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  1. Boston Representing!2011/04/18
    Wow. This was an amazing weekend for the Boston A Cappella Scene. For me it started with the Five O’Clock Shadow 20th anniversary reunion. 20 years is a long time in this community. A really long time. Rockapella existed, but hadn’t yet started their sting with Carmen Sandiego. The House Jacks would be formed a […]
  2. Acapodcast #65: Seven minutes to say goodbye.2010/12/31
    65 isn't a hugely significant number. Its a common speed limit on highways. And it's the nominal age of retirement. Neither has terribly much to do with a cappella. But they are both indicative of limits, changes, and endings
  3. Acapodcast #642010/06/28
    No bones, I’m a big fan of the music from the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s when I started making my own music collection, and when I started listening to a cappella music extensively… so for show #64 it seemed the perfect time to do an 80’s focus. Specifically on 1988. Get it? 64=8*8? […]
  4. Acapodcast #63, Beatles Collection2010/05/22
    Who doesn’t love The Beatles? One of the most loved, respected, and covered artists of all time, they helped define a new movement in music, and even today there are fans, critics, and imitators. I’ve pulled together ten of the best A Cappella covers of Beatles songs for this episode. If you like it, let […]
  5. Play Ball!2010/05/15
    One of the best things an a cappella group can do is to sing the national anthem at a ball game. I don’t care what group you are, what country you are singing for, or what kind of game it is at. You could be a high school group at your cousins jai-lai game in […]
  6. Congrats to the 2010 ICCA winners!2010/04/25
    Mouth Off already spilled the beans on their Twitter feed, but here’s a brief rundown of the results of tonight’s ICCA showdown: 3rd place: UGA Accidentals 2nd place: Berklee Pitch Slapped 1st place: SoCal VoCals In addition, the VoCals won best choreography (well deserved!), and best solo went to a gentleman from UGA, and best […]
  7. Like the old college days…2010/04/24
    I’m writing this from the megabus to NYC. I’m riding down today to catch the ICCA finals at the Alice Tully Hall. If you see me there, come up and say hi! After the show, I’ll be catching the 1:30am megabus back to Boston because I’m stage managing a show that goes up tomorrow night… […]
  8. Nominated for an ACA!2010/04/21
    The Acapodcast has been nominated for an A Cappella Community Award (ACA) in the Favorite Podcast category! The ACA’s are the people’s choice awards for A Cappella. You can see all the nominees in all the categories at www.casa.org/aca2010n and CASA members can vote on their picks for the ACAs. Even being nominated in a […]
  9. SpringSing 2010 – Voices United For A Cause2010/03/02
    I’d like to tell everyone about a very special a cappella festival coming up. It’s called SpringSing, and it’s a weekend full of classes, workshops, concerts, and opportunities to meet some fabulous people. And even better, it’s all done in the name of charity. The Team Burns Charity Foundation organizes the whole event and the […]
  10. A Cappella Pinball Wizard by a Ukelele Playing Octet at the Royal Albert Hall2010/02/21
    Thanks to my friend Diana for sending me this one. This is too good not to share!
  11. Acapodcast #622010/02/14
    * The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Town Criers
    * I Wish - The Jewel Tones
    * Keep Breathing - Luminescence
    * Miss Independent - Luminescence
    * Sound of Silence - Town Criers
    * This Island Earth - The 18 Wheelers
  12. Acapodcast #612010/01/25
    Wow, 2010 already! Well, 2009 was a banner year for a cappella, with so many incredible albums, so much positive media attention, and it seemed like every time I turned around, somebody was stepping it up to the next level. I’m going to tell you right now that 2010 is promising more of that. I […]
  13. I love the Aca Community2010/01/08
    The A Cappella comunity is one of the best communities I can think of. Our shared passion brings people from around the globe into near instant friendships. Yesterday, it was announced that Boston vocal rock band Ball In The House would be cancelling Saturday’s scheduled show (two days later) because of a sudden and sad […]
  14. Last day to download Help! for free!2009/12/23
    I’ve been spreading the word by Twitter, Facebook, and in person, but in case you’ve missed out on any of those, let me repeat it here… Today is the last day to get a free download of Overboard’s latest album Help! which is an all Beatles album. Not only is this awesome a cappella, and […]
  15. Acapodcast #60, 2009 Holiday Special2009/12/13
    It’s the most magical time of the year, when for many of us it is the season of snow, of friends and family, of food, gifts, and joy. This year I’ve compiled 23 tracks to share with you, over an hour of music. Know that I appreciate each and every listener, and I am pleased […]
  16. Are you in the Philly/Wilmington region this weekend?2009/12/01
    I’ve just been tipped off to what promises to be one amazing concert this Saturday night at 8pm, in Arden Delaware. It will feature four different groups from four different schools, including: The Del-Tones from University of Delaware Off The Beat from University of Pennsylvania The Deaftones from Westminster Choir College Tigertones from Princeton University […]
