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  1. 557: ChatGPT, Conferences, Fidgets on the Web, and Modern CSS in Real Life2023/03/20
    When will AI be able to tell you the risk / reward of cleaning up trees? Are conferences back? Bringing fidgets to the web, internet as an anxiety machine, and Chris is working on talk on modern CSS in real life.
  2. 556: Andrey Sitnik and Using OKLCH for Color2023/03/13
    Andrey Sitnik from Evil Martians talks with us about why OKCLH is the best way forward for color on the web, how to incorporate it into design systems, getting your designers to use OKCLH, and what kind of fallback support is needed.
  3. 555: React Documentary, Front of the Front End, Fast Fallacy, and Best Practices2023/03/06
    Reacting to the React.js documentary, is there still jobs for front of the front end anymore? The fast fallacy in frameworks, best practices, dealing with too much or too little isolation, and AI test generation.
  4. 554: Jamstack Thoughts with Brian Rinaldi2023/02/27
    Brian Rinaldi joins us to talk about the state of Jamstack in 2023, acronym confusion, SPA confusion, developing common tools of understanding, why Netlify bought Gatsby, and the state of developer conferences.
  5. 553: TypeScript, DX, GripeScript, and Astro v2 with Fred Schott2023/02/20
    Fred Schott stops by to talk about TypeScript, what DX means in 2023, a bit of GripeScript, and being transparent about what Astro is good at, and what it's not.
  6. 552: Do You Want to Build a JS Framework? ☃️ CSS Wishlist for 20232023/02/13
    Austin power updates, what do you need if you want to build a new JavaScript framework, and what do we hope CSS brings in 2023?
  7. 551: PlanetScale with Iheanyi Ekechukwu and Mike Coutermarsh2023/02/06
    Iheanyi Ekechukwu and Mike Coutermarsh talk about PlanetScale, what Vitess is, if PlanetScale is for both side and big projects, what read only regions are, what schema changes are, and how PlanetScale compares to other projects.
  8. 550: Sanity with Simen Svale Skogsrud and Espen Hovlandsdal2023/01/30
    Simen and Espen from Sanity stop by to talk about the origins of Sanity, how Sanity Studio works, good use cases for Sanity, how Sanity does real time updates, what Groq is, and where to start with Sanity.
  9. 549: Ben Ubois of Feedbin2023/01/23
    Ben Ubois is the founder of Feedbin, the RSS reader of choice for Dave and Chris. What influenced the creation of Feedbin, the state of RSS in 2023, curating your RSS feed, and subscribing to newsletters in Feedbin.
  10. 548: Infinite Canvas, Luro + Figma, and Scraping or Crawling2023/01/16
    What's going to happen to homework with AI? Thoughts on infinite canvas which leads into Luro and Sigma integration, and Chris gets nerdsniped and tries to scrap (or should he crawl?) websites for data.
  11. 547: WordPress and GraphQL with Jason Bahl2023/01/09
    Jason Bahl joins the show to talk about the GraphQL and WordPress connection, his work on WP GraphQL plugin, Faust and Atlas from WP Engine, Jamstack and Wordpress, and more.
  12. 546: Ryan Dahl and Deno2022/12/19
    Ryan Dahl stops by to talk about Node, Deno, JavaScript, testing, V8, and thoughts around getting started with Deno.
  13. 545: Arc Browser with Nate Parrott2022/12/12
    Nate Parrott from The Browser Company of New York stops by to talk about Arc - including the history of Arc, how boosts work, building out dev features, how they deciding on what features to build, and feedback from Dave and Chris on Arc.
  14. 544: Feedback, RSS Talk, Arc Brower, and Product Talk2022/12/05
    Getting feedback for what you're building or writing, RSS feed reminiscing, Arc browser thoughts, products that didn't make that should have.
  15. 543: Zach Leatherman on Eleventy, Mastodon, Twitter, and is-land2022/11/29
    Zach Leatherman talks with us about what's new with Eleventy, setting up on Mastodon, what's happened with Twitter, and is-land.
  16. 542: Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS, Mastodon, and Stories on the Web2022/11/21
    We're talking CSS-in-JS, Token CSS, Matuzo being suspended from Twitter, trying out Mastodon, testing out stable diffusion, stories on the web, and Jake Albaugh's new social network.
