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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-05-28 (735) How Jack Met His Cast, PHAF 1950-05-28 Tickets To South Pacific, Jack Benny 1940-06-02 (377) Hillybilly Feud (Rogerchester Interview Pt 2) (2020)2020/06/28
    Part 2 of our interview with the multi-talented Rogerchester!
  2. Dimension X Minus One Podcast (012) 1955-05-08 (003) Ray Bradbury's Mars Is Heaven and Dimension X 1950-06-24 (12) Robert A Heinlein's Destination Moon2020/06/27
    Two legendary writer's take us to two wonderfully different destinations! In Ray Bradbury's Mars Is Heaven and Robert A Heinlein's Destination Moon!
  3. Casey Kasem Podcast 1976-06-26 AT 40 from June 26th 19762020/06/27
    Casey Kasem form this time of the year! With The Beatles, Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross...
  4. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-06-10 ep20 Young Trooper by Kathleen Hite2020/06/26
    Kathleen Hite brings us a dark episode!
  5. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-06-25 #167 The Army Trial2020/06/24
    Intro by Buck and Rob!
  6. Movie☆Detectives Richard Diamond_1949-05-15_Ralph Chase Case_Rocky_Fortune_1953-10-06_The Saint_1949-11-13_New Advs Nero Wolfe_1950-10-202020/06/23
    Welcome to the premiere of the great Movie Detectives!
  7. Have Gun, Will Travel Podcast 1960-06-19 #83 Too Too Solid Town2020/06/22
    Rob and I present this ultra clear copy of Have Gun Will travel. That will be moving to my Judy Garland and Friends Podcast for the summer.
  8. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-06-16 (379) Father's Day and Aldrich Family 1939-10-17 (016) Girl Trouble aka Date Mix-Up (Buck Interviews Rogerchester) (2020)2020/06/21
    What a Father's day gift I have for you! Happy Father's day!
  9. Dimension X Minus One Podcast (011) 1955-05-01 (002) George Leffert's TheParade and Dimension X 1950-06-17 (11) Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rain and Zero Hour2020/06/20
    Three great stories in two great shows!
  10. Fibber n Molly_1945-06-12_Fibber the Magician_1945-06-19_1945-06-26_Red_1950-06-11_YBYL_Bread_CM_Epi_632020/06/20
    Last fibber for the season.
  11. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-06-03 ep19 Dont Kick My Horse by Les Crutchfield2020/06/19
    One of my favorites of the whole series.
  12. You Bet Your Life Special_ Featuring KABCs_Ray Breim Show_guest_George Fenneman_n_Phillis_Diller_YBYL_1950-Sugar2020/06/18
    Rob presents a special podcast.
  13. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-06-18 #166 Les Crutchfield's The Reed Survives2020/06/17
    Les' first episode this season!
  14. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-05-21 (734) Haircut (Paul Hahn), PHAF 1950-05-21 License, Jack Benny 1940-05-26 (376) Dinner2020/06/16
    Phil Harris meets Fred Flintstone, kind of?
  15. Dimension X Minus One Podcast (010) 1955-04-24 (001) George Lefferts' No Contact and Dimension X 1950-06-10 (10) Robert A Heinlein's The Green Hills Of Earth2020/06/13
    The pilot episode of X Minus One and we talk about Start Trek's original pilot "The Cage" with an interview with the original No. 1 Majel Barrett. Then we present an episode eerily similar to the second Star Trek pilot. Finishing out with Robert A Heinlein's The Green Hills Of Earth!
  16. Fibber n Molly_1945-06-05_Cleaning_Closet_MFH_1950-06-25_Red_1950-06-04_YBYL_1950_Heart_Summ_Show_CM_Epi_602020/06/13
    More fun with Fibber!
  17. Casey Kasem Podcast 1970-08-15 American Top 40 _Commemorating the passing of Casey Kasem_2020/06/12
    Just remembering Casey. Loved him as Shagggy on Scooby Doo! I've posted his first episode over on my Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast!
