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The Lutheran Hour

  1. The Peace Child2021/07/25
    A story about warring tribes and the peace which comes only through the giving of a son.
  2. The Problem and Promise of Deathbed Conversion2021/07/18
    Is a last-minute conversion cause for joy or an insult to lifelong believers? Dr. Michael Zeigler explores both the problem and the promise of deathbed conversions.
  3. Inheritance as Intended2021/07/11
    An inheritance that's more than places, property, and possessions—the inheritance God intended for His people.
  4. Clearly Christian: Scientific2021/07/04
    Christians are not against science. They just don't expect science to answer questions beyond its reach.
  5. Clearly Christian: Judgmental2021/06/27
    Some say Christians are too judgmental. But is the world at large any less critical? Dr. Michael Zeigler, with a clearly Christian view of judgment.
  6. Clearly Christian: Spiritual2021/06/20
    God is above all, but that doesn't mean material "stuff" is somehow beneath Him. Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about the unique nature of Christian spirituality.
  7. Clearly Christian: Good2021/06/13
    Many think they know what Christianity is all about, but Dr. Michael Zeigler asks, what if what they think it is, it isn't?
  8. Out of the Depths2021/06/06
    When our words fail us, we find God's word of promise in the words of Psalm 130.
  9. Before Kings2021/05/30
    The person who excels in their work will be noticed by kings. Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about the King who took note of us before we did any work.
  10. Wisdom Knows When2021/05/23
    Does someone need to hear words of rebuke-or redemption? A message about harsh words, gentle answers, and the wisdom of God.
  11. Gain a Heart of Wisdom2021/05/16
    Fear, love, and trust in the Lord is the way to Wisdom in person, and we meet God's eternal wisdom in Jesus, the Messiah.
  12. Seriously?2021/05/09
    A preacher who gets upset when people take his message seriously--that's the story of Jonah.
  13. Laughed At2021/05/02
    Speaking out against the prevailing culture might prompt ridicule but it could also produce repentance.
  14. Replace or Repair?2021/04/25
    Broken doesn't mean "disposable." Dr. Michael Zeigler tells how God redeems and repurposes broken people.
  15. One Greater Than Mrs. McCallister2021/04/18
    Where does one go to hide from God? Dr. Michael Zeigler says the book of Jonah is about God, on a mission to get through to you.
  16. What It Means to Be a Family2021/04/11
    Loving, caring, and sharing--it's what we do as God's family, His Church.
  17. Fear...Like Onions, You Know?2021/04/04
    Why end a good news story on a note of fear? St. Mark's Gospel wants us to see human fear as evidence that God is at work.
  18. Got You Covered2021/03/28
    When you're in a pinch and out of options and someone says they've got you covered, it's good news.
  19. But He Is Strong2021/03/21
    We might not see weakness as a virtue. And yet, weakness is where God's strength is made perfect.
  20. Widow's Mite2021/03/14
    Why did Jesus commend a poor widow who gave all her money to a corrupt institution that oppressed widows? Dr. Michael Zeigler takes a deeper look.
  21. A Place to Belong2021/03/07
    A house is not a person—but, could a Person be a house, a place to belong? Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about finding that place, in Christ.
  22. Where a Kid Can Be a Kid2021/02/28
    An impossible situation need not be a hopeless one.
  23. Do You See Anything?2021/02/21
    The world wields power with blunt force, but God hides His power in suffering, weakness, and humility.
  24. Shines and Saves2021/02/14
    Jesus surpasses all expectations as we see Him revealed on the Mount of Transfiguration.
  25. Stories Around the Table2021/02/07
    Dr. Michael Zeigler shares a story about people who had more in common than they thought.
The Lutheran Hour
The Lutheran Hour was first broadcast Oct. 2, 1930 and continues on the air today, making it the world’s oldest continually broadcast Christ-centered radio program. To learn more and access additional show resources, visit lutheranhour.org.

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