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The Face Off Hockey Radio Show

  1. 08/06/19 Face Off Hockey Show: Anniversary Show2019/08/09
    What?! A show tonight? So yeah, we're throwing some people off, but really what do we have to talk about anyway. Oh yeah, it's the end of our 18th year doing the show ... just that. Come join us to celebrate! https://youtu.be/WWtDDb0GH9s
  2. 7/31/19 Face Off Hockey Show: 2nd Annual Game Show Night2019/08/03
    It's that time again! The moment you've all been waiting for! The Wild fired their GM ... wait what?! Oh, the moment you've all been waiting for is the 2nd Annual FOHS Game Show Night ... come be a part of it: http://youtu.be/6zgtjP-AxTs
  3. 07/24/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/07/28
    Well ... here goes nothing. New setup, new encoder, new audio ... and still live! I'm sure we'll talk about hockey, and other things. Come join us, and see if this works out. What could go wrong https://youtu.be/18aH-fFCD38

  4. 07/17/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/07/20
    Tonight ... it's more summer time Face Off Hockey Show. @JonnyP99 has to show off his jerseys, and there's a second rink at Piney Orchard! Come join us, as we get one week closer to game show night: http://youtu.be/2-NurVGMj70
  5. 07/10/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/07/11
    We're counting down the days to when @youtube destroys Hangouts, and makes everything way harder for people to stream content. Until then, let's do that summer thing! Come join us: http://youtu.be/eznS9tNzG7c
  6. 07/03/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/07/06
    There is a lot of soccer on tap this weekend, and it's 4th of July weekend ... but we have free agency to talk about, an offer sheet, and probably some beverages to drink. Come join us! http://youtu.be/2JJyb4B4-fE
  7. 06/26/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/06/28
    We have some trades, some retirements, some re-signings, the HOF has new members, and Scotty is back from his time at the NHL Draft weekend. All that, and maybe some other things ... let's see how Google can mess up the show this week: http://youtu.be/fyve23puA4s

  8. 06/19/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/06/20
    It's NHL Draft week ... I think or something. Hockey is over, we're starting at 7:30pm EDT, and trades are coming in fast and furious... almost too fast and too furious, but that doesn't come out for a couple more years. Come join us for the off season! http://youtu.be/x9g2trbYXpg
  9. 06/12/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/06/13
    The Capitals reign, as Stanley Cup Champions, will end tonight ... Game 7 between the Bruins and Blues starts mid-show. Come join us for a part of the game ... you're just sitting around waiting to see the Stanley Cup anyway. Live Link: http://youtu.be/dbByZqkHDwM
  10. 06/05/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/06/08
    Ok ... @JonnyP99 is back from England, and @scottywazz never left, so it's a Jon and Scott show! @SpectorsHockey will be here too, I'm sure. Let's see if Youtube works for us tonight ... come join us: http://youtu.be/I3t4MCp4poA
  11. 5/29/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/05/30
    This week, Scotty's by himself after Happy Hour. So he goes on a rant-spree about the NHL Combine, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Dave Tippett landing in Edmonton. Then eventually, Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey comes on to talk Jason Zucker being the carrot for trade rumors, Phil Kessel's possible landing spot, and more stuff. It's a fun-fest show.
  12. 05/22/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/05/24
    We have a Stanley Cup Final ... out of the west, the St. Louis Blues ... and from the east, the Boston Bruins. We'll talk about that, maybe some women's hockey, and the Blue Angels. Watch the uploaded video, as we had some technical issues --> https://youtu.be/DdIMVJQ4Fwc
  13. 05/15/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/05/17
    The playoffs are still going on, and we move toward the end of the conference finals. We'll talk playoffs, some other stuff, probably some things we didn't mean to talk about, and do a little HHFY. Come join us: http://youtu.be/t_kh7_QK_i4
  14. 05/08/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/05/10
    It's the second week in a row with a Game 7 ... so I'm sure we'll talk about it. We have more playoffs, and Lyle against Inanimate Objects! Come join us: http://youtu.be/u7VApoJAP0U
  15. 05/01/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/05/05
    Round two has officially started, without the Capitals ... which means we have a special guest tonight. We'll talk more playoffs, and other things too. Come join us: http://youtu.be/kGrLamafS60
  16. 04/24/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/04/28
    Stop me if you've heard this one ... it's another Wednesday night, and the Capitals are playing hockey, This time it's a Game 7 night. What could go wrong? Come join us, and find out: http://youtu.be/tiANtqWx838
  17. 04/17/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/04/18
    The NHL Playoff scriptwriters must've sat down and said "nobody is going to believe this, let's do it" when putting together the past week. It's been nuts! Plus we find out the 200 Point Swing winner! Come join us: http://youtu.be/Eta_fd4gMnE
  18. Chesapeake Hockey Week 04.16.19: SEASON FINALE!! (S1E31)2019/04/16
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  19. 04/10/19 Face Off Hockey Show: Playoff Edition2019/04/13
    It's the first night of the 2019 NHL Playoffs ... and every team has a chance to win the Cup. We'll probably talk about the draft lottery. Plus, Lyle versus inanimate objects: round 12,901. Come join us: http://youtu.be/1YfX_-GpaYk
  20. Chesapeake Hockey Week 04.09.19 (S1E30)2019/04/09
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  21. 04/03/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/04/06
