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  1. Episode 100 - The Final Episode2008/03/26
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  2. Episode 099 - Slackware Revisited2008/03/19
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  3. Episode 098 - Super Basic Shell Scripting2008/03/12

    In this episode: a generalized discussion of shell scripts with some basic examples of how they can be useful. Here are some additional resources: online slide presentation ; Shell Scripting Tutorial ; Quick Guide to Writing Scripts ; UNIX Shell Scripting .
  4. Episode 097 - A Few Linux Games2008/03/05
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  5. Episode 096 - Two Years Later2008/02/27

    In this episode: I take a few minutes to talk about the last two years of Linux Reality, and also announce the upcoming end of the show. There will be a few more episodes of good Linuxy topics and then the podcast will end at episode 100.
  6. Episode 095 - Listener Feedback2008/02/20

    In this episode: three Listener Tips, three audio feedbacks, and tons and tons of email.

    Extra notes are located here .

  7. Episode 094 - Linux for Writers2008/02/13

    In this guest episode: Charles Olsen discusses various applications and tools for writers that are available in Linux.
  8. Episode 093 - Interview with Nathan Lowell2008/02/06

    In this episode: an interview with author Nathan Lowell , in which we discuss his four science fiction novels, Quarter Share , Half Share , Full Share , and South Coast , technology, artists and authors releasing their works for free, and his use of Linux. All of Nathan Lowell's books are available on Podiobooks.com .
  9. Episode 092 - Ardour2008/01/30

    In this guest episode: Klaatu, from The Bad Apples podcast , returns and provides a great overview and explanation of the digital audio workstation application, Ardour .
  10. Episode 091 - Happy New Year2008/01/23

    In this episode: welcome to 2008; great audiobooks by Nathan Lowell , including Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and South Coast, all available at Podiobooks.com ; Hacker Public Radio ; the KDE Release Event at the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA; a review of Absolute FreeBSD by Michael W. Lucas.
  11. Episode 090 - Year End Wrap-Up2007/12/19

    In this episode: a recap of the past year and my thanks to you for a great 2007; two audio Listener Tips; audio and email listener feedback; a special treat at the end.
  12. Episode 089 - Interview with Paul Asadoorian and Larry Pesce2007/12/12
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  13. Episode 088 - 2007 Project Donations2007/12/08

    In this mini-episode: a short discussion of the 2007 Project Donation Page and a request that, in the spirit of the holidays, Linux Reality listeners consider making a small donation to any free or open source project of their choosing.
  14. Episode 087 - Interview with Cory Jaeger2007/12/04

    In this episode: an interview with Cory Jaeger, Network Manager at D.C. Everest School District about Linux and open source software in education; three audio Listener Tips, one on Gutsy Gibbon tweaks, one on changing hypertext links in OpenOffice.org, and another on recording with command line tools such as sox.

    Extra notes are located here .

  15. Episode 086 - Listener Feedback2007/11/28

    In this episode: the Cowon D2 ; 2007 Project Donations; a Listener Tip on finding your public ip address; lots of listener email feedback.
  16. Episode 085 - Command Line Fun2007/11/21

    In this episode: a new Linux podcast called Linux Basement ; a discussion of various fun command line topics, including how to use a different interactive shell, such as Zsh (more information here and here ), a look at the great mail user agent, Mutt , and combining Irssi with Bip for text-based IRC (great article here ); a Listener Tip on creating desktop launchers.
  17. Episode 084 - Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon2007/11/07

    In this shortened episode: a brief discussion of my upgrades and installs of the newest release of Ubuntu Linux , 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon; Listener Tip on the bash shell's double-exclamation point history operator; email feedback.
  18. Episode 083 - Inkscape Part 22007/10/31

    In this guest episode: Part 2 of Richard Querin's discussion of Inkscape ; a Listener Tip on dmidecode ; audio and email listener feedback.
  19. Episode 082 - Inkscape Part 12007/10/24

    In this guest episode: a new old toy in my household; rootbsd.net , a provider of FreeBSD -based Virtual Private Servers; then, Richard Querin , who co-maintains the Screencasters site with video tutorials, presents the first part of a two part series on the vector graphics editor, Inkscape ; a Listener Tip on lspci by Verbal; lots of listener email and feedback.
  20. Episode 081 - Audio in Linux2007/10/17

    In this guest episode: Duncan Macneil discusses a variety of issues regarding audio in Linux, including device drivers, recording applications, and cleaning up audio files in Audacity ; Listener Tip on a list of free shell accounts ; email feedback.
  21. Episode 080 - The GIMP2007/10/10

    In this guest episode: Klaatu from The Bad Apples podcast gives a great introduction to The GNU Image Manipulation Program , also known as The GIMP.

