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Jack Benny Show - OTR Podcast!

  1. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-02-18 (759) Jack Watches TV, PHAF 1951-02-18 - U.S.O., and Jack Benny 1946-02-17 (574) Rochester Lost at Sea and Buck Benny Contest2021/02/26
    The Rose Story and Jack's stirring speech on brotherhood.
  2. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-02-26 #203 Who Lives by the Sword and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-02-26 ep06 Captains Widow By John Dunkel2021/02/25
    Two more wonderful westerns!
  3. Magnificent Montague_1950-11-10_Starring Role in Radio_the Big Show_1950-11-07_m.c._Tahlula Bankhead2021/02/24
    Time for Something new!
  4. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-02-06 to 02-10 Vic Perrin and Herb Ellis in John Dawson's The McClain Matter2021/02/23
    Another great Johnny Dollar episode!
  5. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-02-09 (398) Sponsor, Fred Allen 1941-02-13 (ep19) Truth or Subsequences (WC), and Jack Benny 1936-02-09 (206) Northwest Mounted2021/02/21
    Jack and Fred together again!
  6. Zero Hour Podcast (02) 1973-10-29 to 1973-11-02 Host Rod Serling with George Kennedy and Robert Reed - Someone's Death2021/02/20

    Go here to check out future and past episodes of Zero Hour https://buckbenny.podomatic.com/ One of my favorite episodes fully restored! With a fun promo for our next weeks episode of Zero Hour season 2 that I have never presented before!
  7. Fibber n Molly_1945-11-27_The Old Oak Tree_MFH_1950-11-18_Liz takes Night School_OMB_1950-11-12_The Convention_Halls of Ivy_1952-01-16_YBYL_1950-04-19_SW Name2021/02/19
    Friday with Fibber and friends.
  8. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-02-11 (758) Palm Springs (WTF), PHAF 1951-02-11 Married or Not. Jack Benny 1946-02-10 (573) Guest Eddie Cantor, and Eddie Cantor 1941-01-15 (016) Guest - Phil Harris2021/02/19
    Four shows tonight with a ton of Phil Harris and WTF does WTF mean?
  9. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-02-19 #202 The New Hotel and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-02-19 ep05 Boredom by John Meston2021/02/17
    Two more great sounding well written westerns with Raymond Burr and William Conrad!
  10. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-30 to 02-03 Bob Bailey and Virginia Gregg in Les Crutchfield's The Flight Six Matter2021/02/17
    Johnny Dollar time!
  11. Jack Benny TV Podcast 1958-02-13 Jack Benny's 40th Birthday Celebration (Shower of Stars Feb 13 1958)2021/02/14

    A special Jack Benny Birthday podcast you can watch on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNWzK5VgndA !
  12. Fibber n Molly_1945-11-20_Fibber the Supervisor_MFH_1950-11-04_OMB_1950-11-05_Halls_of_Ivy_1952-01-09_YBYL_1950-04-12_SW_Door2021/02/13
    Fibber Friday!
  13. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-02-04 (757) Dick Lane, PHAF 1951-02-04 Budget, and Jack Benny 1946-02-03 (572) Isaac Stern Concert, the Colemans and Contest Winning Entry2021/02/12
    Jack and Phil Trifecta!
  14. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-02-12 #201 Kitty's Outlaw and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-02-12 ep04 First Kathleen Hite Script - The Woman at Horse Creek2021/02/11
    The first Kathleen Hite script for Fort Laramie.
  15. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-23 to 01-27 Bob Bailey and Parley Baer in John Dawson's The Red Duke Matter2021/02/09
    Another great Johnny Dollar!
  16. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-02-02 (397) Herbert Marshall Hosts, 1948-02-29 (645) Jack analyzes That's What I Like About The South, and Fred Allen 1941-02-06 (18) Mountain Justice (West Coast)2021/02/08
    A really different episode!= and we have some fun with Phil's That's What I Like About The South!
  17. In Search Of 1977-04-27 The Bermuda Triangle Host Leonard Nimoy2021/02/06