    Another week has past, and there are more teams clinching playoff spots ... the NCAA tournament has made it to the Frozen Four, which means only one thing, 200 HUNDRED POINT SWING! Come join us: http://youtu.be/bqntuZuQfew
  22. Chesapeake Hockey Week 04.02.19 (S1E29)2019/04/02
    This week, Scotty Wazz looks at the weekend that wasn't for the Maryland Black Bears and what can be done going into the last weekend of the season. Also, Marylander Jason O'Neill and his Providence College Friars head to the Frozen Four. Also, some player news and a review of Adam Varga's second season in the OHL. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod
  23. 03/27/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/03/29
    Marc is out of surgery and feeling better ... he may or may not be on tonight, but that does leave a Jon and Scott Show! Until Lyle shows up or maybe a Sean Leahy run-in. Who's to know anymore, join us: http://youtu.be/N4FuS2UTyuM
  24. Chesapeake Hockey Week 03.26.19 (S1E28)2019/03/26
    With no games for the Maryland Black Bears, Scotty Wazz looks at the seasons of the players from Maryland, what impact they made on and-- in the case of Sam Walther-- off the ice, as well as look at those still playing in the AHL, ECHL, SPHL, and NCAA. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod
  25. 03/20/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/03/21
    Well, Youtube Live has changed up everything. Let's see how tonight goes. Stop me if you've heard this ... it's Wednesday and the Capitals are playing hockey. We'll talk about hockey, come join us: http://youtu.be/qOCgJem8CsM
  26. Chesapeake Hockey Week 03.19.19 (S1E27)2019/03/19
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  27. 03/13/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/03/14
    We're coming down to the last month or so of the regular season ... players are getting 1,200 points, a player is hitting 1,500 games, and maybe Sean Leahy runs in. Who's to say anymore, it's bonkers: http://youtu.be/IK5Mk2PaxzA
  28. Chesapeake Hockey Week 03.12.19 (S1E26)2019/03/12
    This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the Maryland Black Bears splitting the series this past weekend, while breaking their 10-game losing skid. The MSHL championships happened 10 days ago and Scotty will be on that since he missed it last week, as well as covering the district champions from Maryland who will be playing the the USA Hockey Nationals. Check out the show on Twitter @ChesapeakeHWPod
  29. 03/06/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/03/07
    Well ... the trade deadline has come and gone, so everything is back to normal. By "normal", I mean the Caps are playing on a Wednesday night. We won't be able to watch the game and do the show as well, so come join us and keep us company: http://youtu.be/GHVV4T5uqYg
  30. Black Bears President Robyn Remick on the Chesapeake Hockey Week2019/03/06
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  31. Chesapeake Hockey Week 03.05.19 (S1E25)2019/03/05
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  32. 02/27/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/03/03
    The Trade Deadline has come and past, and we know Lyle had himself a bit of scotch when it was all said and done. Actually, has anyone heard from @SpectorsHockey since the deadline ended? Come listen to find out if he makes it to the show! http://youtu.be/d8EVi6Mly_E
  33. Chesapeake Hockey Week 02.26.19 (S1E24)2019/02/26
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  34. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #612019/02/25
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  35. 02/20/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/02/23
    Scotty's in Canada and running the show-- you know that can't end well. Watch the carnage yourself!! https://youtu.be/daH1FaoyJwg
  36. Chesapeake Hockey Week 02.19.19 (S1E23)2019/02/19
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  37. 02/13/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/02/16
    We're getting closer to the trade deadline, and I'm sure there are some trades on the horizon ... but I haven't read the run down yet, so what do I know really? Come join us to see: http://youtu.be/5fhtVtluImU
  38. Chesapeake Hockey Week 02.12.19 (S1E22)2019/02/12
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  39. 02/06/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/02/08
    Everyone is back from their Bye week and vacations to the islands* ... feeling recharged and ready to tackle this week's show. Come join us: Everyone is back from their Bye week and vacations to the islands* ... feeling recharged and ready to tackle this week's show. Come join us: http://youtu.be/ho6L8gLXaYw

    * - no real Bye week or vacations occurred
  40. Chesapeake Hockey Week 02.05.19 (S1E21)2019/02/05
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  41. 01/30/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/02/02
    It's been a long day, and it's cold around these parts (I'm assuming all our parts, I mean) ... but I hear there's some football game this weekend, we won't talk about that. Come see what we do talk about: http://youtu.be/FPka8oGA7VE
  42. Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.29.19 (S1E202019/01/29
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  43. 01/23/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/01/24
    We're sliding into All Star weekend like Pete Rose into home ... probably with less betting, especially since we can conquer our casino craps. Come join us tonight: http://youtu.be/skYPl33Ei-w
  44. Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.22.19 (S1E19)2019/01/22
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  45. 01/16/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/01/20
    It's Wednesday again, and the Caps aren't the only thing that's cold ... we have snow in Maryland! I'm sure there's hockey things to talk about too. Come listen and join in on FAF: http://youtu.be/GsLfJYs4v-o
