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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Episode 1957: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1957-03-10 (S7 E13) Jack Falls into Canal in Venice2022/06/21
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  2. Episode 3022: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1957-03-24 (S7 E14) Jack Benny in Paris with Maurice Chevalier2022/06/15

    Watch this on YouTube here https://youtu.be/BhBYDYJdivk We continue our international travel with Jack Benny in Paris with Maurice Chevalier!
  3. Episode 811: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-06-01 (811) Jack prepares for Houston and London (Phil Harris' final Jack Benny's radio show)2022/06/12

    Watch the script as you listen on youtube here https://youtu.be/pYIxrwaZ9IQ THis is Phil's final appearance on Jack's radio show!
  4. Episode 1961: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1961-11-12 Jack Does Stand-Up at The Royal Variety Performance in The United Kingdom2022/06/08

    Watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/HsCIeciGnO0
  5. Episode 551: Johnny Dollar 1957-08-25 #551 The Smokey Sleeper Matter2022/06/02

    Dollar time!
  6. Episode 1956: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1956-12-02 (S7 E6) ''Jack Locked in the Tower of London''2022/06/01

    Watch this episode on YouTube here https://youtu.be/ok2AAUMzvkI Did you ever think you would see Jack in a sword fight!
  7. Episode 3: Movie Night (03) 1947 Lady From Shanghai, Son of Zorro Chapter 1, Newsreel Princess Elizabeth Weds2022/05/31

    Here is our Movie Night on YouTube https://youtu.be/Kv_0HaFgUFU We've got a Movie - Lady From Shanghai with Orson Welles, three trailers, Serial Cliffhanger Son of Zorro Chapter 1, a Newsreel about the wedding of Princess Elizabeth, and a Cartoon all from 1947! Here is the whole Serial Cliffhanger Son of Zorro Chapter all chapters https://youtu.be/RH444i3GWsE
  8. Episode 3021: Johnny Dollar 1957-08-04 #548 The Wayward Widow Matter2022/05/25

    Dollar time!
  9. Episode 2: Movie Night (02) 1939 Stagecoach, Buck Rogers Chapter 1, Judy and Mickey Newsreel, Daffy Duck2022/05/24

    Here it is on YouTube https://youtu.be/-oKKph-LnGA John Ford brings us Stagecoach with John Wayne, Andy Devine, and a lot of great actors! Buster Crabbe is featured in Buck Rogers part 1, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney are featured in the Newsreel at the New Your Worlds Fair, and Daffy Duck is featured with a caricature of Jack Benny in the cartoon!
  10. Episode 809: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-18 (809) Down on the farm, PHAF 1952-05-18 Julius Is Missing, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-24 (448) Phil Becomes a Father (2017)2022/05/22

    The penultimate episode of the 1951-1952 season!
  11. Episode 617: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-04-13 (617) Baseball team, PHAF 1947-04-13 Threatening letter, and Jack Benny 1937-04-11 (253) Guests George Burns Gacie Allen (2022)2022/05/20

    Here is the youtube video https://youtu.be/wMI2W9HC_bs
    Some really nice episodes here!
  12. Episode 3020: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-11 (808) Harry Shearer - Beavers to the Zoo, PHAF 1952-05-11 Harris Kids On TV, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-17 (447) Jack Imitates Fred Allen (2017)2022/05/13

    Love it when Harry Shearer and The Beverly Hills Beavers appears on Jack's show!
  13. Episode 3019: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1956-04-22 (S6 E15) Jack Tries to Get a Passport with Richard Deacon, Mel Blanc, and Frank Nelson2022/05/11

    Watch on youtube at https://youtu.be/fEl3BMaz2Vk
    A really rare and funny, but highly visual episode, Jack Tries to Get a Passport with Richard Deacon, Mel Blanc, and Frank Nelson!
  14. Episode 547: Johnny Dollar 1957-07-28 #547 Confederate Coinage Matter2022/05/10

    Dollar Time!
  15. Episode 807: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-04 (807) Phonograph, Phil Harris 1952-05-04 Spring Cleaning, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-10 (446) Jack's Last Season for Jell-O2022/05/08

