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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-24 to 09-28 Virginia Gregg and Harry Bartel - The Meg's Place Matter2017/09/18
    Another great 5 part Johnny Dollar!
  2. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-05-01 (921) Love letters and Jack Buys a Baseball Team (Rehearsal Rec 1955-02-13) (Buck and Rogerchester)2017/09/17
    A crazy intro to a wonderful rehearsal with Bea Burnaderet!
  3. Gordon MacRae Podcast - Railroad Hour 1952-09-15 Ep207 Dick Beals - Maestro2017/09/16
    What an interesting episode with Dick Beals about a family dealing with a separation! I had to bring this over here! I usually run this on Friday nights over at the Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast, www.judy-Garland.podomatic.com
  4. The Whistler 1942-09-13 ep018 Mirage2017/09/16
    This one is from 75 years ago this week!
  5. Zero Hour Podcast (08) 1973-12-10 to 1973-12-14 Zero Hour Podcast (08) 1973-12-10 to 1973-12-14 Host Rod Serling with Richard Crenna, Keenan Wynn, and Julie Adams - Desperate Witness (Stereo)2017/09/15
    One of the absolute best episodes of of Zero Hour hosted by Rod Serling with Richard Crenna, Keenan Wynn, and Julie Adams in Desperate Witness presented in (Stereo)!
  6. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-09-14 (812) Phil Harris is replaced by Bob Crosby (2017)2017/09/14

    Our new Jack Benny season starts right here!
  7. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-09-13 (21) Home Surgery and Six Shooter 1954-01-31 Howard McNear - Trail to Sunset (2017)2017/09/13
    Wow! Another two classic episodes of perhaps the two best western series ever created for any medium!
  8. X Minus One_1957-09-26_Native Problems (OTR-ROB)2017/09/12
    Maybe our last X Minus One for awhile.
  9. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-17 to 09-21 Virginia Gregg and Harry Bartel - The Imperfect Alibi Matter2017/09/11
    Unfortunately this Johnny Dollar is missing part 2, but the rest of it is there and I think there is still a lot to enjoy!
  10. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-17 (919) Guest Bob Hope - Double Date - Rehearsal Table Reading and Broadcast (Rec 1955-02-02) (Buck and Rogerchester) (2017)2017/09/10

    This is the first rehearsal that I had, but now it is one of the many that I've been sharing this summer. Lot's of Rogerchester in the intros!

    Jack Benny's final radio scripts!

    New release: The Fitch Bandwagon With Phil Harris & Alice Faye: Buried Treasure

  11. The Whistler 1947-09-10_ep276 Bridge on Black Mountain2017/09/09
    More Suspense with the Whistler!
  12. Lights Out_1943-02-23_They Met @ Dorset (OTR-ROB-Francais)2017/09/08
    More Lights Out with Rob!
  13. Zero Hour Podcast (07) 1973-11-26 to 1973-11-30 Host Rod Serling with Juliet Mills, Robert Brown, and Murray Matheson - Queen In Danger2017/09/07
    More Zero Hour with host Rod Serling and Juliet Mills, Robert Brown, and Murray Matheson in Queen In Danger!
  14. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-09-06 (020) The Brothers and The Six Shooter 1954-01-24 Helen Bricker2017/09/06
    Today a special listen for the wonderful sound patterns on Gusmoke and the folks who created them.
  15. X Minus One_1956-05-29_Lulungameena (OTR-ROB-Francais)2017/09/05
    Rob takes us on another SCi-Fi trip with X Minus One!
  16. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-10 to 09-14 Virginia Gregg and Harry Bartel - The Confidential Matter2017/09/04
    Time for more Johnny Dollar!
  17. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-04-03 (917) Ed and the Vault (Rehearsal Rec 1955-02-08) (Buck and Rogerchester)2017/09/03

    One of our last few Jack Benny Rehearsals. My intro focusus on Ed and Rogerchester this week.

    Jack Benny's New Look Special from the end of 1969!

