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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Jeopardy Podcast with Kathy Fuller-Seeley (1st Appearance)2020/11/22
    A special tribute to the late Alex Trebek with Kathy's appearance on Jeopardy!
  2. Episode 2867: Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-12 (745) Guest Richard Widmark, PHAF 1950-11-12 Sponsor's Name, Jack Benny 1945-11-11 (560) Guest Joe Lewis as jacks bodygaurd2020/11/20
    Three great episodes with Richard Widmark and Joe Louis as guests!
  3. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-23 #185 Brush at Elkader and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-23 #101Hell Knows No Fury2020/11/18
    Two great sounding westerns! With a unique intro!
  4. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-11-07 to 11-11 Vic Perrin - The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter2020/11/18
    More great Johnny Dollar adventure!
  5. Detective Couples_(0017)_Michael Shayne_P_D_1945-07-09_Gossip Writer_Advs of Ellery Queen_1947-03-05_Nikki Porter Suspect_1945-11-07_Mr n Mrs North_1950-01-03_Accidents on Ice_Let George Do It_1948-07-19_Joe Logan Case2020/11/17
    More fun with Detective Couples!
  6. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-17 (386) Guest Mary Martin - Movie Director, Fred Allen 1940-03-20 (025) Eagle Gets Loose in the Studio,Fred Allen 1940-11-20 (07) The Eagle Is Back2020/11/16
    Fun Jack Benny episode and 2 absolute classic Fred Allen episodes!
  7. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1956-01-01 New Years's Fantasy and Camp Hahn 1942-04-12 (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/11/15

    Here is the show on Youtube: https://youtu.be/QnNgHxP2lY8
  8. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-16 #184 Trouble in Kansas and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-16 #100 Stardust2020/11/13
    Western Wednesday!
  9. Orson Welles Podcast 1945-11-11 Orson Welles Commentaries - Orson Reads a Letter by Louie Armstrong, and is Accompanied by a Jazz Jam Session (Kathy, Terry, Buck)2020/11/12

    Orson's podcast is usually on the Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast at https://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  10. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-31 to 11-04 John Dawson's The Valentine Caper2020/11/11
    Another great Johnny Dollar adventure!
  11. Detective Couples_(0016)_Michael Shayne_1945-07-02_Malcolm Boyd Case_Advs of Ellery Queen_1945-11-07_Mr n Mrs North_1953-06-09_Let George Do It_Sucker Stunt_(n_d)2020/11/10
    More Detective Couples Adventures!
  12. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-05 (744) Playing Twenty Questions, PHAF 1950-11-05 Getting Out The Vote, Jack Benny 1945-11-04 (559) Jack is Sick2020/11/08
    Jack, Phil and the gang play 20 questions, talk about voting, and Jack deals with a little PTSD after being robbed!
  13. Jack Benny TV Podcast 1957-01-13 Jack And Mary In Rome with Sean Connery Cameo (Kathy, John, Terrry, and Buck)2020/11/07

    Here is the link to this episode on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN72iMiXRsY
  14. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-23_Dinner for Cousin Ernest_MFH_1950-10-07_OMB_1950-10-01_Measles_Halls of Ivy_1951-12-05_YBYL_1950-03-08_SW_Heart2020/11/06
    Friday fun with Fibber and friends!
  15. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-10 (385) Dog Catcher, Fred Allen 1940-11-13 (06) Mountain Justice, and Information Please 1940-11-15 (132) Guest Fred Allen2020/11/05

    Three great shows fron Jack and Fred!


