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  1. Cleveland Rock promotions - Rock Hall of Fame2012/03/19
    Joel Peresman, President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Foundation says from the moment a visitor gets off a plane in the airport they should be immersed in Cleveland Rocks promotions. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/events/2012/lhaven-rockhall.htm
  2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Walk of Fame2012/03/19
    Terry Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum tells of the new Walk of Fame where plaques of the 270 inductees will be placed throughout downtown Cleveland. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/events/2012/lhaven-rockhall.htm
  3. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Economic Boom2012/03/19
    Terry Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum tells of the economic boom the Rock Hall’s millions of visitors have brought to Cleveland. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/events/2012/lhaven-rockhall.htm
  4. Rock and Roll Hall of FameInductions - The Selection Process2012/03/19
    Terry Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Joel Peresman, President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation explain the selection criteria and process for the Rock Hall. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/events/2012/lhaven-rockhall.htm
  5. Tech Pioneers lost in 20112012/01/09
    Most people will remember 2011 as the year that Steve Jobs died. And that is fitting. But we lost many other tech pioneers in 2011 and without some of them, there would have been no Apple or Microsoft or PC industry as we know it.
  6. What bright students are studying (Hint, it's not STEM)2011/12/04
    We all know that the US is lagging in producing students in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – disciplines. This will lead to a huge competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. So what are the bright kids choosing to study? http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  7. Pepper Pike Mayor Bruce Akers - Merging Suburbs2011/10/29
    Pepper Pike Mayor Bruce Akers tells how their plans for merging 4 suburbs into one have been evolving over the years. They already share school and other service which shows they can work together. The increasing cost of government makes it important. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/reviews/events.htm
  8. Orange Mayor Kathy Mulcahy - Merging Suburbs2011/10/29
    Orange Mayor Kathy Mulcahy tells how the merger discussions began with input from CSU and Baldwin-Wallace. The results of that study led to talks of a merger of the suburbs. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/reviews/events.htm
  9. Woodmere Mayor Charles Smith - Merging Suburbs2011/10/29
    Woodmere Mayor Charles Smith gives his impressions about a possible merger of his suburb with 3 other eastern suburbs. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/reviews/events.htm
  10. Dysfunctional Growth in local government spending2011/10/29
    Pepper Pike Mayor Bruce Akers quotes statistics showing 70% growth in local government spending and calls it a dysfunctional situation. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/reviews/events.htm
  11. How Global Cleveland is working with grassroots groups2011/10/27
    Forest City’s Albert Ratner answered a question from the audience as to how Global Cleveland is working with the grassroots groups in the community. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
  12. Forest City’s Albert Ratner - 3 ideas to grow Cleveland2011/10/27
    Forest City’s Albert Ratner offered 3 ideas to grow Cleveland. They concerned senior citizens, the movie industry and the foreclosure crisis. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
  13. Cleveland’s best year and why – Forest City’s Albert Ratner2011/10/27
    Forest City’s Albert Ratner said 1904 was Cleveland’s best year because the great business community began to develop. As they left a vacuum was created and Cleveland suffered. It’s all about leadership. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
  14. CWRU Prez & Forest City Chair on how to Globalize Cleveland2011/10/27
    Forest City’s Albert Ratner and CWRU President Barbara Snyder discuss how to Globalize Cleveland. Ratner said we need more people – of all kinds. Snyder touted the percentage of international students at Case. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/
  15. Hewlett Packard and the Cleveland Browns2011/10/10
    Turnover at the top is often indicative of poor records. Just ask the Cleveland Browns. Is this what Hewlett Packard, with yet another CEO change has in its future? http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
  16. PC User Groups and 9/112011/09/09
    Computer user groups stepped up when needed on 9/11 just as they do every day in their own communities. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  17. Steve Jobs and HP - What a week!2011/08/27
    First there was Hewlett-Packard announcing their plans for a dramatic business realignment which includes its intention to get out of the PC business. Then there was the news that Steve Jobs was stepping down as CEO of Apple Computer, presumably for health reasons. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/podaudio/audio/glg-oneminute/glg-082711.mp3
  18. The IBM PC turns 302011/08/17
    The blessing of IBM transformed the PC from a hobbyist’s machine into a business machine. Soon offices all over the country would have IBM PCs on their desk, often with a screen burn in of the rows and columns of a Lotus 123 spreadsheet on the green or amber monitor. The Great Lakes Geek reflects back. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  19. MS-DOS turns 30 - remember CP/M?2011/08/07
    Last week MS-DOS turned 30 years old. Back then CP/M was the standard but for various reasons, Microsoft’s $50,000 purchase of Q-DOS became the standard for IBM PCs and the rest is history. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  20. The Great Lakes Go Global2011/07/24
    Many Great Lakes cities have dwindling populations, high unemployment and a rust belt perception. One of the ways that cities have been able to increase population, job creation and vitality is by attracting immigrants. But this is a very competitive arena that requires a sense of urgency.
