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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-05-24 Ben Slade's Saloon and Six Shooter 1953-10-18 Ep05 Rink Larkin2017/05/24
    Gunsmoke from exactly 65 years ago today plus a bonus adventure of Jimmy Stewart in the Six Shooter! Two great episodes of two great westerns each guest starring the incredibly talented child like voice acting of Richard Beals who was really 25 at the time!
  2. Burns n Allen_1947-05-29_Mel_05-26_YBYL☆Groucho_1953-12-02_Smile (OTR-ROB)2017/05/23
    More fun brought to us by Rob!
  3. General Mills Radio Adventure Theater Podcast 1977-05-21 (31) Charles Lindbergh - They Called Him Slim and 1977-05-22 (32) Then They Called Him Lucky2017/05/22

    90 years ago today Charles Lindbergh flew the first transatlantic flight! 40 years ago Tom Bosley hosted General Mills Radio Adventure Theater, see what you think!

  4. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-18 (809) down on the farm, PHAF 1952-05-18 Julius Is Missing, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-24 (448) Phil Becomes a Father (2017)2017/05/21

    65 years ago with Jack and Phil's shows, then 75 years ago Phil becomes a Father!


    Here is "Nipper," from the beginning of Phil's show.

  5. Stroke of Fate Podcast 1953-10-04 (01) Robert E Lee and Stroke of Fate 1953-11-01 (05) Young Abraham Lincoln In 18412017/05/20
    What if a significant event in history had changed, like what if by a Stroke of Fate Abraham Lincoln hadn't been assassinated? We'll tune in to these two tales of alternate history, if you dare!
  6. Fibber n Molly_Red_1942-05-19_Gildy_05-17_Command Performance 75th Anniversary Special (OTR-ROB)2017/05/19
    Cool, Rob brings us the 75th anniversary of Command Performance!
  7. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-05-18 (622) Guest Al Jolson - From New York, PHAF 1947-05-18 Guest Jack Benny, Jack Benny Podcast 1937-05-16 (258) Ah Wilderness2017/05/18
    From 70 years ago, what a night! How often do you get Jack Benny on all three shows with Al Jolson and a special appearance by Paul McCartney?
  8. Gunsmoke Podcast - Six Shooter 1953-10-04 Ep03 The Stampede and Wild Bill Hickok 1952-05-14 (078) Two Plus Two2017/05/17
    Sorry no Gunsmoke episode this week, but we have two great westerns for you anyway with Jimmy Stewart and Andy Devine!
  9. Burns n Allen_1947-05-22_Fred Allen_05-25_Mel_05-20_Burns n Allen_1943-04-20 (OTR-ROB)2017/05/16
    A night full of Allen's both Gracie and Fred!
  10. Bing Crosby Podcast 1947-05-14 Guest Groucho Marx2017/05/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  11. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-11 (808) Harry Shearer - Beavers to the Zoo, PHAF 1952-05-11 Harris Kids On TV, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-17 (447) Jack Imitates Fred Allen (2017)2017/05/14
    Jack and Phil's shows from 65 years ago this week as well as Jack's show from 75 years ago this week!
  12. Crime Classics Podcast 1953-11-11 (20) William Conrad - Blackbeards 14th Wife and Crime Classics 1954-06-30 (51) Jack The Ripper2017/05/13
    Now for something completely different!
  13. Fibber n Molly_1942-05-12_Burns n Allen_11-03_Gildy_05-10_(OTR-ROB)2017/05/12
    Fibber, George and Gracie, and Gildy with Rob!
  14. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-05-11 (621) Guest Marjorie Reynolds - From Chicago and Jack Benny Podcast 1937-05-09 (257) Mother's Day Program (2017)2017/05/11
    Sorry, no Phil Harris show this week, but both of Jack's shows have nice sound upgrades since last time I played them!
  15. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-05-10 Jaliscoe and Six Shooter 1953-09-27 (02) The Coward2017/05/10
