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  1. 2012 Sardina Rally 08 -- Lyndon Brings it home!2012/06/29
    Lyndon calls in from the finish of his first FIM rally! It's been an intense ride, different in character from the Dakar, but providing invaluable lessons that will serve him well down the line. Job well done, Lyndon!
  2. 2012 Sardinia Rally 07 -- Lyndon Poskitt in-depth2012/06/28
    Lyndon rings in with an in-depth followup to his earlier call, including insight on his mental approach to the race, and some pearls on roadbook preparation among other topics. Thanks for letting us inside the helmet, Lyndon!
  3. 2012 Sardinia Rally 06 -- Lyndon's close call2012/06/27
    Lyndon calls in after having had a very close call on today's stage. Lucky to be uninjured, he brought the bike home (in surprisingly good time), but the team have work to do tonight. One more stage to go, bring it home safe, Lyndon!
  4. 2012 Sardinia Rally 05 -- Lyndon's third day2012/06/27
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  5. 2012 Sardinia Rally 04 -- Lyndon's second day2012/06/26
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  6. 2012 Sardinia Rally 03 -- Lyndon Poskitt's first stage2012/06/24
    Lyndon calls in after his first stage of his first FIM rally. Every bit of a challenge, he's seeing his strategy of entering a rally prior to Dakar paying dividends already. Keep it steady, Pyn!
  7. 2012 Sardinia Rally 02 -- Lyndon Poskitt2012/06/24
    Lyndon calls in after scrutineering and preparing his roadbook at the Sardinia Rally. Ready to go despite a scare in the parking area!
  8. 2012 Sardinia Rally 01 -- Lyndon Poskitt2012/06/24
    Lyndon calls in after his arrival in Sardinia. Prep has gone well, nothing left now but to get on with it!

    Check out Lyndon's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LyndonPoskittRacing and his thread on ADVrider: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=777301 
  9. 2012 Dakar 26 -- Behind the ASO media curtain with Ben Constanduros2012/01/26
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  10. 2012 Dakar 25 -- A view from the team truck2012/01/25
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  11. 2012 Dakar 24 -- Ned Suesse, The Wrap Up2012/01/18
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  12. 2012 Dakar 23 -- Ned Suesse, Dakar finisher!2012/01/15
    Dakar finisher's medal in hand, Ned calls us with a quick update from the hotel following the podium presentations. Congrats, Ned. Goal met. Can't wait to hear what it feels like once that thought has firmly sunk in.
  13. NedPodium.3gp2012/01/15
    Ned on the finish podium
  14. 2012 Dakar 22 -- Neduro on the Penultimate Stage122012/01/14
    Another great interactive chat with Ned from the bivouac after the penultimate stage, stage 13. Tomorrow's stage is a liaison and then largely ceremonial special into the finish in Lima. Almost in, Ned!
  15. 2012 Dakar 21 -- Stan Watt 2nd half2012/01/14
    (Photo credit: Webventure)
    Stan calls in after stage 13, just one more short 29km special and a moderate liaison to go before the finish podium in Lima. Stan's had a solid run in the second half, and is philosophical about the way his first half went. Cheers, Stan!
  16. 2012 Dakar 20 -- Toby Younger, Ironman of the year?2012/01/14
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  17. 2012 Dakar 19 -- Ned Suesse Stage 122012/01/14
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  18. Happy F5 Day!2012/01/13
    The Birthday Girl wishes everyone out there a happy F5 day!
  19. 2012 Dakar 18 -- Stage 11 - Ned has his "Dakar Moment"2012/01/12
    Having surmounted some unusual challenges on Stage 11, Ned Suesse has his "Dakar Moment" while on the liaison to the moto-only marathon bivouac. Ever-giving of himself, he pulls over to call us "in the moment". The seemingly unflappable Neduro brought to tears, this has to be one of the most heartfelt calls in RallyRAIDio history. Do not miss.
  20. 2012 Dakar 17 -- Neil from the Moto Bivouac2012/01/12
    Neil calls in with a man-on-the-scene report from the entrance to the Moto Bivouac after having followed Ned Suesse in on the liaison. Sounds like there are some stories to be told!
  21. 2012 Dakar 16 -- Darryl Curtis Stage 112012/01/12
    ADVrider's own roving reporter, Bluebull2007, meets up with Darryl Curtis at the start of stage 11 for a quick interview and an update on his rally thusfar. Thanks, Neil!
  22. 2012 Dakar 15 -- Neduro Stage 102012/01/12
    Ned calls in after a fun stage, having navigated his way out of the dunes with a flock of sheep (riders) behind him. Another great Robbie Gordon story along the way, too. Enjoy!
  23. 2012 Dakar 14 -- Ned Suesse stage 92012/01/10
    "Great day! Fun on the bike, the hill was AWESOME! Watching my bike float away in the river was not..." Listen in to hear Ned's epic stories from stage 9, including his underwater incident, close call with a mine, and Johnny Campbell's comments on Robby Gordon. Goooooo! Ned!
  24. 2012 Dakar 13 -- Ned Suesse stage 82012/01/09
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  25. 2012 Dakar 12 -- Ned Suesse at the Rest Day2012/01/08
    Another great 20 minute conversation with Ned, we catch him in the bivouac on the rest day.
  26. 2012 Dakar 11 -- Stan Watt at the Rest Day2012/01/08
    Photocredit: webventure.br