  16. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-09 #183 The Coward and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-09 #99 Sam Crow2020/11/04
    We welcome back Gunsmoke after a few weeks of a break.
  17. Detective Couples_(0015)_Michael Shayne_1945-06-25_Body by the Piano_Advs of Ellery Queen_1944-07-13_Mr n Mrs North_1947-12-09_Let George Do It_1948-07-262020/11/03
    More detective couples!
  18. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-29 (743) Jack's TV Show, PHAF 1950-10-29 Phil Is Sick, Danny Kaye 1945-10-26 (27) Jack's Cast, and Jack Benny 1945-10-28 (558) Held-Up2020/11/02
    4 great shows today with Jack, Phil, and the gang!
  19. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-24 to 10-28 Parley Baer and Virginia Gregg - The Alvin Summers Matter2020/11/02
    Parley Baer and Virginia Gregg stop by to see Johnny Dollar!
  20. Jack Benny TV Show 1950-10-28 Debut episode - Dinah Shore, Rochester, Mr. Kitzel, The Sportsmen and Mel Blanc (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/11/01

    Here is Jacks first ever TV Show on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsFRcv7TUok
  21. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-03 (384) Halloween Party, Fred Allen 1940-11-06 (05) Kenny Baker as Bramson Snide, and Jack Benny 1940-10-27 (383) Hold That Line2020/10/31
    Happy Halloween From Jack and the gang along with Fred Allen!
  22. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-16_Fibber's Influence_MFH_1950-09-30_Liz Changes her Mind_OMB_1950-09-24_Bronco Dismissed_halls of Ivy_1951-11-28_Prof Wardens Romantic Folly_YBYL_1950-03-01_sw Door2020/10/31
    Friday with Fibber!
  23. Orson Welles Podcast 1957-09-09 Studio One - The Night America Trembled (CBS)2020/10/30

    Pretty cool dramatization of Orson Wells War of The worlds presentaion with Edward R. Murrow! Here is the link to the video. https://youtu.be/7InOqW3xnNc
  24. War of The Worlds and Charlie McCarthy Podcast - Mercury Theatre 1938-10-30- Alternate-Vers (Newly Discovered RandEsoteric) Stereo2020/10/28
    A unique stereo presentation so you can simulate what it was like changing channels from The Charlie McCarthey Show to THe War OF The Worlds, just like in 1938, using your stereo's left and right channels.
  25. Orson Welles Podcast 1940-10-28 Orson Welles Meets H G Wells Interview (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/10/27
    Orson didn't do his commentary this week, so we thought with it getting close to Halloween and all that we would bring you the complete Welles meets Wells the full 24 minute version of the great interview with Orson Welles and H.G. Wells!
  26. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-22 (742) Dennis borrows 50,000, PHAF 1950-10-22 Camping, and Jack Benny 1945-10-21 (557) Texas Sandman - First Polly Parrot2020/10/27
    Another great Benny triptych of shows!
  27. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-10-25 (039) Claudette Colbert and Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-10-23 (108) Revenge With Music2020/10/27
    Usually, over on the Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast every Sunday, but I thought I would bring it over here this week for you folks to enjoy as well.
  28. In Search of Podcast 1973-01-05 Host Rod Serling is In Search of Ancient Astronauts with Guest Carl Sagan2020/10/25

    A new podcast to our Strange New Worlds of Dimension X Minus One Podcast!   https://buckbenny.podomatic.com/

    If you want to watch this episode here it is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O810ZWilhXY&t=193s
  29. Jack Benny TV Podcast 1955-11-20 Guest Johnny Carson (1st Appearance)2020/10/25

