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  1. Chapter 31: Goodbyes2006/12/01

    The Last Chapter
  2. Chapter 30: A Decision - Shadowmagic2006/11/30

    -In this episode: Conner gets out of the castle and goes on a road trip.
  3. Chapter 29: A Time to Bend - Shadowmagic2006/11/29

    -In this episode: All hell breaks loose.
  4. Chapter 28: The Truth - a Second Time. - Shadowmagic2006/11/28

    -In this episode: Just before all hell breaks out.
  5. Chapter 27: The Choosing - Shadowmagic2006/11/27

    -In this episode: Oisin tries to get his hand back and Deirdre attempts the Land's first shadow-choosing as Conner and Nieve watch.
  6. Chapter 26: Aein - Shadowmagic2006/11/26

    -In this episode: Who says you can't get good help these days.
  7. Chapter 25: Born Ready - Shadowmagic2006/11/25

    -In this episode: A beginners guide to sneaking into a castle.
  8. Chapter 24: Mother Oak - Shadowmagic2006/11/24

    -In this episode: A hug of wood and leaves.
  9. Chapter 23: The Evil Eye - Shadowmagic2006/11/23

    -In this episode: A kiss, a new tree, and Araf just won't shut up.
  10. Chapter 22: The Return to the Hazellands - Shadowmagic2006/11/22

    -In this episode: A familiar voice, a regal return and an amulet.
  11. Chapter 21: The Army of the Red Hand - Shadowmagic2006/11/21

    -In this episode: The time has come.
  12. Chapter 20: The Pooka - Shadowmagic2006/11/20

    -In this episode: A busy night in the Fililands.
  13. Chapter 19: The Shadowcasting - Shadowmagic2006/11/19

    -In this episode: Fergal, Deirdre and shadowfire.
  14. Chapter 18: The Castle Beach - Shadowmagic2006/11/18

    -In this episode: A bit of a blubberfest.
  15. Chapter 17: The Race of the Twins of Macha - Shadowmagic2006/11/17

    -In this episode: The story of how Oisin lost his hand - finally.
  16. Chapter 16: The Druid Table - Shadowmagic2006/11/16

    -In this episode: Let me tell you of things I have long wished to tell.
  17. Chapter 15: Big Hair - Shadowmagic2006/11/15

    -In this episode: When the going gets tough, the not-so-tough go to La-la Land.
  18. Chapter 14: The Reedlands - Shadowmagic2006/11/14

    -In this episode: Could anything be worse than the Hazellands? Yep.
  19. Chapter 13: Lorcan - Shadowmagic2006/11/13

    -In this episode: Araf speaks, Esa cries and the gang meet The Army of the Red Hand.
  20. Chapter 12: The Hazellands - Shadowmagic2006/11/12

    -In this episode: Coner stabs, Esa thaws (a bit) and Araf doesn't say much.
  21. Chapter 11: Acorn - Shadowmagic2006/11/11

    -In this episode: Coner is back in the saddle, Fergal learns to "Yahoo" and Araf has a dance with a pig.
  22. Chapter 10: The Dahy - Shadowmagic2006/11/10

    -In this episode: A hard elbow, a cold shoulder, a noseful of lettuce and another slap on the back. Not everything is a party at Castle Muhn.
  23. Chapter 9: Gerard - Shadowmagic2006/11/09

    -In this episode: What do you say to an angry father with a sword at your throat?
  24. Chapter 8: Esa - Shadowmagic2006/11/08

    -In this episode: Wine, food, a girl and a fight -- sounds like a party at Castle Muhn.
  25. Chapter 7: Araf - Shadowmagic2006/11/07

    -In this episode: A chat with a tree and a new character who looks like he lost his neck in a poker game.
  26. Chapter 6: Fergal - Shadowmagic2006/11/06

    -In this episode: A mishap on the fields of Muhn. It's amazing who you can meet when your lying face down in a ditch.
  27. Chapter 5: Rothlú - Shadowmagic2006/11/05

    -In this episode: Conor gets another lesson in how unpleasant it is to be in a land were everyone wants you dead.
  28. Chapter 4: The Yewlands - Shadowmagic2006/11/04

    -In this episode: Be verwey verwey quiet we are entering the Yewlands.
  29. Chapter 3: Mom - Shadowmagic2006/11/03

    -In this episode: Mom hugs, get-a-ways, horse rides, boats, dreams and apples -- oh my.
  30. Chapter 2: Uncle Cialtie - Shadowmagic2006/11/02

    -In this episode: Conor and his Dad get to meet their 'host' and Conor almost gets a new nickname -- Lefty.
  31. Chapter 1: Aunt Nieve - Shadowmagic2006/11/01

    -In this episode: Conor wakes up to find himself chained to a dungeon wall. Don't you just hate when that happens?
"Hi, my name is Conor. Other than my father being a bit of an eccentric lunatic, my life was pretty normal until I got attacked in my living room and whisked away to Tir na Nog, the mystical land of the ancient Celts, where it turns out Dad is the usurped heir to the throne and everybody wants me dead because of some prophecy. Don't you just hate when that happens?"Shadowmagic is a rip roaring fun fantasy adventure novel by John Lenahan very loosely based on Irish mythology where every chapter ends on the edge of a cliff (or at least a high curb.) Join Conor as he grapples with typical teenage problems like, how to deal with a father's high expectations, how to survive in the world on your own and how to woo a beautiful girl - that wants you dead. Shadowmagic a podcast novel for young adults from 12 to 112.Rated 10 out of 10 on The Geek Beat!

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