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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Fibber n Molly_1948-05-18_Baseball Cologne (OTR-ROB)2018/05/15
    Very interesting!
  2. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-05-14 to 05-18 Joseph Kearns and Lawrence Dobkin in Jack Johnstone's The Medium Well Done Matter2018/05/14
    Joseph Kearns and Lawrence Dobkin in Jack Johnstone's The Medium Well Done Matter
  3. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-05-09 (655) Ronald Colman's oscar is returned, PHAF 1948-05-09 068 Mother's Day, Jack Benny 1938-05-15 (297) Murder in the Library (128-44)2018/05/13
    Happy Mother's day from Phil and the gang, and The Colmans stop buy to visit with Jack and get Ronald's Oscar back!
  4. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-05-02 (654) Guest - Frank Sinatra, PHAF 1948-05-02) 067 Raising The House, Jack Benny 1938-05-08 (296) Mothers Day Show2018/05/13

    Since tomorrow is Mother's Day we will start tonight with Jack's Mother's Day show from 1938, then Frank Sinatra will stop by Jack's 1948 show!

  5. Fibber n Molly_1943-05-04 (OTR-ROB)2018/05/11
    Found last weeks show! Sorry Rob!
  6. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-05-09 (055) The Buffalo Hunter and Frontier Gentleman 1958-05-11 (15) The Cannibal2018/05/10
    Western Wednesday is a little late this week.
  7. Fibber n Molly_1948-05-11 (OTR-ROB)2018/05/09
    More Fibber from 70 years ago!
  8. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-05-07 to 05-11 Richard Crenna in Les Crutchfield's The Silver Blue Matter2018/05/08

    This week Richard Crenna in Les Crutchfield's The Silver Blue Matter!

    Here is Richard Crenna in one of the rare hard to fine Slattery's People!

  9. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-05-10 (846) Guest Goodwin Knight from San Francisco, PHAF 1953-05-10 Mother's Day Gift Trouble, Jack Benny 1943-05-09 (481) Jack Jams With Louis Armstrong2018/05/07
    75 years ago this week music legend Louis Armstrong stopped by for a visit and we open tonight's triple stack with that wonderful episode!
  10. Fibber n Molly_1943-05-11 (OTR-ROB)2018/05/04
    More fibber!
  11. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-05-03 (845) Guest Gisele Mackenzie from San Francisco, PHAF 1953-05-03 Elliott's Trip To The Orient, Jack Benny 1943-05-02 (480) Renting Eddie Cantor's House2018/05/03

    Another fun triple stack of Jack, Phil, and the whole gang!

  12. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-05-02 (054) Tacetta and Frontier Gentleman 1958-05-04 (14) Daddy Buckbucks2018/05/02
    Time for our double shot western Wednesday!
  13. Fibber n Molly_1948-05-04_Selling the House (OTR-ROB)2018/05/01
    More great Fibber and Molly from 70 years ago!
  14. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-04-30 to 05-04 Virginia Gregg and Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Callicles Matter2018/04/30
    More Johnny Dollar!
  15. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-04-25 (653) Guest Dorothy Kirsten, PHAF 1948-04-25 Kids See Daddy At Work, Jack Benny 1938-05-01 (295) Beverly Hills home under construction2018/04/29
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  16. The Whistler 1948-04-28 ep309 Tough Guy2018/04/29
    70 years ago with the Whistler!
  17. Fibber n Molly_1943-04-27 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/27
    Fibber from 75 years ago!
  18. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-04-26 (844) Fred Allen's final appearance with Jack with a clip from Fred Allen Show 1936-02-26, PHAF 1953-04-26 Tijuana, Jack Benny 1943-04-24 Rochester's Horse2018/04/26

    Fred's final appearance on Jack's radio show!

    Benny Radio Scripts including this one with Fred Allen.

    Fred's only appearance on Jack's TV show!