    A very young Johnny Carson's first appearance on Jack Benny! Here is the whole show on YouTube: https://youtu.be/l9xAAa9fL4g
  30. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-09_Shopping for a Car_My Favorite Husband_1950-09-09_Gossip_OMB_1950-09-17_The Elopement of Walter_Halls of Ivy_Ministers Son_1950-02-22_sw_Table2020/10/23
    Another Fibber Friday!
  31. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-10-20 (382) Jack Tries To Trade In The Maxwell and Screen Guild Theater 1940-10-20 ep057 Guest Jack Benny2020/10/22
    Were missing this weeks Fred Allen, but it all works out fine because Jack was on another show this week anyway!
  32. Orson Welles Podcast 1945-10-21 Orson Welles Commentaries - The Confusion Machine and Modern Music (Kathy, Terry, and Buck)2020/10/21
    Usually, over on my Judy Garland ad Friends OTR Podcast every Wednesday! Thought you folks might like to hear this one over here.
  33. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-17 to 10-21 John Dehner - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter2020/10/20
    It's Johnny Dollar Day!
  34. Detective Couples_(0014)_Michael Shayne_1945-06-18_Investment in an Invention_Advs of Ellery Queen_1946-03-27_Mr n Mrs North_1947-07-05_Let George Do It_1951-01-082020/10/20
    More detective couples investigations!
  35. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-15 Jack Dreams He's Married to Mary, PHAF 1950-10-15 Can't Mention Sponsor and Jack Benny 1945-10-14 (556) Guest Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight2020/10/19

    Two great Jack shows tonight with a fun Phil in between!

    Here is the TV youtube version Jack Benny's Gaslight!  https://youtu.be/k4aCovDCbZw
  36. Johnny Carson and the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. (1965)2020/10/18

    What a fun presentation of the Rat pack and Johnny Carson! Here it is on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw9AuePGjws

    Here is a link to my Paul McCartney Beatles song by song on The Steve Hoffman Forum!
  37. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-02_Welcoming Mayor La Trivia Home from the Pacific_MFH_1950-09-02_Clothes mistake_OMB_1950-09-10_Rumors_Halls of Ivy_1951-11-14Late Student_YBYL_1950-02-15_Sugar2020/10/17
    Rob brings back Fibber and Friends Friday!
  38. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-10-13 (381) Phil Tries To Collect World Series Bet and Fred Allen 1940-10-16 (03) Death Takes A Boniface - One Long Pan2020/10/16
    Jack and Fred with Kenny Baker at their best!
  39. Star Trek Time Podcast (002) 2020-08-15 Star Trek Discovery First Three Episodes Chat (New Intro)2020/10/15

    Catch the rest of this series at my Stange New Worlds Of Dimension X Minus One Podcast!

  40. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-10 to 10-14 Virginia Gregg - The Molly K Matter2020/10/15
    Virginia Greg guest stars in the second of the five part episode arcs of the Jonnny Dollar series.
  41. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-08 #182 Good Girl-Bad Company and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-09 #99 Sam Crow2020/10/14
    Time for another outstanding western Wednesday!
  42. Detective Couples_(0013)_Michael Shayne_1945-06-11_Mary Noble Suspects Uncle Briggs_Advs of Ellery Queen_1945-11-07_Mr n Mrs North_1946_Let George Do It_1948-07-192020/10/13
    More Detective Couples!
  43. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-08 (740) World Series and Dempsey-Tunney Fight, PHAF 1950-10-08 Phil Has No Sponsor, and Jack Benny 1945-10-07 (555) World Series2020/10/12

    Here is a temporary link to my entire Buck Benny Archive

  44. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1956-11-18 The Maxwell Is Stolen2020/10/11

    Our Team talks about another episode of The Jack Benny TV show!

    Watch this episode on youtube with all of us at https://youtu.be/fpdOTYzc2ww
  45. Star Trek Time Podcast (001) 2020-08-08 Star Trek Discovery First Two Episodes Chat2020/10/09

    We normally air these podcasts on our new companion site at www.buckbenny.podomatic.com the Stange New Worlds of Dimension X Minus One Podcast