    You can view and download the source files mentioned in the podcast at http://www.thebadapples.info/linuxreality .
  22. Episode 079 - Ohio Linux Fest2007/10/03

    In this episode: a recap of the Ohio Linux Fest ; a Listener Tip; audio and email feedback, including a mention of the fiction of James Viscosi . [Note: For some reason, the audio levels got a bit messed up for this one. Sorry!]
  23. Episode 078 - RSS Readers2007/09/19

    In this episode: Ohio Linux Fest update; a discussion of various RSS readers including Liferea , RSSOwl , Straw , Blam , Akregator , Sage , Evolution-RSS plugin, Google Reader , Bloglines , Netvibes , My Yahoo , Feed on Feeds , and RNews .
  24. Episode 077 - Fonts and Font Configuration2007/09/12

    In this episode: a great sci-fi/horror podiobook, "Crescent "; two great short-story podcasts, "Escape Pod " with independent fiction mostly in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and "Pseudopod " which focuses on horror; a discussion of fonts and font configuration in Linux, with helpful resources available here , here , and here .
  25. Episode 076 - Partitioning and Filesystems2007/09/05

    In this episode: contest and guest podcasts; a discussion about certain considerations to take into account when partitioning a hard drive for a Linux install, and then a talk about various Linux filesystems, including Ext2 , Ext3 , ReiserFS , XFS , JFS , Ext4 , Reiser4 , and ZFS ; audio and email listener feedback.
  26. Episode 075 - BSD Wrap-Up2007/08/29
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  27. Episode 074 - Interview with Will Backman2007/08/15

    In this episode: an interview with the host of the BSDTalk Podcast , Will Backman, in which we talk about the history of the BSD's, including FreeBSD , NetBSD , OpenBSD , DragonflyBSD , PC-BSD , and DesktopBSD , and discuss some of the goals and features of these projects.
  28. Episode 073 - Listener Feedback2007/08/08

    In this episode: a brief talk about some desktop software, including Openbox , Conky , and the ttm Tint Task Manager ; audio Listener Tip; lots and lots of listener feedback.
  29. Episode 072 - Interview with Keith Watson2007/08/01

    In this episode: an interview with Keith Watson, a blind systems administrator, in which we talk about accessibility issues in computer operating systems and about accessibility technologies in Linux, including Speakup and Orca .
  30. Episode 071 - Interview with John Rundag2007/07/18

    In this episode: no episode next week; an interview with John Rundag , technology coordinator for an Ohio school district; Listener Tip on static ip addresses using DHCP; audio and email listener feedback, including one on using Twitter for software updates .
  31. Episode 070 - Arch Linux2007/07/11

    In this episode: a discussion of an advanced Linux distribution, Arch Linux , including some hints and tips on getting Arch Linux installed and how to update and configure the system; Listener Tip; audio and email feedback.
  32. Episode 069 - Vim Basics2007/07/03

    In this episode: a new sponsor for Linux Reality, O'Reilly Media -- please be sure to use the coupon code "LREL40" for 40% off your purchases on the O'Reilly website; a new release of Slackware 12.0 ; a pretty high-level discussion of Vim to introduce folks to the basic movement and editing commands; email listener feedback.
  33. Episode 068 - Interview with Jonas Kron2007/06/27

    In this episode: an interview with attorney Jonas Kron , who practices in the area of corporate social and environmental responsibility, in which we discuss bringing open source software into a small business; audio question on open source groupware (see Citadel , phpGroupWare , and Zimbra ); and audio and email feedback.
  34. Episode 067 - Fedora 72007/06/20
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  35. Episode 066 - Interview with Andrew Smith2007/06/13
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  36. Episode 065 - Linksys NSLU22007/06/06