  17. Acapodcast #592009/11/07
    It seems like almost all of the A Cappella hoi oligoi are off at SoJam, but that doesn’t mean that us plebs can’t enjoy some great tunes! Press the little ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the post to hear Show #59, or click here to download it! Track Title Artist Album Original Artist Waiting […]
  18. Acapodcast #582009/10/13
    Roses - Penny Loafers
    8th World Wonder - Seven Days
    Long is the Dark - The Interpreters
    I've Got Rhythm / Fascinating Rhythm - Clockwork
    Should I - Ball In The House
    Memory - Penny Loafers
  19. AcappellaFest is coming!2009/10/08
    Pardon me while I crawl out of my bunker for a few moments to tell you about AcappellaFest! Now in it’s third year, AcappellaFest is the MidWest’s -finest- A Cappella event. And this year, it’s too big for any one city to contain! It’ll be in Detroit on October 17th, and in Chicago the following […]
  20. Silence is golden, right?2009/08/25
    Sorry for the unannounced summer break. Believe it or not, I’ve had a show mostly cooked and ready to record since the end of July,but it is crunch time at work, and on top of that I’m moving to a new town. (Wifey got a job, yay!) Seems I spend too much time apologizing for […]
  21. Spidey Sense is tingling…2009/07/30
    So while reading Ars Technica this morning I came across this article letting me know that Podcasting has now been patented. Until VoloMedia comes knocking on my door it won’t be dampening my efforts in any way, but, man-oh-man, I hope this one gets torpedoed quickly. Nothing could kill off the vibrant podcast world faster.
  22. Mouth Off review “…Sings Without Music, Vol. 2”2009/07/29
    If you -still- don’t own “…Sings Without Music, Vol. 2” from Firedrill! then you should go listen to the latest episode of Mouth Off (and subscribe to their podcast) because they give an excellent overview of the album and why you should own a copy. The best line from the review? When they tell everyone […]
  23. The Acapodcast #57, Michael Jackson Tribute Show2009/07/11
    See the show notes at http://www.acapodcast.com for full track listing and details
  24. Jerry Lawson and The GrooveBarbers!2009/07/09
    Now HERE’S a show that promises to be one to pay attention to! Jerry Lawson (formerly of The Persuasions) along with Sean Altman (formerly of Rockapella) and the rest of The GrooveBarbers will be together on one stage. Jerry and Sean are long time friends, and they’ve decided to sing together in the city that […]
  25. Acapodcast #562009/07/02
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  26. Firedrill!’s new album is now available for preorder!2009/06/16
    Boston based Firedrill! has just announced they are taking pre-orders for their new album, “…Sings Without Music, Vol. II”. Already this promises to be a totally kicka** album. In addition, there is a release party happening in Boston/Cambridge’s Johnny D’s. If you’re within a 100-mile radius it’d be well worth your time to come on […]
  27. iTunes link for No Strings Attached2009/06/13
    Christoph from No Strings Attached kindly let me know that you can pick up their album on iTunes. Now you needn’t navigate through their German retailer. Instead, click right here!
  28. Acapodcast #552009/05/31
    * Who Are You - Tufts Beelzebubs
    * Don't Stop Me Now - Brandeis University Voicemale
    * Hamburg, Meine Perle - No Strings Attached
    * On My Way - Slapdash Graduate
    * Sonny Came Home - Too Cheap For Instruments
    * Debra - Tufts Beelzebubs
  29. Acapodcast #542009/04/08
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  30. Now on Twitter!2009/02/26
    The Acapodcast is now on twitter. Come on over and say hi!
  31. Acapodcast #532009/02/21
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  32. Mic Outage2009/02/12
    I recorded show #53, but had to throw it out. Turns out the fuzziness heard on #52 wasn’t just a result of a loose capsule in the Mic. I’ll be replacing the trusty microphone soon, and re-recording. I know I’m 2 weeks overdue already, and I really want to get this episode out while parts […]
  33. Where’s the show?2009/01/31
    I really wanted to have the first new show of the year up this weekend. Unfortunately, I’m just now getting back on my feet from having come down with one of the traditional winter illnesses, and the voice isn’t quite there yet. I’ve got things all lined up jsut waiting on me… Hang tight loyal […]
  34. Acapodcast #522008/12/20
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  35. But I don’t use Flickr…2008/12/03
    Brian Ibbott over at Coverville ( The all-covers podcast. Including a cappella covers.) received a meme that he sent my way, about posting the sixth photo on the sixth page of your Flickr photo stream. I’m using Picasa instead, but in the spirit, I dug up a music related picture to share with you. The […]
  36. Acapodcast #512008/11/23
    * Greenleafs - Talk To Me (Keri Noble)
    * Van Canto - The Bard's Song (Blind Guardian)
    * 2E Acappella - Cupid's Chokehold (Gym Class Heroes)
    * Chromatics - Shoulders of Giants
    * The Connotations - When I Am King (Great Big Sea)
    * Greenleafs - Better Man (Pearl Jam)
  37. Acapodcast #502008/11/01
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  38. Acapodcast #492008/09/14
    Here's what's in the show:

    * Dissipated Eight - Satellite (orig. Dave Matthews Band)
    * Route 66 - Demo Medley
    * An Octave Above - Sample Medley
    * Down 4 The Count - Shut Up (orig. Black Eyed Peas)
    * Amalgamates - Killing Me Softly (orig. Roberta Flack/Fugees)
    * Dissipated Eight - Two Step (orig. Dave Matthews Band)
  39. Acapodcast #482008/07/15
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  40. Acapodcast #472008/05/23
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  41. Acapodcast #462008/04/24
    In this long awaited episode, you'll hear:

    * The Magnets - All The Wrong Reasons
    * USC SoCal VoCals - Slumber (Gabriel Mann)
    * UnderCover - Your Daddy Don't Know (Toronto/New Pornographers)
    * Hyannis Sound - Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)
    * Tufts Beelzebubs - Linger (The Cranberries)
    * The Magnets - In Love Since Then
  42. Acapodcast #452008/03/26
    We’re in the middle of Harmony Sweeps season, a series of regional competitions, with the winners of each region going on to a knock-down drag-out winner-take-all vocal throwdown in San Rafael, California. Many regionals took place in March, and there are more regionals happening across the month of Apri. This year the final battle of […]
  43. ECAS Ad 22008/03/07
    Here’s the second ECAS ‘radio’ Advert. Smooth, isn’t it? Go to the show! ECASAd2
  44. Are *you* going to The Summit?2008/03/07
    I’m talking about the East Coast A Cappella Summit of course. I can’t make it to ECAS this year, but I had a blast last year, and this year’s looks to be even better. If you do go, how about taking a few notes (ha, get it?) for me and letting me know how it […]
  45. Acapodcast #442008/02/28
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  46. Acapodcast #43, 2.10.082008/02/11
    * The Faux Paz - It's My Life (No Doubt)
    * The Beelzebubs - Come Sail Away (Styx)
    * Duwende - Electrify
    * baSix - Star People (George Michael)
    * Mosaic Whispers - Meaning (Gavin DeGraw)
    * Jewel Tones - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)
  47. Scheduled Maintenance notice2008/02/07
    Hey all you Acapodcast fans, your host here. I was going to have a show out tomorrow, the regular Thursday night, but I’m knocked out right now by a cold I think I picked up at last weekend’s Superbowl party. (American Football Championship for the international crowd) So I’ll push that out this coming weekend. […]
  48. Acapodcast #42, 1.24.082008/01/24
    * Duwende - Come Back
    * Penny Loafers - Fair
    * Duke Out Of the Blue - Call Me When You're Sober
    * Jonathan Coulton - When You Go
    * UMBC Mama's Boys - Eli the Barrow Boy
    * Duwende - Young Leaders of Tomorrow
  49. Acapodcast #41, 12.20.07, Christmas Special2007/12/21
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  50. Acapodcast #40, 11.21.072007/11/22
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  51. Acapodcast #39, 10.31.072007/11/01
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  52. Acapodcast #38, 10.18.072007/10/18
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  53. Acapodcast #37, 9.28.072007/09/28
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  54. Acapodcast #36, 09.13.072007/09/13
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  55. Acapodcast #35, 8.18.072007/08/18
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  56. In case you’re wondering…2007/08/16
    Episode #35 will be out shortly, just not on Thursday night per usual. Sometimes affairs of state come before affairs of state, as Mel Brooks once said. Look for it this weekend, and stay tuned!
  57. Acapodcast #34, 8.02.072007/08/02
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  58. Acapodcast #33, 7.19.072007/07/19
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  59. Acapodcast #32, 07.05.20072007/07/05
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  60. Acapodcast #31, 6.21.072007/06/21
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  61. Acapodcast #30, 06.07.072007/06/08
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  62. Acapodcast #29, 5.24.072007/05/24
    Here are the tracks from Episode #29 of the Acapodcast:

    * Zulal - Hars Em Gnoom
    * Navi Redd - Johhny Glegg Medley
    * Harmonytryx - O Sifuni Mungu
    * Navan - Letontu Litokum Abulos
    * PennYo - Amazing Grace
    * Zulal - Sareri Hovin Mernem
  63. Pardon our appearance…2007/05/17
    Pardon the changes on the site right now, particularly the sidebars. An update to WordPress has knocked out some of the content, and forced me to expose some of the underbelly of the site. renovations are in progress to rectify this. Edit: Content restored through manual processes. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore […]
  64. Acapodcast #28, 5.10.072007/05/10
    No interviews or themes this time around, just good, solid a cappella.

    * measureXmeasure - You Don't Treat Me So Good
    * UMass Amherst Dynamics - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    * 2Praise - Child of the Great I Am
    * WUSTL Mosaic Whispers - Take Me To The River
    * RPI Rusty Pipes - Comfortably Numb
    * measureXmeasure - Don't Let Your Heart
  65. Acapodcast #27, 4.26.072007/04/26
    I talk a bit more in this episode than usual, but that's because there are some serious topics to be brought up. The music is as good as ever though.

    * Virginia Tech - Hey Jealousy
    * InPulse - Your Body Is A Wonderland
    * Off The Beat - Superman
    * Darkside Voices - Us And Them
    * InPulse - Fat Bottom Girls
  66. Acapodcast #26, Bruce Leddy Interview2007/04/12
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  67. Acapodcast #25, 3.29.072007/03/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  68. Acapodast #24, 3.15.072007/03/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  69. Acapodcast #23, 2.22.072007/02/22
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  70. The Acapodcast #22, 2.8.072007/02/08
    Check out who is on the show this time:

    * Hyannis Sound - 1000 Miles
    * Invisible Men - Pink
    * UPenn Dischord - Breathe (2 A.M.)
    * Firedrill! - Lie On Lie
    * Slapdash Graduate - Rain
    * Hyannis Sound - Don't Cry
  71. The Acapodcast #21, 1.25.072007/01/25
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  72. The Acapodcast #20, 12.21.062006/12/21
    Almost a whole year, and 20 episodes have come and gone. This will be the last episode of 2006. When I return in 2007, it’ll be the one year anniversary of The Acapodcast. It’s the holiday season, and here in the United States, you can hear Christmas music being played everywhere. My gift to you […]
  73. The Acapodcast #19, 11.30.062006/12/01
    The Acapodcast sells out? No!
    But it is an all commercial episode! Even people who have never heard the term A Cappella before have heard one of these commercials before:

    * Hi Fidelity - Roto Rooter
    * Groovebarbers - Astelin Nasal Spray
    * Blue Jupiter - Oreo Cookies
    * Rockapella - Folgers Coffee
    * Duwende - 1-800-OK-CABLE
    * Ball In The House - Cool Whip
  74. The Acapodcast #18, 11.16.062006/11/17
    Here are the tracks on this episode:

    * Naked Voices - Such Great Heights
    * Off The Beat - Sugar, We're Going Down
    * Firedrill! - Sledgehammer
    * Scattertones - There There
    * Duwende - Movin' On
    * Naked Voices - River of Dreams
  75. The Acapodcast #17, 10.26.062006/10/26
    In this episode:

    * Da Vinci's Notebook - Title of the Song
    * Georgetown Saxatones - With or Without You
    * MAUF - Power To The People (live)
    * Blue Jupiter - Green Shaggy Carpet Ride
    * Penny Loafers - Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life
    * Da Vinci's Notebook - Call Me
  76. Acapodcast #16, 10.08.062006/10/08
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  77. Jack Black, one man A Cappella group?2006/09/09
    To see a bit of looping and acappella in the mainstream, check out this commercial that Jack Black did for Nickelodeon!
  78. The Acapodcast #15, 9.7.062006/09/07
    # UPenn Penny Loafers - Missing
    # Virginia Tech Juxtaposition - Get Set
    # Brown Derbies - Road To Nowhere
    # MIT Chorallaries - Wherever You Will Go
    # Tufts Amalgamates - Africa
    # UPenn Penny Loafers - Send Me On My Way
  79. The Acapodcast #14, 8.17.062006/08/17
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  80. The Acapodcast #13, 8.3.062006/08/03
    In this episode:

    * Six Appeal - Hella Good

    * Slapdash Graduate - Come Home

    * Brandeis' Spur of the Moment - Wish I Was There

    * Harmonytryx - Homeless

    * UCLA ScatterTones - Since U Been Gone

    * Six Appeal - Toxic

  81. New Episode #12!2006/07/28
    Apologies to those of you who get this twice. I had to rerecord most of it, but I've posted up a new recording of Episode #12! Episode #13 is in the works right now! Want your group to be part of it? E-mail me at chad@acapodcast.com!
  82. Acapodcast #12, 7.13.062006/07/26
    Episode 12 features these artists:
    *M-pact - Have A Talk With God
    *Ball In The House - I'll Be There
    *Cadence - Sunshine
    *The Penny Loafers - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    *APC Rhythm - Lifetime
    *M-pact - I Thought You Cared For Me

    In addition, there's a new layout to the website. Check it out! http://www.acapodcast.com
  83. Uh-oh!2006/07/15
    I’d like to apologize to all the listeners of Episode 12 for the apparent technical difficults towards the end of the show. I’d like to make a big apology to APC Rhythm, because it seems like a large chunk of their track was lost to silence. I’d also like to apologize for the sudden loss […]
  84. Website updates!2006/07/11
    Well, in a fit of pique, I've overhauled The Acapodcast Website!  Be sure to let me know what you think.  In addition to the visual face lift, there's some new behind the scenes parts.  It ought to make it easier for me to put up new information here.  For starters, there is a new arrangement […]
  85. Acapodcast #11, 06.22.20062006/06/22
    In this episode:
    •Mauf - House of Love
    •Alti e Bassi - Staying Alive
    •Navi Redd - Common People
    •The Flying Pickets - Do It
    •Alti e Bassi - Con Il Nastro Rosa
    •Mauf - Freedom