  18. Gunsmoke_1955-06-11_Trust_HGWT_1960-06-12_Search For Wylie (192)2020/06/10
    Two more great sounding westerns!
  19. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-22 (924) Trouble with Twombly with Mary (Series Finale), Bob Crosby TV Show, Jack Benny 1934-09-21 (145) McLarnin vs Ross Match- School days Pt 32020/06/07

    Well here is the last one. Thank you Jack and the gang! Thank you listeners.


    Now a gift for you for the rest of the summer!

    Entire Jack Benny Podcast Archive  - Good until October 1st 2020

    Entire Jack Benny TV Archive  - Good until October 1st 2020

    Entire Bing Crosby Podcast Archive  - Good until October 1st 2020
  20. Jack Benny Podcast Tribute _Buck_ Doc_ Tom_ Stacey_ Rob_ Steven_ and Keith_2020/06/07
    A special tribute to Jack and his cast and show.
  21. Dimension X Minus One Podcast 1955-06-05 (007) Perigis Wonderful Dolls and Dimension X 1950-06-03 (09) Embassy2020/06/06
    A great episode that reflects back to the Red Scare of the early 1950s our continued deep dive into Star Trek's the Cage Pilot with an interview with director Robert Butler!
  22. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-05-27 ep18 Sergeant Gorces Baby by Kathleen Hite2020/06/05
    Hard to take female issues in this one. Woman's inhumanity to woman is only rivaled by man's inhumanity to man.
  23. Fibber n Molly_1945-05-29_Power Lawn Mower_MFH_1950-06-18_Red_1950-05-28_YBYL_1950-12-20_Floor_CM_Epi_572020/06/05
    Friday with Fibber!
  24. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-05-14 (733) Guest Vivian Blaine, PHAF 1950-05-14 Cooking Dinner, Jack Benny 1940-05-19 (375) Northwest Passage2020/06/04
    Just a few more episodes left for this season!
  25. Gunsmoke_1955-06-04_Jealousy_HGWT_Apache_Concerto_CM_Epi_622020/06/03
    Western Wednesday!
  26. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-05-24 (036) Various Guests, Kraft Music Hall 1945-06-28 Guests Florence Alba and Carmen Cavallaro, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-05-22 (86) Princess Pat2020/06/02
    Info (Show/Hide)
  27. Our Miss Brooks_1950-05-30_Burial Grounds_Halls_of_Ivy_1951-10-24_Tex☆Thea_1941-06-05_YBYL_Summr_Show_CM_Epi_612020/06/02
    Our last Miss Brooks for the season!
  28. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-22 (924) The Trouble with Twombly - Rehearsal Without Mary (Rogerchester), 1945-05-27 (553) How Jack Met Mary, 1934-9-14 (144) School Days Pt 22020/05/31
    Rogerchester's last bow!
  29. Dimension X Minus One Podcast 1955-05-29 (006) George Lefferts' The Man In The Moon and Dimension X 1950-05-27 (008) Ray Brabury's To The Future2020/05/30
    Two great episode and our continued discussion of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with Star Trek's creator telling us about the original first pilot for the series "The Cage!"
  30. Fibber n Molly_1945-05-22_Fibber in Charge of War Bond Concert_MFH_1949-05-20_Red_1950-05-21_YBYL_Book_CM_Epi_542020/05/30
    Fun with Fibber and friends!
  31. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-05-07 (732) New Suit, PHAF 1950-05-07 The Trunk, Jack Benny 1940-05-12 (374) First Time Jack Returns to California on a Plane2020/05/30
    Wow! Maybe a Jack Benny I've never presented before with a new 2020 intro!
  32. Gunsmoke_1955-05-28_Cow Doctor_HGWT_1960-05-29_Dusty_CM_Epi_592020/05/29
    Two more nice sounding episodes.
  33. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-05-17 (035) Guest Fred Allen, Kraft Music Hall 1945-05-17 Guest Florence Alba, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-05-15 (85) Robin Hood2020/05/27
    Fred Allen stops by to visit Bing!