    In this episode: a discussion about running Linux on the Linksys NSLU2 ("Slug") network storage device, including a talk about installing Debian Etch; a Listener Tip on calling the Linux Reality Gizmo SIP number; several audio listener comments and some emails as well.
  37. Episode 064 - Home Servers Part 10: Conclusion2007/05/30

    In this episode: Gizmo and audio feedback; new Linux Reality IRC channel on irc.freenode.net; Brad at anytimegeek.com provides remote support for Linux; a wrap-up discussion of home servers and server-based distributions; listener audio comments on their home servers; audio and email listener feedback.
  38. Episode 062 - Home Servers Part 8: Music Servers2007/05/16
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  39. Episode 063 - Home Servers Part 9: Backup Servers2007/05/23
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  40. Episode 061 - Home Servers Part 7: Simple Email Server2007/05/09

    In this episode: a discussion of how to set up a simple local imap email server using Getmail and Dovecot (additional information here , here , here , here , here , and here ); audio and email feedback.
  41. Episode 060 - Home Servers Part 6: DNS and DHCP2007/05/02

    In this episode: a discussion of Dnsmasq , a very easy to configure DNS and DHCP server; audio and email listener feedback.
  42. Episode 059 - Home Servers Part 5: File and Print Servers2007/04/25

    In this episode: a mention of some excellent free audio books from Podiobooks.com , including ones from Scott Sigler , as well as the novels The Immortals , Singularity , How to Succeed in Evil Volume One , Brave Men Run , and Shadowmagic ; a discussion of print servers on Debian Etch using CUPS and file servers using Samba; audio and email feedback.
  43. Episode 058 - Home Servers Part 4: WebCalendar2007/04/18

    In this episode: we bring all the LAMP pieces together and install a php-mysql application, WebCalendar ; audio tip on Linux From Scratch ; audio and email Listener Feedback.
  44. Episode 057 - Home Servers Part 3: PHP and MySQL2007/04/11

    In this episode: Debian Etch is released; a discussion of the "MP" in "LAMP": PHP and MySQL ; audio Listener Tip; audio and email feedback.

    Extra notes are located here .

  45. Episode 056 - Home Servers Part 2: The Apache Web Server2007/04/04

    In this episode: VTC course on Ubuntu Linux; an overview of the Apache Web Server (additional documentation here , here , and here ); audio and email listener feedback.
  46. Episode 055 - Home Servers Part 12007/03/21

    In this episode: the first part of a multi-episode series on home servers; audio Listener Tip on Win4Lin server edition; audio and email listener feedback. Note: there will not be an episode next week, but LR will return the following week.
  47. Episode 054 - Xorg.conf2007/03/14

    In this episode: Dann Washko's discussion of Linux in schools in Episode 182 of The Linux Link Tech Show ; the Ohio Linux Fest ; a discussion of the X Window System and its configuration file, xorg.conf ; several listener emails, including a mention of the Intel drivers and firmware for the 3945 wireless cards, Ralink wireless cards , and Puppy Linux .
  48. Episode 053 - Listener Feedback2007/03/07

    In this episode: LR fliers at LUGRadio Live; the Ohio Linux Fest ; a Listener Tip on the Slax Live CD; a ton of audio and written listener comments and feedback, including one on the book "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell ".
  49. Episode 052 - Wireless Networking Basics2007/02/28

    In this episode: a basic, general overview of wireless networking in Linux, with mentions of the Intel wireless firmware, MadWifi , WPA Supplicant , NdisWrapper , and more; several audio Listener Tips, one on using an iPod with Amarok, and two regarding ssh and vnc; audio feedback.
  50. Episode 051 - VNC2007/02/21
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  51. Episode 050 - One Year Later2007/02/16

    Linux Reality is one year old! It has been one great year and in this episode I take some time to say thanks -- to you, the LR listener, for your support by way of listening to the show, participating in the forums, sending in donations, and providing your email and audio feedback. I pack in lots of listener feedback and questions.
  52. Episode 049 - GNU Screen2007/02/14

