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theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast

  1. theVAP Episode 302: Best of Show!2018/09/21

    Colin at TCT Rally

    Best of Show!

    Awning rail holes

    Adding a shear plate

    Gray tank issue

    30amp to 50amp?

    Fiber optic trailer

    Colin's '51 Spartan Imperial Mansion
  2. theVAP Episode 301: Airstream Continental2018/08/17

    Aluminum tire covers

    Continental kit

    Fixing front end separation

    Polishing tips

    Does a polished trailer reflect more heat

    Sealing windows on a '73 Argosy

    '75 Excella control panel/center

    '75 Excella Shocks
  3. theVAP Episode 300: The 300th Show!2018/07/27
    Join us for a walk down vintage lane!
  4. theVAP Episode 299: Happy Birthday Wally2018/07/06
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  5. theVAP Episode 298: Bigger is Better!2018/06/22

    Tim's camping trip

    Colin heading to Niagara Falls

    Keeping old appliances or replace

    Rebuilding old appliances

    1940's Spartan Manor

    50's Overlander modernization

    Bigger is better
  6. theVAP Episode 297: Alumapalooza 92018/06/08
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  7. theVAP Episode 296: Outrigger Exposed2018/05/25

    Alumapalooza next week!

    Tim's solar update

    What should I replace my univolt with?

    Help identify missing wires?

    How to fix exposed outrigger?

    Fixing my 70's rock guard

    Replacing window gaskets on a '72 Overlander

    Fixing screens and latches
  8. theVAP Episode 295: California Solar2018/05/11

    Go Power Solar

    Solar in California

    Cracking the dual pane window fog

    ​Spring loaded glass break

    Automatic Center Punch

    Alumapalooza 2018

    Adding a cabinet to a '75 Safari

    Adding a shear plate

    Axle install tips and tricks
  9. theVAP Episode 294: One Throat to Choke2018/04/27

    -Tim's solar panels

    -Dragging bellypan

    -Restorers in Nashville?

    -Vintage Base Camp

    -What do you know about Hofmann Architecture?

    -OK to have multiple restorers work?

    -Are three axles better than two?

    -Window dual pane issues

    -Cyndi Lauper Airstream
  10. theVAP Episode 293: Big Pane2018/04/13

    M4LED.com 14" tube lights available

    Use discount code VAP5

    1975 Excella window panes

    Using an Airstream in freezing temps

    1955 Flying Cloud wants a quite A/C

    Should I replace my original exhaust?
theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast
theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, motor home ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel. We also interview industry professionals and individuals of interest in the world of recreational vehicles.

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