  34. Our Miss Brooks_1950-05-28_Traffic Court_OMB_1st_Show_Parkys_1946-07-01_Tex☆Thea_1941-05-30_YBYL_'Chair_CM_Epi_582020/05/27
    More fun with Mrs. Brooks.
  35. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-15 (923) A friend at Union Station (Harry and Rogerchester), 1945-05-20 (552) Guests Rita Hayworth and Earl Warren, 1934-08-31 (142) House of Benny2020/05/24
    Jack and the gangs penultimate episode with Rogerchester and Harry Shearer. Then Rita Hayworth drops by for the 1945 episode!
  36. Dimension X Minus One Podcast 1955-05-22 (005) Fredric Bown's Knock and Dimension X 1950-05-20 (007) Murray Leinster's The Lost Race2020/05/23
    Welcome t Sci-Fi Saturday! Two great Sci-Fi episodes for you today and some talk of the new Star Trek Series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!
  37. Fibber n Molly_1945-05-15_The Auction_MFH_1950-06-04_George Messy_Red_1950-05-14_YBYL_1950-10-25_Air (1)2020/05/23
    Fun with Fibber!
  38. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-04-30 (731) Easter, PHAF 1950-04-30 Secretary, Jack Benny 1940-05-05 (373) Clown Hall and Big Show 1950-11-05 (01) Fred Allen in Pinch Penny Skit2020/05/23
    Jack Benny makes fun of Fred Allen's show and ten years later Fred Allen makes fun of Jack's show!
  39. Gunsmoke_1955-05-21_Liar From Blackhawk_HGWT_1960-05-22_Lucky Penny_CM_Epi_562020/05/21
    The sound quality of these westerns is amazing! Enjoy.
  40. Our Miss Brooks_1950-05-21_Rare Black Orchid_Meet Me At Parkys_1945-06-24_Tex☆Thea_19441-05-08_YBYL_1950-12-06_Hair_CM_Epi_552020/05/21
    Our Miss Brooks and the gang!
  41. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-08 (922) Mother's Day at the Beach, 1945-05-13 (551) V-E Day Mention - Jack is going to San Francisco, 1934-08-24 (141) The House of Rawchild2020/05/18

    Another triple Jack for you!

    Joan Benny Interview
  42. Suspense Podcast 1944-05-18 (092) Orson Wells - Donovan's Brain Part One and 1944-05-25 (093) Donovan's Brain Part Two (128-44)2020/05/18
    Orson Welles keeps us in Suspense for a great double episode!
  43. Fibber n Molly_1945-05-08_Housing Survey_My Fave Hubby_1950-05-28_Red_1950_05-07_YBYL_CM_Epi_482020/05/16
    Friday with Fibber and friends!
  44. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-04-23 (730) The Beavers, PHAF 1950-04-23 Zanuck's Invitation, Jack Benny, 1940-04-28 (372) Buck Benny, Fred Allen 1940-04-24 (30) Guest Rochester2020/05/15
    Jack Benny, Phil Harris, and a special episode of the Fred Allen Show with special guest Rochester!
  45. Gunsmoke_1955-05-14_Robber Bridegroom_HGWT_1960-05-15_CM_Epi_532020/05/14
    Here we go! Sound upgrades to both shows! Tell us what you think.
  46. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-05-03 (033) Guests Ella Fitzgerald and Al Jolson - last time on radio, 1945-05-03 Guest Nat King Cole Trio, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-05-01 (83) Sally2020/05/13
    Wow! Three shows and five legendary singers, Bing Crosby, Elle Fitzgerald, Al Jolson, Nat King Cole, and Gordon MacRae! With Al Jolson's final performance in radio!
  47. Our Miss Brooks_1950-05-14_Boyntons Parents_Meet Me @ Parkys_1945-06-17_YBYL_1950-11-15-Key_CM_Epi_522020/05/13
    Miss Brooks!
  48. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-01 (921) Love letters and Jack buys a baseball team, 1945-05-06 (550) How Jack Hired Don, 1934-08-03 (138) First Schlepperman - To NY2020/05/12
    Triple Benny and the gang!