    Sorry about the long intro today, but I was very excited about the Gunsmoke pilot! Today we have the introduction of Kitty and another great episode of Jimmy Stewart in the Six Shooter!
  16. Burns n Allen_1947-05-15_Mel_05-13_Burns n Allen_1943-03-31_Henry Morgan_1947-10-29 (OTR-ROB)2017/05/09
    Henry Morgan?
  17. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-12-02 Lux Radio Theater - Meet Me In St Louis with Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien2017/05/08
    Awesome! Mindi says out of the over 50 Judy performances that she has presented, this may be her favorite, and that's saying a lot!
  18. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-05-04 (807) Phonograph, Phil Harris 1952-05-04 Spring Cleaning, Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-10 (446) Jack's Last Season for Jell-O2017/05/06
    Jack and Phil's shows from 65 years ago this week, then we jump back 10 years for Jack's show from this week in 1942!
  19. Black Book Podcast 1952-02-17 (1) On Schedule, Black Book 1952-02-24 (2) My Favorite Corpse, Black Book 1952-03-02 (3) Vagabond Murder2017/05/06
    Join voice actor extraordinaire Paul Frees and amazing writer John Meston as they present the complete three episode run of the Black Book!
  20. Fibber n Molly_1942-05-05_Gildy_05-03_2000 Plus_Somebody Knows_Quiet Please (OTR-ROB)2017/05/05
    Kewel, Rob has a summer preview for us!
  21. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-05-04 (620) Train Station, Phil Harris 1947-05-11 Guest Jack Benny - Super Chief, Jack Benny Podcast 1937-05-02 (256) Buck Benny Party2017/05/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  22. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-05-03 BenThompson (7 minute fragment) and The Six Shooter1953-09-20 (01) Jenny2017/05/03
    Our focus this week is on Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter, one because it is a good episode, but two because we only have 7 minutes of the Gunsmoke episode!
  23. Jack Benny Podcast 1932-05-02 85th Anniversary - First Show Ever (Jack Benny Interview)2017/05/02
    85 years ago this week Jack had his first radio show ever! An interview with Jack and JAck performs his very first monologue from the Ed Sullivan show!
  24. Burns n Allen_1947-05-08_Riley_05-03_YBYL_Spoon_1950-01-18_Mel_1947-05-06 (OTR-ROB)2017/05/02
    More of 1947 with Rob!
  25. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-11-27 Bing Crosby Show with Guest Judy Garland2017/05/01
    Some folks have said they were missing Bing Crosby, well here you go! One of Bing's best episodes ever with the amazingly talented Judy Garland!
  26. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-27 (806) Jimmy Stewart, Phil Harris 1952-04-27 Phil Fire His Band, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-05-03 (445) Ann Sheridan - Warner Brothers (2017)2017/04/30
    Jimmy Stewart and Ann Sheridan star with Jack, and on Phil's show, he has to fire his band! The 1942 episode with Ann Sheridan has nicely upgraded sound!
  27. Suspense Podcast 1952-04-28 (471) Frank Lovejoy and William Conrad - Shooting of Billy The Kid and X Minus One 1957-04-24 (098) Evelyn E. Smith's Mans Best Friend2017/04/29
    65 years ago Suspense brought us the bookend to the first Gunsmoke episode!
  28. Fibber n Molly_1942-04-28_Fatman_1946-07-08_Gildy_1942-04-26 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/28
    Fibber and the Fatman?
  29. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-04-27 (619) The Colmans - To Chicago, Phil Harris 1947-04-27 To Chicago, and Jack Benny Podcast 1937-04-25 (255) Spring Tra-La (2017)2017/04/27
    Another fantastic Triple play with two Jack's and a Phil, never presented this way before in history! Ronald and Benita go for a ride in Jack's car!