    In this episode: a few miscellaneous items, such as testing some BSD's, installing Ubuntu Edgy on a Thinkpad t42, and setting up a new server on an old P3 750mhz machine; a discussion of the basics of using GNU Screen (additional tips are here and here ); a listener tip on Wine ; lots of great feedback including some audio comments on the Linux in schools issue.
  53. Episode 048 - Xfce 4.42007/02/07

    In this episode: Linux in public schools; the release of Microsoft Vista; a discussion of Xfce 4.4 and the related Xfce Goodies project; an audio Listener Tip on changing window buttons in GNOME; listener feedback.
  54. Episode 047 - OpenPGP2007/01/31

    In this episode: a discussion of OpenPGP , GnuPG , and how to use public-key cryptography to sign and encrypt emails and files (here are some excellent how-to's: GnuPG mini Howto , Gentoo Documentation on GnuPG , and Ubuntu Documentation on GnuPG ); an audio Listener Tip on the "cal" command; audio and email Listener Feedback.
  55. Episode 046 - Hidden Directories and Files2007/01/24

    In this episode: my server provider's datacenter move; LR mentioned in Issue #68 of Linux User and Developer Magazine ; a discussion of various hidden directories in a user's home directory, such as .config/, .gnome2/, .gnupg/, .icons/, and more, and hidden files, such as .bash_history, .bash_profile, .bashrc, .fonts.conf, .gtkrc, .gtkrc-2.0, .vimrc, .xinitrc, and more.
  56. Episode 045 - KDE and GNOME2007/01/17

    In this episode: a discussion of the two primary Linux desktop environments, KDE (additional sites KDE-Apps.org and KDE-Look.org ) and GNOME (additional sites art.gnome.org , gnome-look.org , and gnomefiles.org ); a listener audio question on Linux XP ; listener feedback.
  57. Episode 044 - System Logs2007/01/10

    In this episode: various administrative items, including a mention of the Linux Reality wikipedia entry, voice mail, forums, and end of email notification; a discussion of the Linux system logs found in /var/log; a Listener Tip on DSL and Freespire ; listener feedback.
  58. Episode 043 - Happy New Year2007/01/03

    In this episode: welcome back! Items of discussion include new music, 2006 Linux Reality Project Donation update; Debian Etch netinstall ; Debian Etch on the Linksys NSLU2 ; Parallels virtual machine; KDE , Amarok , and Exaile ; lots of listener feedback, including news from a listener on Linux System Administration .
  59. Special Episode 002 - Site Updates2006/12/17
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  60. Special Episode 001 - Slackware2006/12/13
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  61. Episode 042 - Year End Wrap-Up2006/11/29

    In this episode: new logo; paying it forward; questionsplease.org ; 7th Son ; a discussion about the LR podcast, where we have been and where we might go; Dell Optiplex GX620; wireless networking; Microsoft-Novell deal; listener feedback.
  62. Episode 041 - Compiling from Source2006/11/21

    In this episode: donating to free and open source projects; a discussion of how to compile software from source code (more guides here and here ); a Listener Tip; listener feedback.
  63. Episode 040 - Listener Feedback2006/11/15

    In this episode: working on a new logo; taking a break in December; new computer; 7th Son podcast novel by J.C. Hutchins; Listener Tip on mp32ogg; listener feedback.
  64. Episode 039 - Cron2006/11/08

    In this episode: new logo submissions; taking a short break at the end of the year; O'Reilly's LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, Second Edition ; a discussion of cron and crontab (additional resources here , here , and here ); a Listener Tip on clearing Bash history; listener feedback.
  65. Episode 038 - Useful Shell Commands Part 22006/11/03

    In this shortened episode: upcoming episodes on file managers and Fedora Core 6; interview with Patrick Volkerding on The Linux Link Tech Show ; a discussion of various Linux commands including df , wc , cal , date , clear , who , whoami , whois , whereis , cat , lpr , lpstat , and lpq ; promo for the Gadgetboyz podcast ; a Listener Tip on GParted Live CD ; listener feedback.
  66. Episode 037 - SSH2006/10/24
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  67. Episode 036 - Other Window Managers2006/10/18

