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Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

  1. Leslie Sansone Interview2015/03/30

    Leslie Sansone interview about her new dvds
  2. Krav Maga Interview Plus Fitness Guru Returns2014/11/03

    Dave Ordini with KravNewYork.com

    Michael Feigin with FitnessGuruNYC,com and westelm.com
  3. Dr Fitness and The Fat Guy2014/10/20

    Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy recap the previous week
  4. Katy Bowman Interview2014/10/06

    Katy Bowman Interview
  5. Dr James Surrell Interview2014/09/15

    Dr James Surrell Interview
  6. Interview with Jake Wisse from SUP Aqua Bound2014/08/18

    Interview with Jake Wisse from SUP Aqua Bound
  7. Lauren Sesselmann Interview2014/06/02

    Lauren Sesselmann Interview
  8. Dr Ian Smith Interview2014/04/14

    Dr Ian Smith Interview
  9. Lisa Lillien Interview2014/03/31

    Lisa Lillien Interview
  10. Your Doctors Manners Matter Interview2014/03/17

    Your Doctors Manners Matter Interview
  11. Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Talk Fitness2014/03/03

    Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Talk Fitness
  12. Shazzy Fitness Interview2014/02/24

    Shazzy Fitness Interview
  13. Dane Rauschberg Interview2014/01/27

    Dane Rauschberg Interview
  14. Squatty Potty Interview2014/01/13

    Interview with Robert Edwards with Squatty Potty
  15. Lisa Welchel Exercise DVD Interview 2013/12/16

    Lisa Welchel Exercise DVD Interview
  16. Adventure to Fitness Interview2013/11/25

    Adventure to Fitness Interview
  17. The Band Is Back Again2013/11/11

    The Band Is Back Again - Dr Fitness, Mighty Mom and the Fat Guy
  18. Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Discuss Chips and Salsa2013/11/04

    Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Discuss Chips and Salsa
  19. Noom Fitness and Food Tracker Interview2013/10/14

    Noom Fitness and Food Tracker Interview
  20. Cystic Fibrosis Cycle For Life Special2013/09/16

    Cystic Fibrosis Cycle For Life Special
  21. Ashley Turner Interview2013/09/09

    Ashley Turner Interview
  22. Interview with Josh Weinsten and Cliff Harski from Fitwall2013/08/19

    Interview with Josh Weinsten and Cliff Harski from Fitwall
  23. Interview with Authors Meredith Atwood and Traci Schuster2013/08/12

    Swim Bike Mom Meredith Atwood interview. Pocket WODs author Traci Schuster
  24. Ellen Barrett Interview2013/08/05

    Ellen Barrett Interview
  25. Dr Michele Olson Interview2013/07/22

    Dr Michelle Olson Interview
  26. Interviews with Fitness Cycling Author Dr Shannon Sovndal and Fitness Blogger Karla Walsh2013/07/08

    Interviews with Fitness Cycling Author Dr Shannon Sovndal and Fitness Blogger Karla Walsh
  27. Jamie Rosen with DietBet2013/06/24

    Jamie Rosen with DietBet
  28. Dr Fitness Fathers Day2013/06/17

    Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy celebrate Fathers Day
  29. Richard Laver Interview2013/06/10

    Richard Laver Interview talking about Kate Farms
  30. Mudathlon Interview and YurBuds Interview2013/06/03

    Mudathlon Interview and YurBuds Interview.
  31. Dr Jonny Bowden Interview2013/05/27

    Dr Jonny Bowden Interview
  32. Lisa Lillien New Hungry Girl Book Interview2013/05/13

    Lisa Lillien New Hungry Girl Book Interview
  33. Leah Sarago Interview2013/05/06

    Leah Sarago Interview
  34. Fat Guy's Dad Returns2013/04/29

    Fat Guy's dad makes a return appearance.
  35. Behind the Scenes at the Boston Marathon and on the New RHOA Exercise DVD2013/04/22

    Behind the Scenes at the Boston Marathon with Mike Wien and on the New RHOA Kenya Exercise DVD Booty Boot Camp with fitness instructor Nikki Veal
  36. Dr Fitness and The Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Return2013/04/15

    Dr Fitness and The Fat Guy and Mighty Mom Return to the studio.
  37. SurfSet Fitness Interview2013/03/25