  30. Gunsmoke Podcast 1952-04-26 (001) Richard Beals - Billy (First Episode) and The Six Shooter 1953-07-17 (001) Ben Scofield (Audition) 20172017/04/26
    65 years ago today Gunsmoke aired it's premiere episode! As a bonus we bring you the audition show of Jimmy Stewart's radio western The Six Shooter!
  31. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-27 (806) Guest Jimmy Stewart - Bend in the River, Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-01 Gene Autry - Guest Jack Benny, Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-09 (677) Guest Jimmy Stewart - Brown Derby2017/04/25
    A special Jack Benny/Buck Benny and Jimmy Stewart western presentation!
  32. Dennis_1947-04-23 _Burns n Allen_04-24 _Fibber n Molly_04-29 _Mel_04-29 _Mysterious Traveler_1947_Lights Out_1946 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/25
    Rob with more of 1947!
  33. Gunsmoke Podcast (07) Hollywood Star Playhouse 1952-04-13 Jimmy Stewart - The Six Shooter (First Appearance)2017/04/19
    The first true adult western that aired two weeks before Gunsmoke made it's debut.
  34. Gunsmoke Podcast - (05) 1949-06-11 Audition 1, Michael Shayne 1948-09-25 (ep13) Crooked Wheel, and Gunsmoke Podcast - (06) 1949-07-13 Audition 22017/04/24
    Gunsmoke's original audition shows made in 1949 didn't have much to do with the Gunsmoke that would come later.
  35. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-20 (805) All Hands on Deck, Phil Harris 1952-04-20 Alice's Old Boyfriend, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-26 (444) Jack Hawkin's Revenge (2017)2017/04/23
    Another triple feature with Two Jack's and a Phil in-between!
  36. Suspense Podcast 1952-04-14 (469) Richard Widmark - Mate Bram, X Minus One 1957-04-17 (097) Morniel Mathaway, and Columbia Workshop 1937-04-18 (035) R U R2017/04/22
    Today we have a tipple feature with perhaps the most interesting show from 80 years ago tagged on the end! What was science fiction like in 1937? Let's find out, shall we!Richard Widmark keeps us in Suspense first.
  37. Fibber n Molly_1942-04-21_Burns n Allen_10-27_Gildy_1942-04-19 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/21
    Rob brings us a plethora of shows from 1942!
  38. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-04-20 (618) Egg and I, Phil Harris 1947-04-20 20th Century Studio Party, and Jack Benny 1937-04-18 (254) Lady Millicent's Hubby (2017)2017/04/20
    70 years ago Jack Benny did his take on the then current film of The Egg And I! The same night Phil took Alice to the 20th Century Studio party, and 80 years ago Jack stated his age was 31 the youngest age he ever erroneously claimed to be!
  39. Gunsmoke Podcast - (04) Lux Radio Theater Podcast 1951-11-12 Jimmy Stewart in Winchester '732017/04/19
    I think this movie and radio show starring Jimmy Stewart were both strong catalysts for us getting Gunsmoke on radio!
  40. Gunsmoke Podcast - (03) Romance 1951-08-06 (253) Wiiliam Conrad and Georgia Ellis - Pagosa (Unofficial Gunsmoke Audition) written by John Meston2017/04/17
    William Conrad (Matt Dillon) and Georgia Ellis (Kitty) star in this closest thing to an audition show for Gunsmoke. Even the storyline works pretty well with how Matt Dillon comes to town, even if he has a different name.
  41. Gunsmoke Podcast - (02) Escape 1950-12-17 (137) Wild Jack Rett (John Dehner)2017/04/17
    One of the great kind of auditions leading up to Gunsmoke.
  42. Fred Allen Special_Dennis_1947-04-16_Burns n Allen_04-17_Fibber n Molly_04-15_Mel_1947-04-22 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/18
    More shows from Rob!
  43. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-11-21 Suspense (220) Judy Garland and Elliott Lewis - Drive-In2017/04/17