  18. Whistler 1947-09-03 ep275 The Eleventh Hour2017/09/02
    Time for more Whistler!
  19. Lights Out_1943-02-09_He Dug It Up (OTR-ROB-Francais)2017/09/01
    More Lights Out with Rob!
  20. Zero Hour Podcast (05) 1973-11-12 to 1973-11-16 Host Rod Serling with Ed Nelson, Barbara Anderson, and Richard Deacon - The Blessinng Way2017/08/31
    More Zero Hour hosted by Rod Serling with Ed Nelson, Barbara Anderson, and Richard Deacon in The Blessinng Way!
  21. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-08-30 (019) The Juniper Tree and The Six Shooter 1954-01-17 The Silver Buckle2017/08/30
    Two great dark episodes!
  22. X Minus One_1957-09_Tsylana (OTR-ROB-FRANCAIS)2017/08/29
    More X minus One.
  23. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-09-03 to 09-07 Alan Reed and Richard Crenna -The Curse of Kamashek Matter2017/08/28
    Another Johnny Dollar with Alan Reed and Richard Crenna in The Curse of Kamashek Matter!
  24. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-20 (915) Jury Duty and Phone Trouble (Trancribed and Rehearsal Rec 1954-12-08) (Buck and Rogerchester)2017/08/27

    Another Jack Benny rehearsal followed by the actual show with an intro by Rogerchester.

    Here is Jack Benny's Birthday Special from 1969.

  25. Jerry Lewis Podcast - Bob Hope Show 1949-03-29 and Martin & Lewis Show 1949-03-24 (AUD) Guest - Bob Hope2017/08/20

    In remembrance of Jerry!

  26. The Whistler Podcast 1947-08-13 (272) Whispered Verdict, 1947-08-20 (273) Girl Nest Door, 1947-08-27 (274) Curtain Call2017/08/26

    By popular demand The Whistler get's his own show.

    For Suspense and film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.

    Here is a link to it http://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  27. Lights Out_1943-02-02_Veangence of Mack Rogan2017/08/25
    Moving lights out to Rob's normal fall slot of Friday nights.
  28. Zero Hour Podcast (04) 1973-11-05 to 1973-11-09 Host Rod Serling with Jessica Walter, Joseph Campanella, Judy Carne, and Richard Dawson - Face of the Foe2017/08/24
    Moving Zero Hour to Thursdays for awhile.
  29. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-08-23 Hans Conried - Shakespeare, Six Shooter 1954-01-10 Howard McNear - Hiram's Gold, and Wolf in Dixieland2017/08/23
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  30. X Minus One_1957-08-22_Drop Dead2017/08/22
    From 60 years ago today!
  31. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-08-24 to 08-31 Howard McNear and Mary Jane Croft - The Kranesburg Matter2017/08/21

    A rare six part episode of Johnny Dollar with Howard McNear and Mary Jane Croft in The Kranesburg Matter.

    For film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.

    Here is a link to it http://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  32. Lights Out_1942-10-22_Meteorite Man (OTR-ROB-Francais)2017/08/20
    More Lights Out with Rob!
  33. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-03-06 (913) Guest Danny Kaye - The life of Jack Benny Movie (Rehearsal Rec and Transcribed 1954-12-02)2017/08/20
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  34. Suspense Podcast 1947-08-21 Murder Aboard, 1957-08-18 (712) Peanut Brittle, 1962-08-19 (939) Pages from a Diary2017/08/19

    More Suspense!

    For film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.

    Here is a link to it http://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  35. Zero Hour Podcast (06) 1973-11-19 to 1973-11-23 Host Rod Serling with Howard Duff, Julie Adams, and Ray Danton - Princess Stakes Murder (Walter Tetley's last radio work)2017/08/18

    Love Howard Duff and it's great to hear Walter Tetley's voice one last time on Radio!

     For film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.