    SurfSet Fitness interview with Bill Ninteau
  38. Craig Evans Breakthrough Endurance Race Series Director Interview2013/03/18

    Craig Evans Breakthrough Endurance Race Series Director Interview
  39. Beltline Race Director Dan Popovic Interview2013/03/11

    Beltline Race Director Dan Popovic Interview
  40. Leslie Sansone Interview2013/03/04

    Leslie Sansone interview
  41. Dr Fitness was Right. Fat Guy Was Wrong. Mighty Mom Was Sad2013/02/25

    Dr Fitness was Right. Fat Guy Was Wrong. Mighty Mom Was Sad
  42. Trek Desk CEO Steve Bordley Interview2013/02/18

    Trek Desk CEO Steve Bordley Interview
  43. Tom Kelso Interview2013/02/11

    Interview with Tom Kelso
  44. Dr. Doug Harrington with Aviir Interview2013/01/28

    Dr. Doug Harrington with Aviir interview.
  45. Stott Pilates Moira Merrithew Interview2013/01/21

    Stott Pilates Moira Merrithew Interview
  46. Dr Fitness Returns. Plus Biggest Loser Review.2013/01/14

    Dr Fitness Returns. Biggest Loser Review and lots more.
  47. Dr Lisa Masterson Yoga Blast Interview2013/01/07

    Dr Lisa Masterson from The Doctors has a new exercise dvd called Yoga Blast
  48. Christmas Special2012/12/24

    Mighty Mom brings her folks as we celebrate Christmas on the air.
  49. 2013 Fitness Predictions Show2012/12/17

    Dr Fitness predicts fitness trends for 2013
  50. Interview with Lara Hudson2012/12/06

    Interview with Lara Hudson
  51. Interviews with exercise dvd stars Paul Katami and Lisa Hubbard2012/11/29

    Interviews with exercise dvd stars Paul Katami and Lisa Hubbard
  52. Jessica Gowen Interview2012/11/15

    Jessica Gowen Interview
  53. Interview with Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien2012/11/08

    Interview with Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien
  54. Jessica Smith Interview2012/11/01

    Jessica Smith Interview about her new Thin in 10 dvd/book
  55. Mike Lenhart with Getting2Tri Interview2012/10/25

    Interview with Mike Lenhart with Getting2Tri
  56. Interview with Jill Miller2012/10/18

    Interview with Jill Miller
  57. Interview with Veda Radanovich2012/10/11

    Interview with Veda Radanovich spokesperson for the Harry Pappas book Slimmer : The New Mediterranean Way to

    Lose Weight
  58. Carrie Adams Spartan Race Interview2012/10/04

    Carrie Adams Spartan Race Interview
  59. Interview with Dane Rauschenberg2012/09/27

    Interview with Dane Rauschenberg
  60. Run The Morning Mile with Fitz2012/09/20

    Run The Morning Mile with Fitz
  61. Interview with Trevor Short from The Necker Cup2012/09/13

    Interview with Trevor Short from The Necker Cup
  62. Tony Horton Interview2012/09/06

    Interview with Tony Horton
  63. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life Special2012/08/30

    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life Special
  64. Kurt Miller Interview2012/08/23

    Interview with Filmaker Kurt Miller about his new documentary The Movement
  65. Listener Questions2012/08/16

    Listener Questions
  66. 24 Hours of Booty Interview2012/08/09

    24 Hours of Booty Interview
  67. Olympic Trainer Robert Forster Interview2012/08/02

    Olympic Trainer Robert Forster Interview
  68. Matt Brzycki Interview2012/07/26

    Matt Brzycki has published a new edition to his book A Practical Approach to Strength Training. Check it out at Barnes and Noble
  69. Interview Steve Yu2012/07/19

    Interview with Steve Yu from Inspired, The Movie
  70. Ben Greenfield Interview2012/07/13

    Ben Greenfield has a new book
  71. Dr. Rick Kattouf Interview. Plus Interview with Sahra Esmonde-White2012/07/05

    Dr. Rick Kattouf Interview. Plus Interview with Sahra Esmonde-White
  72. Interview with Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff2012/06/28

    Interview with Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff
  73. Dave Wang with Striiv Interview2012/05/31