    THree more fun shows with Jack, Phil, and the gang!
  16. Episode 546: Johnny Dollar 1957-07-21 #546 The Yours Truly Matter2022/05/04

    Dollar time!
  17. Episode 615: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-30 (615) San Fran, PHAF 1947-03-30 Softball, and Jack Benny 1937-03-28 (251) First Eddie Anderson -Train Porter (2022)2022/05/02

    Here it is on Youtube https://youtu.be/4Eloos1mMbk We have Eddie Anderson Jr. back to introduce his father's very first appearance on the Jack Benny show from 85 years ago! We also have the original script for the 1947 episode suched up with the sudio, so you can read along while you listen to the show.
  18. Episode 806: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-27 (806) Jimmy Stewart, Phil Harris 1952-04-27 Phil Fire His Band, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-03 (445) Ann Sheridan - Warner Brothers (2017)2022/04/29

    One of my favorites with Jimmy Stewart meets Buck Benny!
  19. Episode 3018: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-23 (614) Sportsmen Rehired, PHAF 1947-03-23 Daddys Night, and Jack Benny 1937-03-21 (250) A Day In Our Lives2022/04/25

    Watch here https://youtu.be/O3Dh1CiTKY0 on youtube and read along with the as aired script!
  20. Episode 805: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-20 (805) All Hands on Deck, PHAF1952-04-20 Alice's Old Boyfriend, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-26 (444) Jack Hawkin's Revenge (2017)2022/04/21

    Let's hop back into Jack, Phil, and the gang in 1952 then 1942!
  21. Episode 528: Johnny Dollar 1957-03-10 #528 The Sun Tan Oil Matter2022/04/19

    Dollar Time!
  22. Episode 3017: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1960-04-17 The Easter Show ( S10 E14)2022/04/17

    Watch it on youtube https://youtu.be/vNI76toKNus Happy Easter! What a great fun newfind for me. Just learned about this existing two days ago. We recorded the intro yesterday!
  23. Episode 3016: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-16 (613) The Sportsmen Replacement, PHAF 1947-03-16 Phil Goes Camping, & The Oscars 1947-03-13 Host Jack Benny2022/04/15

    Here is a link to the youtube version where you can follow along with the original as aired script. https://youtu.be/TnVQoHrMvug
    Three great shows for you today!
  24. Episode 1956: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1956-01-29 (S6 E10) Guest Sarah Churchill - How Jack Found Rochester (Eddie Rochester Anderson Jr., Kathy, John, Buck)2022/04/13

    Here is the episode on youtube https://youtu.be/V9cWp5aHm-k We are lucky enough to have Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Jr. join us again for this historic episode!
  25. Episode 3015: The Big Show Podcast 1952-04-06 (055) Tallulah Bankhead, Judy Canova, Jane Russell, Oscar Levant, Toni Arden, Renzo Cesna, Paul Winchell, Herb Jeffries, etc2022/04/10

    Spend some time with this rare episode featuring Tallulah Bankhead, Judy Canova, Jane Russell, Oscar Levant, Toni Arden, Renzo Cesna, Paul Winchell, Herb Jeffries, etc
  26. Episode 804: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-13 (804) Happy Easter, PHAF 1952-04-13 Easter Dress, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-19 (443) Percy Kilbride - Don's Play (2017)2022/04/08

    Easter comes a little early!
  27. Episode 520: Johnny Dollar 1956-12-30 #520 The Squared Circle Matter2022/04/07

    Dollar Time!
  28. Episode 3014: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-06 (803) Jack's Swimming Pool, PHAF 1952-04-06 Don Wilson Announcer and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-12 Filmed at Camp Hahn (2017)2022/04/05

    You can watch the camp Hahn episode on youtube at https://youtu.be/QnNgHxP2lY8
  29. Episode 54: The Big Show 1952-03-30 (054) Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Judy Canova, Vivian Blaine, Phil Foster, Johnnie Johnston, Jan Murray, etc2022/04/04

