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American RVer

  1. American RVer-Webisode 1-April 20062006/04/15
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  2. American RVer-Webisode 2-May 20062006/05/22
    May 2006 - We take you to The Rally held in April at the Daytona Speedway. Our Healthy Living segment shows how to make Humus in your RV. The Tech Tip is how to keep your batteries working at their best. We meet an RV couple in Friends Across America.
  3. American RVer-Webisode 3-June 20062006/06/23
    June 2006 - We bring you part II of The Rally held in April at the Daytona Speedway. Our Healthy Living segment shows how to juice up your RV kitchen. Our Tech Tip tells you about tires and how to keep on rollin.
  4. American RVer-Webisode 4-August 20062006/08/08
    August 2006 - We visit wine country...In North Carolina. We show you how to begin feeling healthier in our Healthy Living segment and our Tech Tip talks about fluid levels in your motorized coach.
  5. American RVer-Webisode 5-September 20062006/09/20
    September 2006 - We take you to the number 2 destination in the USA, Myrtle Beach and the Ocean Lakes Family Campground. Also, better photo taking with Ken Buckner and Friends Across America.
  6. American RVer-Webisode 6-November 20062006/11/01
    November 2006 - This month's destination is the 26th Annual NC Oyster Festival in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Author Miller Pope tells us how to create a novel on the road. Tech Tip: Exterior RV maintenance. Friends Across America: Tent Campers Beverly and Martha.
  7. American RVer-Webisode 7-December 20062006/12/07
    December 2006 - This month's destination is Knoxville, Tennessee and the Visitors Center. We hear The Jennifer Brantley Band in the noontime Blue Plate Special. Friends Across America: Dave and Marie Ostrander. RV Tip: How to secure things in your kitchen while traveling.
  8. American RVer-Webisode 8-February 20072007/02/02
    February 2007 - This month's destination is Southport, North Carolina. Jim learns some tool tips from full time RVer Dave Ostrander. Friends Across America: Meet Hank and Lillie Corbitt.
  9. American RVer-Webisode 9-March 20072007/03/03
    March 2007 - This month's destination is the Monaco Shipwrecked Rally in Orlando, Florida. Friends Across America: Meet The Monaco West Coast Gang. Entertainment: Clay Cooper and the Country Music Express.
  10. American RVer-Webisode 10-April 20072007/04/05
    April 2007 - This month's destination is the Monaco Shipwrecked Rally in Orlando, Florida, Part II. Interview with Mark Kealoha, Monaco National Sales Manager. Peg takes the Ladies Driving Course. Interview with Shannon Thatcher, Safari National Sales Manager. Comedian Karen Mills
  11. American RVer-Webisode 11-May 20072007/05/03
    May 2007 - This months destination is the FMCA Convention in Perry, Georgia. Interview with Jerry Yates, FMCA Convention Director. We attend Mac McCoy's Fire and Life Safety seminar. Peg Interviews FMCA President Don Moore and wife Darlene. We meet Jerry and Gaye Young in our Friends Across America segment.
  12. American RVer-Webisode 12-June 20072007/06/02
    June 2007 - This months destination is the FMCA Convention in Perry, Georgia, Part II. Interview with Peggy Miller and Willie and Company. Jim is backstage interviewing The Oak Ridge Boys. We meet Steve and Judy Czarsty and Mary Carpenter in our Friends Across America segment.
  13. American RVer-Webisode 13-July 20072007/06/30
    July 2007 - A Look Back at the 70's - Peggy talks with 3 couples who own GMC coaches. We interview author Jacqueline DeGroot about her new RV mystery book, Running Into Temptation. Cooking Corner: Peggy shows you how to prepare a cool southern sandwich snack.
  14. American RVer-Webisode 14-August 20072007/08/03
    August 2007 - An American RVer Exclusive! We take you on a tour of the Monaco Coach Corporation factory in Wakarusa, Indiana. See how a Monaco coach comes together, Part I. Peggy interviews Ruth Russell who has authored a gourmet cook book for RVer's.