    Dave Wang with Striiv Interview
  74. Interview With Dr Ted Freeman2012/05/24

    Interview with Ted Freeman
  75. Interview with Sehin Belew2012/05/20

    Interview with Sehin Belew
  76. Interviews with Former Soap Star Holly Mosier and Dr Ian Smith2012/05/17

    Former Soap Star Holly Mosier has a new book titled Stress Less, Weigh Less. Dr Ian Smith has a new book titled The Truth About Men
  77. Dan Hawthorne and his Trainer Tom Burge. Plus Kenlie Tiggeman2012/05/13

    Interviews with Dan Hawthorne and his Trainer Tom Burge . Plus Kenlie Tiggeman
  78. Interview with Jammi Roscoe2012/05/12

    Interview with Jammi Roscoe creator of Eat to Win Board Game.
  79. Dr Melina Jampolis Interview2012/05/03

    Dr Melina Jampolis has a new book out titled The Calendar Diet
  80. Interviews with Fitness DVD Star Samantha Clayton and Triathlon App Makers Dawn and Ryan Holman.2012/04/30

    Samantha Clayton makes awesome exercise dvds and fitness videos. Dawn and Ryan Holman created the Out Tri iPhone app for triathletes
  81. Interviews with Jackie Warner and Christine Avanti2012/04/19

    Interviews with Christine Avanti and Jackie Warner
  82. Dirty Girl Mud Run Details2012/03/29

    Jimmy Gohsman with the Dirty Girl Mud Run explains why you should run this adventure 5k.
  83. Warrior Dash Hits 1 Million. Kathy Smith is Ageless2012/03/22

    Matt Robinson talks about 1 million participants worldwide in the Warrior Dash . Kathy Smith has a new exercise dvd Ageless with Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround

  84. Jim Laughlin from Life is Good Playmakers. Sarah Neukom from the Great Urban Race2012/03/15

    Jim Laughlin from Life is Good Playmakers . Sarah Neukom from the Great Urban Race
  85. Katy Widrick Shares Stories From Growing Bolder TV2012/03/08

    Katy Widrick is the Executive Producer of Growing Bolder TV and Growing Bolder Radio , which

    air across the country on public television and radio affiliates.
  86. Stacey Lei Krauss Will Power Method Interview. Super Fan Karen Kemi2012/03/01

    We opened the show with Stacey Lei Krauss with Will Power Method . We closed the show with superfan Karen Kemi
  87. Mighty Mom Celebrates Ash Wednesday. Fitness Magazine's Pam O'Brien Discusses March Issue 2012/02/23

    Mighty Mom Katie celebrated Ash Wednesday. We interview Pam O'Brien from Fitness Magazine .
  88. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Interview. Plus Run For Your Lives Zombie Run Derrick Smith2012/02/16

    Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien is finishing up her new book. Derrick Smith explains why a Run For Your Lives zombie run is better than a regular 5k
  89. World Class Triathlete Mike Wein Shares His Specific Edge2012/02/09
    Info (Show/Hide)
  90. Interviews with Andrea Metcalf Star of Naked Fitness and Alexis Eldridge with Yogurtland2012/02/02

    We opened the show with Andrea Metcalf star of Naked Fitness and host of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is reality TV show. We closed the show with Alexis Eldridge with Yogurtland .
  91. Healthy Skeptic Robert J Davis' New Book. Billy Blanks Jr's New Exercise DVD2012/01/26

    Healthy Skeptic Robert J Davis has a new book Coffee Is Good For You . Billy Blanks Jr has a new exercise dvd
  92. Fad Diet Tips Plus PrayFit DVD Exercise Star Jimmy Pena2012/01/19

    Dr Fitness and Katie share fad diet tips. Jimmy Pena with PrayFit exercise dvd
  93. Fitness Trends From Around The World. Stuart Tomc from Nordic Naturals2012/01/12

    Strength in Moms blogger Katie and Dr Fitness talked about some fitness trends from around the world. Then Nordic Naturals educator Stuart Tomc talked about dietary supplements and omega 3 testing .
  94. Lose Weight with Healthy Wage. SparkPeople's Coach Nicole Nichols New Exercise DVD2012/01/05

    We opened the show with David Roddenberry co-founder of HealthyWage . We closed the show with Coach Nicole Nichols from SparkPeople who has a new exercise dvd out
  95. New Year's Resolution Tips. Ellen Barrett's New Exercise DVD2011/12/29