    Here is a link to it http://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  36. Elliott Lewis Podcast - Whistler 1945-06-18 (160) Blueprint for Suicide, 1947-08-21 (008) Scarlet Queen - Eight Historic Periods, Crime Classics 1953-08-10 (09) Droot Family2017/08/17

    More Elliott Lewis! For film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast. Here is a link to it http://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  37. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-08-16 (017) The Lynching and Six Shooter 1954-01-03 A Friend In Need2017/08/16

    More great Gunsmoke written by John Meston!

    For film star shows like Lux Radio Theater, Command Performance, and Bing Crosby check out our brand new companion Podcast, Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.

    Here is a link to it

  38. X Minus One_1957-08-15_At the Post (OTR-ROB-Francais)2017/08/15
    More X Minus One with Rob!
  39. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-08-13 to 08-17 Howard McNear and Richard Crenna - The Crystal Lake Cabin Matter2017/08/14
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  40. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-02-27 (912) Television Wrestling (Transcribed and Rehearsal Rec 1954-12-01)2017/08/13
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  41. Lights Out_1943-_Mr Drogan Miracle Man (OTR-ROB)2017/08/13
    More Lights Out with Rob!
  42. Suspense Podcast 1947-08-14 (258) Donald O'Connor - Smiley, 1957-08-11 (711) Lloyd Bridges - Pigeon in the Cage, 1962-08-12 (938) Silver Shoe2017/08/12
    Donald O'Connor and Lloyd Bridges keep us in Suspense.
  43. Zero Hour Podcast (02) 1973-10-29 to 1973-11-02 Host Rod Serling with George Kennedy and Robert Reed - Someone's Death2017/08/11
    By request more great Zero Hour!
  44. Elliott Lewis Podcast - Whistler 1945-06-11 (ep159) Death Pays a Visit, 1947-08-07 (006) Scarlet Queen - White Cargo Act, Crime Classics 1953-08-03 (08) Throwers Hammer2017/08/10
    More great shows with Elliott Lewis!
  45. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-08-09 (016) The Kentucky Tolmans and Six Shooter 1953-12-27 Parley Baer - Cora Plummer Quincy2017/08/09

    Our podcast focus this week is on radio actress extrodinair Virginia Gregg because she appears in both of these episodes!

    Here is a link to Chuck Schaden's entire interview with Virginia Gregg!


  46. X Minus One_1957-08-08_The Scapegoat (OTR-ROB n Francais)2017/08/08
    Is Fracais Rob's scapegoat?
  47. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-08-06 to 08-10 John Dehner - The Alder Matter2017/08/07
    Old Time Radio legend John Dehner stops by in this Johnny Dollar series of episodes.
  48. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-01-16 (906) (Rehearsal Rec 10-27-1954) Jack doesn't have a script (Rogerchester) and Jack Paar Show 1947-09-28 (18) Hair Tonics, Schools, Mail Delivery2017/08/06

    Sorry for the long intro, but I just love Jack!

  49. Lights Out_1942-12-08_Cemetary (OTR-ROB)2017/08/06
    More Lights Out with Rob!
  50. Suspense Podcast 1957-08-04 (710) DeForest Kelley - Flesh Peddler, 1947-08-07 (257) Quiet Desperation, 1962-08-05 (937) Run Faster2017/08/05

    60 years ago this week DeForest Kelly of Star Trek fame made his single ever radio appearance in Suspense!

  51. June Foray Podcast 1946-09-09 Calvalcade of America (488) Women at Work, Sears Radio Theater 1979-06-01 (085) Hong Kong Connection , 1979-08-01 (128) Voodoo Lady2017/08/04

    A tribute to June Foray!