  17. 541: Una Kravets on What’s New With CSS2022/11/14
    Una Kravets stops by to talk about making CSS your job, @ Property, Cascade layers, color spaces updates, shared element transitions, animation on the web, nesting, focus visible, and what people should learn about CSS.
  18. 540: Next 13, WP vs FB, Figma Thoughts, and a TypeScript Journey2022/11/07
    Our thoughts on Next 13, incremental adoption, server components, WordPress vs Facebook, CodePen updates, Figma features we dig, Chris' TypeScript journey, and Dave's a hypocrite?
  19. 539: Sameera Kapila and Inclusive Design Communities2022/10/31
    Sameera Kapila talks with us about her new book, Inclusive Design Communities, and why you should read the book, learning about group think, how we can all help improve hiring and retention, and dealing with workplace culture issues.
  20. 538: Patching the Web2022/10/24
    Catching up on work after being away at a conference, import maps coming to Safari, and your secret web patching tips including buying Disney tickets, saving Instagram photos, spell checking blog posts, taking funky screenshots, forms, cleaning up Jira, and pesky greyed out buttons.
  21. 537: ShopTalk Live from An Event Apart 20222022/10/17
    Chris and Dave live from An Event Apart in Denver talking awkward break points, the npm web, Scott Jehl web criminal, web components, what is the purpose of a website, Svelte, and how does Figma do it?
  22. 536: Functional Programming, npm Dependency Hell, and the Patchability of the Web2022/10/10
    Should you care about functional programming? What if cloud functions weren't node or deno, but built into the browser? Why do we accept npm dependency hell? Follow up on design matching the web question. And Dave blogged about the patchability of the open web.
  23. 535: Improving Developer Productivity with Rebecca Murphey2022/10/03
    Rebecca Murphey from Stripe talks with us about finding problems - the paper cuts - in your code or team and developing the best solution for them.
  24. 534: Web Talks, AI Images, and Redesigning an API2022/09/26
    Building websites is cool again, but what threat is there to all of us from AI created images? And how would you design an API in 2022?
  25. 533: Bastian Allgeier from Kirby CMS2022/09/19
    Bastian Allgeier, creator of the popular CMS Kirby, talks with us about what Kirby is, why Kirby uses flat files, the whole SSG vs flat debate, the $20B Sigma shaped elephant in the room, running Kirby on the edge, how Kirby handles support and licensing, and what kinds of sites use Kirby?
  26. 532: Mobile Browser Injections, CascadiaJS + Enhance, CSS Methodologies2022/09/12
    An update on the spoon theory talked about in the previous episode, thoughts on the mobile browser injection going on in apps, Chris spoke at CascadiaJS, Enhance.dev released, 4 new CSS methodologies, and quantity vs quality in your work output.
  27. 531: Mobile Database, GDPR Fun, and Heroku Shuts Down Free Plan2022/09/05
    What database should a mobile app use? Is there any help for GDPR processes? Is there a way to get developers to better match design? How to implement accessibility in a web app environment? Heroku shuts down their free plan, and pricing is hard.
  28. 530: Keaton Taylor on Product Design, Career Paths, and DadTalk Show2022/08/29
    Keaton Taylor is a product designer at Discord and stopped by the show to talk about getting distracted by new dev toys, spoons as the best worst analogy, Wichita as the new Portland, working at Discord, and the interesting career paths for developers and designers in 2022.
  29. 529: What’s new in Safari with Jen Simmons2022/08/22
    Jen Simmons walks through a ton of the new CSS and HTML features out now or coming soon - including container queries, cascade layers, .has selector, and more!
  30. 528: Alex and Andrew on Working in an Agency2022/08/15
    Alex and Andrew join us from the Discord to talk about working on client sites and branding at Traina. How do they set up WordPress for development? What's the incentive to invest in tooling? And the benefits of using CodePen as a knowledge library for your brain.
  31. 527: Shaky Foundations, Tricky A11y Topics, & Dependency Follow Up2022/08/08
    A quick Luro update, working in a coffee shop, when do you know it's time to leave a working but shakey system behind and start fresh, teaching tricky A11y tips, dependency follow up, how big are the node modules, and we dream up a media service app.
  32. 526: Web Components, Testing, and Database Seeding2022/08/01
    Dave's working on his speaker bod, how well does Find My work for a lost iPhone and Air Tags, what do you let kids have access to online, design systems for teams using different JS frameworks, web components, and testing web components.