    Strength in Moms blogger Katie Scharf and the Fat Guy hung out at the studio while Dr Fitness was on another vacation. Ellen Barrett shared some new Year's Resolution tips and some information about her new exercise dvd
  96. Weight Loss Robot Takes Over Show. Tips To Survive Christmas2011/12/22

    Dr Fitness pepper sprayed a dog. Dr Cory Kidd invented a robot to help you lose weight called Autom . Katie shared some Christmas weight loss tips.
  97. Katie Scharf and the Fat Guy Hold Down the Fort2011/12/15

    We got to know all about Strength in Moms blogger Katie Scharf.
  98. Exercise in the Cold. Exhale Spa Folks Have a New DVD2011/12/08

    Dr Fitness and Katie Scharf discuss tips to exercise in the cold weather. Elisabeth Halfpapp with Exhale Spa talks about her new Core Fusion Exercise dvd .
  99. Strength in Moms Katie Scharf Takes Over Show. Plus Katy Bowman Offers Foot Pain Relief2011/12/01

    Katie Scharf took Dr Fitness' place and recapped her Thanksgiving. Kay Bowman offers foot pain relief in her new book
  100. Healthy Thanksgiving Tips. Bryan Pate Elliptigo Interview. Reggie Ramsey Healthways BluePrint to Quit Smoking2011/11/17

    Strength in Moms blogger Katie Scharf shared some Thanksagiving tips. We opened with Bryan Pate, co-founder of ElliptiGo and we closed with R eggie Ramsey from Healthways who talked about their new Blueprint to Quit smoking cessation program.
  101. Katie Scharf in the Studio. Dr Fitness Ragnar Relay Recap. Denise Austin Interview2011/11/10

    Katie Scharf from the Strength in Moms blog joined us in the studio. Dr Fitness had Ragnar Relay co-founder Tanner Bell call into recap the race they ran together in Tennessee over the weekend. We interviewed Denise Austin about her new exercise dvd.
  102. Katie Scharf Officially Joins The Show. Team Type 1 Founder Phil Southerland,2011/11/03

    Strength in Moms blogger Katie Scharf has joined the show. She shared her Halloween suirvival tips. Phil Southerland , founder of Team Type 1 also joined us in the studio.
  103. Billy Blanks PT247. Reggie Ramsey From Healthways2011/10/27

    Dr Fitness recapped his LA trip. Billy Blanks talked about his new PT 24/7 Program. And Reggie Ramsey from Healthways talked about the Ragnar Relay
  104. Guest Co-Host Stacey Owens. SparkPeople Cookbook Author Chef Meg Galvin2011/10/20

    We were lucky to have fitness lover Stacey Owens guest co-host with us today. Our guest was SparkPeople cookbook author Meg Galvin
  105. Megan Melgaard Co-Hosts. Yoga Superstar Tamal Dodge2011/10/13

    Megan Melgaard with Fix My Swim guest co-hosts. Interview with Tamal Dodge Yoga dvd star
  106. Katie Scharf Co-Hosts. Dr Fitness Tries The ElliptiGO. Plus Ben Wagner From LifeKraze2011/10/06

    Katie Scharf from Strength in Moms guest co-hosts. Dr Fitness tries the Elliptigo . Ben Wagner from LifeKraze .
  107. Tina Reale Guest Co-Hosts. Tanner Bell Explains the Ragnar Relay.2011/09/22

    Tina Reale from Faith Fitness Fun guest co-hosted with us. Tanner Bell co-founder of the Ragnar Relay explained why we might enjoy a 200 mile long relay race
  108. Fat Guy's Missing Trainer Tips. Dr Fitness Needs A Workout Partner. And Learn About The Bare Dare 5K2011/09/15

    What should you do if your trainer no shows? Dr Fitness is looking for a workout partner who will come on the air. Pete Williams is the Race Director for the Bare Dare 5K .
  109. Fat Guy Sees Dr J. Dr Fitness Warns Stability Ball Users. And Katy Widrick Talks Growing Bolder2011/09/08

    The Fat Guy saw Dr J when he went to the gym. Dr Fitness is concerned people are going to get hurt misusing stability balls. And Katy Widrick shared some inspirational stories from the Growing Bolder TV show and website
  110. Folks From Do or Die Fitness and Kathy Smith Fitness Tips2011/09/01

