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Welcome to Crochet For Men!

  1. Out Of The Ashes Comes A Rising Phoenix2009/11/19
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  2. CFM to Return Soon!2006/03/10
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  3. Brief Hiatus2005/09/15
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  4. Technical Difficulties & Such2005/09/10
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  5. New Info & Updates!2005/09/09
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  6. 2005-09-02 Charity 1 of 42005/09/09
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  7. *Update* New Time, Same Channel2005/08/30
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  8. Podcast 2005-08-252005/08/26
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  9. Apologies and explaination2005/08/25
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  10. And yet more to look forward to!2005/08/20
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  11. A peek into things to come!2005/08/20
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  12. Intro:The Man Behind the Podcast2005/08/19
    In my podcast, you will hear:

    * How old I was when I started crochet
    * Who taught me
    * What inspired me
    * F I RE !
    * Issues with crocheting in public
    * Any teasing?
    * What patterns am I drawn to
    * Unique Character to crochet by men

    As always, I am eager to recieve feedback. Feel free to email me at crochetformen@gmail.com. Enjoy!

  13. **Teaser Trailer**2005/08/16
    The teaser trailer is back online and hosted at a very reliable source!

    If you have not heard this trailer, it tells a little bit about Crochet For Men's podcast and what you can expect from upcoming podcasts. May you all enjoy!

    And, as always, feedback is always appreciated!

  14. Welcome to our new home!2005/08/19
    Hello, and welcome to the new host for the Crochet For Men Podcast! I am so excited at the new design, and I hope you all enjoy it as well. A new podcast will be out soon.
    I am curious to know: I am thinking of making this podcast a twice-a-week deal. Would all of my listeners like that? Either leave me a comment, or send me an email at crochetformen@gmail.com
Welcome to Crochet For Men!
Crochet For Men is a weekly podcast featuring news stories for crocheters, stories from MenWhoCrochet yahoo group, interviews of Men Who Crochet and a question & answer session! I hope you all enjoy!

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