  21. IBM at 1002011/07/09
    How does a technology company last over 100 years? It’s a terrific feat accomplished by IBM who brought us the System 360, IBM PC, Fortran, UPC barcode, floppy disk, AS/400 and much more. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/
  22. New International Business space in Cleveland2011/06/18
    Immigrant entrepreneur Radhika Reddy talks about the business opportunities at the new global center she is creating in Cleveland Ohio. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
  23. Microsoft buys Skype - Why?2011/05/16
    What’s really behind Microsoft’s purchase of Skype? And will consumers pay for Skype’s services? http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  24. Free MIT Education?2011/04/24
    Most of us will never be able to attend MIT and take classes there. But there is a program called MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) which is a web-based publication of virtually (pun intended) all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to anyone in the world. Check it out. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  25. Flipped off by Cisco2011/04/16
    Cisco is killing the Flip video camera line. Here’s why their $590 million investment in this popular product failed. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  26. The Cloud for Non-techies2011/04/03
    Lately I’ve been hearing people butcher the term - The Cloud, and related phrases like Private and Public Cloud. The Cloud will mean different things to different people but here's an easy way to explain Public and Private Clouds. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  27. Friends don't let friends run IE 62011/03/21
    Internet Explorer 6 is a ten year old product that has become insecure in the modern web world. The Great Lakes Geek is joining the effort to get people to upgrade to a more modern, secure browser. After all, friends don’t let friends run IE6. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  28. Pi Day is March 142011/03/12
    March 14th is Pi Day because it is 3-14 and Pi, of course, begins with 3.14159265...Pi has amazing properties and fun facts associated with it but is also extremely useful in math, science and engineering. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  29. Real Web Developers are Programmers2011/02/27
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  30. Supercomputers, Monty Python and Jeopardy2011/02/18
    What does a classic comedy skit from Monty Python have to do with artificial intelligence and an IBM supercomputer? Jeopardy contestants would know. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  31. Least interesting day of the century2011/02/10
    A computer program determined that April 11, 1954 was the least interesting day of the last century. That reminded the Great Lakes Geek about a classic math puzzle. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  32. When the Internet os shut down2011/02/01
    When Egypt pulled the plug on January 28, 2011 it was historic. How prepared are we to do business should a disaster happen? We are increasingly dependent on mobile connectivity and cloud-based software, apps and traditional, and data storage. What happens if the lights go out or the Net goes down? http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  33. Bye Bye CD-ROMs - deja vu all over again2011/01/22
    SONY is closing one of its two remaining CD-ROM plants. Future generations will have a difficult time in learning about our society because of the various outdated media they will discover – all requiring a special device to read the data. You need to refresh your important data to new and current media. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  34. Geeks and Cooking2011/01/16
    What is it with geeks and cooking lately? We used to be content with over-caffeinated beverages or beer and pizza. Now I am faced with a book called Cooking for Geeks, caffeinated quality marshmallows and an iGrill Bluetooth cooking thermometer. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/one-minute.htm
  35. Las Vegas tech shows after 9/112011/01/10
    I didn’t make it to Vegas for CES this year but when I see the ubiquitous news blurbs about the crowds and new gadgets I can’t help but remember that one trip in 2001 when several thousand of us sat in the hall with one eye watching Bill Gates and the other looking for the nearest emergency exit.