    Mindi Brings us Judy Garland and Elliott Lewis in probably my favorite episode of Suspense ever, or at least in my top ten for sure!

  44. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-13 Happy Easter, Phil Harris 1952-04-13 Easter Dress, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-19 (443) Percy Kilbride - Don's Play (2017)2017/04/15
    65 years ago Jack and Phil celebrated Easter on their shows! Then we jump back a decade to grab Jack's show from this week in 1942. Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!
  45. Suspense Podcast 1947-04-10 (240) Kirk Douglas - Community Property and X Minus One 1957-04-10 (096) Robert Sheckley's Something For Nothing2017/04/15
    70 years ago this week Spartacus himself kept us in Suspense, Kirk Douglas with Cathy Lewis.
  46. Fibber n Molly_1942-04-14_Burns n Allen_1942-10-13_Gildy_1947-04-16 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/14
    Fibber, the Burns, and Gildy with Rob!
  47. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-04-13 (617) Baseball team, Phil Harris 1947-04-13 Threatening letter, and Jack Benny Podcast 1937-04-11 (253) George Burns Gacie Allen2017/04/13
    70 and 80 years ago with Jack and Phil's shows back-to-back, just like folks heard them 70 years ago. Then 80 years ago this week Jack had George Burns and Gracie Allen as his guests!
  48. Elliott Lewis Podcast 1947-10-18 Hawk Larabee (41) California Kid, 1947-09-06 (35) Blind Chuck-A-Luck, and 1947-12-27 (51) Brannigan aka The Pilgrim2017/04/12
    Here is the rest of Hawk Larabee starring Elliott Lewis!
  49. Dennis Day_1947-04- _Burns n Allen_1947-04- _Exploring Tomorrow_1958-04- _Are You a Genius_1942_Mel Blanc_04- (OTR-ROB)2017/04/11
    Rob brings us another full house from 1947!
  50. Gunsmoke Podcast - (01) Elliott Lewis - Hawk Durango 1946-08-02 (05) Brazos John and Eastern Bride2017/04/10
    Elliott Lewis as Hawk Durango. In the only surviving episode.
  51. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-04-06 (803) Jack's Swimming Pool, Phil Harris 1952-04-06 Don Wilson Announcer and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-12 Filmed at Camp Hahn (2017)2017/04/09

    65 and 75 years ago with Jack and Phil's shows! Don Wilson is the guest announcer on Phil's show! Both Jack Benny Shows have great sound upgrades! Jack's episode from 75 years ago at Camp Hahn was actually filmed!

  52. Suspense Podcast 1947-04-03 (239) Phil Silvers -The Swift Rise of Eddie Albright and X Minus One 1957-04-03 (095) Martian Sam2017/04/08
    70 years ago Phil Silvers kept us in Suspense!
  53. Fibber n Molly_1942-04-07_Burns n Allen_1942-10-20_Gildy_1947-04-02 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/07
    75 years ago with Rob!
  54. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-04-06 (616) Samuel Goldwyn, Phil Harris 1947-04-06 Easter Bunny Suit, and Jack Benny Podcast 1937-04-04 (252) Back from NY2017/04/05
    A classic Jack Benny episode form 70 years ago, a Phil Easter episode form 70 years ago, and an 80 year old Jack Benny episode that I have never played on the podcast before!
  55. Gunsmoke Podcast 1976-04-25 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 5 of 52017/04/04
    Our last episode in the wonderful Story of Gunsmoke series!
  56. Burns n Allen_1947-04-03Fibber n Molly_04-01_Baby Snooks_10-24_Mel_04-02_Fred Allen_04-03 (OTR-ROB)2017/04/04
    More Rob and friends!
  57. Hawk Larabee Podcast 1946-11-07 Tillie and the Preacher, 1947-05-17 Fred Collins, 1947-05-22 Gold Camp, and 1947-07-18 Railroad2017/04/03
    A special Western Monday featuring all of the surviving Hawk Larabee episodes starring Barton Yarborough!
  58. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-30 (802) My Naval Career, Phil Harris 1952-03-30 Party At Phil's House, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-04-05 (441) Don's Commercial2017/04/02
    Two Jack's and a Phil, every Sunday!
  59. Suspense Podcast 1952-03-31 Deborah Kerr -Lady Pamela, Jack Benny 1951-01-07 (753) Deborah Kerr, and Lux 1952-12-01 King Solomon's Mines2017/04/01
    65 years ago Deborah Kerr kept us in Suspense!
  60. Fibber n Molly_1942-04-07_Burns n Allen_1942-10-20_Gildy_1947-04-02 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/31
    Fibber, the Burns, and Gildy for your enjoyment!
  61. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-30 (615) San Fran, Phil Harris 1947-03-30 Softball, and Jack Benny Podcast 1937-03-28 (251) First Eddie Anderson -Train Porter (2017)2017/03/30
    Jack's shows from 70 and 80 years ago and Phil's from 70 years ago as well!
  62. Gunsmoke Podcast 1976-04-25 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 4 of 52017/03/29
    The penultimate episode in The Story of Gunsmoke!
  63. Burns & Allen_1942-10-06_Mel_1947-03-26_Fred Allen_03-23_Life of Riley_03-29_Parkys_03-30 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/28
    Rob's presentation!
  64. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-09-29 Command Performance (241) Garland, Sinatra, and Silvers2017/03/27
    Mindi brings us more Judy!
  65. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-23 (801) The Academy Awards, Phil Harris 1952-03-23 Phil is made a Colonel, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-29 (440) Doc Benny's Minstrel Show2017/03/26