  19. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-04-25 (053) The Soldier and Frontier Gentleman 1958-04-27 (13) Random Notes2018/04/25
    Two more great sounding Westerns from 65 and 60 years ago this week!
  20. Fibber n Molly_1948-04-27 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/24
    Rob with more Fibber!
  21. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-04-18 (652) Samuel Goldwyn and Frank Sinatra, PHAF 1948-04-18 065 Alice's Memory Loss, Jack Benny 1938-04-24 (294) Snow White and the Seven Gangsters2018/04/22
    Snow White and Jack Benny from 80 years ago this week!
  22. The Whistler 1948-04-21 ep308 Silent City2018/04/21
    70 years ago today on The Whistler!
  23. Fibber n Molly_1943-04-20_(OTR-ROB)2018/04/20
    Rob brings us more Fibber and the gang!
  24. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-04-19 (843) Bob borrows 500 Dollars from Jack, PHAF 1953-04-19 The Fortune Hunter, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-04-18 (478) Guest Loretta Young - Jack Opens Pool2018/04/19
    Actress Loretta Young guest stars on Jack's 1943 show from 75 years ago this week!
  25. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-04-18 (052) Bum's Rush and Frontier Gentleman 1958-04-20 (12) Aces And Eights2018/04/18
    Two more great Westerns with some historic story telling on Frontier Gentleman this week.!
  26. Fibber n Molly_1948-04-20_Red Skelton is back (OTR-ROB)2018/04/18
    More Fibber with Rob and Red Skelton too!
  27. Bing Crosby Podcast 1948-04-14 Fibber Magee and Molly, Al Jolson's Kraft Music Hall 1948-04-15 Guest Charles Boyer, Jimmy Durante Show 1948-04-14 Truman Speech2018/04/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  28. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-04-16 to 04-20 Parley Baer and Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Shepard Matter2018/04/16
    Too Gunsmoke actors stop by this week, Parley Baer and Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Shepard Matter!
  29. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-04-11 (651) From Palm Springs, California, PHAF 1948-04-11 064 Buried Treasure, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-04-17 (293) Easter Show2018/04/15
    Here are some episodes with old intros on them, also a Phil Harris show I've never presented before.
  30. The Whistler 1948-04-21 ep308 Silent City2018/04/15
    Time for more Suspense with The Whistler!
  31. Fibber n Molly_1943-04-13_Salad Bowl Review_1933 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/13
  32. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-04-12 (842) Missing Heir, PHAF 1953-04-12 The Little Mother's Helpers Club, Jack Benny 1943-04-11 (477) Orson Welles (Last Show) Jack Returns After Illness2018/04/12
    Jack comes back and we say goodbye to the wonderful Orson Welles!
  33. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-04-11 (051) Gonif and Frontier Gentleman 1958-04-13 (11) The Trial2018/04/11
    Rob brings us another great Western Wednesday!
  34. Fibber n Molly_1948-04-13 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/10
    More fun with Fibber from 70 years ago!
  35. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-04-09 to 04-13 Harry Bartel and Hy Averback in Jack Johnstone's The Laird Douglas Matter2018/04/09
    Another fun Johnny Dollar Adventure!
  36. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-04-04 (650) Jack Wants to Borrow Bing's Oscar, PHAF 1948-04-04 (063) Publicity Problems, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-04-10 (292) A Yank At Oxford (2018)2018/04/08
    Wow, Bing Crosby and the Ink Spots stop by and we have an interview segment with writer Milt Josephsberg about the classic "money or your life" bit!!
  37. The Whistler 1948-04-07 ep306 What Makes a Murderer2018/04/08
    Another Suspense Saturday with the Whistler!
  38. Fibber n Molly_1943-04-06 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/06
    75 years ago today with Fibber and Molly!
  39. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-04-05 (841) Easter Parade, PHAF 1953-04-05 Coloring Easter Eggs Phil's Way, Jack Benny 1943-04-04 (476) Orson Welles (4th Show) - Red Riding Hood2018/04/05

    Orson is in his 4th week hosting Jack's show and this week they present Little Red Riding Hood! Also in 1953 Jack and Phil celebrate Easter on their shows!

