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  1. #157 Downloading Offline Google Maps for Navigation in Ireland - AUDIO VERSION2019/04/05
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  2. #156 Four Ways to Access the Internet in Ireland 2019/03/16

    We've grown accustomed to around-the-clock internet access in our daily lives. That doesn't necessarily have to change when we travel in Ireland. Even if you're looking for occasional online check-ins, here are my tips for getting your devices connected on the Emerald Isle.

    Visit http://www.IrishFireside.com/wifi for more info.
  3. #155 - Tips for choosing a rental car in Ireland2019/02/15

    Here are my tips for choosing the right car rental company when planning your trip to Ireland.
  4. Old Irish Traditions That Survive in Modern Ireland with Felicity Hayes-McCoy2018/04/28

    This special episode come from the Traveling in Ireland Podcast with Jody Halsted. I thought Irish Firesiders might enjoy the tales and tidbits shared by author Felicity Hayes-McCoy.

    More at https://irelandfamilyvacations.com/old-irish-traditions-with-felicity-hayes-mccoy-traveling-in-ireland-podcast/podcasts/
  5. #154 Using Your Smartphone and Tablet in Ireland2018/02/16

    We've gotten used to carrying the internet in our pocket, but when it comes to mobile phones and tablets abroad, there are few things every traveler should know to avoid expensive bills or unusable connections. In this episode, I've got tips to keep you connected during your trip to Ireland.

    Show Notes: http://irishfireside.com/2018/02/15/154-smartphone-tablet-ireland /
  6. Nollaig Shona Duit2017/12/25
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  7. #153 A Daily Dose of Ireland with Alexa and the Amazon Echo2017/06/18

    A video version of this episode is available at http://irishfireside.com/2017/06/18/153-daily-dose-ireland-alexa-amazon-echo-audio-video/ . Here's an overview of how you can keep up on Irish music, news, weather, books, and travel plans using the Amazon Echo.
  8. #152 Medications and Your Trip to Ireland2017/06/04

    Whether it’s prescriptions or over-the-counter, you’ll need to know how to pack them, what you can bring, where you can get more, and what to do if you need an emergency refill.
  9. #151 Powering Your Electronics in Ireland - Audio2017/06/04

    Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, curling iron, or sleep apnea machine, here’s a look at how you can power up all your devices while visiting the Emerald Isle.
  10. #150 Introducing Irish Fireside Travel Tip Episodes - Audio2017/06/04

    I’m launching a series of quick, rough and ready podcast episodes that cover specific Irish travel questions.
  11. SPECIAL: Ireland's Airports with Ireland Family Vacations and the Irish Fireside2017/02/21

    Today Corey visits Jody Halsted and Ireland Family Vacations to discuss the ins and outs of Ireland's airports.
  12. #149 Budgeting for Meals and Miscellaneous Expenses in Ireland with Stephanie Chastain2016/12/19

    Our efforts to anwer Brian's question about budgeting for a trip to Ireland continue with Stephanie Chastain from Infinite Ireland as we focus on food and other expenses.
  13. #148 The Best Irish Castles for Kids with Jody Halsted - Audio2016/03/14

    Jody Halsted answers Max's question about choosing the best castles for kids in Ireland.
  14. #147 What Sites Can I See Outside of Dublin Without a Car? – Featuring Pól Ó Conghaile – AUDIO2015/11/04

    Pól Ó Conghaile answers Terry's question about seeing sites outside of the Capital without renting a car... "We’ll be in Dublin this September, and want to strike out and see some other parts of Ireland, but we won’t be renting a car. Where should we go and how should we get there?"
  15. #146 What is tax free and duty free shopping in Ireland?2015/09/15

    Michele Erdvig sheds some light on a topic that can save tourists some serious cash on their purchases in Ireland.
  16. #145 How Much Does Accommodation Cost in Ireland? – AUDIO2015/03/17

    Stephanie Chastain returns to talk about the various accommodation options available and how much you should set aside in your budget.
  17. #144 How Much Should I Budget for Transportation on My Trip to Ireland? - AUDIO2015/03/14