  46. Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.16.19 (S1E18)2019/01/16
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  47. 01/09/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/01/12
    There are new Adidas Parley All Star Game jerseys out ... you know how I like some new jerseys coming out. Also tonight, FAF! Come join us: http://youtu.be/PGh99-wNMx4
  48. Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.10.19 (S1E17)2019/01/10
    This week, we'll talk about the Maryland Black Bears return to the ice this weekend and how it was quite the tale of two games. The Stevenson University Men's and Women's teams were both back to action with differing results, while some of the Maryland pros are slowly finding their groove back. Check out the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod
  49. 01/02/19 Face Off Hockey Show2019/01/06
    It's a new year ... and we're turning over a new leaf. Wait, what?! Ok, I'm being told that we'll just keep being the same show that you've come to love or hate or whatever. We get paid more if you listen and enjoy it more when you join us: http://youtu.be/OI9k7S2TEYs
  50. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #602018/12/27
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  51. 12.25.18 Uncle Scotty's Non-Denominational Holiday Extrava-Danza2018/12/26
    While there's no official Face Off Hockey Show, Uncle Scotty gets on the mic to talk about the year that was with some stories of the hockey season. Granted, most of that is the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup thing, but there's a smattering of uniform talk, Carolina Hurricanes' chatter, Ottawa Senators laughing-at. All the fun stuff, plus a bit of the State of the Face Off Hockey Show.
  52. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 12.24.18 (S1E16)2018/12/24
    This week, Scotty Wazz takes a look at a weekend to forget for the Maryland Black Bears, as they end out the calendar year in Jamestown. However, Team Maryland had a solid end to their calendar year, in hopes of making 2019 better for them in the second half of the season. All that, plus a MSHL and MAPHL update at the month's end. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod
  53. 12/19/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/12/20
    It's another Wednesday night, and ... stop me if you've heard this ... the Capitals are playing hockey on NBCSN. This time against the Penguins, but everyone knows you don't want to listen to them ... listen to us instead: http://youtu.be/2rwjbJ7om7E
  54. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #592018/12/19
    This episode, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scott (@scottywazz) talk about the historial fact of the week-- this week's being the change of overtime. Also, Jen profiles Earl Seibert and Dave Newell, while also talking about the job she got freelancing for the Arizona Coyotes. All that and more, follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble
  55. Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.18.182018/12/18
    This week, Scotty Wazz takes a look at the Maryland Black Bears sweep in the Northeast, as a total team effort ruled the weekend. A peek at how Team Maryland is doing, as well as checking on some of the players that are playing. College is on break, so it's a short, but sweet episode of the podcast. Follow the show on Twitter: @ChesapeakeHWPod
  56. 12/12/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/12/14
    It's Wednesday ... you'd think that I could come up with witty things to say each week, but I'm all out. Just come join us: http://youtu.be/9PK6qUKe34Q
  57. Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.11.182018/12/11
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  58. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #582018/12/10
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  59. 12/5/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/12/08
    I have a feeling that we'll be showing off some @BlackBearsNAHL swag tonight on the show. We have some firings and hirings and a welcome to Number 32. Marc is taking one for the team, and going straight Jäger tonight ... come join us: http://youtu.be/IAzdu4UyeaM
  60. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 12.04.182018/12/04
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  61. 11/28/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/12/01
    Everyone's back from holiday, but the Flyers are still deep frying things ... I don't know what that means. Maybe they're just looking for some old time cooking. Come listen, and be a part of tonight's HHFY: http://youtu.be/SaAVPy4Inao
  62. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.27.182018/11/27
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  63. 11/21/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Thanksgiving Show2018/11/23
    Sometimes you listen to the Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack ... and sometimes you listen to Baby Shark ... and sometimes, Alice's Restaurant is just the way to go. Happy Thanksgiving, come listen to us: http://youtu.be/ekOTzLY580s
  64. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.21.182018/11/21
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  65. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #572018/11/20
    This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the underbelly of old-time hockey and the crime that came with it. Also a look at pre-NHL Montreal Canadien who didn't get the same respect the other older generation did. All that, plus how two Flyers almost blew up a house thanks to a deep-fried turkey. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble
  66. 11/14/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/11/16
    Unlike Tom Wilson, we made Marc sit out his full suspension. We also withheld the full amount of his missed wages for the show ... with all those beautiful zeros. Like Tom Wilson, he's back (has been for weeks).