    Team FrontRowGB rider and front running Brit, Stan Watt, rings in at the rest day to update us on his rally so far. For a team built with ambitious goals, it hasn't all gone perfectly to date. But he's looking forward to taking advantage of the grueling second half to move further up the order.
  27. 2012 Dakar 10 -- Ned and the Copiapo Dunes Loop2012/01/08
    Observers of the stage will have noted that Ned was off pace today. There's a very good (actually, two very good) reason(s) for that. Tune in to hear how Ned MacGuyvered his way through the stage, and lived to Dakar another day.
  28. 2012 Dakar 09 -- Neduro in Chile (Cancelled stage 6)2012/01/06
    After stage six was cancelled, ostensibly due to snow on the route, Ned arrives in Chile after the liaison transit. While he hangs out waiting for  the service truck to arrive, we catch up on many topics including his reaction to the cancellation, how the bike is holding up so far, and if his outlook or approach has changed any heading in to the middle of the rally.
  29. 2012 Dakar 08 -- Fiambala2012/01/05
    Fiambala has a legendary, and brutal, reputation on the Dakar. Tune in to hear how Ned's day went on this year's weather-shortened edition.

  30. 2012 Dakar 07 -- Ned Suesse Stage 42012/01/05
    After one of the most grueling starts to a Dakar in recent memory, Ned Suesse fills us in on his experience through stage 4, including his first encounter with the cars.  Go, Ned, Go!!!
  31. 2012 Dakar 06 -- Neduro Stage 32012/01/04
    Ned calls in after stage 3, a stage that other riders have said is "the most technical they've seen on a rally". Big news for the front runners today, while Ned keeps riding his ride.

    Photo Courtesy CVestal (during training)
  32. 2012 Dakar 05 -- Bivouac chat with Ned2012/01/03
    Had a great 20 minute conversation with Ned from the Bivouac tonight. Catch up with all the details from his rally thus far, with typical Ned insight. Grab a beer and pull up a chair.
  33. 2012 Dakar 04 -- Ned Suesse, first one in the books2012/01/02
    Ned calls in after a monster transit (nearly 700km in total) following his first competitive Dakar stage. Ever cerebral, he listened to a book on tape and watched other riders squirm while his Renazco saddle cushioned his tush in comfort.  Hopefully Ned is getting his beauty sleep tonight, and keeping the "snowball small", as Charlie would say. Fun fun.
  34. 2012 Dakar 03 -- Ned Suesse takes the ceremonial start2012/01/01
    Ned calls in after the ceremonial start, including the story of his monster wheelie down the ramp. Ned dials us in on what it feels like to be on the cusp of an event like the Dakar. Go Ned, Go!
  35. 2012 Dakar 02 -- Ned Suesse on Dakar Eve part 22012/01/01
    Part 2 of Ned's call from the eve of the rally.
  36. 2012 Dakar 01 -- Ned Suesse on DakarEve2012/01/01
    Ned calls in on the eve of the rally with an update. Good luck, Ned! We're all pulling for you! Part 1 of 2.
  37. 2011 Raid l'Amitie 042011/05/02
    Ned calls in today shortly after the finish of the rally, as teams make the mad dash to get gear packed for the return trip. People will be heading to the site of last week's bombing in a show of solidarity and humanity.
  38. 2011 Raid l'Amitie 032011/05/02
    Ned calls in after the 7th stage. "Crossed a pass in the atlas today, very rocky. Tank is seeping but rideable. Really enjoyed the tracks, tomorrow is mostly paved. Spending tonight at a movie studio, many strange props all around."
  39. 2011 Raid l'Amitie 022011/04/29
    Ned calls in after an eventful day on the rally, which included a sandstorm and splitting fuel tank out on the piste.  Way to bring it in, Ned!