  52. Elliott Lewis Podcast - Escape 1947-08-04 Sire DeMaletroits Door, 1947-07-31 (0005) - Scarlet Queen - Lily in the Chimoipo Bar, Crime Classics 1953-07-27 ep07 General_Ketchum2017/08/03
    Escape with Elliott Lewis!
  53. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-08-02 (015) Renegade White and Six Shooter 1953-12-20 (Ep 14) Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol (2017)2017/08/02
    Merry Christmas from Buck!
  54. X Minus One_1957-08-01_End As A World (OTR-ROB n Francais)2017/08/01
    Rob brings us the End of The World in August!
  55. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-15 to 10-25 Richard Crenna and Virginia Gregg - The Phantom Chase Matter (9 part story) 96-442017/07/31
    Today we present the only 9 part episode of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.
  56. Jack Benny Podcast 1955-01-09 (905) (Rehearsal Rec 1954-10-23) Veola Vonn - Elephant's Graveyard and Jack Paar 1947-09-21 (17) This Is America2017/07/30
    Another fun rehearsal show! They get after Don right at the beginning! I liked the way Don did it the first time!
  57. Lights Out_1942-12-01_Mr Maggs (OTR-ROB)2017/07/30
    Rob brings us more lights out!
  58. Suspense Podcast 1957-07-28 (709) Raymond Burr - Murder on Mike and 2 CBS Workshops, 1947-07-31 (256) Mortmain, 1962-07-29 (936) Weekend at Gleebes2017/07/29
    Time for a Suspense celebration of actor Raymond Burr! We feature him in three great performances tonight as well as two more great Suspense episodes from this week in the past!
  59. Escape Podcast 1947-07-28 (004) Typhoon, Adventure Theater 1977-07-30 (51) Ivanhoe, 1977-07-31 (52) Daniel the Oracle2017/07/28
    Time for another Escape into Adventure!
  60. Elliott Lewis Podcast - Whistler 1945-05-07 (154) Accident-According to Plans, 1947-07-24 (004) Scarlet Queen - Boston Geisha, Crime Classics 1953-07-20 (06) Death Of A Picture Hanger2017/07/27
    Another fun night with Elliott Lewis!
  61. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-07-26 (014) Gentlemans Disagreement and Six Shooter 1953-12-13 (Ep13) More Than Kin2017/07/26
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  62. X Minus One_1957-07-25_Haunted Corpse (OTR-ROB)2017/07/25
    More Sci-Fi Suspense with Rob!
  63. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-06-04 to 06-08 Howard McNear and Alan Reed - The Indestructable Mike Matter2017/07/24
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  64. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-11-21 (898) (Rehearsal 09-24) Jack has a cold (Rogerchester) and Jack Paar 1947-09-14 (16) Beauty Contest Loser2017/07/22
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  65. Lights Out_1942-11-17_Come to the Bank★Hans Conreid (OTR-ROB)2017/07/23
    Rob brings us more Suspense with Lights Out and more!
  66. Suspense Podcast 1957-07-21 (708) Mercedes McCambridge and Richard Crenna - Americas Boyfriend, 1947-07-24 (255) Murder by an Expert, 1962-07-22 (935) The Next Murder2017/07/22
    More 75th Anniversary celebration presentations of Suspense this week with Mercedes McCambridge and Richard Crenna !
  67. Escape Podcast 1947-07-21 (003) Diamond as Big as the Ritz, Adventure Theater 1977-07-24 (50) Gulliver's Travels, and 1977-07-23 (49) Man in the Iron Mask2017/07/21
    Escape with three classic suspenseful adventure tales! One from exactly 70 years ago today and two from 40 years ago this week!
  68. Elliott Lewis Podcast 1947-07-17 (0003) Scarlet Queen - The Laskar Pirates, Whistler 1945-01-22 (139) Seascape, Crime Classics 1953-07-13 (05) John White Webster2017/07/20
    Three more great Elliott Lewis shows including possibly his first appearance on The Whistler!
  69. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-07-19 (013) Doc Holliday and The Six Shooter 1953-12-06 Jimmy Stewart - A Pressing Engagement2017/07/19

    Doc Holliday shows up in this episode of Gunsmoke from 65 years ago today!

    Best of Doc Holliday from the 1993 film Tombstone.

