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Friday Noon

  1. 8. Shargh-e Banafsheh (East of Violet)2006/08/27
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  2. 7. Amir Arsalan-e Namdar2006/03/30
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  3. 6. Story of Uncle Norouz (Ghese-ye Amou Norouz)2006/03/23
    Amou Norouz and Haji Firooz are the two mythical characters that bring Norouz to Aryans around the world. Norouz is the Aryan new year celebrated in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and parts of Turkey, Armenia, Turkemenistan, India and Pakistan.
    Amou Norouz story is a very old folk anecdote from centuries ago...
  4. 5. Dash Akol2006/03/10
    A narration of Sadegh Hedayat's (contemporary Iranian writer) famous short story "Dash Akol" written in 1932.

    Story: Dash Akol
    Written by: Sadegh Hedayat
    Narrated by: SAYED
    Time: 33 min
    Format: MP3
Friday Noon
A weekly Persian podcast dedicated to storytelling.
Friday Noon (zohrejome) presents narrations from a wide variety of literary genres. Stories are selected from contemporary short stories of famous or less-known Iranian and non-Iranian writers, Iranian folk stores and other resources.

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