  40. 2011 Raid l'Amitie 012011/04/28
    Ned Suesse calls in mid way through the rally.
  41. 2011 Dakar 16 -- Jenny on the wing2011/01/14
    Jenny Morgan is now on her return journey to the UK, and calls from Sao Paulo sounding much better than the last time we heard from her. Let's hope she's as fresh when she lands back home. Fly safe, Jenny!

  42. 2011 Dakar 152011/01/10
    Craig Bounds rings in from the hospital in Chile. Get well soon, Craig!

  43. 2011 Dakar 142011/01/08
    Craig Bounds is out of the rally on the day before the rest day. Tamsin calls in with a report, and details on how you can contact Craig (SMS) with a word of cheer as he waits in a Chilean hospital.
    Heal well, Craig. Thanks for letting us along on the ride.
  44. 2011 Dakar 13 More from JennyMo2011/01/07
    We have another long chat with Jenny Morgan from her hospital bed in Chile, and she shares some incredible insight into what it's like to be an "everyday" (read: amateur) rider on the Dakar.  A must-listen for hardcore rally fans.
  45. 2011 Dakar 12 -- Jenny Morgan from Hospital2011/01/06
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  46. 2011 Dakar 112011/01/06
    Craig Bounds and Tamsin call in with a bivouac report after the monster dune finish of Stage 5.
  47. 2011 Dakar 102011/01/06
    Tamsin calls in from the bivouac with a quick report on Jenny Morgan after her crash.
  48. 2011 Dakar 092011/01/05
    Now in Chile, Craig Bounds and Tamsin call in with a report after the high-altitude stage 4.
  49. 2011 Dakar 082011/01/05
    Jenny Morgan calls in with a report from her eventful stages 2 and 3.  Jenny's a RallyRAIDio pro, and leaves you with dust in your mouth after listening to her stories. :-)
  50. 2011 Dakar 072011/01/04
    Craig Bounds calls in after a brutal Stage 3.  Most stages would be considered a disaster if you had to remove your front brake rotor. For Craig, that was just the beginning. He brings it home in hero fashion, though!
  51. 2011 Dakar 062011/01/03
    Tamsin and Craig call in after an incredible day on the piste.  Lucky doesn't come close to describing it!
    Go Boundsy!
  52. 2011 Dakar 052011/01/03
    Jenny Morgan rings in with a detailed call following the completion of her inaugural Dakar stage.  Well done, Jenny!
  53. 2011 Dakar 042011/01/02
    Tamsin and Craig call in after completing stage 1. Despite his late start number and getting stung by a bee, Craig moved up well on the stage.
  54. 2011 Dakar 032011/01/02
    Jenny Morgan (JMo) has her phone issues sorted and rings in just before departure from Buenos Aires on the opening liasion.  Thanks, Jenny!
  55. 2011 Dakar 022011/01/02
    Tamsin Jones and Craig Bounds call in as Craig waits to depart on the opening liasion from Buenos Aires.  Thanks guys, and good luck!
  56. 2011 Dakar 012010/12/31
    Tamsin Jones gets our 2011 Dakar coverage kicked off with a call on the progress of Craig Bounds. Through scrutineering, they are looking forward to the official briefing and kickoff tomorrow.
  57. 10Baja01.mp32010/11/04
  58. 2010 Oz Safari 172010/09/27
    Garry calls in with some detailed followup on questions and comments from the Safari discussion/coverage thread at ADVrider.com Pull up a barstool.
  59. 2010 Oz Safari 162010/09/26
    Garry calls in with a post-event wrap up for what has to be the most successful Safari "post-ressurection". Well done Garry and Team Husaberg. Thanks for letting us ride over your shoulder, look forward to doing it again in 2011.
  60. 2010 Oz Safari 152010/09/24
    Garry Connell calls in with his Leg 6 report, and some observations about how the event has changed (since its resurrection several years ago) from the "Safari's of Old". (This editor's opinion is that Octagon, the current organizers, have made huge strides in the past few years and are headed in the right direction in both the event organization, and media distribution. ~N)
  61. 2010 Oz Safari 142010/09/24
    Justin Maley calls in from Safari HQ with competitor, service crew, and Adventure Tour participant interviews.  Follow Justin's outstanding Safari blog at http://mxracer51.blogspot.com/
  62. 2010 Oz Safari 132010/09/24
    Garry Connell calls in with his Leg 5 report.
  63. 2010 OZ Safari 122010/09/22
    Garry Connell calls in after Leg 4 with a report on his ride, the Team Husaberg situation, and the rallye in general.  I know I say it all the time, but Garry's got the knack for making you feel like you're right there with him.  Cheers, Garry!
  64. 2010 Oz Safari 112010/09/22
    Justin Maley rings in with a report and interviews following Leg 4.  Follow his excellent blog at http://mxracer51.blogspot.com/