    https://buckbenny.podomatic.com/  for more in Search of episodes.
  18. Fibber n Molly_1945-12-04_Winter Walk to Dugan's Lake_MFH_1950-11-25_Lizs Birthday_OMB_1950-11-19_Thanksgiving Turkey_Halls of Ivy_1952-01-23_Medal of Honor_YBYL_SW_Foot2021/02/05
    Fibber Friday!
  19. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-02-05 #200 Legal Revenge and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-02-05 ep03 Squaw Man By John Dunkel2021/02/03
    Two more great westerns!
  20. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-16 to 01-20 Lawrence Dobkin in Jack Johnstone's The Ricardo Amerigo Matter2021/02/02
    Another great show!
  21. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-01-26 (396) Flubs, Fred Allen 1941-01-30 (17) Stay-At-Home Cruise (West Coast), and Jack Benny 1936-01-19 (203) Jack in Jail2021/01/31
    Jack and Fred from 1941!
  22. CBS Radio Workshop Podcast 1956-01-27 ep01 Aldous Huxley's Brave New World Part 12021/01/29

    We normally present this show on our Strange New Worlds Of Dimension X Minus One Podcast at https://buckbenny.podomatic.com/ . If you want to hear the second episode go there!, you'll like it
  23. Episode 2923: Fibber n Molly_1945-11-27_The Old Oak Tree_MFH_1950-11-18_Liz takes Night School_OMB_1950-11-12_The Convention_Halls of Ivy_1952-01-16_YBYL_1950-04-19_SW Name2021/01/29
    Fibber and friends!
  24. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-01-21 (755) Check-Up With Doctor (Frank Nelson), PHAF 1951-01-21 The New Pony, Jack Benny 1946-01-20 (570) State Fair (2021)2021/01/28
    Jack and Phil bring us three fun shows!
  25. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-01-29 #199 The Bureaucrat and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-01-29 ep02 Boatwrights Story By John Meston2021/01/27
    Love the sound quality of these westerns!
  26. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-09 to 01-13 Lawrence Dobkin in John Dawson's The Todd Matter2021/01/26
    Another fun week with Johnny Dollar!
  27. Popular Detectives_(0010)_Advs Sam Spade_1948-06-20_Deadbed Confessions Caper_Pat Novak for Hire_1949-04-02_Nick Carter_MD_1944-01-22_Jeff Regan_PI_1948-09-252021/01/26
    More Popular detectives!
  28. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-01-19 (395) City of Conquest, Fred Allen 1941-01-23 (16) Junked the Junket (West Coast), Jack Benny 1936-01-19 (203) Blanche Stewart2021/01/25
    Three more great shows!
  29. WandaVision Podcast 2021-01-16 (01) First Episode 1950s Sitcom (Bob, Jim, Matt, Buck)2021/01/24

