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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-03-20 (687) Mary and Van Johnson Are Late, PHAF 1949-03-20 Alice's Birthday, Jack Benny 1939-03-19 (328) Jack Has A Cold2019/03/19
    More classic Benny and Phil!
  2. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-03-14 (877) Train to LA, PHAF 1954-03-12 Job Hunting , Jack Benny 1944-03-12 (507) Phil Explains Taxes to Dennis from Lemoure Air Force Base2019/03/16
    Jack, Phil, and Taxes!
  3. Gunsmoke 1954-03-13 Conferderate Money and Have Gun, Will Travel 1959-03-15 Death of A Young Gunfighter2019/03/16
    A little late, but here are this weeks Westerns.
  4. Bing Crosby Podcast 1949-03-09 Guests Phil Harris, Al Jolson 1949-03-10 Guest Jimmy Durante, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1949-03-14 (24) Alan Reed in Eileen2019/03/14
    Phil Harris and Elliott Lewis guest star with Bing!
  5. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 252019/03/12
    Gee Whiz 25 March 12
    ALDRICH 1943-03-11 Legal Trouble
    HARDY FAMILY 1941-02-08 Greek War Relief
    ALDRICH 1944-03-09 Warmest Day in March
  6. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-03-13 (686) After the Races, PHAF 1949-03-13 Remley is Rehired, Jack Benny 1939-03-12 (327) Mel Blanc is Carnichael2019/03/11
    A lot of fun with Jack tonight!
  7. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-03-07 (876) Guest Gisele MacKenzie, PHAF 1954-03-05 Job Hunting , Jack Benny 1944-03-05 (506) from Lemoure Air Force Base2019/03/09
    Three more great Benny and Phil shows! From 65 and 75 years ago this week!
  8. Gunsmoke 1954-03-06 The Gentleman and Have Gun, Will Travel 1959-03-08 Monstr On Moonridge2019/03/08
    Two more great westerns!
  9. Bing Crosby Podcast 1949-03-02 Guests Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, Al Jolson 1949-03-03 Guest Phil Harris, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1949-03-07 (23) Jeanette MacDonald and Alan Reed inThe Merry Widow2019/03/07
    Thought I would bring this since Phil and Frankie guest star on Al Jolson's show.
  10. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 242019/03/07
    Gee Whiz 24 March 5

    ALDRICH 1944-03-02 Piano Recital
    ARCHIE 1951-03-10 Mailing Tax
    ALDRICH 1949-03-03 Washington DC
  11. Our Miss Brooks, Irma, and Fred Allen 1949-03-08 to 03-282019/03/05
    Three more fun shows!
  12. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-03-06 (685) A Day at the Races With The Colmans, PHAF 1949-03-06 (685) Redecorating with Remley, Jack Benny 1939-03-05 (326) Jesse James Part 22019/03/04
    Great Race Track episode with the Colmans!
  13. Fibber, Burns, Red 1944-03-072019/03/04
    Rob returns with three great shows!
  14. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-02-28 (875) Guest George Jessel from New York, PHAF 1954-02-26, Jack Benny 1944-02-27 (505) Guest Eddie Cantor from the Hollywood Canteen2019/02/28
    More great Benny with some fun guests!
  15. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 232019/02/26
    Gee Whiz 23 February 26
    ALDRICH 1940-02-20/26 Carrier Pigeons
    ARCHIE 1950-03-04 Missing