  65. 2010 Oz Safari 102010/09/21
    Justin Maley calls in from the Coolgardie bivouac with interviews with David Schwarz (team Husaberg, 6th overall) and Graham Grant (riding an '83 BMW GS), and a race status recap from Mark. Thanks, Guys!
    Follow Justin's Safari blog at http://mxracer51.blogspot.com/
  66. 2010 Oz Safari 092010/09/21
    Andy, Road Director for the Safari Moto Adventure, rings in to let a few of his riders share their perspectives thusfar. The Moto Adventure is a non-competitive "tour" that shadows the Safari and allows the participants to spectate some of the action and share in the Safari experience, as well as ride many of the tracks (separately from the competitors, naturally).  Sounds fantastic!
  67. 2010 Oz Safari 082010/09/21
    Garry calls in after the end of the Marathon stages, with tales of his trailside wrestling with a moose (er, make that mousse). Great stuff, Garry! And well done to bring her home.
  68. 2010 Oz Safari 072010/09/21
    Annie Seel calls in after the end of the Marathon Stages. While there has been drama for many, she's managed to keep things fairly tidy and is enjoying herself.
  69. 2010 Oz Safari 052010/09/21
    Garry Connell calls in after Day 2 (the first of the Marathon Days) with a detailed report on his ride, including some feedback on the 570 Berg vs the 650.
  70. 2010 Oz Safari 042010/09/19
    Garry Connell calls in after the first stage, having set his Safari Adventure off in proper form right from the first kilometers. Garry's got the storytelling part of RallyRAIDio down pat like no other, so pull up a stool and join him for the ride.
  71. 2010 Oz Safari 032010/09/19
    Annie Seel calls in with a quick note on her way to the prologue.  Good luck, Annie!
  72. 2010 Oz Safari 022010/09/17
    Garry Connell gives a preview of Team Husaberg for this year's race, with a talent-stacked roster of Ze Helio, Annie Seel, and David Schwarz.
  73. 2010 Oz Safari 012010/09/17
    Garry Connell rings in with an intro and news from the bivouac/scrutineering prior to the start.
  74. 2010 Dos Sertoes Rally 082010/08/21
    Phil calls in from the finish of Dos Sertoes, and fills us in on the details of his bike swamping of several days ago. Special thanks to team sponsors Renazco Racing Saddles, and Rally Management Services.

    Webventure Photo
  75. 2010 Dos Sertoes Rally 072010/08/21
    Dave calls in fresh from the finish of his first international rallye at Dos Sertoes. All was not as trouble free as it would have appeared from the results sheets, but they ended up finishing in fine fashion. The budget support mobiles finished as well, much to the admiration of the rest of the bivouac. Way to go, guys!
    Webventure Photo
  76. 2010 Dos Sertoes Rally 062010/08/21
    Neil calls in after the Marathon stage, closing in on the finish.
  77. 2010 Rallye Mongolia 022010/08/16
    Mike Buhler calls in from Ulan Bataar after successfully completing his first international rallye. Way to go, Mike!
  78. 2010 Dos Sertoes 052010/08/16
    Neil calls in with a comprehensive report of his experience and that of his Team Wild West teammates Dave and Phil through stage 5. Keep it going guys!