    This week with Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Judy Canova, Vivian Blaine, Phil Foster, Johnnie Johnston, and Jan Murray!
  30. Episode 777: Lost Jack Benny Radio Show re-creation with Eddie Rochester Anderson Jr2022/03/30

    watch on Youtube here https://youtu.be/zm9tUcOfqwE Our team of Kathy Fuller-Seeley, John and Stephanie Henderson, Zach Eastman, Vincent Longo, and me Buck Benny are joined by non other than the son of Eddie Rochester Anderson to re-create this long lost Jack Benny episode. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-10-07 (777) Ballgame on TV and Radio
  31. Episode 518: Johnny Dollar 1956-12-23 #518 The Missing Mouse Matter2022/03/29

    Dollar Time!
  32. Episode 802: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-30 (802) My Naval Career, PHAF 1952-03-30 Party At Phil's House, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-05 (441) Don's Commercial2022/03/28

    Three more great episodes with Jack, Phil, and the gang!
  33. Episode 53: The Big Show Podcast 1952-03-23 (053) Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Borge, Rosemary Clooney, Marlene Dietrich, Paul Douglas, Clif Hall, Jack Pearl, Earl Rightson, etc2022/03/26

    Time for another Big Show! This time with Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Borge, Rosemary Clooney, and Marlene Dietrich!
  34. Episode 612: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-09 (612) Looking into Replacing The Sportsmen, PHAF 1947-03-09 Guest Jack Benny, Jack Benny 1937-03-14 (249) Feud Finale and Fred Allen 1937-03-17 (116) St Patrick's Day2022/03/25

    Watch it on youtube synched to the original 1947 script here https://youtu.be/zoP2l-mE6J4
  35. Episode 3013: Johnny Dollar 1956-12-16 #517 The Rasmussen Matter2022/03/24

    Dollar Time!
  36. Episode 801: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-23 (801) The Academy Awards, Phil Harris 1952-03-23 Phil is made a Colonel, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-29 (440) Doc Benny's Minstrel Show2022/03/23

    Three more great shows with Jack and Phil!
  37. Episode 52: The Big Show Podcast 1952-03-16 (052) The Big Show Podcast 1952-03-16 (052) Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Frank Sinatra, Peter Donald, Helen O'Connell, William Garagan, etc2022/03/20

    Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Frank Sinatra, Peter Donald, Helen O'Connell, William Garagan, etc! Frank Sinatra stops by the Big Show this week!
  38. Episode 611: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-02 (611) Jack Tries To Rehire the Sportsmen, PHAF 1947-03-02 Vacation From Marriage, Jack Benny 1937-03-07 (248) Stuart Canin and Fred Allen 1937-03-10 (115) Murder On The High Seas2022/03/18

    Watch us on Youtube to be able to follow along on with the original 1947 script https://youtu.be/3_LhbzJZErw and you can here Brent Spiner's neat otr-ish presentation here, well worth a listen https://youtu.be/bRezl-Nf-nI
  39. Episode 6: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2021-03-05 (006) My Brothers Keeper (Terry Phillips)2022/03/18

    The 6th episode in Terry's interesting series.
  40. Episode 1964: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1964-01-07 How Jack Met George Burns (Kathy Fuller Seeley, John Henderson, Zach Eastman, and Buck Benny)2022/03/16

    Watch it on youtube https://youtu.be/05BaYjsgu3M Always fun to watch Jack and his best friend George together again!
  41. Episode 516: Johnny Dollar 1956-12-09 #516 The Burning Car Matter2022/03/15

    Dollar time!
  42. Episode 800: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-16 (800) Steam Cabinet, Taxes, PHAF 1952-03-16 Vacation Talk, and Jack Benny 1942-03-22 (439) Plants Victory Garden and Golfs with Phil (2017)2022/03/14

    Three more great shows with Jack and Phil!
  43. Episode 51: The Big Show Podcast 1952-03-09 (051) Tallulah Bankhead, Peter Lorre, Jim and Marion Jordan, Phil Foster, Richard Eastham, Ethel Merman, Joe Frisco, etc2022/03/14

