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Pferdzwackur - The Tin Man

  1. Tin Man - Part 202006/03/02
    The End of the line, wherein nothing more is learned. This is the last episode of the Tin Man.

  2. Tin Man - Part 192006/02/23
    Wherein the Tin Man gains his soul, in a modified stock-option swap.

  3. Tin Man - Part 182006/02/16
    Wherein a Lack of Soul requires Our Hero to return to the land of the living.

  4. Tin Man - Part 172006/02/09
    Wherein the Isles of Coin encourage bad habits in Our Hero.

  5. Tin Man - Part 162006/02/02
    Wherein the Boatman and Tin Man have words. Then we reach the Isles of Coin.

  6. Tin Man - Part 152006/01/26
    Wherein the Boatman offers one half of a trip across the river.

  7. Tin Man - Part 142006/01/19
    Wherein the Tin Man meats the Boatman. Featuring Bach via Paul Cantrell.

  8. Tin Man - Part 132006/01/12
    Wherein the Tinman walks the Lonesome Valley, and enters Hell. Featuring Niobrara Interstellar, a keyboard composition by Paul Cantrell.

  9. Tin Man - Part 122006/01/05
    Wherein the Tinman tries again for Heaven. Stoners Contemplate the Promised Land.

  10. Tin Man - Part 112005/12/29
    Wherein the Tinman ascends the hills of Heaven. He meets some Wildlife.

  11. Tin Man - Part 102005/12/22
    Wherein the Tin Man travels through a forest of doubt, and then meets a little bird. We end up in Limbo.

  12. Tin Man - Part 92005/12/15
    Wherein a guy walks into a bar, and the Scarecrow considers intellectual property.

  13. Tin Man - Part 82005/12/08
    Wherein Selfishness is discussed, and we finally meet the Narrator. Featuring a tune by Steve Putt.

  14. Tin Man - Part 72005/12/01
    Wherein The Scarecrow and Tin Man discuss a glass of beer.

  15. Tin Man - Part 62005/11/24
    Wherein The Wizard of Oz grants a heart. Scarecrow and Tin Man go the Wrong Way.

  16. Tin Man - Part 52005/11/17
    Wherein we finally make it to the Emerald City of Oz. Featuring Jingy Traxx by Steve Putt.

  17. Tin Man - Part 42005/11/09
    Wherein the Scarecrow flimflams and suffers inflagration. Featuring music by Steve Putt.

  18. Tin Man - Part 32005/11/03
    Wherein Dorothy saves the Tinman from eternity, and the Scarecrow fails to remember much.

  19. Tin Man - Part 22005/10/27
    Wherein the Scarecrow describes his troubles with Monsanto.

  20. Tin Man - Part 12005/10/25
    Wherein the Tin Man suffers a Dante, and spooks three murder of crows.

Pferdzwackur - The Tin Man
The Wizard of Oz, and Beyond, from the eyes of the Tin Man.

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