    Additionally, I talk about Toxic Audio's first CD, and CASA.ORG
  86. Acapodcast #10, 6.08.062006/06/08
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  87. The Acapodcast will be back on June 8th!2006/05/28
    Your ever dedicated host is going to be on vacation this week, so I’m shifting the entire podcast back a week. But I promise a spectacular Episode #10 on June 8th! I’m lining up a super-sized show full of hot new music. Let me know if you want your group to be a part of […]
  88. The Acapodcast #9, 5.18.062006/05/18
    Artists found on Show #9:
    •Harmonytryx - His Mother's Legacy
    •Hi Fidelity - They Go Wild/Why Do They Always Say No
    •THEM - Ain't No Sunshine
    •The Blanks - Superman
    •Sean Altman - I'm Waiting
    •Harmonytryx - Sunday Morning Yellow Sky
  89. The Acapodcast #8, 5.4.062006/05/05
    Info (Show/Hide)
  90. Show #8 will be LATE2006/05/04
    This is just to let everyone know that due to some changes in my ‘recording studio’ my recording setup is all unplugged and scattered for a day or two, so this week’s show will be late. I actually record from my office in the after-hours, but due to renovation work, the gear is all unplugged […]
  91. Even less a consumer, even more a producer…2006/05/01
    Just in time for me to start putting this week’s show together… Last week my iPod died. I had a 40GB black and white model that I sent back to apple twice for hard drive failures, both times under warrantee. And now it has gone a third time, but outside of the window of opportunity. […]
  92. The Acapodcast #7, 4.20.06 – Harmony Sweeps!2006/04/20
    On this very special Harmony Sweepstakes 2006 episode of the Acapodcast:

    •Firedrill! - Just The Two Of Us

    •Clockwork Singers - Moment's Notice
    •Clockwork Singers - Creep

    •Curious Gage - Breathe
    •Curious Gage - Anatomy

    •'Round Midnight - Sweet And Lovely
    •'Round Midnight - Twinkle, Twinkle

    •Firedrill! - Can't Stop Thinking 'Bout You
  93. The Acapodcast #6, 04-06-062006/04/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  94. Acapodcast #5, 3-23-062006/03/24
    Info (Show/Hide)
  95. The Acapodcast #4, 3-9-062006/03/09
    This week on the Acapodcast:
    • The Coats - I Can See Clearly
    • 10fm - Something On Paper
    • Five O'Clock Shadow - What's It All About
    • Spiralmouth - Hush
    • Cadence - Feelin' Groovy
    • The Coats - Evenflow
  96. Acapodcast #32006/02/23
    See the website at at http://www.acapodcast.com for full and complete shownotes, as well as additional information.
    On this episode:
    •Swingle Singers - Also Sprach Zarathustra
    •The Coats - The Ebb and the Flow
    •The Nylons - Let It Be
    •Moosebutter - Star Wars
    •The Bobs - Elwood Decker
    •Swingle Singers - James Bond Medley
  97. Acapodcast #22006/02/09
    See the website at http://www.acapodcast.com for full show notes and more information.
    On this Episode:
    •The Bobs - Bee Bop I Love You
    •Cadence - Perfect Kiss
    •The House Jacks - Still By My Side
    •Sock - Roofrack
    •Five O'Clock Shadow - Hold Me For A While
    •U. of Oregon's On The Rocks - Something Like That
  98. The Acapodcast, January 26th, 20062006/01/26
    See the website at http://www.acapodcast.com for full show notes and more information.
    Artists featured on this, the first episode:
    •Spiralmouth - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin
    •Swingle Singers - Three-Part Invention
    •Five O'Clock Shadow - Far Away
    •Cadence - Don't Fix What's Broken
    •Sean Altman - Julie Gone
    •Spiralmouth - Nothing is Written
  99. The Acapodcast is back!2006/01/06
    After being on hiatus for several months, the Acapodcast is back! We’ve got some new gear, some new groups, and some new setups (like this shiny new URL)! I hope to have some more good news in just a little bit. First, my thanks to Kevin Williams, who started the Acapodcast, and got things going. […]
The Acapodcast

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