    Dr Fitness had a new biking adventure and the Fat Guy got hurt training. The folks at Do or Die Fitness have a great new product for your exercise workout. And Kathy Smith has a new fitness dvd to talk about
  111. Interview with Katie Scharf From Strength in Moms2011/08/25
  112. Dr Fitness Survives A Dog Attack. Fat Guy Family Fitness Update. ACSM Fitness Book Interview. Plus Pancreatic Oath Details2011/08/18
  113. Gadget Update. Joan Denizot with Super Sized Bicycles2011/08/11
  114. Dr Fitness Bikes Everywhere. Fat Guy Family Fitness Recap. Nicci Micco Talks Eating Well2011/08/04
  115. Dr Fitness Cruise Recap. Norbie Lara and Ray Upshaw Talk About Tough Mudder and the Wounder Warrior Project2011/07/28
  116. Jim Hodgson Guest Co-Host. Karen Jashinsky with MaxUFitness2011/07/22
  117. Dr Fitness Buys a Bike. The Fat Guy Goes To Court2011/07/14
  118. Dr Fitness' Cardiologist Warning. Liz Neporent Running Tips2011/07/07
  119. Dr Fitness's Women's World Cup Soccer Recap. Dr Gourmet and Lee Labrada Interviews2011/06/30
  120. Father's Day Recap. MizFit Fitness Tips. JJ Virgin Freaky Eater Stories2011/06/23
  121. Dr Fitness' Jet Ski Tips. Jeff Graves Explains The Mudathlon2011/06/16
  122. Outdoor Adventures. Plus Interview with Attune Foods Guru Rob Hurlbut2011/06/09
  123. Our Memorial Day Adventure. Tracey Mallet Invites Us To The Booty Barre2011/06/02
  124. FitBloggin Recap. NoMeatAthlete Matt Frazier. Seth Goldman TeaEO of Honest Tea. And Shelley Woodworth from Teva Mountain Games Vail2011/05/26
  125. Dr Fitness Bar Mitzvah Recap, Steven Ferrusi Describes the FitDesk. And Andrea Rogers of Xtend Barre2011/05/19
  126. Dr Fitness Comments On Top Diets. Interview with Biggest Loser Season 10 Winner Patrick House2011/05/12
  127. Another Twitter Contest. And Are You Taking the Supreme 90 Day Challenge?2011/05/05
  128. Dr Fitness Survives Devasting Tornado. Iced Tea Recipe Tips From Chris Cason,Tavalon Tea's Sommelier2011/04/28
  129. NY Trip Recap. Jennifer Nicole Lee is Our First Frenemy. New Who Tweeted What Contest. Plus Jill Miller Gives Us A Yoga Tuneup 2011/04/21
  130. Dr Fitness Goes To A Baseball Game. The Fat Guy Has A Birthday. And We Interview FitBlog Twitter Chat Founder Katy Widrick2011/04/14
  131. Another Twitter Contest. Dr Fitness Visits Asheville. The Fat Guy Plays Racquetball. Charla Krupp Explains How To Never Look Fat Again2011/04/08
  132. Dr Fitness Quits Dancing. Dr Felicia Stoler Wants You Living Skinny In Fat Genes. And Alex Yount Explains The Warrior Dash2011/03/31
  133. Another Twitter Contest. The Fat Guy Breaks His Nordic Track and The Ampli5 Folks2011/03/24
  134. Sam Tickle Star of the Unstoppable Tour on ESPN Wants You To Get Fit2011/03/17
  135. Race Director Jeff Graves Explains Why You Should Run In This Years Publix Georgia Marathon2011/03/10
  136. The Fat Guy Goes To Harry Potter World. Then We Interviewed Prom Fitness Founder Karen Jashinsky2011/03/03
  137. Interview with Author Dr Melanie Rotenberg and Blogger Meghann Anderson2011/02/24
  138. Keynoting FitBloggin11 Plus Interview with Caitlin Boyle and Karla Walsh2011/02/17
  139. Tales From Our Book Signing. Plus Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox Author Dr Roni Deluz Shares Weight Loss Tips2011/02/10
  140. Dr Fitness Tries Ballroom Dancing and Jon Basso Founder of The Heart Attack Grill Explains How To Eat, Drink and Smoke Your Way to Better Health2011/02/03
  141. Healthy Living Expo Recap. Elizabeth Dixon Explains How Chick-Fil-A Employees Stay Fit.2011/01/27
  142. Inspirational Weight Loss Success Story Ben Davis Does Life2011/01/20