  40. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-04-04 (050) Jayhawkers and Frontier Gentleman 1958-04-06 (10) Powder River Kid2018/04/04
    Western Wednesday!
  41. Fibber n Molly_1948-04-06 (OTR-ROB)2018/04/03
    70 years ago with Fibber and friends!
  42. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-04-02 to 04-06 Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Salt City Matter2018/04/02
    This series is not up to our usual sound quality and it is also missing Chapter 2, but I hope you still enjoy what we do have.
  43. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-03-28 (649) Ronald Colman's Oscar, PHAF 1948-03-28 062 Coloring Easter Eggs, Jack Benny 1938-04-03 (291) Guest George Jessel2018/04/01
    Happy Easter from Jack and the gang! My Easter present to you is both of Jack's episodes have dramatically improved sound!
  44. The Whistler 1948-03-31 ep305 Bird of Prey2018/03/31
    Another Suspenseful Saturday with The Whistler from 70 years ago today!
  45. Fibber n Molly_1943-03-30_audition 4 Our Miss Brooks (OTR-ROB)2018/03/30
    More Fibber from 75 years ago!
  46. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-03-29 (840) Mississippi Gambler, PHAF 1953-03-29 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Jack Benny 1943-03-28 (475) Orson Welles (3rd Show) - Midnight Murder2018/03/29
    Orson Welles, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis drop in tonight!
  47. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-03-28 (049) Quarter-Horse and Frontier Gentleman 1958-03-30 (09) Gentle Virtue2018/03/28
    Rob brings us two more great westerns!
  48. Fibber n Molly_1948-03-23 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/27
    Rob brings us more Fibber from 70 years ago!
  49. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-03-26 to 03-30 Howard McNear and John Dehner in Jack Johnstone's The Lamarr Matter2018/03/26
    Cool, Howard McNear and John Dehner from Gunsmoke and Frontier Gentleman that we play on Wednesdays!
  50. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-03-21 (648) Academy Awards Are Discussed and Jack Benny 1938-03-27 (290) Harry Von Zell, Kate Smith, Abe Lyman, and Fred Allen (West and East Coast)2018/03/25
    Tonight we present both the East and West coast feeds of the Jack Benny show from 1938 with guest Fred Allen!
  51. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-05-10 Suspense (428) Death on My Hands with Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 1951-04-22 (Suspense Skit)2018/03/24
    Lets have a special Suspense Saturday with Phil Harris' only appearance on Suspense!
  52. Fibber n Molly_1943-03-23 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/24
    More fibber!
  53. Bing Crosby Podcast 1953-03-26 (025) Guest Rosemary Clooney with Joe Venuti and Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1953-03-23 Ep234 Lute Song2018/03/23
    Bing with his guest Rosemary Clooney from 65 years ago!
  54. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-03-22 (839) Beverly Hills Walk, PHAF 1953-03-22 Who Will Replace Phil, Jack Benny 1943-03-21 (474) Orson Welles (2nd Show) - Orson's Movie Lot2018/03/22
    Orson takes the gang to his movie lot, and Mary is back for Orson's second week of taking over Jack's show. The wonderful Hans Conried stops by as well!
  55. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-03-21 (048) Pussy Cats and Frontier Gentleman 1958-03-23 (08) The Actress2018/03/21
    Western Wednesday!
  56. Fibber n Molly_1948-03-16 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/20
    70 years ago with more great Fibber from 1948!
  57. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-03-19 to 03-23 Bob Bailey and Virginia Gregg in Jack Johnstone's The Jolly Roger Fraud Matter2018/03/19