    The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead, Peter Lorre, Jim and Marion Jordan, Phil Foster, Richard Eastham, Ethel Merman, Joe Frisco, etc
  44. Episode 3012: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-23 (610) Sportsmen Fired, PHAF 1947-02-23 Recording Studio, Jack Benny 1937-02-28 (247) Jack's violin is returned and 1937-03-02 Ben Bernie2022/03/13

    Watch it on youtube at https://youtu.be/yPNYMK64dgs I know we aired this last week, but we are adding new team intros and this was a great place to start!
  45. Episode 2022: Interview (2022) with Kathy Fuller Seeley on her two Jack Benny Lost Scripts Books2022/03/10

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/tY2M8Oivn9M The whole gang introduces the interview.
  46. Episode 5: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1954-10-31 (S5 E3) How Jack Found Mary2022/03/09

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/c9ARwu6DpZ0 Another great how Jack found episode this one focusing on how Jack Found Mary! From season 5 of the Jack Benny TV show.
  47. Episode 515: Johnny Dollar 1956-11-25 #515 The Royal Street Matter2022/03/08

    Dollar Time!
  48. Episode 799: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-09 (799) TV Show Talk, Phil Harris 1952-03-09 Costume Party and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-15 (438) Fred Allen's Ten Dollars2022/03/07

    Three more great shows.
  49. Episode 50: The Big Show Podcast 1952-03-02 (050) AFRS Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Rex Harrison, Henny Youngmen, Connie Boswell, Clark Dennis, Lilli Palmer, etc2022/03/06

    Today we bring you The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Rex Harrison, Henny Youngmen, Connie Boswell, Clark Dennis, Lilli Palmer, etc!
  50. Episode 798: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-02 (798) Guests - Sinatra, Kaye, Burns, and Groucho, Phil Harris 1952-03-02 Las Vegas and Jack Benny 1942-03-08 (437) San Diego (2017)2022/03/04

    Sinatra, Kaye, Burns, and Groucho, 'nuff said!
  51. Episode 19: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1964-02-19 (S14 E19) How Jack Found Dennis2022/03/03

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/YEd6a4tOzpw Our team brings us how Jack found Dennis!
  52. Episode 514: Johnny Dollar 1956-11-18 #514 The Markham Matter2022/03/02

    Dollar time!
  53. Episode 50: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-23 (610) Sportsmen Fired, PHAF 1947-02-23 Recording Studio, Jack Benny 1937-02-28 (247) Jack's violin is returned and 1937-03-02 Ben Bernie2022/02/27

    Changing things up a little and bringing you the 1947 and 1937 shows to do a little catching up.
  54. Episode 49: The Big Show Podcast 1952-02-24 (049) Tallulah Bankhead, Ed Gardner, Victor Borge, Kay Armin, Gertrude Berg, Phil Foster. Robert Merrill, etc2022/02/27

    Ed Gardner from Duffy's Tavern stops by!
  55. Episode 2022: Interview (2022) with Kathy Fuller Seeley on her 1st Jack Benny Book2022/02/26

    You can watch this interview on You tube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ_QfaTaW3w

    You can also get Kathy's book here https://www.amazon.com/Benny-Golden-American-Radio-Comedy/dp/0520295056/ref=sr_1_4?crid=PF33O6823HNJ&keywords=jack+benny+book&qid=1645828714&sprefix=jack+benny%2Caps%2C928&sr=8-4
  56. Episode 609: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-16 (609) Isaac Stern, Colmans, PHAF 1947-02-16 Phil Harris Homemaker, Jack Benny 1937-02-21 (246) Buck Benny, Fred Allen 1937-02-242022/02/25

    Packed shows with Isaac Stern, the Colmans, and Fred Allen!
  57. Episode 513: Johnny Dollar 1956-11-11 #513 The Big Scoop Matter2022/02/22

    We welcome back Johnny Dollar!
  58. Episode 797: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-24 (797) Jack Tries to Buy a Car, Phil Harris 1952-02-24 Mr. Scotts Daughter and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-01 (436) Mad About The Academy Awards2022/02/21