  15. American RVer-Webisode 15-September 20072007/09/01
    September 2007 - An American RVer Exclusive! We take you on a tour of the Monaco Coach Corporation factory in Wakarusa, Indiana. See how a Monaco coach comes together, Part II. Peggy interviews John Hillenburg, owner of Cedar Ridge Camping Resort. Jim learns a few tech tips from Pat Setzer of Recreation Services.
  16. American RVer-Webisode 16-October 20072007/10/01
    October 2007 - We're in Charlotte, NC speaking with Lawrence Cordell of Cordell Satellite Sales and Service. Pat Setzer shows us some interesting RV products. Peggy is in the kitchen making a squash casserole.
  17. American RVer-Webisode 17-November 20072007/11/01
    November 2007 - We're in Nova Scotia Canada and we meet up with Keith Ward, the tour host of the Camping and Caravan Club of the UK. Meet a family of six living full time in a motorhome. Part I of the Mobile Awareness Tire monitoring system install.
  18. American RVer-Webisode 18-December 20072007/12/02
    December 2007 - Join us in Pennsylvania Dutch Country as we speak with PA Dutch Public Relations Mgr., Cara O'Donnell. Chocolate Anyone? We visit the Wilbur Chocolate factory in Litiz. PA. Part II of a Mobile Awareness Tire Monitoring System install.
  19. American RVer-Webisode 19-January 20082008/01/02
    January 2008 - Take a tour of Gatlinburg, Tennessee with us as Peg interviews Jim Davis, Public Relations Coordinator for the city. Meet Pilgrim, a hiker on the Appalachian Trail. Make a tasty open faced Italian Foccacia sandwich.
  20. American RVer-Webisode 20-February 20082008/02/01
    February 2008 - We spend part of winter in Casa Grande, AZ at the Desert Shadows RV Resort. Peg speaks with General Manager, Peggy Flynn. Weighing your RV is an important thing to do. Jim interviews Stacey Frank from Weigh-It and he weighs our motorhome. Is it within specs?
  21. American RVer-Webisode 21-March 20082008/03/02
    March 2008 - We travel to Quartzsite, AZ for the 25th annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show. Meet members of FMCA Singles International Club at the Pomona, CA Rally. Peg cooks up a Chocolate Bar Pie!
  22. American RVer-Webisode 22-April 20082008/04/01
    April 2008 - Meet Connie Pool, FMCA President. Peg visits with Marcel Shampoux from Roadtrek and talks about Class B motorhomes. We talk with Jim and Ginny Holifield and learn about the Flxible Bus, FMCA's logo.
  23. American RVer-Webisode 23-May 20082008/05/01
    May 2008 - Tour Nevada's Oldest Winery-Pahrump Valley Winery with owner Gretchen Loken. Peg visits with Bill and Lillie Phelps and talks about being handicapped in a Class A RV. Jim introduces you to G's Mobile RV Service based in Amarillo, Texas.
  24. American RVer-Webisode 24-June 20082008/06/01
    June 2008 - Get on board the train!! We take you on a trip from Williams, Arizona to the south rim of the Grand Canyon aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. Steven Martin, PR Manager welcomes us aboard...
  25. American RVer-Webisode 25-July 20082008/07/01
    July 2008 - Meet Tom Armstrong of Historical Trails Cycling as he leads a group of cyclists on the Oregon Trail. Make a great salsa and then Peg's marinade for chicken. Product Spotlight-Jim tells you how to fend off those pesky mosquitos.
  26. American RVer-Webisode 26-August 20082008/08/01
    August 2008 - We travel to Willmar, Minnesota to the Monaco Pre-rally. Peg speaks with Bob Larson about parking big rigs at a rally. Mark Kealoha of Monaco Coach Corp. shows us a new class C motorhome and a new Dynasty floorplan premiering at the rally. Tech Tip-Peg shows you how to get those tough stains out of your clothes.