    Webventure Photo
  79. 2010 Dos Sertoes 042010/08/15
    Ludo Bonniard calls from Dos Sertoes Rally after crashing out on day 4 while following his friend, Dimas.  Heal well, Ludo!
  80. 2010 Rallye Mongolia 012010/08/13
    Mike Buhler calls to check in from the rest day at Rally Mongolia.
  81. 2010 Dos Sertoes 032010/08/13
    Neil rings in with a comprehensive report from stage 1 and a preview of stage 2.  His electical woes continued on stage one but have hopefully been rectified (pardon the pun) from here on out. Phil and Dave are going along well, if without their timecards. Good luck guys, and keep it rolling!

    Photo Credit: webventure
  82. 2010 Dos Sertoes Rally 022010/08/11
    Neil calls in after the SuperPrime.  Hopefully he can get the opening day electrical bugs worked out. Otherwise, his kickstarter will be getting a workout!
  83. 2010 Dos Sertoes Rally 012010/08/11
    Dave and Phil call in after the prologue of their debut International Rallye in Brazil. 
  84. 2010 Dakar Stage 11 -- Jonah Street, seconds from victory!2010/01/14
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  85. 2010 Dakar 09 Don Hatton2010/01/08
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  86. 2010 Dakar 08 Garry Connell retirement2010/01/07
    If you've ever wondered what it would be like as a "regular guy" to enter Dakar, here's your reality check. Garry Connell rings in with a brutally honest look at what it's like.
  87. 2010 Dakar 07 Jonah Street stage 62010/01/07
    Jonah Street calls from the bivouac after Stage 6 of the 2010 Dakar Rally.
  88. 2010 Dakar 06 Pan Am update2010/01/07
    Rally PanAm team manager Robb McElroy gives us an update on Jonah's rally.  Thanks, Robb!
  89. 2010 Dakar 05 -- Ludo lives to race another day2010/01/05
    Ludo Boinnard calls from the bivouac after a day that saw him presumably retired with mechanical problems.  Fortunately time heals all wounds, in this case even mechanical ones, and he was able to complete the stage!You'll remember this one forever, Ludo. We all will!
  90. 2010 Dakar 04 Craig Bounds, Stage 32010/01/05
    Craig Bounds calls in from the blustery bivouac after stage 3 -- a seemingly benign stage on paper that ended up being one of the most grueling in recent memory.  There is a lot of wind noise, but as you'll hear, one needs to wear goggles because of the blowing sand -- we shouldn't complain!Congrats on surviving the stage, Craig.  Keep it rolling.
  91. 2010 Dakar 02 Don Hatton's rough first days!2010/01/02
    Don Hatton calls in with two stories; the first, how he nearly had his bike burned in the Parc Ferme conflagration, and the second, of his Stage 1 trials which included forgetting his time card and very nearly being pitched from the Rally (twice!).  Enjoy!Hope things smooth out, Don!
  92. 2010 Dakar 012010/01/02
    Ludo Boinnard, racing in a team alongside David Casteu and Mike Pisano, gets our call ins kicked off before the ceremonial start in Buenos Aires.Bonne Chance, Ludo!
  93. Dakar 2010 -- Competitors taking the start momentarily!2010/01/01
    The prep work is in the books, and competitors are about to take the start.  Watch live, via this link from Argentinian TV...

    (Link expired. Hope you enjoyed it!)
  94. Dakar 2010 is nearly here!2009/12/24
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  95. 2009 Heroes Legend 07 -- Wrap up part 22009/11/09
    Part 2 of JennyMo's post-event wrap up. Splendid stuff, Jenny.
    Thanks for letting us ride "Inside the Helmet" on this year's Heroes.
  96. 2009 Heroes Legend 07 -- Wrap up part 12009/11/09
    A coffee-deprived JennyMo rings in from the Madrid airport at
    oh-dark-thirty with her post-event wrap up. Splendid stuff, Jenny.
    Thanks for letting us ride "Inside the Helmet" on this year's Heroes!
  97. 2009 Heroes Legend 062009/11/09
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  98. 2009 Heroes Legend 052009/11/09
    Safely through the no-man's land and across the border into Mauritania,
    Jenny rings in as they prepare to tackle the monster dune stages ahead.
    The Desert Rose riders are doing well, and as often goes for support
    crews during rallies, they've adopted some new hangers-on.