    Another trifecta of great shows!
  59. Episode 267: Cavalcade of America Podcast 1942-02-23 (267) Tyrone Power in Arrowsmith2022/02/20

    Tyrone Power in Arrowsmith! 80 years ago this week Tyrone Power played a doctor and researcher fighting a plague, ignorance, fear, and apathy with strong echoes of today!
  60. Episode 48: The Big Show Podcast 1952-02-17 (048) Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Hoagy Carmichael, Joan Davis, Jane Pickens, Vera Lynn, etc2022/02/19

    Tallulah Bankhead has guests Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Hoagy Carmichael, Joan Davis, Jane Pickens, Vera Lynn, etc. Hoagy Carmichael and his music has a big presence on this episode.
  61. Episode 608: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-09 (608) After the Show, PHAF 1947-02-02 Reminiscing, Jack Benny 1937-02-14 (245) Jack's Birthday and Lux 1937-02-15 Brewsters Millions2022/02/17

    Featuring a Phil Harris episode recently made available and Jack And Mary in Brewster's Millions!
  62. Episode 5: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2021-02-12 (005) Smoking Gun (Terry Phillips)2022/02/16

    Out west with Imagine Air Theater!
  63. Episode 797: A Night At The Movies With Jack - Cartoon, Short, Buck Benny Rides Again2022/02/15

    Here is an old fashioned night at the movies! Click here to see it on video with three bonus trailers and a newsreel as well.
  64. Episode 796: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-17 (796) New York Symphony, Phil Harris 1952-02-17 New Movie, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-02-22 (435) San Francisco Presidio (2017)2022/02/13

    Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!
  65. Episode 47: The Big Show Podcast 1952-02-10 (047) Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Davis, Phil Foster, Vera Lynn, Claude Rains, Jean Sablon, etc2022/02/12

    This weekend the Jack Benny International Convention is happening, check it out here https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83723364629?pwd=akFMUVRESHBoaHdUQ2Q3MEFjMWRrUT09
  66. Episode 607: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-02 (607) Frank Capra - It's a Wonderful Life, SDP 1949-05-08 Jack Benny 1937-02-07 (244) The Stolen Violin, Fred Allen 1937-02-102022/02/11

    A bunch of great shows for you this week! This weekend is the virtual Jack Benny Convention https://jackbenny.org/wp/home/about-us/pastevents/convention-2022/?fbclid=IwAR07WGu0MVbv2aFL7zfiF6hTacLQ_I3cROMSQAE9aDefGDbG8BP3jV1w1gk
  67. Episode 264: Cavalcade of America Podcast 1942-02-02 (264) James Cagney in Captains of the Clouds2022/02/10

    James Cagney in Captains of the Clouds!
  68. Episode 4: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2020-12-07 (004) Only The Dead (Terry Phillips)2022/02/09

    A soldier mistrusts negotiated cease-fire efforts in the midst of a border war -- with tragic consequences. Features Elsabet Ademe as Sarah, John Erysian as Andrei, Ara Madzounian as Omar, Nahom Tsegaye as Yonas, Arkadi Pasternak as the helicopter pilot, Harout Arakelian as the door gunner, and Bill Erysian as the doctor.
  69. Episode 795: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-10 (795) To New York to Publish Jack's Song, PHAF 1952-02-10 A Wife For Frankie and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-02-15 (434) Jack's Birthday2022/02/08

    Another fun trifecta of comedy!
  70. Episode 46: The Big Show Podcast 1952-02-03 (046) Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Ethel Merman, Jerry Colonna, Jan Murray, Cathleen Nesbitt, Vera Lynn, etc2022/02/07

    A nice clear episode of The Big Show with Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Ethel Merman, and Jerry Colonna!
  71. Episode 606: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-01-26 (606) Margie, 1947-01-29 Kenny Baker Show guest Jack Benny, and Jack Benny 1937-01-31 (243) Prep for 'The Bee' with Fred Allen clip2022/02/05

    An embarrassment of riches!
  72. Episode 1951: Advs of Sam_Spade_PD_1951-03-09_SpanishPrisonerCaper_Sam Spade Block of Shows2022/02/03