  70. X Minus One_1957-07-18_Merchant of Venus (OTR-ROB)2017/07/18
    Rob brings us a night of suspense starting out with X Minus One from 60 years ago today!
  71. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-17 to 10-21 The Chesapeake Fraud Matter2017/07/17
    Another suspenseful adventure with Yours Truly Johnny Dollar!
  72. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-10-03 (891) Garden of Evil (Rehearsal 1952-09-04) and The Jack Paar Show 1947-09-07 (15) Breakfast Foods2017/07/16
    First we bring you a rare Jack Benny rehearsal for his 1954 Garden of Evil episode, then we bring you the actual episode with my old intro, then lastly we present Jack Paar focusing on Breakfast Foods!
  73. Lights Out_1942-11-10_Bon Voyage (OTR-ROB)2017/07/16

    More suspensful shows with Rob!
  74. Suspense Podcast 1947-07-10 (253) Gloria Swanson - Murder by the Book and Suspense 1962-07-15 (934) Snow on 662017/07/15
    From 70 years ago this week we bring you silent screen legend Gloria Swanson to keep us in Suspense!
  75. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater Podcast 1977-07-16 (47) Mowgli - Jungle Book Part 1 and 1977-07-17 (48) Tiger Tiger - Jungle Book Part 22017/07/14
    A movie length presentation of the story of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book!
  76. Elliott Lewis Podcast 1947-07-09 The Whistler - Colby Fletcher, 1947-07-10 Scarlet Queen - White Jade Buddha, Escape 1947-07-14 Fleur De Lys, Crime Classics 1953-07-06 Charles Drew2017/07/13
    Wow! Elliott Lewis performances from three nights in one week on three different shows from 70 years ago this week and a great bonus Crime Classics episode!
  77. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-07-12 (012) The Boughten Bride and The Six Shooter 1953-11-29 Jimmy Stewart - Sheriff Billy (2017)2017/07/12
    Two more great episodes of two great westerns, the Gunsmoke is from 65 years ago today!
  78. X Minus One 1957-07-11_Early Model (OTR-ROB)2017/07/11
    From 60 years ago today!
  79. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-10 to 10-14 THE MOLLY K MATTER2017/07/10
    Our second suspenseful presentation of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar!
  80. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 1977-07-09 (45) Sailor Who Wouldn't Give Up and General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 1977-07-10 (46) Youth2017/07/10
    Tom Bosley brings us two adventure on the high seas!
  81. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-09-26 (890) (Rehearsal) Show Not Being Broadcast and The Jack Paar Show 1947-08-31 (14) BBC Radio Show Parody 64-442017/07/09

    Now for something different and Suspenseful, we bring you Jack benny's show rehearsals!

  82. Buck Benny Podcast 2014-09-29 How we all got into OTR (Buck, Hunter, Tom, Steven, Stacey, Rob, Keith)2017/07/09

    Now for something different!
  83. Suspense Podcast 1947-07-03 (252) Money Talks, Suspense 1957-07-07 (706) Everett Sloane - Alibi, Suspense 1962-07-08 (933) The Sin Eater2017/07/08
    Continuing our 75th Anniversary of Suspense with three episodes from this week! Our main focus is on actor Everett Sloane.
  84. John Wayne Podcast Special 1970 Swing Out, Sweet Land - Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Dan Blocker, etc2017/07/06

    Now something really special for your Fourth of July week! This 1970 television special includes John Wayne, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Dan Blocker, etc.

  85. Escape Podcast 1947-03-21 (000) Dead of Night -Audition and Escape 1947-07-07 (001) The Man Who Would Be King- Raymond Lawrence2017/07/07
    70 years ago today Escape presented it's first episode starring Art Carney! Before he would become famous for playing Norton on the Honeymooners.
  86. Elliott Lewis Podcast 1947-07-03 (001) Voyage of the Scarlet Queen - The Shanghai Secret, Crime Classics 1953-06-29 Col James Fisk Jr, Broadway is my Beat 1952-07-05 (120) Stacy Parker Murder2017/07/06
    Let's sail in our first Voyage aboard the Scarlet Queen with Elliott Lewis, Ed Max, and William Conrad!
  87. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-07-05 Never Pester Chester and Six Shooter 1953-11-22 Gabriel Starbuck2017/07/05
    Two great episodes today both character pieces that shed more light onto these great western characters. The Gunsmoke episode is the second written by John Meston, and he really opens up his writing on this one and shows us just what great stories he can present! You are in for a real treat!
  88. Zero Hour Podcast (03) 1973-12-24 to 1973-12-28 Host Rod Serling with John Dehner and Susan Oliver - Fourth of Forever2017/07/03

    One of my absolute favorite Zero Hour episodes, gotta love the opening scene and John Dehner and Susan Oliver are awesome throughout! Not really about the Fourth of July, but Fourth is in the title so...