    Stephanie Chastain steps in to help us figure out how much it will cost us to get to Ireland and how much we should set aside for getting around once we get there. Whether it’s a self-drive or public transportation, she’s got us covered.
  18. #143 Where Can I Go to Hear Irish Spoken? - AUDIO2015/03/10

    Eoin O Conchuir from Bitesize Irish Gaelic steps in to tell us a few spots that are perfect for catching locals using the Irish language.
  19. #142 How Much Time Should I Spend in Dublin? - Featuring Pól Ó Conghaile - AUDIO2015/03/05

    Pól Ó Conghaile steps in to answer a question many of Dubin's first-time visitors ask... "how much time should I spend there?" Pól's got tips for setting your pace, things to see, and making the most of your visit to the Fair City.
  20. #141 Irish Travel Questions & Answers Announcement; plus "Practice Speaking Irish Day"2015/03/05

    We're announcing a new segment on the podcast where we answer your questions about travel in Ireland. You're invited to email you questions or record and send them. Plus, there's a new "holiday" in the works... Practice Speaking Irish Day!

  21. #140 Feeding Your Soul on Clare Island and on Your Trip to Ireland2015/01/30

    Carl O'Grady takes some time to talk about the wonders of Clare Island and Corey offers a few tips that will help you take a second look at your travel plans and assure you don’t over extend your itinerary.
  22. #139 Exploring "Delightful Dublin with Emily Westbrooks" -- AUDIO2014/10/03

    The pages of “Delightful Dublin” feel like you’re spending a day exploring a Dublin neighborhood with a good friend showing you her favorite places to eat, shop, play, and meet people. I've been lucky enough to chat with author Emily Westbrooks about her beloved city.
  23. #138 Finding Value and Comfort in Ireland's Unique Hostel Stays2014/07/29

    Hostels have come a long way in recent years, and many hostels offer a boutique, yet budget, experience for travelers. In this episode, we talk about Irish hostels and reveal a list of the best hostels.
  24. #137 Time Travel in Ireland with Archaeologist Neil Jackman2014/03/24

    Neil Jackman introduces us to some of his favorite sites in Ireland and offers some insight into archaeology in Ireland.
  25. #136 Learning to Speak Irish with Eoin2014/03/01

    Eoin Ó Conchúir from Bitesize Irish Gaelic offers his insights in to the Irish language and teaches us a few handy phrases in the process... "Pionta Guinness Le do thoil!!!" And Liam sings us a song in Irish.
  26. #135 Irish Fireside Pen Pals Project2014/01/01
    We're hosting an old-fashioned pen pal exchange where people write real letters to each other and send them through the mail. Details at www.IrishFireside.com/penpals
  27. #134 Our 2014 Ireland Travel Recap 2013/12/29
    Enjoy a few minutes of the top stories, quotes, videos, and photos from the Irish Fireside in the last year.
  28. The Amateur Traveler: An American in Belfast - Titanic, Murals, Meals, and More2013/12/19
    Chris Christensen talks to Mary Jo Manzanares about her travels in and around Belfast... Titanic, murals, meals, and more... on the Amateur Traveler Podcast. http://irishfireside.com/2013/12/19/american-in-belfast-travel/
  29. #133 Fairytale Travel in Ireland with Christa Thompson2013/12/13

    The original headless horseman, St Kevin’s hideaway, the remains of St Nick, and the Hellfire Club are among the fairytale treasures from The Fairytale Traveler Christa Thompson.
  30. #132 Ireland's World Heritage Sites with Gary Arndt2013/11/27

    In this episode Corey chats with blogger, podcaster, and photographer Gary Arndt about his recent trip to Ireland, world heritage sites on the Emerald Isle, and Ireland's appeal to Americans.
  31. #131 The Ferry, Adventure, and Ireland's Connection to Liverpool - an Interview with Helen Davies2013/11/14

    In this episode Corey sits down with blogger Helen Davies to talk about her recent visit the Emerald Isle where they talk about traveling by ferry, taking in a bit of adventure travel, and Ireland's connection to the city of Liverpool.
  32. #130 Keeping Your Trip to Ireland Alive After You Get Home2013/10/16