    Come Listen: http://youtu.be/E3poUYdWjmQ
  67. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.13.182018/11/13
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  68. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #562018/11/12
    This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) will talk about the streak that Glenn Hall set that no other goalie will ever accomplish. Also, a look at Tommy Dunderdale and his contribution to the hockey community from down under, as well as a look at this year's Hockey Hall of Fame Class. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble
  69. 11/07/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/11/08
    Now I'm right ... the Caps are playing tonight, on Wednesday Night Hockey. Thankfully the NHL promoted this game for 10 days because you don't want to miss it. But you can listen to us, and not those NBC commentators: http://youtu.be/QrDTwFegZiM
  70. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #552018/11/07
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  71. Chesapeake Hockey Week, 11.06.182018/11/06
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  72. 10/31/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Halloween Edition2018/11/03
    Well... it's Halloween, and there could be costumes or we'll just be our normal scary selves. Come join us, maybe Frank will show up: http://youtu.be/uyQU6uMkFnU
  73. Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.30.102018/10/30
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  74. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #542018/10/29
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  75. 10/24/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/10/27
    Hold on... if there's a Wednesday, without the Capitals playing hockey, did it really happen? Come check us out, and find out: https://youtu.be/p5AL-PVkVqM
  76. Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.23.182018/10/23
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  77. 10/17/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/10/21
    Hopefully we have a good computer tonight, and no technical difficulties ... if so, we'll raise the banner (in the studio)! Come join us: http://youtu.be/wRVYHct24NM
  78. Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.16.182018/10/16
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  79. 10/10/18 Face Off Hockey Show: Part II2018/10/13
    It's another Wednesday night, and another night the Caps are playing hockey ... this is becoming fun to start the season. We'll also have Black Bears games to cover this week! This is a good week, come join us: https://youtu.be/wJFpK9CsnJU
  80. Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.09.182018/10/09
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  81. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #532018/10/08
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  82. 10/02/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/10/06
    It's the day before the Capitals banner raising ... and not a creature is stirring, except maybe a Black Bear. @scottywazz and @NHLhistorygirl went to the Black Bears practice today, are in studio, and we may even have guests. Come join us: http://youtu.be/tAAr8cIrEJ4
  83. Chesapeake Hockey Week 10.03.182018/10/03
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  84. 09/26/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/09/27
    Preseason is almost over, and this time this week Scotty and Jen will be at the Capitals opener (plug for Tuesday show next week) ... come listen to us tonight though, we'll talk about things and the FOHSHL! http://youtu.be/HlGRZq5hSpY
  85. Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.25.182018/09/25
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  86. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #522018/09/24
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  87. 09/19/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/09/20
    Tonight... we'll have on Adam Scorgie, to talk about his newest documentary @MakingCoco, we'll talk about the Maryland Black Bears opening weekend, and just how many defensemen does San Jose need? Come join us, it should be fun: http://youtu.be/fkkYdJi2e5Q
  88. Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.18.182018/09/18
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  89. 09/12/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/09/13
    We have people thinking they missed the Liut Division draft already ... the real question is why aren't you in the FOHSHL yet? Be Dialin'! Also, come join us on the show tonight ... there was a trade this week to talk about: http://youtu.be/kvnlYQiuglE
  90. Chesapeake Hockey Week 09.11.182018/09/11
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  91. 09/05/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/09/06
    Well ... summer is over, no more wearing white, but I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. I mean, it's not like someone failed a drug test or anything, but training camps soon! Come join us: http://youtu.be/2ZqjeuyhIi8
  92. 08/29/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/08/30
    Thanks for all the new listeners, finding us this summer, and deciding that we "don't talk enough hockey" ... Good luck finding your summer hockey podcast!