    Jenny's loving the Tenere and is finding it an excellent companion in the desert.
  99. 2009 Heroes Legend 042009/11/09
    Jenny rings in from the Atlantic coast of Morocco, after having secured 3rd position on today's stage! Way to go, Jenny!
  100. 2009 Heroes Legend 032009/11/09
    Jenny calls in before the start, 8 days into the rallye. Still in
    Morocco, they've a long way to go yet. I think she's got the knack of
    this call in thing -- what do you guys think?
  101. 2009 Heroes Legend 022009/11/09
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  102. 2009 Heroes Legend 012009/11/09
    rung in with her first call-in. The weather's thrown them a curveball
    thusfar, but the tone of her voice says she's having a grand time.
  103. 2009 Rally of Morocco 082009/10/28
    Cummo chats with ADV Inmate Rick Hatswell whose Dakar plans for this
    year are in dire jeopardy after breaking his leg on the Rallye
    yesterday. In fact, if you'd like, you can buy a ready-to-go package
    for El Dakaro in January...

    Rick sounds in better spirits than I'd expect to be...
  104. 2009 Rally of Morocco 092009/10/28
    David Dickinson catches us up to speed as well as sharing a "day in the life" on
    the rallye. For those who wondered why he wasn't show on the starting
    list today, he explains that as well.Good luck tomorrow, David!
  105. 2009 Rally of Morocco 072009/10/28
    Cummo tracks down Sherco pilot Philippe Jacquet to hear how development
    of the Sherco Rallye Bike is coming along. KTM 690 pilot Stephane
    Hamard also fills us in on his experiences thusfar.
  106. 2009 Rally of Morocco 062009/10/28
    Cummo on the phone with quad rider Lionel Laine, who is leading the Overall Cross-country rallye standings for the year.
  107. 2009 Rally of Morocco 052009/10/27
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  108. 2009 Rally of Morocco 042009/10/25
    David's left word from the sweltering bivouac after the first day's
    stages. Like Don, his mechanics were delayed at sea and so getting
    through scrutineering was a bit of a crunch. Hopefully they don't have
    too much to attend to tonight.