  36. One minute with the Great Lakes Geek2011/01/03
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  37. Steve Tobacman discusses Global Detroit2010/10/29
    Steve Tobocman, former majority floor leader of the Michigan House of Representatives, has been spearheading Global Detroit, an initiative to grow southeast Michigan’s economy by attracting and retaining global talent and investment
  38. Richard Herman discusses Global Cleveland2010/10/29
    Richard Herman, author of “Immigrant, Inc.” and co-chair of the Ohio Chapter of TiE. discusses Global Cleveland immigrant attraction efforts
  39. Audrey Russo discusses Global Pittsburgh2010/10/29
    Audrey Russo, president and chief executive officer of the Pittsburgh Technology Council discusses Global Pittsburgh efforts
  40. Immigrant students study STEM and get degrees2010/10/29
    In Michigan, the foreign born are 3 times as likely to be in STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) as non-immigrant population. Richard Herman discusses international students in the Great Lakes region.
  41. Education attainment level of foreign born in the Great Lakes region2010/10/29
    John Austin of the Brookings Institute discusses the Education attainment level of foreign born in the Great Lakes region
  42. Collaboration in the Great Lakes region for immigrant talent2010/10/29
    Collaboration in the Great Lakes region to compete with other regions for highly skilled immigrant talent – the Great Lakes initiative.
  43. Web Development for mobile devices and taking care of the customer2010/10/05
    Dave Skorepa and Josh Brown from web development firm Aztek (aztekweb.com) talk about developing for mobile and smart devices and share some thoughts from some of their latest work. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/
  44. New web developer tools and strategies2010/09/11
    Dave Skorepa and Josh Brown from web development firm Aztek (aztekweb.com) talk about new browsers, new HTML 5 features, plugins, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash and what it means for web developers and end users. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/
  45. HTML, XHTML and now HTML 52010/08/18
    Dave Skorepa and Josh Brown from web development firm Aztek (aztekweb.com) tell Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek, how HTML has evolved to include XML and what HTML 5 will offer.
  46. The state of manufacturing in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and the US.2010/08/06
    The CEOs of Lincoln Electric, Cardinal Fastener and MAGNET weigh in on the current state of manufacturing in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and the US.
  47. Can US manufacturers find the skilled labor they need?2010/08/06
    Lincoln Electric CEO John Stropki and MAGNET CEO Dan Berry talk about the demand for skilled labor and what is being done about it.
  48. No layoffs at Lincoln Electric in over 70 years2010/08/06
    Many have heard of the incredible no layoff policy at Lincoln Electric. How do they do that? Lincoln Electric CEO John Stropki confirms that they have not had a layoff in their Cleveland company in over 70 years. This has let them keep good workers during downturns and made the workers extremely loyal.
  49. Renewable and alternative energy and manufacturing2010/08/06
    Lincoln Electric CEO John Stropki says that in order to be competitive long term, we need a sustainable , competitive energy policy.
  50. The Carbon Tax and manufacturing2010/08/06
    Lincoln Electric CEO John Stropki says “The carbon tax format that’s in place now will not be of good benefit to manufacturers. “ and “The environment is a global environment.” China is installing one new coal fire power plant every week.
  51. Lack of Enginners in the US hurting manufacturing2010/08/06
    Lincoln Electric CEO John Stropki says the concerns about lack of engineers and difficulty of foreign students coming to our engineering schools and staying in the US are valid. We have the laws in place already but they are not being made accessible.