    To everyone that gets us, thanks for listening, and come talk to us tonight: http://youtu.be/Nl-1tk_eeyI
  93. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #512018/08/27
    On this episode, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) will go through a list of nicknames and the history behind them. Don't worry, we'll get to all the Jonesy's and Soupy's, along with some original nicknames as well. They'll also chat very little about third jerseys, and do their hockey card thing. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble
  94. 08/22/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/08/25
    Wednesday night, and everyone is back ... except for Marc. Come listen about summer talking of things, and some stuff. Join us: http://youtu.be/o-h72vXYf64
  95. 08/15/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/08/16
    Well, we've picked up some furniture, for our anniversary, and now it's back to being August ... I'm sure there's some stuff to talk about, maybe. Come join us and find out: http://youtu.be/wqDIh2p6Zv8
  96. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #502018/08/13
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  97. 08/08/18 Face Off Hockey Show - 17th Anniversary Show2018/08/11
    Well ... the 17th Anniversary Show is tonight. In 2001, this "podcast" started on an internet radio station, and we're still going strong. Updates in technology have occurred, and I'm sure the show has been updated too. Come listen to find out: http://youtu.be/amLOMhzLHfI
  98. 08/01/18 Face Off Hockey Show - Game Show Night2018/08/03
    It's the summer night that everyone has been waiting for ... Game Show Wednesday! Come join the live chat, to get in on the fun: http://youtu.be/koT3uguY-VI
  99. The Soderstrom Bubbe, Episode #492018/07/30
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  100. 07/26/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/07/26
    It's been an eventful week ... @jonnyp99 is 40 now, @scottywazz got more @OYOSports, Hudson is babbling, @PitzLives is doing things, and I'm sure @SpectorsHockey had some fun. Plus who knows ... we might have a guest or a run in tonight. Come find out: http://youtu.be/sB8Jis3kGRI
  101. 07/18/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/07/20
    It's the middle of July, in the summer summer summer time ... we have things to talk about though, like the Coyotes (the gift that keeps on giving), some golf, like Kovy ... we have 3 to 4 good years left. Join Us: http://youtu.be/2xnZsOufuA4
  102. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #482018/07/16
    This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about retired numbers around the NHL and who should and shouldn't be there. Also, a sidebar conversation about how teams should deal with relocation and previous retired numbers. Also, a brief look at tragic endings for young hockey players and executives in light of the news of Ray Emery. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble
  103. 07/11/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/07/12
    It's summer time! Some hockey shows take a break for the summer, we actually become more fun or funnier or ... probably just more random. Come check us out, and join in on the live chat: http://youtu.be/Zk7Rf1ZAs5s
  104. 07/04/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/07/07
    Everything is finished ... the season, the playoffs, the draft, and John Tavares. Come join us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT_wdJOI6iU
  105. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #472018/07/02
    This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about renaming the NHL Awards to a more modern structure. They'll debate the names that need to be changed and to what. Also, the Hockey Hall of Fame was announced, but we'll look into what players could go in next. Plus, they review their time in Dallas and the Draft. Follow the show in Twitter: @SdrstromBubble

  106. 06/27/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/06/29
    Well ... the playoffs have come and gone, the draft has come and gone, and free agency is coming. Almost time for summer shows! That's where we have all sorts of fun, even if the NHL is watching still. Come join us: http://youtu.be/GVEYR_BpFN4
  107. 2018 Face Off Hockey Show Draft Show2018/06/26
    Scotty and Jen got into the 2018 Draft, working for the University of North Dakota, while Lyle and Jonny watched the draft on TV. Come listen for some stories, some trade breakdown, and some other crap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqQ5ExHf3Zw
  108. 06/20/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/06/20
    Well ... our post Stanley Cup hangover is already kicking in, and even though we said last week was the "last show", we got paid so we're going to keep doing this. Come join us, if you want ... or don't, either way: http://youtu.be/gQgI9V6gfts
  109. 06/13/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/06/15
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  110. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #462018/06/12
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  111. 06/06/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/06/07
  112. 05/30/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/05/30
  113. 05/23/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/05/23
  114. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #452018/05/21
  115. 05/17/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/05/17
  116. 05/09/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/05/10
  117. 05/02/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/05/03
  118. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #442018/05/01
  119. 04/25/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/04/26
  120. 04/18/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/04/19
  121. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #432018/04/15
  122. 04/11/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/04/12
  123. 04/04/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/04/05
  124. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #422018/04/02
  125. 03/28/18 Face Off Hockey Show2018/03/30
  126. The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #412018/03/25
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Face Off Hockey Show
Weekly hockey radio show with no off season break. We talk through everything holidays, strikes and lock outs.

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