    Our listeners share the ways they keep their trips to the Emerald Isle alive.
  33. #129 Alternatives to Ireland’s Most Popular Destinations PART 22013/09/30

    In this episode Corey shares our listeners' picks for alternatives to five more of Ireland’s most popular sites. Then Liam honors Ireland's Titanic heritage by singing the last song reportedly played on the deck of the Titanic.
  34. #128 Alternatives to Ireland’s Most Popular Destinations2013/09/05

    In this episode Corey shares our listeners' picks for alternatives to five of Ireland’s most popular sites. Then Liam finishes the podcast by singing Yeats’ poem “The Wandering Angus.”
  35. #127 Perks, Privileges, & Discounts on Your Trip to Ireland2013/07/12
    Test drive some special offers on Irish travel from the Gathering Gestures and Heritage Island Ireland Discount Guide… on your smartphone!
  36. #126 Liam and the Old Souls of Ireland2013/05/10
    In this episode Liam talks about Irish story telling and the old souls that bring tales to life as part of the launch of Gavin Greer's free ebook "Ireland: A Gathering of Stories"
  37. #125 Your Smartphone in Ireland and the Best Apps for Irish Travel2013/04/01
    In this episode, I chat with Jody Halsted and Stephanie Chastain about smartphones in Ireland and the best apps for Irish travel.
  38. Corey's Visit to This Week In Travel2013/03/05
    In honor of the St Patrick's Day Season, Corey stops over at This Week in Travel where he chats about Ireland... and all kinds of other travel headlines.
  39. #124B (AUDIO ONLY) When Is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?2013/02/13
    The audio-only version of Episode #124
  40. #124 When Is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?2013/02/13
    In this video episode Corey considers a several factors that may influence when you will plan your trip.
  41. #124 When Is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?2013/02/13

    In this video episode Corey considers a several factors that may influence when you will plan your trip.
  42. #123 Exploring Ingenious Ireland with Mary Mulvihill2013/02/02
    In this episode, we chat with Mary Mulvihill about Ireland's science and innovation contributions with a look at the Hill of Tara, Newgrange, the Antrim Coast, Dublin City, and interesting places throughout Ireland
  43. Headlines from the Irish Fireside PDF-Only w/ Links2013/01/07

    No Audio or Video in this Post / PDF-Only.

    Click "View PDF or look under "Show Extras" for PDF.
  44. #122 Jumping Into Ireland with Michele Erdvig2012/05/20
    Michele Erdvig and Corey Taratuta cover some of the most popular Irish travel news in preparation for the 2012 tourism season.
  45. This Week in Travel Interview2012/03/27
    The good folks over at the This Week in Travel Podcast invited Corey come on and talk about travel... RVing... and, of course, IRELAND!!! Enjoy.
  46. #121 The Certificate of Irish Heritage2011/12/20
    Karl Elliston answers all our questions about the new Certificate of Irish Heritage.
  47. #120 The Thrill of Gaelic Games at Croke Park2011/07/18
    It's the season of Sundays in Irish sport, and there's no better place than Dublin's Croke Park, the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), to take in a match.
  48. #119 Fairy Hunting with the Family in Ireland2011/07/01
    Jody Halsted gives her tips for traveling with the kids as well as shares her secrets to finding fairies on the Emerald Isle.
  49. #118 A Horse Named Speedy Rambler2011/05/24
    It's time to get away from it all by visiting a horse named Speedy Rambler in County Tipperary.
  50. #117 May the Road Rise Up to Meet You - In Honor of Pat Preston2011/05/18
    We say good by to our friend Pat Preston, the Ireland Expert.
  51. #116 Rural Ireland Chat with Ella McSweeney2011/05/04
    Ella McSweeney tells about some of the interesting people and traditions she's encountered on her travels around Ireland for her radio and television programs.
  52. #115 Thin Places in Ireland2011/03/09

    We talk about mystical places in Ireland with author Mindie Burgoyne
  53. #115 Thin Places in Ireland2011/03/09
    We talk about mystical places in Ireland with author Mindie Burgoyne
  54. #114 Discovering Your Irish Ancestry & There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama2011/02/16