  143. Lisa Lillien Talks About Her New Hungry Girl TV Show on the Cooking Channel2011/01/14
  144. The Today Show's Joy Bauer Shares Her Best Nutrition, Fitness and Weight Loss Tips2011/01/06
  145. Missi Wolf Explains How to Burn 900 Calories A Workout at Her Blast900 Fitness Center. Liz Weiss Shares Kid Tested Healthy Recipes. Gina Locklear's Zkano Makes The Most Comfortable All Cotton Socks2010/12/16
  146. Coach Tom Kelso's Best Strength Training Workout Tips. Dr Bob Pretlow Helps Overweight Kids. Jessica Darrican Explains Withings The Wi-Fi Body Scale2010/12/09
  147. Former Fat Guy Rob Cooper's Weight Loss Tips. Foundation For Intimacy Founder Dr Daniel Stein. KidzMed founder Dr Christopher Tirotta2010/12/02
  148. Rick Osbourne Wants You To Do A Pull Up. Dustin Maher Wants to Help Moms Get In Shape. Keith Scott Shares the Healing Power of Spices2010/11/25
  149. Interviews with The Family Dinner Author Laurie David and Robert Davis, Karla Walsh, Nicci Micco, John Biggs, Pam O'Brien and Roy Johnson2010/11/18
  150. Matt Jenkins Ran Across North Carolina. Kathy Betty Owner of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream2010/11/11
  151. Dance With Me Exercise DVD Star Billy Blanks Jr. And Jackie Warner's New Xtreme Timesaver Training DVD2010/11/04
  152. Denise Austin Has A New Yoga Exercise Dvd. Randy Karp Says You're Misinformed About Food. Matt McClellan's Pizza Diet2010/10/28
  153. Soda Tax Facts From Healthy Skeptic Robert Davis. Fitness Magazine's Pam O'Brien. LeBootCamp's Valerie Orsoni in the Studio. And Blogger Karla Walsh 2010/10/21
  154. Keeping Fit with Andrea Metcalf. Blogger Liz Staley Loses 100 Pounds with SparkPeople. Roni Noone Talks FitBloggin 20112010/10/14
  155. Trek Desk's Steve Bordley. Anatoly System's Vladimir Chubinsky. And Lawson Harris is the Fitness Guress2010/10/07
  156. Top Secret Recipes Author Todd Wilbur. Running Anatomy Author Joe Puleo. And UltraMarathon Tips From the Fittest Man on the Planet Dean Karnazes2010/09/30
  157. Biggest Loser Ashley Johnston. Tavalon Teas' John-Paul Lee. iCore Sports' Alex Laws. And Life is Good Chief Playmaker Steve Gross2010/09/23
  158. Brianna Norton From Exhale Midtown Atlanta Spa. Roy Johnson Talks Men's Fitness. Crunchgear's John Biggs Fitness Gadget Report. Chef Rock Harper's Healthy Cooking For Kids Tips2010/09/16
  159. US Olympian Jeff Galloway Talks Running. Lose Weight for Good with Dr Russ. And Exercise TV's Chris Mansolillo Discusses Fitness and Technology2010/09/09
  160. Fitness Magazine Editor Pam O'Brien Previews September Issue. Eating Well Magazine Editor Nicci Micco Busts Nutrition Myths. Plus Comfort Living by Christine Eisner 2010/09/02
  161. Fitness Magazine's Karla Walsh. Kathy Smith's Anti-Aging Workouts. Katy Bowman is Aligned and Well2010/08/26
  162. Elsa Simcik Shares Her Workout of the Week. Marta Montenegro's SobeFit Magazine Preview. And Dr Michael Aziz Perfect 10 Diet2010/08/19
  163. Lose Weight On A Cruise Tips From A Travel Crew. Ramadan Fasting Tips From LeBootCamp's Valerie Orsoni. Roy S Johnson's Best Men's Fitness Tips.2010/08/12
  164. Ryan Sullivan's Weight Loss Journey Began With No More Bacon. Medical Marijuana Expert Seth Ginsberg. And Fitness DVD Producer Cal Pozo2010/08/05
  165. James Park Explains How FitBit Will Get Your Weight Loss Program Moving. Healthy Skeptic Robert Davis Debunks Health Claims and Myths2010/07/29
  166. Marilyn Ann Migliore Explains the Hunger Within. Sports Nutrition Expert Leslie Bonci Loves Gatorade Natural. Blogger Karla Walsh's Fitness Magazine Rundown 2010/07/23
  167. Weight Loss Tips From Biggest Loser Fitness Trainer Bob Harper. Weight Watchers Success Story Farredeh Baughcum.2010/07/15
