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Independent World

  1. Ep18 - The Great, Great Depression?2008/10/20
    Some say we have entered the great, great depression. This is an historical time for all of us, and Independent World is there to narrate and explain exactly what is going on, and what you need to do to survive this time.
  2. Episode 017 - The Man won't stop us2008/02/12
    This episode chronicals my recent experiences with big banks and credit cards, we talk about the truth in the real estate market today and we get back to basics with the Internet, web sites and what its all about. Enjoy!
  3. Episode 016 - First for 20082008/01/09
    Enjoy the new format of Independent World. Including segments on Real Estate, Thinking Independent and Digital Independence.
  4. Episode 015 - New Years Resolutions2007/12/07
    Its 2007 and this episode will re-energize you to pursuing independence in your life. We get back to basics, dispell any naysayers and tell it like it really is.
  5. Episode 014 - Rethink Phones & TV2007/12/06
    Its the age of the Internet. If you are entrapped by the telephone corporation or the Cable TV corps, think again. The Internet comes to your rescue. This episode has valuable information on how you can retake control back and yet still get great phone service & TV coverage.
  6. Episode 013 - Holiday Bargains2007/12/05
    You can make some serious money if you act like a contrarian this holiday season. We discuss where the REAL bargains are to be had in November & December and what not to do if you want to avoid consumer retail entrapment and paying off your high interest credit card bills for the rest of next year.
  7. Episode 012 - Cars & Elections2007/12/04
    This show focuses on the mistakes that people make with motor vehicles and how they sacrifice their independence for the car. We also talk about the recent 2006 mid term elections, politics, govt control and how this has an affect o your financial freedoms.
  8. Episode 011 - Path 2 Passive Income2007/12/03
    This show covers the timing on the stages of your journey towards Financial Indpendence, and also includes a full Interview with David Schwartz on creating Passive income on the Internet.
  9. Episode 010 - Techniques 4 freedom2007/12/02
    This episode focuses on a forum post regarding the applicability of Independent World's teachings to people at various stages in life. We give specific techniques to people in the computer industry on how they can regain their own independence and avoid being affected by outsourcing and downsizing. A MUST LISTEN!
  10. Episode 009 - Global Warming2007/12/01
    This show is all about the Global Warming catastrophy that faces us all, and surprisingly how it can benefit those that seek Financial and life independence.
  11. Episode 008 - Prep 4 Real Estate2007/11/29
    Getting your act together in order to Real Estate hunting. Are you ready?
  12. Episode 007 - Real Estate Power2007/11/28
    Harness the true power of real estate in your passive income portfolio
  13. Episode 006 - The first non-Tutorial2007/11/28
    Now we are into the normal swing of episodes... This is Episode 6
  14. Tutorial 5 - Income & Expenses2007/06/05
    The final part of the tutorial series - Income Part 2
  15. Tutorial 4 - Income & Expenses2007/06/04
    Continuing the tutorial portion, this episode addresses Income generation with a focus on Active vs. Passive income
  16. Tutorial 3 - Income & Expenses2007/06/03
    Continuing the tutorial series. This episode begins to address the concept of Income & Expenses
  17. Tutorial 2 - Continuing our journey2007/06/02
    We continue the tutorial series and take you to the next step of understanding the Independent World way of freedom
  18. Tutorial 1 - Intro 2 freedom2007/06/01
    Start your jouney to freedom with this first episode of Independent World. This introduction to our techniques is the first in a tutorial series, that then follows with regular shows.
Independent World
Corporations or govts got you down? Feel like you've lost your freedoms? You are not alone. Listen to Independent World to try and regain your independence again! This regular podcast explores tips & tricks to be independent - in money, life and spirit.

After 1 year hiatis, Independent World returns in 2008 with all new episodes!

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