  16. Bing Crosby Podcast 1949-02-23 Guest Abe Burrows, Al Jolson 1949-02-24 Guests The Andrew Sisters, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1949-02-28 (22) The Song Of Norway2019/02/26
    With the Andrew Sisters on Al Jolson's show, I thought I would go ahead and bring this over here. You can catch these shows weekly over on my Judy Garland and Friends - OTR Podcast.
  17. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-02-27 (684) Guest Claude Rains - Jack Has a Music Lesson, PHAF 1949-02-27 Remley Is Fired, Jack Benny 1939-02-26 (325) Jesse James Part 12019/02/25
    More fun with Jack and the gang!
  18. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-02-21 (874) Jack at the Train Station ( No Mary or Dennis), PHAF 1954-02-19 Firing Elliott, Jack Benny 1944-20 (504) Guest Groucho Marx2019/02/21
    Groucho appears and jack had some issues with Groucho and never wanted to have him back as a guest.
  19. Gunsmoke 1954-02-20 Last Fling and Have Gun, Will Travel 1959-02-22 Winchester Quarantine2019/02/21
    Two more great westerns!
  20. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 222019/02/20
    Gee Whiz 22 February 19
    ALDRICH 1949-02-10 Geometry
    LEO ON AIR - Courtship of Andy Hardy
    ALDRICH 1949-02-17 Antique Chairs
  21. Our Miss Brooks, Irma, and Fred Allen 1949-02-20 to 02-242019/02/19
    More great comedy!
  22. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-02-20 (683) The Horn Blows at Midnight, PHAF 1949-02-20 Jury Duty, Jack Benny 1939-02-19 (324) Carmichael, The Polar Bear2019/02/19
    Four great shows for you today.
  23. Fibber, Burns, Red 1944-02-15 to 02-192019/02/17
    Three more fun shows!
  24. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-02-14 (873) Jack's Thirty-Ninth Birthday - Again, PHAF 1954-02-12 A Bad Case of Nerves (Stacey and Mindi), Jack Benny 1944-02-13 (503) From March Field2019/02/14
    Happy Valentines Day with Jack! Oh, and Happy 39th Birthday Jack!
  25. Gunsmoke 1954-02-13 The Killer and Have Gun, Will Travel 1959-02-15 the Return of Dr Thackery2019/02/13
    Western Wednesday!
  26. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 212019/02/12
    Gee Whiz 21 February 12

    ALDRICH FAMILY 1943-02-11 Valentine’s Day
    ARCHIE 1948-09-18 Archie’s in Love
    ALDRICH FAMILY 1943-02-25 Love Note

  27. Our Miss Brooks, Irma, and Fred Allen 1949-02-132019/02/12
    Rob brings us three more great shows!
  28. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-02-13 (682) Jack's Birthday Is Tomorrow, PHAF 1949-13 Flowers For Alice, Jack Benny 1939-02-12 (323) 1st Polar Bear - Love Finds Annie Hardy2019/02/11
    Happy Birthday Jack! Cool an episode of the Benny show that was lost to me! This should be fun!
  29. Fibber, Burns, Red 1944-02-08 to 02-112019/02/11
    Another Fibber lead extravaganza!
  30. Gunsmoke_1954-02-06_Big Broad, Have Gun, Will Travel _1959-02-08 Killers Widow2019/02/08
    Oops, should have put this out first, oh well.
  31. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-02-07 (872) Dennis is told to quit the show by his mother, PHAF 1954-01095 Build Yourself Television Kit, Jack Benny 1944-02-06 (502) How Jack Joined The Navy2019/02/08
    A triptych of great shows!
  32. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 202019/02/07
    Gee Whiz 20 February 5
    ALDRICH FAMILY Cleaning the Furnace
    HARDY FAMILY Life Begins for Andy Hardy
    ALDRICH 1949-02-03 Shoveling Snow
  33. Bing Crosby Podcast 1949-02-02 Guest Jimmy Durante, Al Jolson 1949-02-03 Guest Dennis Day, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1949-02-07 (19) Arthur Q Bryan in Rose Marie2019/02/07
    Had to bring these great shows over here this week as Dennis Day makes and appearance with Al Jolson!
  34. Our Miss Brooks, Irma, and Fred Allen 1949-02-062019/02/05
    More shows from Rob!
  35. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-02-06 (681) Guests Claudette Colbert and Vincent Price, PHAF 1949-06 Band Gets Fired, Jack Benny 1939-02-05 (322) Jack Challenges Fred Allen to a Fight2019/02/04
    Another winning trilogy!
  36. Fibber, Burns, Red 1944-02-01 to 02-042019/02/02
    Fun Friday a little late with Fibber!
  37. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-01-31 (871) Guest - Samuel Goldwyn, PHAF 1954-01-29 Royalty Check (Stacey & Mindi, ), Jack Benny 1944-01-30 (501) Horn Blows at Midnight2019/02/01
    Great shows with great guests!
  38. Gunsmoke_1954-01-30_Gunsmuggler2019/01/31
    Just one show for us this week.
  39. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 192019/01/30
    Gee Whiz 19 - January 29