  49. Fibber n Molly_1945-05-01_Briefcase Bronson_MFH-1950-04-30_Spring Cleaning_Red_1950-04-30_YBYL_1950-10-04_CM_Epi_442020/05/09
    Friday with Fibber and friends!
  50. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-04-16 (729) Jack gets the house painted, PHAF 1950-04-16 Cinderella, Jack Benny 1940-04-21 (371) From The Ritz Theater in New York City2020/05/08
    Jack and Phil went up the hill to New York!
  51. Gunsmoke_1955-05-07_Potato Road_HGWT_1960-05-08_CM_Epi_502020/05/07
    We've bumped up the sound quality on Gunsmoke a little, see if you notice.
  52. Our Miss Brooks_1950-05-07_Boyntons Barbecue_Halls of Ivy_1951-10-24_Tex☆Thea_1941-05-14_YBYL_1950-10-24_Air_CM_Epi_492020/05/07
    More fun with Miss Brooks!
  53. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-24 (920) Renting the Maxwell to a movie studio, 1945-04-29 First Professor La Blanc by Mel Blanc, 1934-07-20 (136) Who killed Mr Stooge part five2020/05/05
    Triple Jack!
  54. Suspense Podcast 1949-05-05 (339) Bob Hope - Death Has a Shadow (128-44) and Suspense 1949-04-28 (338) Mickey Rooney - The Lie (128-44)2020/05/03
    Bob Hope keeps us in Suspense?
  55. Fibber n Molly 45-04-24_A Ride to the Elks_MFH_1950-04-30_Red_1950-04-23_YBYL_1950-05-31_Book_CM_Epi_412020/05/02
    Fibber and friends!
  56. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-04-09 (728) Jack gives 50 cents to a bum, PHAF 1950-04-09 Easter Bunnies, Jack Benny 1940-04-14 (370) Preparing To Go To New York By Train2020/05/02
    More Jack and the gang!
  57. Gunsmoke_1955-04-30_Reward for Matt_HGWT_1960-05-01_CM_Epi_472020/05/01
    Now we are caught up!
  58. Gunsmoke_1955-04-23_Born to Hang_HGWT_1960-04-24_CM_Epi_432020/05/01
    Double westerns this week to catch up!
  59. Our Miss Brooks_1950-04-30_School Band_halls of Ivy_1951-10-17_Tex☆Thea_1941-05-01_YBYL_1950_Grass_CM_Epi_452020/05/01
    Better late than never!
  60. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-04-02 (727) Guest Al Jolson from Palm Springs, PHAF 1950-04-02 The Flying Saucer, Jack Benny 1940-04-07 (369) Jack Revives Buck Benny After 3 Years2020/04/28
    From Al Jolson to Flying Saucers to cowboy Buck Benny! What a treat!
  61. Fibber n Molly_1945-04-17_Bank Statement_MFH_1950-04-23_Red_1950-04-16_YBYL_1950-05-17_Foot_CM_Epi_382020/04/28
    Almost skipped this one.
  62. Gunsmoke_1955-04-16_Gypsum Hills Feud_HGWT_1960-04-17_Prunellas Fella_CM_Epi_402020/04/25
    Were a little late folks.
  63. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-04-05 (029) Guests Perry Como - Arthur Godfrey, 1945-04-05 Guest Nat King Cole Trio, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-04-10 (80) Williard Waterman in Marietta2020/04/21
    Three great shows with three great guests.
  64. Our Miss Brooks_1950-04-23_Tape Recorder_halls of Ivy_1951-10-10_Tex☆Thea_1941-04-24_Radio_YBYL_1950-06-07_CM_Epi_422020/04/21
    Miss Brooks time!