    Don't forget episode three is on regular old CBS on the west coast at 10:00 tonight for free! It's a great place to start even if you haven't seen these first two episode!
  46. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-10-06 (380) Jack Tells His Childhood Story and Fred Allen 1940-10-09 _02_ Guest Jerry Siegel Creator of Superman - The Sea Buzzard2020/10/09
    Wanted to bring you this forever it feels like! Jack's 1940 premiere along with Fred Allen talking with Jerry Siegel writer and co-creator of Superman!
  47. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-01 #181 Barton Boy and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-02 #98 Talika2020/10/08
    Two more wonderful western episodes!
  48. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-01 (739) The Maxwell is Stolen, PHAF 1950-10-01 New RCA Contract, and Jack Benny 1945-09-30 (554) 1st phone operators2020/10/06
    We normally bring this to you every Sunday, but needed to do little catching up. This weekend look for the TV episode of The Maxwell getting stolen!
  49. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-03 to 10-07 Mary Jane Croft - The McCormack Matter2020/10/05
    From 65 years ago this week!
  50. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-09-24 (738) The Goldrush of '49 and Fred Allen Podcast 1940-10-02 ep 01 1st Kenny Baker - Grab It Or Leave It2020/10/05

    A nice extended Phil Harris appearance and Fred Allen's first show of the 1940 season with his new tenor Kenny Baker! The Tralfaz site has a great article on Kenny Baker this week click here to link to it.
  51. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1963-10-22 Guest Johnny Carson (2nd Appearance)2020/10/03

    Catch this episode with video on Youtube at https://youtu.be/yzSUW1Qzisg

    Our Jack Benny team presents another great Jack Benny TV show with guest Johnny Carson.
  52. Fred Allen Podcast 1940-10-02 _ep 01_ 1st Kenny Baker - Grab It Or Leave It2020/10/02
    Welcome to our first Fred Allen Friday from 80 years ago today!
  53. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-01 to 10-05 Vic Perrin - The Picture Postcard Matter2020/10/01
    Another great Johnny Dollar mystery!
  54. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-09-17 #179 Throughbreds and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-09-18 #96 Nellie Watsons Boy2020/09/30
    Two more great westerns for you!
  55. Detective Couples_(0012)_Michael Shayne_1945-06-04_Judge Stanton Murdered_Advs Ellery Queen_1939-11-26_Mr n Mrs North_1943-09-22_Let George Do It_1948-06-212020/09/29
    More fun detective couples!
  56. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-09-17 (737) Elliott Lewis - Jack Remembers his trip to Venice2020/09/28
    Our second episode of the season with Jack! Look for Phil's Show to join us next Sunday!
  57. But Not Forgotten Podcast - Discussion and Presentation2020/09/28
    Info (Show/Hide)
  58. Jack Benny TV Show 1959-11-01 Barbara Stanwyck in Gaslight or Autolite2020/09/26
    Info (Show/Hide)
  59. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-24 to 09-28 Virginia Gregg and Harry Bartel - The Meg's Place Matter2020/09/25
    Another great investigation with Johnny Dollar!
  60. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-09-24 #180 Indian Whiteand Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-09-25 #97 Bringing Up Ollie2020/09/24
    Two more great sounding Westerns!
  61. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-09-10 (736) First show of 1950-1951 season - back from London2020/09/22
    Jack and the gang kick of their new season! Most of Jack's shows and our other shows will be back right around the beginning of October.
  62. Movie☆Detectives_(0015)_Richard Diamond_1949-09-10_Van Dyke Seance Case_Rocky Fortune_1954-01-19_The Saint_1947-12-24_19 Santas_The New Advs of Nero Wolfe_1950-12-22_Slaughtered Santas2020/09/21
    More great Movie Detective time.
  63. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1963-01-15 Guest Rod Serling With Twilight Zone Spoof2020/09/20

    Jack gets lost if the Twilight Zone with Rod Serling in this rare television episode!