    In this episode: a brief look at other window managers, including Openbox (more info here and here ), Enlightenment (more info here and here ), Ratpoison (more info here and here ), Windowmaker , FVWM (more info here ), Ion (more info here and here ), and PekWM ; a Listener Tip; listener feedback.
  68. Episode 035 - Fluxbox2006/10/11

    In this episode: Slackware 11, a free course from LinuxBasics.org, adding Ogg Vorbis files to main feed; a discussion of the Fluxbox window manager (helpful information is here , here , and here ); a Listener Tip; listener feedback.
  69. Episode 034 - IceWM2006/10/04

    In this episode: a discussion of the IceWM window manager; a Listener Tip; listener feedback. Not mentioned in the episode is this good IceWM guide here .
  70. Episode 033 - Xfce2006/09/27

    In this episode: a look at the Xfce Desktop Environment and alternative file managers to use with Xfce such as Emelfm2 , Rox-filer , PCManFM , and the Gentoo file manager; two listener tips; listener feedback.
  71. Episode 032 - Web Browsers2006/09/20

    In this episode: my return from vacation; a discussion of various Linux web browsers, including Firefox , Seamonkey , Epiphany , Galeon , Konqueror , Opera , Dillo , Lynx , Links , ELinks , and w3m ; two listener tips; listener feedback - yep, the order is reversed.
  72. Episode 031 - Pat Davila on An Introduction to Video Editing with Kino2006/09/12

    In this episode: a very special guest host, Pat Davila of The Linux Link Tech Show , explains how to import, edit, and export digital video to and from Kino . Additional articles of interest are here and here .
  73. Episode 030 - Useful Shell Commands2006/09/06

    In this episode: wrap-up of The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 155; listener feedback; three Listener Tips; a discussion of various helpful shell commands, including head , tail , find (more on find at Linux.com), locate , ifconfig , iwconfig , ps , top , grep , adduser , passwd , and how to send a process to the background.
  74. Episode 029 - Printer Networking2006/08/30

    In this episode: listener feedback, two Listener Tips, a review and discussion of CUPS and how to connect local and networked printers to and from Linux and Windows. Additional resources are here , here , and here .

    Extra notes are located here .

  75. Episode 028 - Linux Friendly Hardware2006/08/23
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  76. Episode 027.5 - Listener Feedback2006/08/18

    In this special mini-episode: listener feedback on VMware for the Mac and Qemu , windows networking, Webmin , and changing the GRUB boot order; two Listener Tips, one on man pages and the other on the Qunu live help.
  77. Episode 027 - Windows Applications on Linux2006/08/16
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  78. Episode 026 - Windows Networking Part 22006/08/09

    In this episode: voice mail system; upcoming Linux Reality Podcast Volume 1 CD; promo for In the Trenches ; listener feedback; two Listener Tips; accessing a Linux machine from a Windows machine using Samba .

    Extra notes are located here .

  79. Episode 025 - Windows Networking Part 12006/08/02

    In this episode: listener hotline/voice mail now up and running; promo for Casting from the Server Room ; listener feedback; two Listener Tips; a detailed and command-line driven discussion of connecting to a Windows machine from a Linux machine using Samba . Next week, we will look at the reverse.

    Extra notes are located here .

  80. Episode 024 - Video Applications2006/07/26
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  81. Episode 023 - Productivity Applications2006/07/19
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  82. Episode 022 - Audio Players2006/07/13
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  83. Episode 021 - Email Clients2006/07/05

    In this episode: listener feedback, including a mention of the Libsyn podcast hosting service and a discussion of the Intel processor x86 architecture; an overview of various Linux email clients, including KMail , Evolution , Thunderbird , Sylpheed , Sylpheed-Claws , Opera Mail , Mozilla Mail (now part of Seamonkey ), Pine , and Mutt .
  84. Episode 020 - Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Part 22006/06/28
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  85. Episode 019 - Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Part 12006/06/22

    In this episode: listener feedback, including how to install flash and java in DSL; downloading and booting Ubuntu Linux 6.06 “Dapper Drake”; a discussion of the Ubuntu GNOME desktop environment, including a look at Nautilus , the GNOME file manager; a review of how to install additional packages from the Ubuntu Add/Remove Applications tool and the Synaptic package manager.
  86. Episode 018 - SUSE Linux 10.1 Part 32006/06/15