  33. 525: Cache Bustin, Twitter Embeds, and Analytics Weirdness2022/07/25
    Questions from the D-d-d-d-discord and listeners about tacos or burritos, cleaning up CSS methodology, getting previews from a CMS, comparing Google Analytics to other stats, sharing page views with advertisers, and what happened to CSS Houdini?
  34. 524: Package Security with Feross Aboukhadijeh from Socket2022/07/18
    Feross Aboukhadijeh talks with us about web security, what Socket aims to help with, how Socket compares to Depandabot or Sync, how they analyze all the data for Socket, and what things developers should be thinking about with regards to security in their apps.
  35. 523: Quality Design in Apps, Headless WordPress Shopify, GitHub Action Notifications2022/07/11
    How much polish do you put into internal apps? Can you create custom Gutenberg blocks for Shopify? How difficult is it to publishing a VS Code plugin? Thoughts on GitHub Copilot, notification options with GitHub Actions, and thoughts on static site builders such as Statimic.
  36. 522: Jay Hoffman and The History of the Web2022/07/04
    Jay Hoffman talks with us about his History of the Web project and takes us through some of the important markers of the web's past including when ad money started, Web 2.0, Facebookification, RSS, CSS, and fads that have come and gone.
  37. 521: GitHub Actions with Rizèl Scarlett and Brian Douglas2022/06/27
    Rizèl Scarlett & Brian Douglas chat with us about GitHub Actions and help us understand how to use Actions on your next project. We also dive into GitHub Copilot and GitHub apps.
  38. 520: Conferences, Search Engines, Anonymity, CSS, :Has, and the Future with Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman2022/06/20
    Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman join Chris and Dave to talk about building the web in 2022, micro formats and search engines, looking back on their work in building the web, anonymity and branding, the new possibilities with :has, performance gains in CSS, and the future of the web.
  39. 519: SSG vs WordPress, Customize Menus, JavaScript Testing, and CMS Tools in JavaScript2022/06/13
    Dave is pondering Ariana Grande's voice, should you use a SSG for custom landing pages or WordPress, Chris digs apps that allow menu customization, thoughts on companies getting acquired, where should you start with JavaScript testing, is there CMS tools in JavaScript land, and why choose Remix over Rails / Laravel today?
  40. 518: WebPageTest Improvements, Shopify Hydrogen, and is .CSS a Bad Idea?2022/06/06
    WebPageTest adds Opportunities and Experiments, but is it worth it? Shopify announces Hydrogen, a framework for dynamic commerce, is .CSS a bad idea? And using the new INP metric.
  41. 517: Big Backend Energy2022/05/30
    Where have all the backend podcasts gone? Databases are so hot right now, so we're talking about them. What is the state of just using native web components? Are they a viable solution for a production app today? What if there was a type syntax in JavaScript?
  42. 516: Building a Technology, Twitter Driven Development, Deciding on a Blog Topic2022/05/23
    How do you add features to a web app while the web app is running? Should you add features to your app based on whatever Twitter tells you? And if Chris or Dave were starting a new blog today, what niche would they start writing about?
  43. 515: Gaming Fridge, Dave Goes Nuxt 3, Resizing Images, Hiring Devs, Design Systems, and Redesigning Blogs2022/05/16
    Dave's got a new fridge, questions about whether we'll see a big podcast again, #DaveGoesNuxt3, mouthblogging Netlify ideas, resizing and cropping images, should you hire a newb dev or senior dev, what is a design system, and redesigning personal websites.
  44. 514: Front End vs Back End Work, Teams Built Like a Video Game, API Keys, Twitter, and VanTalk2022/05/09
    Dave's got a theory that we could build dev teams like video game teams, Chris has an API edge rant, Dave tests Nuxt 3, billionaires buying apps, camper talk, and the search for the perfect webcam.
  45. 513: Live at AEA 20222022/05/02
    Chris and Dave are answering questions live from An Event Apart, spring 2022 edition. What new CSS features are exciting? What would you add to CSS? What do you think creates the designer developer gap? Web components and two screens! And more!
  46. 512: Web Whiskey Crossover with Chuck Carpenter & Robbie Wagner2022/04/25
    Chuck Carpenter & Robbie Wagner from Web Whiskey and Whatnot stop by to talk about podcasting, hiring and firing, imposter syndrome, web3, Ember, and working with clients.