    Wath this episode on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlEJ-j4BSEQ&t=2114s
  64. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-09-10 #178 Alarm at Pleasant Valley and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-09-11 #95 Deadline2020/09/18
    This episode mentions that Gunsmoke for TV started on the same night as this episode of Gunsmoke!
  65. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-10 to 09-14 Virginia Gregg and Harry Bartel - The Confidential Matter2020/09/16
    Another adventure with Johnny Dollar and great sound!
  66. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-09-03 #177 Change of Heart and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-09-04 #94 Eat Crow2020/09/16
    Two more great westerns!
  67. Detective Couples_(0011)_Michael Shayne_1945-05-28_Re-Creation of a Murder_Advs Ellery Queen_1945-08-01_Mr n Mrs North__1946-02-27_Let George Do It_1948-07-052020/09/15
    More Detective couple fun!
  68. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1955-04-17 Train Station - Crying Cabbie (Live)2020/09/13

    Here is a link to the show on YouTube, the best way to experience it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTVPK6saQUw

    This week I am joined by fellow Jack Bennyites Kathy Fuller-Seeley and John Henderson for our intro to the rare Train Station live episode from 1955! With even more talk between all of us after the show!
  69. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-03 to 09-07 Alan Reed and Richard Crenna -The Curse of Kamashek Matter2020/09/09
    The triumphant return of Johnny Dollar! Let's get this season started right!
  70. Detective Couples_(0010)_Michael Shayne_1945-04-09_Haunted House _Advs Ellery Queen_1939-11-05_Mr n Mrs North_1945-01-17_Let George Do It_1950-11-272020/09/09
    More detective couples!
  71. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1950-10-28 Debut episode - Dinah Shore, Ken Murray (Jack Beny)2020/09/07

    Now for something new! The first episode of Jack's TV Show! Here is a link to the video of the show on Youtube!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR8CsDDBmCI
  72. Popular Detectives_(0006)_Sam Spade_1947-06-15_Convertible-Caper_Fat Man_1947-_Pat Novack for Hire_1949-02-20_Michael Shayne_Bonus Show_Jeff Regan-the Lyons eye_19482020/09/02
    More Popular Detectives!
  73. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-05-28 (735) How Jack Met His Cast, PHAF 1950-05-28 Tickets To South Pacific, Jack Benny 1940-06-02 (377) Hillybilly Feud (Rogerchester Interview Pt 2) (2020)2020/09/01
    By popular demand.
  74. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-08-27 #176 Doc Quits and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-08-28 #93 For the Birds2020/08/28
    This week focus turns to Doc played by the wonderful Howard McNear!
  75. Detective Couples_(0009)_Michael Shayne_1945-04-02_Meet Me @ Oakland Depot_Ellery Queen_1944-04-15_Mr n Mrs North_1944-10-11_Let George Do It_1947-10-03_42 on a Rope2020/08/26
    More great Detective Couples!
  76. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-06-16 (379) Father's Day and Aldrich Family 1939-10-17 (016) Girl Trouble aka Date Mix-Up (Buck Interviews Rogerchester) (2020)2020/08/25
    By popular demand an encore presentation of Part 1 of the Rogechester interview!
  77. Judy Garland Podcast 1952-05-21 (108) Guest Judy Garland (Mindi and Buck)2020/08/23

    Another Bing and Judy that Mindi and I have never brought to you before!


    The Continental SNL Sketch



    Original Cafe Continental

  78. Casey Kasem Podcast 1970-08-15 American Top 40 Casey Kasem_2020/08/21
    Just a couple left then I'm out. 50 Years ago this week!
  79. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-08-20 #175 Indian Scout and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-08-21 #92 The Warrant2020/08/20
    Two more great sounding shows from out west!
  80. Detective Couples_(0008)_Michael Shayne_1945-05-21_Murder Trial of Jack Holmes_Bonus Mystery_Ellery Queen_1944-01-22_Mr n Mrs North_1944-08-02_Let George Do It_1948-08-022020/08/18
    More detective couples!
  81. Jack Benny Podcast Phil Harris Show 1950-06-04 Phil's Vaccination and Jack Benny Podcast 1940-06-09 (378) Vacation Plans (Rogerchester Interview Pt 3) (2020)2020/08/17
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  82. Judy Garland Podcast 1951-04-09 Judy at The London Palladium (Mindi and Buck) (2020)2020/08/15
    Well, isn't this special! For the first time ever Mindi and I present Judy in concert at the London Palladium!
  83. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-08-13 #174 Johnny Red and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-08-14 #91 Extended Viva2020/08/13
    Viva Romance in the out west!
  84. Dimension X Podcast 1950-08-04 (18) George Leffert's Perigis Wonderful Dolls2020/08/11

    Just a fun intro that I thought you folks might want to hear.

