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Kingdom Herald - Disney Park News, Info and Rumors

  1. ACP at New Media Expo 20082008/08/15
    Another Crappy Podcast got a short interview on the Leo Laporte TWiT Live video show at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas today. Special thanks to Steve Bjork for making it happen.
  2. 2008 Another Crappy Podcast Promo2008/01/26
    An all-in-one promo for the 2008 Another Crappy Podcast podcasts, including the Park Hopping Podcast, Rencast, Priuscast, Kingdom Herald, Disgruntled Disney Dweeb, Pirate Comedy Show Downloadable Audio File Show, and Journey into iPhone.
  3. Kingdom Herald 16 - 5-17-20062006/05/17
    Just a quick update on the status of this experimental test podcast.
  4. Kingdom Herald 15 - 3-1-20062006/03/01
    Disneyland spills the beans on what's going to be changed at the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aladdin's creators return to... Walt Disney Feature Animation?
  5. Kingdom Herald 14 - 2-28-20062006/02/28
    Dapper Dans update, Pirates over Spring break, and Apple to buy Disney? Here we go again...
  6. Kingdom Herald 13 - 2-27-20062006/02/27
    Goodbye Dapper Dans, hello Asia eatery, move over Block Party Bash, and welcome back Imagineering at http://imagineerebirth.blogspot.com.
  7. Kingdom Herald 12 - 2-14-20062006/02/14
    Goodbye Carousel and Timekeeper, hello Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, happy birthday DCA, and get ready for Expedition Everest.
  8. Kingdom Herald 11 - 2-6-20062006/02/06
    A brown wall? Must be a slow news day.
  9. Kingdom Herald 10 - 2-2-20062006/02/02
    REAL EPISODE! Official on-ride Everest video and Pirates updates confirmed.
  10. Kingdom Herald 9 - 1-31-20062006/02/01
    REAL EPISODE! Kingom Herald welcomes the Daily Dose of Disney podcast.
  11. Kingdom Herald 8 - 1-30-20062006/01/31
    REAL EPISODE! Missing "hidden" 50s, non-missing seagulls, and puppy spaghetti. Oh, and over 700 listeners so far. Golly!
  12. Kingdom Herald 7 - 1-24-20062006/01/24
    REAL EPISODE! Disney buys Pixar. Wow, it's actually true this time!
  13. Kingdom Herald 6 - 1-23-20062006/01/23
    REAL EPISODE! Everest, Monsters, Disney/Pixar, and more.
  14. Kingdom Herald 5 - 1-22-20062006/01/22
    REAL EPISODE! Is Disney about to buy Pixar?
  15. Kingdom Herald 4 - 1-19-20062006/01/19
    REAL EPISODE! Expedition Everest news and rumors.
  16. Kingdom Herald 3 - Demo2006/01/19
    A description of how this podcast could be put together, and another fake news segment.
  17. Kingdom Herald 2 - 1-18-20062006/01/18
    Another test of what this podcast might sound like.
  18. Kingdom Herald 1 - Another Test2006/01/17
    A second test, using "real" information from January 9th, 2006.
  19. Kingdom Herald 0 - Someone Make This2006/01/12
    I want this podcast! This week, podcasting got much easier thanks to new software from Apple. I expect tons of new podcasts to start showing up, so here's an idea of one that could easily become the #1 Disney fan podcast. Any takers?
Kingdom Herald - Disney Park News, Info and Rumors
The Kingdom Herald is a near daily summary of recent posting to various Disney fan related news, information and rumor web sites. Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and other related items are covered. This is a proof-of-concept test podcast.

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