    ALDRICH FAMILY 1942-01-29 Secret Admirer
    ARCHIE 1951-03-17 Too Much Noise
    ALDRICH FAMILY - Ice Fishing
  40. Our Miss Brooks 1949-1-232019/01/29
    Fun with Miss Brooks.
  41. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-30 (680) Don's Contract Part 2, PHAF 1949-01-30 Fire Chief, Jack Benny 1939-01-29 (321) Jack goes into training for fight with Fred Allen2019/01/28
    In our third episode Rochester punches Jack and it becomes an honest to goodness national controversy!
  42. A Fibber, Burns, Red 1944-01-21 to 01-252019/01/28
    Three more great shows for you!
  43. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-01-24 (870) Dan McGrew, PHAF 1954-01-22 Life Insurance (Stacey & Mindi, ), Jack Benny 1944-01-23 (500) Guest Alexis Smith and The Horn Blows at Midnight2019/01/25
    Man, some great ones tonight plus a bonus performance of The Horn Blows at Midnight!
  44. Gunsmoke_1954-01-23_Nina and Have Gun, Will Travel _1959-01-25 The Teacher2019/01/25
    By request!
  45. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 182019/01/21
    Another teen Tuesday! Gee Whiz 18
    January 22

    Aldrich Family 1945-01-25 Church Chocolate
    Hardy Family 1950-01-31 Hot Rod
    Aldrich Family 1950-01-26 Sleigh Ride
  46. Our Miss Brooks 1949-1-162019/01/21
    More great OTR!
  47. Martin Luther King Jr Podcast 1963-08-28 I have A Dream Speech 50th Anniversary2019/01/21
    Happy MLK day!
  48. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-23 (679) Don's Contract Part One, PHAF 1949-01-23 Truman's Inaugural, Jack Benny 1939-01-22 Jack Saves Fred Allen an Encyclopedia Britannica2019/01/20
    Three more great shows!
  49. Fibber, BA, and Red 1944-1-14 to1-182019/01/20
    more great comedy!
  50. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-01-17 (869) Jack Gets a Parking Ticket, PHAF 1954-01-15 Phil's Band Turns To Drama, Jack Benny 1944-01-16 (499) From Camp El Toro, California2019/01/17
    Sorry no first intro today, just right into the first great episode!
  51. Orson Welles Podcast - Campbell Playhouse 1939-01-06 (05) Counsellor at Law2019/01/17
    Another great Orson Welles performance!
  52. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 172019/01/15
    Gee Whiz 17
    January 15

    Aldrich Family 1941-01-23 Pen Pal
    Archie 1948-11-20 Dinner Guests
    Aldrich Family 1942-01-22 Girlfriend