  52. Cascading Style Sheets and CSS 3 with the pros from Aztek2010/07/31
    It's Dave Skorepa's job to keep current on the latest web technologies and innovations so he can incorporate them in the designs Aztek creates for their customers. So he was a no-brainer choice to ask about what's new in the web world like HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, mobile development and the like. In this podcast he and Josh brown talk about Cascading Style Sheets and CSS 3
  53. Ronald Berkman, President of Cleveland State University2010/07/19
    Did you hear about the superstar who left Miami and came to Cleveland? No, I don’t mean LeBron James and have it backwards. Dr. Berkman left Miami and is now the president of Cleveland State University. In this podcast he comments about Cleveland being friendly to intellectuals.
  54. BACtrack personal breathalyzer - Geek review2010/07/06
    BACtrack is a personal breathalyzer that quickly estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC). The Great Lakes Geek reviewed the unit to see if and how technology can keep you and others safer after having a drink or two.
  55. Microsoft's Matt Hester talks Windows Server 2008 R22010/06/08
    In his role as IT Pro evangelist with Microsoft, Matt Hester gets to "play with" the latest technologies and become an expert in them. He's always been a great presenter but now he is also a published book author with a book on Windows Server 2008 R2. This vidcast covers Server 2008 R2
  56. NEOSA's Brad Nellis talks Cool Tech2010/05/21
    Brad Nellis, president of NEOSA, talks about the Northeast Ohio Best of Tech 2010 Awards focusing on the CoolTech Challenge which rewards high school students for their web site development.
  57. Howard Rheingold and Social Communities in Education2010/05/15
    Howard Rheingold coined the phrase “Virtual Communities” in an article he wrote in 1987 – way before Facebook or MySpace were even dreamed about. He is now using social media techniques in education with his Social Media Classroom project at Berkeley and Stanford. Hear his thoughts on digital natives and social media from a CWRU keynote.
  58. OverDrive founder on the eBooks space2010/04/30
    Steve Potash has been working in the eBook space since the mid-1980’s. Now OverDrive is one of the world’s most important companies in the world of eBooks, audio books and more. In this podcast, Steve brings us up to date about OverDrive, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and talks about how the Amazon Kindle (and then smartphones, the iPad, etc) have changed things.

  59. NEOSA founder Jim Cookinham with Apple iPad2010/04/10
    NEOSA founder Jim Cookinham has always been an early adopter. He was one of those who got his Apple iPad on the first day it was available. Jim shares his experiences with the new device in this tour of his iPad.
  60. Top Tech Titans in Cleveland and NE Ohio2010/03/07
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  61. Leverage your business assets or leverage someone else’s2010/02/28
    Jeff Wood says you have 3 choices in business. You can do tasks in house yourself, outsource to a 3rd party or in-source, that is, become a resource for your client’s outsourcing. Wood’s IMT chose the 3rd option and provided numerous services for the food and beverage industry. The examples and lessons learned will apply to any business.http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/podaudio/bios/jeff-wood.htm
  62. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert2010/02/19
    Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was asked about LeBron James moving to New York to get more media and endorsements. Gilbert calls it New York silliness. This is just one of several short podcasts from Dan Gilbert. Hear them all at http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/events/dan-gilbert-021810.htm
  63. IBM CEO Sam Palmisano at Cleveland Clinic2010/01/10
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  64. Cleveland Cavaliers and Tsingtao Beer historic agreement2009/12/21
    Tsingtao Brewery Co. signed a multi-year agreement with the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers to become the exclusive Chinese beer of Quicken Loans Arena. But it's much more than a simple contract to sell beer. It's a way to reach the 300 million Chinese who play basketball.
  65. Billionaire entrepreneur Desh Deshpande on why immigrants succeed2009/12/02
    Desh Deshpande is a rock star in the serial entrepreneur world. He has created numerous companies and sold them for billions. That's 'billions' with a 'B'. Deshpande was born in India so the Great Lakes Geek asked him why so many immigrant entrepreneurs succeed and what the native born can learn from them. Watch this short video clip for his answer and then start packing!

