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PQ Ribber Fiction and MORE

  1. Old News: April 6-7, 18902010/07/09

    PQ Ribber brings you the lurid, the historic, the obscure and the random from old issues of the San Francisco Call newspaper.
  2. Old News: April 3-5, 18902010/07/05

    PQ Ribber reads intriguing old news stories from San Francisco Call newspapers of 1890! Social history and amazing triviata!
  3. Old News: April 1 & 2, 18902010/07/05

    PQ Ribber reads intriguing old news stories from San Francisco Call newspapers of 1890! A new series of unique history programs from the Overnightscape Underground!
  4. Project Mastodon by Clifford D Simak Part 42009/01/16

    This episode completes the reading of this cool and classic 1957 novella! PQ Ribber, your host, thanks you for listening and welcomes your comments!
  5. Project Mastodon Part 3 by Clifford D Simak2009/01/15

    Chapters 5 - 7 of this classic Sci-Fi novella, read to you by your host, PQ Ribber!
  6. Project Mastodon by Clifford D Simak Part 22009/01/14

    Two more chapters from this cool sci fi novella!! 20 minutes, approximately. Make sure you check out part 1! Send us your comments!
  7. Project Mastodon CLIFFORD SIMAK Part 12009/01/13

    This 1957 novella has fallen into the public domain, so PQ Ribber is permitted to read you this classic SCI FI by one of its finest!
  8. Bread Overhead by Fritz Leiber2009/01/07

    A 'fallen out of copyright' Science Fiction classic story by one of the masters, Fritz Leiber, is read by your host, PQ Ribber for the first of hopefully many 2009 episodes! 40 minutes.
  9. An Ali Baba of the Sierras by Bret Harte2008/12/24

    After an extra-extra long sojurn, PQ Ribber is back to read you classic short fiction!
  10. The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu Chapter 62006/01/31

    Here's the sixth part!! Hope it suits and amuses!!
  11. The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu Chapter 52006/01/18

    Here's the 5th exciting chapter!! Don't forget to send your comments and check out my other podcast, The PQ Ribber Show for more good listening!!
  12. The INSIDIOUS Dr Fu Manchu-Chapter 42006/01/16

    The 4th chapter of Sax Rohmer's Classic saga as read by PQ ribber!! Fun fiction!
  13. The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu Chapter 32005/12/13
    Here's chapter 3!! More to come!! Don't forget to catch the PQ Ribber Show, as well!!
  14. The Insiduous Fu Manchu Chapter 2!!2005/12/05
    The second exciting chapter of Sax Rohmer's classic!! PQ Ribber reads!!
  15. The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer Chapter One 2005/12/01

    PQ Ribber reads the first chapter of this classic pulp fiction saga.
  16. The PQ Ribber Show2005/11/18

    If you write or are just a reader or like being read to, check out this show!! PQ reads an Otis Career story, "Babbles 2" by Julesworks and also tells you how to participate!!
PQ Ribber Fiction and MORE
Classic fiction and who knows what else with your host, PQ Ribber.

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