  53. Our Miss Brooks_1949-01-02_My Friend Irma_1949-01-03_Fred Allen Show_1945-10-07_(OTR-ROB)2019/01/14
    And were back!
  54. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-16 (678) Guests The Colemans - Scrapbook, PHAF 1949-01-09 Engagement Ring, Jack Benny 1939-01-15 (319) Lunch Counter, Screen Guild Theater 1939-01-08 (2019)2019/01/13
    Another Podcast with a bonus of the very first Screen Guild Theater with Jack Benny and Judy Garland and and intro by Mindi! Should be a fun night!
  55. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-01-10 (868) Don Wilson Story, PHAF 1954-01-08 English Dinner for a New Car (Stacey & Mindi), Jack Benny 1944-01-09 (498) Pet camel (Stan Freberg)2019/01/12
    Let's spend some quality time with Don Wilson.
  56. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 162019/01/11
    Wind storm messed up computer. Trying to get back on track. - Buck
  57. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-09 (677) Guest Jimmy Stewart - Lunch at the Brown Derby, PHAF 1949-01-09 Engagement Ring, Jack Benny 1939-01-08 (318) Snow White2019/01/06
    Another Amazing night for Jack Benny fans!
  58. Jack Benny Podcast 1954-01-03 (867) Rose Bowl Game, PHAF 1954-01-01 Phil Gives Up Drinking and Smoking (Stacey & Mindi), Jack Benny 1944-01-02 (497) New Years Eve Show2019/01/05
    Three more great shows for you and Stacey and Mindy start hosting Phil and Alice's show!
  59. Jack Benny Podcast 1949-01-02 (676) First CBS Show, 1948-12-23 CBS Closed Circuit, 1949-01-01 Gene Autry Melody Ranch, PHAF 1949-01-02 Drafted, Jack Benny 1939-01-01 New Year Skit2019/01/03
    Maybe my longest podcast ever, but one of the best! First time I've ever presented it this way. You are in for a real treat as Jack Benny moves to CBS from NBC!
  60. Gunsmoke_1954-01-02_Have Gun-Will Travel_1959-01-04_(OTR-ROB)2019/01/02
    Rob brings us two more great westerns for our New Year!
  61. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 15 (New Years Eve)2019/01/01
    Gee Whiz 15 January 1

    Aldrich Family 1948-12-30 New Years
    Archie 1947-11-15 Early Bed
    Aldrich Family - Ice Skating Fruitcake

  62. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part Two (1946-1956) including Lost Episode (recreation) and TV Episode2019/01/01

    Happy New Year!

  63. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-12-27 (866) Thank You Notes, PHAF 1953-12-25 Annual Christmas Show, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-12-26 (496) Christmas at Jack's house2018/12/31
    Sorry this comes a little late. Got busy last week and sick, so we will try to catch up this week!
  64. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part One (1938-1946)2018/12/30
    Let's get ready for New Years with Jack and the gang!
  65. Gunsmoke_1953-12-26_the Guitar_Have Gun-Will Travel_1958-12-28_No Visitors_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/28
    Tow more fun westerns!
  66. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 14 (Christmas)2018/12/27
    Gee Whiz 14 December 25