  47. 511: Dave Talks Web Components, AMP Follow Up, Core Web Vitals, Building a New CMS, and GitHub Copilot2022/04/18
    Dave taught on web components and has thoughts. A follow up on AMP and a question about how core web vitals compare? What you want if you were building a blog CMS in 2022? And some thoughts on GitHub copilot.
  48. 510: Fred Schott on the Past, Present, and Future of Astro2022/04/11
    Regular listeners will know Chris has been big on Astro for a while now, so it was a treat to have one of the co-creators of Astro, Fred Schott, on to answer all our questions about Astro.
  49. 509: No Coffee, Inert Follow-up, Dialog Element, JSX in the Browser, and Mexican Travel Tips with Chris2022/04/04
    Dave might try no coffee, Safari inert follow-up, Dialog element, Safari Tech preview with subgrid, can we put JSX in the browser? React 18 has dropped. What about font streaming? Smashing Conf is coming to Austin, and Mexican travel tips with Chris.
  50. 508: Sold Any Blogs Lately?2022/03/28
    Dave has questions about CSS Tricks sale to Digital Ocean, what's involved in selling a blog in 2022, the tech behind CSS Tricks, liberal coding to accept more than you anticipate, hidden attributes in HTML, and Inert in Safari 15.4.
  51. 507: To Do Tree, TypeScript and JavaScript, RSS Favs, PWA-holes, and Sound Notifications2022/03/21
    Do you even metaverse? Dave's got GitHub issues, building in 3D for the web, and should you always write in plain text files?
  52. 506: 15m vs 30 Day Fix, Using Prisma, Infrastructure as Code, and Kirby CMS2022/03/14
    We're talking Dave's 15m fix vs 30 day fix article, experiences with Prisma and Terraform, Edge becoming more popular than Safari, microbetting, and Kirby CMS.
  53. 505: Passing Props, Node Shipped Fetch, Digital Rot, and Making CodePen a PWA?2022/03/07
    A bit of follow up from last episode on passing props, Node shipped fetch, intentional digital rot on the web, and how hard could it be to make CodePen a PWA?
  54. 504: Jim Nielsen Blogging, App Icons, Color, and Images2022/02/28
    Jim Nielsen stops by to talk about blogging, writing a book on app icons, how he archives his part of the web, whether browsers are evergreen, future vs backwards proofing, color, and images on the web.
  55. 503: Pull Request Issues, Checking in Node Dependencies, Nuxt and PropTypes, and Less Decomposing2022/02/21
    We check in with Pull Request Issues guy, should you check in Node dependencies, how to pick technology to learn, and what does Nuxt or Vue do for PropTypes?
  56. 502: Text Select in Notion, Safari Hot Drama, Writing in VS Code, and Other Browsers on Mobile Safari2022/02/14
    We're talking Safari drama, wondering why Apple won't support other browsers on mobile, some solutions to writing in VS Code, and solving problems in isolation.
  57. 501: Cyber Pink, Configuration Based UIs, Deleting Twitter for Time, and Lurking in Discords2022/02/07
    We're comparing our 'fits, deleting Twitter, and lurking in Discords. And wondering about how much customization you should have over an app's UI? Do you expect it? Is taking ownership of Babel transform a smart thing to do? What are design tokens really? And how do we get to cyber pink?
  58. 500: Front-End Web Professionals Excited to Talk Front-End Web Design And All It’s High Dramatic Fashions2022/01/31
    We're celebrating episode 500 by looking back at the previous eras of ShopTalk Show including why we started the show, how it's changed over the years, and how the tech and our lives have changed as well.
  59. 499: Melanie Sumner on Ember, Accessibility, and the Web2022/01/24
    Long time listener, first time guest Melanie Sumner joins us to chat about her work on Ember, enterprise work, the importance of accessibility, and the web.
  60. 498: Prepping for 500, Git Journey, Git Hooks, Parcel CSS, and some Healthy Picks2022/01/17
    Chris and Dave are speaking at An Event Apart Seattle - you should come! We've got some COVID updates, Chris' Git journey, issues with Git Hooks, Commit Lint, take a look at Parcel CSS, and pick some fav things.