  65. Lux_Radio_Theatre_1945-04-09_478_Charles Laughton in The_Suspect2020/04/21
    Charles Laughton in The Suspect
  66. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-17 (919) Guest Bob Hope Double Date (Rogerchester), 1945-04-22 (548) twenty nine palms naval air station, 1934-05-18 (127) Jack takes a taxi2020/04/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  67. Suspense Podcast 1945-04-19 (138) William Bendix - Pearls Are a Nuisance (64-44)2020/04/18
    William Bendix keeps us in Suspense!
  68. Fibber n Molly_1945-04-17_Bank Statement_MFH_1950-04-23_Red_1950-04-16_YBYL_1950-05-17_Foot_CM_Epi_382020/04/18
    Fibber and the gang.
  69. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-03-26 (726) Guest Bob Hope from Palm Springs, PHAF 1950-03-26 Alice's Palm Springs Weekend, Jack Benny 1940-03-31 (368) Pinocchio2020/04/17
    Bob Hope stops by and the script goes out the window!
  70. Orson Welles Podcast - This Is My Best 1945-04-17 Milton Geiger's I WIll Not Go Back - FDR's Death (2020)2020/04/15
    An interesting episode with Orson reading a letter he received right before the death of Franklin Roosevelt.
  71. Gunsmoke_1955-04-09_Skid Row_HGWT_1960-04-10_So True Mr Barnum_CM_Epi_372020/04/15
    Western Wednesday!
  72. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-03-29 (028) Guests Andrew Sisters and Firehouse 5 plus 2, Kraft 1945-03-29 Guest Eugenie Baird, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-04-03 (79) Song Of Norway2020/04/15
    The Andrew Sisters and Firehouse 5 plus 2 stop by to entertain us!
  73. Our Miss Brooks_1950-04-09_Easter Egg Dye_Halls of Ivy_1951-10-03_Tex☆Thea_1941-04-07_YBYL_1950-05-24_Tree2020/04/14
    Easter with Miss Brooks.
  74. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-10 (918) Easter Stroll, 1945-04-08 (547) Guest William Powell from Torney Hospital, 1934-05-11 (126) Home Cooking at Don's (Speed Corrected)2020/04/12
    Happy Easter!
  75. Suspense 1955-04-12 (593) Harry Bartell in The Lunch Kit (64-44)2020/04/11
    Harry Bartell, Lt. Seiberts from Fort Laramie, Keeps us in Suspense.
  76. Fibber n Molly_1945-04-10_No Newspaper_My Fave Hubby_1950-04-16_2020/04/11
    Fibber and friends!
  77. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-03-19 (725) Champion, PHAF 1950-03-19 New Car, Jack Benny 1940-03-24 (367) Pinocchio Trailer, Campbell Playhouse 1940-03-24 (055) Jack in June Moon2020/04/09
    Today we have a bonus episode of Orson Well's Campbell's Playhouse starring our own Jack Benny!
  78. Orson Welles Podcast - This Is My Best 1945-04-10 Robert Louis Stevenson's 1899 novel - The Master of Ballantrae (2020)2020/04/08
    Robert Louis Stevenson's 1899 novel, "The Master of Ballantrae," presented with amazing sound and dynamic Range!
  79. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-03-22 (027) Guests Ethel Merman and William Boyd, 1945-03-22 Guest Frankie Carle, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-03-27 (78) Jo Stafford in Sunny2020/04/07
    Great guests!
  80. Our Miss Brooks_1950-04-02_Conklins TV Set _Halls of Ivy_1951-06-20_Tex2020/04/07
    Our Miss Brooks an friends.
  81. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-03 (917) Ed and the Vault (Rogerchester), 1945-04-01 (546) How Jack Met Phil Harris, 1934-04-27 (124) lord of the city and 1934-05-04 (125) Hills of Kentucky2020/04/07
    Sorry had some technical difficulties, but we are back.
  82. Suspense Podcast 1951-04-05 Jack Benny in Murder In G Flat (Buck and Hunter 8 )2020/04/04
    Hunter at 8 years old helped me with this podcast.
  83. Fibber n Molly_1945-04-03_Fibber the Poet_My Fave Hubby 1950-04-09_Red Skelton Show2020/04/03
    More great Fibber and friends!