    ALDRICH: 1948-12-23 Christmas
    HARDY: 1939-12 Christmas Greeting
    ALDRICH: 1952-12-21 Christmas Eve
  67. Cinnamon Bear Podcast 1937-12-20 to 12-25 ep21 to ep26 Frank Nelson as Captain Tintop, etc with Santa (Buck, Hannah, Hunter, Dylan) (2009-2018)2018/12/26
    The final episodes!
  68. A Jack Benny Cast Christmas Album 20142018/12/24
    Here is an extended version that I haven't shared in awhile! Merry Christmas from Jack and the gang!
  69. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-12-26 (675) Last NBC Show and 1948-12-22 CBS Special, PHAF 1948-12-26 Christmas Present, Jack Benny 1938-12-25 (316) Joan Bennett - Christmas Openhouse2018/12/23
    Epic show tonight! You get the treat of hearing an unaired special for CBS! Plus my intros cover the story of how and why Jack moved from NBC to CBS 70 years ago!
  70. Cinnamon Bear Podcast 1937-12-13 to 12-18 ep15 to ep20 Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Howard McNear, Elliott Lewis, etc with Paddy O Cinnamon (Buck, Hannah, Hunter, Dylan) (2009-2011)2018/12/21
    Here is the third part out of our four part presentation of the Cinnamon Bear! Enjoy and happy holidays from buck and my then 11 year old son Hunter!
  71. Fibber n Molly_1943-12-21_Red Skelton_1948-12-24_Burns n Allen_1943-12-21_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/21
    More Christmas fun with Fibber, Red, with George and Gracie!
  72. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-12-20 (865) Cactus Christmas Tree, PHAF 1953-12-18 Chaperone, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-12-19 (495) Jack And Mary Go Christmas Shopping2018/12/20
    More Christmas fun with Jack, Phil, and the gang!
  73. Gunsmoke_1953-12-19_Have Gun Will Travel_1958-12-21_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/19
    Western night!
  74. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 132018/12/18
    Gee Whiz 13
    Aldrich Family 1948-12-16 Homer’s Party Hardy Family 1949-11-22 Skating Champ
    Aldrich Family 1952-12-14 Roadside Stand
  75. The Halls of Ivy_1952-12-19_My Friend Irma (nd)_Town Hall Tonight_1937-12-22_(OTR-Rob)2018/12/17
    Here are a few great shows!
  76. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-12-19 (674) Christmas Shopping, PHAF 1948-12-19 Hiring a Santa Clause, Jack Benny 1938-12-18 (315) Train to Hollywood2018/12/16
    More Christmas fun with Jack and Phil!
  77. Cinnamon Bear Podcast 1937-12-04 to 12-11 ep08 to ep14 Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Howard McNear, Elliott Lewis, etc with Paddy O Cinnamon (Buck, Hannah, Hunter, Dylan) (2009-2011)2018/12/15
    We start of with my family as pirates in episodes 8 thru 14 of the Cinnamon Bear Saga!
  78. Bing Crosby Podcast 1948-12-08 Guests Morton Downey and Kay Starr, Al Jolson 1948-12-09 (317) Guest Dennis Day, Gordon MacRae's Railroad Hour 1948-12-13 (11) Dinah Shore in Sally2018/12/13
    Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, Gordon MacRae, Dennis Day, Dinah Shore, Kay Starr, and Morton Downey! A great time is guaranteed for all!
  79. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-12-13 (864) Christmas Show from Palm Springs, PHAF 1953-12-11 Jessica You're Dragging Your Net, Jack Benny 1943-12-12 (494) Dennis' Mother Visits2018/12/13
    Christmas fun with Jack!
  80. Gunsmoke_1953-12-12_Have Gun Will Travel_1958-12-14_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/12
    More great westerns!
  81. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 122018/12/11
    Gee Whiz 12
    Aldrich Family 1952-12-07 Lost Watch
    Archie 1949-12-17 Christmas Shopping
    Aldrich Family 1947-12-11 School Ring
  82. Our Miss Brooks_1949-12-18-_My Friend Irma_1948-12-20_Fred Allen Show_1945-12-16_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/11
    More fun shows with Rob!
  83. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-12-12 (673) relaxing at home, PHAF 1948-12-12 The Sitter, Jack Benny 1938-12-11 (314) Christmas shopping, Eddie Cantor 1948-12-17 ep91 Guest Jack Benny2018/12/10
    Ooh, a Shopping episode and a special bonus episode!
  84. Cinnamon Bear Podcast 1937-11-26 to 12-03 ep01 to ep 07 Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Howard McNear, Elliott Lewis, etc with Paddy O Cinnamon (Buck, Hannah, Hunter, Dylan) (2009-2011)2018/12/09
    The first 7 episodes of this Christmas classic!
  85. Fibber n Molly_Burns n Allen_1943-12-07_Red Skelton_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/07
    Fibber, The Burns, and Red!
  86. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-12-06 (863) About his tv Show, PHAF 1953-12-04 A Night With Phil Harris, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-12-05 (493) Jack Gets A Driver's License2018/12/06
    Another fun triple stack!
  87. Gunsmoke_1953-12-05_the Lamb_Have Gun Will Travel_1958-12-07_Ella West_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/05
    More Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel!
  88. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 112018/12/04
    Gee Whiz 11
    Aldrich Family 1948-12-9 Grouse
    Archie 1948-12-04 Drugstore Job
    Aldrich Family 1952-11-30 Father is Sick
  89. Buck Benny Podcast 2014 - A Jack Benny Cast Christmas Album2018/12/03
    A fun Jack Benny cast Christmas album that I put together a few years ago!
  90. Our Miss Brooks_1948-12-05_My Friend Irma_Fred Allen Show_TV Ads_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/03
    More fun with Rob!
  91. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-12-05 (672) Professor La Blanc Gives Jack a Violin Lesson, PHAF 1948-12-05 Frankie Borrows The Kids, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-12-04 (313) Murder at the movies2018/12/02
    Another fun triple stack with a very old intro!
  92. The Whistler 1948-11-21 ep337 The Lovely Look2018/12/02
    Have a look and listen to this episode of The Whistler, for another Suspenseful Saturday!
  93. Fibber n Molly_1943-11-30_Red Skelton_1946-Burns n Allen_1943-11-30_(OTR-ROB)2018/12/01
    Friday fun!
  94. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-11-22 (861) Dennis on the phone, PHAF 1953-11-27 Los Angeles Traffic, Jack Benny 1943-11-28 (492) Guest Barbara Stanwyck - Dennis' Raise2018/11/29
    Another great triple stack with Jack, Phil, and Guest Barbara Stanwyck!
  95. Gunsmoke_1953-11-28_Kick Me_Have Gun Will Travel_1958-11-30_Onto Wickenberg_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/28
    Time to start Have Gun Will Travel!
  96. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 10 updated2018/11/27
    Aldrich Family: 1948-11-18 Grab Bag
    Hardy Family: 1949-11-22 Skating Champ
    Aldrich Family 1952-11-16 Debating Team
  97. Our Miss Brooks_1948-11-28_My Friend Irma_Fred Allen_1948-11-28_Georgie Jessel_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/26
    Great night for comedy with Fred Allen and Gorge Jessel!
  98. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-11-28 (671) How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving, PHAF 1948-11-28 Homework Helper, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-11-27 (312) Hold that Line2018/11/25
    Some glitches with my last post, so let's try again!
  99. OTR Christmas Podcast 2013 Volume 012018/11/24
    Merry Christmas and happy listening!
  100. Fibber n Molly_1943-11-23_Burns n Allen_Fred Allen_Phil Harris_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/23
    Fibber and Phil!
  101. Elgin Holiday Specials 1947-11-26 (x) Elgin Thanksgiving Show 6th Annual2018/11/22
    The other Elgin special is on judy-garland.podomatic.com
  102. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-11-29 (862) Thanksgiving Dinner, PHAF 1953-11-20 Birthday Gift, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-11-21 (491) Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey2018/11/21
    Going slightly out of order to bring us three Thanksgiving episodes. Not to worry I'll bring us the one we skipped next week.
  103. Gunsmoke_1953-11-21_Custer_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/21
    Another great Gunsmoke!
  104. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 9 (Thanksgiving Theme)2018/11/20
    Time for a Thanksgiving themed Teen Tuesday!