    We normally present this show on our Strange New Worlds Of Dimension X Minus One Podcast at https://buckbenny.podomatic.com/ . If you want to hear the second episode go there, or here is a direct link https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/buckbenny/episodes/2021-01-22T00_56_49-08_00 .
  30. Fibber n Molly_1945-11-20_Fibber the Supervisor_MFH_1950-11-04_OMB_1950-11-05_Halls_of_Ivy_1952-01-09_YBYL_1950-04-12_SW_Door2021/01/22
    More great Fibber and friends!
  31. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-01-14 (754) Guest Deborah Kerr - King Solomon's Mines Part 2, PHAF 1951-01-14 New Singer, and Jack Benny 1946-01-13 (569) State Fair Rehearsal2021/01/21
    Three more great shows and a wonderful Bing and Gary Crosby song!
  32. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-01-22 (198) Romeo and Raymond Burr Podcast - Fort Laramie 1956-01-22 (01) Playing Indian by John Meston2021/01/20
    Raymond Burr joins the Western Wednesday team!
  33. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1956-01-02 to 01-06 Virginia Gregg and Howard McNear in The Caylin Matter2021/01/19
    Howard McNear is back again on this week's adventure with Johnny Dollar!
  34. Martin Luther King Jr Podcast 1963-08-28 I have A Dream Speech 50th Anniversary2021/01/18
    Happy MLK Day! What's your dream? Can we keep his dream alive?
  35. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-01-12 (394) Jack Is Late, Fred Allen 1941-01-16 (15) The Specialist's Quandary (West Coast), and Jack Benny 1935-11-03 (192) Kenny Bakers Debut2021/01/18
    Starting this week we end with the 1935-1936 episodes of Jack's show. Tonight's has the first appearance of Kenny Baker!
  36. Fibber n Molly_1945-11-13_Fibber teaches Molly to Drive_MFH_1950-10-28_Football Game_OMB_1950-10-29_the Dancer_H of I_1952-01-02_Hell_Week_YBYL_1950-04-05_Smile2021/01/17
    Fibber and friends are back!
  37. Jack Benny Podcast 1951-01-07 (753) King Solomon's Mines Part 1, PHAF 1951-01-07 Cutting The Band's Wages, Jack Benny 1946-01-06 (568) First Mr. Kitzel - Rose Bowl2021/01/15
    Three really fun episodes for you folks today!
  38. Gunsmoke Podcast 1956-01-15 #197 How to Cure a Friend and Fort Laramie Podcast 1955-07-25 ep00 Audition with John Dehner by John Meston2021/01/14
    John Dehner introduces us to Fort Laramie!
  39. We Hold These Truths Podcast 1941-12-15 Story of The Bill of Rights (Rob and Buck) (2021)2021/01/14
    An important podcast with Jimmy Stewart, Edward Arnold, Lionel Barrymore, Bob Burns, Walter Brennan, Walter Huston, Marjorie Main, Edward G. Robinson, Rudy Vallee, and Orson Welles, with concluding remarks by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The national anthem was conducted by Leopold Stokowski.
  40. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-12-26 to 12-30 Howard McNear and Parley Baer in The Forbes Matter2021/01/12
    Cool, Doc and Chester from Gunsmoke stop by!
  41. Jack Benny Podcast 1941-01-05 (393) Christmas Gift Exchange and Fred Allen 1941-01-09 (14) All Is Not Gold That Glitters (West Coast 41-01-08)2021/01/11
    Jack and Fred! Fred's show continues to have great sound!
  42. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-12-31 (752) New Years Fantasy, PHAF 1950-12-31 New Years PartyJack Benny 1945-12-30 (567) End of the Contest2021/01/08
    Three more great Shows!
  43. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-12-19 to 12-23 Virginia Gregg and Peggy Webber in The Nick Shurn Matter2021/01/05
    Another stellar Johnny Dollar adventure!
  44. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-12-29 (392) Father Time Rides Again and Fred Allen 1941-01-02 (013) Amateur of the Month (West Coast 41-01-01)2021/01/04
    Fred shows take a nice jump in quality for the rest of the season and include Kenny's songs now!
  45. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part Two (1946-1956) including Lost Episode (recreation) and TV Episode2021/01/02
    Here is the second part of our New Year special.
  46. Jack Benny Podcast 1956-01-01 (925) Complete New Tenant Part One (1938-1946)2021/01/01
    Happy New Years!
  47. Popular Detectives_(0009)_Advs_Sam Spade_1947-10-05_Adam Figg Caper_Pat Novak_(nd)_Nick Carter_1944-01-15_Jeff Regan_PI_1948-09-112020/12/30
    Rob brings us more detective fun!
  48. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-12-12 to 12-16 Howard McNear and Mary Jane Croft in The Lansing Fraud Matter2020/12/29
    The return of our ever popular Johnny Dollar!
  49. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-12-22 (391) Christmas Shopping in NY with Kenny Baker and Fred Allen 1940-12-25 (12) Otto Hottendorf2020/12/28
    Kenny appears on both shows this week!
  50. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1961-12-24 Christmas Party (First Mel Blanc After Accident)2020/12/26