    65 and 75 years ago with Jack, Phil, and more Jack!

  66. Suspense Podcast 1952-03-24 (466) Robert Young - Murder of Necessity, Father Knows Best 1948-12-20, and X Minus One 1957-03-202017/03/25
    65 years ago Robert Young kept us in Suspense!
  67. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-03-28 (251) First ever appearance of Eddie Anderson - The Train Porter (2017)2017/03/25
    Nice sound upgrade on this most famous of all Jack Benny episodes! We meet Eddie Anderson for the very first time, but he is not Rochester, yet.
  68. Fibber n Molly_ n Red1942-03-31_Gildy_03-31 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/23
    Fibber, Red , Gildy , and Rob!
  69. Dennis-Mel_1947-03-19_B & Allen_03-20_F-Allen_03-16_ F & Molly_1947-03-18 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/23
    More fun from 1947!
  70. Gunsmoke Podcast 1976-04-25 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 3 of 52017/03/22
    Western Wednesday continues with our Story of Gunsmoke with the majority of the cast and production crew from 1976. Our focus this time is on the outstanding writing of John Meston!
  71. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-23 (614) The Sportsmen Are Rehired, Phil Harris 1947-03-23 Daddys Night, and Jack Benny 1937-03-21 (250) A Day In Our Lives2017/03/21
    From 70 and 80 years ago, Jack and Phil back to back to back!
  72. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-01-28 Lux Radio Theater (512) Judy Garland - The Clock2017/03/20
    Judy Garland on Lux Radio Theater's The Clock!
  73. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-16 (800) Steam Cabinet, Taxes, Phil Harris 1952-03-16 Vacation Talk, and Jack Benny 1942-03-22 (439) Plants Victory Garden and Golfs with Phil (2017)2017/03/19
    Three great shows that tie in beautifully with our time of year!
  74. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-03-21, 1938-05-08, 1939-06-25, and 1940-12-15 Best of Bidy Talcott with Interview (Buck and Crazy Captain Steven)2017/03/17
    Best of Bidy Talcott Jack Benny special.
  75. Escape_1947-08-18_☆Paul Frees_the 4th Man_Obsession_1950_☆Brenda Marshal_Teds Old House (OTR-ROB)2017/03/17
    Special Summer preview!
  76. Fibber n Molly & Red_1942-03-24_Gildy 03-22 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/17
    More Fibber, Red, and Gildy!
  77. Suspense Podcast 1952-03-03 (463) Herbert Marshall -The Thirty-Nine Steps and X Minus One 1957-03-13 (092) The Lights On Precipice Peak2017/03/16
    Time for more Suspense and X minus One! Herbert Marshall kept us in Suspense 65 years ago!
  78. Gunsmoke Podcast 1976-04-25 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 2 of 52017/03/15
    Last weeks episode went over well, and this one is even better.
  79. Burns & Allen 1946-03-13_Fibber n Molly 03-11_Mel 03-12_Fred 03-2_Riley 03-15 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/15
    A veritable treasure trove of comedy from 70 years ago this week!
  80. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-16 (613) The Sportsmen Replacement and Phil Harris 1947-03-16 Phil Goes Camping2017/03/14
    Jack and Phil's shows back to back for the first time in 70 years!
  81. Judy Garland Podcast - Danny Kaye Show 1945-10-04 Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland2017/03/13
    One of my absolute favorite Judy Garland shows, as Judy and Frank Sinatra take over for Danny Kaye!
  82. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-09 (799) TV Show Talk, Phil Harris 1952-03-09 Costume Party and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-15 (438) Fred Allen's Ten Dollars2017/03/12

    Jack, Phil, then Jack again from 10 years earlier!