  89. X Minus One_1957-07-04_Skulking Permit (OTR-ROB)2017/07/04
    Rob brings us a classic X Minus One from the Fourth of July exactly 60 years ago! Enjoy your Fourth!
  90. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 1977-07-02 (43) Sea Wolf and General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 1977-07-03 (44) Master Thief2017/07/03
    Tom Bosley brings us two more Adventures from 40 tears ago this week!
  91. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-06-27 (264) Last Show of the Season and Jack Paar Podcast 1947-08-17 (0012) Guest Jack Benny (2017)2017/07/02

    Our last regular show of the season with an intro about coedy writing legend, Al Boasberg.

    Hear is a book with a wonderful essay about Al Boasberg and a ton of other great Comedy writers and comedians.

    Jack's 1969 special with Dan Blocker, Lucile Ball, Lawrence Welk,etc.

  92. Suspense Podcast 1957-06-30 (705) Agnes Moorehead - Yellow Wall-Paper, Suspense 1947-06-26 (251) Phobia, Suspense 1962-07-01 (932) Black Death2017/07/01
    More of our 75th Anniversary of Suspense! This week with Agnes Moorehead!
  93. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-03 to 10-07 The McCormack Matter2017/06/30
    Welcome to our first presentation of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar! We present all five parts of the McCormack Matter!
  94. Elliott Lewis Podcast - Crime Classics 1953-06-15 (ep01) Bathsheba Spooner, Broadway is my Beat 1952-06-23 Joey Croft, Crime Classics 1953-06-22 (ep02) Thomas Edwin Bartlett Greengrocer2017/06/29
    Some fun with a couple of shows that Elliott Lewis worked on behind the microphone.
  95. Gunsmoke Podcast Six Shooter 1953-11-15 Smoke Falls and Gunsmoke 1952-06-28 (010) The Ride Back - 1957 Film version with William Conrad and Anthony Quinn2017/06/28

    Unique presention this week.  First a great sounding Jimmy Stewart episode of The Six Shooter.  Followed by a missing Gunsmoke episode that we present in it's film version of Gunsmoke episode The Way Back.


    Here is Antony Ellis' film version produced by and staring William Conrad with Anthony Quinn!

  96. X Minus One_1957-06-27_Catagory Inventor(OTR-Rob)2017/06/27
    More suspenseful summer fun with Rob!
  97. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 1977-06-25 (41) Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and 1977-06-26 (42) Valiant Little Tailor2017/06/26
    More Adventures with host Tom Bosley!
  98. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-06-20 (263) First Rochester, Fred Allen 1947-06-08 Rochester, Jack Paar 1947-08-03 Buying a House (2017)2017/06/25

    80 years ago this week Eddie Anderson appeared for the very first time as Rochester!  The from 10 years later we bring you Rochester guest starring on the Fred Allen Show!

    Here is Rochester and Jack's first television show ever from 1950 with guest Dinah Shore!