    We look at genealogy in Ireland and President Barack Obama Irish heritage. More info at http://irishfireside.com/2010/12/17/irish-genealogy/
  55. #114 Discovering Your Irish Ancestry & There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama2011/02/16

    We look at genealogy in Ireland and President Barack Obama Irish heritage. More info at http://irishfireside.com/2010/12/17/irish-genealogy/
  56. #114 Discovering Your Irish Ancestry & There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama2011/01/05
    We look at genealogy in Ireland and President Barack Obama Irish heritage. More info at http://irishfireside.com/2010/12/17/irish-genealogy/
  57. #113 Discovering Your Family's Irish Roots2010/12/17
    Expert genealogist Megan Smolenyak delves into the tips and techniques for uncovering your Irish ancestry.
  58. #112 Visiting Adare and Dublin2010/12/09
    Corey chats with Anita Higgins from Adare and Fergal O'Connell from Dublin to shine the spotlight on the regions our Passport With Purpose winner will be visiting.
  59. #111 Passports With Purpose Giveaway - audio only version2010/11/24
    Here's an audio-only overview of the 5-Star City & Country Irish Getaway we put together for this year's Passports with Purpose.
  60. #111 Passports With Purpose Giveaway2010/11/24
    Here's an overview of the 5-Star City & Country Irish Getaway we put together for this year's Passports with Purpose.
  61. #110 Until the Cows Come Home2010/09/28
    Came upon this bucolic scene while visiting the cemetery near Templederry, County Tipperary
  62. #109 News on Those Northern Ireland Travel Warnings2010/09/04
    After the U.S. and Australia adjusted their travel information to Northern Ireland, we chatted with Heidi McAlpin, Belfast resident and editor of Belfast in Your Pocket.
  63. #108 Skellig Michael During Puffin Season2010/08/11
    We explore the ancient site of Skellig Michael in County Kerry and get a full does of seals, dolphins, sea bird... namely PUFFINS!
  64. #107 A Day in Kilkenny City2010/07/25
    Sunny day in Kilkenny City as we visit St Canice's Cathedral, St Francis Abbey Brewery, St Mary's Cathedral, St John's Cemetery, Kilkenny Castle, Grace's Castle/Courthouse, the Parade, the Hole in the Wall, the medieval gate & wall and Rothe House.
  65. #106 A Visit to the "New" Waterford Crystal2010/07/18
    We take you on a tour of the brand new House of Waterford where crystal will again be made in Waterford!
  66. #105 Horse & Gig Ride Down Knockahopple Road2010/07/09
    Liam's first lesson on driving a horse and gig. County Tipperary, Ireland
  67. #104 Audiobooks with a Taste of Ireland2010/05/21
    We have a listen to Frank Delaney's "Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show" and tell you about a way to get a FREE audiobook download.
  68. #103 A Tour of www.DiscoverIreland.com2010/05/18
    In this video episode I explore some of the often-missed features on Ireland's main tourism website.
  69. #102 Michele vs the Volcano2010/04/21
    The volcano in Iceland has upset travel in Ireland. We hear from two people affected by it's cloud of ash.
  70. Special Episode: This Week In Travel2010/03/22
    Corey was invited to spend a wee bit of St Patrick's Day with the gang at the This Week in Travel Podcast. Have a listen to their chat.
  71. #101 St Patrick's Legacy with Dr Tim Campbell2010/03/15
    We chat with Dr. Tim Campbell about the St Patrick's Centre and Counties Down and Armagh.
  72. #100 Our 100th Episode... Starring YOU!2010/03/11
    We celebrate this milestone with some of our listeners... and some other notable names in Irish travel.
  73. #99 A Chat About Irish Travel with Michele Erdvig2010/02/22
