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  1. Financial Advice You Wish You Knew as a Teenager2018/11/16
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  2. How to Become the Next Millionaire Next Door with Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D.2018/11/09
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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World!2018/11/02
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  4. The Top Habits of Highly Successful People2018/10/26
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  5. How to Become a Financial Advisor2018/10/19
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  6. A Different Take on Rebalancing2018/10/12
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  7. Cash Is Making Money Again! Here Is What It Means For Your Wallet2018/10/05
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  8. Surviving and Thriving in the Transition to Retirement with Fritz Gilbert2018/09/28
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  9. Use Whole Life Insurance to Avoid Estate Taxes?2018/09/21
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  10. The Worst Financial Rip-Offs and How to Avoid Them2018/09/14
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  11. Are You Letting Fear Drive Your Investment Decisions? 2018/09/07
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  12. How to Beat Market Timers 2018/08/31
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  13. Zero-Fee Index Funds Are Here! Here's What It Means For Your Wallet.2018/08/24
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  14. Financial Order of Operations: How To Prioritize Your Financial Goals2018/08/17
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  15. Shopping Hacks That Will Save You a Fortune!2018/08/10
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  16. Seeing the BIG Picture of Your Financial Life2018/08/03
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  17. Should You Cut the Cable Cord?2018/07/27
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  18. Why Following the Crowd is Dangerous When it Comes to Investing2018/07/20
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  19. Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA: Which is Better?2018/07/13

    What's the difference between a traditional (pre-tax) IRA and a Roth IRA? We have your answers in this week's short episode of The Money Guy Show.

    While this is foundational financial advice, we share advanced skills you won't want to miss.

    For more details, please visit the show notes on our website:

  20. How to Be a Tax-Free Millionaire2018/07/06
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  21. Timing the Market | Can Experts Be Trusted?2018/06/29
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  22. The Worst Mistakes You Could Make With Your Money, Part 22018/06/22
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  23. The Worst Mistakes You Could Make With Your Money2018/06/15
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  24. 9 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill2018/06/08

    If you are interested in lowering your auto insurance bill and monthly premiums, then you'll want to tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show. We share how you can save money and keep yourself protected.

    For more information, please visit the show notes on our website:

  25. What Wealthy People Know About Spending Money2018/06/01
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  26. Why Americans Are Broke2018/05/25
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  27. Why The Tesla Model 3 Is The Best Car This Year!2018/05/18
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  28. What You Need to Know About Whole Life vs. Term Insurance2018/05/11
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  29. Why Do Stocks Go Up (and Down)?2018/05/04
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  30. Mind-Blowing Benefits of Health Savings Accounts2018/04/27
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  31. Millionaire Habits By Age | How To Become a Millionaire2018/04/20
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  32. How to Know if You Should Invest in a Lump Sum or Dollar-Cost-Average2018/04/13
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  33. The Truth About Keeping Up with the Joneses2018/04/06

    In this week's installment of The Money Guy Show, we break down how you can inoculate yourself against the temptation to try to keep up with the proverbial Joneses.

    For more details, please visit the show notes on our website:

  34. How to Maximize Your Charitable Giving Under 2018 Tax Changes2018/03/30
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  35. How to Get the Most from Your Rewards Credit Cards2018/03/23
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  36. Unbelievably Useful Tips for Buying Mutual Funds2018/03/16
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  37. Warren Buffett's Top Investing Strategies | Annual Letter Highlights2018/03/09
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  38. How to Win with Passive Investing Right Now2018/03/02
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  39. Beware of These Mistakes When Buying and Selling a Home2018/02/23
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  40. 6 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is a Financial Rock Star2018/02/16
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  41. What to Do When the Stock Market Get Scary2018/02/09
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  42. Bitcoin: Informative Insights for Potential Investors2018/02/02
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  43. Changing Jobs? Here Are Your Options for Your 401(k)2018/01/26
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  44. Vision Planning In 2018: How To Set (and Keep) Financial Goals2018/01/12
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  45. The GOP Tax Plan: What Does it Mean For Your Tax Bill?2017/12/29
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  46. How to Buy A New Car From A Dealer2017/12/15
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  47. The Definition of Wealth 2017/12/01
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  48. How to Navigate Hiring a Financial Planner2017/11/17
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  49. The Ultimate Guide to 529 Plans: What Every Parent Needs to Know2017/11/03
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  50. Financial Decisions That Will Terrify You2017/10/20