    Link to remake of Jack Benny Show 1952-03-09 with George Burns and Gracie Allen

  83. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-03-14 (249) Fred Allen - Feud Finale and Fred Allen Podcast 1937-03-17 (116) St Patrick's Day Show (2017)2017/03/11
    The first ending of the feud from 80 years ago this week!
  84. Fibber n Molly_1942-03-10_Gildy 03-15_Parkys_1947-03-09 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/10
    Very interesting!!!
  85. Suspense Podcast 1957-03-10 (689) Raymond Burr - The Paralta Map and X Minus One 1957-03-06 (091) Robert Sheckley'sThe Seventh Victim2017/03/09

    From 60 years ago this week, Raymond Burr keeps us in Suspense and Robert Sheckley brings us The Seventh Victim later made into The 10th Victime feature film starring Ursula Andress form 1965!


  86. Gunsmoke Podcast 1976-04-25 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 1 of 5 (2017)2017/03/08
    Wow! What a nice sound upgrade since the last time I played this classic bit of radio history! You are going to love this!
  87. Dennis Day_ Burns n Allen_ Fibber n Molly_ Mel Blanc_ Parkys (OTR-ROB)2017/03/08
    Rob brings us more comedy from 70 ears ago!
  88. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-09 (612) Jack Tries to Find Replacement for the Sportsmen and Phil Harris 1947-03-09 To Leave or Not Leave Jack Benny (2017)2017/03/07

    70 years ago this week Jack made a guest appearance on Phil's show, so here are Jack and Phil's shows back to back, just like back in the day!