  61. 497: The State of Native Apps and Web Apps in 2022 with Thomas Steiner2022/01/10
    We're talking with Thomas Steiner of Google's Project Fugu about native apps or web apps. What is Project Fugu? Hardware limitations or requirements for using game controllers on the web. Working with new hardware API's. Reasons to choose a native app. As well as Thomas' SVG web app he's built.
  62. 496: 2022 Predictions2022/01/03
    We're talking about our predictions for web tech in 2022: Container queries, web3, React, HTML elements, CSS compatibility, utility frameworks, designer and developer tooling, multiple frameworks, and more episodes of ShopTalk Show!
  63. 495: Snow Blower Won’t Start, CSS Resets, Nuking Margin, Making Your Website Better, Testing on a Craptop2021/12/27
    Chris can't remember how to get his snow blower working, and Dave can't remember how to use Docker. We're also talking CSS Reset, nuking margin, one thing you can do to make your website better, getting rid of 3rd party Javascript, testing your product on a craptop, and defensive CSS.
  64. 494: WYSIWYG Follow Up, Open Source Maintenance, Micro-Frontends, and Fleet vs GitHub Copilot vs VS Code2021/12/20
    Dave's got some WYSIWYG follow up, thoughts on maintaining open source projects, what role do you assign clients in WordPress, what are micro-frontends, using HTML to author web components, an update on Coil, and Fleet vs GitHub Copilot vs VS Code.
  65. 493: TikTok, Accessibility Follow Up, Dave’s WYSIWYG Journey, Scaffolding Components, and All Unset2021/12/13
    Chris has questions about TikTok (bing bong!), a bit of FU on why accessibility isn't treated as a first class citizen, Dave tries to find a good WYSIWYG editor, why does a repo get so many stars, and should you use all: unset on individual entities to clean things up?
  66. 492: Paravel’s Building an App – What’s the Tech Stack? Also: Bun.sh, Vue, Slinkity, and Quantity Leading to Quality2021/12/06
    What's the tech stack Paravel's using to build their app? A conversation on AdonisJS, NuxtJS on Vite, side projects in Vue, checking out Bun.sh, Slinkity and Eleventy, and working on quantity to get to quality.
  67. 491: YouTube Benders, CSS Performance, Learning New CSS in 2022, Building a Great Embed, and Creating Slides2021/11/29
    Dave and Chris are on podcast and YouTube benders, talking CSS performance, CSS contain: Strict, what's new in CSS, how to build a great embed, one thing to make websites better in 2022, dealing with dogma in community, creating great slide decks, and #juicegate.
  68. 490: Web3, Cryptobucks, HTML is Ok, Tailwind Tokens, and Getting Excited About CSS2021/11/22
    How good is web3 really? And is there money to be made without destroying the environment? Is HTML good enough for the future? And what are we excited about in new stuff for CSS?
  69. 489: Landing Web Clients, Native App vs Web App, and Dave Wants LinkedIn Friends2021/11/15
    What's needed to start a tech business in 2021? Is VS Code on the web usable? Why would you choose a native app over a web app in 2021? And be sure to follow Dave on LinkedIn.
  70. 488: Sportsball Moments, WordPress Block Editor, WYSIWYG Editors, Cloning Notion, and How to Focus on Accessibility2021/11/08
    Show DescriptionSupporting local sports teams, thoughts on WordPress' full site block editor, advice on convincing clients to move away from WordPress, modern WYSIWYG editors, Microsoft and cloning Notion, an update on Chris' hacker, and what will it take for devs to “focus” on accessibility? Listen on Website →Links Notion Obsidian Advanced Custom Fields Pell TinyMCE […]
  71. 487: Chaos Monkeys, Images Missing at ISP Level, Modern Image Handling, The Manager’s Path2021/11/01
    Parenting life update, redundancy for leaves, using a chaos monkey, images not showing up based on ISP, modern image handling workflow options, and discussing The Manager's Path.
  72. 486: Keeping Up the New Web Things, Dealing with Spicy Sections, a Cloudinary Follow-Up, and some Apple Problems Persist2021/10/25
    It's difficult enough to keep up with new web things, even when it's your job. How do Chris & Dave do it? Dave's blogging on spicy sections, Chris' Cloudinary issues are resolved, and there's some Apple problems to deal with.