  27. American RVer-Webisode 27-September 20082008/09/01
    September 2008 - We are at the FMCA 80th Rally in St. Paul, MN. Peg talks with Tom Januski, FMCA National Chairman for Youth. We meet Comedy Hypnotist Lorri Michals and see part of her show. Matt Howard, VP of Marketing for Country Coach, shows us the cool new innovative Veranda coach models.
  28. American RVer-Webisode 28-October 20082008/10/01
    October 2008 - Kay Toolson Chairman and CEO of Monaco Coach talks about the future of RV's. Shirley Petro takes us on a tour of Hart Ranch near Rapid City, South Dakota. Friends Across America-Meet workkampers Jerry and Grace Abbott.
  29. American RVer-Webisode 29-November 20082008/11/01
    November 2008 - Meet Page Robertson of Monaco Coach Corp and learn about coordinating major rallies.
    Location: Leavenworth City, Washington. See how this town turned into a quaint Bavarian village... We interview Alp Horn player and Inn owner Bob Johnson, Royal Bavarian Nancy Watson and Chamber Promotions Director Mark Thorp.
  30. American RVer-Webisode 30-December 20082008/12/01
    December 2008 - Dr. Diesel Talks about making your own fuel. Meet Bubba Tillery, Monaco Coach Corp Service Manager for the Harrisburg, Oregon service center. Authors Ron and Sandy Jones talk about their RV related books and how to make money on the road.
  31. American RVer-Webisode 31-January 20092009/01/01
    January 2009 - Peg speaks with Canadians Dan and Diane Wallace about the dos and don'ts of traveling in Mexico. Jim gives you a look at On The Go Portable Water Softeners and why it's a good thing to have one while traveling in North America.
  32. American RVer-Webisode 32-February 20092009/02/01
    February 2009 - Peg visits with four couples that volunteer at the Kino Bay Resort in Mexico. In our Product Review segment, Jim gives you a look at On The Go's Portable Water Deionizer which gives your vehicles a spot free rinse.
  33. American RVer-Webisode 33-March 20092009/03/01
    March 2009 - Peg chats with Bob and Marlene Rea and talks about living in a stick home vs an RV. In our cooking segment, Peg whips up a tasty key lime pie. We travel to the Center of the World and meet founder, Jacque Andre Istal.
  34. American RVer-Webisode 34-April 20092009/04/01
    April 2009 - Jim speaks with Bill Duckwitz and Fred White moderators of the online Monacoers Users Group. John Friend of Truck System Technologies shows us a great Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  35. American RVer-Webisode 35-May 20092009/05/01
    May 2009 - Peggy talks with singer Kathy Peak and her husband Gordon who is a world class athlete. Friends Across America - Meet Jaap and Anneke Mater in Kino Bay, Mexico.
  36. American RVer-Webisode 36-June 20092009/06/01
    June 2009 - Peggy talks with Helen Benso of Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. Author Ron Jones Tells us about his new RVing Book. Jim Shows you a new tank probe from Horst Dynamics.
  37. American RVer-Webisode 37-July 20092009/07/01
    July 2009 - Peggy speaks with three authors about writing your next great american novel. Get some tips on how to start and also marketing your book. In our Friends Across America segment we meet Pat and Belva Jackson, full time RVers.
  38. American RVer-Webisode 38-August 20092009/08/01
    August 2009 - We take you to Longs, SC and speak with Carl Pruett, GM of the 5 star WillowTree RV Resort. Are you facinated with the night sky? Mark Jankowski takes you on a behind the scenes look at the Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach, NC.
  39. American RVer-Webisode 39-September 20092009/09/01
    September 2009 - Peg speaks with Jack and Rosie Scarborough about carrying a firearm in your RV. In our Tech Tip, Jim shows how to change an air filter in your diesel motorhome. Meet Friends Across The Pond...Viewers from the United Kingdom.