  84. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-03-12 (724) Guest Joan Benny - Contest, PHAF 1950-03-12 Julius & Marjorie, Jack Benny 1940-03-17 (366) Guest Orson Welles - Hunchback Of Notre Dame2020/04/02
    An epic podcast today! Orson Welles makes his first appearance on Jack's show and do they have fu with his reputation!
  85. Orson Welles Podcast - This Is My Best 1945-04-03 F Scott Fitzgerald's A Diamond as Big As The Ritz2020/04/02
    This week a episode with fantastic sound. Also a song by Jimmy Buffett.
  86. Gunsmoke_1955-04-02_Bloody Hands_HGWT_1960-04-03_Shanghai is a Verb2020/04/02
    Western Wednesday!
  87. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-03-15 (026) Guests Crosby Twins, 1945-03-15 Guest Artie Shaw, 1945-03-22 Guet Frankie Carle, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-03-20 (77) The Only Girl2020/04/01
    Bringing back more bubbly Bing!
  88. Our Miss Brooks_1950-04-01_Madame Amelia Dress Shop_Halls of Ivy_Finals_1951-06-13_Tex☆Thea_1941-04-02_YBYL_1950-04-26_Chair2020/03/31
    Our Miss Brooks and friends!
  89. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-27 (916) Shooting of Dan Mcgrew (From 1954-01-24), 1945-03-25 (545) Guest Alan Ladd - Murder Mystery, 1934-04-13 (122) Bridge game (Speed Corrected)2020/03/30
    More fun with Jack And the gang!
  90. Suspense Podcast 1952-03-31 Deborah Kerr -Lady Pamela, Jack Benny 1951-01-07 (753) Deborah Kerr, and Lux 1952-12-01 King Solomon's Mines2020/03/27
    Deborah Kerr kept us in Suspense and on the Benny show kept us in stitches! Enjoy this special presentation.
  91. Fibber n Molly_1945-03-27_Sending Docs Clothes to the Clothing Drive_MyFavorite Husband2020/03/27
    Fibber and friends Friday!
  92. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-03-05 (723) Guest Sarah Churchill - Buck Benny Skit, PHAF 1950-03-05 Mr. Scott's Daughter, Jack Benny 1940-03-10 (365) Mr. Benny Goes To Washington2020/03/26
    Fun shows with a bonus from Gene Autry's show!
  93. Orson Welles Podcast - This Is My Best 1945-03-27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2020/03/25
    We have Welles Wednesday over on the Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast every Wednesday, but this episode was so good that I thought I would bring it over here as well. Enjoy!
  94. Gunsmoke_1955-03-26_Horse Deal_HGWT_1960-03-27_They Told Me You Were Dead2020/03/25
    Western Wednesday!
  95. Our Miss Brooks_1950-03-26_Baseball Season_Halls of Ivy_1951-05-30_Tex2020/03/25
    More Miss Brooks.
  96. Bing Crosby Podcast 1950-03-08 (025) Guests Gary Cooper and Gary Crosby, 1945-03-08 Kraft Music Hall - Guest Joe Venuti, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1950-03-13 (76) Pretty Nellie Kelly2020/03/24
    Thought maybe we would start bringing Bing on Tuesdays, but not sure. What do you think?
  97. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-20 (915) Jury Duty and Phine Trouble (Rogerchester), 1945-03-18 (544) How Jack Found Mary, 1934-04-06 (121) First Don Wilson - Frank Parker's music store2020/03/23
    Rogechester stops by and how Jack found Mary!
  98. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-02-26 (722) Whistler (Fiddler), PHAF 1950-02-26 Movie Script, 1940-03-03 (364) Gracie Allen For Pres (NPR), Whistler 1946-02-04 (193) Elliott Lewis - Panic2020/03/21
    Wow! This has got to be one of our best shows ever with a ton of bonus content! Enjoy the wrap of of Yosemite and Jack as the Fiddler!