    In this special Halloween episode of The Money Guy Show, we share financial decisions that will terrify you! Tune in as we discuss 6 BIG BAD SCARY FINANCIAL DECISIONS and 6 SUPER SCARY GOOD DECISIONS.
  51. 6 Types of Insurance That Can Keep You Out of Trouble2017/10/06

    Tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show to learn about the types of insurances you need - and don't need - to keep yourself out of trouble and what you value safe.
  52. Equifax Data Breach: What You Need to Know2017/09/22

    If one of the three major credit reporting agencies can be hacked, is any of our information really safe? Tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show where we review all the ways your credit is used and what impact the Equifax data breach has on your sensitive personal information.
  53. Financial Advice for Teenagers: Ways to Win With Money!2017/09/08

    In this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we tackle the money concepts we think are important to start mastering as a teenager. Having winning financial knowledge as early as possible can have a significant impact on future financial success.
  54. Don’t Let These Obstacles Ruin Your Retirement2017/08/25

    Knowing what obstacles may try to come between you and your retirement can help ensure you are able to avoid and overcome them.
  55. What You Need to Know About Using Retirement Funds Early2017/08/11

    If you ever wondered what would happen if you dipped into your retirement savings before turning fifty-nine and half years old, this episode is for you. This is a cautionary tale about when it *might* make sense to withdraw retirement funds before you retire.
  56. Do This With Your Money to Live Like No One Else2017/07/28

    Knowing how to prioritize your money is what we talk about in this week's episode of The Money Guy Show. We share some simple guidelines that will better inform you as to where your next dollar should go.
  57. The Zombie Effect: How to Escape The Walking Debt2017/07/14
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  58. 11 Hallmark Signs You’re a Financial Success2017/06/30

    Do you exhibit these hallmark signs of being a financial rock star? Chances are that most, if not all, of these signs look familiar to you. But are you doing your part in each of these areas to reach your financial potential?
  59. How to Win Friends and Influence Your Wallet2017/06/16

    In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we're sharing the super-hero skill set you need to effectively complain to come out ahead economically. We also reveal the five things you can do so you aren't taken advantage of by your beloved service providers.
  60. How to Know If Your Financial Advisor is Working Against You2017/06/02

    In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through five red flag warnings that your financial advisor may not be representing your best interests. Tune in to learn the ways in which a financial advisor may be working against you and what you can do to protect yourself and your finances.
  61. The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Build Financial Independence2017/05/19
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  62. How to Avoid Becoming a Miserable Financial Miser2017/05/05

    Don’t become an asset hoarder that distorts the benefits of being financially responsible.
  63. How to Take the ‘Wealth’ Less Traveled: Insights on Success & Pursuing Your Passion2017/04/21

    What would it take for you to step outside your comfort zone, to take a risk and pursue your dreams? In this episode, we give you the benefit of our experience and the preparation you need to be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue.
  64. Ways to Tackle Education Planning as Life Happens2017/04/07

    In this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we talk about all the ways you can plan for your child's education and which tools will be most flexible for you no matter what path your child takes.
  65. The Best Investment That Only 20% of Investors Have2017/03/25

    Prepare to get a little nerdy with us as we dissect index funds, and why they are the best investment that only 20% of investors have.
  66. How to Win in Finance Like Warren Buffett2017/03/10

    Tune in to hear us share ways you can win in finance like Warren Buffett. We'll explore the traits and behaviors that have made him such a financial success and how all of us can put his good money examples to work in our own lives.
  67. 10 Huge Tax Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make2017/02/24

    With over two decades of tax preparation experience, this Money Guy Show episode shares tax preparation tips that you've probably never heard of before. We want to help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when filing their income tax returns.
  68. What to Do With Your Retirement Assets When You Change Jobs (or Retire)2017/02/10
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  69. Eyebrow-Raising Facts About How the Top 1 Percent Manages Wealth2017/01/28
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  70. Setting the Amount You Need for Retirement the Right Way2017/01/13
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  71. How to Build a Better Retirement in 20172016/12/31
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  72. Ways to Overcome Investment Analysis Paralysis2016/12/16