    I suggest yu watch this on Youtube: https://youtu.be/OQsyNZal1Ds Another Christmas Jack Benny TV Show Podcast! This is Mel Blanc's first time back on the show after his major car accident from a year earlier!
  51. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-12-24 (751) Beavers for Christmas, PHAF 1950-12-24 Christmas with Andy Devine, and Jack Benny 1945-12-23 (566) English Butler2020/12/24
    Three fun episodes for Christmas time!
  52. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1960-12-18 Christmas Shopping (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/12/23

    Best to watch this episode on yourtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFHeEGGCuxs

    The classic television Christmas Shopping episode!
  53. Christmas with Fibber n Molly_1945-12-18_White Christmas Tree_1945-12-25_What Is It_MFH_1950-12-16_Xmas Cards_1950-12-23_Xmas Stag Party_OMB_1950-12-24_Magic Xmas Tree_YBYL_1950-12-20_SW_Floor2020/12/22
    Christmas special with Fibber and friends!
  54. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-12-15 (390) From The Ritz Hotel In New York - Jack Has A Body Guard and Fred Allen 1940-12-18 (11) Santa Claus Sits Down2020/12/21
    Jack and Fred are both in New York, so there is a lot of back and forth, and it's a Christmas episode on Fred Allen's show!
  55. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-12-17 (750) Golf Tees for Christmas, PHAF 1950-12-17 Buying Alice A Christmas Present, and Jack Benny 1945-12-16 (565) Hello Louella2020/12/21
    Christmas Shopping with Jack!
  56. Buck Benny Special Imagine-Air-Theater Podcast - EPISODE 3 - Im Not Dead Yet (Kathy, Terry, and Buck)2020/12/19
    A special presentation of Terry's podcast at www.imagine-air-theater.com His fourth episode is now out to, go check it out!
  57. Buck Benny Podcast Special - 40 years without John Lennon (Kathy, Rob, Terry, and Buck)2020/12/18
    A John Lennon special!
  58. Orson Welles Podcast 1945-12-16 Orson Welles Commentaries - Fortune telling, Russia and Iran, Virginia and Santa Claus, HUAC (Kathy, Terry, Rob and Buck)2020/12/17
    More great Orson wonderfulness!
  59. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-12-08 (389) Don Is Mad And Walks Out and Fred Allen Podcast 1940-12-11 (10) The Dentist's Plight2020/12/16
    More fun with Jack and Fred!
  60. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-12-05 to 12-09 John Dehner and Parley Baer in The Cronin Matter2020/12/16
    More fun with Johnny Dollar!
  61. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-26 (747) USC-UCLA game, PHAF 1950-11-26 The Big Game On A New TV, and Jack Benny 1945-11-25 (562) Guest Cass Daley - Tire Trouble2020/12/14
    Both Jack and Phil's show are about the USC-UCLA game in 1950!
  62. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-11-28 to 12-02 Herb Ellis in The Henderson Matter2020/12/10
    Time for Johnny Dollar!
  63. Popular Detectives_(0008)_Sam Spade_1948-01-25_Gold Key Caper_Pat Novak for Hire_1949-03-20_Nick Carter_1944-01-08_Jeff Regan_Invst_19482020/12/08
    More Popular Detectives!
  64. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-12-01 (388) Jack Catches Cold At Don's House ond Fred Allen 1940-12-04 (09) Death Comes To The Mystery Story Writer2020/12/06
    Jack and Fred bring us their best every week!
  65. Fibber n Molly_1945-11-06_Fudge_MFH_1950-10-21_Drive Safe Campaign_OMB_1950-10-22_Stretch in Love_HofI_1951-12-26_YBYL_1950-03-22_SW_Money2020/12/06
    A little more Fibber fun!
  66. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-11-06 #187 The Second Choice and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-11-06 #103 The Odds2020/12/03
    Our last four weeks of Have Gun Will Travel!
  67. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-11-21 to 11-25 Larry Thor and Virginia Gregg - The Amy Bradshaw Matter2020/12/02
    Another adventure with Johnny Dollar!
  68. Popular Detectives_(0007) SamSpade_1948-01-04_The_One_Hour_Caper_Pat Novack for Hire_1949-03-13_Nick Carter_1943-11-17_Jeff Regan_1948-08-142020/12/01
    Popular Detectives again!
  69. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-19 (746) Guest Dinah Shore and Jack in London, PHAF 1950-11-19 Palm Springs, Jack Benny 1945-11-18 (561) From Birmingham Hospital2020/11/30
    Three more great Benny and Phil episodes with Dinah Shore as Jack's guest!
  70. Jack Benny Cast Christmas Album Podcast2020/11/29
    It's that time of year for the Jack Benny Christmas album podcast!
  71. Jeopardy Podcast! 1990-04-05 with Kathy Fuller-Seeley (2nd Appearance)2020/11/29