  99. Suspense Podcast 1942-06-24 Clarence Derwent - Wet Saturday, 1947-06-19 Cathy Lewis - Dead of Night, 1957-06-23 Dynamite, 1962-06-24 Murder in Mind2017/06/24
    More episodes to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Suspense!
  100. Fibber n Molly_1942-06-23_Gildy_06-28_Hr of Smiles_Lights Out (OTR-ROB)2017/06/23
    Our last week for Fibber!
  101. Zero Hour Podcast (01) 1973-12-17 to 1973-12-21 Host Rod Serling with Earl Holliman, Katherine Burns, and Nina Foch - If Two of Them Were Dead (Stereo)2017/06/22
    Zero Hour continues to be a popular feature. This week with Host Rod Serling with Earl Holliman, Katherine Burns, and Nina Foch bringing us, "If Two of Them Were Dead" in (Stereo)!
  102. Gunsmoke Podcast - Six Shooter 1953-11-08 Ep08 The Capture Of Stacy Gault and Wild Bill Hickock 1952-06-06 ep085 Baron of the Badlands2017/06/21
    Sorry the Gunsmoke episode for this week is missing, but we have Jimmy Stewart, Parley Baer, and Andy Devine to hold down the fort!
  103. X Minus One 1957-06-20_Inside Story (OTR-ROB)2017/06/20
    X Minus One returned to the airwaves exactly 60 years ago today! Rob brings us that episode plus a gaggle of other shows!
  104. OTR-Rob's Apology X Minus One Sam This Is You19562017/06/20
    Rob fixed it.
  105. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater Podcast 1977-06-18 (39) Three Times Magic and 1977-06-18 (40) Eyes of Vishnu2017/06/19
    Host Tom Bosley brings us more fun adventures!
  106. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-06-06 (261) Death at Midnight Part Two and Jack Paar Podcast 1947-07-13 (07) Guest Walter Tetley - Children's Adventure Shows2017/06/18

    Whoops almost skipped this one! Well here you are! Two really fun episodes with are two Jack's Benny and Paar!

  107. Suspense Podcast 1942-06-17 Burning Court, 1947-06-12 June Havoc, 1952-06-09 Elliott Lewis, 1957-06-16 Parley Baer and Kenny Delmar, 1962-06-17 Lunatic Hour2017/06/17
    75 years ago today, Suspense aired it's debut episode! Here it is a gain as well a gaggle of other episodes to celebrate Suspense's 75th Anniversary!
  108. The Whistler Podcast 1942-05-16 (001) Retribution, Quiet Please 1947-06-08 (001) Nothing Behind the Door, Whistler 1942-06-13 (005) Shrunken Head, The Fiddler2017/06/16
    75th anniversary of the Whistler and 70th Anniversary of Quiet Please! With a bonus of Jack Benny's The Fiddler spoof of the Whistler series!
  109. Fibber n Molly_1942-06-16_Gildy_06-20_Exploring Tomorrow (OTR-ROB)2017/06/15
    Rob brings us more Fibber and Gildy!
  110. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-06-14 (008) Jailbait Janet - rebroadcast 1959-06-28 and The Six Shooter 1953-11-01 (07) Ben Scofield2017/06/14
    Welcome to Western Wednesday!
  111. Mel_1947-06-17_YBYL_1955-11-05_Dimension X (OTR-ROB)2017/06/13
  112. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater Podcast 1977-06-11 (37) Oliver Twist and 1977-06-12 (38) Boy David2017/06/12
  113. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-06-13 (262) Mary's Movie and The Jack Paar Show 47-06-22 (04) Spoofs on Fan Magazines and Disc Jockeys2017/06/12
  114. Suspense Podcast 1940-02-22 Herbert Marshall - The Loger, 1952-06-02 Jack Benny, 1947-06-05 Hume Cronyn, 1957-06-09 Vincent Price, 1962-06-10 Ivor Francis - Formula for Death2017/06/10
  115. Fibber n Molly_1942-06-09_Gildy_06-14_Lights Out & 2000 Plus (OTR-ROB)2017/06/09
  116. Mutual Radio Theater Podcast 1980-10-20 to 10-24-04 Hosts Leonard Nimoy, Vincent Price, Cicely Tyson, Andy Griffith, and Lorne Greene2017/06/08
  117. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-06-07 (007) Buffalo Killers and The Six Shooter 1953-10-25 Ep06 Red Lawsons Revenge2017/06/07
  118. Fred Allen_1947-06-15_Mel_06-10_Whitehall 1212_(OTR-ROB)2017/06/06
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