    We dive in to all things Ireland with our author and blogger Michele Erdvig.
  74. A Look Back at 20092010/01/02
    We review the highlights and headlines of 2009 in this video montage.
  75. #98 More Christmas in Ireland and a Chat with Stonecarver Sam Bates2009/12/10
    In this episode, we cover more Irish holiday traditions and chat with Sam Bates, an artist featured in our Holiday Gift Guide for his Celtic knotwork stone carvings.
  76. #97 Christmas In Ireland2009/11/24
    We look at Christmas memories from Bridget Haggerty and talk with Imen McDonnell about her life as an American married to an Irish Farmer.
  77. #96 It's Not Such a Long Way to Tipperary 2009/11/13
    We chat with Peirs Duggan from glorious County Tipperary, and we thank our listeners for their votes in the Podcast Awards.
  78. #95 Ireland in the Off-Season and Prehistoric Irish Instruments2009/10/20
    In this audio podcast episode, we talk about some of the unique aspects of traveling Ireland in the "shoulder season." Then we chat with Simon and Maria O'Dywer about some of Ireland's oldest musical instruments.
  79. #94 The Engaging Ireland Interview2009/10/12
    We sit down with Travis and Kathy Nelson from the Engaging Ireland podcast and get their take on trip planning, saving money and experiencing Ireland.
  80. #93 The Auld Sod, U.S. Immigration & Customs Pre-Clearance and Holly Kirby2009/09/02
    We talk about Ireland's new Pre-Clearance facility, chat about Irish dirt with Pat Burke and listen to Holly Kirby perform Carrickfergus.
  81. #92 Dreaming of County Clare2009/08/18
    We chat with Geraldine Enright from the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience as she talks about County Clare, Shannon Airport and opportunities a down economy can hold for those who travel.
  82. #91 Tips for Getting Through Irish Immigration2009/08/11
    Corey talks about Irish immigration and the steps you need to take to make sure you don't get turned away. He also talks about Irish Fest and the Engaging Ireland Podcast.
  83. #90 Meaití Talks About Tradition & Milwaukee Irish Fest School2009/06/23
    We chat with Meaití Jó Shéamuis about traditional Irish sean-nós singing, passing down traditions and Milwaukee Irish Fest School.
  84. #89 Self-Catering Accommodations and Chat with Tom Sweeney2009/06/03
    We answer some questions about self-catering accommodations and chat with Tom Sweeney about Irish-American culture and Irish music.
  85. #88 A Chat with Tony Keegan2009/04/25
    We introduce some new web resources and sit down and chat with our friend Tony Keegan.
  86. #87 An Irish-American Welcome2009/04/10
    We look back at some of the amazing people we met along the Irish-American Roadtrip and reflect on what it means to be Irish-American.
  87. #86 Irish-American Roadtrip 26 - The Final Days2009/03/30
    We close out our trip with a visit to the Raglan Road Pub in Kansas City, MO, where Danielle Fitzpatrick gives us some great Irish Dancing with music provided by Colin Farrell & Damien McCarthy. Then we head back to the cold and snow of Wisconsin.
  88. #85 Irish-American Roadtrip 25 - Colorado & Kansas2009/03/30
    We meet up with the Unsinkable Molly Brown, stop in at Fort Hayes and get a big smooch from Liam's cousin Joycie.
  89. #84 Irish-American Roadtrip 24 - Utah & Colorado2009/03/30
    We wrangle some livestock at Buffalo Bill's place and visit Liam's old haunts in Colorado.
  90. #83 Irish-American Roadtrip 23 - Nevada & Utah2009/03/30
  91. #82 Irish-American Roadtrip 22 - Anne Roos & the Celtic Harp2009/03/30
    Liam and Corey stop to chat with Celtic harpist Anne Roos in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