  99. Fibber n Molly_1945-03-20_Fixing the Radio_My Fave Hubby_1950-03-17_Red_.2020/03/21
    Fun with Fibber and the gang.
  100. Gunsmoke_1955-03-12_The Trial_HGWT_1960-03-13_Montana Vendetta2020/03/21
    More great Westerns. Been having some technical difficulties, but I THINK i'VE GOT THEM FIXED!
  101. Orson Welles Podcast - This Is My Best 1945-03-20 Theodore Pratt's Miss Dilly Says No (2020)2020/03/18
    A special presentation, normally presented on our Judy Garland and Friends podcast every Welles Wednesday! A rare episode with even rarer sound quality!
  102. Our Miss Brooks_1950-03-19_Auction_Halls of Ivy_1950-03-17_Tex☆Thea_1941-03-19_YBYL_1950-03-222020/03/17
    Monday with Miss Brooks and company!
  103. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-13 (914) Selling Jack's House, 1945-03-11 (543) How Jack found Rochester, 1934-03-11 (117) with Sam Hearn - Haunted House2020/03/16
    Three more fun episodes including how Jack met Rochester!
  104. Suspense Saturday_ 1949-03-24 Pat O_Brien - Dead Ernest2020/03/14
    Pot O'Brien keeps us in Suspense.
  105. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-03-25 ep10 The Coward by Kathleen Hite2020/03/13

    Catch all of our Fort Laramie Friday's over on our Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast!
  106. Fibber n Molly_1945-03-13_A Visit from an Old Cattleman Friend_MFH_1950-03-10_Red_1950-03-12_YBYL_1950-03-08_Heart2020/03/13
    Another fun Friday with Fibber!
  107. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-02-19 (721) Jack returns to L.A., PHAF 1950-02-19 Returning To Hollywood, Jack Benny 1940-02-25 (363) Birthday Party For Jack and More Yosemite Yucks2020/03/12
    More Yosemite fun!
  108. Gunsmoke_1955-03-05_Kites Reward_HGWT_1960-03-06_Somebody out there hates me2020/03/12
    Western Wednesday!
  109. Our Miss Brooks_1949-03-13_Cafeteria Boycott_halls of Ivy_1951-05-02_FA_1941-03-132020/03/12
    More Miss Brooks.
  110. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-06 (913) Guest Danny Kaye - The life of Jack Benny Movie, 1945-03-04 (542) Train Station Frank Nelson's FIrst Yesssss, 1934-03-04 (116) Duel in the Graveyard2020/03/09
    THree more fun Jack Benny episodes for you tonight.
  111. Suspense Podcast 1957-03-10 (689) Raymond Burr - The Paralta Map and X Minus One 1957-03-06 (091) Robert Sheckley'sThe Seventh Victim2020/03/07
  112. Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-03--18 ep09 The Beasley Girls by Kathleen Hite2020/03/07
  113. Fibber n Molly_1945-03-06_Early Golden Wedding Anniversary_My Fav Hubby_1950-03-03_Womens Rights prt 1_Red_1950-03-05_Census Time2020/03/07
  114. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-02-12 (720) Guests The Ink Spots, Allen's Alley, PHAF 1950-02-12 The Studio Contest, Jack Benny 1940-02-18 (362) Skiing At Yosemite2020/03/06
  115. Gunsmoke_1955-02-26_Crack-Up_HGWT_1960-02-28-Doll House2020/03/05
  116. Gunsmoke_1955-02-19_Poor Pearl 1_HGWT_1960-02-21_That was No Lady2020/03/05
  117. Our Miss Brooks_1950-02-26_Stretch Is in Love_Halls of Ivy_1951-02-28_FA_Tex ☆ Thea_1941-02-202020/03/03
  118. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-02-27 (912) Television Wrestling (Transcribed 1954-12-01), 1945-02-25 (541) Fitzsimmons Hospital in Colorado (Don Wilson Interview), 1934-02-25 (115) My life as a floorwalker2020/03/01
  119. Suspense Podcast 1950-02-23 ep373 Dick Powell - Slow Burn2020/03/01
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