    If you've been watching the markets these last several weeks, you may be wondering what you should be doing with your investments. Rest easy, because in this episode of The Money Guy Show, we take a stroll down memory lane to explore how markets have performed over the last seventy years and what investors should do today when market performance is at an all-time high.
  73. 3 Ways to Understand Your Money Mindset2016/12/02

    If you're wondering how to create a money mindset that leads to financial success, this is the show for you. In this episode we walk you through the three critical areas where you can shape how you think and feel about your finances so that you're better prepared to see opportunities and pursue your dreams.
  74. How to Be a Retail Rambo this Black Friday2016/11/18

    Black Friday is coming and we want to prepare our listeners to be judicious spenders and maximize your hard earned dollars this holiday shopping season. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through how to avoid the Black Friday gimmicks and get the greatest bang for your buck. Hold on tight, because we cover a lot of ground in this fun segment of our podcast.
  75. How to Survive and Thrive Financially From This Year’s Presidential Election2016/11/04

    This year's presidential election has a lot of investors on edge over what the outcome will mean to their bottom line. That's why in this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, Bo and I are talking about all the ways you can survive and prosper financially regardless of who gets elected into office come November 8.
  76. Maximizing the Magic: All the Ways You Can Save Money at Walt Disney World2016/10/21
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  77. How to Leverage Fear for Financial Opportunity2016/10/07

    Everyone has fears. It's what you do with fear that determines whether or not you will allow it to help you or hurt you. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo explore how investors can leverage fear to their financial advantage and discuss the steps you can take to overcome your fears to reach success.
  78. 3 Steps You Can Take So You Don’t Screw Up Your Portfolio2016/09/23

    There are a series of things you can do in order to set yourself up for financial success. Likewise, there are a set of things that maybe you're not doing that could be negatively impacting your financial portfolio. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo walk listeners through the three easy steps you can take so you don't screw up your portfolio.
  79. The Best Money Advice You’ve Ever Received2016/09/09

    Have you ever stopped to think about what the best money advice you've ever received was? It's quite the loaded question that takes a little contemplation. Well, that's exactly what we do on this episode of The Money Guy Show. And what's even better? We invited a few of our friends to share their answer to this deep question with our listeners.
  80. I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now About Building Wealth2016/08/26

    In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo discuss the five biggest tips the future wealthy you would want you to know right now about building wealth. This is a truly universal topic that applies to everyone - every age and every income level.
  81. Everything You Never Thought You Needed to Know About Health Savings Accounts2016/08/12

    In our latest installment of The Money Guy Show, we're tackling the wild topic of Health Savings Accounts. Now, upon first hearing the words "health savings account" you might be thinking you don't need one of those. Listen in, because Brian and Bo unpack this incredibly useful type of savings account and you won't believe the benefits they reveal.
  82. The Secrets to All-Inclusive Travel2016/07/29
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  83. All You Need To Know About ABLE Accounts2016/07/15

    The ABLE Account is an incredibly valuable new savings vehicle specifically geared for individuals with disabilities. Brian shares his personal experiences raising a special needs child and gets into the details of how these accounts operate. The ABLE Account is essentially a way to save and invest on a tax free basis to use for the support costs of disabled individuals.
  84. Brexit, ETFs and Mutual Funds – What You Need to Know2016/07/01

    Brian and Bo jump into the Brexit conversation and give you their insight on the events and subsequent market volatility. The guys also talk through the differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds and explain which one may make the most sense for your situation
  85. Last Week Tonight – Retirement Plans2016/06/17

    Finally! Someone in the mainstream media caught up with the times and discussed some of the issues within the financial advisory world that we have been sharing with listeners for over a decade now. HBO’s John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, put the commission based financial advisory world on blast by sharing his experience of implementing a 401k plan for the Last Week Tonight staff.
  86. 3 Behavioral Finance Traits You Should Avoid2016/06/03
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  87. Use Tax Planning as a Window into Your Financial Future2016/05/20
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  88. The Importance of a Proper Estate Plan2016/05/06
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  89. Breaking Down the It Factor2016/04/22
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  90. The Money Guy Mailbag Episode2016/04/08
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  91. Everything You Need to Know About IRAs2016/03/25
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  92. Financial Order of Operations, Money Guy Style2016/03/11
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  93. The Secrets of the Financial Planning Industry2016/02/26
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  94. How to Spot and Maximize Opportunities2016/02/12
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  95. Financial Mistakes You Hope Your Friends Will Make2016/01/29
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  96. All the Financial Advice You Need on an Index Card2016/01/15
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  97. The 30(ish) Minute Financial Plan2016/01/01