    Rob brings us Sam Spade!
  73. Episode 1954: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1954-02-07 (Joan Benny Tribute) Jack Dreams He's Married to Mary and Joan Benny is their daughter (Whole Buck Benny Team)2022/02/02

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/trWvc71fmk4 This week we bring you an episode that was originally broadcast this week in 1954.
  74. Episode 3: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2020-11-18 (003) I'm Not Dead Yet (Terry Phillips)2022/02/01

    Terry brings us another Imagine Air Theater!
  75. Episode 794: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-03 (794) Wolfe Gilbert - Jack's Song, PHAF 1952-02-03 After Mr. Scotts Dinner Party and Jack Benny 1942-02-08 (433) Fred Allen on Sunday2022/01/31

    More of Jack's song and Benny and Allen's feud!
  76. Episode 45: The Big Show Podcast 1952-01-27 (045) Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Borge, Bob Elliot, Ray Goulding, Jack Carson. Vera Lynn, James Barton, Tony Bavaar, etc2022/01/30

    The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Borge, Bob Elliot, Ray Goulding, Jack Carson. Vera Lynn, James Barton, Tony Bavaar, etc!
  77. Episode 605: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-01-19 (605) Guest Borris Karloff, PHAF 1947-01-19 Interior Decorator, and Jack Benny 1937-01-24 (242) Benny-Allen Feud week 42022/01/28

    Borris Karloff pays a visit to Jack and the gang!
  78. Episode 3: Jack Benny Film Podcast 1941-08-01 Three Of A Kind with Tyrone Power and Randolph Scott - Short about Charlie's Aunt (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2022/01/26

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/sGA7E0nCFUI A wonderful short, Three Of A Kind with Tyrone Power and Randolph Scott!
  79. Episode 2: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2020-09-29 (002) Fool Me Once Again (Terry Phillips)2022/01/26

    Another episode of Terry's Imagine Air Theater! You can listen to all of his shows here https://www.imagine-air-theater.com/
  80. Episode 792: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-01-20 (792) George Burns Sings, PHAF 1952-01-20 March of Dimes, and Jack Benny 1942-01-25 (431) Frightwig Murder Case Part 12022/01/23

    George Burns stops by and sings Jack's song!
  81. Episode 605: The Big Show Podcast 1952-01-20 (044) Tallulah Bankhead, Phil Foster, Vera Lynn, Shirley Both, Dick Powell, Cliff Hall, Jack Pearl, etc.2022/01/22

    The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead, Phil Foster, Vera Lynn, Shirley Both, Dick Powell, Cliff Hall, Jack Pearl, Earl Wrightson, etc.
  82. Episode 604: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-01-12 (604) Guests George Burns and Gracie Allen, 1937-01-17 (241) Buck Benny in Ensenada , Mexico - Chapter 8 (Includes Rare Fred Allen Clips)2022/01/21

    George Burns, Gracie Allen, Fred Allen and the fued!
  83. Episode 1: Imagine Air Theater Podcast 2020-09-26 (001) A Failure to Act (Terry Phillips)2022/01/20

    The first episode of Terry Phillips Imagine Air Theater. Here is a link to the complete archive of shows https://www.imagine-air-theater.com/
  84. Episode 1963: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1963-01-15 Guest Rod Serling With Twilight Zone Spoof2022/01/19

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/SlEJ-j4BSEQ From this week in 1963! Thought I would play this as we just aired Jack's take on Suspense now we get his take on The Twilight Zone!
  85. Episode 791: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-01-13 (791) Jack Gets a Haircut, PHAF 1952-01-13 Phils Birthday, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-01-18 (430) Carole Lombard's Death - Show Is Without Jack2022/01/17

    The 1942 Show is musical due to Jack not being available due to the death of his To Be Or Not To Be film co-star Carol Lombard.
  86. Episode 43: The Big Show Podcast 1952-01-13 (043) Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Tony Bennett, Phil Foster, June Havok, Betty Hutton Vera Lynn, etc.2022/01/16

