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GIS and Location Technology

  1. GIS & Location Technology Episode 10 - Forecasting and the Value of Spatially-enabled Databases2007/04/18
    Spatially-enabled databases can be used to streamline decision support for resource management. This presentation describes an example that automates data interchange between a cost modeling application, GIS database, and pavement scenario manager.
  2. GIS & Location Technology Episode 9 - GIS 2.0 - Squeezing New Value from Old GIS2007/04/18
    Decentralized databases, open source components and non-traditional visualization tools can enhance the value of an existing GIS.
  3. GIS & Location Technology Episode 8 - Fast, Easy and Convenient - The value proposition for Enterprise GIS mashups2007/04/18
    Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and other emerging technologies can be integrated with traditional GIS tools to deliver useful and targeted "enterprise mashups".
  4. GIS & Location Technology Episode 7 - The Relevance of Emerging Geospatial Technologies for IT2006/12/04
    This recent presentation discusses how organizations can leverage spatially aware databases, free mapping API's like Google Earth, and open source software like Autodesk Mapguide, to manage data, integrate systems, and deliver compelling geospatial applications for a fraction of the cost of traditional GIS.
  5. GIS & Location Technology Episode 6 - Public mapping technology and private data: can we have the best of both worlds?2006/11/27
    With the release of the latest version of Microsoft Virtual Earth, it is more apparent than ever, that open mapping technology can offer competitive tools for GIS professionals. We discuss when you should consider using one of these public mapping solutions, and how they can be integrated with in-house GIS data.
  6. GIS & Location Technology Episode 5 - Why use a mashup when you already have a GIS?2006/08/28
    Everyone seems to be taking an interest in mashups. Although the uses are diverse, the common thread is that they use location and maps as a theme, and they provide a simple visual interface for decision support. From a GIS perspective, when would it be desirable to use a mashup? We give an example of landslide hazard analysis in the Bay Area.
  7. GIS & Location Technology Episode 4 - What is a geospatially-aware database and why should you care? A first look at Oracle Spatial2006/06/15
    At Farallon we receive a lot of questions about geodatabases, spatially aware databases, and in particular, about Oracle Spatial. In this episode we look at what it means for a database to be spatially-aware, and how this translates to enhanced data validity, finer control over user permissions, and easier access for web developers.
  8. GIS & Location Technology Episode 3 - Is there such a thing as 3D GIS?2006/05/11
    There is a lot of buzz around geospatial 3D right now. This is most recently highlighted by all of the news and speculation surrounding the combination of Google Earth and their free Sketchup 3D modeling software. The expanding interest in 3D and its relevance to GIS may reflect a growing fundamental change in how we work with geospatial information.
  9. GIS & Location Technology Episode 2 - Interview with Mike Tait, Director of Internet Solutions at ESRI2006/03/28
    ArcWeb Services offers on demand geospatial capabilities to businesses. ArcWeb Explorer goes beyond Google Earth with backend geoprocessing, easier mashups, Flash and SVG graphics. GIS in the future will be less about mapping and more about background geoprocessing that uses SOA to integrate into business analysis.
  10. GIS & Location Technology Episode 1 - Autodesk and Open Source, GIS vs. SIM, Google Earth and the GIS industry2006/02/10
    Autodesk GIS Web mapping server goes open source - what this means and what is their motivation. GIS vs Spatial Information Management (SIM) - how are they different. Google Earth - why is it cool and how is it transforming GIS from the realm of specialists to mainstream IT.
GIS and Location Technology
Commentary on the latest trends and interesting applications in the GIS and Spatial Information Management

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