    Gee Whiz 9
    Aldrich Family 1948-11-25 Turkey Run
    Hardy Family 1938-11-24 Thanksgiving
    Aldrich Family 1952-11-23 Last Turkey
  105. Our Miss Brooks_1948-11-21_My Friend Irma_Fred Allen Show_Phil Harris_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/19
    Phil Harris stops by!
  106. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-11-21 (670) Jack tries to reach his advertising agency, PHAF 1948-11-21 Health Food Diet, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-11-20 (311) Too hot to handle2018/11/18
    Another great triple stack!
  107. Judy Garland Podcast 1946-11-27 Bing Crosby Show with Guest Judy Garland (Mindi)2018/11/18
    Time for a special Thanksgiving episode!
  108. Suspense Podcast 1948-11-25 (316) Margaret O'Brien - The Screaming Woman by Ray Bradbury - Thanksgiving Show (Buck & Hunter)2018/11/18
    A true classic!
  109. Burns n Allen_1943-11-16_Red Skelton_1948-11-19_Fibber n Company_1938-01-24_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/17
    More Burns and Allen!
  110. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-11-15 (860) Jack prepares for his tv show, PHAF 1953-11-13 A Trip To The Moon, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-11-14 (490) The Lone Palm2018/11/16

    Below are Jack's most recent Television Shows at the time!