    He's looking forward to faster, longer stages tomorrow.Thanks, David!
  109. 2009 Rally of Morocco 032009/10/24
    An upbeat Don Hatton calls in after scrutineering. They had a bit of a
    challenge as the bike and team were delayed at sea due to a storm, then
    needed to rectify some wiring issues, but all is well now and he's
    looking forward to getting on with things tomorrow.
  110. 2009 Rally of Morocco 022009/10/24
    man on the scene, Cummo, catches up with rallye circuit regular Pal
    Anders Ullevalseter, of Norway. As a perennial front-running privateer,
    Pal Anders fills us in on his plans for the Dakar this year and gives
    some thoughts on the 690/450 debate.
  111. 2009 Rally of Morocco2009/10/23
  112. Mick Hall charity ride 5/092009/05/23
  113. Mick Hall charity ride 5/092009/05/23
  114. 2009 Yilgarn Rallye 05 -- a competitor's perspective2009/04/28
  115. 2009 Yilgarn Rallye 04 -- The Yilgarn IronMan2009/04/28
  116. 2009 Yilgarn Rallye 03 - report2009/04/28
  117. 2009 Yilgarn Rallye 022009/04/28
  118. 2009 Yilgarn Rallye 012009/04/18
  119. 2009 Condo 750 032009/04/13
  120. 2009 Condo 750 022009/04/13
  121. 2009 Condo 750 012009/04/13
  122. 09 Desert Challenge 052009/04/13
  123. 2009 Desert Challenge 04 -- Simon Pavey2009/03/25
  124. 2009 Desert Challenge 03 -- The Aprilla team2009/03/24
  125. 2009 Desert Challenge 022009/03/24
  126. 2009 Desert Challenge 012009/03/24
  127. 2009 Dakar 36 -- Craig Bounds2009/01/12
  128. 2009 Dakar 35 -- Annie Seel, Ironwoman!2009/01/12
  129. 2009 Dakar 34 -- Stan Watt2009/01/12
  130. Intermittent Server Issues2009/01/12
  131. 2009 Dakar 33 -- Thomas Berglund, Sweedish Army2009/01/12
  132. 2009 Dakar 32 -- Helder Rodrigues, stage 82009/01/12
  133. 2009 Dakar 31 -- Pal Anders Ullevalsetter2009/01/12
  134. 2009 Dakar 30 -- Jonah Street out of the Rally2009/01/12
  135. 2009 Dakar 29 -- David Schwarz2009/01/12
  136. 2009 Dakar 28 -- Don Hatton, after the crash2009/01/11
  137. 2009 Dakar 27 -- On the streets of Valparaiso2009/01/11
  138. 2009 Dakar 26 -- Simon Pavey2009/01/10
  139. 2009 Dakar 22 -- David Schwarz, stage 62009/01/10
  140. 2009 Dakar 25 -- Henk Knuiman2009/01/10
  141. 2009 Dakar 24 -- Stan Watt2009/01/10
  142. 2009 Dakar 23 -- Jonah Street Stage 72009/01/09
  143. 2009 Dakar 21 -- Phil Noone, an incredible tale!2009/01/08
  144. 2009 Dakar 20 -- Stan Watt2009/01/08
  145. 2009 Dakar 19 -- Ups and downs2009/01/08
  146. 2009 Dakar 18 -- Jonah Street on Eurosport2009/01/07
  147. 2009 Dakar 17 -- A big day tomorrow2009/01/07
  148. 2009 Dakar 16 -- Michael Shepherd2009/01/07
  149. 2009 Dakar 15 -- Jonah Street2009/01/06
  150. 2009 Dakar 14 -- Camélia Liparoti2009/01/06
  151. 2009 Dakar 13 -- Days in the dust2009/01/06
  152. 2009 Dakar 12 -- View from the support truck2009/01/06
  153. 2009 Dakar 11 -- Frans Verhoeven2009/01/06
  154. 2009 Dakar 10 -- David Schwarz2009/01/06
  155. 2009 Dakar 09 -- Eurosport coverage of Jonah Street2009/01/06
  156. 2009 Dakar 08 -- PanAm report Day 42009/01/06
  157. 2009 Dakar 07 -- Jonah on Eurosport2009/01/05
  158. 2009 Dakar 06 -- Robb from the Dust Bowl2009/01/05
  159. 2009 Dakar 05 -- Report from the Bivouac2009/01/03
  160. 2009 Dakar 04 -- Jonah Street2009/01/03
  161. 2009 Dakar 03 -- Stan Watt calls in2009/01/03
  162. 2009 Dakar 02 -- The Ceremonial Start2009/01/03
  163. 2009 Dakar 01a -- A continued look around Parc Ferme2009/01/03
  164. 2009 Dakar 01 -- A Rallye enthusiast's dream come true2009/01/03
  165. Merry Christmas, from Buenos Aires2008/12/24
  166. 2008 Rallye Maroc 062008/09/26
  167. 2008 Rallye Maroc 052008/09/25
  168. 2008 Rallye Maroc 042008/09/24
  169. 2008 Rallye Maroc 032008/09/24
  170. 2008 Rallye Maroc 022008/09/21
  171. 2008 Rallye Maroc 012008/09/18
  172. Australian Safari 2008 302008/08/30
  173. Australian Safari 2008 292008/08/30
  174. Australian Safari 2008 282008/08/29
  175. Australian Safari 2008 272008/08/28
  176. Australian Safari 2008 262008/08/28
  177. Australian Safari 2008 252008/08/28
  178. Australian Safari 2008 242008/08/28
  179. Australian Safari 2008 232008/08/28
  180. Australian Safari 2008 222008/08/28
  181. Australian Safari 2008 212008/08/28
  182. Australian Safari 2008 202008/08/28
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  201. Australian Safari 2008 012008/08/17
  202. Now he's gone and done it!2008/06/07
  203. Up against it2008/06/07
  204. Sounding shattered2008/06/07
  205. Into the final day!2008/06/06
  206. A-74M -- Mick's2008/06/06
  207. Cold, Knackered, and keeping on rolling...2008/06/06
  208. A shitty ride2008/06/06
  209. An English Breakfast -- fuel for the body2008/06/06
  210. Day 42008/06/06
  211. Day 4 on the road2008/06/06
  212. Day three is a wrap2008/06/06
  213. Mick gets nicked?2008/06/06
  214. Road musings2008/06/05
  215. Day 3 begins2008/06/05
  216. Calling it a night2008/06/05
  217. Closing in on the halfway mark2008/06/05
  218. Make hay while the sun shines2008/06/04