  66. Windows 7 - What version? What hardware and how to upgrade2009/11/08
    What version of Windows 7 should you buy? What hardware do you need? Should you get 32-bit or 64-bit? Is it easy to upgrade? What about my Windows XP legacy apps? In the latest in a series of Windows 7 podcasts, Great Lakes Geek Dan Hanson answers these questions and more.
  67. Networking & Advanced features of Windows 72009/10/31
    The advanced networking features, search improvements and tools for administrators and professionals will convince many to upgrade to Windows 7. In this podcast, Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek and Microsoft MVP, talks about Windows PowerShell, DirectAccess, BranchCache, Bitlocker to Go, Applocker, Libraries and more Windows 7 features.
  68. Fun stuff in Windows 7 with the Great Lakes Geek2009/10/24
    Great Lakes Geek Dan Hanson continues his look at Windows 7. This podcast reveals some of the features that make Windows 7 fun and/or cool. Some features of the new desktop GUI are an indication of where things are going. For example, the touch controls of devices like the iPhone are being ported to GUIs on PCs. Snap, shake and peek – all in Windows 7.
  69. Great Lakes Geek Dan Hanson on Windows 72009/10/19
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  70. GPS for the lungs shown at Cleveland Clinic Summit2009/10/08
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  71. Conrad's Tire Express story - and the secret of the whisper2009/09/18
    The Conrad's Tire Express story is a textbook case of an entrepreneur taking his passion and skills as far as he can and then releasing management duties to a professional who adds structure and growth. We asked about Cash for Clunkers and dealing with China but the real fun comes when Bob Conrad reveals the secret of the famous Conrad’s whisper.
  72. Online Marketing Strategy with Linda Nawrocki2009/09/12
    Linda Nawrocki, Director of Internet Strategy at Optiem, gives advice on Creating Your Online Marketing Strategy in a bad economy, a global economy and when the consumer reigns supreme with more options than ever. Don’t miss her Lance Armstrong example. GreatLakesGeek.Com
  73. Marc Canter and the Digital City project2009/09/07
    Marc Canter, CEO of Broadband Mechanics, is known for his work in Silicon Valley (founder of the company that became Macromedia, for example) and now is in Cleveland Ohio teaching at CWRU and working on his Digital City project. He explains what a Digital City is and how technology, and its use, is evolving.
  74. Iron Chef Michael Symon talks business2009/08/29
    Sure, Michael Symon is an award-winning, world renowned Iron Chef. But he is also a successful small businessman who has struggled with the same issues that others in business have. In these two short videos from a COSE Business Conference, Iron Chef Michael Symon tells us the keys to his success and gives advice on how to compete against the big chains.
  75. How Twitter is like a Swiss Army Knife2009/08/23
    Social Media expert Marc Majers says that Social Media, and Twitter in particular, are like Swiss Army Knives with lots of tools to choose from. Decide which tool/application to use and focus on that. You don’t have to use all 20 functions of the platform right away.
  76. Social network analysis for Social media2009/08/14
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  77. Twitter, Facebook & other Social Media Security concerns2009/08/10
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  78. Ask Cathy Horton about public speaking2009/08/01
    Jerry Seinfeld jokes that because more people list the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death, they would prefer to be in the casket rather than giving the eulogy. Cathy Horton is known for her seemingly effortless public speaking ability. But is that something people are born with or can that craft be learned and polished like any other? Let’s ask Cathy
  79. Using LinkedIn to create real world relationships2009/07/22
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  80. Social Media and the evolving In Box2009/07/08
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  81. Legal Implications of Socia Media2009/06/28
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  82. Ask Cathy - Do past problems hinder employment chances2009/06/13
    Things happen. Sometimes circumstances or situations occurred when we were younger that we would handle differently now. Does that mean that we are forever branded as problems to potential employers? Is there really such a thing as a permanent record? Ask Cathy’s answer may surprise you.