  40. American RVer-Webisode 40-October 20092009/10/01
    October 2009 - Meet Kevin Daly, owner of a new RV repair facility, Knoxville Coach and RV, in Knoxville, Tennessee. In our Tech Tip, Jim goes through the process of changing out the hydraulic filters in a motorhome.
  41. American RVer-Webisode 41-November 20092009/11/01
    November 2009 - We travel to Forest City, Iowa and visit the Winnebago Manufacturing Plant. Peg speaks with Kelli Harms, Public Relations Specialist, as we tour the facility.
  42. American RVer-Webisode 42-December 20092009/12/01
    December 2009 - We are in Tucson at Beaudry RV for the Monaco RV, Frontier Rally. We speak with Mike Snell, Mark Kealoha, Kevin Atkinson with Monaco and Michael Cerilli from Navistar Corporation. See new coaches and get some background info from Monaco principles.
  43. American RVer-Webisode 43-January 20102010/01/01
    January 2010 - Meet us in Salt Lake City as we take a really interesting tour of the MotoSat manufacturing facility. Meet VP of Sales Royal Lamb as he takes us from start to finish with their satellite products.
  44. American RVer-Webisode 44-February 20102010/02/01
    February 2010 - A Friends Across America Month! Peg meets the "Green RVer" Brian Brawdy. Meet Travel book authors Mike and Terri Church. We speak with Alaskan homesteaders Jack and Rita Stout.
  45. American RVer-Webisode 45-March 20102010/03/01
    March 2010 - Dan Covington of Truck System Technologies talks about Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Friends Across America: Meet Bill and Pam Leeper.
  46. American RVer-Webisode 46-April 20102010/04/01
    April 2010 - Meet Dave and Carla Townsley, owners of MCD Innovations, makers of the American Duo™ shades for RV's. Ron Jones tells us about his new book, RVing To Alaska.
  47. American RVer-Webisode 47-May 20102010/05/01
    May 2010 - We speak with Greg and Bonnie, full timing in an impressive 5th wheel combination. Ron Jones tells about the first ever RV Sea Cruise. Meet caravan leaders Guy and Vicki Thompson.
  48. American RVer-Webisode 48-June 20102010/06/01
    June 2010 - We travel to Lake Lavon, TX and speak with Carolyn and Bobby Ellis, Corp of Engineers Gate Attendants for the park. A womens perspective on full timing with Chantal Irvin and Lindy Swain. RV Cooking with Peg-Peggy puts together an artichoke dip that is delicious!
  49. American RVer-Webisode 49-July 20102010/07/01
    July 2010 - We are on the road to Du Quoin, IL and the 2nd annual Fleetwood Rally. Peg speaks to Lenny Razo of Fleetwood RV about the new Discovery coach and Fleetwoods success. We have an excerpt from Fleetwood CEO John Draheim's presentation at the rally. Peg makes a tasty Snickers Salad.
  50. American RVer-Webisode 50-August 20102010/08/01
    August 2010 - Forest City, Iowa and the Winnebago WIT Grand National Rally is our destination. We give you some highlights of the event. Peg takes you back to the RV kitchen and cooks up an easy to make, yet great tasting Shrimp Salad.
  51. American RVer-Webisode 51-September 20102010/09/01
    September 2010 - Take a look at Monaco RV's radically new motorhome design, the Vesta, with Director of Marketing, Ryan Lee. Peg introduces you to Dennis Stewart and Bev Lawson from Classic Coachworks as they discuss renovating your RV.
  52. American RVer-Webisode 52-October 20102010/10/01
    October 2010 - Peggy shows us some cooking tips using a microwave/convection oven. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson tells how to choose coverings to update your RV sofa. Friends Across America: Meet John and Rita Little, full time RVers.