  73. 485: Building Websites Now vs 1996, Vue 3, Picking a CMS, and Writing a Book with URLs2021/10/18
    Is it harder to make a website in 2021 than in 1996? Are site building tools making life easier? Does Dave use scoped styles in Vue? How could Vue help with design systems? And Chris tries making a CSS Tricks book on the web, while Dave is workshopping a web components talk.
  74. 484: Cloudflare, Lying to the Browser, Cloudinary Issues, Vue 2 to Vue 3, and Font Icons2021/10/11
    We're talking about Cloudflare product updates, whether you should lie to the browser about image size, Chris is having Cloudinary issues, Dave's answering questions about upgrading from Vue 2 to Vue 3, a question about Font Awesome icons, and what's the deal with Webhint?
  75. 483: Q&A on XState, Getting Comfortable with JavaScript, Managing WordPress Sites, and Background Images in CSS2021/10/04
    As Chris says, we're back to the meat 'n potatoes of ShopTalk with a Q&A episode including: XState thoughts, getting comfortable with JavaScript, tips on managing several WordPress sites, the best method to schedule high latency tasks with Node.js, a strategy for background images in CSS, and dealing with landing pages and subpages.
  76. 482: Asset Pipeline Issues, Google ZX, Crazy CSS, and a New CSS Reset2021/09/27
    Join us on YouTube 3x a week for more ShopTalk fun. This episode: How would you build with maximum user growth in mind? Asset pipeline issues, self provisioning runtime, Google ZX, and crazy new CSS.
  77. 481: Frontend Feud: ShopTalk vs Syntax2021/09/20
    Crossover! Your favorite web dev podcasts join forces for a super collab that’ll knock you frontend off! Amelia joins Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert from ShopTalk Show while Divya teams up with Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski from Syntax. Let the FEUDing begin!
  78. 480: Pushing Users to the App, Browser Feature List, Notion Fun, and The Surprise Chain2021/09/13
    Does forcing users from the website to the app make the web devs feel sad? How do browser devs decide what to add? Having fun with Notion, custom media queries, and Dave's epic Surprise Chain blog post.
  79. 479: Using VS Code, Import Ordering, Chrome API Eye Dropper, and YouTube Tease?2021/09/06
    A bit of follow up from the last episode, getting your team on to the same tooling - and cool things in VS Code, import ordering, the new Chrome API eye dropper, and some YouTube thoughts and ideas.
  80. 478: Google Changing Titles, jQuery + Chris’ Birthday, Kissing Content, and Word Break Break Word2021/08/30
    Google is changing page title in search results, celebrating jQuery + Chris' birthday, content that gets too close and kisses, dealing with website sandwiches, using word break break word, and abuse of alerts on the web.
  81. 477: Native CSS Module Scripts, Container Queries, and Writing Scoped CSS2021/08/23
    We're talking about CSS Module scripts, container query issues, wondering about writing scoped CSS, Tailwind, and custom property gotcha's.
  82. 476: #HotDrama Mug, #HotDrama Safari, #HotDrama Chrome, and the WordPress Build Process2021/08/16
    We've got a new ShopTalk Show mug you can order, Safari and Chrome #HotDrama to discuss, what is the modern WordPress build process like, and what's the state of your local bowling alley or pickleball website?
  83. 475: Ben Hong’s Views on Vue, VuePress, Nuxt, Petite Vue, Shopify + Netlify, and Static Hosting2021/08/09
    Ben Hong talks with us about Vue 2 vs Vue 3, Nuxt, VuePress, GridSome, Petite Vue, Headless Shopify + Netlify, is static hosting the right term these days, and what's up with Nuxt 3?
  84. 474: Tech Conferences, Dev on Windows, and CSS for Displaying Random Images2021/08/02
    The D-d-d-d-discord's got threads! Are conferences a thing we're ready for? How was Dave's experience working on a Windows PC? Help Dave figure out his monitor issue on Mac. Are people writing websites without a build step? And what is a good CSS technique for displaying images that could be either horizontal or vertical?
  85. 473: Brad and Ian Frost – From Meteorologist to Web Developer2021/07/26
    We're chatting with Ian Frost who swapped out his meteorologist career to become a web developer alongside his brother Brad Frost. We talk about getting started learning HTML / CSS, and then Javscript, writing code as a team, navigating the front and back end in 2021, dictating tech stacks to clients, and dealing with turnover and tech changes with clients.