  83. Eat your own Social Media Dogfood2009/05/31
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  84. Weave social media strategy into traditional PR2009/05/24
    Matt Dickman is an expert in both traditional PR and marketing and social media. Among the excellent advice he offers in this podcast is a challenge. He says if you are not willing to commit to 2 hours every day in working your social media, don’t even bother. Take a listen because Matt has the measurable results to back up his claim.
  85. Hubspot's Rick Burnes with Inbound eMarketing Tips2009/05/17
    Rick Burnes, manager of inbound marketing at Hubspot, was the keynote speaker at the 3rd annual eMarketing Techniques Conference in Cleveland. After the keynote, Rick shared some of his tips and free tools to make your eMarketing work better for you.
  86. CollabTech 2009 with CWRU CIO Lev Gonick2009/05/10
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  87. Twiiter for Business with Jason Therrien2009/05/02
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  88. Secure profession options if you're not the college type2009/04/25
    Successful entrepreneur Cathy Horton answers listener’s questions about business, technology and careers. What profession, not job, is a secure choice for someone who is not the college type? Cathy stresses the need for robust technology infrastructure in every business.
  89. Healthy food at Cleveland Indians games courtesy of Cleveland Clinic2009/04/18
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  90. Steve Forbes and the Employee Free Choice Act2009/04/11
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  91. Cleveland Indians 2009 Season with Bob DiBiasio2009/04/05
    Finally! The 2009 baseball season is here! Cleveland Indians VP Bob DiBiasio tells about the specials and promotions that should make this a terrific season. The Indians are offering pricing and food options to increase the value to the fans in these tough economic times. The Cleveland Indians family will also honor legendary pitcher and broadcaster Herb Score who passed away on November 11, 2008.
  92. Mistakes that Entrepreneurs have made - and how they fixed them2009/03/28
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  93. Thomas N. Tyrrell of Glengary talks Regionalsim2009/03/23
    Recession? What Recession? The 89 companies that were recognized with a NEO Success Award have managed to grow through these troubled economic times. That’s not a surprise to Thomas N. Tyrell, founder of Glengary LLC.

    He told how his beloved Chicago White Sox style of playing small ball will work better in our region than the home run or strike out approach we have been using.
  94. Hank Aaron -baseball Hall of Famer on his era in th game2009/03/14
    Home run champ Hank Aaron said he was proud to have played in his baseball era with Willy Mays and Roberto Clemente and only 8 teams. Though he would like Manny Ramirez money! He told how pitcher Bob Gibson once beaned him when he was in the on-deck circle!
  95. The Cloud, Virtualization and Software as a Service2009/02/28
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  96. How do bands get chosen for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?2009/02/16
    Learn from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation CEO Joel Peresman about the process that gets bands and artists voted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  97. Rock Hall CEO Terry Stewart explains the 2009 Inductions2009/02/16
    Terry Stewart, President & CEO, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum, explains the 2009 Inductions in Cleveland. An entire week of music with Little Richard, BB King and of course Metallica, Jeff Beck, Run DMC and others
  98. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation CEO talks about Fuse TV2009/02/16
    Joel Peresman, President & CEO, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation explains why they partnered with the Fuse network and other post-induction media opportunities.
  99. Rock Hall President Terry Stewart discusses Cleveland2009/02/16
    What a great job! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum CEO Terry Stewart speaks about moving to Cleveland and his dream job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
  100. Cleveland Clinic Innovations and the economy2009/02/15
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  101. Health Care Journalism in a changing world2009/02/07
    Health care is our most important industry currently and in the future. New devices, drugs and innovation in health care are being developed at an exciting pace. Traditional media, with their shrinking budgets and staff, will have a tough time giving this industry the attention it deserves. That’s where MedCity News comes in.
  102. International students in a Global Economy2009/01/31
    With the realities of a global economy, cities need to attract and retain talented immigrants. CWRU has a significant international student body and Case CIO Lev Gonick discusses their role and how a city can keep the talented local kids and international students in the area after graduation.