  53. American RVer-Webisode 53-November 20102010/11/01
    November 2010 - We check out the Texas State Fair. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson tells us how to have a successful RV rennovation. Friends Across America: Meet full time, single RVer Sherry Rath.
  54. American RVer-Webisode 54-December 20102010/12/01
    December 2010 - Cooking Cranberry Apple Crisp. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson tells us how to start your RV rennovation. Friends Across America: Meet John and Brenda Brown. Holiday gifts for your favorite RVer.
  55. American RVer-Webisode 55-January 20112011/01/01
    January 2011 - We visit Rockport, Texas on the Gulf. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson tells us about hard surface flooring. Friends Across America: Meet Jeff and Suzanne Ashlock, "Two Hams in a Can".
  56. American RVer-Webisode 56-February 20112011/02/01
    February 2011 - Rob Lowe shows us his new RV Fuse Switch for your tow vehicle. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson tells us where to use hard surface flooring. Friends Across America: Meet Glen and Sharon Wilkinson.
  57. American RVer-Webisode 57-March 20112011/03/01
    March 2011 - Tech Tip: Maintaining your RV batteries. Renovation Tips: Bev Lawson talks about replacing your worn out couch. Friends Across America: Meet Ed and Sharon Bourdeau.
  58. American RVer-Webisode 58-April 20112011/04/01
    April 2011 - Product Segment: Ron Jones talks about his new battery installation with the first production Lithium Ion batteries in an RV. Friends Across America: Meet Pat and Jan Grosse, RVing Product Vendors.
  59. American RVer-Webisode 59-May 20112011/05/01
    May 2011 - Peg's in the kitchen doin' some spring cookin'. She shows you how to make a Strawberry Crepe dessert. Friends Across America: Meet Mark and Leann Quasius. Mark is known as the RV Cruzer.
  60. American RVer-Webisode 60-June 20112011/06/01
    June 2011 - Product Spotlight-Jim looks at the new Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510 made specifically for RVer's. Friends Across America: Meet Janet and Dwane Trannum, owners of Almost Heaven Microfiber.
  61. American RVer-Webisode 61-July 20112011/07/01
    July 2011 - We look at the new Fleetwood RV Bounder for 2012. Mark Inkrote, Western Sales Director gives us the tour of this redesigned coach. Friends Across America: Meet Rick and Joanne Stone from Oklahoma City.
  62. American RVer-Webisode 62-August 20112011/08/01
    August 2011 - We travel to Empire Michigan and show you beautiful Indigo Bluffs RV Resort with owner Gary Becker. Meet Don and Kim Greene, owners of Harvest Hosts, a membership community offering stays at wineries and farms across the U.S.
  63. American RVer-Webisode 63-September 20112011/09/01
    September 2011 - Have you ever wanted a golf cart but have no way to transport it? Ron Watford tells us about the compact Cricket SW3. Friends Across America-Meet Bill and Goldie Clifford, marketing folks for Traverse Bay RV Resort in Michigan.
  64. American RVer-Webisode 64-October 20112011/10/01
    October 2011 - Jim reviews the latest Rand McNally GPS, the RVND 7710, made especially for RVers and featuring a big 7" screen. Friends Across America-Meet Don and Darlene Hircock, full-time RVer's.
  65. American RVer-Webisode 65-November 20112011/11/01
    November 2011 - Peggy is in the kitchen cooking up BBQ Cups for lunch. Friends Across America-Meet Rich and Linda Cotterall.
  66. American RVer-Webisode 66-December 20112011/12/01
    December 2011 - We take you to Luscombe Farm and speak with Leslie Luscumbe about her store and the tasty Jalapeno Pepper Jellies she produces. Friends Across America-Meet full timers Dave Katsuki and spouse, Nancy Elkins.
  67. American RVer-Webisode 67-January 20122012/01/01
    January 2012 - Jim and Peggy highlight 2011 shows, their guests and talk about their favorite places on the North American Continent to see in an RV.