    This week Bob Bailey and Virginia Gregg in Jack Johnstone's The Jolly Roger Fraud Matter!
  58. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-03-14 (647) Walking Man Contest Winner and Host, PHAF 1948-03-14 (060) Ballet Tickets, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-03-20 (289) Preparing for New York (2018)2018/03/17
    More Walking Man and more from 70 and 80 years ago this week!
  59. The Whistler 1948-03-17 ep303 The Human Catalyst2018/03/17
    70 years ago today with The Whistler!
  60. Fibber n Molly_1943-03-16 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/16
    75 years ago today with Fibber and friends!
  61. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-03-15 (838) Founding of Palm Springs, PHAF 1953-03-15 Gang Leader's No, Jack Benny 1943-03-14 (473) Orson Welles - Return of Phil Harris2018/03/15
    75 years ago this week Orson Welles takes over Jack's show and Phil Harris returns from the Merchant Marines!
  62. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-03-14 (047) Les Crutchfield's Cyclone and Frontier Gentleman 1958-03-16 (07) Big Sam For Governer (OTR-Rob)2018/03/14
    Two great westerns for Western Wednesday!
  63. Fibber n Molly_1948-03-09 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/13
    More great Fibber from 70 years ago!
  64. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-03-12 to 03-16 Bob Bailey and Herb Ellis in John Dawson's The Clinton Matter2018/03/12
    More fun with Yours Truly Johnny Dollar!
  65. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-03-07 (646) The Walking Man, Bing Crosby 1948-03-03 Jack Benny, PHAF 1948-03-07 059 Going Fishing, Jack Benny 1938-03-13 (288) Night Club Death (2018)2018/03/11
    This week 70 years ago Jack was a guest on Bing Crosby's show and he was also revealed on Truth or Consequences as the Walking Man! We have it all for you in our stuffed show tonight!
  66. The Whistler 1948-03-24 ep304 Elliott Lewis in The Dark Room2018/03/10
    Elliott Lewis in The Dark Room from 70 years ago this month!
  67. Fibber n Molly_1943-03-09 (OTR-ROB)2018/03/09
    75 years ago today with Fibber!
  68. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-03-08 (837) The Snows of Kilimanjaro, PHAF 1953-03-01 Hans Conreid -The 4D Camera, Jack Benny 1943-03-07 (472) George Burns and Gracie Allen2018/03/08
    A special triple stack with an interview of amazing character actor Hans Conreid!
  69. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-03-07 (046) Absolom and Frontier Gentleman 1958-03-09 (06) The Claim Jumpers (OTR Rob)2018/03/07
    More great shows with great sound from 60 and 65 years ago this week!
  70. Fibber n Molly_1948-03-02_Fred_Henry_Irma_Milty (OTR-ROB)2018/03/06
    70 years ago with Fibber and the gang!
  71. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-03-05 to 03-09 Bob Bailey and Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Plantagent Matter2018/03/05
    Bob Bailey and Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Plantagent Matter!
  72. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-02-29 (645) Analysis of That's What I Like About The South, PHAF 1948-02-29 058 Race Horse, Jack Benny 1938-03-06 (287) Dons Fifteenth Anniversary (2018)2018/03/04
    Jack's Analysis of That's What I Like About The South plus a much improved 1938 epsidode sound wise!
  73. The Whistler 1948-03-03 ep301 Boiling Point2018/03/03
    Another night of Suspense with the Whistler!
  74. Fibber n Molly n Burns & Allen_1943-03-02_Fred n Couple---Door (OTR-ROB)2018/03/02
    Fibber and the gang!
  75. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-03-01 (836) Off to New York City, PHAF 1953-02-22 Free College For Indians, Jack Benny 1943-02-28 (287) Kit Carson Benny with Bob Crosby2018/03/01