  219. End of a long day2008/06/04
  220. Through the dark of night... (now with rain added)2008/06/04
  221. Through the dark of night...2008/06/04
  222. One down, 4000 to go...2008/06/03
  223. Closing in on 1k2008/06/03
  224. Nearing Glasgow2008/06/03
  225. Dawn patrol2008/06/03
  226. A cuppa, and a rest2008/06/03
  227. Tired of rain? How about some hail...2008/06/03
  228. On the road2008/06/02
  229. 5000miles, 5 days, all for a good cause2008/06/02
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  244. Central Europe Rally 20: Jonah at the finish2008/04/26
  245. Central Europe Rally 19: David Schwarz out of Hospital2008/04/26
  246. Optic Tunisia Rally 03: Feet Dry in Africa!2008/04/25
  247. Optic Tunisia Rally 02: FrontRow update, Day 22008/04/25
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  249. Central Europe Rally 18: Annie Seel!2008/04/25
  250. Central Europe Rally 17: Ain't technology grand?2008/04/25
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  253. Central Europe Rally 14: Remi calls in2008/04/24
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  256. Central Europe Rally 12: Richard Kaye Day 32008/04/22
  257. Central Europe Rally 10: Richard Kaye after day 22008/04/21
  258. Central Europe Rally 11: PanAm day 2 results and wrapup2008/04/21
  259. Central Europe Rally 08: Richard Kaye Mid-day check2008/04/21
  260. Central Europe Rally 07: PanAm report mid-way through Day 22008/04/21
  261. Central Europe Rally 06: Richard Kaye checks in with a Day 1 report2008/04/20
  262. PanAm through scrutineering: Central Europe Rally 052008/04/19
  263. Richard checks in: Central Europe 042008/04/19
  264. PanAM support crew lands in-country: Central Europe Rally 032008/04/18
  265. PanAm visits the KTM Rally Shop: Central Europe Rally 22008/04/17
  266. Rally PanAm on the road: Central Europe Rally 012008/04/14
  267. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/24
  268. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  269. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  270. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  271. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  272. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  273. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/23
  274. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/22
  275. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/22
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  277. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/21
  278. Condo750 Cross Country Rallye2008/03/21
  279. Coverage from the 2008 Condo750 Rally from NSW Australia2008/03/21
  280. Sandblast RallyMoto(tm) Call Ins2008/02/14
  281. Sandblast RallyMoto(tm) Organizer's Post-Race Report2008/02/11
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  310. Press conference from YouTube2008/01/25
  311. Dakar 2008 -- Hangover? Reaction from the week after2008/01/15
  312. Breaking News! -- Dakar headed to South America in 20092008/01/11
  313. Post Dakar Cancellation chat with Tod Davidson, part 32008/01/06
  314. Don Hatton -- Stranded in Lisbon after Dakar Cancellation2008/01/06
  315. Chat with Tod Davidson Post-Dakar Cancellation Part 22008/01/06
  316. Chat with Tod Davidson Post-Dakar Cancellation Part 12008/01/06
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  318. Don Hatton calls after the cancellation2008/01/04
  319. Charlie calls in after the cancellation2008/01/04
  320. Toby Moody -- Dakar Rally Cancellation Reaction (part 2)2008/01/04
  321. Toby Moody --Dakar Rally Cancellation Reaction2008/01/04
  322. Stan from FrontrowGB reacts2008/01/04
  323. Chat with Robb post cancellation2008/01/04
  324. Chat with Dave2008/01/04
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  327. Dakar 2008 is cancelled2008/01/04
  328. Robb from Lisbon -- Major Development2008/01/04
  329. Chris Jones -- Dakar Finisher, Part 62008/01/04
  330. Chris Jones -- Dakar Finisher, Part 52008/01/03
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  333. Chris Jones -- Dakar Finisher, Part 22008/01/03
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  356. TBD nearing the finish!2007/11/15
  357. Baja 1000 Call ins -- 5x and 19x call2007/11/14
  358. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Team Double Barrel 5 (ned)2007/11/14
  359. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Team Double Barrel RM 1040(Lyndon)2007/11/14
  360. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Double Barrel rider swap at RM 9192007/11/14
  361. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Team Double Barrel 4 (Ned)2007/11/14
  362. Baja 1000 Call ins -- ADV Pits RM200 #22007/11/14
  363. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Robb McElroy/ADV Pits RM 2002007/11/14
  364. Baja 1000 Call ins -- Team Double Barrel 32 (Ned)2007/11/13
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  369. Stay tuned for RallyRAIDio!!2007/05/16
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