    Watch on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TPWfTTUtAo

    Kathy's second appearance on Jeopardy!
  72. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-30_Fibber the Sculptor_MFH_1950-10-14_Liz Cooks_OMB_1950-10-15_Bookie_Hof_I_1951-12-12_YBYL_1950-03-15_Water2020/11/28
    Friday with Fibber.
  73. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-12 (745) Guest Richard Widmark, PHAF 1950-11-12 Sponsor's Name, Jack Benny 1945-11-11 (560) Guest Joe Lewis as jacks bodygaurd2020/11/27
    Jack and Phil having some fun.
  74. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-30 #186 The Choice and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-30 #102 Oil2020/11/26
    Happy Thanksgiving from out west!
  75. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-11-14 to 11-18 John Dehner and Virginia Gregg - The Broderick Matter2020/11/25
    John Dehner and Virginia Gregg star in The Broderick Matter!
  76. Detective♡Couples_(0018)_Michael Shayne_1945-07-16_The Tire Oriental Lines_Advs of Rocky Jordan_1949-01-30_Boksheesh Boy_Ellery Queen_1948-01-04_Advs of a Bad Boy_let George Do It_1948-08-16_Ghost on Bliss Terrance2020/11/25
    Finally through with our summer run of Detective Couples! It was an extended summer I guess!
  77. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-24 (387) Jack Goes To Visit Dons New Wife and Fred Allen 1940-11-27 (08) The Great Department Store Dilemma2020/11/23
    These Jack Benny and Fred Allen shows form 1940 are my most popular podcasts! Nice!
  78. Jeopardy Podcast with Kathy Fuller-Seeley (1st Appearance)2020/11/22
    A special tribute to the late Alex Trebek with Kathy's appearance on Jeopardy!
  79. Episode 2867: Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-12 (745) Guest Richard Widmark, PHAF 1950-11-12 Sponsor's Name, Jack Benny 1945-11-11 (560) Guest Joe Lewis as jacks bodygaurd2020/11/20
    Three great episodes with Richard Widmark and Joe Louis as guests!
  80. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-23 #185 Brush at Elkader and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-23 #101Hell Knows No Fury2020/11/18
    Two great sounding westerns! With a unique intro!
  81. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-11-07 to 11-11 Vic Perrin - The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter2020/11/18
    More great Johnny Dollar adventure!
  82. Detective Couples_(0017)_Michael Shayne_P_D_1945-07-09_Gossip Writer_Advs of Ellery Queen_1947-03-05_Nikki Porter Suspect_1945-11-07_Mr n Mrs North_1950-01-03_Accidents on Ice_Let George Do It_1948-07-19_Joe Logan Case2020/11/17
    More fun with Detective Couples!
  83. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-17 (386) Guest Mary Martin - Movie Director, Fred Allen 1940-03-20 (025) Eagle Gets Loose in the Studio,Fred Allen 1940-11-20 (07) The Eagle Is Back2020/11/16
    Fun Jack Benny episode and 2 absolute classic Fred Allen episodes!
  84. Jack Benny TV Show Podcast 1956-01-01 New Years's Fantasy and Camp Hahn 1942-04-12 (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/11/15