  92. #81 Irish-American Roadtrip 21 - Ventura to Tahoe2009/03/30
    This part of the roadtrip includes fields, fruit trees, a snowy mountain and a run-in with the law.
  93. #80 Irish-American Roadtrip 20 - LA & Ventura2009/03/21
    A visit to our Irish-American friends Katie Harrington near Hollywood and Michael Connolly in Ventura.
  94. #79 Irish-American Roadtrip 19 - Palm Springs2009/03/21
    We enjoy some evening events in Palm Springs
  95. #78 Irish-American Roadtrip 18 - Leprechaun Hunting in 2009/03/21
    We do some leprechaun hunting in Palm Springs
  96. #77 Irish-American Roadtrip 17 - Featuring Shabu Shabu2009/03/21
    The Roadtrip hits Pasedena, CA, for an Irish-American-Japanese-German feast
  97. #76 Irish-American Roadtrip 16 - San Diego Tea Time2009/03/21
    It's tea time in San Diego with Kim.
  98. #75 Irish-American Roadtrip 15 - Temecula Posh Day2009/03/21
    Liam and Corey take a break with what their friends in Ireland would call a Posh Day...relaxation, good times and pampering. All in Temecula Southern California Wine Country.
  99. #74 Irish-American Roadtrip 14 - Route 662009/03/21
    Liam and Corey travel old Route 66 from Arizona to California.
  100. #73 Irish-American Roadtrip 13 - Sedona & Flagstaff2009/03/21
    Liam and Corey travel through Sedona and Flagstaff.
  101. Happy Saint Paddy's Day2009/03/16
    We are off having a great time...you'll have to visit www.IrishFireside.com to find out the details.
  102. #72 Irish-American Roadtrip 12 - Phoenix2009/03/16
    Liam and Corey visit some Irish-American destinations in Phoenix.
  103. #71 Irish-American Roadtrip 11 - Tuscon & Phoenix Hoolie2009/03/16
    It's time for some Irish music history, an Irish-American Roadtrip Hoolie with the Sanfords, and there's even a little Irish poteen (moonshine) as well.
  104. #70 Irish-American Roadtrip 10 - AJo2009/03/08
    While in Tucson, Liam and Corey make a special visit to Ajo, AZ
  105. #69 Irish-American Roadtrip 9 - Tuscon2009/03/04
    Liam and Corey make it to Tucson on their Irish American-Roadtrip
  106. #68 Irish-American Roadtrip 8 - KS, OK, TX, NM2009/03/04
    Corey and Liam dash west across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico as they search for all things Irish-American
  107. #67 Irish-American Roadtrip 7 - Iowa2009/03/04
    The Iowa roads weren't good to us, but Cindy from www.soupourri.com certainly was...as she let us make Irish oatmeal soap. Then we made it to the John Wayne Birthplace in Winterset, IA before calling it a night in Kansas.
  108. #66 Irish-American Roadtrip 6 - Iowa Ice2009/03/04
    The snow and black ice turn the roads of Central Iowa in to ice rinks.
  109. #65 Irish-American Roadtrip 5 - Pie and Gunder Burger2009/03/04
    Breakfast with Tom Sweeney, an awful drive to Iowa and the famous Gunder Burger.
  110. #64 Irish Set Dancing - Irish-American Roadtrip 42009/02/06
    We join a wonderful group of Irish set dancers as we pass through Minneapolis on the Irish-American Roadtrip. www.IrishFireside.com
  111. #63b Irish-American Roadtrip 3 - Twin Cities2009/02/02
  112. #63 Irish-American Roadtrip 2 - Minneapolis2009/02/02
  113. #62 Irish-American Roadtrip 1 - Launch2009/01/15
  114. #61 Merry Christmas, Armagh, Down & the Cooley Peninsula2008/12/25
  115. #60 The Giveaway2008/12/14
  116. #59 Irish Turf and FREE STUFF2008/11/03
  117. #58 Irish Belleek, Tony Hearty & the Brobdingnagian Bards/Irish and Celtic Music Podcast2008/10/22
  118. #57 Interview with Katherine Webster and a Tribute to Tommy Makem2008/09/27
  119. #56 “Sweeping the Floor” with Sean-Nós Dancing at Irish Fest2008/08/26
  120. #55 Spirit of Galway at Irish Fest2008/08/17