    Jack at the train station!

  76. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-02-28 (045) Trojan War and Frontier Gentleman 1958-03-02 (05) The Lost Mine (OTR-Rob)2018/02/28
    To more great sounding westerns!
  77. Fibber n Molly_1948-02-24_ n Irma n Fred n Milty (OTR-ROB)2018/02/27
    More with Fibber and the gang!
  78. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-02-27 to 03-02 Mary Jane Croft and John Dehner in Les Crutchfield's The Fathom-5 Matter2018/02/26
    This week Bob Baily is joined by Mary Jane Croft and John Dehner in Les Crutchfield's The Fathom-5 Matter!
  79. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-02-22 (644) Guest Frank Sinatra - From Palm Springs, California, PHAF 1948-02-29 058 Race Horse, Jack Benny 1938-02-27 (286) Submarine D-1 Part Two (2018)2018/02/25
    Great shows tonight, especially Phil and Alice's!
  80. The Whistler 1948-02-25 ep300 Meeting on Tenth Street2018/02/24
    Time for a little Saturday Suspense with The Whistler from 70 years ago this week!
  81. Fibber n Molly_1943-02-23_ n Fred n Burns n Allen_ n Couple---Door (OTR-ROB)2018/02/23
    75 years ago this week with Fibber and friends!
  82. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-02-22 (835) The Beavers, PHAF 1953-02-21 Red Cross, Jack Benny 1943-02-21 (470) Statue , Jack Benny 1953-02-22 Rehearsal and Billy Graham 19632018/02/22
    Billy Graham passed away today, so we open the show tonight with the audio of his appearance on the Jack Benny TV show from 1963!
  83. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-02-21 (044) Meshougah and Frontier Gentleman 1958-02-23 (04) Kendall's Last Stand (OTR-Rob)2018/02/21
    Rob rings us two great westerns!
  84. Fibber n Molly_1948-02-17_Irma_Henry_Milty (OTR-ROB)2018/02/20
    70 years ago with Rob!
  85. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-02-20 to 02-24 Hans Conried and Parley Baer in John Dawson's The Bennett Matter2018/02/19
    I think this might be the first time we have had actor extraordinaire Hans Conried appear on one of our Johnny Dollars!
  86. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-02-15 (643) Birthday Party - First Time 39, PHAF 1948-02-15 Baby Plans, Jack Benny 1938-02-20 (285) Submarine D-1 Part 1, Tonight Show 1978 Mary Livingstone2018/02/17
    Jack Turns 39 for the first time, Phil has baby issues, The cast go on a submarine, and Mary visit's with Johnny Carson to talk about Jack!
  87. The Whistler 1948-02-11 ep298 Money Is The Root Of All Evil2018/02/17
    Time for more Suspense Saturday with The Whistler!
  88. Burns & Allen_1943-02-16_Fred Allen_Couple ---Door_Henry Morgan (OTR-ROB)2018/02/16
    More great shows from Rob!
  89. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-02-15 (834) The Life of Bing Crosby, PHAF 1953-02-15 The Mohicans, Jack Benny 1943-02-14 (469) George Jessel From Ontario, Canada (2018)2018/02/15
    Mary tells the Rose story to Johnny Carson! Dramatic sound upgrades to both of the Jack Benny episodes tonight!
  90. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-02-14 (043) The Round-Up and Frontier Gentleman 1958-02-16 (03) The Honkytonkers (OTR-Rob)2018/02/14
    Rob officially takes over our Western Wednesday! Happy Valentines Day!
  91. Fibber n Molly_1948-02-17_Irma_Henry_Milty (OTR-ROB)2018/02/13
    Happy Valentines Day from Fibber!
  92. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-02-13 to 02-17 Mary Jane Croft and Howard McNear in Les Crutchfield's The Cui Bono Matter2018/02/12
    Love when Howard McNear guest stars and Mary Jane Croft is always wonderful!
  93. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-02-08 (642) Nightmare Alley, PHAF 1948-02-08 055 A Date For Willie, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-02-13 (284) Guest Robert Taylor Plays the Cello (2018)2018/02/11
    Robert Taylor stops by in our 1938 episode!
  94. Suspense Podcast 1953-02-02 (498) Jack Benny, William Conrad, and Howard McNear in Plan X and Bing Crosby 1953-02-12 Ep19 Guest Jack Benny2018/02/10

    Today we focus on Jack Benny from 65 years ago on Suspense and The Bing Crosby show!