  111. Gunsmoke_1953-11-14_final Frontier Gentleman_1958-11-16_(OTR-ROB) (2)2018/11/16
  112. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 82018/11/15
  113. Our Miss Brooks_1948-11-14_Town Hall Tonight_1938-11-16_My Friend Irma(nd)(OTR-ROB)2018/11/15
  114. Stan Lee Podcast - Fantastic Four Complete 1975 Series 1-13 Narrated By Stan Lee with Bill Murray2018/11/13
  115. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-11-14 (669) Mary is Late To The Show, PHAF 1948-11-14 New Drug, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-11-13 (310) Jack Tries to Steal Phil's Girl2018/11/12
  116. The Whistler 1948-11-14_ep336_Nightmare2018/11/11
  117. Fibber n Molly_1943-11-09_Red Skelton_1948-11-12_Burns n Allen_1949-02-10_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/09
  118. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-11-08 (859) Guest Tony Curtis - All American, PHAF 1953-11-06 From Here To Eternity, Jack Benny 1943-11-07 (489) Marine Air Station At Mojave2018/11/08
  119. Gunsmoke_1953-11-07_Frontier Gentleman_1958-11-09_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/07
  120. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 72018/11/06
  121. Our Miss Brooks_1948-10-31_Town Hall Tonight_1938-11-02_My Friend Irma_nd_(OTR-ROB)2018/11/05
  122. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-11-07 (668) Jack Sees Psychiatrist About The Echo, PHAF 1948-11-07 Rexall and Willie, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-11-06 (309) The Crowd Roars2018/11/04
  123. The Whistler 1948-11-07 ep335 Cover Up2018/11/04
  124. Fibber n Molly_Burns n Allen_1943-11-02_Red Skelton_1948-10-22_11-05(OTR-ROB)2018/11/02
  125. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-11-01 (858) Four AM Walk, PHAF 1953-10-30 The Romance of Alice and Phil, Jack Benny 1943-10-31 (488) Jack Pretends He Is Going To Brazil2018/10/31
  126. War of The Worlds Podcast - Mercury Theatre 1938-10-30- New Version2018/10/31
  127. War of The Worlds and Charlie McCarthy Podcast - Mercury Theatre 1938-10-30- Alternate-Vers Newly Discovered Rand Esoteric Stereo2018/10/31
  128. Gunsmoke_1953-10-31_Frontier Gentleman_1958-11-02_Have Gun Will Travel_1958-11-23_(OTR-ROB)2018/10/31
  129. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 62018/10/30
  130. Our Miss Brooks_1948-10-24-Fred Allen_My Friend Irma (nd)_(OTR-ROB)2018/10/29
  131. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-10-31 (667) Jack goes trick or treating, PHAF 1948-10-31 Homework, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-10-30 (308) The Halloween party2018/10/28
  132. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-29 to 11-02 John Dehner and Virginia Gregg - Silent Queen Matter2018/10/27
  133. Jack Benny Podcast 1953-10-25 (857) Jack buys a g string, PHAF 1953-10-23 How to Repair a Living Room - With Warm Up, Jack Benny Podcast 1943-10-24 (487) Algiers2018/10/26
  134. Gunsmoke_1953-10-24_Frontier Gentleman_1958-10-26_(OTR-ROB)2018/10/25
  135. John Henderson's Podcast GeeWhiz 52018/10/24
  136. My Friend Irma_1948-10-18_Red Skelton_1948-09-24_10-01_(OTR-ROB)2018/10/22
  137. Jack Benny Podcast 1948-10-24 (666) The Colman's for dinner, PHAF 1948-10-24 The Live Steer, Jack Benny Podcast 1938-10-23 (307) Algiers2018/10/21
  138. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-10-15 to 10-25 Richard Crenna and Virginia Gregg - The Phantom Chase Matter HQ2018/10/20
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