    Also check out or new podcast with exclusive new content:

    Strange New Worlds of Dimesion X Minus One OTR Podcast

    at www.buckbenny.podomatic.com
  85. Detective Couples (0007) Michael Shayne_1945-05-14_Date to a Wedding_Advs_Ellery Queen_1944-01-15_Mr n Mrs North_1944-02-02_Let George Do it_1946-06-282020/08/11
    More great detective Couples!
  86. Judy Garland Podcast 1951-03-28 Bing Crosby Show (061) Guest Judy Garland (Mindi)2020/08/10
    Judy, Bing, and Mindi!
  87. Star Trek Time Podcast (001) 2020-08-08 Star Trek Lower Decks - First episode Episode Chat2020/08/09
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  88. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-08-06 #173 Innocent Broad and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-08-07 #90 Viva2020/08/07
    Let's go out west again!
  89. Popular Detectives_(0005)_Advs Sam Spade_1948-11-09_Bow Window Caper_Michael Shayne_1945-04-23_Jeff Regan_1948-08-07_The Fat Man_1946-07-082020/08/07
    More detective mayhem!
  90. Promo Politically - Left, Right, or Wrong (001) 2020-08-05 VP Pick and Vote By Mail with Alicia2020/08/06
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  91. Detective Couples (0006)_Nick Carter_1943-11-10_Drug Ring Murder_Ellery Queen Min Myst_Advs Ellery Queen(nd)_Mr n Mrs North_1944-01-26_Let George Do It(nd)2020/08/05
    More detective couples.
  92. Judy Garland Podcast 1951-03-22 01 Screen Guild Theater - Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in Easter Parade (Mindi)2020/08/04

    Check out my interview with Mindi on Youtube!


    We talk about Judy the Movie and our podcasts from 7/31/2020
  93. Dimension X Minus One Podcast (017) 1955-07-28 (011) The Embassy and Dimension X 1950-07-28 (17) Potters Of Firsk2020/08/02

    Check out todays intros and see what I look like on YouTube!


    Dimesion X Minus One (01)


    Also check out or new podcast with exclusive new content:

    Strange New Worlds of Dimesion X Minus One OTR Podcast

    at www.buckbenny.podomatic.com
  94. Casey Kasem Podcast 1972-08-05 American Top 40 August 5th,1972 (Top 40 Albums)2020/08/02
    A really different Top 40 this week.
  95. Popular Detectives (0004) Sam Spade Special_Advs of Sam Spade_The Honest Thief_Screen Guild_1943-09-20_B n A_1949-02-10_Suspense_1948-01-10_BBC_Maltese Falcon2020/08/01
    More Popular Detectives with Rob!
  96. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-07-30 #172 Tap Day for Kitty and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-07-31 #89 My Son Must Die2020/07/30
    Cool, a Kitty episode!
  97. Detective Couples (0005)_Nick Carter_1943-10-25-029-an-angle-on-murder_Advs Ellery Queen_1943-01-14_Mr n Mrs North_1944-08-02_Let George Do It_1948-04-262020/07/28
    More great detective Couples!
  98. Judy Garland Podcast 1951-03-21 Bing Crosby Show (060) Guests Judy Garland with Les Paul and Mary Ford (Mindi)2020/07/27
    More fun with Judy and Bing.
  99. Dimension X Minus One Podcast (016) 1955-07-21 (010) Nightmare and Dimension X 1950-07-21 (16) Beyond Infinity2020/07/26
    Bob and I bring you a couple more great Sci-Fi shows!
  100. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-07-01 ep23 Troopers Widow by Kathleen Hite2020/07/25
    Another great episode where Kathleen Hite plays with a couple of female characters.
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