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  1. Our Feed Has moved2008/09/18
    Goto WackyGeeks.com and click on the iTunes button
  2. Wacky Geeks #41 Wacky Geeks #41 - Our new site, New iPod, Genius in every iTunes, Microsft & Apple ads2008/09/15
    Our new site, New iPod, Genius in every iTunes, Microsft & Apple ads
  3. Episode 39.6 - Jack Thompson Special2008/07/17
    Jack is guilty, jacks disbarment while GTA make a half a billion in one week, ESA move e3 for a year, xbox drm fix
  4. Episode 39.5 - Reviews2008/07/10
    Firefox 3, Canon powershot sd750, ATP photo Finder, GTA 4, GTA 4 DUI
  5. Episode #39.4 - Cool Links2008/07/03
    Animoto, R2D2 projector, Internet Archive, giant telescope, Giant lego boulder
  6. Episode #39.3 - Phones, Phones, & more Iphones2008/06/26
    N-gage, Rual wireless carriers, Apple thinks GPS & geo tagging, record labels want more money, verizon alltall merger, android scan
  7. Episode #39.2 - What the?2008/06/19
    its okay to sell software, NBC get microsoft to do what they want, piracy is public health safety issue, Pirate bay killer, UBG has double standards
  8. Episode #39.1a - The New iPhone2008/06/16
    Are you tired of hearing iPhone news then skip this episode!
  9. Episode #39.1 - Cool News2008/06/08
    Intel storage, shuttle hard drive recovery, Revision3 attack, balmer, Microsoft buys farecast
  10. Episode #38.6 - Gaming2008/04/28
    UbiSoft, Endwar, GTA 4, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Jack Thompson, Spore
  11. Episode #38.5 - Software Picks2008/04/22
    Disco, Truecrypt, Dr. Web, Plaxo, Magic Mail Folder, google Code University
  12. Episode #38.4 - Cool Links2008/04/15
    Vista Sucks, Space shuttle serves BBQ, Arthur C. Clarke, Why we need to be in space lecture by Stephen Hawking, Engrave your Mac
  13. Episode #38.3 - Acquisitions2008/04/08
    Microsoft tries to buy Yahoo, EA buy Take Two, Amazon buys Audible
  14. Episode #38.2 - Death of HD-DVD2008/04/01
    HD-DVD officially no longer exists, Blu-ray cracked, Dell offers sub $1000 Blu-ray equipped notebooks
  15. Episode #38.1 - News2008/03/29
    Aperture 2.1, Computers are programed by magic, F22 are falling apart, Dvorak talks about the Media
  16. Episode #37.8 - The Ugly2008/02/21
    $200 off iphone, RIAA, NBC
  17. Episode #37.7 - The Bad2008/02/14
    Vista, PS3, PSP Movies, Apple TV
  18. Episode #37.6 - The Good2008/02/07
    Leopard, Xbox 360, Iphone, nintendo
  19. Episode #37.5 - New Years things to come2008/01/30
    The year of the mac, DRM Free Music, Windows 10
  20. Episode #37.4 - Cool Ideas2008/01/23
    Caffeine, Playing for Keeps Podcast, WiFi Passwords, Lynda
  21. Episode #37.3 - More Cool Links2008/01/16
    Top Gear cars, Play Values Podcast, Zero Puctation
  22. Episode #37.2 - Cool Links2008/01/09
    Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, Asus Monitor gets it, Ames Has a Stargate
  23. Episode #37.1 - News2008/01/06
    Steve is dead
  24. More episodes to come2007/12/26
    We are Working hard to pay our taxes
  25. Episode #36.4 - Mac Announcements & ILife '082007/08/29
    The Big Mac
  26. Episode #36.3 - Things you can buy instead of an iPhone2007/08/22
    More iPhone Crap
  27. Episode #36.2 - Cool Links2007/08/15
    Welcome Back Potter
  28. Episode #36.1 - News2007/08/12
    Moon passes gas at the same time Nintendo passes Microsoft
  29. Episode #35.6 - Reviews2007/08/06
    FireWire VS USB, Mozy, Parallels, Connect 360, sledge hammer computer repair
  30. Episode #35.5 - Software & products2007/07/31
    Network Security, Newer Technology, Quicksilver, SSH file system
  31. Episode #35.4 - Cool Links 22007/07/25
    Muppet Show, Family Guy, Guitar Hero II, Halo, Red Vs Blue
  32. Episode #35.3 - Cool Links2007/07/18
    ballmer Monkeyboy, Zune Sucks, Ms Surface, Luigi, Sony
  33. Episode #35.2 - Leopard & iPhone2007/07/13
    A look at Leopard & IPhone
  34. Episode #35.1 - News2007/07/02
    Nintendo passes Sony, P2P hurts corn farmers, More microsoft patents
  35. Episode #34F - Reviews2007/05/16
    Noise Ninja, Crackdown, HD content on Xbox 360, and more
  36. Episode #34E - Rant2007/04/26
    Yes we Rant at Apple this time!
  37. Episode #34D - Vista Impressions and helpful tips2007/04/21
    XGL Demo
  38. Episode #34C - Cool Links2007/04/10
    Get the 8 Bit Tie
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