  68. American RVer-Webisode 68-February 20122012/02/01
    February 2012 - We take you to Wildwood, Florida as we meet Brett Howard, VP of Alliance Coach. Brett takes us on a tour of this RV sales and service facility and gives us some background on how Alliance Coach was born.
  69. American RVer-Webisode 69-March 20122012/03/01
    March 2012 - Peg introduces you to Gary and Karen Swaim of Custom Coach Connection in Sevierville, TN. We talk about their RVing life, renovations and their Tennessee location. Friends Across America-Meet Tom and Cheryl Stewart, full timers for 210 days...and counting!
  70. American RVer-Webisode 70-April 20122012/04/01
    April 2012 - Peg goes back to the kitchen and shows you how to make a great Tiramisu dessert. Friends Across America-Meet Marv and Lorraine Rankin. They tell us about their coaches near disaster with a recent refrigerator fire.
  71. American RVer-Webisode 71-May 20122012/05/01
    May 2012 - Because of many requests, we put together an entire show based on our popular Friends Across America segments. First, a group Friends Across America. Then we meet full time RV Vendors Gary and Linda Baecker. Tune in and join the fun!
  72. American RVer-Webisode 72-June 20122012/06/01
    June 2012 - Learn how to replace your refrigerator with a new, residential unit. Check out our new Tech Tip feature. Meet Bob and Pat Gray in our Friends Across America segment.
  73. American RVer-Webisode 73-July 20122012/07/01
    July 2012 - Steve Hileman from Fleetwood RV tells us about the Fleetwood Int. Rally in Goshen and introduces the 2013 Excursion Class A. Tech Tip: How to safely plug your RV in. Meet Paul and Sharon Surhoff in our Friends Across America segment.
  74. American RVer-Webisode 74-August 20122012/08/01
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  75. American RVer-Webisode 75-September 20122012/09/01
    September 2012 - We meet Marvin and De Pitts and talk about their extensive travels in their RV. Tech Tip: Brett Howard of Alliance Coach shows you how to properly dump your RV holding tanks. We travel to Elkhart, Indiana for part II of our tour of the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum lead by Museum Historian, Al Hesselbart.
  76. American RVer-Webisode 76-October 20122012/10/01
    October 2012 - Peg interviews singer/songwriters Ron and Kay Rivoli, also known as the dynamic duo The Rivoli Revue. Tech Tip: Brett Howard of Alliance Coach shows you how to properly hook up and unhook your RV water supply.
  77. American RVer-Webisode 77-November 20122012/11/01
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  78. American RVer-Webisode 78-December 20122012/12/01
    December 2012 - Peg talks with returning guest, Ron Jones. They briefly discuss some of his RV books and then we ask the question, "How do you do your trip planning?" Tech Tip: Dean Broderick of Alliance Coach shows you how to winterize your RV water system. In our new segment "RV Stories" Ron Jones returns and tells us one of his favorite stories.
  79. American RVer-Webisode 79-January 20132013/01/01
    January 2013 - Peggy shows you how to count calories as she makes a 3-2-1 cake. Check out our new feature called RV Tips and Tricks. Ron and Sandy Jones give you some suggestions on evaluating an RV for purchase. On our Tech Tip, Brett Howard of Alliance Coach shows us an advanced leveling technique.
  80. American RVer-Webisode 80-February 20132013/02/01
    February 2013 - We travel to Alliance Coach in Wildwood, Florida to look at the new, 2014 Monaco Dynasty. Peg gets a tour from Monaco Rep Toby Cruise. In our RV Tips and Tricks segment, Ron Jones tells us how to conserve water when dry camping. On our Tech Tip segment, Ed Cowan tells us how to keep our A/C units running cool as summertime approaches.
  81. American RVer-Webisode 81-March 20132013/03/01
    March 2013 - We take a look at the new 2013 Monaco Diplomat with Alliance Coach Sales Consultant, Dean Harvey. On our Tech Tip segment, Ed Cowan discusses tire safety. In our New Product segment, Jim educates us on the new TST flow-through tire pressure monitoring system.
