Linux's Slice of HAM | LAS 3562015/03/15
  160. Linux Media Production | LAS 3552015/03/08
  161. Outstanding SCALE 13x | LAS 3542015/03/01
  162. SCALE13x: Linux Action Show From the Floor2015/02/25
  163. Retro Blasted Action | LAS 3532015/02/22
  164. Questions for elementary OS | LAS 3522015/02/15
  165. Meet SELKS | Linux Action Show 3512015/02/08
  166. How Non-Devs Can Help Linux | LAS 3502015/02/01
The Linux Action Show! MP3
Audio versions of The Linux Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the open source and Linux world. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

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