  103. 2009 Economic Forecast at Corporate Club at Landerhaven2009/01/17
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  104. CWRU CIO Lev Gonick on Technology and Higher Education2009/01/10
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  105. Intelectual Property - Trademark, Copyright & Patents2008/12/22
    Copyright, trademarks, patents – who wants to mess with all that legal stuff? In the real world, you have to be concerned with the legality of using other people’s intellectual property and in protecting your own. In this podcast intellectual property expert attorney John Cunniff explains – in layman’s terms – what these legal terms mean and what you need to know and do.
  106. Free and Open Source Software2008/12/07
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  107. Henry Winkler - Fonzie from Happy Days2008/11/26
    Henry Winkler will be known forever as the Fonz – Fonzie from Happy Days. Listen to how he feels about the Fonz and some of his peers like Adam Sandler and John Ritter. Winkler talks about his favorite movies and TV shows, what role he wants to play and how he wants to be remembered.
  108. Happy Day's Fonzie, Henry Winkler, on his dyslexia2008/11/26
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  109. Henry Winkler - The Fonz - being Jewish in a Christmas movie2008/11/26
    Five-time Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner Henry Winkler stars in 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,' a Hallmark Channel original movie premiering December 13. Everybody knows Winkler as Fonzie from Happy Days but many might not know that he is Jewish. So does he celebrate Christmas? And how is it for a Jewish person to act in a Christmas movie?
  110. Donald Trump's Apprentice 'Bitch' Omarosa2008/11/16
    Omarosa is the woman that everyone loves to hate. Omarosa was a contender on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. She says she has seen firsthand not only the “Glass Ceiling” but also “Sticky Floors” offering a “double-whammy” to any woman trying to make it in a man’s world. Women need to turn off and on their bitch switch. That’s the tile of her new book - The Bitch Switch.
  111. Steve Bass - From PC World to TechBite2008/11/07
  112. The Honorable Clark T. Randt, Jr - US Ambassador to China2008/10/13
  113. Bill Bradfield, CEO of PerceptIS2008/09/27
  114. Politics of Green - Great Lakes Water and Wind2008/09/15
  115. Great Lakes Water - Threats and Policies 2008/09/07
  116. Green, China and other hot topics with Gary Baney2008/08/24
  117. Windows File Systems - FAT, FAT32, NTFS and beyond2008/08/12
  118. Entrepreneurs - Leave your comfort zone to grow2008/08/03
  119. Providence House and the Cleveland Indians2008/07/26
  120. Cleveland Indians Community Outreach2008/07/26
  121. E-Myth Author Michael Gerber2008/07/10
  122. Bill Walton on LeBron James and Austin Carr2008/07/01
  123. Biologically inspired robots with Dr. Roger Quinn2008/06/15
  124. Build your Cultural Vocabulary and Fluency2008/06/09
  125. Rapid Growth in Asia - what does that mean to their society?2008/06/09
  126. Working with Asians and Asian Ameriicans in your company2008/06/09
  127. How doing business with Asian Cultures is different2008/06/09
  128. The creation of the Apple Trash Can Icon2008/06/01
  129. Robert X. Cringely and the early days at Apple2008/06/01
  130. Robert X. Cringely and the future of Print2008/06/01
  131. Wikinomics co-author Anthony D. Williams and Web 2.0 Nagging Questions2008/05/26
  132. Scot Rourke and OneCommunity - Broadband Vision2008/05/18
  133. The Global Broadband Economy - Part 22008/05/10
  134. The Global Broadband Economy - Part 12008/05/04
  135. Israel at 60 - Maltz Museum Exhibition2008/04/14
  136. Business Continuity Planning - Dark Web Sites and more2008/04/06
  137. Cleveland Indians 2008 Season at Progressive Field2008/03/29