  95. Fibber n Molly_Burns n Allen_1943-02-09_Couple ----Door (OTR-ROB)2018/02/09
    Fibber from 75 years ago this week!
  96. Jack Benny Classic Podcast 1953-02-08 (833) Steak Ride -English Horse, PHAF 1953-02-08 Louis and Clark, Jack Benny 1943-02-07 (468) Guests George Jessel - Jack's Late (2018)2018/02/08
    Great Mel Blanc focused episode and interview!
  97. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-02-07 (042) Cain and Frontier Gentleman 1958-02-09 (02) Charlie Meeker (Buck and OTR-Rob)2018/02/07
    Apparently Gunsmoke ran a repeated script this week, so we bring you the original with great sound and the repeated version with a lesser sounding audio. We also welcome Rob to the podcast.
  98. Fibber n Molly_1948-02-09_Fred n Irma n Henry (OTR-ROB)2018/02/06
    Fibber and friends 1948.
  99. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-02-06 to 02-10 Vic Perrin and Herb Ellis in John Dawson's The McClain Matter2018/02/05
    Time for Yours Truly Johnny Dollar!
  100. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-02-01 (641) Colman's Movie, PHAF 1948-02-01 Willie Moves in, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-02-06 (283) Jack is late to the first race track episode (2018)2018/02/04
    Both of Jack's shows have improved sound since last we presented them!
  101. The Whistler 1948-02-04 ep297 Undertow2018/02/03
    Suspense Saturday with The Whistler from 70 years ago this week!
  102. Fibber n Molly_Burns n Allen_Fred n Couple_1943-02-02 (OTR-ROB)2018/02/02
    Fibber and friends!
  103. Jack Benny Classic Podcast 1953-02-01 (832) Guest Stanley Kramer - High Noon and Jack Benny Podcast 1943-01-31 (467) From Quantico, Virginia2018/02/01

    Unfortunately we are missing this weeks Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, so we will have to settle for two Jacks and two old intros from me.