  168. Zone Diet Creator Barry Sears Weight Loss Tips. Eating Well Magazine's Nicci Micco. And Roy S Johnson's Mens Fitness Tips2010/07/08
  169. Comfort Food Diet Tips From Taste of Home. Learn How to Get a SkinnyGirl Body by Bethenny. Fitness Tips From LeBootCamp2010/07/01
  170. Andy Lapointe Explains the Fruit Advantage. Celebrity Fitness Trainer Cornel Chin on How To Get A Celebrity Body on a Budget2010/06/24
  171. Healthy Skeptic Robert Davis Busts Sunscreen Myths. Biggest Loser Ali Vincent Weight Loss Tips. Robert Panzera on Cycling Fast2010/06/17
  172. Pizza for the Hungry. Pure Physique's Mike Lipowski. Biggest Loser Pete Thomas. And Weight Watcher's Dr Lisa Thornton2010/06/10
  173. Andrew Wood Says the Gruve is NEAT for Exercise. Tricia Bradley Produces Athlete 360. Bill Cortright's Stress Response Diet2010/06/04
  174. How to Raise Free Range Kids. How To Live A Hall of Fame Life. Flirty Girl Fitness. The Georgia Chain Gang Bikes Across the US2010/05/27
  175. Elisabeth Halfpapp Opens A New Exhale Spa in Atlanta. Lisa Dorfman on The Reunion Diet. And The New Men's Fitness Issue Is Out2010/05/20
  176. Molly Barker Tells Us All About Girls on the Run. And Valerie Orsoni Talks About Le BootCamp2010/05/13
  177. MizFitOnline Answers Fitness Questions From Her Tweeps. Oscar Wegner Explains How Dianetics Helps Your Tennis Game2010/05/06
  178. Karla Walsh's Must Have Exercise DVDs. New British Military Fitness App. Ellen Barrett's New Workout DVD2010/04/29
  179. Team Nordic Naturals Rachelle Pecovsky Talks Football. New Exercise DVDs From SobeFit's Marta Montenegro. Plus Devin Alexander2010/04/22
  180. Don't Cha Want To Hear About Pussycat Dolls Founder Robin Antin's New Exercise DVD. Plus Gallup's Katie Bell2010/04/15
  181. Celebrity Chef and Author Rocco DiSpirito on Eating Healthy. Plus National Examiner Columnist LA Justice's Fitness Tips2010/04/08
  182. Men's Fitness' Roy S Johnson Reveals The 25 Fittest Men. The NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer. Plus Belly Dancer Leilainia2010/04/01
  183. Blogger Karla Walsh Dishes About FitBLoggin'10. Dr Abs Michele Olson's New Exercise DVD. Plus Keith Ahrens Loses 200 lbs2010/03/25
  184. Gadget God John Biggs From CrunchGear. MizFitOnline Carla Birnberg Answers Tweets. PlusTaste of Home Dietitian Peggy Woodward2010/03/18
  185. Susie Shina Guest Hosts with A Happy You's Dr Elizabeth Lombardo and Ballet Body Star Jennifer Galardi2010/03/11
  186. Meet Roni Noone The Brains Behind the FitBloggin 10 Conference. And Nicci Micco Eating Well Magazine's Deputy Editor2010/03/05
  187. Weight Watchers Finalist Kimberly Frey. Healthy Skeptic Robert Davis Takes on Organic Food. Dr Melina's Healthy Heart Tips2010/02/26
  188. Blogger Karla Walsh's Indoor Fitness Tips. SobeFit's Marta Montenegro's New DVD. Whitney Martin's Cougar BootCamp2010/02/18
  189. Teresa Tapp Co-Hosts. Michele Risa's Dial Up Yoga. Sarita Lou's Hip Hop Cardio. And Megan Armand's Cardio Striptease2010/02/11
  190. Valentine's Day Weight Loss Tips. MizFitOnline's New Tattoo. Walk & Work with TrekDesk. Plus A Heart Surgeon Fitness Trainer2010/02/05
  191. Susie Shina Guest Hosts. Probiotic Expert Frank Hodal. Fitness Expert From Princeton. Biggest Loser Finalist Tara Costa 2010/01/29
  192. Dr Gourmet's Real World Diet Plan. Laura Lewis' Health Tips. And Robert Davis is The Healthy Skeptic2010/01/21
  193. Chic Entrepreneur Author Elizabeth Gordon Guest Hosts. YogaWorks DVD Star Kori Fletchner. And Blogger Karla Walsh's Health Quiz2010/01/14
  194. Pure Barre Opens in Birmingham. Prevent Teen Sexting. Eating Well's New 500 Calorie Dinners. Plus Try Nordic Natural Fish Oil2010/01/07