  121. #54 Mobile Phones Abroad2008/08/02
  122. #53 iPhone in Ireland2008/07/22
  123. #52 Listener Mailbag2008/07/07
  124. #51 Rising of the Moon2008/06/21
  125. #50 Posh Day in Dublin2008/06/11
  126. #49 Chester Beatty Library & A Bad Hotel2008/06/06
  127. #48 Food, Folk & Fairies in Dublin2008/06/06
  128. #47 Achill Island2008/05/24
  129. #46 Seascapes & Sand Dunes in Sligo & Mayo2008/05/17
  130. #45 Roscommon & the Entrance to Hell2008/05/15
  131. #44 A Walk in Ireland2008/05/08
  132. #43 Silvermines Mountain Hike2008/04/23
  133. #42 Gardens of Ireland - PART 22008/04/05
  134. #41 Gardens of Ireland - PART 12008/03/30
  135. #40 Oireachtas na Gaeilge: A Celebration of Irish Language and Culture - PART 22008/03/17
  136. #39 Oireachtas na Gaeilge: Sean-Nós Irish Dancing - PART 12008/03/15
  137. #38 Philadelphia Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration2008/03/13
  138. #37 Belfast: Bonfires & July 12th PART 32008/03/09
  139. #36 Belfast: Bonfires & July 12th PART 22008/03/03
  140. #35 Belfast: Bonfires & July 12th PART 12008/02/27
  141. #34 Ireland Expert Pat Preston PART 22008/02/13
  142. #33 Ireland Expert Pat Preston PART 12008/02/11
  143. #32 Dual Citizenship2008/02/02
  144. #31 Winter Memories, Irish Farmstays and B&Bs2008/01/01
  145. Nollaig Shona Duit2007/12/24
  146. #29 Dingle and Aine2007/11/14
  147. #28 Celtic Colours2007/10/05
  148. #27 Session at Larkin's2007/09/19
  149. #26 Session at Graces2007/09/13
  150. #25 Treasures of Ireland2007/08/21
  151. #24 Glenstal Abbey2007/07/16
  152. #23 LePoer Tower2007/06/28
  153. #22 Packing for Ireland2007/05/26
  154. #21 South Ireland: Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork & Kerry2007/05/11
  155. #20 Shannon Region, Toasted Sandwiches and Limerick You're A Lady2007/04/09
  156. #19 Irish Fireside's Appearance on FOX6 WakeUp News2007/04/06
  157. #18 Buying and Owning Property in Ireland PART 22007/03/28
  158. #17 Buying and Owning Property in Ireland PART 12007/03/22
  159. #16 Saint Patrick's Day 20072007/03/16
  160. #15 An Irish Fireside Update2007/03/06
  161. #14 "O Come Ye Back to Ireland," A Tour of Ireland Deal and More Messages from Our Comment Line2007/02/25
  162. #13 Northern Ireland, Frozen Black Irish and Star of the County Down2007/02/06
  163. #12 Downloadable Resources, Marc Gunn and Our Comment Line 2007/01/27
  164. #11 Plan Your Dream Trip to Ireland2007/01/03
  165. #10 Inishowen, Brown Bread and the Wild Rover2006/10/23
  166. #09 Dublin Interview with Jenny Finegan2006/09/26
  167. #08 The Cliffs of Moher, Roasted Salmon and The Devil's Bit2006/08/27
  168. #07 Irish Fest, Ulster American Folk Park, Bread & Butter Pudding and Farewell to Nova Scotia2006/08/13
  169. #06d Corey just returned from Ireland2006/07/27
  170. #06C Liam Is Off to Ireland...Again2006/05/22
  171. #06B Dublin Bonus Episode2006/04/30
  172. #06 Dublin Sites, Dublin Coddle and Grace2006/04/24
  173. #05 Money Matters, Apple Custard Pie and Molly Malone2006/04/09
  174. #05 Money Matters, Apple Custard Pie and Molly Malone2006/04/09
  175. #04 Waterford Crystal, Shin and Guinness and The Old Dungarvin Oak2006/03/29
  176. #03B Shannon Airport for the First Time Visitor2006/03/26
  177. #03 Saint Patrick, Following in the Footsteps of the Saint, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Danny Boy2006/03/17
  178. #02 Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, Potcheen Cocktail and She Moved Thro’ the Fair2006/03/09
  179. #01B Slainte2006/02/28
  180. #01 The Rock of Cashel, Scones and Kitty O'Toole2006/02/22
  181. #01 The Rock of Cashel, Scones and Kitty O’Toole2006/02/02
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