  104. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-01-31 (041) Cavalcade, Six Shooter 1954-06-24 (Ep 39) Jimmy Stewart in Myra Barker, Frontier Gentleman 1958-02-02 (01) The Shelton Brothers2018/01/31
    A Triple Stack of great westerns with Gunsmoke, of course! Our last episode of Jimmy Stewart's Six Shooter and our first episode of Antony Ellis' Frontier Gentleman starring John Dehner!
  105. Fibber n Molly_Henry_Miltie_Irma_1948-02-03 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/30
    Rob brings us more Fibber and friends!
  106. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-30 to 02-03 Bob Bailey and Virginia Gregg in Les Crutchfield's The Flight Six Matter2018/01/29
    Time for Johnny Dollar!
  107. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-01-25 (640) On the Train to Hollywood, PHAF 1948-01-25 Phil Thinks Hes Being Replaced, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-01-30 (282) Hurricane (2018)2018/01/28
    Great night for music through all three episodes! Phil sings "That's What I Like About The South!" with great sound!
  108. The Whistler 1948-01-28 ep296 Night Final2018/01/27
    Another Suspense Saturday with The Whistler!
  109. Fibber n Molly-the Burns-Fred-Couple_1943-01-19 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/26
    Fibber from 1943!
  110. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-01-25 (831) Bets on Our Fancy, PHAF 1953-01-25 Promoting, Jack Benny 1943-01-24 (466) McFarland Twins - Mr Benny Goes to Washington (2018)2018/01/25
    Another Triple stack Thursday with our 1953 episode having nicely upgraded sound it was very staticy the last time I played it.
  111. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-01-24 (040) Kathleen Hite'sThe Old Lady and The Six Shooter 1954-06-17 (Ep37) Jimmy Stewart in When The Shoe Doesn't Fit2018/01/24
  112. Fibber n Molly-Irma-Milty_1948-01-27_Henry Morgan (OTR-ROB)2018/01/23
  113. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-23 to 01-27 Bob Bailey and Parley Baer in John Dawson's The Red Duke Matter2018/01/22
  114. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-01-18 (639) March-Of-Dimes Benefit, PHAF 1948-01-18 Robert Taylor Fills in for Phil, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-01-23 (281) Scoop Benny, Ace Reporter2018/01/21
  115. The Whistler 1948-01-21 ep295 Twelve Portraits of Marcia2018/01/20
  116. Fibber n Molly-Fred-Henry-Milty-Irma_1948-01-20 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/19
  117. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-01-18 (830) Umbrella Stand, PHAF 1953-01-18 800 Dollar Kiss, Jack Benny 1943-01-17 (465) Guest Oscar Levant - Spoof on Information Please2018/01/18
  118. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-01-17 (039) Paid Killer and The Six Shooter 1954-06-10 (Ep37) Jimmy Stewart in The New Sheriff2018/01/17
  119. Fibber n Molly n Irma n Fred n Henry n Milty_1948-01-13 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/16
  120. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-16 to 01-20 Lawrence Dobkin in Jack Johnstone's The Ricardo Amerigo Matter2018/01/15
  121. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-01-11 (638) Going to the March-Of-Dimes Benefit, PHAF 1948-01-11 Phil Looks for a Guest Host, Jack Benny 1938-01-16 (280) 30 Years in The Future (2018)2018/01/14
  122. The Whistler 1948-01-14 ep294 Silent Partner2018/01/13
  123. Fibber n Molly n Couple n Fred Allen_1943-01-12 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/12
  124. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-01-11 (829) Bob Hope - Road to Bali, PHAF 1953-01-11 The Kitchen Sink, Jack Benny 1943-01-10 (464) Phil Baker - 64 Dollar Question (2018)2018/01/11
  125. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-01-10 (038) John Meston's Word of Honor and The Six Shooter 1954-06-03 Jimmy Stewart in Silver Threads2018/01/10
  126. Fibber n Molly n Irma n Milt n Henry n Fred n Arnold Stang_1948-01-06 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/09
  127. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-09 to 01-13 Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Todd Matter2018/01/08
  128. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-01-04 (637) Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl, PHAF 1948-01-04 Phils Birthday, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-01-09 (279) In San Francisco (2018)2018/01/07
  129. The Whistler 1947-12-31 ep292 The First Year2018/01/06
  130. Fibber n Molly n Red n Couple n Burns n Allen_1943-01-05_Fred Allen_1943-01-03 (OTR-ROB)2018/01/05
  131. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-01-04 (828) The Dishwasher Is Broken, PHAF 1953-01-04 Alice's Day, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-01-03 (463) Bear Hunting (2017)2018/01/04
  132. Gunsmoke Podcast 1953-01-03 (037) Les Crutchfield's Westbound and The Six Shooter 1954-05-27 (Ep35) Jimmy Stewart in Blood Relations2018/01/03
  133. Fibber n Molly n Fred_1936-1947-12-30_Irma n Miltie_1947-12-29-Henry Morgan (OTR-ROB)2018/01/02
  134. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-02 to 01-06 Virginia Gregg and Howard McNear in The Caylin Matter2018/01/02
  135. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-12-28 (636) Alice Faye - New Tenant, PHAF 1947-12-28 Dinner with Mr. Fitch, Jack Benny 1938-01-02 (278) Leaving for San Francisco Next Week2018/01/01
  136. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part Two (1946-1956) including Lost Episode (recreation) and TV Episode2017/12/31
  137. Fibber n Molly on Gildy_Burns n Allen_1942-12-29_Fred Allen_THT_1937-12-29 (OTR-ROB)2017/12/31
  138. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part One (1938-1946)2017/12/30
  139. Rose Marie Podcast (06) 1951-04-25 Bing Crosby Show (065) - Rose Marie and Louis Armstrong2017/12/29
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