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  1. #461 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Maronites2018/10/05
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  2. #460 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Two Leos2018/09/28
    Political instability continues in the West as one emperor follows another. In the East, Emperor Leo I tries to find a way out of the controversy over Chalcedon but has problems with Timothy II of Alexandria, also known as Timothy the Cat. We finish the episode with a look at how Christians outside the Roman […]
  3. #459 – A History of the Catholic Church – Rome Sacked Again2018/09/21
    The growing division between the Mono/Miaphysites and the Chalcedonians causes significant problems for the Eastern Empire, especially in Palestine and Egypt. In the West, Emperor Valentinian III is assassinated and Pope Leo I tries to keep the Vandals from destroying Rome. Links: Painting of Genseric sacking Rome by Bryullov. Leo I’s letter to the monks […]
  4. #458 – A History of the Catholic Church – Leo and Attila2018/09/14
    The conclusion of the Council of Chalcedon left the church divided – Rome vs. Constantinople and Chalcedonian vs. Miaphysite. These conflicts will influnce the future course of Christianity for the next three hundred years. We take a look at the Christological divisions after Chalcedon. Links: Painting of The Meeting between Leo the Great and Attila […]
  5. #457 – A History of the Catholic Church – Canon 282018/09/07
    Chalcedon was intended to unite the Church, but – in many ways – the Church is more divided after Chalcedon than it had been before. Constantinople and Rome are divided over the place of Constantinople in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The Church of Egypt refuses to accept the Tome of Leo and the Definition of Chalcedon. […]
  6. #456 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Definition of Chalcedon2018/08/31
    The Council of Chalcedon continues and with it continue conflicts over Christology and Roman authority. The bishops of Chalcedon put forward a new statement of faith in the hopes of unifying the Church. Links: Painting of the Council of Chalcedon by Andreevartstudio The Definition of Chalcedon Check out the other great Catholic podcasts at the […]
  7. #455 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Council of Chalcedon2018/08/25
    The Council of Chalcedon begins with a broadside against Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria. The Tome of Leo is accepted. Marcian and Pulcheria hope Chalcedon will be result in universal agreement, but future troubles are seen. Links: Painting of the Council of Chalcedon by Vasily Surikov Extensive documentation on the Council of Chalcedon/Fourth Ecumenical Council Leo’s […]
  8. #454 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Turning Tides2018/08/17
    The Eastern Empire finds itself in political and religious turmoil after the death of Emperor Theodosius II and Pope Leo I of Rome takes the opportunity to assert himself and obtain the universal acceptance of his Tome. Links: Image of Emperor Marcian Map of the Roman Empire in 450 AD Check out the other great […]
  9. #453 – A History of the Catholic Church – Latrocinium2018/08/14
    At the Second Council of Ephesus, Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria and his One Nature Christology emerges triumphant. The Two-Nature Christology of the Antiochenes is condemned and Pope Leo I of Rome finds himself powerless to stop it. Links: Image of the martyrdom of Flavian of Constantinople from the “Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints” by […]
  10. #452 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Tome of Leo2018/08/03
    Pope Leo I of Rome assembles a text presenting the Christology of the West in the hopes of putting an end to the controversy once and for all. However, in the East, Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria has his own plans. Links: Photo of Statue of Pope Leo I taken by Mattana Selections from Tertullian on […]
  11. #451 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Problem of Eutyches2018/07/28
    In Constantinople, the Christological Controversy erupts once again as sides are formed over the case of Eutyches. Each seeking to gain the support of Emperor Theodosius and Pope Leo against their rivals. Links: Image of Flavian of Constantinople taken by Siriopomante Letter of Eutyches to Leo about the Synod of Constantinople Leo’s letter to Flavian […]
  12. #450 – A History of the Catholic Church – Changing of the Guard2018/07/21
    Pope Leo has problems with Illyricum. In the East, the sees of Constantinople, Alexandria, and Antioch find themselves under new management – but the conflict over the theology of Christ continues. Links: Icon of Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria. Letter of Leo to Anastasius Letter of Leo to Eutyches Theodoret of Cyrus’ Eranistes Alleged letter of […]
  13. #449 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Challenge of the Papacy2018/07/14
