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Chimpware Podcast

  1. Shot of Chimpware 12006/03/28
    The first of a series of 30 second Vidcasts of Team Chimpware DOING STUPID THINGS.

  2. Chimpware Podcast 72006/03/27
    Host: Sideath
    Playing Length: 4:41

    OK, not really a podcast. Here I explain what the hell is going on, what's going on with Chimpware, the podcast, and a new feature!

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  3. Chimpware Podcast 62006/02/23
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  4. Chimpware Podcast 52006/02/18
    Welcome to the long awaited fifth Chimpware Podcast!

    Hosts: Simon Wang, Miles Coverdale, Sam Street, Joe Marks

    *0:00 Intro
    *0:07 News: Chimpware, New Members, E3, DS, Tech
    *6:31 Fine Crystal: Storm
    *10:19 Discussion: Evil Videogames
    *26:02 Interview: Fine Crystal
    *31:40 Outro

    Running Time: 31:51
  5. Chimpware Podcast 42006/02/18
    Chimpware Podcast 4! News, Fine Crystal, Discussion.

    News: Chimpware Updates, CES, Google, MacWorld Expo, Nintendo DS Lite, Sales
    Fine Crystal: Waiting For A Second Sign
    Discussion: Er... Munki's Quote Book, Nintendo Strategy, Getting Pissed

    Now Fully edited with Audicity!


    Running Time: 34:14
  6. Chimpware Podcast 3: Interlude2006/02/18
    Due to exams etc. Team Chimpware did not have the time to sort out a discussion Podcast. However, here is our In-House Musician Rowan Coupland aka Fine Crystal playing one of his songs: 'My Waves Are Broken' from his Album 'Radio'. Enjoy, and I'll probably post more music for the next two episodes!
  7. ChimpWare Podcast 22006/02/18
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  8. ChimpWare Podcast 12006/02/18
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  9. Info2006/02/18
    This is the XML Feed for the Chimpware Podcast
Chimpware Podcast

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