  138. Microsoft Visual Studio 200872008/03/27
  139. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Launch2008/03/17
  140. Crisis Communications in a Web 2.0 World2008/03/10
  141. Green and Sustainable – from a chemical company?2008/02/23
  142. Communications Management Tips for a Business Crisis2008/02/17
  143. Fox News Anchor Tim Taylor - Reporting in the 60's & 70's2008/02/05
  144. Olympic Gold Medalist Madeline Manning-Mims honored by the Cleveland Cavs2008/01/27
  145. Sling your content anywhere with SlingBox and SlingCatcher2008/01/17
  146. Working with Bill Gates - Tales from the Microsoft COO2008/01/13
  147. New Role for the Tech Czar2008/01/04
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  154. Minister of Culture Michael Heaton - Collected Reporting2007/11/16
  155. Ask Cathy - What should we know about mentors?2007/11/07
  156. Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit 20072007/10/25
  157. Ten Years in Technology with Aztek2007/10/13
  158. Pivot Tables and VBA with Mr. Excel2007/10/07
  159. Ask Cathy Horton: Business Ethics - An Oxymoron?2007/09/28
  160. Kirk Neiswander and the Entrepreneurs Edge2007/09/22
  161. Excel 2007 and Office 2007 with Mr. Excel2007/09/13
  162. Excel Functions and Spreadsheet vs Database2007/09/05
  163. Mr Excel Bill Jelen and the history of the spreadsheet2007/08/25
  164. Ask Cathy - Leadership Traits for Men & Women2007/08/20
  165. Ask Cathy - Leadership with Cathy Horton Panzica2007/08/13
  166. Len Pagon and current business opportunities2007/08/05
  167. What makes a Great Boss?2007/07/29
  168. Councilman Joe Cimperman and Arts in the City2007/07/23
  169. Gene Longo and the Cisco Networking Academy2007/07/14
  170. Len Pagon and the begginings of Brulant Inc.2007/07/08
  171. SharePoint 101 Primer with Paul Stork2007/06/29
  172. Jeff Heinen, CEO of Heinens, discusses competition2007/06/24
  173. Coming from the Wrong Side of the Tracks2007/06/04
  174. The NEOSA Best of Tech Awards and other news2007/05/29
  175. NEOSA Best of Tech Awards and Future Plans2007/05/29
  176. EMail Marketing Tips with Kristy Amy2007/05/19
  177. Online Marketing Tips with Dan Rose2007/05/12
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  179. Speed up your database queries2007/04/28
  180. Easy Migration to Windows Vista with Altiris2007/04/28
  181. Art in the City with Steven Hartman2007/04/19
  182. Baseball Hall of Famer Bob Feller opens Heritage Park at Jacobs Field2007/04/05
  183. Senator Birch Bayh, women's sports and Title IX2007/03/31
  184. Great salespeople are made, not born.2007/03/23
  185. Convert & Clean up those old LPs and audio cassettes2007/03/16
  186. Google@Work - Google for Business2007/03/09
  187. Business Inspiration from a Horse - Conversation with Jack Kahl2007/03/03
  188. CMS Products shown at CES 20072007/02/23
  189. New D-Link products for home and small office networks2007/02/19
  190. Don't use List Prices says pricing expert Elliot Ross2007/02/12
  191. Scott Shutter, Division Brand Manager of AMD's Mobile Division2007/02/04
  192. Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Women's Athletics2007/01/30
  193. Windows Vista - Top Three Secret Favorite Features2007/01/24
  194. Playaway - Books on Tape for the iPod age2007/01/22
  195. Jitterbug - the cell phone for the Jitterbug Generation2007/01/19
  196. Bend it Like Beckham with the Lensbaby2007/01/14
  197. Not just for Judy Jetson anymore - the Ojo VideoPhone 2007/01/13
  198. Cleveland's Tech Czar look back at 2006 and forward to 20072007/01/01
  199. Jack Kahl - Succeeding in a Commodity Business - Duck Tape2006/12/24
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  211. Windows Desktop Search2006/08/01
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  226. Shooting at Case Western Reserve University2006/04/23
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