    In this episode: listener feedback; SUSE documentation ; a brief discussion of how to install the ATI and NVIDIA proprietary video drivers; a look at installing and configuring XGL, with additional guides here and here .
  87. Episode 017 - SUSE Linux 10.1 Part 22006/06/07
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  88. Episode 016 - SUSE Linux 10.1 Part 12006/05/31

    In this episode: GParted Live CD; listener feedback; an audio walk-through of a SUSE Linux 10.1 hard drive installation. Additionally, you may want to see a screencast of the installation here . A particularly good review of this distribution is from Tuxmachines . Next week, we will be using some of things described in this guide to help tweak the installation.
  89. Episode 015 - Partitioning and Bootloaders2006/05/24
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  90. Episode 014 - Command Line Basics2006/05/17

    In this episode: first donation; information on VMware and LBox from Stefan at LinuxBasics.org ; listener feedback, including a distribution chooser and where to install Firefox; command line basics , including a discussion of the shell and terminal, a brief look at the commands ls, CD, cp, mv, rm, mkdir, less, the pipe character, su, and how to exit out of the terminal.
  91. Episode 013 - Users, Groups, and Permissions2006/05/10

    In this episode: minor clarification; upcoming SUSE 10.1 release; listener feedback; a general discussion of Linux users , groups , and file/directory permissions , including the concepts of classes, specific permissions, symbolic notation, and octal notation.
  92. Episode 012 - Basic Package Management2006/05/03

    In this episode: Firefly and Can’t Stop the Serenity charity screenings; listener feedback including Colin’s blog with a screencast of Linux Reality Episode 11; a general, high-level discussion of Linux package management, including a comparison of source file tarballs and binary packages, such as RPMs and Debian .deb files.
  93. Episode 011 - Linux Filesystem Hierarchy2006/04/26

    In this episode: listener feedback; a discussion of the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard as defined by the Free Standards Group .
  94. Episode 010 - PCLinuxOS Part 32006/04/19

    In this (slightly extended) episode: Linux User Groups ; the Linux Counter ; PCLinuxOS New User Guide and Forum ; listener feedback; a Linux Map ; configuring PCLinuxOS using the KDE Control Center and the PCLinuxOS Control Center ; installing new applications , such as OpenOffice.org and Frozen-Bubble , from the PCLinuxOS software repositories using the Synaptic package manager.
  95. Episode 009 - PCLinuxOS Part 22006/04/12
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  96. Episode 008 - PCLinuxOS Part 12006/04/05

    In this episode: the Georgia Aquarium ; the new Linux Reality site forums are live; listener feedback; booting to a live CD; enabling the ability to boot to a CD in a computer’s BIOS ; PCLinuxOS initial boot into the KDE desktop environment; a review of the default desktop, including a look at the KDE Kicker, Konqueror , Kontact , and more.
  97. Episode 007 - Burning ISOs2006/03/28
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  98. Episode 006 - Linux ISOs2006/03/21
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  99. Episode 005 - Version Numbering2006/03/15

    In this episode: over 100 pins on the LR Frappr map; international Linux adoption; listener feedback; my two favorite beers; version numbering as it applies to the Linux kernel and Linux distributions ; how the movie Toy Story is relevant to the Debian GNU/Linux distribution; Ubuntu naming and numbering conventions.
  100. Episode 004 - Overview of Linux Distributions2006/03/08

    In this episode: the Linux Reality Frappr map; site forums; listener feedback; a return trip to Distrowatch for an overview of various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu , SUSE , Mandriva , MEPIS , Debian , Kubuntu , KNOPPIX , and PCLinuxOS ; a brief discussion of Linux desktop environments , including KDE and GNOME .
  101. Episode 003 - Linux Resources2006/03/01

    In this episode: listener feedback; a review of Linux news sites, including Distrowatch , Desktoplinux.com , LXer , and LWN.net ; places to look for assistance with Linux, including Google’s customized Linux search page, the LinuxQuestions.org community forum, and TUX Magazine ; other Linux podcasts, such as the Linux Link Tech Show , LugRadio , and JaK Attack .
  102. Episode 002 - Free Software2006/02/22
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  103. Episode 001 - Introduction2006/02/16
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