  86. 472: Good Meetings. Is This Data? Front End vs Back End.2021/07/19
    Sarah Drasner's got a new book and we talk about her article on good meetings. Are front end problems more difficult than back end problems? GitHub's got an upgrade issues feature. How would you design a database for a new project? And where and what is data in 2021?
  87. 471: Perf as a Job, Riverside vs Streamyard, Frontend Being Consumed, and How Much to Bill Clients2021/07/12
    Can doing performance audits be a career in 2021? Comparing streaming and recording with Riverside and Streamyard. Is the front of the frontend being consumed by automation? Struggles in hiring and putting together resumes. And how much should freelancers bill clients for their own education and learning?
  88. 470: Slap a WAAPI, Explaining the Shadow DOM, LayoutNG, iFrames, the Web Animation API2021/07/05
    Do you drive or fly in 2021? How do you explain the Shadow DOM? What's LayoutNG? How do iFrames and Accessibility work out? Should we be using CSS Prefers Reduced Motion? And what's up with the Web Animation API?
  89. 469: Syntax Crossover with Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski2021/06/28
    We're joined by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski from Syntax.fm and chat about the fun of developing, SvelteKit, what tools Scott and Wes reach for when building a website, the WordPress developer experience, and some sick picks!
  90. 468: Is Sass Still Cool? Animation vs Transition, Animated Tables, and Dark Mode in Email2021/06/21
    Let's talk Sass, nesting, animation vs transition, animated tables, scroll snap points, progress meters, viewing emails in dark mode, and coded prototypes.
  91. 467: New Frameworks, Astro, New React, and WWDC 21 Thoughts2021/06/14
    Where are my paaaants? What to do with new frameworks? What to do with new React? Building in Astro. And WWDC 2021 reactions.
  92. 466: Tabs In Component Libraries, Grouping @media Queries, and When is Software Finished?2021/06/07
    What's the best way to include tabs as part of a component library? D-d-d-discord update on Alex's CSS-Trickz clone. Do you group your @media query items together or spread them around? And is software ever truly finished?
  93. 465: Linters, Delivering HTML in a Single File, Specialist or Generalist, and Social Image Previews2021/05/31
    We're talking about linters, should we deliver single file HTML? Should you focus on a specific tool or be more general? And we revisit social image previews.
  94. 464: Jamstack & New Netlify Features with Jason Lengstorf & Phil Hawksworth2021/05/24
    Jason Lengstorf and Phil Hawksworth chat about the current state of the Jamstack including React + Jamstack, Distributed Persistent Rendering, building for ease of use, dealing with minor changes and caching, whether Jamstack needs to do all things, and a big new Netlify features announced!
  95. 463: Choose Build Tools, Social Media Images, Border Radius Clipping, and Debugging Safari in Windows2021/05/17
    Camera and gear for your desk talk, and answering your questions about build tools, programatically creating social media images, border radius clipping of parents, debugging Safari on Windows, the state of Drupal in 2021, and using code blocks in WordPress.
  96. 462: ShopTalk Show Live at AEA – The Web is Good, the Web is Bad2021/05/10
    Dave and Chris talked at An Event Apart Spring Summit 2021 on the good and bad of the web. They talked about CSS, framework knowledge, more CSS, PWA's for projects, service workers, the language of tooling, and web performance.
  97. 461: Dave Fired Everyone, WordPress Audio Player, Shared Element Transitions, and Fonts!2021/05/03
    Dave's base got camped and Chris tried to improve the WordPress audio player. Also discussed: shared element transitions, Turbo, Astro, typography and fonts, and just simply blogging.
  98. 460: What’s New in CSS in 2021 with Adam Argyle2021/04/26
    Adam Argyle chats with us about CSS features from risky and never in any browser to stable and available in many browsers that are available in 2021.
  99. 459: Talking Web Components, ES Modules, Using OAuth, and Digital Art2021/04/19
    Dave's prepping for a talk at An Event Apart about Web Components, and we're answering questions about OAuth, and talking digital art.
  100. 458: De-coding the Technical Interview with Emma Bostian2021/04/12
    Special guest Emma Bostian is on to talk about her new book, De-coding the Technical Interview, that will help you never bomb a technical job interview again. How to answer technical questions you don't know, looking for red flags when applying, infinite scrolling question, and how to not be a schlub when applying for a new job.
A live podcast about front end web design and UX.

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