    We focus on the wonderful Tony Bennett on this weeks Big Show from 70 years ago this week! Another one of the long lost episodes. How delightful that Tony Bennett is still with us in 2022!
  87. Episode 604: Fibber n Molly_1946-11-19_Fibber's Big Play_Our_Miss_Brookes_1953-10-18_Boyton's BBQ2022/01/15

    Alright let's try this again. I don't believe it it worked!
  88. Episode 603: Jack Benny Podcast 1947-01-05 (603) Guests Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, PHAF 1947-01-05 Psychoanalysis, and Jack Benny 1937-01-10 (240) Feud Week 2 - Buck Benny 72022/01/14

    Bogart and Bacall stop by Jack and the Gang!
  89. Episode 1960: Cavalcade of America Podcast 1941-12-15 (257) Orson Wells in The Great Man Votes2022/01/13

    THinking about running the Cavalcade series. What do you think and do you think I should run it here or on my Judy Garland and Friends podcast?
  90. Episode 1959: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1959-04-04 Cartoons - The Mouse That Jack Built and 1940-09-14 Malibu Beach Party2022/01/11

    You can watch from Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/1r2c3pwcps9ki8i/Jack%20Benny%20Cartoons%201959-04-04%20The%20Mouse%20That%20Jack%20Built%20and%201940-09-14%20Malibu%20Beach%20Party.mp4?dl=0 The two best Jack Benny cartoons.
  91. Episode 1956: Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-29 to 11-02 John Dehner and Virginia Gregg - Silent Queen Matter2022/01/11

    The last of the multi-part Johnny Dollars.
  92. Episode 790: Jack Benny Podcast 1952-01-06 (790) Suspense, Phil Harris 1952-01-06 Pebble Beach, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-01-11 (429) From March Field2022/01/10

    Jack Benny keeps us in Suspense!
  93. Episode 1957: Betty White TV Podcast 1957-10-25 Date With The Angels with Guest Dennis Day in Star Struck At The Brown Derby2022/01/09

    Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/vko7b92CQq8 Our gang has a tribute episode to Betty White.
  94. Episode 602: Jack Benny Podcast 1946-12-29 (602) Going to a Nightclub, PHAF 1946-12-29 Cassanova Rides Again, and Jack Benny 1937-01-03 (239) Beginning of the Feud - Buck Benny Part 62022/01/08

    Jack and Fred Allen start the feud!
  95. Episode 1956: Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-15 to 10-25 Richard Crenna and Virginia Gregg - The Phantom Chase Matter HQ2022/01/04

    The only 9 part episode of of Johnny Dollar ever! Enjoy this rare treat!
  96. Episode 789: Jack Benny Podcast 1951-12-30 (789) New Year's Eve, PHAF 1951-12-30 Rose Bowl Parade, and Jack Benny 1942-01-04 (428) New Year's Eve Party2022/01/03

    Jack and Phil New Year's shows!
  97. Episode 2022: Betty White Tribute 2022-01-02 UCLA Jack Benny Award, Family Theater 1947-10-30 (038) Fibber McGee, Molly, and Betty White, and 1949-04-27 (115) Shelly Winters, Frank Morgan, and Betty White2022/01/02

    With Betty Whites passing, I thought we should have an Old Time Radio tribute to her.
  98. Episode 925: Jack Benny Podcast 1938 to 1956 (925) Complete New Tenant (1938-1956) including Lost Episode (recreation) and TV Episode2022/01/01

    Here is our marathon of all the new tenant skits back to back from the first presentation in 1938 including the lost 1952 episode (re-creation) and the audio from the 1956 TV episode as well as everything in between!
  99. Episode 1956: Jack Benny TV Podcast 1956-01-01 New Years's Fantasy and Camp Hahn 1942-04-12 (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2021/12/31

    Here it is on youtube https://youtu.be/QnNgHxP2lY8 The last new Year's Fantasy sketch and the first on ever done on TV.
  100. Episode 601: Jack Benny Podcast 1946-12-22 (601) Guests Kenny Baker and Larry Stevens - Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hospital and Jack Benny 1936-12-27 (238) Buck Benny Rides Again and Again - Chapter 52021/12/30

    Great guests horrible sound!
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