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  1. Security Wire Weekly / Sept. 5, 20072007/09/06
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  2. Security Wire Weekly: We've changed our feed2007/09/04
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  3. Security Wire Weekly -- Aug. 8, 20072007/08/08
    We will be phasing out this RSS feed. Go to SearchSecurity.com/podcast to get the new Security Wire Weekly feed. Thanks for listening. In this edition, David Foote of Foote Partners shares his latest research on the value of IT security job skills and certifications. Also a wrap up of the news from Black Hat 2007.

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  4. Security Wire Weekly Special Edition: Black Hat 20072007/08/06
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  5. Security Squad: Apple iPhone security, Google’s security moves2007/08/01
    SearchSecurity.com editors discuss the state of Apple iPhone security, Google’s continued march into the security market and vulnerability disclosure in the wake of the eBay like vulnerability auction site, WabiSabiLabi.

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  6. Security Wire Weekly / July 25, 20072007/07/25
    Chris Haddad, director of technical architecture at the Burton Group lays out some of the serious threats facing Web services and service oriented architecture development. Also, a review of the week’s news.

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  7. We have a new RSS feed2007/07/19
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  8. Security Wire Weekly / July 18, 20072007/07/18
    Amichai Shulman from Imperva describes a flaw his organization discovered in the Oracle E-Business Suite. The flaw was patched Tuesday as part of Oracle's July 2007 CPU. Also, a summary of this week's top IT security news.

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  9. Security Squad: Database security, encryption2007/07/17
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  10. Security Wire Weekly / July 11, 20072007/07/11
    Security researchers Tom Cross and David Dewey of IBM's Internet Security Systems X-Force research team discuss their team's discovery of the Microsoft Active Directory flaw and Microsoft's latest round of patches. Plus, a summary of the week's IT security news.

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  11. Security Wire Weekly special edition -- PCI audit2007/07/05
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  12. Security Wire Weekly special edition -- Network security; identity management2007/07/05
    SearchSecurity.com reports from the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Burton Group vice president Phil Schacter sums up the day's sessions on open and secure network architectures. Conference attendees talk about their security concerns including identity management and risk assessments.

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  13. Security Wire Weekly / June 27, 20072007/06/27
    Cisco executives discuss the acquisition of security vendor IronPort, plus a look at how one IT shop moved into the Vista fast lane despite compatibility problems.

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  14. Security Wire Weekly / June 20, 20072007/06/20
    This week, former Microsoft CISO Karen Worstell talks about the current state of security. Also, more consolidation in the security market with HP acquiring SPI Dynamics and PatchLink merging with SecureWave.

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  15. Security Wire Weekly – June 13, 20072007/06/13
    Eric Schultze, chief security architect of Shavlik Technologies helps prioritize Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Bulletins. Jack Danahy, chief technology officer and founder of Ounce Labs discusses Microsoft’s proactive security posture and how it has affected security in the software development lifecycle. Also, a summary of this week's news.

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  16. Security Wire Weekly / June 6, 20072007/06/07
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  17. Security Wire Weekly Special - New Hacking Technique2007/06/05
    In this brief interview at the Gartner IT Summit in Washington, Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief technology officer of security vendor Finjan talks about a newly discovered hacking technique used by attackers to avoid detection. (Runtime 3:56)

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  18. Security Squad Roundtable: Wi-Fi security; Patch Tuesday2007/05/31
    SearchSecurity.com editors discuss whether Microsoft should abandon Patch Tuesday, whether blogging is a security threat to corporate systems, the state of Wi-Fi security and Verizon's acquisition of CyberTrust.

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  19. Security Wire Weekly / May 30 20072007/05/30
    Snort creator and Sourcefire founder Marty Roesch talks about last year's failed Check Point acquisition and his decision to take Sourcefire public. Also, a summary of this week's news.

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  20. Security360 -- Industry Consolidation2007/05/29
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  21. Security Wire Weekly / May 23, 20072007/05/24
    Security consultant Don Ulsch of Jefferson-Wells discusses the risk of blogging on company-owned mobile devices. Also, a summary of this week's news.

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  22. Security Wire Weekly / May 16, 20072007/05/16
    Core Security's Ivan Arce discusses the pros and cons of penetration testing, "month-of" flaw disclosure projects and hacking contests. Also, a summary of this week's news.

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  23. Security Wire Weekly / May 9, 20072007/05/09
    Mark Allen, a patch analyst with Shavlik Technologies discusses Microsoft’s recent updates, including the zero-day DNS patch and the Exchange and Internet Explorer updates. Plus, a summary of this week's IT security news.

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  24. Security Squad Roundtable: Mac hacks / May 3, 20072007/05/08
    In the debut edition of SearchSecurity.com's Security Squad roundtable news-talk podcast, editors debate the growing concern about Apple security and whether Apple really cares about keeping its products secure, the emergence of Google hacking as an enterprise data security threat and the pros and cons of "dumbing down" the PCI Data Security Standard.

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  25. Security Wire Weekly / May 2, 20072007/05/02
    Sven Krasser from Secure Computing discusses new and dangerous techniques the bad guys are working into image spam. Plus, a summary of this week's IT security news.

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Security Wire Weekly
SearchSecurity.com's Security Wire Weekly podcast recaps the week's top IT security news. Learn about the latest virus, worm, Trojan, phishing or identity theft scam. Find out the latest strategies for keeping your network and company data secure. Hear what industry experts recommend you watch for in the weeks ahead.

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