    Happy New Year, y'all! We want to start your new year off right in this first Money Guy Show episode of 2016. Whether you just started your financial journey or you consider yourself a money master, today's podcast will get you on the right path to financial success. We're bringing you all you need to know to create your own financial plan in just about 30 minutes. Ready to get started?
  98. 7 Must-Read Books for Success in 20162015/12/18
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  99. The Expensive Truth About Annuities2015/12/04

    Today, we want to expose a few truths about a type of investment that gets a lot of folks in the financial world fired up. We're sharing the truth about annuities on this episode of The Money-Guy Show, and explaining what you need to know about four different types of annuities and the expensive fees associated with each.
  100. 7 Steps for Successful Vision Planning in 20162015/11/20

    In this episode, your Money Guys cover a few tips on Black Friday shopping before revealing 7 steps you can take to have a successful 2016. If you’ve found you’re not happy with where you are and want to push past boundaries in 2016, this show will leave you feeling inspired to take action.
  101. 11 Dangerous Financial Mistakes Couples Make2015/11/06
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  102. 3 Ways to Make Your Money Go Farther2015/10/23

    The holidays are fast approaching, and that means holiday shopping. But if you want to learn how to take advantage of sales year-round -- and not just during the holidays -- then you’ll want to tune into this episode. We’re covering 3 simple but often overlooked ways you can make your money go 3 to 5% further than the rest of your peers.
  103. How to Get Out of Traps Laid by Bad Investments2015/10/09
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  104. Have Kids? Here’s How to Save for College2015/09/25

    If you have children, you know a huge cost you'll face as a parent is higher education. In this episode of The Money-Guy Show, Brian and Bo cover 5 important areas that you need to think about in discovering how to save for college -- including where to put your savings and how to invest in plans like 529s.
  105. Rethink the Way You Look at Cash2015/09/12

    Feel like cash is a boring way to go -- when you could be making great returns in the stock market? Cash may not be as exciting as smart investments, but it's still a vital part of a comprehensive financial plan. This week, Bo and Brian chat about why and how to rethink the way you look at cash.
  106. Are Robo-Advisors the Enemy? With Jon Stein from Betterment2015/08/28

    Tune in today for an exclusive interview with an industry insider: CEO of robo-advisor platform Betterment, Jon Stein. Brian and Jon talk about everything from the future of the financial advice industry to how Betterment goes beyond technology to help its investors. You don't want to miss this episode of The Money-Guy Show!
  107. Don’t Get Spooked by Market Volatility2015/08/26

    This is a special bonus episode of The Money-Guy Show. In light of recent market activity, we're re-releasing a past show that covered the importance of staying rational and understanding what market volatility really means.
  108. 5 Tips on Navigating Marriage and Money2015/08/14

    Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for decades, navigating marriage and money can be tricky. Don't fall victim to financial arguments, miscommunications, and other mistakes. Here's how to blend marriage and money harmoniously so you can enjoy your wedded bliss.
  109. 6 Financial Mistakes Pro Athletes Make and How They Apply to You2015/07/31
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  110. A Musical Money-Guy Mashup2015/07/17