    Here is the show on Youtube: https://youtu.be/QnNgHxP2lY8
  85. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-16 #184 Trouble in Kansas and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-16 #100 Stardust2020/11/13
    Western Wednesday!
  86. Orson Welles Podcast 1945-11-11 Orson Welles Commentaries - Orson Reads a Letter by Louie Armstrong, and is Accompanied by a Jazz Jam Session (Kathy, Terry, Buck)2020/11/12

    Orson's podcast is usually on the Judy Garland and Friends OTR Podcast at https://judy-garland.podomatic.com/
  87. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-31 to 11-04 John Dawson's The Valentine Caper2020/11/11
    Another great Johnny Dollar adventure!
  88. Detective Couples_(0016)_Michael Shayne_1945-07-02_Malcolm Boyd Case_Advs of Ellery Queen_1945-11-07_Mr n Mrs North_1953-06-09_Let George Do It_Sucker Stunt_(n_d)2020/11/10
    More Detective Couples Adventures!
  89. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-11-05 (744) Playing Twenty Questions, PHAF 1950-11-05 Getting Out The Vote, Jack Benny 1945-11-04 (559) Jack is Sick2020/11/08
    Jack, Phil and the gang play 20 questions, talk about voting, and Jack deals with a little PTSD after being robbed!
  90. Jack Benny TV Podcast 1957-01-13 Jack And Mary In Rome with Sean Connery Cameo (Kathy, John, Terrry, and Buck)2020/11/07

    Here is the link to this episode on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN72iMiXRsY
  91. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-23_Dinner for Cousin Ernest_MFH_1950-10-07_OMB_1950-10-01_Measles_Halls of Ivy_1951-12-05_YBYL_1950-03-08_SW_Heart2020/11/06
    Friday fun with Fibber and friends!
  92. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-10 (385) Dog Catcher, Fred Allen 1940-11-13 (06) Mountain Justice, and Information Please 1940-11-15 (132) Guest Fred Allen2020/11/05

    Three great shows fron Jack and Fred!


  93. Gunsmoke Podcast 1955-10-09 #183 The Coward and Have Gun, Will Travel 1960-10-09 #99 Sam Crow2020/11/04
    We welcome back Gunsmoke after a few weeks of a break.
  94. Detective Couples_(0015)_Michael Shayne_1945-06-25_Body by the Piano_Advs of Ellery Queen_1944-07-13_Mr n Mrs North_1947-12-09_Let George Do It_1948-07-262020/11/03
    More detective couples!
  95. Jack Benny Podcast 1950-10-29 (743) Jack's TV Show, PHAF 1950-10-29 Phil Is Sick, Danny Kaye 1945-10-26 (27) Jack's Cast, and Jack Benny 1945-10-28 (558) Held-Up2020/11/02
    4 great shows today with Jack, Phil, and the gang!
  96. Johnny Dollar Podcast 1955-10-24 to 10-28 Parley Baer and Virginia Gregg - The Alvin Summers Matter2020/11/02
    Parley Baer and Virginia Gregg stop by to see Johnny Dollar!
  97. Jack Benny TV Show 1950-10-28 Debut episode - Dinah Shore, Rochester, Mr. Kitzel, The Sportsmen and Mel Blanc (Kathy, John, Terry, and Buck)2020/11/01

    Here is Jacks first ever TV Show on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsFRcv7TUok
  98. Jack Benny Podcast 1940-11-03 (384) Halloween Party, Fred Allen 1940-11-06 (05) Kenny Baker as Bramson Snide, and Jack Benny 1940-10-27 (383) Hold That Line2020/10/31
    Happy Halloween From Jack and the gang along with Fred Allen!
  99. Fibber n Molly_1945-10-16_Fibber's Influence_MFH_1950-09-30_Liz Changes her Mind_OMB_1950-09-24_Bronco Dismissed_halls of Ivy_1951-11-28_Prof Wardens Romantic Folly_YBYL_1950-03-01_sw Door2020/10/31
    Friday with Fibber!
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