    Mel Blanc as Speed Buggy

  89. Judy Garland Podcast 1944-12-24 Command-Performance - Judy Garland (Mindi)2017/03/06
    Mindi brings us more Judy Garland.
  90. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-03-02 (798) Guests - Sinatra, Kaye, Burns, and Grouch, Phil Harris 1952-03-02 Las Vegas and Jack Benny 1942-03-08 (437) San Diego (2017)2017/03/05
    Jack and Phil brought to you back to back on the dame night, just like they were originally 65 years ago this week!
  91. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-03-07 (248) Stuart Canin - Prelude to the Fight of the Century and Fred Allen 1937-03-10 (115) Murder on the High Seas (2017)2017/03/04
    Fred. Jack, and Stuart Canin, 'nuff said!
  92. Fibber n Molly_1942-03-03_Little things in Life_Great Gildersleeve_1942-03-01 (OTR-ROB)2017/03/04
    Fun with Fibber and Gildy!
  93. Mutual Radio Theater Podcast 1980-03-05 - W - Janet Waldo - Long Distance - Suspense Night (Stereo) (Crazy Captain Steven)2017/03/02
    More fun with Vincent Price in stereo!
  94. Suspense 1957-03-03 (688) Vincent Price - Present Tense2017/03/02
    Vincent Price keeps us in Suspense! From 60 years ago this week!
  95. Academy Awards Podcast 1944-03-02 - Host Jack Benny - 16th (1943) Annual Pre-Show And Ceremony2017/02/26
    This Academy Awards Podcast is interesting because WWII is still raging and of course Jack is hosting with an assist from George Jessel!
  96. Burns n Allen 1947-02-20,02-27_Dennis Day_Mel Blanc 1947-02-26_Judy Canova_1947-02-222017/03/01
    A packed house tonight!
  97. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-03-02 (611) Jack Tries to Rehire the Sportsmen and Phil Harris 1947-03-02 Vacation from Marriage (2017)2017/02/28
    70 years ago with Jack and Phil's shows!
  98. Academy Awards Podcast 1947-03-13 Host Jack Benny - 19th Annual 19462017/02/25
    70 years ago Jack Benny hosted the Oscars! Thought some of you might like to hear this!
  99. Judy Garland Podcast 1944-05-24 Frank-Sinatra-Show-(With Mail Call excerpt)-May-24-19442017/02/27
    Mindi brings us another great Judy Garland presentation!
  100. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-24 (797) Jack Tries to Buy a Car, Phil Harris 1952-02-24 Mr. Scotts Daughter and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-03-01 (436) Mad About The Academy Awards2017/02/26
    Two Jack's and a Phil! Can't beat that!
  101. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-02-28 (247) Jack's violin is returned and 1937-03-02 Ben Bernie Show (excerpt) (2017)2017/02/25
    Jack get's his violin back, but does he play the Bee? We'll see...then Jack makes a guest appearance on the Ben Bernie Show and we have a nice 10 minute clip from that show!
  102. Fred Allen Podcast - Town Hall Tonight 1937-02-24 Benny-Allen Feud week 9 (rare)2017/02/24
    Cool from exactly 80 years ago! Almost skipped this one.
  103. Fibber n Molly n Red_1942-02-24_Gildy_1942-02-22 (OTR-ROB)2017/02/24
    Rob brings us more Fibber, Red, and Gildy!
  104. Suspense Podcast 1947-02-27 (234) William Bendix - Three Faces At Midnight and X Minus One 1957-02-20 (089) Peter Phillips' Field Study2017/02/23
    William Bendix Keeps us in Suspense!
  105. Dennis Day_1947-02-12_Fibber n Molly_02-17_Mel Blanc_02-18 (OTR-ROB)2017/02/22
    Umm...looks like we have the same Dennis Day show as last week, but everything else is new!
  106. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-23 (610) Jack Fires the Sportsmen and Phil Harris 1947-02-23 Recording Studio2017/02/21
    70 years ago Jack and Phil's shows were back to back on the same night! Now 70 years later here they are back to back again! Julius Abruzzio and Alice Faye meet for the first time!
  107. Judy Garland Podcast 1943-11-13 Command Performance (092) - Judy Garland and Betty Hutton2017/02/20
    More Judy and Mindi!
  108. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-17 (796) New York Symphony, Phil Harris 1952-02-17 New Movie, and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-02-22 (435) San Francisco Presidio (2017)2017/02/19

    Three episodes and two with updated sound!

  109. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-02-21 (246) Buck Benny Rides Again Chapter 9 - Benny-Allen Feud week 8 (2017)2017/02/18

    80 years ago this week we get Jack with more feud and more Buck Benny!

  110. the McGees n Red_1942-02-17 (OTR-ROB)2017/02/17
    75 years ago today!
  111. Suspense Podcast 1952-02-18 (461) Richard Widmark - The Track of the Cat and X Minus One 1957-02-13 (088) Robert Sheckley's The Trap2017/02/16
  112. Dennis Day_1947-02-12_Fibber n Molly_02-11_Mel Blanc 02-12 (OTR-ROB)2017/02/15
  113. Jack Benny Podcast 1947-02-16 (609) Isaac Stern, Ronald and Benita Colman - Jack's Birthday and Phil Harris 1947-02-16 Phil Harris Homemaker2017/02/14
  114. Judy Garland Podcast 1941-09-07 Chase and Sanborn Hour - Guest Judy Garland (Mindi)2017/02/13
  115. Jack Benny Podcast 1952-02-10 (795) To New York to Publish Jack's Song, Phil Harris 1952-02-10 A Wife For Frankie and Jack Benny Podcast 1942-02-15 (434) Jack's Birthday2017/02/12
  116. Jack Benny Podcast 1937-02-14 (245) Jack's Birthday and Lux 1937-02-15 Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone - Brewsters Millions (2017)2017/02/11
  117. Fibber n Molly_Red Skelton_1942-02-10_Gildy_1942-02-08 (OTR-ROB)2017/02/10
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