  82. American RVer-Webisode 82-April 20132013/04/01
    April 2013 - Friends Across America-Meet Bob and Paige Riewe who are involved in Christian Service through the United Methodists. RV Tips and Tricks-Ron and Sandy Jones tell you about helpful RV iPad apps. Tech Tip Segment-Ed Cowan tells us about buying tires and proper tire pressure.
  83. American RVer-Webisode 83-May 20132013/05/01
    May 2013 - Friends Across America-Meet Jim and Cherrill Roberts. They work on the road as Wagon Masters for Adventure Caravans. Jim tells us about LED lights and talks about LED vs Halogen lighting. Tech Tip Segment-Ed Cowan tells us the steps involved in packing up the RV when leaving a camp site.
  84. American RVer-Webisode 84-June 20132013/06/01
    June 2013 - Friends Across America-Meet Marty and Marion Marcum. When on the road, they are Geocachers. Learn more about this interesting hobby. Ron and Sandy Jones tells us how to measure the height of our RV and convert the measurements to metric for Canadian travel. Tech Tip Segment-Mike Wittman tells us how to get a little better service at RV Dealers with a few simple steps.
  85. American RVer-Webisode 85-July 20132013/07/01
    July 2013 - Peggy heads to the kitchen and creates a delicious lite dessert, Strawberries and Cream Pie. Tech Tip Segment: Ed Cowan shows us some must have items for RV travel. RV Stories: Ron Jones recounts one of his favorite stories when he and wife Sandy first started full time RVing.
  86. American RVer-Webisode 86-August 20132013/08/01
    August 2013 - Peggy takes us to Forest City, Iowa and Winnebago Industries. Ryan Roske, Production Manager for the Diesel Pusher Division, gives us a tour of the new 2014 Tour. In our Tech Tip Segment, Ed Cowan tells us about Norcold refrigerator recalls.
  87. American RVer-Webisode 87-September 20132013/09/01
    September 2013 - Jim shows us the new Rand McNally Foris 850, a hand held GPS used for hiking, biking, trail riding and geocaching. Peggy takes us to Winnebago in Forest City, Iowa, and takes a look at the new Lite Five with Jeff Baker, Mid-west territory Towable Sales Rep. This 5th wheel was just introduced into Winnebago's towable line.
  88. American RVer-Webisode 88-October 20132013/10/01
    October 2013 - We travel to Irving, Texas and the headquarters of Coach-Net. Dan Lopez, VP of Sales explains the benefits of being a member for peace of mind while traveling down the road. Ed Cowan of Alliance Coach gives us a Tech Tip on how to maintain our power steps.
  89. American RVer-Webisode 89-November 20132013/11/01
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  90. American RVer-Webisode 90-December 20132013/12/01
    December 2013 - There are many RV clubs out there but none as unique as the guests of this months show. Sisters on the Fly, which started out west, now totals over 4000 independent women strong across the country. They had an outing in McKinney, Texas and we were there to meet them. Peggy takes a look at the women involved and their restored trailers, which are very unique as well.
  91. American RVer-Webisode 91-January 20142014/01/01
    January 2014 - Peggy visits with a familiar guest, Ron Jones, as he tells us about his new eBook, The Best RV Trips in North America. In our Friends Across America segment, we meet Gene and Cheryl Faggard. Gene's interesting hobbies include photography and Jeep off-roading. Cheryl is a weaver and creates some beautiful pieces on her loom as they travel.
  92. American RVer-Webisode 92-February 20142014/02/01
    February 2014 - Peggy talks with Jerry and Sherry Adcock, full time RVers for just over 12 years. One of their hobbies is 4-wheelin in their Jeep. They tell us about some of their adventures and their RV lifestyle. In our Tips and Tricks segment, Ron Jones educates us on using silicone cookware in an RV.