    Pope Leo finds that the collapse of the Western Roman Empire makes it more difficult for him to assert his authority in Gaul, Hispaniae and Northern Africa. Yet, the support of Emperor Valentinian III provides a strong boost to Leo in those lands still under imperial control. Links: Icon of Leo the Great. Photo by […]
  14. #448 – A History of the Catholic Church – Plenitudo Potestatis2018/07/07
    Pope Leo the Great seeks to exercise his authority over the Church of Italy to ensure right practice and right doctrine – particularly in struggles against resurgent Manicheanism and Pelagianism. Links: Icon of Leo the Great. Leo on prohibiting episcopal ordination to slaves on serfs Leo the the bishops of Sicily on baptism Leo on […]
  15. #447 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Tome of Proclus2018/06/30
    In the West, Carthage falls under the Vandals and Pope Sixtus III tries to hold onto control of his territory. In the East, the conflict between Alexandria and Antioch heats up again as Cyril and his allies turn against the memory of Theodore of Mopsuestia and Diodore of Tarsus. Armenia moves toward Cyrillian theology and […]
  16. #446 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Bishop of Ireland2018/06/23
    The Christian Church struggles in North Africa as it finds itself facing a resurgent Vandal Arianism. In Ireland, the mission of Palladius seeks to shore up the faith against paganism and Pelagianism. Links: Image of Irish Pillar Stone. Photo taken by Jibi44 The Rediscovery of Irish Christianity Ó Cróinín (2000). “Who was Palladius ‘First Bishop […]
  17. #445 – A History of the Catholic Church – Formula of Union2018/06/16
    Emperor Theodosius II works extensively to promote union between John of Antioch and Cyril of Alexandria. While an agreement is made over the Formula of Union, not everyone is equally satisfied. What Theodosius can’t get through persuasion, he strives to get through force. Links: Image of Condemnation of Nestorius. Photo taken by Bignick28 Formula of […]
  18. #444 – A History of the Catholic Church – Canons and Deliberations2018/06/08
    As supporters of Cyril of Alexandria and John of Antioch try to sway the emperor and the Roman public to their respective sides, the bishops of Cyril’s synod in Ephesus continue to make decisions about the future of the Church. However, it is increasingly looking like that future will involve a divided Church. Links: Mosaic […]
  19. #443 – A History of the Catholic Church – Cyril Triumphant2018/06/01
    Emperor Theodosius’ plans for a peaceful discussion of theology fall apart as rival councils gather in Ephesus and level excommunications against each other. Cyril get what he wants against Nestorius, but at great cost. Links: Painting of Third Ecumenical Council by V. Surikov Map of Ephesus – Church of Mary where Council of Ephesus took […]
  20. #442 – A History of the Catholic Church – Preparation for Ephesus2018/05/25
    Emperor Theodosius II decides to call a council in the city of Ephesus in the hopes of making peace between Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorius of Constantinople. Sides are chosen and lines are drawn for the upcoming struggle for the faith. Links: Icon of Cyril of Alexandria and the Mother of God. Pope Celestine I’s […]
  21. #441 – A History of the Catholic Church – Twelve Anathemas2018/05/18
    Nestorius finds himself condemned by synods in Rome and Alexandria, but just as things seem to be going Cyril’s way – his Twelve Anathemas drive a huge wedge into the Eastern Church Links: Painting of Cyril of Alexandria and the Mother of God. Photo taken by José Goncalves. Pope Cyril of Alexandria’s Third Letter to […]
  22. #440 – A History of the Catholic Church – Hypostatic Union2018/05/11
    Cyril of Alexandria asserts his own theology of Christ in response to the arguments of Nestorius and the Christological Controversy continues to intensify. Links: Icon of Christ treading the beasts by José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro. Cyril of Alexandria – Scholia on the incarnation of the Only-Begotten and That Christ is One Cyril of Alexandria’s Second […]
  23. #439 – A History of the Catholic Church – Prosopon of Union2018/05/04
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  24. #437 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Oncoming Storm2018/04/20
    Challenges face the Church in both the Western and Eastern halves of the Empire. The Vandals invade North Africa and lay siege to Augustine’s city of Hippo. Nestorius becomes bishop of Constantinople. Links: Portrait of Nestorius by Romeyn de Hooghe Apollinaris on Christology Alexandria and Antioch Check out the other great Catholic podcasts at the […]
  25. #436 – A History of the Catholic Church – Cassian and Grace2018/04/13
    As with the monks of Africa, the monks of Gaul also have problems with Augustine’s views on predestination. Two monks from Gaul, John Cassian and Vincent of Lérins, are often mentioned as critics of Augustine – indeed they are sometimes called Semipelagians. Plus, the problem of Pelagianism in Britain. Links: Icon of John Cassian Augustine […]
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