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  1. Why do I love you so?2012/06/19
    de Johnny Tillotson, pero en el uke.
  2. Apaga y vámonos2011/03/31
    Juan Luis Guerra
  3. Going to Pasalacqua2010/10/25
    Green Day
  4. To be alone with you2010/09/03
    Bob Dylan
  5. 12:512010/07/10
    The Strokes
  6. Just like (starting over)2010/07/10
    John Lennon
  7. Will you still love me tomorrow2010/07/10
    The Shirelles
  8. Your song2010/07/10
    Elton John
  9. I've got my mind set on you2010/07/10
    George Harrison
  10. Rockabilly Boogie2010/07/10
    Johnny Burnette and The Rock and Roll Trio
  11. Plush2010/07/10
    Stone Temple Pilots
  12. La gata2010/06/23
    Nicky Jam y Daddy Yankee
  13. Twilight time2010/06/20
    The Platters
  14. Bang2010/06/20
  15. Una canción me trajo hasta aquí2010/06/20
    Jorge Drexler
  16. Rico suave2010/06/20
    La Noche
  17. Survival sickness2010/06/20
    The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  18. Lay, lady, lay2010/06/20
    Bob Dylan
  19. La infidelidad en la era de la informática2010/05/30
    Jorge Drexler
  20. Mundo abisal2010/05/01
    Jorge Drexler
  21. Reforma2010/03/29
    Ximena Sariñana
  22. Out of reach2010/01/05
    The get up kids
  23. Blue moon2009/09/07
    Bob Dylan
  24. Eight days a week2009/06/22
    Por mí.
  25. It's only love2009/05/11
    The Beatles
  26. Waitin'2009/05/08

    Los Pericos
  27. Verso por El Libro de los Siete Sellos2009/05/08
    Alfonso Rubio.
  28. Yo2009/04/20
    Take your time (Buddy Holly).
  29. Cantando por amor2009/03/23
    Isabel Parra
  30. Baby, I'm in the mood for you2009/03/20
    Dion (original de Dylan).
  31. Soy yo2009/03/17
    Haciendo lo que aún no sé hacer bien.
  32. Ay, canto, qué mal me sales2008/09/11
    Isabel Parra (Víctor Jara)
  33. Yo no sé2008/09/04
    Los Inquietos
  34. Mburucuyá2008/09/04
    Los Inquietos
  35. El paseo2008/09/04
    Los Inquietos
  36. Pattern against user2008/08/08
    At the drive-in
  37. Better version of me2008/08/03
    Fiona Apple
  38. Not about love2008/07/19
    Fiona Apple.
  39. Dearest2008/04/14
    Buddy Holly
  40. For those about to rock (we salute you)2008/04/14
  41. Silent house2008/04/14
    Dixie Chicks
  42. Lubbock or leave it2008/04/14
    Dixie Chicks.
  43. Perdóname2008/03/26
    La Factoría feat. Eddy Lover
  44. The child is gone2008/03/02
    Fiona Apple.
  45. Mi guitarra y vos2008/02/22
    Jorge Drexler.
  46. Mauricio Redolés - El espejo2008/02/12
  47. Mauricio Redolés - El finao2008/02/12
  48. Orquesta Huambaly - Quémame los ojos2008/02/12
  49. Steven's last night in town2008/02/12
    Ben Folds Five
  50. Smoke2008/02/12
    Ben Folds Five
  51. Song for the dumped2008/02/12
    Ben Folds Five
  52. One angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces2008/02/12
    Ben Folds Five
  53. Matorral - A medio camino2008/02/08
  54. Matorral - Golpe en plena cara2008/02/08
  55. Matorral - Cantores que reflexionan2008/02/08
  56. Stand by me2008/01/15
    Versionada por John Lennon.
  57. Aside2008/01/15
    The Weakerthans.
  58. Two Princes2007/12/20
    Spin Doctors
  59. You're sixteen2007/11/25
    Ringo Starr.
  60. You're sixteen (you're beautiful and you're mine)2007/11/25
    Johnny Burnette.
  61. Antes2007/11/20
    Jorge Drexler
  62. Biscuit2007/11/11
  63. Dennis' podcast2007/11/02

  64. I'll never fall in love again2007/11/11
    Johnnie Ray.
  65. Margarita2007/11/02
    Carlos Contreras.

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