  195. Kathy Smith Shares Some Fitness Tips. Catherine Cassidy's New Taste of Home Cookbook. Plus Autom Your Robot Weight Loss Coach2009/12/17
  196. Never Fried. Never Baked. PopChips. Dr Gerard Musante From Structure House. And Bravo TV's Jackie Warner From WorkOut 2009/12/10
  197. Mindset Coach Julie Rahm on Grinch Proofing Your Holiday. Born to Run Author Christopher McDougall. Plus Traineo CEO 2009/12/03
  198. Pittsburgh Steeler Sport Dietitian Leslie Bonci. Fitness Legend Denise Austin. Pain Relief Without Drugs Expert Mitchell Yass2009/11/20
  199. Perfect Portions w Heather Harvey's Measure Up Bowl. Weight Loss Cardio Star Violet Zaki. Functional Fitness' Suzanne Andrews 2009/11/13
  200. Don't Swallow Your Gum Author Dr Aaron Carroll. Slimmer You Author LA Justice. Yoga for Weight Loss Star Ashley Turner2009/11/06
  201. Carla Birnberg MizFitOnline Answers Questions From Twitter. Fred DeVito & Elisabeth Halfpapp w Exhale Core Fusion Exercise DVDs2009/10/29
  202. Susie Shina Guest Co-Hosts. Karla Walsh on Eating Disorders. Randy Karp on Food. Breast Cancer Survivor Lauren Miller2009/10/23
  203. SobeFit Magazine Founder Marta Montenegro. Author Prasann Thakrar and Team in Training Director Maureen Davidson 2009/10/15
  204. A Critic Confronts Us. Rory Freedman's Skinny Bastard. Skeptic Robert Davis. Weighted Fork Tom Madden and Nurse Rob Luka2009/10/09
  205. Gary Taubes Good Calories, Bad Calories. Kara Wily Slim & Tone Pilates DVD. And Fit By Sara Holliday 2009/09/24
  206. Dental Hygiene Tips from Dr Sandy Venditti. Too Young For Cancer's Matthew Zachary. Dr David Kessler Ends Overeating2009/09/17
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Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy
Losing Weight is as easy as 1,2,3,4

In order to lose weight you have to do four things. Most people focus only on one or two things, that's why they fail. Most people focus on either 1) eating right or 2) exercising more.

While those two things are the nuts and bolts to losing weight. There are two other elements that are just as important and without implementing them you are destined to fail. In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off you also must have 3) a support sytem and 4) an accountability system in place.

We discovered the importance of support and accountability during the time we owned a personal training studio. Our clients were able to stay compliant with their eating and exercise programs as long as a trainer was there to support them and keep them accountable. If a client ever left, they inevitably had a difficult time staying compliant and eventually gained the weight they had struggled so desperately to lose right back.

In order to make personal training (which is typically very expensive) more accessible to everyone we developed the Partner Power Weight Loss Program. Partner Power teaches you some of the pyschological dynamics that help trainers support their clients and keep them accountable. Obviously a partner is not a fitness trainer, but they can serve some if not most of the roles a trainer serves in the areas of support and accountability.

Through our live weekly radio show Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy which airs every Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia USA at 7PM EST (this podcast is an on-demand replay of our weekly weight loss radio show in its entirety) as well as our blog and our website we will be teaching our Partner Power weight loss philosophy in order to educate, motivate and support anyone who is interested in losing weight.

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