  93. American RVer-Webisode 93-March 20142014/03/01
    March 2014 - We are often asked what is a good hobby to take with you in an RV. Peg shows her favorite, quilling. She tells you what quilling is and gives a quick tutorial on putting together a project. In our RV Tips and Tricks segment, Ron Jones educates us on the different RV gatherings we can attend.
  94. American RVer-Webisode 94-April 20142014/04/01
    April 2014 - In our Friends Across America segment, Peg learns something about NASCAR from Mega-Fan Mike Hirschbein. They talk about following the circuit as well as the various jobs Mike has had over his seven years of full timing. Peg then steps back into the kitchen and shows you how to put together a Pine Cone Cheese Ball to impress folks at your next happy hour.
  95. American RVer-Webisode 95-May 20142014/05/01
    May 2014 - Peg has a round table discussion with two couples about the positives and negatives of joining membership park organizations. What are the best membership parks? Can they save you money when traveling? What should you be aware of before you join one? This show will open your eyes if you have been debating on joining a membership organization.
  96. American RVer-Webisode 96-June 20142014/06/01
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  97. American RVer-Webisode 97-July 20142014/07/01
    July 2014 - We travel to Cumming, Georgia to speak with Truck System Technologies President, Dan Covington. Dan tells us about his company and their products including their popular Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). We discuss their various TPMS options as well as new products, including a rear view color camera system. It's a must see show if you are thinking about purchasing a TPMS system.
  98. American RVer-Webisode 98-August 20142014/08/01
    August 2014 - Peg takes you into your RV kitchen and shows you how to make a delicious Mexican dish called Fiesta Chicken. We then take you on a journey to Upstate New York as we travel to the locks of the New York Canal System and specifically the 24 mile long Oswego Canal. You'll see how the locks work and some of the beautiful scenery along the way.
  99. American RVer-Webisode 99-September 20142014/09/01
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  100. American RVer-Webisode 100-October 20142014/10/01
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  101. American RVer-Webisode 101-November 20142014/11/01
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  102. American RVer-Webisode 102-December 20142014/11/30
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  103. American RVer-Webisode 103-January 20152014/12/31
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  104. American RVer-Webisode 104-February 20152015/02/01
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  105. American RVer-Webisode 105-March 20152015/03/01
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  106. American RVer-Webisode 106-April 20152015/04/01
    April 2015 - We complete part 2 of our two part series on changing from a MotoSat Satellite dish to an RF Mogul dish. In this webisode we show you how to put the RF Mogul dish and mount together, how to remove the MotoSat dish, and how to replace it with the RF Mogul mount on the coach roof.
  107. American RVer-Webisode 107-May 20152015/05/01
    May 2015 - American RVer goes to prison...The Yuma Territorial Prison that is! Curator Tina Clark takes us on a tour of one of the most famous prisons in Arizona which is located along the Colorado River. We take a look at the cells, the museum and Curator Tina Clark tells us much of the history of the prison.
  108. American RVer-Webisode 108-June 20152015/06/01
    June 2015 - This American RVer show focuses on couples who are full time RVers and make a living on the road. We first talk with Ron and Wanda Farrar, long time friends who not only have several hobbies, they are also busy selling parts and services related to RVing. Next, we meet new friends Rich Charpentier and Jodi LeDoyt. They are both photographers and also design websites for RV Parks.
  109. American RVer-Webisode 109-July 20152015/07/01
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  110. American RVer-Webisode 110-August 20152015/08/01
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  111. American RVer-Webisode 111-September 20152015/08/28
  112. American RVer-Webisode 112-October 20152015/10/01
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American RVer
The first video podcast for the RV enthusiast! If you have a passion for the open road and travel by Motorhome, with your 5th wheel or travel trailer or just like to tent camp, check out this monthly show for tips, destinations, and interviews. Each webisode has a focus on the RV lifestyle.

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