    Curious about how music relates to your finances? This week, Brian revived an old Money-Guy show from way back in 2013. He takes the 7 principles in The Millionaire Next Door and matched them up with songs and lyrics. Ready to jam?
  111. How to Avoid Cognitive Investing Biases on the Road to Financial Independence2015/07/03
  112. Why (and How) You Need to Plan for the Cost of College2015/06/19
  113. A Baby, a Wedding, and a House2015/06/05
  114. 10 Things to Know Before Applying for a Mortgage2015/05/22
  115. 12 Mistakes to Avoid Making With Your IRA2015/05/08
  116. 5 Habits of 401(k) Millionaires2015/04/24
  117. 5 Ways to a Happier Financial Life2015/04/10
  118. Recapping the 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders2015/03/27
  119. Remembering a Personal Finance Icon and His Timeless Advice2015/03/13
  120. Lump Sum or Payout: How to Withdraw When You Retire2015/02/27
  121. What to Do When Life Happens2015/02/13
  122. Breaking Through the Mystery of Investing2015/01/30
  123. Should You Rent or Buy?2015/01/16
  124. What to Look for When You Need a Financial Professional2015/01/02
  125. Creating a Vision Plan for 20152014/12/19
  126. The Financial Decisions to Get Right at Every Stage and Age2014/12/05
  127. Black Friday and Bad Fees2014/11/21
  128. How to Prioritize Financial Goals2014/11/07
  129. Is the Sky Falling? How to Handle Market Volatility2014/10/22
  130. Financial Lessons Learned at FinCon2014/10/10
  131. Celebrity Money Mistakes and How to Prevent Them2014/09/26
  132. Target Date Retirement Funds Pros and Cons2014/09/15
  133. How Much Insurance Do I Need?2014/08/29
  134. Savings Samurai – Nickel Ninja2014/08/15
  135. Dollar Cost Averaging…The Discussion Continues2014/08/01
  136. Broken Dreams: Take 22014/07/18
  137. Broken Dreams: What’s Going on in Housing?2014/07/11
  138. Is The Risk Worth The Reward?2014/06/27
  139. How to Become a Millionaire2014/06/13
  140. Top Tips to Prepare for Retirement2014/05/30
  141. How Do You Hold Your Assets?2014/05/16
  142. Is Lending Club a Good Idea?2014/05/02
  143. Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?2014/04/18
  144. Discussing Money With Your Aging Parents2014/04/04
  145. Be An Advocate For Your Wallet2014/03/21
  146. Has Warren Buffett Lost His Golden Touch?2014/03/07
  147. Active vs. Passive Investing: Which Works?2014/02/21
  148. Tax Essentials2014/01/31
  149. Homeowners Insurance 1012014/01/17
  150. Benchmarking Financial Success2014/01/03
  151. The Big Give2013/12/20
  152. Finding Your Place in Life2013/12/06
  153. Financial Lessons Learned in Vegas2013/11/15
  154. Code Red2013/11/01
  155. What Financial Pros Aren’t Telling You2013/10/18
  156. Car Buying Tips and Tricks2013/10/04
  157. Money-Guy Mashup2013/09/20
  158. Addicted to Saving2013/09/06
  159. Estate Planning 1012013/08/23
  160. One Stop Loan Shop2013/08/09
  161. Yield! Watch for Dividends2013/07/26
  162. When Investing Right Goes Oh So Wrong2013/07/12
  163. The 30ish Minute Financial Plan2013/06/28
  164. Marriage…An Education2013/06/14
  165. Love and Marriage… and Finances (Rewind)2013/05/31
  166. The Risk of Not Taking Risks2013/05/17
  167. 10,000 Hours2013/05/03
  168. Building Your Dollar Army2013/04/19
  169. Investing Truths and How to Avoid the Noise2013/04/05
  170. The A B C’s of Mutual Funds2013/03/22
  171. Money-Guy Misses2013/03/08
  172. Secrets for a Dream Retirement2013/02/22
  173. Life Insurance 1012013/02/08
  174. The Web Vs. Your Financial Advisor2013/01/25
  175. The Money-Guy Answers Your Email2013/01/11
  176. Money Truths and Financial Life Lessons from the Money Guys2012/12/28
  177. Is There a Perfect Income for Happiness?2012/12/14
  178. End of Year Tax Planning2012/11/30
  179. Now That the Election is Over…2012/11/09
  180. Best 529 College Savings Plans2012/10/26
  181. Best Brokers and Retirement Rules of Thumb2012/10/12
  182. Addicted to Saving2012/09/28
  183. Bringin’ Simple Back…Again!2012/09/13
  184. Setting Yourself Up For Success2012/08/31
  185. Back to Basics: The Power of Patience2012/08/20
  186. A Gross Misconception2012/08/03
  187. 2nd Quarter Wrap-Up2012/07/20
  188. Mortgage Rates, Refinancing, and Everything Real Estate2012/07/06
  189. Tipping Tips2012/06/22
  190. Timeless Tips and Tax Advice2012/06/07
  191. Protecting Your Identity2012/05/24
  192. Facebook IPO Friend Request…Should You Accept?2012/05/11
  193. Love and Marriage…and Finances2012/04/27
  194. Above-Average Shopping and Investing2012/04/13
  195. How to Win Life’s Lottery2012/03/30
  196. Keys to Success2012/03/16
  197. Berkshire Letter to Shareholders2012/03/02
  198. Tax Season 20122012/02/17
  199. Preparing For the Unknown2012/02/03
  200. Asset Location2012/01/20
  201. 2012: A Brand New Year2012/01/06
  202. Block the Noise and Start Winning2011/12/16
  203. Portfolio Perseverance2011/12/02
  204. Black Friday 20112011/11/11
  205. Knowing When to Go Pro2011/10/28
  206. The Money-Guy’s Take on 9-9-92011/10/14
  207. Netflix, Millionaires, and Operation Twist2011/09/30
  208. Mutual Fund Mastery2011/09/16
  209. How to Identify Opportunities (And Make Your Own Luck)2011/09/02
  210. Utility Tips and Service Savings2011/08/19
  211. The Money-Guy Getaway2011/08/05
  212. Millionaire Myth Follow-Up2011/07/20
  213. Jet Owners, Ogres, and Other Millionaire Myths2011/07/08
  214. Is Investing in Rental Property a Game Worth Playing?2011/06/24
  215. If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Buy a Home Warranty?2011/06/10
  216. How Rewarding Are Your Rewards?2011/05/27
  217. The Money-Guy 2011 Commencement Address2011/05/13
  218. The Money-Guy Tax Plan: Part II2011/04/29
  219. The Money-Guy Tax Plan2011/04/15
  220. Tax Cheats and How to Stay Out of Trouble2011/04/01
  221. Asset Allocation: What to Think About2011/03/18
  222. 2010 Berkshire Letter to Shareholders2011/03/04
  223. Cut, Click, or Charge… Guidance from Grocery Gurus2011/02/18
  224. Alphabet Soup and Disney2011/02/02
  225. I May Not Always be Right…2011/01/21
  226. Never Run Out of Money…2011/01/07
  227. Certainly Uncertain2010/12/13
  228. Black Friday!!!2010/11/12
  229. HRA, HSA, and a Little History of Insurance2010/10/29
  230. Back to Basics and Email Responses2010/10/18
  231. College Savings ‘Making the Grade’2010/10/04
  232. “American Exceptionalism”: Voices From the Past2010/09/20
  233. Creative Ways to Save a Few Bucks2010/09/03
  234. My Life: A Case Study2010/08/24
  235. Prevent Your Car Accident from Becoming a Wreck2010/08/06
  236. Taxes, They Are A-Changin’2010/07/23
  237. Start Early and Stay Ahead2010/07/09
  238. How Well Do You Know Indexed Annuities?2010/06/24
  239. Why Volatility Can be Your Friend2010/06/11
  240. In Case of Emergency… Listen to This!2010/05/28
  241. “Those Who Spend Too Much Will Eventually Be Owned by Those Who Are Thrifty”2010/05/14
  242. Don’t Let Buying a Car Drive You Crazy2010/05/03
  243. Cheapskates, Tightwads, and Penny Pinchers2010/04/16
  244. Time For Your Check-Up…2010/03/26
  245. Selecting Tax Efficient Investments2010/03/10
  246. Clear the Clutter2010/02/26
  247. Understanding Unemployment2010/02/12
  248. Roth Conversion: In-Depth Analysis2010/01/28
  249. Happy New Year and A Happy Retirement2010/01/12
  250. Year-End Clean Up2009/12/04
  251. TGI BLACK FRIDAY!!2009/11/20
  252. Health Insurance Making You Sick?2009/11/06
  253. The Tortoise, or the Hare?2009/10/28
  254. Inflation Concerns…?2009/10/16
  255. Credit Card Review2009/10/07
  256. Life Changing Events and The Fair Tax2009/09/23
  257. I.O.U.S.A. One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.2009/09/04
  258. An Heir-Tight IRA2009/08/28
  259. Bing Double Cash Back2009/08/19
  260. When The Going Gets Tough…2009/08/12
  261. Free Fixes and ‘Cash For Clunkers’2009/08/03
  262. “Dead Ideas” Living On2009/07/24
  263. The Elite Savvy Consumer2009/07/17
  264. Bail Outs = Bad News2009/07/09
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